rhpot1991superm1: tgm4883 mrand dmfrey wants to report a bug for the user's groups, where should that go17:48
tgm4883the users group?17:49
dmfreyjust wanted to see if dialout could be added to the main users groups by default17:50
rhpot1991he says it should be in the dial out group for access to libcec17:50
dmfreylibcec is for access to the usb cec adapters17:50
dmfreyi also noticed that the ChannelIcons storage group is not being created, so no channel icons are downloading17:51
tgm4883is that a new storage group?17:51
tgm4883I don't remember that one17:51
dmfreyi was looking into why my channel icons weren't showing on new 12.04 backend install17:52
dmfreyi guess they used to be in ~.mythtv/channels17:52
dmfreybut the documentation seems to indicate they should now be in (in mythbuntu) /var/lib/mythtv/channels and mythfrontend looks for them in the Storage group ChannelIcons17:53
tgm4883Bugs go at https://bugs.launchpad.net/mythbuntu/+filebug17:53
Zinn[bugs.launchpad.net] OpenID transaction in progress17:53
tgm4883why does libcec need dialout?17:53
dmfreythat is the group the /dev/ttyACM0 device gets created into17:54
dmfreypulse-eight usb cec adapter17:54
tgm4883Does that group make sense for that device?17:54
tgm4883secondly, does the device need to be accessed by the frontend or backend?17:57
dmfreynot sure if it makes sense, i will ask in the pulse-eight channel if that is preferred17:59
dmfreyit is accessed in the frontend17:59
dmfreyif you don't have libcec installed, you usually see 'cecadapter.cpp:128 (Open) CECAdapter: Failed to load libcec.' in the logs17:59
superm1dmfrey: does the backend user need to be in it or the frontend user?18:06
tgm4883superm1, sounds like frontend user18:06
superm1dmfrey: hmm well the default user ubuntu creates gets put in the dialout group18:07
dmfreyweird, mine wasn't in there18:09
dmfreythis was a fresh install from sunday night18:09
dmfreyi check both my machines, fresh install from sunday night and monday morning, one is x86_64, other is 32 pae and neither have dialout in the groups18:16
superm1hmm weird, what did you install from?18:16
superm1mythbuntu ISO or ubuntu ISO or ubuntu server ISO18:16
dmfreymythbuntu iso18:19
superm1hmm weird18:37
dmfreyok, i had to not only add libcec but libcec-dev to get mythfrontend to recognize that libcec was installed18:43
dmfreywent looking through the cecadapter.cpp and saw the libcec headers it was trying to load which were not on my system18:46
dmfreyinstalling the dev package fixed that18:46
tgm4883dmfrey, I think I'm too invested in this email thread for a project I don't even work on19:00
rhpot1991tgm4883: welcome aboard19:02
tgm4883rhpot1991, yea, I'm kinda tired of people that demand things for free19:04
rhpot1991I'm tired of visual studio crashing19:05
dmfreyrhpot1991, shoot me now, haven't looked at visual studio in over 10 years :)19:07
dmfreytgm4883, yeah, i am not sure what he thinks that will do that something like mythexport doesn't already do19:07
dmfreyplus the app would in essence have to watch the program for your in order to download and store, it would still need to kick off a hls stream19:08
dmfreymy last email pretty much says it is not gonna do it19:08
tgm4883dmfrey, I think he just wants it more integrated, which would probably be great, but would require a lot more on the app side and probably still be clunky19:08
tgm4883yea my last email basically says patches probably welcome19:08
rhpot1991I misunderstood what he was asking I guess19:09
rhpot1991I though the wanted to access recordings without transcoding19:09
rhpot1991the problem with local storage is that its anti HLS too19:10
tgm4883rhpot1991, he doesn't want to wait for transcoding19:10
tgm4883so no mythexport, yes HLS19:10
rhpot1991in theory we could prob wget it all, modify the playlist and have it pull from local19:10
dmfreyi am not sure that you could record the hls stream to a file in java anyway19:10
rhpot1991playlist isn't done until the transcoding is done too19:10
tgm4883dmfrey, could you just store the file chunks?19:10
rhpot1991so you can't pull till everything is done19:10
tgm4883as rhpot1991 said, store the m3u8 file, alter it for local playback of the file chunks, and be on your way?19:11
rhpot1991not a great solution due to things I just said though19:12
tgm4883rhpot1991, I don't like the timeframe of it, taking super long to actually get the files needed19:12
tgm4883rhpot1991, I think it's perfectly fine though size wise19:12
dmfreytgm4883, i don't think so, since they are offloaded to an external player19:12
rhpot1991tgm4883: ya I thought he wanted no transcoding which leads to huge files19:13
tgm4883dmfrey, well what do you do right now? You download the m3u8 file and hand it to VIDPLAYER?19:13
tgm4883rhpot1991, no he wants HLS to transcode it19:13
rhpot1991tgm4883: ya19:13
rhpot1991get the playlist via the api call19:13
tgm4883rhpot1991, even then, except for nexus devices I don't think size matters ;)19:13
rhpot1991pump that to the player19:13
rhpot1991who handles the rest19:13
rhpot1991tgm4883: well even if you max out with a 32gb card19:14
rhpot1991thats maybe 2-3 large recordings19:14
rhpot1991I was going to explore doing some local non transcoding with google tv possibly19:14
tgm4883rhpot1991, I think that is probably all you need, but if you HLS transcode it you should get more19:14
rhpot1991if you are local and it can handle your content no reason you need ot transcode19:14
tgm4883rhpot1991, dmfrey so what if you download the m3u8 file to a cache dir, edit it, then hand it over to VIDPLAYER?19:15
rhpot1991tgm4883: its built as the transcoding happens I believe19:15
rhpot1991so you'd have to wait till all transcoding was done19:15
rhpot1991get it then, modify, use19:15
dmfreybut soon they will be introducing an ondemand hls19:15
dmfreyyou will literally be able to jump to a specific spot in the program19:15
tgm4883isn't it already on demand?19:16
dmfreyit will all be coded into the rest endpoint19:16
tgm4883that will be nice :)19:16
dmfreyincluding video size, bitrate, etc19:16
tgm4883then you could do what netflix does I'm guessing19:16
tgm4883adjusting bitrate on the fly?19:16
dmfreypretty much19:16
dmfreycould possibly19:16
dmfreyuntil i see it, i am not sure19:16
dmfreyprobably be in on .2719:16
tgm4883I'm assuming there is still file storage though on the backend for HLS transcodes19:17
dmfreyif not .2819:17
dmfreyi assume so. in the streaming storage group19:17
dmfreynow that i think about it, we could probably make the app kick off a hls stream, so that it pre-transcodes on the backend, then you can come to it whenever you want19:18
dmfreyright now we start it, wait, then play it19:18
dmfreywhen done, we kill the stream19:18
dmfreyon the backend19:18
tgm4883yea I think the main issue is the transcoding time19:19
dmfreycould almost implement a watch it later feature so it is already transcoded on the backend19:19
dmfreythen should be able to ff and rew19:19
dmfreythat might be something to think about19:19
dmfreyi gotta get my data loading issues solved first19:19
dmfreyso its not so slow for people19:20
tgm4883dmfrey, if you did a watch it later feature, you could make that a prerequiset of 'download locally"19:20
tgm4883so with the data loading issues, you are pulling the entire schedule?19:21
dmfreynot sure if the myth services api allows for downloading the .m3u8 files themselves19:21
dmfreythe first time through, i load each day at a time, then parse it to a db19:21
tgm4883is that really necessary?19:21
dmfreythat is for implementing a youtube like search from the action bar19:21
dmfreylike mythweb does it19:22
dmfreyi don't want to be constantly accessing the the backend19:22
dmfreymy thought now is to download hour chunks  and store them as json19:22
dmfreyuse that for the program guide when you page through the hours and days from local files19:23
tgm4883dmfrey, well, I only think you need it locally if you want to have offline searching19:23
tgm4883which I don't think is needed19:23
dmfreyimplement etag into them so i know when data changes to redownload a chunk here and there19:23
tgm4883what if there was a services API for searching the schedule?19:23
dmfreyi didn't find one19:23
tgm4883right, I meant if one was added19:24
dmfreymaybe it will be added, but don't think that is available now19:24
tgm4883probably right19:24
tgm4883similar to the "list titles" being unavailable19:24
dmfreyin the /Guide services, you can get the program guide, get details for a particular program, or the channel icon19:25
dmfreymaybe in the /Dvr GetFilteredProgramList, but that might be for just what you have recorded already19:25
tgm4883yea that is just what is recorded already19:25
tgm4883and that returns way too much info IMO19:26
dmfreyso, following android design guidelines, download data locally, store in content provider, only access network when needed19:26
dmfreypretty much to save battery, etc.19:27
tgm4883that changes things19:27
dmfreyglobal search needs content provider19:27
dmfreyso if i keep the files locally, i can use them, parse them when needed, etc.19:27
dmfreysetup alarm tasks to delete old stuff19:27
dmfreyand, once etag is publicly available, can use that to determine of the network resource changed and only download when needed19:28
dmfreyi like json for local storage because i can parse that in java much faster than xml19:29
dmfreyplus for the program guide i put in the latest version, the data is already structured in the format i need to move through that pager19:30
dmfreyand have been reading up on managing some caches of files for quicker ui/ux response19:31
dmfreycould prove to be quite a fast interface19:31
dmfreyso basically when you start the app, start downloading the data chunks in the background and let you do whatever you want in the app19:32
tgm4883right, which makes sense19:32
dmfreyhowever, you will only be able see the data up to the point where you downloaded it19:32
dmfreywhich i think is acceptable19:32
tgm4883which I think is reasonable19:32
dmfreysince it will eventually fill in everything19:32
tgm4883so probably just grab the more often used stuff first19:35
tgm4883probably schedules last19:35
rhpot1991ignore where type == reality tv19:49
rhpot1991populate with breaking bad instead19:49

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