pleia2highvoltage: I will be in Ghana deploying Edubuntu from October 11-24!02:44
pleia2booking flights this week02:44
pleia2(also sorting out visa)02:44
pleia2I will take a million photos and I will owe you a blog post for edubuntu.org :)02:45
pleia2need to figure out how this will all work, I'm coming to UDS too02:46
pleia2I'm thinking I'll come home for a couple days between trips to change my suitcase02:47
pleia2(turns out Ghana in October is a bit different than Denmark)02:47
highvoltagepleia2: deal!02:48
highvoltagepleia2: have a lot of fun!02:49
pleia2thanks :)02:49
highvoltagehome sounds like a long way between ghana and denmark... but probably a good idea02:52
highvoltagewell, goodnight everyone02:54
pleia2longer to California :\ but I think it makes the most sense02:54
pleia2good night02:54
pleia2er yeah02:55
k4m3h4t3somebody help05:26
highvoltagehey k4<tab>12:28
ogra_highvoltage, any idea about the tablets ? do you know if alkis got his ?14:07
highvoltageogra_: no not yet.14:07
highvoltageogra_: and it definitely had your phone number on14:07
ogra_yeap, you said so already14:08
highvoltagestgraber: did you push anything to the edubuntu website recently? I had a few files (like http://edubuntu.org/sites/default/files/rlnx.png and http://edubuntu.org/sites/default/files/system76.png) dissapear14:36
stgraberhighvoltage: nope14:37
stgraber  canonical_220.png14:38
stgraber  logo.gif14:38
stgraber  rlnx.png14:38
stgraber  system76.png14:38
stgraberthat's weird... reverting14:38
mhall119highvoltage: ping16:29
highvoltagemhall119: pong16:29
mhall119highvoltage: a kind of whiney post by the var guy pointed out that the 12.04.1 release announcement on edubuntu.com uses "it's" when it should be "its"16:30
stgrabermhall119: fixed16:33
stgraberkind of surprised I didn't see that one before ;)16:33
mhall119I do it all the time16:33
mhall119my wife is an English major, it drives her nuts16:33
highvoltagemhall119: thanks, it's not the kind of mistake we like making :)16:35
highvoltagemhall119: you should get that guy to read the canonical blogs too / marketing material too, they're usually full of obvious problems :)16:36
ogra_obvious problems like trying to sell something ?16:40
highvoltageogra_: obvious problems like "We are please to announce"16:48
highvoltagepleia2: I've tweeted/faced/plused/linked/dented your blog entry so hopefully people will see it and open their wallets a bit16:50
pleia2thank you! :)16:51
highvoltagestgraber: permissions on humboldt are still screwey. files are edubuntu owned but not group writable.17:39
stgraberhighvoltage: any file in particular I should fix?17:41
highvoltagestgraber: it would be nice if I could write to /edubuntu/sites/default/files/images17:42
stgraberhighvoltage: fixed all of these I can, maybe that's enough17:45
highvoltagestgraber: should I file an RT ticket so that IS can find a solution for that?17:48
stgraberI'll take care of that once I'm done sorting out the DNS changes17:48
highvoltageok, thanks17:49
stgraberpleia2: that was quick ;) (looks like you went from around $200 to $1500 over the past 10min or so ;))18:15
pleia2stgraber: I had a donation of $130018:16
pleia2writing the "omg thank you" note now :)18:16
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