roadmrdpm: hello!14:42
roadmrdpm: got a minute to chat about bug 1044035? (checkbox, again heh)14:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1044035 in checkbox (Ubuntu) "UIFe: Checkbox header graphic is wrong" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/104403514:43
dpmhey roadmr, sure! (sorry, I was on the phone, I'm back now)14:56
roadmrdpm: ok :) thanks! this won't take long and I need to email -doc, -translators and the bug with it anyway14:58
roadmrdpm: so it turns out we *did* add a new string for System Testing, but with a newline between the two words so it appears vertically14:58
roadmrdpm: I rebuilt my .pot file and this is what it looks like: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1198779/14:58
dpmroadmr, ah, cool, glad to hear it's translatable! Note that unless you dynamically change the size of the area where the string is shown, it might appear clipped for languages where the translation is longer than in English15:00
roadmrdpm: good point, let me stick some longer text in there and see how it behaves15:01
dpmIf you want to try with real text, in Catalan it'd be "Comprovació\ndel sistema"15:02
roadmrdpm: yes, I tried a longer but artificial string and it looks awful :/ let's try yours15:04
roadmrhehe, due to clipping it reads "omprovació del sistema"15:06
roadmrdpm: I'll probably work around it by making the text a bit smaller, so we can accomodate longer strings (up to a point)15:30
dpmroadmr, ok, cool. This might be a good workaround given where we are in the cycle. Also note that if you want to play well with Right-To-Left languages such as Arabic and Hebrew, the box with the text should appear on the other side for them. IIRC, the SC has got some code to detect RTL languages, but I'll leave it up to you to decide if you want to make the i18n complete15:33
roadmrdpm: sounds tricky, I'll look at SC to see how they do it15:34
dpmroadmr, indeed. My recommendation for next cycle would be to make the banner to be HTML or remove the text alltogether15:35
roadmrdpm: html sounds ok, will be easier than wrestling with Qt's weird placing policies :)15:36

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