marco__can someone tell me what does it mean this log? http://pastebin.com/8zFiHNti it's from jockey i get it after xubuntu 12.04 fails to install the updates of my driver (proprietary)00:52
Mahmoudany windows installer, like ubuntu's but for xubuntu?00:55
Mahmoudyeah, works for xubuntu?00:56
bazhangnever tried it.00:56
Mahmouddoes it exist for xubuntu at all?00:56
unheedingwubi has an option to install xubuntu, i believe00:58
marco__why is xubuntu supported for 3 years while ubuntu for 5??01:11
ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server; with the exception of 12.04 (Precise Pangolin), which will be supported for 5 years on the desktop. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Precise (Precise Pangolin 12.04)01:12
bazhangit's not01:12
marco__it says 3 years01:12
marco__(i am talking about the desktop)01:12
knomexubuntu is supported for 3 years, that's true01:12
marco__why so?01:13
bazhang 12.04 (Precise Pangolin), which will be supported for 5 years on the desktop.01:13
knomebazhang, the factoid is incorrect01:13
knomemarco__, no workforce to maintain current packages for 5 years01:13
marco__oh i see01:14
ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Xubuntu will be supported for 3 years. The current LTS version is !Precise (Precise Pangolin 12.04)01:16
knomebazhang, ^ updated :)01:16
marco__does anyone know if it's possible to "reduce" the windows on the panel at the bottom and not on the panel on the top?01:17
marco__it's so uncomfortable having them on the top01:18
unheedinghttp://xubuntublog.wordpress.com/2008/02/15/design-your-own-desktop-with-xfce-44-part-2/  maybe try AWN?01:32
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caboose1911Hello everyone05:14
doug_carmichaelI have Xubuntu installed in a VM, and when I select 'Xfce Session' (vs 'Xubuntu session'), the Xfce window appearance stays even when I select Xubuntu session.05:28
doug_carmichaelIs there any way I can bring back the Xubuntu appearance?05:28
thecan someone please help me with problems with flash player?06:50
theI'm new, just installed xubuntu on my old laptop. adobe flash player is not installed. i want to use firefox.06:51
Unit193the: Enable the partner repo and install adobe-flashplugin06:52
ubottuCanonical's partner repositories provide packages a location for software vendors to publish applications. The repo itself can be added by running this in a !terminal: « sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ $(lsb_release -sc) partner" »06:52
theflash player version 11 does not work properly, so i want to install version 10 but don't know how.06:53
Unit193What's wrong with it?06:54
theit crashed several times, i could not watch a youtube video, and now it works but the picture is not fluent it s borderline unwatchable.06:58
thelooking up the system requirements for adobe flash player, the problem could be that my laptop has only one GHz, so i figured i'd try  version 10, i downloaded it from the adobe archive (for developpers) but i don't understand how to install it (in the terminal). also i am not sure after installing and uninstalling several times if i have the flashplayer on my computer currently, how can i see that?07:02
Unit193If you used the package manager, you can check that.  dpkg -l|grep flash  would tell you.07:03
thewhat is this partner repo you mentioned? should i install it?07:03
thesorry i'm really at a loss...07:04
Unit193It'll still have flash 11, but you could try apt-pinning at version 10 I'd guess.07:04
thewhat'S apt-pinning?07:04
bazhang!pinning > the07:07
ubottuthe, please see my private message07:07
atom_Hi, is there anyone ?07:12
atom_And is there anyone who can eventually help me ? :D07:12
bazhangatom_, ask the channel and see07:13
atom_Ok :)07:13
atom_I'm running Xubuntu 12.01.1 and I would like to set my screen's brightness. I can't from xcfe4 power manager.07:14
atom_Of course, I press the other arrow by mistake :)07:15
atom_No-one can help me ? :(07:18
theso I typed the two lines in the terminal (installed the partner repo and checked for flash) and it says: ii  adobe-flash-properties-gtk                     GTK+ control panel for Adobe Flash Player plugin version 11 ii  adobe-flashplugin                              Adobe Flash Player plugin version 11 rc  flashplugin-installer         07:22
theso i guess i got adobe flash player.07:22
Unit193Yep, but did you endup also installing manually?07:23
thewould you recommend me to uninstall version 11 and install another one (10?)? how do i uninstall it?07:24
Unit193the: sudo apt-get purge adobe-flashplugin, then you would do a little apt pinning, I think.07:31
the<unit193> thanks07:43
thethe program did that (amongst other things): Removing adobe-flash-properties-gtk ... Removing adobe-flashplugin ...07:44
theso now i install adobe flash player 10 ? (i downloaded it) pinning?07:45
thein the readme from the downloaded adobe flash player it says (among other things):  "The following files are available for your use:  Release Players: Flash Player 10,3,183,23" ...." Linux: ------ - Plugin: flashplayer_10_3r183_23_linux.tar.gz - Standalone: flashplayer_10_3r183_23_linux_sa.tar.gz" how do install that?07:51
thei guess i need only the plugin not the standalone?07:51
Unit193Normally you would pin it at version 10 so it installs that, another not great option would be to get a deb off launchpad.  Everything you need for manual install should be in an INSTALL file or README.07:52
Unit193Also, I need to go at this time.07:52
theokay, thanks for your help Unit193!!!07:56
thehow do I pin it at version 10. do i have to install it first, no?07:58
PedroHLCSorry, can anyone help me? What can I do for Xubuntu sessions mount any connected USB devs(without specifying them) on start like Ubuntu sessions do?14:00
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Guest69098just xubuntu installed on old Toshiba laptop and well impressed.  iam a radio ham and installed the dstar repeater and ircddbgateway.  runs like a dream14:16
pAt_hi Guest69098, I am DG2GPK here in Germany14:19
Guest69098hi DG2GPK from MW1EOR14:20
pAt_I use qtel for echolink14:20
Guest69098i will have to look at qtel  thanks ;-)14:21
pAt_nice pice of software :)14:21
Guest69098just looking at it now.  are you on Dstar pAT14:22
pAt_nope Guest6909814:22
pAt_if you need the current debs of qtel, just say it14:23
pAt_Ok, let me prepare them to download for you14:23
Guest69098thank you very much14:24
pAt_Guest69098, http://anime-empire.homelinux.net/qtel.zip14:26
pAt_Guest69098, you will need to start it like this on a current Xubuntu 12.04: padsp -M /usr/bin/qtel14:27
pAt_cause it uses the old sound system14:27
Guest69098ok i will have a go14:27
Guest69098did you write this?14:28
pAt_no, I just use it14:29
Guest69098just extracting now14:30
Guest69098Sorry pAt new to linux so do i need to make these file as they are .so (Source)14:32
pAt_no Guest69098, this are already binaries. Just use gdebi to install the deb files14:33
pAt_or if you are using the terminal: sudo dpkg -i name.deb14:34
pAt_does it work?14:42
Guest69098just installing now14:42
pAt_are you registered on echolink Guest69098 ?14:45
Guest69098yes, but just looking for the qtel dir as it says it cant find it in /usr/bin/qtel14:49
rensoskihi all14:49
pAt_what does "which qtel" says Guest69098 ?14:49
Guest69098xubuntu when trying to start.  Hold on a mo i think i may have it14:50
Guest69098started it no errors but no gui14:57
pAt_did you start it in a terminal?14:57
Guest69098yes and then tried from the menu as it was installed in there14:58
Guest69098padsp -m /usr/bin/qtel14:58
pAt_hmm,  try it without padsp -m14:58
Guest69098opps should be capital M14:58
pAt_maybe padsp is not installed14:58
Guest69098qtel: error while loading shared libraries: libqt-mt.so.3: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory15:01
pAt_is libqt3-mt installed on your pc?15:02
Guest69098will check now15:02
Guest69098just downloading15:03
Guest69098what repository would libjpeg.so.62 be in? as it's failing on that and Synaptic cant find it15:06
bazhang!info libjpeg62 | Guest6909815:07
ubottuGuest69098: libjpeg62 (source: libjpeg6b): Independent JPEG Group's JPEG runtime library (version 6.2). In component main, is optional. Version 6b1-2ubuntu1 (precise), package size 84 kB, installed size 224 kB15:07
aicasnis there any way to get ddrescue --fill=+ to ignore write errors? i'm trying to zero out the remaining good sectors of an RMA'd drive15:08
pAt_Guest69098, the paket is libjpeg6215:08
Guest69098that Patrick getting there slowly but just been asked to go and peel potatoes for dinner.  so may not get there yet.  I will note your callsign and look foryou on echolink15:14
pAt_ok, no problem15:14
pAt_we will test it somewhen then :)15:15
Guest69098thanks for your help 73's DE MW1EOR15:16
pAt_np, yw15:16
pAt_73 de DG2GPK15:16
Guest69098its started but cant find your call sign15:19
Guest69098Hi Patrick its working. connected to Ireland and hear audio15:22
pAt_cool :) Guest6909815:23
pAt_unfortunatelly, I have no headset connected atm15:23
Guest69098same here.15:24
Guest69098i have to go peel those potatoes.  i will look for you on echolink 73's de MW1EOR15:24
pAt_you should get a connection request from me atm15:24
pAt_ok, bye bye, 7315:24
pAt_I bookmarked your sign15:25
Guest69098bye, booked mark also15:26
doug_carmichaelI tried installing the XFCE 4.10 PPAs, but after I installed them, I wasn't able to log in successfully. (The login process worked OK, but it just dumped me back to the login screen.)15:49
doug_carmichaelWhat could cause this problem15:49
doug_carmichaelI can log in on a guest account, but not on my account.15:51
David-Adoug_carmichael: maybe a problem with a dot-file. move away one dot-file at a time, try login, if no improvement, move dot-file back and move away the next dot-file. (chuck norris would just remove all dot-files, but thats too harsh)16:22
atom_Does anyone know an alternative in Xubuntu to the Scale plugin of Compiz ?16:58
conspiritechnot me.17:01
conspiritechjust wondering what the diffs between regular and alternate iso are17:01
atom_alternate permit you to install in command line.17:02
v1adimirno help currently is #hexchat, does anyone use that client - and has got spell-check to work? hexchat 2.9.1 amd64 the latest17:08
nikolaj_basherHi, is there someone who has experience with duel screen?17:36
Unit193I don't, but I know xubuntu.org has a faq with setup info.17:37
v1adimirnikolaj_basher: xubuntu 12.04 for the first time worked by default for me on nvidia 450 gts with 2 different screens17:39
nikolaj_basherv1adimir, I glad to hear that, because I can't get it to work17:40
v1adimirnikolaj_basher: I didn't use the xswat repo btw17:42
v1adimir(perhaps it can 'fix' it for you)17:42
v1adimirnikolaj_basher: are you on 12.04.1 supposedly it does fix graphics for nvidia afaik17:43
aicasnis there any way to get ddrescue --fill=+ to ignore write errors? i'm trying to zero out the remaining good sectors of an RMA'd drive19:54
David-Aaicasn: i dont know, look if there are other tools. dd and badblocks can write to sequenses of blocks. you'd have to parse the ddrescue log and maybe compute a bit to pass the right args to them. (dont know if any of them can be told to ignore write errors either.)20:13
unheedingwhen I click on a link in irssi, it opens in chrome (i want this) but then gives me an error saying "failed to execute default web browser" "input/output error."  when i put x-www-browser into a terminal, it opens opera, how can i change this to chrome?20:31
rensoskiapps prefers ?20:33
unheedingi've set that to chrome20:33
unheedingrunning x-www-browser still opens opera20:34
rensoskitry sudo update-alternatives –config x-www-browser20:34
unheedingupdate-alternatives: error: unknown argument `–config'20:35
unheedingupdate-alternatives: error: unknown argument `–config'20:35
rensoski2 --20:36
rensoskisudo update-alternatives –-config x-www-browser20:36
unheedingi set it to chrome20:37
unheedingbut opening a url in here still gives me the error message20:37
unheeding(although it does open up in chrome)20:37
rensoskiwww.google.com let me see20:37
unheedingyou want a screenshot?20:38
rensoskiafter use update alternatives, use chrome, it ask for default browser, put yes, then click a link in here, and xchat ask you again for default browser20:40
unheedingopens in chrome, then EXO HELPER 1 message pops up, with the same error20:42
unheedingFailed to execute default Web Browser.20:42
rensoskii try it again, and works20:42
unheeding(but it didn't fail!)20:42
unheedingi'm going to try logging off and on20:43
unheedingit worked without error on opening the browser20:46
unheedingbut when i click the link and the browser is already going, i get the error again20:46
rensoskihave chromiun ? try if can20:49
unheedingthis looks like it's just an issue with chrome20:51
unheedingworks with firefox and chromium20:51
idodeisukei godda problem with my terminal emulators (ALL OF THEM, gnome-terminal, konsole, etc): the ctrl+page up/down to change between tabs doesn't work anymore, it gives me ''5~ instead. Does anyone know, how to solve this problem?20:59
rensoskiin termina preferences, keybind,21:04
greg_Hi there. I've got 12.10 running in virtual box, found the checklist to generate a report and don't know where to file it. Anyone have the link?21:05
oelseni wanted to remove samba but somehow despite having delete the init scripts, it still runs22:28
oelsenwhat program or part of xubuntu needs samba to run and is there a way to stop the system of using those to services?22:28
aicasnyou want to remove samba or you want to disable samba on startup?22:29
oelsennot remove, if possible, only that it doesn't run22:30
oelsenon startup or any time when the system is running22:30
aicasnwhich version of xubuntu are you running?22:31
oelsenoh, dammit, how do I look that up22:31
oelsenuname isn't for that, right?22:31
aicasnlsb_release -a22:31
aicasnthe Release line22:31
oelsenUbuntu 10.04.4 LTS22:32
aicasnhmm.. i don't have a 10.04 anymore....  on 12.04 you could mkdir /etc/init.d-disabled then mv /etc/init.d/{nmbd,smbd,winbind} /etc/init.d-disabled/22:35
oelsenpkill doesn't work22:36
oelsenbasically "steal" the scripts22:37
oelsenwell, that is interesting. I did mv the files but they still run. after a reboot.22:40
oelsenthat isn't remotely funny22:48
oelsensmbd did log any devices that advised its name22:48
oelsenI didn't make that22:48
oelsenwhy is this standard configuration?22:48
knomebecause that's what most people want when using samba?22:49
oelsenbut I didn't use samba at any time22:49
oelsenwhy is this feature turned on in a standard installation?22:49
oelsenwell now those two daemons can't run and the system boots two seconds faster. I hope I don't crash it :D22:53
unheedingdoes anyone know how to change the style of window decorations without losing the inverted top menu bar?23:51
knome"inverted top menu bar" ?23:53
v1adimirif anyone should care, I've managed to get spelling on hexchat.... [01:32] <v1adimir> TingPing, bviktor: for xubuntu 12.04, it's libenchant-dev that was needed for the spell-checker to work: http://en.zimagez.com/zimage/screenshot-09032012-013035am.php23:53
unheedingknome: its black with white text, the window decorations are greybird23:54
unheedingif i change the theme the top panel switches to grey and there's no way to get it back23:58

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