Kiloshi superfly magespawn and others04:53
superflymorning Kilos 04:58
jrgnshi all04:59
Kiloshi jrgns 04:59
jrgnsyou good?04:59
Kilosyip ty and you?04:59
Kilosalways good, even when im naughty im good at it05:00
inetprogood mornings05:04
Kilosmorning inetpro 05:05
Kilossjoe youre early05:05
inetproKilos: I'm always early05:05
inetproexcept when I'm late05:05
Kiloshere is one for you clever guys. i have a network cable but ian said it must go through a router or something because both plugs are connected the same05:10
Kilosi want to know if switcheng the tx and rx pairs will give same performance or does a router boost the signal05:11
Kilosi only have the one cable and want to try connecting 2 pcs05:14
Squirmmeh, slept in today05:16
Kiloshi Squirm 05:17
Digi||GramKilos most new ethernet cards can handle a straight cable I hear. Tradisionally you need a cross over so that the Tx sends from one pc to the Rx on another05:42
Digi||Grama router, switch or hub does this switching for you, so traditionally you need a straight cable for that, but new one's know how to switch straight or cross over cables05:43
=== Digi||Gram is now known as DigiGram
Kilosty Digi||Gram so theres nothing special the router does. apart from switching connections05:43
Kilosnew ones what?05:44
DigiGramwell that and it boosts the signal. You are working with a signal around 5V, so after 100m it drops to low to be usable, on cheap cables and hardware it happens after about 30m, then you need a hub/switch/router to boost the power again05:45
Kilosi got old pcs so should i cut the cable and switch those 2 pairs05:45
Kilosdont wanna blow anything05:45
DigiGramwell try it first05:45
Kilosoh it wont damage anything if not swopped05:45
DigiGramyou won't blow anything, plug it in, if the green LED lights up at both PC's where you plugged the cable in, then you are in business05:45
DigiGramnah, Tx sends, Rx receives. If you send to a send port it will be fine, he is used to the voltage, but can't read anything05:46
Kilosah ty lemme check it out05:47
Kiloswas scared of blowing something05:47
DigiGramWell not as far as I know05:48
Kilosaw no green light06:07
Kilosmurphy lives here06:07
DigiGramthen you will need a cross-over cable, or you need to cross yours06:08
Kilosi will cut and crossover, thanks06:09
Kiloshiya maiatoday 06:28
maiatodayhi Kilos06:36
Kiloswhew DigiGram what a business. changed cards and this one shows green light06:48
Kilosolder pc with network card in and this one connected to mb connector06:49
Kilosno light on mb to see06:49
DigiGramno light? I have only seen that on laptops06:51
Kiloslol this mb has the socket to plug in but no light06:52
DigiGramwell, then you have to keep an eye on the desktop notifications06:52
Kiloshehe. other pc shows connected. but this one keeps trying to connect07:01
Kilosmaybe one mustnt be auto connect07:02
DigiGramubuntu or XP?07:03
Kilosin the ipv6 settings i made it automatic dhcp only and now shows connected07:09
Kilosdunno what that means but we are connected07:10
DigiGramit just means one PC will give an IP and the other will listen07:10
DigiGramnormally I make them both manual so I can choose IP's, but it's your choice07:10
DigiGramif you need the IP, you can get it with ifconfig in ubuntu or ipconfig in winblows07:11
Kilosi dont use winsucks07:11
DigiGramjust making sure lol07:11
Kilosthat listening bit. does that mean the other one is the boss?07:12
Kilosor is that just to connect07:12
DigiGramjust for the connection07:12
Kiloshi charlvn 07:47
Kilosyou been scarce07:48
charlvnhi Kilos 08:13
charlvnyeah i have been busy08:13
charlvnhow's it going08:13
Kilosok and there08:15
DigiGramGit for noobs, what other howto's assume you know --> http://beinganengineer3.blogspot.com/2012/09/git-for-noobs.html13:15
DigiGramI'm still getting the hang of this blogging thing, so excuse the poor layout, and the, uhm, wandering off point13:16
charlvnDigiGram: nice13:21
charlvnMaaz: tell kilos sorry for not responding, got busy again, but it's going fine thanks13:21
Maazcharlvn: Righto, I'll tell Kilos on freenode13:21
DigiGramI started with git yesterday, so the info in there is for total n00bs13:21
charlvnDigiGram: that's a good time to write a noob howto :)13:22
DigiGramnormally it is, because I could see what the other howto's assume you know13:22
DigiGram(and I didn't know lol)13:23
charlvnDigiGram: i also found git to be a bit of a mind-shift away from svn, especially since i used cvs before that13:23
DigiGramwell, up until now I've worked in a folder, zipped it once a day to upload to google drive, and that was my management system lol13:23
charlvncrude but effective13:25
DigiGramAnd working at home on some of it meant just downloading the zip, deleting the old stuff, and afterwards uploading the zip again. effective, but I want something better13:27
charlvnit's ok if you find a system that works for you as an individual but as soon as you want to start working with a larger group of developers you have a problem13:27
charlvnit's also extremely handy to be able to get a good overview of all the changes on a per-file basis13:28
DigiGramyeah, so I want to keep with the times lol13:29
charlvnwell i can tell you one thing, if you go into an interview for a job as a developer, at least knowing one or two version control systems is an advantage13:30
charlvnprobably any half-decent development company will use at least one type of version control system13:30
DigiGramyeah well, nobody will hire me as a developer lol13:31
charlvnlol ok13:32
charlvnok i am off bbl13:34
Symmetriathis country and its BBBEE rules 13:42
Symmetriaare stupid and a pain in the ass13:42
SymmetriaI had to spend THOUSANDS getting documentation to show that I was actually allowed to do business with certain people 13:43
Symmetria(if your turnover is less than X, you are automatically certified with a black economic empowerment status level)13:43
Symmetriaproblem is gonna come next year when I go well over that turnover level 13:44
Kilosthe trials and tribulations of the idle rich13:46
KilosSymmetria, be like the rest of them, a coupla backhands gets you anything13:47
superflyDigiGram: if you want to deal with the pain in the nether regions, you should use git-flow. if you want to use a more sane version control, you can try bzr13:53
DigiGramI tried bzr onces, quickly decided to rather use my zip file again lol13:53
DigiGramI'll try git-flow, but I'm liking git for my purpouses currently13:53
superflygit-flow is a plugin that works on top of git to make it vaguely useable13:54
superflydunno why you think git is easier than bzr, since bzr is much simpler13:55
DigiGramnah, maybe I had another issue with it and just stopped. maybe I just had more patience when I tried git13:55
KilosSymmetria, no dont13:56
Squirmhmm, couldnt get this pinning thing13:59
Squirmhmm, foubd the man page14:02
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Kiloshi magespawn 15:29
=== Trix[a]r_za is now known as Trixar_za
inetprogood evenings16:19
Kiloshi inetpro 16:20
inetproKilos: sup?16:20
inetprowhat did I miss today?16:20
Kilostemp for a while16:20
Kilosbad again thursday16:20
Kilosi wasnt on all day16:20
Kilosthey say thursday gonna be freezing again16:21
Kiloswhats news your side16:22
* inetpro been busy afk today16:22
Kiloseveryone busy busy busy16:22
inetproeish, I see Thursday might be very cold again16:23
inetprooh and Friday worse16:23
Kilosoh my16:23
inetproand Saturday even ,more so16:23
* Kilos cries. was just starting to warm up16:23
inetprowell I hope we'll get some rains16:24
inetprolooks like it may even start raining tomorrow16:24
Kiloswe need rain very very bad16:27
Kilosran the hosepipe a few times and after an hour its only wet like 2 feet and then soaks away16:28
Symmetriawas raining here last night16:42
Symmetriano rain today but holy hell its cold16:42
Symmetrialol, anyone here run dlink home equipment?16:43
Symmetriahere is a hint... don't try multicast through it :p16:43
Kerberoi'm not surprised16:48
Kerberoi have a dlink 5port gigabit switch16:48
Kerberonot using it atm16:48
SymmetriaKerbero lol, we tested it with 4 different delink devices16:48
Symmetriaoops I mean dlink :p16:48
Symmetriathe longest time we managed without the device rebooting was 7 minutes16:49
Symmetriathe shortest was 3 minutes 16:49
Kerberodon't they just broadcast the multicast packets?16:49
Symmetriano, they reboot themselves16:50
Kerberoai ai16:50
Kerberoi should try it with mine16:50
Kerberomulticast has been defined a long time ago16:51
Kerberowhy does so little stuff support it correctly16:51
Symmetriaheh its supported at a lan type level on any proper corporate lan switch16:52
Symmetriaon a wan layer / internet layer, *shrug* its viewed as a dark art that only academics are stupid enough to play with16:52
Tonberryfew things dalk16:52
KerberoSymmetria: is there a way i can dial a vpn to one of your routers to get routed ipv6 to experiment with?16:53
SymmetriaKerbero no, your best bet is to use the free vpn's from HE 16:54
Symmetriahurricane electric16:55
Symmetriagoogle for hurricane electric tunnel broker16:55
Kerberoo that is perfect16:56
Trixar_zaOh, thought it was like Do a Barrel Roll16:57
Trixar_zaor tilt and askew16:58
Cantideboot-repair worked for me tonight17:15
Cantidenote to self: stop kicking your HDD's while your PC is on17:15
Kerberothis is not going to work :(17:24
Kerberoto get internet access i have to use a proxy server17:24
Kerberoand it does not seem like tunnelbroker supports a proxy like openvpn does17:24
KilosCantide, boot-repair is tricky if you have more than one drive and take the second one out to use somewhere else17:34
Cantidei removed my Windoze HDD before trying it out17:36
Cantidei can just plug it back in and change boot options in my bios if need be17:36
Cantidebut i haven't used Windoze in a few months :p no loss17:36
Kilosif you do it with 2 linux drives and want to use the second one in another machine give me a shout first17:39
Kilosthere is a trick to doing it17:40
Cantideokay, will do :p17:41
Kilosim serious17:41
Cantidei only have one linux OS drive17:41
Cantideand one storage drive17:41
Cantidechances are i will keep it this way17:41
Kilosi have 317:41
Kiloswhat i really like about ubuntu is one is able to remove a drive and use it in another machine without hassles17:47
Kilostry that with winsucks17:47
Cantidethat's what's awesome about installing it on a usb drive17:49
Cantidenot that i have as yet17:49
magespawnevening all18:01
Kiloshey magespawn 18:02
magespawnhowdy Kilos18:02
magespawni have run laptops from the flash drive before18:03
magespawnjust to tack than on to the end of your guys converstion18:04
Cantidehi :)18:04
Cantideand how well did it work?18:04
Kilosi will get me a nice fat stick one of these days and give it a go18:04
Kilosaw kbmonkey is gone18:06
CantideI have an 8 GB USB 3 one, it's a good candidate...18:07
Kiloshaai nuvolari het hy darem pos geantwoord18:07
Kilosyeah 8g is fine18:07
Kilosim running 11.04 on a 6g ide drive18:08
=== Trixar_za is now known as Trix[a]r_za
Kilosyo trixie18:09
magespawnCantide this was sometime ago about two years, think was a 4gb but not sure, and except for running out of space and a slight loss of speed it worked fine18:11
magespawnif you can use an esata drive you should not see and difference.18:12
magespawnbrb fish bedtime18:12
magespawnright back18:24
superflymy eldest is sick :-(18:25
magespawnnot too bad hopefully?18:27
* smile4 hugs super18:28
smile4* superfly18:28
superflymagespawn: just a cold, but a bit of a nasty one at that18:28
magespawnhow old now superfly?18:28
Kilosaw superfly thats not good18:29
superflyKilos: no, just a cold18:29
Kilosunhehy place the cape18:29
smile4see ya tomorrow again18:32
nuvolarialoha :>18:32
smile4i'm leaving18:32
nuvolarihowdy oom Kilos 18:32
nuvolaricheers smile4 18:32
smile4good luck with your eldest, superfly18:32
nuvolarihowdy superfly, Cantide 18:32
Cantidehey nuvolari :)18:32
Kiloshi nuvolari 18:32
Cantidebye smile4 'o'18:32
nuvolariis there anyone that can give me some guidance on sars efiling?18:32
Kilossleep tight smile4 18:32
nuvolariI registered, but that's it. Nothing else makes sense18:32
superflynuvolari: done it a few times, use the Flash interface18:32
superflynuvolari: uh, can you log in?18:33
* nuvolari is a noob when it comes to tax18:33
nuvolarisuperfly: yeah18:33
superflynuvolari: then you should be greeted with a page that says, "Income tax work page"18:38
superflyon that page you'll see a list of returns at the bottom18:38
superflywhere it says, "return type" you'll probably have an entry labeled "ITR12"18:38
superflyif you click on that link, it opens up the return for you18:38
nuvolarihmm, my results are empty 18:40
nuvolariI'll go ask the lady at finance tomorrow. Tax is all greek to me :-/18:42
nuvolariI'm just worried that I will get in trouble18:42
magespawnif make mistakes you do get to correct them i think18:45
magespawnbattery is dying, no electricity last night, good night all.18:48
Kilosnight magespawn 18:49
Kilossleep tight18:49
nuvolarinight oom Kilos 18:49
nuvolarinight magespawn :P18:49
Kiloshes chasing me18:49
Kilosok ek sal gaan slaap man nuvolari 18:50
nuvolarinee nee, oom kan bly18:50
Kilosnight all of you. sleep tight18:50
Kilosha ha ha18:50
Kilosdis laterig18:50
nuvolarioh :-/18:50
nuvolarinight oom Kilos 18:50
nuvolarilekker slaap :)18:51
Kiloslekker slaap seun18:51
Kiloshaai nuvolari 18:51
Kilosis ma hulle daar18:51
nuvolarija oom!18:51
nuvolariek eet soos 'n koning :P18:51
nuvolarihulle het darm veilig gery18:51
Kilosstuur groete en se ma moet daai resep probeer18:51
SymmetriaI just got a call19:19
Symmetriaasking me if I could be in prague next week19:19
Banlamso you said yes19:29
Symmetriaheh prague should be fun19:29
Symmetriabeautiful women :p19:29
Banlamwhat languag do they speak?19:30
Cantidegood night!19:30
Banlamis czech a language?19:30
nuvolarimoney I guess19:30
Symmetriahahahaha nuvolari got it right19:32
Banlam"lots of hot czech woman want to marry YOU"19:38
Kerberodon't underestimate the czechs21:56
Kerberothey have really good beer21:56
Kerberoand the czech republic is very far away from russia :P21:57

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