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bobweaverHello there I just had something strange happen to me.  Any idea's ?03:20
bobweaver!bug 104890803:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1048908 in dh-make (Ubuntu) "dh-make is not making GPL licenses" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/104890803:21
bobweaverLike I run dh_make -c gpl3     and I am getting back gpl2  once and the next time I am getting back lgpl then bsd ect03:23
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bobweaverI am also not getting a rules file back Oo03:27
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gnomefreakanyone awake? i need to know if i need to keep python3-aptdaemon.pkcompat?06:39
gnomefreakthe aptdaemon is the part that bothers me06:40
dholbachgood morning07:01
gesergood morning07:28
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iulianMorning dholbach, geser.08:37
dholbachhi iulian08:37
al-maisanGood morning, I have a python package that contains a C extension module. What value should I use for "architecture" in debian/control?10:08
al-maisanthanks lifeless !10:09
* al-maisan looks10:10
lifeless(for future ref)10:10
al-maisanI see, thanks again!10:10
alo21Hi. I would like upgrade some packages listed here (https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bugs?field.tag=upgrade-software-version), I read some guides and watched some tutorials. Can someone says me how to start?10:43
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tumbleweedalo21: it's after feature freeze, so we shouldn't be doing that unless the new upstream version is a bugfix release10:49
tumbleweedor more simply: fixes more bugs than it's likely to introduce10:49
alo21tumbleweed: I would like practice for ubuntu 13.04, but I really do not know what do first10:52
tumbleweedhttp://developer.ubuntu.com/packaging/html/udd-merging.html#merging-a-new-upstream-version http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/maint-guide/update.en.html10:55
alo21tumbleweed: can I require a mentor?10:55
tumbleweedit's easiest if you just ask for help here10:55
alo21tumbleweed: ok. thanks for your help10:55
alo21tumbleweed: your links are very useful10:56
alo21tumbleweed: for example I would try to upgrade this package (https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/poedit/+bug/1048969). Where I can find the new version? In Debian Archives?11:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1048969 in poedit (Ubuntu) "Upgrade request" [Undecided,New]11:03
alo21tumbleweed: may be here (http://sourceforge.net/projects/poedit/)11:04
tumbleweedalo21: ideally everything that is in Debian should be updated through Debian11:08
tumbleweedso, if there's a new upstream release, we prefer to sync it from debian, once debian has it11:08
tumbleweedof course, there are always exceptions. And we don't want to wait for anything important11:09
alo21tumbleweed: In this case debian does not have the new version. Should I upload the package in Debian first and then in Ubuntu?11:10
tumbleweedit has already been requested11:11
tumbleweeddebian bug 684924 [11:11
ubottuDebian bug 684924 in poedit "poedit: Upstream version 1.5.2 available" [Normal,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/68492411:11
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alo21tumbleweed: where?11:12
tumbleweedsee the link ubottu provided11:12
alo21tumbleweed: so.. have I build the package for debian fitst?11:43
tumbleweedquite honestly, I'd just wait for the debian maintainer to do it11:44
alo21tumbleweed: is evereytime like this?11:44
tumbleweedunless the new release has things we really want now11:45
tumbleweedor it's a package that's not in Debian11:45
alo21tumbleweed: if for example we are before the feature freeze, how should I act?11:47
tumbleweedyou'd do a merge proposal from your branch to the ubuntu package branch, and a sponsor would review it11:52
ubottuYou can find out about the package sponsorship process here http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SponsorshipProcess - For !UDS sponsorship see http://uds.ubuntu.com/participate/sponsorship/11:52
alo21tumbleweed: is there some package without maintainer?12:07
tumbleweedevery package in debian has a human maintainer. but many also have teams http://wiki.debian.org/Teams12:08
tumbleweedin Ubuntu, there are no maintainers (well, for some core packages, there effectively are, but ...)12:09
alo21ok thank you very much12:14
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micahgcould I get a release perspective on this: https://code.launchpad.net/~jan-hrdina/ubuntu/quantal/xfce4-places-plugin/1.4.0-upstream-import/+merge/12226715:43
MohamedAlaa98hello guys :)15:47
MohamedAlaa98I've a problem in packaging15:48
MohamedAlaa98every time I run buildeb I get this error:15:48
MohamedAlaa98debuild: fatal error at line 1350:dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -D -us -uc -i -I failed15:49
MohamedAlaa98How can I fix this?15:49
micahgMohamedAlaa98: a pastebin of more of the error would help15:50
MohamedAlaa98ok, give me a sec15:50
tumbleweedmicahg: that's more of a docs team question15:53
micahgtumbleweed: specifically docs that are affected?15:53
tumbleweedI can't tell how big the UI changes are from the diff15:54
micahgwell, do I ask in #ubuntu-docs or the UbuntuStudio and Xubuntu docs teams?15:55
tumbleweedbut the submitter should investigate enough to prepare a UIFFe or say that there are no changes15:55
tumbleweedmicahg: nafc. I stay away from UIFFes :)15:55
Laneyask the people who will have their documentation affected, surely15:56
tumbleweedthey're the ones most likely to know what screenshots / documentation they have, for a start15:57
micahgtumbleweed: I also wonder if '* Plugin is now compiled as a library/module' should require an FFe16:02
tumbleweedmicahg: in general, yes16:02
tumbleweedor at least they should investigate it enough to say why not16:03
tumbleweeda good outcome of the FFe process is the uploader actually looking at what's going on16:03
micahgleft another comment, thanks16:05
MohamedAlaa98micahg: sorry for disconnect, Do I missed something?16:05
micahgMohamedAlaa98: still waiting for a pastebin from tou16:05
MohamedAlaa98I've typed it here :/16:06
MohamedAlaa98np http://paste.ubuntu.com/1198927/16:06
MohamedAlaa98Internet connection here is very bad :(16:07
micahgMohamedAlaa98: you have to rebase the patches before trying to build a source package16:12
MohamedAlaa98which patches?16:14
MohamedAlaa98micahg: What do you mean with "rebase the patches"?16:17
micahgquilt rebasing?16:17
micahgMohamedAlaa98: http://www.linux-support.com/cms/ubuntu-developers-raphael-hertzog-how-to-use-quilt-to-manage-patches-in-debian-packages/16:18
micahgor better yet: http://raphaelhertzog.com/2012/08/08/how-to-use-quilt-to-manage-patches-in-debian-packages/16:18
MohamedAlaa98I didn't create any patches :/16:19
micahgMohamedAlaa98: the source package might have come with them16:19
MohamedAlaa98micahg: do you mean this artcle? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Recipes/PackageUpdate16:23
micahgMohamedAlaa98: no, the one I gave you a link to16:24
dupondjepfft ppa builders are having a hard time again :(16:24
MohamedAlaa98ah, sorry16:25
micahgMohamedAlaa98: http://raphaelhertzog.com/2012/08/08/how-to-use-quilt-to-manage-patches-in-debian-packages/16:25
MohamedAlaa98still reading16:25
jtaylorScottK: would you new python3-networkx if I sync it? ffe bug 104465616:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1044656 in python-networkx (Ubuntu) "FFe for python3 networkx 1.7-2" [Undecided,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/104465616:35
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micahgis there an equivalent of reverse-depends for Debian?18:25
jtaylorgrep-dctrl probably18:25
jtaylorreverse build depends: grep-dctrl -F Build-Depends -F Build-Depends-Indep package-name -s Package /var/lib/apt/lists/*_Sources18:25
micahgjtaylor: thanks18:26
tumbleweedmicahg: reverse depends knows abuot Debian18:38
micahgoh, even better18:38
micahgrock on18:39
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DonkeyHoteibug 88036419:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 880364 in sensors-applet (Ubuntu) "Can not install on oneiric" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/88036419:25
DonkeyHoteiwhat gives, folks?19:25
DonkeyHoteiwhy remove it?19:25
tumbleweedbecause it wasn't prorted to gtk319:26
DonkeyHoteiyes it was19:26
DonkeyHoteicheck debian19:26
tumbleweednot at the time19:26
tumbleweedwe could re-introduce it, if it works again19:27
DonkeyHoteino debian reports that it doesn't work19:27
micahgyeah, andyou can request a backport to the appropriate releases19:27
DonkeyHoteiso i guess it works19:27
Laneyyou could test it?19:27
DonkeyHoteimicahg: backport from what? it's simply GONE19:28
micahgDonkeyHotei: once it's reintroduced19:28
micahgDeleted in oneiric-release on 2011-09-14 (Reason: old gnome-panel 2 applet, unmaintained)19:28
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DonkeyHoteihow do i request that it be reintroduced?19:29
micahgDebian package seems to build fine on quantal, would need changes mentioned here (https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/sensors-applet/2.2.7-3ubuntu1) to be back to its old self19:30
micahgDonkeyHotei: requestsync -e (but you'll need to modify the text to say merge and prepare a diff on top of the Debian revision)19:31
micahgthen, once it's in, requestbackport to get it to the releases you want it on19:32
DonkeyHoteimicahg: "requestsync: Sync request mailed."19:54
tumbleweedold-school :P19:56
micahgwow, lots of open bugs too19:56
tumbleweedaha, I see DonkeyHotei's FFe request20:18
bobweaverHello there I am dealing with something that would make a fsf dude go 100 % nuts. and I can not seem to fix it here is the bug20:18
bobweaver!bug 104890820:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1048908 in dh-make (Ubuntu) "dh-make is not making GPL licenses" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/104890820:18
bobweaverIt is also not making rules file20:19
DonkeyHoteitumbleweed: OK, now what?20:19
tumbleweedDonkeyHotei: it says "Please merge and prepare a diff on top of the Debian version,"...20:19
tumbleweedare you not intending to do that yourself?20:19
bobweaverso I am stuck making all debian/*  by hand20:19
DonkeyHoteii thought micahg was telling me to put that in the msg, my bad20:20
micahgoops, poor punctuation on my part20:20
* tumbleweed guessed as much :)20:20
DonkeyHoteiit's not completely by hand, though. debian has one20:20
micahgsorry about that20:20
bobweaverI figure that this would be a hug Bug but No one has looked at it or confirmed it20:20
tumbleweedit'll also need un-blacklisting, btw. It's in http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/sync-blacklist.txt20:21
bobweaverhuge *20:21
tumbleweedbobweaver: not that huge. Ubuntu developers don't use dh-make much :)20:22
bobweaveralso I am not getting back any control file20:22
bobweavertumbleweed,  what do you use ?20:22
tumbleweedI know everything that needs to be in a control file. I just write it20:23
micahgcjwatson: you TIL argyll last for the tiff transition, mind if I merge to fix some CVEs?20:23
tumbleweedbobweaver: so, from the bug description, it's presumably just a missing / somewhere20:23
bobweavertumbleweed,  Yeah that is what I am doing is makeing each file by hand atm. But I figure that any one that wants to make a package from scratch.... this is not a good thing20:23
tumbleweedbobweaver: figured out where?20:23
bobweaverYeah it is in the bug20:24
bdrungbobweaver: i usually take a similar, up-to-date package and adjust that instead of starting at zero20:24
bobweaverit is the licenicing has been changed to new folders20:24
bobweaverbut what if I am up-streamer20:24
bobweaverby hand then it is20:24
bobweaverthis is where you can see that it is error'ing out at http://paste.ubuntu.com/1199435/20:26
bobweaversorry about spelling20:26
bobweaverso like I am making a package that is backgrounds for Unity on slideshows for all NFL (american football) teams  there is no package like that so there is no debian dir because I am making each team its own package 18 wallpapers per package20:28
bobweaverwell there are packages like that but not when I am making  and there are 32 NFL teams20:28
bobweaverso it is like do one make script to transfer over ect ect20:29
bobweaverbut  dh_make use to do all that work for me20:29
bobweaverand when transfering that is ok because I just need to change time stamps and what not but 32 teams is 32 packages and would be alot faster and easy with dh_make20:30
bobweaverthat is all thanks20:30
bobweaverLooks like the line print "License          : $license";  << errors  and also  # Debian native packages default to GPL v3, but it can be overwritten << not true20:39
bobweaverlloks like where ever license var is is the ticket to gold20:39
bobweaverLike   our $rules_format = "dh7";    << no good any more there is not that file in the root dir20:41
bobweavereither that or $DHLIB  is not working anymore causing it to not look in the right place ? IDK20:43
bobweaverwhich looks right     our $DHLIB="/usr/share/debhelper/dh_make";20:44
bobweavermaybe our $DHLIB="/usr/share/debhelper/dh_make/";     ?20:44
exodusweird, last I used dh_make (which was a couple of days ago) it worked with no issues20:48
exodusOn quantal20:48
bobweaverBut I thought that dh7 was for auto tools20:48
tumbleweedthe problem is in the option parsing20:48
tumbleweedif you use --copyright, it's fine20:48
tumbleweed(or if you don't provide the option20:48
bobweaverOk I will try20:48
bobweaverThanks a ton !20:48
bobweaverConfirmed works great with the  --copyright20:50
bobweaverwill put in bug notes thanks again20:51
tumbleweedbobweaver: how abotu if I tell you that -C is clashing with -c?20:52
bobweaverdh_make -C s --copyright -f *.tar.gz        ?20:52
bobweaverlike that ?20:52
bobweaverrm -r debian/20:52
tumbleweedbobweaver: do you want to fix the bug?20:53
bobweaversure if I can20:53
bobweaverdh_make -C s --copyright -f *.tar.gz    << works great20:53
bobweavermake single binary out the gate20:53
tumbleweedso, the problem is that by default, perl's getopt is case-insensitive20:53
tumbleweedyou need to configure it to treat -C separately from -c20:54
tumbleweedcurrently, it's putting your gpl3 in20:54
tumbleweedthis is a bug introduced in the ltest upload20:55
tumbleweedit has also already been reported in debian bug 68425820:56
ubottuDebian bug 684258 in dh-make "dh-make: -c LICENSE does not work as alias for --copyright LICENSE" [Normal,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/68425820:56
bobweavercool !20:57
bobweaverso turn off autoabbrev  ?21:01
tumbleweedI'd say turn off ignore_case21:03
bobweaverOh How I can not wait for UDS and I get to talk to some of you face to face. That is going to be Awesome !21:03
bobweaver<-- 1st year sponsor newbie21:03
tumbleweedah. I just booked flights today21:04
bregmayou know you have to go through the whole hazing ritual, right?21:04
bregmadon't worry, the paddles and robes are hardly the worst part21:04
tumbleweedit's the work items that kill21:05
ajmitchso true21:05
ajmitchiulian: are you going this time?21:07
iulianajmitch: Nop.21:08
bobweaverI am down I have been to jail before and know the rules21:09
bobweaverit was prison21:09
iulianajmitch: Nice. If you get on a train to London, then I shall buy you a pint of lager. :)21:09
bobweaverso I am seeing that on line 257 there is error21:10
iulianajmitch: Deal?21:10
bobweaversorry in /usr/bin/dh_make21:10
ajmitchiulian: I'll be in heathrow, does that count? :)21:10
bobweavercan I use == in perl ?21:10
tumbleweedbobweaver: not for strings21:11
bobweaver$main::license = "gpl3" if ($main::license eq "gpl");     too    $main::license = "gpl3" if ($main::license == "gpl");21:11
tumbleweedwhat's the error?21:11
iulianajmitch: Hmm. I live miles away from Heathrow...21:11
iulianajmitch: But doable I reckon.21:11
tumbleweedeq is correct21:11
bobweaverso I changed my command to  just gpl like   dh_make -c gpl -f *.tar.gz     and it works21:11
bobweaverbut  dh_make -c gpl3 -f *.tar.gz    is a no go21:12
bobweavernot converting it I am going to try with lgpl321:12
ajmitchiulian: I've got 4 hours in heathrow on both sides of UDS, I'm sure I'll enjoy it...21:12
tumbleweedajmitch: after a how many hour flight?21:13
* ajmitch seems to be flying all the way round the world, going NZ->US->UK, then UK->HK->NZ21:13
iuliantumbleweed: 2342? :)21:13
ajmitchtumbleweed: about 25 hours each way :)21:13
iuliantumbleweed: I was close enough. :)21:14
ajmitchaka pain21:14
bobweaverajmitch,  coming from Antarctica ?21:14
ajmitchantartica is closer to the UK than I am21:14
Laneyso's everything else21:14
tumbleweedthis one is close for me. only ~12h21:15
ajmitchdon't remind me21:15
cjwatsonmicahg: argyll> not at all, go for it.  Thanks for asking21:20
cjwatsonbobweaver: also FYI dh7 isn't at all specific to autotools21:21
bobweaverThanks cjwatson21:27
bobweaverany perl people see what I am doing wrong here ?21:34
ScottKjtaylor: Sure.21:36
tumbleweedbobweaver: I think you are going down the wrong track. all we needed to do was set no_ignore_case21:40
bobweaverGetopt::Long::Configure("no_ignore_case")    ?   sorry I am kinda new to perl21:43
tumbleweedbobweaver: looks good (and needs a semicolon at the end)21:53
bobweaverThanks a million tumbleweed22:00
bobweaverI was calling it as a var and it kept erroring out on me. one I took that option away bingo set to go !22:01
bobweaverso like22:01
bobweaver$Getopt::Long::Configure ('no_ignore_case');   <-- no go22:01
bobweaverGetopt::Long::Configure ('no_ignore_case');   <--  good to go22:01
bobweavertesting more22:01
bobweaverOh yeah that is the ticket !22:02
bobweaverso what i apt-cache dh-make        then fix the code then push back to ubuntu ?22:02
bobweaverapt-get source dh-make22:02
bobweaveror should I go after debian first ?22:03
tumbleweedbobweaver: please comment on the bug, explaining the solution (and/or send a patch)22:04
bobweaverWill do sis not know if I should patch or quilt or what thanks again22:05
bobweaveror diff ect you are awesome tumbleweed22:05
tumbleweedit's a native debian package, so there's no patch system22:05
tumbleweedjust change the source22:06
bobweaverI should use dch -i   or dch -e sorry for all the question just want to make sure that my 1st real bug fix is a good one :)22:08
bobweaverI would figure -i22:08
Laneyyes, as it says in that page you were just linked to ;-)22:09
* ajmitch still needs faster hamsters for his desktop at home22:10
Laney1 stick of ram and my PSU broke when I moved house recently22:10
* Laney now has 3G RAM22:11
ajmitchthat's a pain22:11
* ajmitch had his old desktop give up 22:11
Laneyi'll probably upgrade it soonish22:11
ajmitchnew one is a good improvement, but lp tests still take some time22:11
Laneybit of a dinosaur now22:11
Laneyyou're not doing the whole testsuite?22:11
ajmitchsure I am, I want to see how long it takes :)22:11
* ajmitch ran the tests that were added22:12
Laneyyeah I just run the ones in the same area22:12
Laneyec2 is for running all the rest22:12
ajmitchmy system at home isn't doing anything during the day, so it's cheaper to run it there22:13
Laneyi'm saying that you shouldn't bother at all22:15
Laneythe person who lands it for you will put it through ec2 anyway22:15
ajmitchyes, but I've got time to kill before I can check it over & submit it for review22:15
ajmitchso it's not like I'm waiting on it, just burning cycles22:17
bobweaverok I think I did it right   bzr init; bzr add; bzr commit; bzr push  lp:~josephjamesmills/ubuntu/quantal/dh-make/fixedbug-1048908    marked on bug as fixed and also added to changelog bug number22:26
bobweaverNow what ?22:26
Laneywait until a sponsor looks at it22:27
bobweaverthanks Laney22:27
Laneyyou also could/should forward it upstream22:27
bobweaverI tryied that I think but there is no branch22:28
tumbleweedbobweaver: your branch isn't based on lp:ubuntu/dh-make22:28
bobweaverOk so bzr branch lp:~ubuntnu/dh-make    then do all over again ?22:29
bobweaverthis is what I mean by no branch https://launchpad.net/dh-make   sorry if I am mistaken22:30
Laneyah, you just created it from scratch22:30
Laneyevery* source package has a branch bzr branch ubuntu:<packagename>22:30
Laneythen after you've made the change and pushed it, create a merge proposal22:31
ajmitch'bzr lp-propose' should help with that, iirc22:33
Laneyi believe so, but don't ask me how to use it22:33
Laneybzr lp-propose <submit branch> probably22:34
ajmitchthat's what the help says22:34
bobweaveroh woops thanks everyone22:35
tumbleweedand yes, please do forward that patch to debian22:35
Laneyidspispopd was always my favouriite22:36
* ajmitch gives Laney ammo22:36
bobweavervar IDKH = I don't know how22:36
tumbleweedbobweaver: submittodebian22:37
tumbleweed(and then select the bug I pointed out earlier, rather than filing a new one)22:38
* Laney learns that that works with bzr22:38
tumbleweedwhat, submittodebian?22:39
tumbleweedhrm, it may not, if you haven't told your debuild to ignore .bzr directiories...22:39
* tumbleweed investigates22:39
tumbleweedoh, know it knows about bzr22:40
tumbleweeds/know/no/ (and bedtime for me, clearly)22:40
Laneyit does, very clever stuff22:40
* Laney checked the sauce22:40
* tumbleweed should know. I re-wrote a lot of it22:41
bobweaversweet all I think I did it right it is here now https://code.launchpad.net/~josephjamesmills/ubuntu/quantal/dh-make/fixedbug-1048908/+merge/12385022:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 123850 in mono (Ubuntu) "A List of issues with the Mono FileDialog from Windows.Forms" [Undecided,Confirmed]22:41
tumbleweedoh, shush ubottu22:41
tumbleweedbobweaver: you posted two branches: https://code.launchpad.net/ubuntu/quantal/+source/dh-make22:42
tumbleweedthat was the wrong one22:42
bobweaverer sorry22:42
ajmitchyou probably want to get the bug number right in the changelog22:44
ajmitchthat way it can be closed automatically when the package is uploaded22:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 123855 in xmltv (Ubuntu) "libfile-slurp-perl needed for tv_validate_file" [Undecided,Fix released]22:48
bobweaverstupid bot ajmitch  thanks I will look at changelog again22:48
tumbleweedwhile you are there, the changelog entry could be a little more explanatory22:50
tumbleweedit doesn't need to say what the line you added is, that's obvious. But rather mention something about making getopt case-sensitive, because -c and -C would clash22:51
zx2c4would somebody in here please take over maintance of pass?22:53
bobweavertumbleweed,  Thanks will do what about like bzr lp-propose that is going to error out because I have a branch (the right one) allready proposed ?22:53
zx2c4there's a debian/ directory in the git repo22:53
zx2c4it works fine22:53
zx2c4its super simple22:54
zx2c4i just dont use ubuntu or have any infra to maintain it myself22:54
zx2c4can someone from ubuntu proper take hold of this?22:54
zx2c4angry buntu users are knocking down my doors asking22:54
Laneyyou really want someone who uses it to maintain your stuff22:54
tumbleweedbobweaver: no need to propose it again. Just push a new commit22:54
zx2c4would really appreacative it22:54
zx2c4i opened a launchpad bug but it hasnt even been classified22:54
zx2c4i dont know any ubuntu devs22:54
bobweaverthansk tumbleweed  you and the rest of the Motu crew are flippen awesome !22:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1047122 in Ubuntu "[needs-packaging] pass: the standard unix password manager" [Wishlist,New]22:55
zx2c4its super duper easy packaing22:55
zx2c4all the works already been donde22:55
tumbleweedzx2c4: I suggest you mainatin it yourself, in Debian22:56
zx2c4tumbleweed, i submitted a debian bug too. they didnt want to take it over22:57
zx2c4or no one stepped up at least22:57
tumbleweedUbuntu packages that aren't in debian tend to die a lonely death from neglet, in Ubuntu22:57
zx2c4i will be sending22:57
zx2c4release announcements22:57
zx2c4to the mainatiner22:57
zx2c4to bump the version22:57
zx2c4or whatever22:57
zx2c4i dont know why debian/ubntu world is so hard22:58
zx2c4its got mainters for fedora -- fc17, fc18(rawhide), and enterprise linux -- gentoo, arch, and even mac homebrew22:58
zx2c4but the ubuntu/debian process is blah22:58
zx2c4i just dont know how to navigate the landscape here22:58
tumbleweedzx2c4: we can try and help you navigate it, but it doesn't help if you complain about it22:58
zx2c4sorry -- i dont mean to complain about it -- i just mean to say "this is really difficult for me in comparison to the others"22:59
tumbleweedyou want a maintainer who cares about your package22:59
tumbleweedthat probably means you, if nobody else has stepped up to do it, yet22:59
zx2c4well the problem is that im a gentoo guy22:59
zx2c4but my users really want a native ubuntu package22:59
ajmitchof all your angry ubuntu users, are none willing to maintain the package?22:59
zx2c4yea i dont think any of them are competant maintainers23:00
zx2c4i can send out anohter email to the ML23:00
Laneywho made the debian/ directory?23:00
tumbleweedone gets competant from practice23:00
zx2c4Laney, i made it23:01
bobweaverOk So I was able to do as you all told me and thanks again. now I commited and pushed to the (good on lol) branch now should I run bzr lp-propose again ?  Thanks again23:02
zx2c4tumbleweed, sure. but since i know not much about ubuntu, i cant really pursuade these users with those kinds of arugments23:02
zx2c4Laney, is it horrendous? i didnt really know what iw as doing.23:02
tumbleweedI think what Laney was getting at was that the person who packaged it probably has the skills to maintain it23:02
LaneyI didn't look at it, but I was going to sugges23:02
bobweaverwhat is the programming language that it is in zx2c423:03
zx2c4bobweaver, pass is written in bash... its really simple, but works pretty well23:03
zx2c4tumbleweed, i dont have the infra to maintain it. i dont have an ubuntu box.23:03
bobweaverno gui ?23:03
zx2c4bobweaver, http://zx2c4.com/projects/password-store <-- check it out, read about it23:03
zx2c4it's a command line password manager, done the right way23:04
bobweaverOk I will zx2c4  let me check out the site on WOT real quick ....23:04
zx2c4bobweaver, cool! : )23:05
dupondjepfft, i'm trying to build a bzr branch, but it doesn't seem to easy :(23:05
bobweaverzx2c4,  so you must be Jason then I take it23:06
* zx2c4 extends hand23:06
zx2c4pleased to meet you bobweaver23:06
zx2c4you must be bob23:06
dupondjelp:freerdp is the upstream code, lp:~freerdp-team/freerdp/freerdp-debian is the debian/ folder. Any idea's how to get started? bzr-builddep seems to mess me up :(23:06
bobweaverzx2c4,  I see that you havs some deb packages allready23:07
bobweaverdid you build these ?23:07
bobweaverzx2c4,  and what type of licence are you thinking that you are going to use ?23:08
zx2c4bobweaver, the project is GPLv2+. I made these deb packages, but i dont really know what im doing, and im not the kind of person that should be maintaining it. but there's a debian/ directory in the git repo with all the control files23:08
zx2c4bobweaver,  http://git.zx2c4.com/password-store/tree/debian23:08
zx2c4(the project has a purdy man page: http://git.zx2c4.com/password-store/about/ )23:09
bobweaverCool zx2c4  Now do you have a page on launchpad ?23:09
bobweaverfor the projrct ^^23:09
zx2c4bobweaver, there's a bug on launchpad here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/104712223:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1047122 in Ubuntu "[needs-packaging] pass: the standard unix password manager" [Wishlist,New]23:09
bobweaverproject *23:09
zx2c4but the project is hosted on all zx2c4 infrastructure -- i do all my dev on my own infra23:09
zx2c4(but if you want to add a launchpad project for the actual packaging of it, power to ya)23:09
bobweaverzx2c4,  I was more along the lines of that yes getting you to set up a project and trunk page and then to a ppa23:11
bobweaverthe if good to mainline23:11
bobweaverzx2c4,  I have only been packaging for about 6 months just to let you know23:12
zx2c4bobweaver, i dont want to move the entire pass project over to launchpad. but could you set up something just for the packaging?23:12
zx2c46 months is okay -- the packaging control file is already written for you, and things are pretty simple, and you'll get some good practice with the proj23:13
zx2c4currently allt hats neccessary is a version bump every few weeks or so when i release a new version23:13
bobweaverwell I would like you to push the code to launchpad and sign the Ubuntu Code of Conduct if you have not23:13
bobweaverbut after that sure I would help you or at least look at the code and security of it23:14
bobweaverhand off to other people here23:14
zx2c4bobweaver, push which code?23:15
bobweaverWhatever is inside this http://zx2c4.com/projects/password-store/dist/pass_1.2-1_all.deb   everything but the debian folder23:16
zx2c4bobweaver, im not interested in using ubuntu as a development platform or developing on launchpad23:16
zx2c4the code that ubuntu can take ownership over is the debian/ folder23:16
zx2c4but the application code will certainly not be moving to or mirrored on launchpad23:17
bobweaverlet me look at the code23:17
zx2c4tumbleweed, could you knock some sense into this situation? im totally confused right now23:17
zx2c4tumbleweed, why's bobweaver talking about putting my project on launchpad and making me sign legal documents and turning rights over and things? i was just talking about packaging for ubuntu23:17
bobweaverThat is not what I am saying23:18
zx2c4im really confused23:18
bobweaverwht I am saying is I would like to know is you signed the Ubuntu Code of conduct23:18
bobweaverthe part about launch pad is this Ubuntu HOsts all its code on launchpad23:18
bobweaverand so do I23:18
zx2c4ubuntu hosts code for debian control files on launchpad, but surely they dont host mirrors of all development repositoires on launchpad; thats absurd23:19
zx2c4bobweaver, it's not my intention to become a developer or to write code for anything inside the ubuntu project or launchpad -- im just hoping to have my indepdnet project packaged for ubuntu23:21
bobweaverzx2c4,  can you tell me more about the base64 encoder that are in there ?23:21
zx2c4bobweaver, "Ubuntu HOsts all its code on launchpad and so do i" <--- what code are you referring to?23:22
zx2c4uhh               info coreutils 'base64 invocation'23:22
zx2c4bobweaver, "Ubuntu HOsts all its code on launchpad and so do i" <--- what code are you referring to?23:23
zx2c4bobweaver, ??!23:24
bobweaverzx2c4,  No I do not want to work with you but I am sure that others wil23:25
zx2c4bobweaver, good. the things that you're proposing are totally ludicris and dont make any sense at all23:25
bobweaverThanks you23:26
bobweaverThank *23:26
zx2c4if you could explain in more clarity what you're talking about, that would be appreciated, but right now i am so totally confused, and it seems like the things you're proposing involve moving my entire project over to launchpad23:26
Laneyyeah, there's no need to move anything anywhere (otherwise all code in Ubuntu would have to be hosted on Launchpad, which clearly is not the case)23:27
zx2c4Laney, right...23:27
zx2c4Laney, can you read the above and tell me what just happened23:27
Laneysome confusion. don't worry about it23:27
LaneyWhat you're after is someone who wants to put the time in to maintain your stuff in Debian/Ubuntu23:28
zx2c4Laney, okay. *sigh* i wonder what happened23:28
zx2c4Laney, well, i guess, but there's not realyl so much time to put in -- its just like -- incrementing a version number every once in a while... the build system isnt going to become more complicated23:28
Laneyyou don't want any random developer, it needs to be someone who is interested in your project, probably as a user23:28
Laneyotherwise this person loses interest and then everyone gets annoyed23:29
zx2c4i dunno if it really matters though -- i seriously doubt that there will be build changes -- just a version bump every once in a while23:29
zx2c4i want a situation23:29
zx2c4where my users can type23:29
zx2c4apt-get install pass23:29
zx2c4and have it work23:29
zx2c4with nothing else neccessary23:29
LaneyThere's bug handling and making sure to be on top of updates, reviewing of the intial packaging ...23:31
LaneyI think you should ask your users if anyone is willing to take this on, and direct them here23:31
zx2c4Laney, this might be a dumb question, but how could a mere user maintain a package? you dont just give repository credentials to any random user...23:32
Laneywe have sponsorship procedures for that23:32
zx2c4aa okay23:32
zx2c4with fedora, two redhat employees mantain it23:32
zx2c4(one does fedora, the other does redhat enterprise linux)23:32
zx2c4so they have direct commit access23:33
bobweaverzx2c4,  this is what I was trying to explain but I was reading your code at the same time. http://imagebin.org/22808323:34
zx2c4Laney, O_o?23:36
zx2c4is this ... normal?23:36
zx2c4i have no idea what im looking at23:36
Laneynever mind23:37
bobweaverzx2c4,  you can also see different read about that image here http://developer.ubuntu.com/packaging/html/introduction-to-ubuntu-development.html23:37
LaneyI'm going to bed ;-)23:37
bobweavernight Laney23:37
zx2c4Laney, nooo :-(23:37
zx2c4Laney, i followed your suggestion and posted this http://lists.zx2c4.com/pipermail/password-store-zx2c4.com/2012-September/000012.html23:38
Laneyzx2c4: I've told you all I can23:38
Laneygreat, hopefully you get someone!23:38
bobweaverI dont know about all of you but he kept asking me the same question over and over again and I could not even read his code because of this. If he is like that with me when I just meet him. I can only think about the awesome future. I hope to see some of you all at UDS and to learn as much as I can. Thanks for helping with the Bug I am going back to the football  backgrounds.23:44

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