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nixternalthis channel has seriously been quiet for almost 10 hours now? or did you all kick me or something05:29
* micahg waves to nixternal05:35
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Mamarokso no way to upgrade kde-full with kdeplasma-addons08:24
Mamarokwhy would that have an influence on meta-packages?08:24
shadeslayerMamarok: what's the issue?08:24
Mamarokoh, still some missing packages in 4.9.1 apparently08:25
Mamarokkdeplasma-addons : Depends: plasma-widgets-addons (>= 4:4.9.1-0ubuntu1) but 4:4.9.0-0ubuntu2 is to be installed08:25
Mamarok                    Depends: plasma-runners-addons (>= 4:4.9.1-0ubuntu1) but 4:4.9.0-0ubuntu2 is to be installed08:25
Mamarok                    Depends: plasma-widget-lancelot (>= 4:4.9.1-0ubuntu1) but 4:4.9.0-0ubuntu2 is to be installed08:25
Mamarok                    Depends: plasma-wallpapers-addons (>= 4:4.9.1-0ubuntu1) but 4:4.9.0-0ubuntu2 is to be installed08:25
Mamarok                    Depends: plasma-containments-addons (>= 4:4.9.1-0ubuntu1) but 4:4.9.0-0ubuntu2 is to be installed08:25
shadeslayeraye, haven't been built/published/sync'd to your mirror yet I presume08:26
MamarokI use the main server08:26
shadeslayerthen most likely the former 208:26
Mamarokhm, so building/publishing 4.9.1 takes over 24 hours08:27
shadeslayerplasma-widgets-addons | 4:4.9.0-0ubuntu2 | quantal/universe | amd64, armel, armhf, powerpc08:28
shadeslayerplasma-widgets-addons | 4:4.9.1-0ubuntu1 | quantal/universe | i38608:28
shadeslayer^ I guess you have amd64 :)08:28
shadeslayeroh my08:29
shadeslayeramd64 failed08:29
shadeslayertrololol :  libmarble-dev : Depends: libmarblewidget14 (= 4:4.9.1-0ubuntu1) but it is not going to be installe08:29
MamarokI wonder why 64bit stills looks like a stepchild, while most people nowadays have 64bit systems08:30
shadeslayermost likely because amd64 queues were longer08:31
Mamarokno, you don't get it: apparently i386 is default and everything else seems secondary08:31
Mamarokwhen 64bit should be default by now08:32
MamarokI don't know if the CDs shipped to local teams are now 64bit, but back when I was head of the Swiss Team we mostly got i38608:33
Mamarokwhich was in no relation to what people demanded08:33
shadeslayerah that way08:33
shadeslayerI agree :)08:33
Mamarokwhich is stupid08:34
shadeslayerMamarok: amd64 build ongoing for kdeplasma-addons08:34
shadeslayershould be done soonish08:34
xnoxone always works, while the other doesn't on some systems08:34
shadeslayerwell ... I'm aware of only a couple of devices which can't handle x86_6408:35
Mamarokxnox: that is just not true08:35
Mamarokthat was so 5 years ago, but not now anymore08:35
xnoxthere are still 32 bit machines being sold.08:36
shadeslayerxnox: sure, but how many of them do support the 64 bit instruction set? Don't most Intel CPU's support the 64 bit instruction set?08:37
shadeslayer( not sure about AMD )08:37
Mamarokxnox: just because there are some still sold means that it should still considered to be default08:38
MamarokI haven't had a 32bit system in over 5 years08:38
yofelthere are still people that like i386 with PAE as it uses a bit less memory08:39
shadeslayeryofel: how does one use kbatch?08:40
yofeldunno, what's that?08:41
RiddellI installed kubuntu on a friends machine this weekend, tried 64 bit first and was surprised to find the machine didn't support it08:41
shadeslayerapachelogger mentioned it ... not sure how to use it ... might have to read the code08:41
shadeslayeryofel: lp:~apachelogger/kubuntu-dev-tools/kbatch08:41
* yofel has i386 running on his work notebook - but wubi's to blame for that08:42
shadeslayertehehe, backportpackage downloading o-i at 110 Mbps08:42
yofelbe happy instead of bored! :P08:44
shadeslayeryofel: it's just these visa forms are so boring to fill :P08:44
yofeloh, ok08:45
debfxI'll upload kde-l10n 4.9.109:11
apacheloggershadeslayer: lol, the first thing one ought to do is look at the code09:13
shadeslayerapachelogger: I used backportpackage instead, worked like a charm, no idea if it'll build though :P09:13
* shadeslayer will throw it up in ninjas and fix up as problems come up09:14
apacheloggerI am pretty sure I talked about kbatch WRT packages not uploaded09:15
shadeslayeryofel uploaded all of them, so doesn't matter now ;)09:16
shadeslayer4.9.1 uploading for precise into ninjas09:23
shadeslayerso. much. lp. mail09:27
debfxat least you don't get translation import mails anymore ;)09:28
shadeslayergreat, ants on my keyboard10:22
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shadeslayerhow odd11:30
shadeslayerhttps://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ninjas/+archive/ppa/+build/3779072 < doesn't show any logs11:31
shadeslayerI'm not sure if it's even building11:31
shadeslayerhm ... seems it is11:31
BluesKajHeyas all12:55
mparilloIt looks as if KDE 4.9.1 is almost ready. Want me to draft an announcement for the kubuntu/news site, but not check the publish box?13:15
Riddellmparillo: go for it13:30
Riddellbut that's KDE SC 4.9.1, now you're into marketing you need to use the correct terms :)13:31
Riddell(and KDE SC shouldn't be used on much user facing stuff, it's ugly)13:31
mparilloWill do. I think it is proper to use the 'official' terminology whenever possible, even if it is a mouthful.13:34
mparilloBTW, I think https://www-admin.kubuntu.org/ may  have an expired certificate.13:35
yofel_wasn't it officially named 'KDE Workspaces, Applications, whatever else 4.9.1' now?13:35
mparilloyofel_: My sugested compromise is to use KDE SC 4.9.1 in the link but KDE Plasma Workspaces, Applications and Platform 4.9.1 in the title. It should be in the draft I will post, but not publish, shortly.13:39
yofel_yeah, that sounds about right13:39
mparilloDone: News KDE Plasma Workspaces, Applications and Platform 4.9.1 has been created.13:40
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BluesKajthe upgrade to 4.9.1 seems to gone well , so far14:16
BluesKajto have14:16
* xnox achievement unlocked - "Great commit!"16:13
JontheEchidnathink he's referring to http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-installer/ubiquity/trunk/revision/565416:41
debfxLUKS support \o/16:44
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RiddellI still need to get a FFe on that ubiquity change19:03
Riddelland testers needed19:03
Riddellbut maybe we can drop the alternate now19:03
yofelwasn't keeping the alternate mostly about offline-upgrades?19:05
Riddellyofel: I've mostly heard it being about partitioning options19:24
yofelthat too, but I vaguely remember rbelem saying something about that during the UDS discussion19:25
shadeslayeryou know there's a whole thread about dropping alternate cd 19:26
shadeslayer*cd's on ubuntu devel19:26
* yofel realizes he hasn't read ubuntu-devel the last 3 weeks19:27
BluesKajshadeslayer, I sure hope not , the alternate install has always been a saviour for mu y older pcs19:27
RiddellI think that's pretty much concluded, they dropped alternates for beta19:28
shadeslayerI didn't follow it all the way through, that thread is gianormus ....47 emails19:29
* yofel just wanted to ask for a tl;dr version...19:29
shadeslayerhah :P19:30
BluesKajRiddell, bummer:(19:30
RiddellBluesKaj: why?19:30
yofelit's still a bit more reliable on some hardware as it doesn't require KMS (and not all people know what nomodeset means)19:31
shadeslayeryofel: try reading the one about the app developer upload process 19:31
yofelshadeslayer: weekend - maybe19:31
BluesKajthe alternate install was reliable when the regular livecd wouldn't install 19:31
shadeslayeryofel: FWIW nomodeset will now screw with drivers19:31
yofelas in...?19:32
shadeslayer( from what I have been told )19:32
yofelI don't mind as long as it works19:32
shadeslayeryofel: apparently drivers are expected to be used only with modesetting19:33
shadeslayerwithout it, undefined behavior19:33
yofeland the problem with that is?19:33
shadeslayerpassing nomodeset as an argument will lead to X being all weird19:34
shadeslayeror video drivers working improperly19:35
yofelas long as "X being all weird" means "fall back to VESA" I'm fine with that19:35
mparilloThere was some user-focused discussion on the Proposal to drop Ubuntu alternate CDs for 12.10 at: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=204902119:36
shadeslayerdunno about it falling back to VESA since I have to manually specify fbdev in xorg.conf19:36
Riddelldarkwing, apachelogger, JontheEchidna, jussi01-nom, ScottK: nudge, meeting vote please, not much of a meeting without a council http://www.doodle.com/ep9bqbapvfh4r9aw19:44
JontheEchidnaRiddell: done19:48
yofeloh, kdegames moved to git - yet another tar count explosion20:35
ScottKRiddell: Done (and done correctly if the poll is in UTC).21:36
JontheEchidnaweird backtrace du jour: http://paste.kde.org/547340/22:21
JontheEchidnathat function only returns a QString. must be threading issues *sigh*22:22

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