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bluesabreWell, I posted to #ubuntu-unity.  Maybe I'll get some hits00:54
knomewhat :)00:57
bluesabre"Hello everyone.  I'm trying to port the new indicator-messages back to gtk2.  Is there a straightforward method to get the GtkActions from the GtkActionGroup?"00:57
bluesabrefor the indicator-messages00:57
bluesabreIt's a long shot00:57
bluesabreDo you know, knome?00:57
knomefortunately, nope00:58
bluesabreIt's ok00:58
bluesabreIt's so much easier to hack on things in python00:59
bluesabreSince you can print anything00:59
knomeohhhh yesss01:04
* knome has unravelled the secrets of including inline images within docbook markup01:05
knomewe will need a bugfix upload for the doclooks though01:06
bluesabrebtw, knome, want to review my changes on this page (new version on top, old version towards the bottom)?  I'll trash the old stuff with your go-ahead...  http://dagobah.princessleia.com/Xubuntu/12.10/Photos%20and%20cameras01:08
bluesabreBasically, I replaced all the F-Spot specific stuff with gThumb01:08
knomehmmh. i'm thinking "printing" and "sharing" are thinge we could simply link to01:09
knomei mean, basic printing stuff ok01:09
knomebut from "printer settings" onward, i'm not sure01:10
bluesabreYeah, I'm not a fan of the whole printer settings section01:10
knomeso let's look what it looks after dropping that, and the shared, and the old stuff01:21
knomethat's the go-ahead ^ :P01:21
bluesabrebtw, most annoying 12.10 bug right now = https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gpointing-device-settings/+bug/104487001:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1044870 in gpointing-device-settings (Ubuntu) "Edge Scrolling not working in Xubuntu 12.10" [Undecided,New]01:27
knomenot with a touchpad with two-finger scrolling :)01:28
bluesabrelucky :P01:28
bluesabreSo, you want me to discard the printer settings stuff, right?01:29
knomewell yeah, don't you agree?01:30
bluesabreYes, just want to make sure :D01:31
bluesabreWhat about the Advanced Photo Printing?01:32
knomei'd drop that too.01:32
knomewe can link to similar topics on the internet01:33
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bluesabreInstantly cleaner01:33
knomedoesn't gthumb have rotate stuff?01:35
knomethere's still that "sharing your photos" too01:35
bluesabregthumb has rotate in the edit menu01:36
* bluesabre makes sure thats up to date01:36
knomedon't point to gimp... ;)01:36
bluesabreEveryone should use gimp ;)01:37
knomewell, not for rotating photos01:38
knomebluesabre, what's the non-USC path to software sources?01:45
bluesabreSettings Manager -> Software Sources01:45
knomeyup, thx01:46
knomedoes 2. make sense?01:47
knomedoes the software sources dialog as for a pass?01:48
bluesabreNot until you try to change a setting01:50
bluesabreI was surprised to see today that our daily live 64bit is ~60mb over01:52
bluesabreThen I was more surprised when it didn't boot :(01:52
bluesabre759 MB01:52
* knome broke something01:54
knomethe docs aren't building here01:54
knomebluesabre, https://code.launchpad.net/~knome/+junk/xubuntu-docs updated, if you want to have a look02:23
bluesabreknome, make fails, lots of warnings :)  http://paste.ubuntu.com/1180750/02:27
bluesabre(on 12.04 atm)02:27
knomeah, of course02:27
knomedoes it still build it?02:27
bluesabreDoesn't seem like it02:29
knomejust a sec02:29
knomepull again02:30
knomethat will give errors, but it shouldn't stop building02:30
knomethat's probably something you want to look at as source02:32
bluesabrebuilt this time02:33
knomeentities (&entity;) are defined at http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~knome/+junk/xubuntu-docs/view/head:/desktop-guide/libs/xubuntu.ent02:34
bluesabreoh, that's cool02:35
knomeand, that's basically it02:35
knomethe previous link has some examples how to point to gui labels and stuff02:36
knomeand the xrefs (in the built html, the links with ???)02:37
knomethose will start to work as soon as we create sections or chapters with their id's02:37
knome<listitem><para><xref linkend="guide-desktop"/></para></listitem>02:37
knomeso once <chapter id="guide-desktop"> exists..02:37
knomeit will link there :)02:37
bluesabreIt's a much cleaner look than before02:40
knomeyeah, definitely02:40
knomeso maybe if you have time when we start hacking on the docbook... ;)02:40
bluesabreI might.02:40
bluesabreDepends if I start to get anywhere on indicator-messages02:40
knomei will definitely be working with it.02:40
bluesabreSo far, I'm stumped02:41
knomemmh :/02:41
bluesabreIf only mr_pouit were around to fix everything... :D02:41
knomei think i'm off to bed02:42
knome6am soon02:42
bluesabreI've been complaining and its not even AM here02:42
knomehaha, well, it's weekend + entrepreneur + foss stuff needs to be done..02:43
bluesabreWell, have a good night knome!02:43
smartboyhwknome: A question before sleep:) Can i?02:43
knomecan you what?02:44
knomeask ahead if that's what you're asking02:44
smartboyhwCan I ask a question I mean:)02:44
smartboyhwIs it that using docbook to edit the documentation is better than to use the browser to edit?02:44
knomedocbook is the format we will need to convert the documentation from the wiki when it is finished02:46
knomeconvert the documentation TO from...02:46
knomeso nothing to worry about. except for me.02:47
smartboyhwHAHAHAHA. Good night knome02:47
smartboyhwHave a good sleep:_02:47
knomesee you all later02:47
smartboyhwBye bye02:47
Unit193Good night, knome.02:49
micahggah, live images 759/733, seems something new snuck in...02:52
* micahg will take a look later tonight to see if it's fixable02:52
micahgunfortunately, everything looks normal :(06:13
micahgoh, right, llvm added ~7MB at least06:17
len-liveJust wondering if xubuntu is having a problem with duplicate desktop icons for removable storage devices in the last few days?06:48
len-liveI am testing ubuntustudio which does have this bug #1044896. Not sure if it is something with xfce4.10 or something just with studio06:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1044896 in xorg (Ubuntu) "desktop shows removable storage devices twice" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/104489606:50
micahglen-live: can you provide a screenshot pleasE?07:00
smartboyhwmicahg: Ask len-dt now:)07:02
pleia2doesn't mention us, but :) http://www.linux.com/learn/tutorials/624056:xfce-410-the-sane-linux-desktop09:49
smartboyhwpleia2: I'm stunned they didn't mention xubuntu09:50
pleia2why? there are a lot of xfce-based distros :)09:51
smartboyhw;) But I think ours was the most famous09:51
pleia2well we haven't even released a stable version with 4.10 yet09:51
smartboyhwAh yes. That's why09:51
smartboyhwSilly me09:52
smartboyhwpleia2: You know where astraljava has been? Haven't seen him for at least 10 days or so:(09:52
pleia2I haven't heard from him (haven't looked either)09:52
smartboyhwHello fmolinero10:15
smartboyhw\o ochosi too10:15
fmolineroI try to submit a test result but I got a drupal error10:16
fmolineroNotice: Undefined index: qatracker_result in qatracker_user_results_form_validate() (line 618 of /srv/drupal-qa-tracker/www/bzr/new/modules/qatracker/user/qatracker.user.results.php).10:16
fmolineroEvery failure needs to have at least one bug associated with it.10:16
smartboyhwfmolinero: You DO need a bug10:18
fmolineroThe test was OK10:19
smartboyhwSo did you make it a passed testcase?10:19
fmolineroI tciked "pased"10:19
smartboyhwOh, that's weird10:19
smartboyhwGIve me a screenshot of the result you are trying to hand in10:20
fmolineroOK, wait10:20
len-dtmicahg, I will post screen shots when I can. However there is indication that vanilla shows the same thing on unity.15:25
len-dtUnity uses a different  file manager for it's desktop so maybe gvfs is doing funny things.15:25
ochosilen-dt: strange, i can't reproduce that with my vbox at all15:26
len-dtIt may be a difference in config from xubuntu to ubuntustudio15:27
ochosihm right15:27
len-dtThat was why I asked here first :)15:27
len-dtI was thinking there was a change in xfce 4.10 that US has not yet accounted for15:28
ochosiyou said only external drives were shown twice?15:28
len-dtActually it is "removeable" drives which includes internal drives that are not used15:29
len-dt(or mounted)15:29
ochosiwhat happens if you go to xfdesktop's settings and disable showing external drives all-together there?15:30
len-dtThen I only have one set of removable drives showing.15:30
ochosii.e. it works that way15:31
len-dtBTW this is on the studio live Session from the ISO. unity is broken just now so I can't install15:31
ochosibut why unity, is US planning to use unity?15:31
len-dtNo, it is one of the responses I got from the bug report15:32
len-dtSomeone else has seen the same thing in unity15:32
ochosihard to imagine the two would be related, but who knows..15:32
ochosii'm not even sure xfdesktop uses gio or gvfs at all, it's rather old15:33
len-dtThat is why I was thinking gvfs15:33
len-dtI don't know either15:33
ochosiyou could take a look at the settings-editor after changing the option in xfdesktop to not show external media15:33
ochosijust to see whether there's some oddity in xfconf15:33
len-dtI was just trying to think what else it could be15:34
ochosiare you using greybird as default theme atm?15:36
len-dtI will try that when I have time to test the ISO again. I have an appointment this morning (Gig)15:36
len-dtyes greybird15:36
len-dtBut it has much more blue in it these days15:36
ochosii also managed to make blackbird usable for the first time15:36
ochosiyou can also give that a shot15:37
ochosiit has the problems of a mixed (i.e. dark/bright) theme, but it looks nice and is closer to the old US theme than greybird15:37
len-dtPersonally I like the extra blue, It makes it easier to see which window is focused15:37
ochosithanks :)15:37
len-dtI will try blackbird then15:38
ochosiyeah, even if it's just for fun ;)15:38
ochosifeedback appreciated, but since we're past UI freeze i'll only be able to fix critical bugs15:38
len-dtI don't think too many of our team are looking at the ISOs right now so I am not getting comments on my changes even15:39
ochosihmm, sorry to hear15:39
len-dtGives me a lot of freedom :)15:39
ochosigood, always look on the bright side :)15:40
len-dtAnyway, thankyou for the help. I need to get going15:40
ochosisorry i couldn't help for real15:41
greg_Hi there. I've got 12.10 running in virtual box, found the checklist to generate a report and don't know where to file it. Anyone have the link?21:08
greg_cool. thanks21:11

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