sinzuiwgrant, wallyworld, StevenK. I still have bad network, but that did not deter me from providing a graph of all criticals  since maintenance teams https://devpad.canonical.com/~curtis/launchpad-critical-report/launchpad-maintenance-criticals.html00:23
wallyworldmid 2011 is when they were lowest00:24
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kyanhi… I deactivated my launchpad account. Now I can't check out any code using bzr ("No such Launchpad account"). How do I keep bzr from trying to use the old account?02:45
lifelessbzr launchpad-login should let you set your new one02:46
kyanlifeless: I don't have a new one02:46
kyanlifeless: I decided to leave Launchpad (I found the privacy controls too confusing), but I still want to be able to check out code.02:47
lifelesswell, bzr launchpad-login may let you unset the setting02:47
lifelessotherwise you can poke around in ~/.bazaar02:47
kyanlifeless: ok, thanks!02:47
kyanlifeless: that did the trick!02:48
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cndjcsackett: since I had 2-factor auth enabled before, they simply needed to add me to the sso-2f-testers team on lp15:52
cndall is well now :)15:52
czajkowskicnd: glad to hear it15:53
czajkowskiSSO is just a pain at times15:53
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jcsackettcnd: glad to hear it's fixed. :-)17:31
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MunchorHi guys21:20
MunchorI just registered my OpenPGP key21:20
MunchorIs it normal for it to take really long to send me the email?21:20
dobeyMunchor: is it a gmail address?21:25
Munchorthe Launchpad address or the OpenPGP address?21:25
MunchorThe Launchpad is @elementaryos.org (which uses Google Apps Business) and the OpenPGP is @gmail.com yes21:26
dobeyyour e-mail address21:26
dobeyMunchor: what's your lp username?21:27
dobeyMunchor: have you checked the spam folders? and are you looking at both of those accounts, or just one of them?21:33
dobeyi don't recall if it sends the mail to the address of the key, or to the default contact address for the lp account21:34
MunchorI'm checking both and I just checked the spam folders on both too - nothing.21:35
dobeywhat is the public key id?21:36
dobeyMunchor: your key is not on keyserver.ubuntu.com21:39
MunchorIs it supposed to look like that?21:44
MunchorI changed some of the characters, that's not it.21:44
dobeyyes similar to that21:44
dobeybut you need to upload your key to keyserver.ubuntu.com first21:45
Munchorthat is it then21:45
MunchorI followed the instructions21:45
Munchorhttps://launchpad.net/codeofconduct there21:45
MunchorI only add to post the fingerprint21:45
dobeyhrmm, i can't see what the "instructions" are, since i've already signed it21:46
MunchorTo start using an OpenPGP key with your Launchpad account, simply paste its fingerprint below. The key must be registered with the Ubuntu key server.21:46
MunchorMaybe it's this last part21:46
dobeythe key must be registered with the ubuntu keyserver, which is keyserver.ubuntu.com21:47
Munchor>Submit a key21:47
MunchorI'll try21:47
MunchorDone, succesfull21:48
MunchorNow, do I need to resubmit the fingerprint?21:48
MunchorDone, now I'll wait again21:48
MunchorBecause it says ~10 minutes21:49
Munchornoyhing :(22:20
dobeyMunchor: well your key is on keyserver.ubuntu.com now, so it's not that at least. not sure what would make it be slow, or not send the e-mail to you now at this point though22:23
Munchordobey, I'll wait until tomorrow22:30
Munchorand then post on answers.launchpad.net/launchpad22:31

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