silverarrowbkm, I haven`t tried chromium00:05
silverarrowI`m on the ppc iso where Firefox is default browser00:06
silverarrowbkm, does the flash bundle alternative work fine with chromium00:07
bkmnot for me00:07
silverarrowpepper api or something like that00:07
silverarrowI hope they keep working on that00:07
silverarrowit is too new to run smooth on all setups I suppose00:07
bkmhaven't figured out how to make it work, so i'm not one to ask. everything seems to blow up (or consume all of the limited resources) as far as i can tell00:08
silverarrowI keep getting conflicting info about the papi, they have already abandoned it, or they are still working on it00:09
silverarrowbkm, what kind of computer do you have?00:09
bkm900 mhz; 512 ram pc00:10
silverarrowwhich is not too bad00:10
silverarrowhowever flash is the most difficult thing on low specs00:11
bkmseems to be00:11
silverarrowtrick is to find workarounds00:11
silverarrowand run one application at a time when streaming any video00:11
silverarrowhave you found anything that works?00:12
bkmi followed a hack of placing the adobe version in place of the whatever version, and that hack worked for a long time00:12
bkmnow it does not seem to. something has changed00:13
silverarrowif it streamed smoothly it should though00:13
silverarrowadobe hardly streams smooth with less than 1.5GHz00:14
silverarrowit does depend a bit upon the cpu though00:14
bkma weird problem is that worldcat.org tries to tell me what libraries hold a certain book, but with chromium, the libraries never show up. i'm not sure why00:14
bkmlater chrome versions work as does firefox00:15
bkmi'm not sure what is happening on that website00:15
silverarrowanything I can test+00:17
silverarrowI`m not registered thre00:18
silverarrowI am troubleshooting totem and mplayer plugins02:08
Orrin_Foxhey there03:17
Orrin_FoxI was wondering if i could have some advice on how well lubuntu would work on my desktop, I love ubuntu but.. well it doesnt work well on my desktop03:20
tony_what's wrong with ubuntu?03:21
Orrin_FoxUbuntu standard appears to lag upon entering the desktop (KDE)03:22
Orrin_FoxI tried Gnome, almost similar03:22
Orrin_FoxI happened to hear around the corner that lubuntu could handle the lighter-capable computers03:23
tony_lubuntu is a lot faster03:24
Orrin_Foxhow well would you say it could respond on 256MB ram?03:25
kanliotnearly as well as windows xp03:26
tony_ the minimum RAM to install Lubuntu is 256 MB03:26
kanliotwhich is good03:26
Orrin_Foxyeah windows XP was on this previously03:26
kanliotjust don't open 5 tabs in chromium03:26
kanliotit will be slow03:26
Orrin_Foxlol yeah03:26
kanliottry firefox or xxxterm03:26
kanliotif you get it intstalled03:27
kanliotplease post your results03:27
kanliotwe like to hear positive stuff03:27
Orrin_Foxoh yeah, so far ubuntu hasnt really given me any problems03:27
kanlioti'm testing 12.1003:28
kanliotnot there yet :)03:28
Orrin_Foxah thats cool03:29
kanliotif you are lazy03:29
kanliotyou can just install lubuntu-desktop on top of ubuntu03:29
kanliotand i think you are03:29
Orrin_Foxwell, i would overall just get an iso and throw it on the drive03:30
kanliotyou wouldn't even have to reboot03:31
tony_it would be a lot faster to do it like he said03:31
kanliotto use lubuntu03:31
Orrin_Foxbut, if ubuntu wont even fully start up.. i would be able to work lubuntu onto it?03:31
kanliotplease be specific about yer problem03:32
kanlioti can't guess03:32
tony_once you get to the logon screen you can choose lubuntu03:32
Orrin_Foxwell, if i can install it without needing to go into the desktop then i suppose it could work03:33
Orrin_Foxi can start a terminal session03:33
kanliotwhy can't you get into ubuntu?03:33
kanliotit should work03:33
tony_so you are on another computer?03:33
kanliotjust horribly slow...03:33
Orrin_Foxyeah im on another computer03:33
kanliotwell anyhow03:34
kanliottry it out03:34
kanliotshould take about 100MB of downloads or so03:34
kanliotmebbe more03:34
Orrin_FoxI happen to have an iso on me actually03:34
tony_when the logon screen comes up, press Ctrl + Alt + F2 and login and type sudo apt-get install lubuntu-desktop03:34
Orrin_Foxalright, yeah i can do it from the terminal03:34
tony_Lubuntu should work for you03:35
Orrin_Foxalright, i was just wanting some second opinions on how well it would work.03:35
kanliotactually if you really need performance03:36
kanliotit would be better to install from scratch03:36
kanliotbut i donno why ubuuntu isn't working now03:36
kanliotit should start up03:37
Orrin_Foxthat was what i was thinking.. actually03:37
kanliotfor example03:37
Orrin_Foxits seeming as if theres not enough ram to load it03:37
Orrin_Foxi mean it shows up03:37
kanliotyou get the unity bar?03:37
Orrin_Foxbut, the side bar wont come up or anything03:37
kanliotit just doesn't respond03:37
kanliotit should if you let it sit for 2 minutes03:37
Orrin_Foxseems *maybe* to be a ram issue03:37
kanliotbut i can only guess03:38
Orrin_Foxyeah this sat for.. 10 some odd minutes03:38
kanliothow much swap space?03:38
Orrin_Foxoh im not sure i wasnt able to get into the terminal, it locked up03:38
tony_once you get lubuntu-desktop working, you might wanna disable some unnecessary daemons that are using RAM03:38
kanliotdid you ctrl+alt+f2?03:39
kanliotare you running livecd?03:39
kanliotor idd you already install?03:39
Orrin_Foxno i installed it03:39
tony_ok ctrl alt f703:39
Orrin_Foxwell, i dont have that option right now. as its not running03:39
tony_ok. sudo reboot -h now03:40
tony_how much hdd space on that?03:42
kanliotanyhow Orrin_Fox you can install lubuntu, especially with the alternate installer03:42
kanliotit installs and runs great on 128mb03:42
Orrin_Foxyeah, i downloaded the mini installer03:42
Orrin_FoxAnd i have two HDs so, space isnt too much an issue03:43
holsteinthe alternate text based installer.. im not sure how "mini" it is03:43
Orrin_Foxyeah, true, ill just have to see how it goes03:43
kanliotmini installer isn't for new usersd03:44
kanliotalternate installer is03:44
kanliotif it takes you an hour to get the 12.04 alt installer, it's time well spent03:44
Orrin_Foxim there03:46
kanliotam i wrong guys?  I don't remember the mini iso being easy to use03:46
Unit193It isn't hard.03:47
kanliotok maybe i'm off base03:48
holsteinyou'll need to download the desktop at some point though03:48
Unit193Yeah, I wouldn't say you download less, just at a different time.03:48
Unit193(Though, you wouldn't have a ton of updates later to do as well)03:48
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toschomy autostart entrys don't always work18:16
holsteintoscho: in what case are the working and when are they failing18:17
toschocan someon help me fix them18:17
toschoI have added two lines to ~/.config/lxsession/autostart18:18
toschoif i start the laptop from cold they are most often ignored18:18
toschoif i kill x via ctrl-del-backspace, they work18:18
holsteintoscho: what are "they".. maybe you just need to add a little delay in18:19
toscho@xmodmap -e "keycode 166=Home"18:19
toscho@xmodmap -e "keycode 167=End"18:19
holsteintoscho: i would try a delay18:27
toschohow to?18:28
holsteini would read http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=115209918:29
holsteinseems like adding the sleep command should add delay18:29
toschothx, i will try18:31
toschothx holstein, it worked18:52
holsteintoscho: COOL! enjoy :)19:07
battlehandscan someone point me towards a latex friendly lubuntu editor23:23
wxlbattlehands: yes! vi ;)23:30
wxlgvim if you need a gui23:31
battlehandsIm already in the process of installing texmaker or something like that23:31
wxlthere's latex-suite23:31
battlehandshoepfully this one has some preset templates that I can use.23:31
wxl↑ for vi/vim/gvim23:31
wxlif you're not already used to (g)vi(m) tho prolly not best23:32
wxlthere's also lyx and texmacs23:32
wxlhaven't used any but vi23:32
wxlalso ppl use emacs too23:32
wxlthere's gedit but technically that will pull in some other gnome crap23:34
wxllyx and texmacs are wysiwig which is not how i usually do latex. not how a lot of ppl do.23:35

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