bazhang<zeeeero> I installed ubuntu server over windows and kept all my files becuase xp is not made to be a server04:17
bazhanghe's just giving evasive answers04:18
CellI just want you guys to know the user HiggsPossum and some other trolls are trying to trick newbies into destroying their hard drives04:28
Cellwhile I was asking a question in #ubuntu he told me to come to #e3b and told me they knew the answer to my question there04:29
Cellfollowed by this nonsense04:29
Cell<Cell> <Cell> Does anyone know to encrypt my / and /home file system in an existing Ubuntu installation?04:29
Cell<alex65> try dd if=/dev/crypto of=/dev/sdX04:29
Cell<alex65> if it doesn't work it means you do not have hardware crypto engine04:29
Cell<alex65> you could then try dd if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/sdX04:29
Cell<alex65> sdX being the partition you want to encrypt, should be sda1 for / if you have only one hard drive.04:29
Cell<Cell> cute04:29
Cell<Cell> I'm new to Ubuntu, not new to computers dumbass04:29
kelbizzleOhh yeaa cell04:30
Cellalex65 Burgondy crassus GalaxyS3_ HiggsPossum NiggBoson upgrayeddd are all part ofthat channel04:30
kelbizzleHiggs possun also04:30
CellIf I was literallyu a noob I might have formatted my HD04:31
kelbizzleI saw a rm-r in the #ubuntu channel too04:31
CellI suggest banning them all04:31
kelbizzle<xubumafoo> rm -r at 12:11:1004:32
Celltelling people to delete system32 is one thing, but this is unacceptable04:33
bazhangCell, was this via PM04:34
kelbizzle<HiggsPossum> about your problem04:34
kelbizzle<kelbizzle> yes?04:34
kelbizzle<HiggsPossum> you can come on #e3b to get some help for ubuntu04:34
kelbizzle<HiggsPossum> we're going to help you out04:34
kelbizzle<kelbizzle> #e3b? sure what's that?04:34
kelbizzle<HiggsPossum> it'S a plug-in for ubuntu04:34
kelbizzle<HiggsPossum> but we're pretty good at helping out04:34
kelbizzle<kelbizzle> okay. Thanks , you can left me know what to do?04:34
kelbizzle<HiggsPossum> just type /join #e3b04:34
kelbizzle<HiggsPossum> ask your question04:34
kelbizzle<kelbizzle> ok thanks04:34
kelbizzle<kelbizzle> HAHA I just got kicked.04:34
kelbizzle<HiggsPossum> lol alex65 is pretty funny04:34
kelbizzle<HiggsPossum> you can come back though :p04:34
bazhangkelbizzle, stop04:34
kelbizzle<kelbizzle> sure why not..04:34
kelbizzle<HiggsPossum> type: /join #e3b04:34
kelbizzle<HiggsPossum> wtf lol04:35
kelbizzle<kelbizzle> lol It's cool man. No worries, Some people are just not nice.04:35
kelbizzle<kelbizzle> I was able to find my answer though thanks for the lolz04:35
kelbizzle<HiggsPossum> cool04:35
kelbizzle<HiggsPossum> good04:35
kelbizzlesorry for the spam.04:35
kelbizzlebazhang, totally forgot. I'm sorry it's late.04:35
Cellyea thats what he told me too04:35
CellI think higgspossum is a bot04:35
bazhangyou joined their channel. they asked you to go there via PM? yes or no04:36
kelbizzleyes and yes04:36
bazhangkelbizzle, please exit the channel04:36
kelbizzle...thanks bye. I thought you were speaking to me. You guys are not very friendly.04:37
bazhangCell, so this was via PM they asked you to join?04:37
Cellthey are hidingin the channel and messaging people in PM when they ask04:38
Cellhiggspossum and04:38
Cellyeah, that one04:38
CellIt might be a bot04:39
bazhangjust the one04:39
Cellbut those other guys I listed are in on it too04:39
bazhangand you know they PM'd other people as well04:39
Cellhe PM'd kelbizzle04:39
bazhangso you and him04:40
Cellthat I know of, yeah04:40
bazhangok. thanks for reporting.04:40
Cellbtw bazhang I see people still joining the channel soI think they are messaging lots of other peopel04:42
bazhangwhoa what a hostname05:46
IdleOneI remember being 1337 10+ years ago and having cool vhosts05:54
Flanneldoes that make you 1347 now?06:01
RegexRonWhy was i redirected here?09:08
=== TheDrums is now known as Guest38162
bazhang<^DEMOSS^> -_- 10.10 is super-pupper secure nano ubuntu, what have non-material system and not ubuntu ?12:12
bazhangthat sounds secure12:12
bazhangnot sure what partitioning the wubi user is talking about16:05
bazhangwubi is a way to *avoid* that iirc16:06
ubottuIn #ubuntu, fre said: ubottu, thanx a lot but here is the thing: I created 3 logical partitions: one ext4 for / one ext4 for /home one swap???? for swap16:12
bazhang<eamon> Hi, Windows user here. We have to install java for school. I don't want to get a rootkit. Is ubuntu or FreeBSD better for this?16:21
bazhangbetter for rootkits?16:21
bazhangnice one17:16
FawazA warm greet to a warm brother!17:31
PiciFawaz: Can we help you?17:32
FawazPici: I have been held to not advertise in Channel.17:33
FawazBut it was not advertise.17:33
PiciWhich channel?17:33
ikoniaso stop advertising17:34
FawazI post about my company, Fawaz al-Yakhchalieh wa al-Azbestieh f'il Kulaer.17:34
ikoniaand stop calling people infidels17:34
ikoniait's a really simple premise to grasp17:34
FawazBut, I was speak about Ubuntu.17:34
FawazIt is on my company computer.17:34
Myrttibut, don't advertise17:34
ikoniaok - so "don't advertise" means "don't advertise your copany"17:34
FawazMy dear, apololo!17:35
FawazI will not, I just link.17:35
ikoniaposting a link is advertising17:35
ikoniastop it17:35
bazhangno dont link17:35
FawazMy dear, when I call a person infidel?17:35
FawazI only call the Ajam infidels.17:36
ikonia10:40 < Fawaz> Ok, infidel. :)17:36
FawazAjam are the Persian dirties.17:36
Fawazikonia: What is the contextststs?17:36
bazhangand offtopic / against channel guidelines17:36
ikoniaI'm tired of this17:36
ikoniayou know the context - you said it17:36
ikoniadon't do it17:36
FawazUnderstood, ikonia.17:36
ikoniadon't advertise17:36
ikoniathank you17:36
ikoniadon't link17:36
FawazGoodbye, my dears.17:36
Fuchsoh, it is a greenline17:43
Fuchshonestly, do I have to talk to him again17:44
mneptoki'd avoid using Farsi.17:45
Fuchshe understands english and german perfectly well17:46
Fuchsand if he does something like that again, please poke me17:47
bazhanghe's not +q or +b in #ubuntu that I can see17:47
Fuchsno, he is not. But he is very well known to me17:47
bazhangsame here17:48
Fuchsas said, if he acts up again, please poke me17:49
bazhangah this guy18:11
tomawklined that address but he's known to come back a bit21:10
IdleOneis smallfoot ban evading again in #ubuntu ?21:24
ubottuThe operation succeeded.21:24
IdleOnefrom what i can tell, he is21:24
IdleOnehmm, maybe not21:26
AlanBellI just kicked smallfoot from -uk21:27
jaydenforageI have had an unanswerable problem, and I was hoping it could be fixed. I have Gnome Shell 3.4, and Gnome-Tweak-Tool and User Theme Extensions, but the area to apply a theme is greyed with an orange exclamation point triangle. What do I do?23:31
Jordan_Ujaydenforage: Do you realize that you're in #ubuntu-ops rather than #ubuntu?23:34
jaydenforageYes, I believe this was meant for unanswerable questions,am I wrong?23:34
Jordan_Ujaydenforage: See the channel topic :)23:35
ubottuPlease read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic23:35
jaydenforageConfused about how to do that.23:35
jaydenforageI have Insufficient arguements.23:35
chuTry /topic <channel-name> so, /topic #ubuntu-ops23:36
jaydenforageWell, I am not a channel operator either, but i have read on the website23:37
jaydenforageIt says its for problems that escalate23:37
jaydenforageOr no resolution23:37
jaydenforageWhich I have talked to people in #ubuntu and they have not been able to help23:37
chuYes, but it means users who are problems.23:37
chuWe're here to sort out the users of the channels in the #ubuntu namespace.23:38
jaydenforageWell what if my problem cannot be fixed? Is there anyone else to talk to?23:38
Jordan_Ujaydenforage: You can try http://askubuntu.com , or http://ubuntuforums.org , or come back later and try asking again.23:39
jaydenforageAlright, thank you.23:39

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