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bobweavergezz passports are not cheap after my 2nd attempt I will have spent over $420.00 USD19:01
bobweaverGetting frugal with it. nah nah nah nah nah nah nah ... nah nah nah nah nah nah .. getting frugal with it19:02
tgm4883bobweaver, denied again?19:02
bobweaverapponment is for tomorrow19:03
bobweaver140 for te 1st denial19:03
bobweaverthe *     so  140(old) +  140 +25 +60 +20 +20 + 55(new birth certificate)     = 460.00 USD19:05
tgm4883bobweaver, so you have an appointment with someone now?19:05
bobweaverthat is 2 months rent for bobby19:05
bobweaveryeah I set it up when getting birth certificate19:06
bobweavershit I forgot photos19:06
bobweaveradd 17 usd19:06
bobweaver477.00 USD19:06
bobweaverbodhi_zaren from the forums said that he mad his with gimp though maybe I can do that and save the 17 usd that is a meal19:08
tgm4883yea you can bring your own photo19:08
tgm4883just meet the requirements they want19:08
jhodappbobweaver, why did you get denied the first time?19:29
bobweaverjhodapp,  birth certificate had rips in it. it is 28 years old19:30
bobweaverseal was all flattened and what not.19:30
jhodappbobweaver, so they were questioning the authenticity of it?19:31
bobweaverand it did not have watercolor as they did not use it back then19:31
bobweaverI think19:31
bobweaveror that it just was not good enough I sent in that time got denial letter in the mail and of cource they kept the 140 fee19:31
bobweaveryeah the birth certiface must have water mark now-a-days19:32
bobweaverhome-land-security (I think )19:32
bobweavertgm4883,  http://www.visarite.com/birthcertificate.htm   << watermark   and my seal was just about flat for 28 years of storage19:33
bobweaverlike you have to have one or the other  seal that is raised   or watermark19:34
bobweaverthis new just has watermark that I got today19:34
tgm4883I had to go get a new one19:34
tgm4883as I don't have an old one :/19:34
bobweaverI might as well and throw the old one out19:37
* bobweaver is powerful turns out that when I was born the hospital lost power. 19:37
bobweaverno baby pictures19:37
bobweaverso it turns out that my BC was not filed until I was 5 days old due to power issues and what not19:39
bobweavermiddle of hurricane season I guess in FL19:39
bobweaveralso I had my dads birth date wrong19:40
bobweaverwhich I still can not find19:40
bobweaverI have not talked to him in years19:41
bobweaverlast I hear he got arrested with drugs and guns19:41
bobweaverI will google it19:41
tgm4883I didn't even need my dads birth date I think19:42
bobweaverthat's my daddy19:43
bobweaverwhat a jack off19:43
bobweaveryeah part ten is asking for it and my mothers19:45
bobweaverof the forum that I got from the post office19:45
tgm4883yea they ask for it, but I don't think it's required19:45
tgm4883I'm almost certain I didn't have it19:45
bobweaverlol it is on my OG hospital record of birth19:46
tgm4883unless it's printed on my birth certificate, but I think that is just the place of birth19:46
bobweaveralong with little bobby foot prints :)19:46

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