JPetersonhow do i disable the scheduled tbzrcache?03:01
hikikohello, how can i see the number of current revision in bzr to compare it with the previous revision?07:03
vilahikiko: bzr revno07:04
hikikothank you vila07:04
jelmermoin mgz, jam08:02
mgzhey jelmer08:05
jamhi jelmer, would you want to do a quick mumble before the standup in 20 min?08:06
jammgz: hi08:06
mgznot standup now?08:06
mgzin 20 mins is fine for me.08:06
jammgz: well, our standup before the Maas standup08:06
jelmerjam: sure08:06
bigjoolsjam: shall we do team standups separately to a maas standup?08:07
bigjoolsnot sure if it's useful08:07
bigjoolsand, echan, sorry08:07
ferpeterhi, i have a little problem. i try to init a repo to a remote machine (over sftp). the directory  tree semms to created, but i got error 1312:04
ferpeteri mean i controlled the dir, they are there12:05
ferpeterno one has any idea?12:17
ferpeterso i know it.. i used a pendrive (in sheevaplug) formatted on fat32.12:20
ferpeteri tried with a hdd with etx3 filesystem.. now it works12:20
ferpeteri found a reported bug about this..12:25
javeI have a local branch of an upstream repo. when I merge I quite often get conflicts in automatically generated files that are checked in upstreams. Is there some way to describe to the merge algorithm that I always prefer the upstream versions af a couple of files?15:28
mgzjave: you can just use `bzr resolve --take-other auto_generated_file_a ...` after the merge15:35
mgzand maybe set up an alias with those filenames15:35
javemgz: thanks15:37
javeIm not really sure why i get a conflict to begin with.15:37
mgzpresumably, you build your branch locally15:38
javebut I dont generate the files afaics15:38
mgzwhich then includes something specific to your local changes/machine/timezone...15:38
javeupstream generate them15:38
mgzand upstream also commits with the file having it's local stuff, which then means merge doesn't know which to pick15:39
javehmm well.15:39
mgzuse `bzr remerge --show-base` after it happens to see what the specifics are15:39
javeah, ok15:40
mgzpersuading them to unversion those files would probably be best long-term :)15:40
javeits the emacs repo and there was a longish flamewar about the files that I dont have the energy to reopen15:41
mgzfair enough :)15:41
javeunversioning the files is the obviously correct solution15:41
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bjpif i have a checkout thats a couple revisions behind its parent, how do i tag the working tree's revision and not the parents latest?18:19
LeoNerdbzr tag -r123 "FOO"18:20
bjpi have to look up the revision first? there's no -rlocal ?18:21
bjpor equiv18:21
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