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torpori am trying to get my beagleboard booting after a year of coma.  anyone know if the latest ubuntu arm (12.04) runs on the beagle at the moment?  its a b5 rev ..09:12
ogra_torpor, it should, there might be some issues (sound not working out of the box for example) but generally it should just work09:17
ogra_though i would recommend using the server image and picking a lighter desktop at install time ...09:18
torporinteresting idea ogra_  thanks for the hint.  wouldn't have thought to use the server image.09:25
oratedHi ogra_! On your suggestion, I used Ubuntu 12.04 server image on BeagleBoard XM and from command line installed lubuntu-desktop package. But it didn't give gui after boot, it used to always revert back to tty1 with tty7 blank. What else is required to be installed other than lubuntu-desktop package?09:47
torporError: Bad compare! failed09:59
torporah crap09:59
hrwlinux-libc-headers-dev_3.6.0-r0_aarch64.ipk done10:47
hrweasy parts were done, time for hard ones10:47
ogra_orated, how about an X server ? :)10:47
oratedogra_: Yes, I checked for it. I inputted startx command and it was missing so installed xserver, xinit and other related packages.Even then there were errors. I don't remember the exact errors but it was always reverting to tty110:50
ogra_orated, you also want the fbdev xserver10:51
oratedfddev xserver10:52
oratedNo, I didn't know that and it wasn't tried10:53
ogra_what exactly did you install ?10:53
ogra_(should have been apt-get install xorg)10:53
oratedOne moment, I'll pull that exact command10:53
ogra_xorg is the metapackage that pulls in everything needed10:53
oratedogra_: sudo apt-get install lubuntu-desktop xserver-xorg-video-omap310:57
oratedAnd, then xinit package was attempted10:57
oratedogra_: ?11:19
oratedUm, well. I installed those packages and still it wasn't giving display :) So, is that all the packages required or am I missing anything?11:20
ogra_you did what i sadi above (apt-get install xorg) ?11:21
oratedUh, what's the difference between xserver-xorg-video-omap3 and xorg then?11:21
oratedOk, wait. So from ubuntu-server install, installing lubuntu-desktop, xorg should be enough to get to the gui?11:22
ogra_try it11:23
oratedI'll that out. I went back to desktop install, will have to shut it down and insert ubuntu-server image11:24
oratedtry that*11:24
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marvin24oh boy, http://www.spinics.net/lists/arm-kernel/msg193914.html13:14
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oratedHello! How can I compile a package, say ffmpeg/OpenCV on x86 for ARM? cross-compilation ...16:24
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ogra_rsalveti, what happened to the kernel patch for panda ? are we waiting for anything ?17:01
rsalvetiplars: were you able to test it as well?17:02
rsalvetiogra_: there's this dpms green screen from time to time, but other than that it seems to be working17:03
rsalvetiit's better, but still with a few bugs17:03
plarsrsalveti: breifly, it worked fine on my panda, but I was wanting to ask you...17:03
ogra_sure, i dont expect it to be the last upload17:03
rsalvetiso unless robclark decides to fix it this week, we can move it forward and push to the archive17:03
ogra_so better get it in asap so we get wider testing17:03
plarsrsalveti: you said you had issues after the screen blanked? I let it blank a few times with no ill effect17:03
plarsit's certainly an improvement over what we had before17:03
rsalvetiplars: yeah, can't reproduce it all the time here as well17:04
* ogra_ hasnt see the weird behavior anymore either17:04
rsalveticool, will move this up today and send the proposal to ppisati17:04
zmaJust set up precise-omap4 image on Pandaboard-ES. I installed glmark2-es2, and it says it's using software rasterizer, and the FPS figures are also very low. Is this a bug?18:59
zmaes2_info says: libEGL warning: DRI2: failed to authenticate19:07
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GrueMasterzma: Install the powervr drivers.  Sounds like you are still using the default framebuffer driver.20:14
zmaGrueMaster: After installing pvr-omap4, es2_info shows: PVR:(Error): PVRSRVBridgeCall: Failed to access device. Something in pvr_bridge_u.c:25020:59
rsalvetizma: precise or quantal?21:00
zmarsalveti: precise21:00
rsalvetiI think for precise one kernel config changed, which broke the module support21:01
rsalvetilet me find the bug covering this issue21:01
rsalvetiactually the bug I have is related with quantal, an old one21:02
rsalvetizma: what is the dkms build output once you installed the pvr-omap4 package?21:03
rsalveticheck with lsmod if you have the omapdrm_pvr module available21:03
zmarsalveti: no omapdrm_pvr listed. I had a restart after installing pvr-omap4 package, don't have install log available anymore.21:05
rsalvetizma: you can find the dkms log at /var/lib/dkms, look for a file named make.log21:06
zmarsalveti: I search recursively /var/lib/dkms, no any *log files there21:08
zmarsalveti: I take it as installing pvr-omap4 package should have created kernel module, which it didn't for some reason. Is this correct?21:10
rsalvetizma: hm, mind reinstalling/reconfiguring the pvr-omap4 package to see if it'll try to build the module again?21:10
zmarsalveti: http://pastebin.com/K7v07FMY21:15
infinityzma: You don't have headers installed for your kernel, it would seem.21:16
infinityzma: apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r) linux-headers-omap4 && dpkg-reconfigure pvr-omap421:17
zmainfinity: good point, I didn't even think about it. That's probably necessary when building kernel modules.21:17
infinityzma: Of course, you have headers for a newer kernel installed (-1418), perhaps upgrading your kernel wouldn't be an awful idea. :P21:18
rsalvetiyup, missing headers21:18
zmainfinity: The first thing I did was apt-get update apt-get upgrade. Only after that I started to experiment if and how opengl is supproted.21:19
infinityzma: s/upgrade/dist-upgrade/ ?21:19
infinityzma: upgrade won't pull in new packages (which new kernels are)21:19
infinityzma: Note the "10 not upgraded" that apt is whining about.21:19
GrueMasterIt won't?  When did that change?21:20
infinityGrueMaster: It never has.21:20
infinityGrueMaster: upgrade won't change the set of installed packages, ever.  Only dist-upgrade will.21:20
infinityGrueMaster: On desktops, we work around this by allowing update-manager to be sort of a "half-dist-upgrade" that can add new packages, but never remove.21:20
GrueMasterOdd.  When I was doing the QA testing, I would use upgrade to get the latest packages without removing due to pool skew.21:21
infinityI assure you that it never installed anything that wasn't already installed.21:22
infinityJust upgraded.21:22
rsalvetibug 103309121:22
ubot2Launchpad bug 1033091 in pvr-omap4 "pvr-omap4 pvr-omap4 kernel module failed to build" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/103309121:22
rsalvetirelated with kernel config change21:22
rsalveti/var/lib/dkms/pvr-omap4/ エラー: #error "A preemptible Linux kernel is required when using workqueues"21:23
infinityrsalveti: That log is trying to build for an omap kernel, not omap4.21:23
infinityDKMS make.log for pvr-omap4- for kernel 3.2.0-24-omap (armv7l)21:24
rsalvetiinfinity: true, then it's not a bug21:24
rsalvetieven better21:24
infinityThough, why the -omap headers are installed is another bug.21:24
infinityzma also appears to have them installed.21:24
infinitydkms is probably pulling them in.21:24
rsalvetithe annoying kernel header mess21:25
infinitydkms shouldn't be depending on kernel headers at all, IMO.21:25
infinityIt's never going to be correct.21:25
infinityserver/generic/virtual on x86 had the same issue for years.21:25
rsalvetiand now we also got many other different kernels available21:25
infinityThe solution being to just get rid of server and virtual. :P21:25
infinityBut that's not helpful for arm, yet.21:26
infinityBut, this case seems to be the same case as zma's, in both senses.  One, the -omap headers are installed (which can cause weirdness), but two, the user has upgraded -omap4 headers, but an old -omap4 kernel.21:26
infinityNot much we can do about that situation except to educate.21:26
infinityWell, Andy and I have some plans to make kernels suggest their correctly-versioned headers, so that autoremove won't remove headers for kernels you still have installed.21:27
infinityBut can't land that until I land the kernel autoremoval magic.21:27
infinityOr people will end up with 23 sets of headers installed to match their 23 non-purged kernels.21:27
infinityWhich would be pretty unpleasant.21:27
rsalvetihahaha, yeah21:27
zmaStill no pvr module reported by lsmod. Should I manually insmod it? I updated: http://pastebin.com/K7v07FMY21:31
infinitySure looks like it built omapdrm_pvr this time.21:33
infinitylsmod won't show it, since it's not inserted, but modinfo should list it now.21:34
infinityAnd yeah, you could either manually restart X or reboot.21:34
zmaJust wondering, should those kernel headers be dependency to pvr-omap4 package?21:36
infinityYou already have the right headers metapackage installed.21:36
infinityThe problem is that your headers have been upgraded (to -1418-), but you're still on the old (-1412-) kernel.21:37
infinitySo, not much pv-omap4 can do in that situation.21:37
zmathanks guys, now it works, glmark2-es2 runs fine!21:39

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