cc11rocksI've been trying to install Ubuntu 12.10 Beta 1 in a virtual machiene. It doesn't even work at ALL in VMWare. If I try in VirtualBox, ubiquity-dm crashes when I go to Something Else > New Patrition > [Plus Button]01:45
cc11rocksBoth are at the latest versions (VMWare and VirtualBox), 64 bit, Ubuntu 12.10, Linux kernel 3.5.301:46
cc11rocksAnyone know of this bug and/or how to resolve it?01:46
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* gnomefreak learned how to change tabs with keyboard :)06:34
jokerdinonice gnomefreak  :)06:34
gnomefreakanyone know if i need python3-aptdaemon.pkcompat?06:36
gnomefreakthanks jokerdino06:36
jokerdinognomefreak: i guess you would need it. 12.10 is to ship with python3 as default06:37
gnomefreakwell damn that sucks badly06:37
micahgumm, it will ship with some things ported to python 306:41
jokerdinobtw, why does deja dup crash horribly?06:41
jokerdinolet me find the bug report.. on sec06:42
gnomefreakdont know i stopped using it. i haqd trouble getting files to back up. it would only let me save folders06:42
gnomefreakoh screw it what is the worst that can happen06:44
micahggnomefreak: it's only a recommends, so need is too strong a word06:45
jokerdinobug #103388706:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1033887 in deja-dup (Ubuntu) "backup fails with error" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/103388706:47
micahgjokerdino: that function isn't unicode sage06:52
jokerdinomicahg: what do you suggest? the backup fails for me06:53
micahgjokerdino: someone should fix the bug06:53
micahgjokerdino: is it a regression over precise?06:54
jokerdinomicahg:  i am not sure. i never had it installed in precise.06:54
vega-worrying that beta1 is almost useless ... graphics randomly just screwed (on external monitor), laggy and sometimes all windows lose keyboard focus (not able to type, mouse commands go through)09:13
ActionParsnipvega-: report bugs09:14
ActionParsnipvega-: its a beta, what do you expect09:14
vega-more, based on what previous betas or even alphas have been09:15
ActionParsnipvega-: same with all DEs?09:15
vega-my choices seem to be default ubuntu, gnome, gnome classic and gnome classic ( no effects)09:16
vega-no unity 2d anymore09:16
vega-(which was the one working the best with 12.04)09:16
ActionParsnipso all gnome then, not tried XFCE or KDE?09:19
vega-no don't have those installed and not going to use them anyway..09:19
ActionParsnipuit may just be a gnome issue09:21
ActionParsnipbut, you aren't up for exploring that possibility..09:22
vega-no time for that at this stage..09:23
ActionParsnipbut you have time for losing keyboard and laggy screen?09:24
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oddieis this the channel if you have issues with 12.10? compiz no longer loads, fglrx is not installing I think, needs dependencies that are no longer in 12.1010:38
ActionParsnipyes this is 12.10 channel10:40
ActionParsnipoddie: ah there any bugs reported?10:40
oddiewell nothing loads on the desktop as in unity or compiz will not load, I have a gui but no icons or windows management, im ble to open terminal 'ctrl+alt+t' and then fun firefox etc from there, just no menues for any of the programs.10:42
oddiewhere do i find the error report?... logs?10:42
ActionParsnipoddie: if you run:  nautilus     do you get icons?10:42
oddieActionParsnip yep, loads as usual, except no menu at the top and I can't resize/drag the window10:45
ActionParsnipoddie: try running:  compiz --replace10:45
oddieActionParsnip ahhh, segment fault (core dumped)10:46
ActionParsnipoddie: sounds like a compiz bug then :)10:47
oddieActionParsnip im on my way, thanks for your help10:49
BlackPanxiostat -N should show device names, but it doesnt on one of my servers. do i need aditional package/module in kernel installed to make device-mapper show proper LV's of disk... ? using ubuntu distro.10:51
BlackPanxLVS names*10:52
oddieActionParsnip, fix by uninstalling fglrx...11:08
ActionParsnipoddie: nice11:09
oddieActionParsnip, need to install the ati drivers before this laptop cooks the desk...11:10
oddiethere was no answer over at #compiz11:10
md_5yay they dropped 600mb of package updates11:11
oddieActionParsnip, wait, reboot and it fails again... back to #compiz :D11:13
ActionParsnipoddie: is there a later fglrx on the xorg updates ppa, may help11:19
oddiejust trying to install the ati drivers now from their site11:24
killer_hi...if i install ubuntu 12.10 betta now...then after official release ...i will have to re-install or a upgrade will do?11:37
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ActionParsnipkiller_: you will upgrade seamlessly to the RC11:44
dr_willisi always wonder why thats like a #1 faq....11:45
dr_willisguess its from  how ms does their windows betas11:45
ActionParsnipwhat..like vista ;)11:45
BigRedSIs there a currently supported way to rejig Unity into having all my workspaces in a line (either vertical or horizontal) rather than a square?12:55
BluesKajHeyas all12:55
BigRedSCCSM doesn't seem to have the desktop size adjuster any more, and my unity looks like it doesn't work with this unity12:55
jetsaredimanyone having issues with deluge?13:10
jetsaredimit keeps crashing on me every time i remove a torrent13:10
DaekdroomThe new wallpaper is too colorful.15:52
dr_willisback to browns!15:54
jactawhen in october is the new version planned? What is normal? Have to reinstall soon :/17:15
ubottuA schedule of Quantal Quetzal (12.10) release milestones can be found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QuantalQuetzal/ReleaseSchedule17:15
jetsaredimanyone know what happened to the pidgin entry in the messaging notification icon?17:16
jactadoes anyone know if its possible to install before release day and get updates?17:17
jtaylorjacta: that works fine17:18
jtaylorjust install a daily build or beta17:18
jactaSo, technically I could do it about now - (and just get alot of errors)17:18
jactaand I will still get the newest one when it is ready?17:18
jtayloryes, almost everyone here should be on 12.10 right now17:19
jactaI lost the ability to "see" usb drives somehow :/17:19
jactaeverything I stick in is not getting mounted - cant really live with that :p17:19
jtaylorwhat does dmesg say?17:20
jacta[39072.499669] hub 2-1:1.0: unable to enumerate USB device on port 417:21
jactaand alot more :) - but thats the last one17:21
jactaI pastebin it17:21
jtaylorhm not very helpful message17:22
jtaylorif you are not on 12.10 this is a question for #ubuntu17:22
jactajtaylor, maybe you seen something like it: http://pastebin.com/FVr9X1bm :p17:26
ChogyDanjacta: come on, stick to #ubuntu17:27
jactaChogyDan, also did that :)17:27
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krabadori've trouble with drag and drop of application in lancher19:10
bjsnider!find npapi.h19:16
ubottuPackage/file npapi.h does not exist in quantal19:16
bjsnider!find npapi.h precise19:17
ubottuFile npapi.h found in firefox-dev, kompozer-dev, mingw-w64-dev, thunderbird-dev, wine1.4-dev19:17
micahgbjsnider: what are you trying to do?19:18
bjsnidermicahg, hold on a sec19:18
bjsnideri've got a build error here:19:19
bjsniderfatal error: npapi.h: No such file or directory19:19
bjsniderfirefox-dev is installed19:19
bjsniderthat says npapi.h is there19:20
micahgbjsnider: yes, it might not be looking in the right place for it19:21
micahgyou need to use the mozilla-plugin.pc file, not any of the other ones previously shipped19:22
bjsnideri fell like we have had this conversation before19:22
bjsniderhas the location changed from precise to quantal?19:22
micahgfrom precise release? maybe19:23
trismwell, not currently anyway19:23
micahgno, doesn't look like it19:24
bjsniderbuilt for precise and oneiric but failed for lucid, natty and quantal, and for 3 different reasons19:28
bjsniderthis is fun19:28
micahgwell, the rest is OT here19:33
micahgoh, quantal still failed :(19:33
micahgbjsnider: #ubuntu-packaging might be better19:33
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