Monotokomornin' all06:48
christelmorning pretties07:11
TheOpenSourcererWant one now: http://www.nexcrea.com/video/07:12
MartijnVdSLooks vaporwareish07:12
TheOpenSourcererOh yes MartijnVdS - it isn't real now.07:13
TheOpenSourcererThat's not the point though. ;-)07:13
MartijnVdSagreed, it looks nice07:14
TheOpenSourcererIt'll need a octacore 3Ghz ARM processor, 8G of RAM and a minimum of 64G of storage to be really usable in all those configuration ;-)07:15
TheOpenSourcererAnd an *amazing* battery07:15
ali1234what happens if you lose your phone?07:19
ali1234none of your computers tablets and TVs works any more?07:19
ali1234sounds like a good idea07:19
TheOpenSourcererDon't lose it then.07:20
MartijnVdShave it implanted07:20
ali1234what if you want a iPad, and android phone, a sony TV and a asus laptop?07:20
ali1234"sorry you can't you have to buy all of them from us"07:21
TheOpenSourcererThat's an Apple sales strategy.07:21
ali1234yeah and even apple is not razy enough to try this07:21
TheOpenSourcererAs it is Android & Ubuntu you can chose to use different h/w and sync via any cloud system of your choice.07:22
MartijnVdSyou could make the screens etc. conform to a common standard07:22
TheOpenSourcererMake the connectors "standard" then lots of manufacturers can play :-)07:22
ali1234yeah, fair enough07:23
MartijnVdSconnectors? make it wireless :)07:23
ali1234they have ageneric docking station07:23
ali1234yeah it really should be wireless07:23
MartijnVdSif we're blue-skying anyway..07:23
TheOpenSourcererFair point.07:23
ali1234and while you're at it, how about putting a CPU in the docking station as well, so it can work without the phone07:23
MartijnVdSand it becomes dual-core when you add the phone?07:23
MartijnVdSEverything stored "in the cloud" so you don't have to worry about that?07:24
TheOpenSourcererThe phone would need to be at least quad already I reckon.07:24
TheOpenSourcererSo it would be as usable as my S3 :-)07:24
MartijnVdSS3 ViRGE?07:28
darrenkeiran, ping07:36
darrenKScully, ping07:36
diploMorning all07:59
JamesTaitGood morning, angels! :-D08:16
MartijnVdSJamesTait: Good morning Charlie!08:17
TheOpenSourcererSome people seem to get up so late!08:17
* JamesTait is more of a night owl.08:17
* MartijnVdS has been up since 7:3008:18
JamesTaitHey, me too!08:18
diplo6:15 here, just have to do the school run etc before work :)08:19
JamesTaitI set my alarm for 7:00, though, and drive my wife batty hitting snooze. :-P08:19
Monotoko5:45 here08:19
TheOpenSourcererOur alarm is 06:15 but I am usually awake before it.08:20
JamesTaitI don't think the school run counts as an excuse to get up at such a scary time. I did the school run on my bike twice before work this morning - one of my boys forgot his lunch bag.08:20
diplohah JamesTait, and it's not scary.. my boys wake me up.. not a lot of choice :)08:21
JamesTaitI could think of a few "choice" words I might use if my boys woke me up at that time. :-P08:21
diploThey are only 4 & 5, the younger one would quite happily sleep in08:22
=== schwuk_away is now known as schwuk
JamesTaitMine are 8 and 5, and I think it's the younger one who normally wakes the older one up.08:23
JamesTaitAlthough I can never be totally sure. They're a sneaky pair at times. ;)08:23
christelGOOD MORNING08:24
christeli am having One of Those Mornings...08:25
MartijnVdShowdy christel08:25
MartijnVdSchristel: "one of those morning"?08:25
christeljust sat down at my desk and realised i'd made 3 separate mugs of coffee in the space of 20 minutes08:25
christelone is now cold, one is lukewarm and one is hot hot hot08:25
christelnot quite sure where i left my brain08:25
JamesTaitBuongiorno, christel!08:25
christelJamesTait: \o/08:25
* TheOpenSourcerer has had 3 large mugs already... Can feel #4 coming up.08:25
MartijnVdSchristel: time for coffee ;)08:26
christelTheOpenSourcerer: ah but you are probably sensible enough to drink them rather than put them down to go make another one! :P08:26
TheOpenSourcererIndeed I am christel :-D08:26
MartijnVdSchristel: maybe you need sugar first?08:26
christeli think i need a jump start indeed!08:28
hooverHi folks08:29
christelhiya hoover :)08:29
hooverfingers crossed... rebooting a remote server with a new dhcp config... ;-)08:30
hooverhey christel08:30
Monotokoright... work time, see you later fellas :D08:30
hooverHave fun Monotoko08:30
christelhave fun indeed!08:30
Monotokoand dhcp... urgh ._. my routers DHCP broke so I have a box sat next to it that does it now08:30
hooveryay, it's back up! ;-)08:30
MartijnVdShoover: that's the scarey :)08:30
hooverThis went better than expected, considering I also removed a previous 70-persistent-net.rules udev file ;-)08:31
Monotokothe scarier bit is when you're remotely rebooting :P08:31
Monotokoand it just... doesn't come back08:31
hooverexactly... the machine has ilo, but it's not connected 8P08:31
hooverOk, now on to updating virtualbox08:32
BigRedSHm. I seem to have lost the "Desktop Size" setting in 12.10's ccsm. Anyone know where it's gone?08:34
czajkowskihttp://www.canonical.com/about-canonical/resources/case-studies/capgemini-bpo-deploys-hybrid-thin-client-solution-ubuntu-adva  folks might find this an intersting read08:42
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)08:47
diploAnyone recommend a good tutorial for a mail server on 12.04 that they have used ?08:47
BigRedSdiplo: what sort of mail server?08:49
TheOpenSourcererdiplo: We've been using Zentyal for a while - easy to use, manage and set up. Runs atop of Ubuntu.08:50
bigcalmI found the quickest way to get a box sending out email was to install exim and use the ncursers interface to set it up08:50
matttbigcalm: ++08:51
bigcalmBut that might not be what you actually want *shrug* :)08:51
marsilainen_can anyone suggest what channel it is best to ask DNS questions? (godaddy fallout...)08:53
marsilainen_trying to understand how you are meant to work around the registrar (rather than just name servers) not being available08:53
marsilainen_since I understand that's part of what happened yesterday08:53
BigRedSexim? Ew.08:54
BigRedSBut any of the smtpds should Just Work on installation as far as sending mail goes; is that all you're after?08:55
diploSorry out making cuppa08:58
diploBigRedS: for my vps08:58
diploZentyal I'm looking at for work, but won't be suitable for my vps, was thinking postfix/dovecot setup.. is that what most people use ?08:59
BigRedSIt's the same on virtual hardware and on real hardware :)08:59
BigRedSAre you wanting virtual mailboxes for incoming mail?08:59
* bigcalm offers christel a mug of coffee08:59
BigRedSare you just after working outbound mail? Are you happy to have a unix user per mailbox?08:59
diploI think so, I'd like to see how others have set up08:59
BigRedSI wrote this: https://github.com/BigRedS/postfixadmin-installer08:59
diploIt's going to be very low traffic and max of probably 30 mailboxes08:59
BigRedSwhich is badly written but appears to work08:59
* diplo looks08:59
BigRedSfor virtual mailboxes in Postfix/Dovecot with Postfixadmin for a GUI to manage it09:00
matttmanaging your own email kinda sucks09:00
* BigRedS concurs09:00
bigcalmchristel: drink them all and bounce off the walls09:00
BigRedS( /me manages other people's mail )09:00
matttBigRedS: sorry to hear that :(09:00
diplomattt: Not as much as GoDaddy going down09:00
christelbigcalm: i am!09:00
brobostigongood morning everyone.09:00
matttthey still having issues?09:01
christelbrobostigon \o/09:01
diploThey did last night, mine is back up this morning09:01
brobostigonchristel o/09:01
diploBut I'm paying two bills atm and want everything moved to the VPS asap09:01
BigRedSmattt: other people's mail is much better than your own mail :)09:01
MartijnVdSWoo! http://www.amazon.co.uk/Hitchhikers-Guide-Galaxy-Complete-Series/dp/0563504196 arrived!09:02
diploAlso need to work out how to use Bitfolks spamassasin setup09:02
brobostigonMartijnVdS: woop :)09:02
matttbitfolk any good?09:03
diployeah, well I've had no issues at all09:03
MartijnVdSbrobostigon: 14 CDs!09:06
matttdiplo: i think i must have tried everyone but (linode, slicehost, rackspace, ec2, digital ocean, etc.)09:06
brobostigonMartijnVdS: :)09:07
popeydiplo, its documented on their wiki09:10
popeyi used to use it, but switched to gmail09:10
diplothe bitfolk one? popey, i've just opened Roberts one if you mean that ?09:11
diploBigRedS: Whats the reason of using your script over apt-geting postfixadmin ?09:18
AlanBellczajkowski: do you know more about the cap gemini thing?09:33
czajkowskiAlanBell: only the link sorry its one of the case studies09:34
AlanBellwould be curious how they intend to do Unity to a thin client09:35
AlanBellserver side llvmpipe?09:41
AlanBelluse the 3d accelleration of the client somehow?09:41
AlanBellor is it a carefully worded case study and they are actually just using it to run citrix to windows terminal services09:42
czajkowskiAlanBell: wow you're a pessimist!09:46
popeythats an option09:48
AlanBelldon't mean it in a pessimist way, it is just a bit vauge about whether it is Ubuntu that is being delivered to thin clients as a hosted desktop, or a fat install of ubuntu that is connecting to other hosted desktops09:49
AlanBellor a hosted ubuntu deliverd to windows CE thin clients and hosted thin sessions to other windows things which makes even less sense09:50
AlanBelland quite where unity fits into this is interesting09:50
BigRedSdiplo: we run Debian09:53
BigRedSthe postfixadmin package doesn't do all the configuring for you, either09:53
BigRedSthere is a ubuntu package for a pma server, though, now I think of it09:53
BigRedSor at least something similar09:54
BigRedSbut if you apt-get install postfixadmin you still need to make Postfix and Dovecot talk to the DB09:54
Monotokough, postfix09:54
* Monotoko shudders09:54
MonotokoI took the easy way... I use virtualmin :P09:55
BigRedSMTAs are the new text editor09:55
diploI'll take a look then thanks09:55
Monotokoafter days and days of trying to get postfix to conform09:55
BigRedSvirtualmin uses postfix09:55
MonotokoI know, but it configures it automatically :P09:55
Monotokosaying that though, I do need to configure a basic inbox on an amazon AMI soon -.-09:57
davmor2Morning all09:58
czajkowskidavmor2: ello10:01
czajkowskianyone elses skype icon changed.....10:01
Monotokoskype keeps crashing on me in Linux :(10:02
Monotokoadd a contact - crash, open settings - crash, try to talk to someone - crash10:02
czajkowskiit only crashes once when I video skype10:03
czajkowskithen reboot and it;s fine10:03
czajkowskiit's a mind of its own10:03
czajkowskibut I also *need* it10:03
davmor2czajkowski: morning prod and a hug just cause10:05
czajkowskiheh cheers10:06
* popey needs some help with testing10:09
MartijnVdS"make test"10:09
MartijnVdSpopey: what do you need tested?10:09
popeya font10:09
MartijnVdSI have lots of fonts! :)10:10
czajkowskihmm my little envelope indicator is gone10:18
Monotokoheh... it's not as bad as it was in the 8.04 days :P10:19
christelyou keep losing it!10:19
Monotokothings just used to vanish and reappear a few reboots later :')10:19
czajkowskiwell this is 12.1010:19
czajkowskiso I dont mind as much10:19
czajkowskiit's just unusal10:19
BigRedSczajkowski: if it's any consolation, 12.10 is generally Just Working for me :)10:22
BigRedSexcept for my not working out a way of rearranging my workspaces10:22
davmor2christel: czajkowski lost it years ago10:22
czajkowskiBigRedS: it's working fine also here. I just noticed skype went away and now reinstalled it, and my envelope thingymagiggy is gone10:22
BigRedSpft. I refuse to believe you're not having any problems :)10:23
czajkowskiI do like the default of 4 workspaces I use them every day10:23
BigRedSyeah, I just like them all in a line10:23
czajkowskiBigRedS: just imagine me and the language and then it's very easy to see10:23
czajkowskiBigRedS: ah I dont I like up down and over :)10:23
BigRedSelse I forget two of them exist and lose apps...10:23
AlanBellis there some special magic you need to do to allow rhythmbox to sync to android devices?10:24
AlanBellI plug it in and it connects and shows up in rhythmbox (and says MPT connect on the phone)10:25
czajkowskipopey: not working for me using jellybean and ubuntu10:25
AlanBellbut sync with library is greyed out and I can't drag stuff onto it10:25
czajkowskiAlanBell: is it jellybean ?10:25
AlanBellnot even ICS10:25
czajkowskiah ok differnet issue10:25
popeycan you make it mount in 'not mtp' mode?10:25
czajkowskiit used to work pefectly for me10:25
AlanBellbecause they won't do over the air upgrades and I can't get kies to work10:25
davmor2AlanBell: are you on quantal there?10:26
AlanBellpopey: yes, just tried that, still won't let me put stuff on it10:26
AlanBellshows up as 12gb usb drive rather than music player10:26
AlanBelldavmor2: yes10:26
popeycan you fudge it with the special file you put in the root?10:26
davmor2there is a fault with all music players I think there is an issue with the detector I pointed it out to pitti the other day I'll chase up with him10:27
popey.is_audio_player is a file you can put on the device which rb and other players find10:27
AlanBellfudging it makes little difference10:30
Monotokoright... need some coffee before moving all my domains away from GoDaddy10:30
* AlanBell won't bother moving from godaddy10:31
Monotokowell, I'm moving my DNS hosting10:31
Monotokonot the actual domains10:32
Monotokobeen meaning to get my own bind9 server up for some time10:32
popeyif you are on quantal, could you test this:-10:34
popeysudo add-apt-repository ppa:sil2100/fonts10:34
popeysudo apt-get update10:34
popeysudo apt-get upgrade10:34
popeyyou should get a new font package which adds the "medium" weight10:34
popeythis breaks some things, but I don't know the full scope10:34
popeyI think it's mostly limited to qt apps such as vlc, skype and mumble10:34
popeywould appreciate some testing to find others!10:35
popeye.g. in vlc the preferences pane is all in bold10:35
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MartijnVdSwho uses Qt apps anyway :P10:35
* MartijnVdS adds ppa10:35
MartijnVdS"picard" (music tagger) is in semi-bold10:36
MartijnVdSit's a qt app10:36
MartijnVdSvlc as well10:37
MartijnVdSit's not quite bold.. maybe it's the new "medium" font?10:37
AlanBellare two pubs that have been suggested for the release party10:37
popeyMartijnVdS, any chance you can get before/after screenshots?10:40
MartijnVdStoo late10:41
MartijnVdSI can get "after" now..10:41
popeyyou can revert back the font10:41
popeyor just remove the M font files10:41
popeyin /usr/share/fonts/truetype/ubuntu-font-family10:41
* MartijnVdS downgrades10:41
BigRedSAlanBell: Not sure if suggestions are still open, but The George is very nice and not far from the Blue Fin building10:43
BigRedSIs The Crown the old boxing pub on the corner of the Cut?10:43
MartijnVdSpopey: before: http://imagebin.org/22799610:45
AlanBellBigRedS: suggestions still very much open10:45
AlanBellno idea where the crown is10:45
MartijnVdSpopey: after: http://imagebin.org/22799710:45
BigRedSAlanBell: yeah, George is nice, just off Borough High St, down towards te shard10:47
BigRedShas a courtyard off the road, several ales. Proud of being old and/or having a shakespeare connection10:47
BigRedSI havent been for five years, though10:47
mattti've been there recently10:47
matttto use the toilet :P10:47
BigRedSused to be our defaul for work drinks10:47
mattti can vouch for the toilet10:48
matttit's quite clean10:48
BigRedSblimey, it even has its own wikipedia page10:48
BigRedSOh, the connection is Dickens, not Shakespeare10:48
MartijnVdSBigRedS: http://london.randomness.org.uk/wiki.cgi?George,_SE1_1NH ?10:50
matttsame one10:50
BigRedSIs there a way to search Launchpad for stuff written in a given language?10:57
BigRedSI'm wondering if I'm yet good enough at Perl to help other people, but everything's written in Python these days10:57
daubers\o/ python10:57
BigRedSI found a script for it once, but it seems like the sort of thing that might be hidden away in a web UI...10:57
BigRedS(a python script, no less. :) )10:58
daubersa python script to search for perl projects?10:58
matttBigRedS: maybe just search by date10:59
matttie, "projects last updated 15 years ago"10:59
matttmay turn up a perl project10:59
* mattt realizes that wasn't a very helpful answer11:01
oimonguys, if i wanna remove the ubuntu scrollbars is it safe to remove overlay-scrollbar package, and that's it?11:05
BigRedSmattt: :)11:06
ali1234BigRedS: perl is a write-only language anyway11:12
ali1234nobody is good enough at perl to work on another developer's perl code11:12
AlanBelloimon: gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface ubuntu-overlay-scrollbars false11:14
AlanBelloimon: that way you don't remove the ubuntu-desktop package11:15
ali1234does that actually work now?11:15
oimonAlanBell, thanks. trying that. think i need to logout now11:15
mungojerryAlanBell, i can confirm it works,. ta11:16
ali1234here's a question: how do you tell a list can be scrolled, if the scrollbar is hidden?11:16
mungojerryit's not hidden though, is it?11:17
mungojerrythere's a slim thingy11:17
mungojerryhmm, there's a side effect which is that it always shows a scoll bar even even it doesn't need to11:18
mungojerryin terminal for example11:18
popeyi see no scrollbar in terminal11:18
popeyuntil there is something to scroll11:18
mungojerryi've disabled the ubuntu overlay jobby though11:19
ali1234in other OSs it's hidden all the time11:19
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BigRedSI'm used to not being able to save attachments opened in Libre Office, but this now doesn't seem to want to let me zoom...12:35
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mungojerryowncloud just saved my bacon13:43
mungojerryso i had a bacon sandwich to celebrate13:44
popeymungojerry, i installed owncloud on a server at home13:44
popeyno idea what to do next :)13:44
mungojerrycolleague killed the hard drive on my pc13:45
davmor2popey: use it :D13:45
mungojerryDocuments folder saved phew13:45
mungojerryand my keepass file...13:45
mungojerrypopey, you can also lin together external cloud storage accounts into your owncloud13:46
popeylike U1 and dropbox?13:46
mungojerryor maybe a paid owncloud provider too13:47
mungojerryownCloud currently supports: Amazon S3, Dropbox, FTP, Google Drive, OpenStack Swift, SMB, and WebDAV. Local file storage can also be mounted that is outside of your ownCloud’s data directory13:49
mungojerrygo to apps and enable external storage support13:50
mungojerry" it is relatively easy to add support for other services if they provide an API."13:51
mungojerrymore details here http://blog.gapinthecloud.com/2012/06/10/configuring-external-storage-for-owncloud/13:59
mungojerrybut i am missing a step since it aint showing for me14:00
mungojerrybug 69008014:08
lubotu3Launchpad bug 690080 in libmatthew-java (Debian) "Manifest problem in libmatthew-java" [Unknown,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/69008014:08
mungojerrybug 68908014:08
lubotu3Launchpad bug 689080 in Zeitgeist Data-Sources "Vim datasource results in error when editing files remotely" [Low,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/68908014:08
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ali1234what exactly is U1 music streaming?16:06
ali1234ok let me put the question a different way16:07
davmor2ali1234: music that you buy that is streamed to stuff like phones16:07
ali1234if i don't pay £3.99 a month extra for "music streaming" what exactly prevents me from streaming the music in U1?16:08
ali1234considering that there is absolutely no difference between streaming and downloading16:08
gordmusic streaming = access to the music streaming api. you could write a client that uses the syncing api but loose things like server side search16:09
ali1234is that just meta data search?16:09
gordi dunno16:09
ali1234ID3 tags and such16:10
ali1234i suppose that would be useful16:10
gordi think the streaming api converts also, though i may be making that up16:10
davmor2ali1234: streaming it mean that you don't fill up your phones memory with music tracks it is streamed like youtube16:10
ali1234also, is it possible to link to albums and songs in the store yet?16:10
ali1234davmor2: youtube downloads the whole video you know16:11
ali1234into the firefox cache16:11
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davmor2ali1234: indeed but once you close it it goes away ie you get it back if you play a second track the memory from the first is freed up etc16:12
ali1234it doesn't actually16:12
ali1234the videos hang around in the cache for a long time16:12
ali1234anyway, there's no reason this cannot be implemented using the syncing API as gord said16:12
ali1234^ use that to rip flash video from firefox cache16:14
ali1234and various other formats16:14
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JamesTait'night all!18:08
* JamesTait waves18:08
* MartijnVdS plays with ebtables18:15
xr1rranyone know a good bitcoin miner18:18
Azelphurxr1rr: depends on hardware18:20
xr1rrNvidia, I know they not the best - far from, just want to try and setup and see how it works18:22
Azelphurxr1rr: laptop or desktop?18:24
Azelphurwhich nvidia?18:24
xr1rr desktop, I got hold of a, NVIDIA Tesla graphic card18:25
Azelphurxr1rr: I dunno how well that will perform, perhaps try phoenix18:47
Toby...Ah, maybe some other time. Night!18:55
brobostigonevening Toby18:56
Azelphur!hello | Toby18:56
Azelphurno hello? :<18:56
oimonif something is for sale at £0.00 on a website do they have to honour it? (i guess not)19:05
AlanBelloimon: nope19:06
oimonthought so :D19:08
oimoni remember a well known case of argos and a £30 telly19:08
davmor2night all19:15
MartijnVdSA program about VI kings on BBC HD.. but no editor in sight!20:04
dogmatic69something is chewing up my drive.20:11
dogmatic69got a notice there was 1.1GB left, went for dinner and now got another saying 500mb20:11
dogmatic69Any way I can see what is using so much?20:11
dogmatic69hmmm... just opened sys monitor and can see it ticking down20:12
popeyprobably a log in /var ?20:12
popeymaybe use disk space analyzer?20:12
popeycould be something in your home spinning and putting a log in a .local directory20:12
dogmatic69down to 380mb now :/20:16
dogmatic69I dont even do much on my pc, I have most things on my server, just running xchat, email and netbeans really20:17
dogmatic69 /var/log had kbs of logs20:17
dogmatic69popey: found the problem20:19
dogmatic69I closed my terminal (terminator) that had ~20 ssh sessions open to ~5 server all running innotop/htop/iotop etc.20:20
dogmatic69instantly have 15GB again20:20
Azelphurpopey: did you hear about the guy who made a 10k btc bet that pirate would pay? XD20:33
popeyAzelphur, matthew?20:40
Azelphurdid you hear he ragequit bitcoin xD20:40
Azelphurbecause he lost the bet20:41
popeyi don't think there was ever any possibility either would pay out20:41
Azelphurfun fun20:42
AzelphurAnyone recommend anything besides cheese for video recording?21:14
AzelphurCheese records at like 0.1fps or less for me21:14
smallfoot-can we release Ubuntu Muslim Edition today on 9/11 ?21:22
shaunoare we ever going to teach them to use dd/mm like the rest of the planet?21:31
MartijnVdSI think that requires a proper invasion21:33
AlanBelljust revoke the declaration of independence21:35
AzelphurAlanBell: it worked but it desynced the audio track :(21:48
brobostigonnos da everyone, sleep well.21:50
AlanBell:( I had some problems with playback in openshot, I tried recording it as mjpeg because that is what comes from the camera rather than h26421:50
AlanBellseemed better, then can transcode later in openshot21:50
Azelphurthink I'll just try the youtube uploader this time, guvcview literally has like 10 seconds+ of difference between the audio and video21:51
Azelphurand the youtube uploader doesn't get any sound at all :(21:54
popeypip pip21:57
Azelphursince the internet is conspiring against me22:14
Azelphurall of this https://dl.dropbox.com/u/3832397/Photos/2012/September/2012-09-11-230018.jpg in here https://dl.dropbox.com/u/3832397/Photos/2012/September/2012-09-11-230445.jpg22:14
Azelphurscottevest \o/22:14
shaunosorry, not used to putty.  trying to figure out how to get it to click Azelphur's links as, well, links22:15
shaunoit used to work :/ but I think I had a third-party build, because it used to minimize to the tray.  oh well22:17
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