ojwbit's hailing in wellington03:39
ajmitchnice to see it moving up the country03:39
ajmitchstill hailing occasionally in dunedin03:40
ojwbyou could have warned me, i'd hung the washing out03:40
ojwbit's now wetter than when it started03:40
ojwbperhaps I won't go in for perl mongers this evening03:40
stuartyeates\j #wikipedia-en07:40
stuartyeates\j #wikipedia-en07:40
kcjstuartyeates: Are you sleepy or something? :P10:05
ibeardsleehmm interesting .. been playing trying to remove misc locales, languages etc19:55
ibeardsleeseems the en_NZ has less translations than mi19:56
ojwbi'm failing to boot a machine single user from the alternate install CD23:33
ojwbgoing into expert mode and trying to specify "s" as a boot option just gives a normal boot23:33
ojwbwith precise23:34

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