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LLStarkscan anyone confirm that tbird has no window bar in quantal?16:31
micahgLLStarks: I have a menubar in Xubuntu16:33
LLStarksmicahg, window or menu?17:06
micahgand window17:06
LLStarksi have no window bar17:06
LLStarkswith gnome shell17:06
LLStarksand unity17:07
* micahg wonders if gnome shell has a unity service running to make it think it has a global menu17:07
LLStarksthere's a menu17:08
LLStarksi have all unity addons disabled in tbir17:08
bjsniderwhat happened to all of the files in firefox-dev in quantal? the package has only a small fraction of the ones it used to19:38
micahgwe don't want applications using the xul API since it's constantly changing19:42
micahgso, the only things allowed for the most part are NPAPI plugins which for the most part have a stable API19:43
bjsnideroh, i see what's wrong19:45
bjsniderifeq ($(UBUNTU_VERSION),12.04)19:45
bjsniderthat ain't future-proofed19:45
micahgheh, right19:47
bjsnideri remember now that i knew that would be a problem when i put that junk in there, but i figured i'd deal with it later19:51
bjsniderwell, later is now19:51
bjsnidermicahg, do you know a lot about the current api?20:21
micahgnot really20:22
ajmitchmicahg: do you know if changes made in the chromium-browser package will still be merged into lp:chromium-browser, or should I just use the quantal package if I want to play with it?20:33
micahgajmitch: quantal ATM, I'll merge everything back up once there's hope for some automation in the PPAs20:33
* ajmitch can at least check it out & build it in a reasonable timeframe now :)20:34
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