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larryonetrying to recall if i'd ever logged into this channel before13:34
larryoneprobably have13:35
larryoneyour handle looks familiar13:37
larryoneI think we may have met13:38
larryoneyour rory's friend?13:38
czajkowskiyup :013:38
larryonethere we go13:38
larryonekindof half expected him to be in here =0)13:38
czajkowskion his honeymoon13:39
larryoneoh yea13:39
larryonejaysis ye think i'd be following his facebook posts13:39
larryone(or maybe I should have taken the "that's no excuse!" stance)13:40
airurandoczajkowski: I still haven't received the e-mail instructing me how to pay for skycon.  Thought I would have by now. Hope I didn't screw up the registration.20:08
czajkowskiairurando: its pre registeation so I'm not sure if you dont just pay on the day20:11
czajkowskiairurando: skycon@lists.skynet.ie  care to drop em a mail20:11
czajkowskimight remind them to get the finger out tbh20:12
airurandokinda rushed the pre reg but i'm sure i read an e-mail with instructions on payment would follow.20:13
airurandowill blast off a mail to them20:13

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