JendosHi everyone03:58
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Guest49245hi, all09:14
jeahi Guest49245 09:19
sagacijea: 10:06
jeahere now10:07
jeasorry for being late10:07
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jeawelcome everyone to the September 2012 Ubuntu-au Team Meeting10:08
jea#meetingtopic Sept 2012 Ubuntu-au Meeting10:09
jeaAgenda is at: http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-au/394/detail/10:09
jea#topic Recap of Previous Meetings10:10
jeasay hello if you are around for the meeting10:10
jeaWell, there has not been too much discussed at recent meetings10:13
jeaThere was a discussion about the Team direction in June10:14
jeaMain thing we need to do is start running more events, and get people involved in Ubuntu-au again10:15
jeaAnything to add from the previous meetings?10:17
sagaciprevious online events have been mediocre at best, release parties seem to fare a bit better, if people are to organise them10:17
jeaYes, agree with that. The release parties and the Brisbane demo day worked fairly well10:18
jeaI think it would be good to create a 'template' for running such an event, so it is easier for people to do10:18
sagaciyes, perhaps.10:19
sagacithough this cycle I'm unable to hold a release party10:19
jeaWill you be at UDS then?10:20
sagaciand I'm under the impression that head_victim can't do a brisbane one either10:20
jeaYes, that does seem likely10:20
sagacino, it's just that I'm not in Sydney around the release date10:20
jearight. I can understand that10:21
sagaciI just don't think the demand is there for it10:22
jea#topic Quantal Release Parties10:22
jeaI agree10:23
jeaWe have just had a LTS, which had a lot of publicity10:23
jeaso I don't think 12.10 will be as sought after10:23
jeaIf anyone would like to hold a release party in their area, please send an email to the Mailing List10:24
jeaThere are people available to offer assistance with planning and running it, but is very simple to do10:25
sagacistill, it's a long time until the next LTS to wait for release parties10:26
jeaI think demand will not be there for this release, but next April will have more interest10:26
jeamaybe we should move on to the next topic10:28
jea#topic Customisation10:28
jeaIt was brought up on the mailing list that it is possible to customise the Ubuntu installer slideshow10:28
sagaciA slide for the loco and a get involved pitch would work10:28
jeaI think it is worth doing, as long as we can easily make the new images10:29
jeaby images, I mean the ISO files10:30
jeaMaybe this could be done at the same time as finally making a customised version for Australia10:31
jeaWe have started the customisation a couple of times, but never finished10:32
jeaCould we have a couple of meetings online to get the customisation done?10:33
jeamd_5: welcome to the meeting10:35
md_5bit late this time, #ubuntu-au stopped being on xchat hilight10:36
jeathat is alright10:36
jeathere are not many people here tonight10:36
jeamd_5: do you have any thoughts on customisation?10:37
md_5seems nice, the ubuntu team should really allow each loco to put in one slide10:40
md_5(that will be selected based on locale)10:40
jeaI guess we could propose that to the responsible people10:40
jeaSo at this stage, we like the idea, but more discussion and work is needed to get the customisation done10:42
jeaI will try to look in to this more, and reply to the mailing list thread10:43
jeaDoes anyone have anything to add to the meeting tonight?10:45
* md_5 pokes sagaci 10:45
jeaI guess not then10:48
sagacinah not really10:48
jeaWell, we may as well close the meeting. More promotion will be done for the next one10:48
jeaNext meeting will be on October 1410:49
md_5just before relase10:49
jeaWhen does daylight saving start?10:49
md_57th oct10:49
jeaok. We may need to change the time of the next meeting10:50
jeaI will check with head_victim and let everyone know10:51
jeaThanks sagaci and md_5 for attending10:51
meetingologyMeeting ended Sun Sep  9 10:51:46 2012 UTC.  10:51
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md_5thank you10:51
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jeahead_victim: ping12:31
jeahead_victim: sent email, as you would have seen. Hope that was alright12:50
head_victimjea: perfect :)13:43
head_victimAs for the release party, I'm pretty sure I'll be just finishing or just starting some uni modules13:44
head_victimAnd all for at least setting up the customisation. I'm sure people like jellyware would distribute the modified ISO.13:45
head_victimNicke cloak btw jea  :) And on that note, I'm off for the evening.14:23
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