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* mpt tries to think of a single word that means "not started"17:06
snwhmpt stopped17:14
mpt"stopped" implies that it was previously started17:15
mptThe word I'm looking for is, to 0%, what "complete" is to 100% :-)17:16
snwhwell that would be incomplete :)17:17
mpt"incomplete" covers 1~99%17:17
mptor 0~99%, even17:17
bwintonmpt: Unstarted?  Vapourware?17:18
snwhso you need the lower extreme17:18
snwhvapourware haha17:18
bwintontheoretical?  planned?17:18
mptbwinton, yes, I wondered about "unstarted" while you are offline17:18
mptThis is about fingerprint registration, not software development :-)17:19
snwhwhats the context of the word?17:19
mptA gauge to show how complete the registration is for a particular finger17:19
mpt"complete" at the trailing end, "______" at the leading end17:19
mptMaybe I don't need a label at the leading end at all...17:20
snwh(does this mean fingerprint support in ubuntu? :D)17:20
mptIt's one of those "maybe someday" features17:21
mptMaybe a published design will inspire a contributor ... it's happened before17:21
snwhtrue enough. my thinkpad has an unused reader, which im not really missing solely a bell/whistle17:22
snwhhow about: "unregistered, ___% registered, registered"?17:22
mpt"registered" is a binary condition, it just happens to involve a fractional process17:23
mptYou can't identify yourself with a 99%-registered finger17:23
snwhtell that to my fingerprint software on my windows partition..17:24
snwhyea it does it by % when registering. I have to stroke my finger 10 times for it to register and it goes up by 10% increments in 'registration'17:25
mptsnwh, who develops that software?17:25
snwhi think17:25
snwhAuthenTec TrueSuite17:26
bwintonUnregistered, registering %, registered?17:26
snwhits quite awful.17:27
mptSo, not this one then <http://www.jmedved.com/content/media/windows8authentecprotectorsuite.png>17:32
snwhmpt, this: http://support.authentec.com/Portals/4/Images/TrueSuite5/TS_intro.png17:33
mptthanks snwh17:34
mpt(Are those really Twitter and Facebook icons on one of the fingers?)17:34
mpt"Reading 1", "Reading 2", "Reading 3" http://blogimages.builttoroam.com/nick/image_6CDD71F9.png17:35
snwhthe software will let you register your social passwords with a fingerprint requires a browser plugin though17:37
snwhmpt, yea I like the multiple reading plus checkbox idea17:52

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