dholbachgood morning07:01
trkvHi all, may be someone remembers me, I've participated in App Showdown with my parcel-tracker and my application has passed the review. As far as I realize there was T-shirt sent to me but it still hasn't come. Does anyone know whom can I ask about some tracking number or something like that?08:47
trkvI have to ask about that since Russian Post is a bit unreliable, and moreover I'm moving to another place of residence, while parcel will come my old one, which I shall not be able to check daily.08:50
dpmtrkv, we are still waiting for some participants to give us their address, as we're sending all T-shirts in one go. But it's been a while and they've had their chance, so we'll make sure the t-shirts are sent this week09:16
trkvdpm: nice, can I change my delivery address in such case?) For I'll receive it in my new address.09:48
dpmtrkv, sure, but please make sure you change it asap09:48
trkvbut where can I do it?09:55
trkvshould I pass through the feeback form again?09:57
coolbhavidpm, good noon!12:07
dpmhey coolbhavi, how are you doing?12:19
coolbhavidpm, m doing good you?12:19
dpmdoing well too, about to go for lunch :)12:20
coolbhaviah sorry was just about to pm you12:21
dpmcoolbhavi, feel free to, I'm not going just yet12:23
coolbhaviwendar, good morning!13:37
coolbhavithanks for the clarification13:37
mhall119coolbhavi: stgraber gave orthcal a +1, can we send it on it's way to publishing?15:07
coolbhavimhall119, on it :)15:08
mhall119dpm: ^^15:08
coolbhavidpm, done15:33
dpmexcellent, good work everyone15:35
coolbhavim the major culprit there :(15:36
dpmcoolbhavi, err, no culprits here, you've been doing a rocking job with the review!15:36
coolbhavidpm, thanks! but need to improve a lot15:37
mhall119coolbhavi: I personally appreciate all the work you have been doing15:49
coolbhavimhall119, thanks again :)15:52
mhall119wendar: coolbhavi: stgraber: is there a new deadline for people to apply for the ARB restaffing?16:16
coolbhavimhall119, havent seen any mail though lately16:17
* coolbhavi searches his mailbox16:17
coolbhavimhall119, I couldnt find any recent communication16:25
coolbhavigood night all!16:26

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