silverarrowhow are you wxl00:01
knomehas ubiquity thrown "unrecoverable error"s for other, or is it just xubuntu?10:27
jibelmvo, pitti I finally located the permission denied issue in software-center10:59
jibelmvo, pitti $PWD is different whether adt-run is run from binaries or from source11:01
jibelmvo, so in debian/tests/run-tests when you do ADT_BASEDIR=$PWD/..11:02
jibelchown -R $USER ${ADT_BASEDIR}11:02
jibelit fixes the right directory when run from source e.g /tmp/tmp.VecPjeGVjm/ubtree0-ubtree/..11:02
jibelbut not when run from the binary package e.g /tmp/tmp.Jc4wZbf9oi/dsc0-build/software-center-5.3.11/..11:03
jibelmvo, the other problem is set +x which outputs to stderr11:04
jibelmvo, then also mkdir tests/output which will fails if run as user since the built tree is supposed to be RO11:05
jibelmvo, and finally this error http://paste.ubuntu.com/1198417/11:07
jibelin tests.test_database.TestDatabase11:07
jibelmvo, I'll find a way to make the permission fix reliable11:08
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jibelmvo, $ADTTMP seems to be consistent and chown $ADTTMP/../..  should work in both cases11:31
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mvojibel: thanks, fixed the test now12:11
mvojibel: I fixed the basedir now too, so fingers crossed12:14
jibelmvo, I'm running with the following patch applied to the source http://paste.ubuntu.com/1198526/12:18
jibelmvo, and get http://paste.ubuntu.com/1198528/12:18
mvojibel: thanks, same problem as the other one (same root cause I mean, you can disable that too)12:24
mvojibel: I added your patch now, thanks!12:24
jibelrunning the test again with the license assertion checked disabled12:26
jibelmvo, first set of tests is ok, second set failed with the following errors http://paste.ubuntu.com/1198580/12:55
mvojibel: cool, thanks. just uploaded a new version with the fixes mentioned above, I will look at the other failures next12:59
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jibelmvo, https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/quantal-adt-software-center/24/15:09
mvojibel: cool, a fairly large list of OK :) still to maiy FAIL though, but progress I would say15:14
jibelmvo, there seems to be only 3 types of errors15:18
jibelmvo, but right, is is progress, and the error are the same I had running locally from the source tree15:19
mvojibel: very nice, yeah, one if about the oneconf stuff not starting15:20
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knomestgraber, hey, bug 1039158 updated19:18
ubot5Launchpad bug 1039158 in Ubuntu QA Website "Add css to have dl/dt/dd show as numbered list for testcases" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/103915819:18
knomestgraber, (with attachment)19:18
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balloonshey knome, about 1039158, so since we have the css committed, shal we change over the testcases?20:34
knomeballoons, we have two tests in xubuntu in that format: the post-installation tests and the desktop tests20:35
knomewe still need to wait it to hit iso.qa.ubuntu.com...20:36
balloonsknome, yes of course :-)20:40
balloonsBut I'm working on the ubiquity testcases.. so as part of re-writing them, I could convert them20:40
knomeso, you are the one that decides what the format is?20:40
balloonslol -- yep, I hereby declare it!20:41
balloonsno, it was mutually decided last year20:41
balloonswe've stuck with it.. your changes just solidify the presentation of it20:42
knomewell, i suppose we should still hold the transition until we have the new css in iso tracker20:42
balloonsmaking it valid markup for one :-)20:42
knomebut in the sandbox, yeah, that's fine20:42
knomelet me take you a shot20:46
knomeballoons, http://temp.knome.fi/ubuntuqa/new-markup-css.png20:47
knomeballoons, that's the style i'm proposing20:47
knomeballoons, it is visually a bit different, but i believe not having numbers on the "expected actions" is ok20:48
knomeballoons, and of course, if you don't have those "subheaders", like these xubuntu tests do, you will get numbering for dt's up to heavens20:48
knomeballoons, there's one more drawback with this; it won't work with IE... ;)20:49
roadmrthat's not a drawback, it's a feature20:54
knomewell, yeah, i imagine it's not too bad20:55
knomeand it only makes the numbering not work20:55
knomeso it still gracefully degrades20:55
balloonsknome, k20:57
balloonsknome, ok so in IE, everything is the same., except no numbers?20:57
knomeit should work with chrome too20:57
knomeballoons, yeah20:57
balloonswhich version(s) of IE are affected/20:57
knomei can set up a testing site20:57
knomeuhm, any that can't handle :before20:58
knomei think any before IE820:58
knomewell yeah, if you want to go that road...20:59
balloonslol.. I think ie8+ is "ok"20:59
balloonsie 7 is default on vista? or was it 8?20:59
knomelet me set up a testsite.21:00
roadmrballoons: IE7 is the default for Vista and Server 200821:02
knomeworks in chromium on precise21:02
balloonsright.. no one should still be running ie6, but not supporting ie7.. :-(21:03
knomeagain, losing the numbers is the only thing that'll happen21:03
balloonsright, it makes it harder to refer to steps, but it's still usable21:03
balloonsI think that's better than putting in an ugly hack to make ie7 work21:04
knomeit is still definitely possible to refer to a step21:04
knomei'd say the only way forward is to stop looking backwards21:04
balloonsk, so for now I'll keep the old format on these re-writes21:13
knomeyou can see how it turns out to work, xubuntu are definitely going to use the new format for our desktop/post-install tests21:13
balloonsit looks so much nicer21:14
knomeyeah, i have to agree21:14
knomeespecially the markup21:14
balloons<-- not a visual designer21:14
balloonsthe funny thing is, I'm a visual learner..21:14
knome<-- definitely one21:14
knomewell, i'm an aural learner...21:14
* balloons is happy knome is skilled in the area21:14
knomeexcept when the wife is nagging :)21:14
silverarrowhow is the beta comming along ?21:18
stgraber? beta was released last week21:20
silverarrowthat is why I asked21:21
silverarrowI couldn`t install it21:21
silverarrowbut only ppc version21:21
silverarrowI mean, is it working fine or loads of issues with gnome and unity?21:22
balloonsthe beta? everything has stabliized as can be expected post ff21:23
stgraberhaven't heard more noise than usual so I guess it's not too bad for a beta21:23
silverarrowsounds good21:33
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