darkxstjbicha, how did you go with the autologin?03:45
jbichadarkxst: I still can't get it fully working, it's a pain to test though04:23
darkxstyou know you need to rebuild ramdisk?04:23
jbichaum, I don't know04:27
darkxstI have it patching custom.conf04:28
jbichadoes your patch work for you?04:28
darkxstthe problem is not the patches04:28
darkxstthe scripts run from the ramdisk and not the /usr/share/path04:29
jbichaok, can you fix https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-gnome-dev/+junk/iso-build-script ?04:30
jbichacan you submit a merge proposal or something then?04:31
smartboyhwjbicha: Yo13:24
jbichasmartboyhw: hi13:24
smartboyhwGoing to build another build again of the GNOME remix:)13:24
jbichasmartboyhw: what desktop do you run? I see you're a member of LP groups for most of the major ones?13:25
jbichathe script still doesn't handle gdm autologin correctly, darkxst had a fix but I haven't had a chance to try it yet13:25
smartboyhwMainly Ubuntu and Kubuntu and Ubuntu Studio in one package13:26
jbichaso mainly just Unity, KDE, XFCE, and sometimes GNOME Shell? ;)13:32
smartboyhwjbicha: Yes LOL13:32
smartboyhwjbicha: So how are you going to set up the QA Team/14:24
jbichasmartboyhw: I was hoping that the team would self-organize14:50
smartboyhwThat's difficult:)14:51
* TheLordOfTime yawns14:51
* smartboyhw yawns14:51
jbichaa lot of people said they were interested in testing gnomebuntu once it was available14:51
TheLordOfTimejbicha:  know anyone on the SRU team i can stab with a question?14:51
TheLordOfTimeand who is on IRC right now :P14:51
jbichaif it's "main" you can ask in #ubuntu-devel, universe in #ubuntu-motu14:52
jbichathere's a decent chance that a non-SRU team member can answer your question too14:52
TheLordOfTimejbicha:  its a precise-proposed verification question, because I wrote the debdiff, and can confirm the package works to fix a bug, but again, I wrote the debdiff, not sure if i can actually mark it verification-done :P14:53
jbichaTheLordOfTime: I've verified my own bugs, I generally wait a few days to give someone else a chance14:54
TheLordOfTimejbicha:  well, i submitted the debdiff for the bug at least :P  and i confirm(ed) it worked, also confirmed the bug initially :P14:54
jbichasmartboyhw: interested QA people can work with the QA guys from the other flavors14:54
jbichaI noticed that you at least have attended several QA team meetings14:55
TheLordOfTimei'll poke -release, the package is php (main), so...14:55
smartboyhwjbicha: I do like it, no programmingn and a lot of VMs:)14:55
darkxstjbicha, also made the build script much less hacky!22:49
jbichayou probably still want to suppress log out from indicator-session since that's still used by GNOME Classic22:53
darkxstah ok22:54
darkxstwas wondering why  I couldnt find it!22:54
jbichadarkxst: why the rebuild-iso function?23:09
darkxstallows to rebuild the iso without completely rebuilding the whole chroot23:11
darkxstwas just using it for testing, since can for example update casper and rebuild iso in about 2mins23:11
jbichaok, I merged your branch & pushed23:12
jbichaI'm doing a test build now so let's see what happens in an hour or so23:12
darkxstalso have temporarily enable gdm debugging in the version with the build script23:18
darkxstsince I have been seeing occasional  seg faults in gdm-simple-slave23:19

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