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kurtulmy desktop hangs about 30 seconds at every boot, in all computers. Is it common?01:12
SIR_Tacokurtul: when you log into KDE? or when you select Kubuntu from the Grub menu?01:13
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kurtulwhen i log into kde. the panel appears, but everything freezes for a while. even the seconds on the time.01:14
SIR_Tacokurtul: when you logout and/or shutdown/restart KDE, do you have programs open? Are those programs opened after the 30 second wait time?01:15
kurtuli have google chomes talk extension. do you think that might be the culprit?01:16
kurtulit autostarts01:17
SIR_Tacokurtul: it's possible01:17
kurtulso your system starts normally?01:18
SIR_Tacokurtul: my laptop does, my desktop does take probably 30 seconds (because KDE stores the previous session's open programs when you log out). So when my desktop PC starts, firefox opens with my previous tabs, my mail client opens.... etc.01:20
kurtulSIR_Taco: i removed that. but it still hangs. it froze 25 seconds at this time.01:24
SIR_Tacokurtul: no other programs starting when you log into kde?01:31
kurtulquassel starts, nothing else01:32
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SIR_Tacokurtul: no errors in dmesg?01:36
kurtulhttp://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1197834/ SIR_Taco this is the dmesg01:40
SIR_Tacokurtul: Nvidia card?01:49
kurtulSIR_Taco: no, intel01:50
SIR_Tacothe only thing that I can see is the print stuff takes a while to load... but it looks like it's after your stalling stops01:54
SIR_Tacothere must be something else though... just not sure what, or where to look exactly01:57
burdickjpI am setting up a Python development environment in Kubuntu 12.04.  I installed several modules via pip before realizing Kubuntu uses Python 2.x.  I've apt-get'd python3.  I'm trying to decipher how to install modules to Python3 with both versions existing on the system02:04
dietrichmananyone have a simple explanation of how o02:22
dietrichmanof how to mount a shared02:23
dietrichmanhow to automount a shared samba server?02:23
dietrichmanpardon me, a network share....i am a noob at this02:23
avihaydietrichman: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently should point you in the right direction02:34
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prime_how to see which channels are available?03:20
prime_in Konversion03:20
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TheDoctorhello all04:51
TheDoctorIm new to linux anyone here that can help me get teamspeak3 working?04:52
TheDoctorok that did not work is there anyone here that is willing and can just teach me more about linux Im likeing it but haveing what is most likely simple problems.04:56
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TheDoctorthis has to be the quitest chat Ive ever seen04:57
subcoolHey, any reason my computer would have a firewall on it im not aware of?05:00
subcoolor how can i find it?05:00
subcooli appear to not be able to connect inbound. -05:00
TheDoctordid you get the comp new or used?05:00
subcoolI get an error of connection refused, which leads me to the fact i have a firewall.05:00
subcoolIts mine-05:00
subcoolall me-05:00
subcooli just upgraded to 12.0405:00
subcooland its been reaking hell on me since05:01
TheDoctorthen there should not be anything on it you dont know about05:01
subcoolhaha- yea. doesnt mean i didnt install something stupid following some guide.05:01
subcoolpoint is- its acting like a firewall is active, and i cant find any.05:01
TheDoctorI know the feeling I just changed to kubuntu from windows 7 and Im have all sort of small problems05:02
subcooli;ve uninstalled all the ones i know i have, and i only have UFW left. But it not doing it05:02
subcoolits just the beginning- :/05:02
TheDoctorfrom what Ive learned the linux OS works like its own firewall05:02
subcooli forgot the age old lesson with linux- never upgrade. Start fresh05:02
TheDoctorIve never ran linux before05:02
subcoolyea- sometimes. But like UFW- it says.. Firewall is active- and on during startup.05:03
subcoolit NEVER turns on at boot05:03
subcoolIf this is new to u- i suggest jumping to unix.05:03
TheDoctorand now I cant access my old os even though it still apears to still be on the hard drive lol05:03
subcoolmaybe freebsd- its hard, but... pretty universal05:03
subcoollol - that happens..05:04
subcooltrying to boot to it?05:04
TheDoctorI play a lot of games and a friend sujested this one because of that05:04
subcooloh- yea..05:04
TheDoctorI cant get it to boot anything but the linux lol05:04
subcoolnot much of a gaming pc, but- i suppose itll work.05:04
subcoolhave you add'd it to the grub?05:04
subcoolthere should be a guide - im not good at instructing05:04
subcoolYou just have to add it to the boot loader05:05
subcoolits the boot loader..05:05
TheDoctorthat I have not done and not sure how lol05:05
subcooluse to be accessible via settings- but i dont see it there anymore.05:05
TheDoctorbrb a game is calling05:05
subcoolits really easy05:05
subcoolill be around..05:05
TheDoctorthe not much of a gaming pc comnent you talking about yours?05:06
subcoolit works for some thigns- others it horrible05:06
subcooli cant get any of my fav's working..05:06
TheDoctorwindows 7 is the same way05:06
subcoolreally? id think thatd be the best option05:07
TheDoctorso far my online games I play work great05:07
subcoolaside from being bloated05:07
subcoolwell yea- online05:07
subcooli thougth u mean like .. Diablo - or .. idk...05:07
TheDoctorI have not tried a couple of the others Ive had05:07
TheDoctornot often05:07
subcoolwine is pretty handy05:07
TheDoctorI tend to like stragity games05:07
subcoolits a win' emulator05:07
subcoolooo yea-..05:07
subcoolsometime i just need to kill a mf'er05:08
TheDoctorsame here lol05:08
subcooli dont play much anymore..05:08
TheDoctorthe one I play with my wife I have a dude I kill 5 times aday just because he dont know how to show respect lol05:08
subcoolif ur just jumping into linux- i suggest get ur win7 working.. and load up freebsd or gentoo05:08
subcoollol - roflmao05:08
TheDoctorI have to get it working again first lol05:09
subcoolits easy05:09
subcoolu just have to add it to grub05:09
TheDoctorbut you have pointed me in the right direction to do that I think05:09
TheDoctorIll do my best in the morin to do just that05:09
subcoolgoogle dual boot kubuntu grub05:09
subcool(not in that order)05:09
subcoolits a common issue05:09
subcoolim surprised it didnt add it during ur linux boot05:10
subcoolalso- u can get into Virtualization- thats very handy05:10
subcoolmaybe run that? - Vmware - VirtualBox..05:10
subcoolupgrading blew my setup to peices.. im just about ot back up- and resintall it all. im soo tired of cleaning up what Ubuntu cant seem to do right after 5 years05:11
TheDoctorit gave me 2 options 1 was a full boot or partal where both OS would be on one hard drive I picked the partical05:12
almoxarifesubcool: there are other distros of kde05:12
TheDoctorother then not being able to get firefox to work or TeamSpeak to work I realy like it05:12
subcoolyou cant get firefox to work?05:15
subcoolalmoxarife, yea, i know.05:15
TheDoctorno I cant get firefox to work I had no problem with opera so that is what  Im useing05:16
subcoolr u sure it installed?05:16
subcoolon a konsole - sudo apt-get install firefox05:16
TheDoctorto tell the truth no not 100% but I belive it is05:16
subcoolthere is an icon somewhere, you can just click. and it will install it-05:17
TheDoctorit tries to start but crashes05:17
subcoolthats odd-05:17
TheDoctorIve done that05:17
subcoolin a konsole type firefox, see what error pops up05:17
TheDoctorIm thinking about eraceing all of it and starting over05:17
subcoolwell, if u havent gotten anywher to begin with- that isnt a bad thing05:18
TheDoctoryou talking about the dolphin thing right05:18
subcooljust dont format ur win705:18
subcooldolphin?? - i didnt know they supported desktop05:18
TheDoctorthis is a lap top and it was on my kubuntu when I instaled it05:19
subcoolwait- the organge thing wrapped arounda blue thing?05:19
TheDoctorthis is funny now that I want to find it I cant lol05:20
TheDoctorgive me a min05:20
subcoolin the internet folder05:20
subcoolmight be in ur favorites too05:20
TheDoctorI have nothing that looks like that I just know it tends to come up when I dl a prog brb wife needs me05:21
subcoolOH_ dolphin05:21
subcoolsorry im tired- yea. That is a file/web browser- its like Explorer -05:22
TheDoctormay be but it dont work like explorer lol05:23
subcoolyea- no..05:23
subcoolexplorer is two different worlds on win705:24
subcoollinux is better in a lot of ways... - hurts a bit too05:24
TheDoctorfor me I am likeing this more then windows just been a long time since Ive wrote progs and things so Im on a sharp learn curve I think05:24
almoxarifedolphin=file browser, konqueror=file/web browser05:25
TheDoctorwith the team speak I think there is something I have to move to a certian file and I have no clue yet how or where to move it lol05:25
TheDoctorgot you that makes sence05:25
TheDoctorI have not liked the konqueror much myself it dont like my games lol05:26
TheDoctorthe dolphin Im fugureing out bit by bit05:26
subcooli hate konqueror05:26
TheDoctorthat is what Im on for this chat because it had the link to find this lol and my pandora works on it but not opera for some reason lol05:27
subcooluse firefox or chrome05:27
TheDoctorI have not tried chrome yet I probley should lol if I could rember my chrome acc that would be great lol05:28
subcooleh- just use the browser05:29
TheDoctordling it now05:29
TheDoctorerror wrong architecture i386?05:33
TheDoctorwhat did I do dl the wrong chrome?05:33
subcooldl the amd64 one05:33
TheDoctorshould have known that was to easy at first lol05:34
hateballCould just use repos and not have to worry, but  ~~05:40
subcoolhe left- lol05:45
subcoolim out- gnite05:45
SmurphyMorning ...06:51
pushrodv8I have a bit of a problem with 12.04 64-bit07:05
pushrodv8it's a new problem though, only after formatting and re-installing (as previously, also on 12.04 64-bit I didn't have this problem).07:06
Smurphywhat was it ?07:06
pushrodv8I have an ATI card (forgot which model, I'm not at home now) so using the ATI Catalyst driver,07:06
pushrodv8I'm hooking up my laptop to an external TV through HDMI.07:06
pushrodv8Now, for some unknown reason to me, after 30 seconds of inactivity, the HDMI port times out, the screen goes blank and the sound goes mute. I have to move the mouse (or hit any key on the keyboard) to wake up the laptop again,07:07
pushrodv8the screensaver is disabled, the power settings are all disabled too.07:07
Smurphypushrodv8: check the powersaving configuration of the system.07:07
pushrodv8Any idea how I can troubleshoot this?07:07
Smurphycheck the powersaving of the ATI programm - coming with the catalyst driver ...07:07
SmurphyUsually it installs you a ATI fine tuning configuration utility.07:08
pushrodv8Smurphy: I did, all disabled. And btw, maybe it's worth mentioning, but running ATI Calatyst in admin mode doesn't run (doesn't do anything really), I have to run it through Konsole (kdesudo amd-ccctle)07:08
Smurphyyes - it requires a X-Display.07:10
pushrodv8so.. any logs I can read to check why the HDMI output is timing out?07:11
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Smurphypushrodv8: Check the .xsession-errors file.07:22
LavvyPlease were do get ubuntu experts to hire for a job07:57
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msmith0957Hey, have an issue with getting ubuntu installed currently, thought some of you guys may be able to help.09:17
msmith0957Staring at the part where you select the drive/partition to install to, but its blank. i tried disabling acpi, but no go09:17
Peace-ubuntu ?09:17
Peace-here is kubuntu09:17
Peace-msmith0957: have ytou tried the alternate version ?09:18
msmith0957Yeah, i know this is kubuntu channel, but figured might be less crowded in here and its just initial setup so i'd prob have same issue w/ either distro09:19
msmith0957and no, haven't tried alternate yet09:19
msmith0957I loaded a live cd (parted magik) and saw my drive/partitions just fine09:19
Peace-msmith0957: you have some troubles with video card09:19
msmith0957Video is fine09:19
msmith0957sory, i meant the LIST is blank, not the screen09:20
Peace-msmith0957: ah09:20
msmith0957The part of the installation where you select your device, ie /dev/sda, but the list which would show partitions is not populated09:20
msmith0957How can i get to a terminal from here and check something like fdisk -l ?09:21
msmith0957Peace-: any ideas ?09:24
Peace-msmith0957: no idea i mean if you have not wehre you hvae to install the distro there is some problem on your hardisk09:25
Peace-msmith0957: or ...09:25
Peace-there is a problem with your iso of ubuntu09:26
msmith0957Do you know how to pull up a terminal from here09:26
msmith0957im sure its ALT + something09:27
Peace-maybe ctl alt f109:28
msmith0957yep that worked09:28
msmith0957so, fdisk -l shows my disk09:29
msmith0957but the installer doesnt populate it09:29
msmith0957something to do with the partition table ?09:29
msmith0957it had xp on there, its nothing fancy09:29
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BluesKajHeyas all12:55
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ZapperDJhi ppl15:10
ZapperDJi have some trouble getting my Galaxy S3 working on MTP or PTP mode on Dolphin15:10
ZapperDJif i connect it in PTP mode, it only allows me to acces de DCIM an Pictures folders on the internal memory15:11
ZapperDJconnecting it on MTP mode shows a folder named "Samsung GT-P7510/Galaxy Tab 10.1/S2/GT-N7000/Galaxy Nexus"15:11
ZapperDJbut i can't access it because Dolphin gets messed up with the directory names as it understands the directory name as a directory structure and tries to enter Samsung GT-P7510 directory, an then enter Galaxy Tab 10.1 directory inside the first one and so on15:11
ZapperDJdoes anyone know how can I get it to work?15:11
tomzoninstall mtp-tools ?15:13
ZapperDJtomzon: already installed15:14
tomzonmount it as stp instead of mtp?15:15
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ZapperDJwhat is that?15:15
ZapperDJmy phone only allows me to connect as PTP or MTP15:16
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spawn57ZapperDJ: go through your phone's settings, there's a setting that'll let you mount it as usb mass storage15:27
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phoenix_firebrdhello everyone16:02
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tomzonis there like dev channel where one can ask about programming / compiling related things ?17:27
tsimpsontomzon: in general ##programming but you'll probably have better luck in one of the more specific programming language channel17:47
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ggrohmannare there any chances mozilla seamonkey will be back in the ubuntu repositories? (using kubuntu 12.04)19:29
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TeslaTonyerrr...meant to do that!20:59
ricardo11como crear una base de datos23:23
ricardo11responan ples23:24
ricardo11Rikkardino como puedo crear una base da datos avanzada23:24
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