MirvI'm suggesting the profile independent key migration patch at https://code.launchpad.net/~timo-jyrinki/compiz/migrate-profile-independent/+merge/12368507:55
didrocksMirv: hey, you will need to change the packaging to include 03_migrate_profile_independent.py and the new .convert files, do you want to handle it before I approve your branch?08:03
didrocks(otherwise, looking good to me)08:03
didrocksah, just something on if not client to be picky :)08:05
sil2100Mirv: is the g-d-c patch you were working on already working?08:06
Mirvdidrocks: yes, I've the packaging change waiting08:08
Mirvsil2100: starting to...08:10
Mirvdoing a test build first08:21
Mirvdidrocks: lp:~timo-jyrinki/compiz/ubuntu.0982 would be ready to be pushed to lp:ubuntu/compiz, after which migrate-profile-independent could be approved08:46
Mirvit contains the + expo patch + migration as cherry picked08:46
* didrocks looks08:47
didrocksMirv: ok, looking good to me, the tests with the new compiz stacks are done in parallel that you are looking the gconf migration tool fix?08:53
Mirvdidrocks: yes, that's the plan08:53
Mirvbut just to get lp:ubuntu/compiz up-to-date for now08:54
didrocksMirv: right! Done and branch approved08:54
MCR1didrocks: Hi :) Do you know if it is correct and desired behavior that currently all devices show up in the Launcher, not only mounted ones ?10:40
didrocksMCR1: I have the "only mounted" option by default here, let me check what's the real default10:42
didrocksMCR1: seems I have the default here10:43
didrocksdid you get anything changed, like in ccsm?10:43
didrocks(3rd tab for the unity plugin, experimental, show devices)10:43
MCR1didrocks: hmm, I do not know where I can even change this option - I do not have it in Experimental tab... but I already know that you are usually right, so I'll search again...10:45
didrocksMCR1: ccsm -> unityshell plugin -> experimental tab?10:46
didrocksyou don't see it there?10:46
MCR1maybe I got blind or got some old xml file messing up my settings10:46
didrocksyou just have two tabs?10:47
MCR1no 310:47
didrockswhat is called the third?10:47
MCR1but it is not under experimental10:47
MCR1experimental is there10:47
didrocksah :)10:47
didrockshum, yeah, old xml file I would say10:47
didrocksMCR1: try to locate any unityshell.xml in /usr/local/ or in your home directory10:48
MCR1didrocks: This is unityshell.xml.in from trunk: http://pastebin.com/tgD8D90010:53
MCR1didrocks: It is not there either (or I am really blind)10:54
didrocksMCR1: no you're right, but I'm running the distro version, not staging10:54
didrocksso seems to be a change in staging, andyrock? ^10:54
MCR1didrocks: And it seems to default to showing all drives, which messes up the launcher big-time10:54
andyrockdidrocks, hey10:54
didrockshey :)10:55
MCR1(if you have multiple partitions)10:55
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didrocksandyrock: do you know anything about the optional to only showing mounted drive in the launcher by default being removed?10:55
didrocks(it was defaulting to only showing mounted drive before)10:55
andyrockdidrocks, yeah and the design is changed :)10:55
didrocksandyrock: so, showing everything by default?10:55
didrocksandyrock: is there any FFe and UIFe for that?10:55
MCR1and no possibility to turn this off ?10:56
andyrockMCR1, you can blacklist it10:56
andyrockdidrocks, i think it has been merged before FF10:56
didrocksandyrock: again and again, we don't care about being merged before FF or not. The question is: "was it into distro before FF"10:57
didrocksandyrock: FF is for ubuntu, ubuntu doesn't have to know about upstream's status10:57
didrocksandyrock: can you please open one? and have popey's team tracking that10:57
didrocksit's a FFe/UIFe10:57
andyrockdidrocks, yep of corse... sorry about that10:57
popeythanks andyrock, let sil2100 / Mirv know and they can track it in the global spreadsheet of dooooom10:58
didrocksandyrock: please paste the bug # here as well10:58
andyrockdidrocks, will do after lunch10:58
didrocksandyrock: please point on it the commit of the change as well10:59
didrockspopey: hope that your team will finally start to look at merge requests10:59
didrocksor should I look for you even during my holidays? :/10:59
MCR1didrocks: What do you think about some clean-up for the unityshell ccsm configuration ?10:59
didrocksMCR1: too late for this cycle10:59
MCR1didrocks: ok10:59
didrocksMCR1: but why not for next one11:00
didrockswe have enough FFe/UIFe flying everyday TBH11:00
MCR1The tab "Experimental" does not sound very stable and does not say anything about its contents...11:00
didrocksMCR1: right, but it's still a change that is maybe documented somewhere11:00
MCR1There should be tabs like "Launcher", "Panel", etc11:01
didrocksso let's follow processes11:01
didrocksand will have this separation next cycle :)11:01
MCR1So if I want to clean up and bring structure into this mess of options I would have to write a blueprint for it ?11:01
didrocksMCR1: that would be even better to have a clear place to look at those, yeah :)11:02
MCR1ok, next cycle I'll do that then...11:03
sil2100didrocks: can I release the new unity 5.16 tarball?11:15
sil2100didrocks: https://code.launchpad.net/~sil2100/unity/precise_sru-2 <- here's the packaging11:20
MCR1didrocks: Not good: http://imagebin.org/228002 - but if you can turn them off in 12.04 then this is a regression bug that can be fixed, no ?11:21
MCR1didrocks: Also there is no option in CCSM->unityshell to change autohide/always-visible <- Did this also get lost this cycle ?11:24
MCR1andyrock, didrocks: bug 104906911:32
ubot5Launchpad bug 1049069 in Unity "Unity r2676 Quantal [regression]: Missing possibility to change the default of show devices in Launcher to "only mounted" in CCSM unityshell" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/104906911:33
andyrockMCR1, it's not a regression11:33
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andyrockMCR1, and I think it's an opinion11:36
MCR1andyrock: oh okay - then I'll remove that word11:36
MCR1andyrock: I also cannot change the launcher autohide/alway-visible behavior in CCSM unityshell ?11:37
andyrockMCR1, let me check11:38
andyrockMCR1, ccsm->unity->behaviour->Hide Launcher11:39
didrockssil2100: no11:39
MCR1andyrock: I am blind ;)11:39
didrockssil2100: did you see that all FFe and UIFe issues are fixed?11:39
MCR1andyrock: sry11:40
didrockssil2100: I warned them on the ML in addition to that, they are still not fixed fom what I see11:40
didrocksso what do you want to release? :/11:40
didrocksI told in the email as well that it's unreleasable, did you read it?11:40
didrockspopey: please ^11:41
sil2100didrocks: SRU I want to release?11:42
sil2100didrocks: so the SRU is not releasable for precise?11:43
didrockssil2100: as the SRU, sorry, I read 6. not 5., but last time we talked there was a nux issue?11:45
didrocksis it fixed?11:45
didrocksandyrock: the gsettings key didn't change, right?11:46
andyrockdidrocks, are you talking about com.canonical.unity.devices... ?11:48
sil2100didrocks: chase fixed it in geis it seems11:48
sil2100didrocks: at least that's what he said in the e-mail - the issue was in the API v1 that precise is using, he made a regression there11:49
davmor2hey guys on the apps lens there looks to be a huge gap infront of the apps available for download is this known?11:52
didrockssil2100: ok, do you have some test results with old unity/new nux, and another for new both?11:53
didrockssil2100: the verification is only that multitouch is working11:53
didrocksandyrock: sorry, about the show/hide launcher11:53
andyrockdidrocks, i think not...11:54
didrocksandyrock: ok, thanks :)11:57
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Mirvthere's now an initial Compiz testing PPA at https://launchpad.net/~timo-jyrinki/+archive/compiz-quantal-testing213:43
Mirvit includes a first attempt at a patch to gsettings-data-convert to support string to string array conversions in migrations. tested to be working, even though not pretty.13:43
didrockssil2100: what about 11.10 for the renaming?14:00
sil2100didrocks: all merges are ready, some changes are already in trunks - but we want to first finish precise14:01
didrockssil2100: ok, thanks14:04
didrockssil2100: so, just waiting for the cross checks for unity/nux/unity-2d, isn't it?14:05
didrockssil2100: btw, did you get results on unity-2d?14:05
sil2100didrocks: we only made for unity/nux14:09
sil2100didrocks: we didn't prepare a release for unity-2d yet14:09
Mirvmmh, the expo patch also included in the PPA package might have a problem. added a note to the description page.14:10
sil2100didrocks: the cross-checks for unity/nux are ready already14:10
sil2100didrocks: it's in the docs14:10
fgintherdidrocks, I finally have a MP for the 11.10 version of unity for the libgeis rename: https://code.launchpad.net/~fginther/unity/oneiric-libgeis-rename/+merge/123760.  There are packaging changes here: lp:~fginther/unity/oneiric-libgeis-rename-packaging14:37
didrocksfginther: thanks, are all reverse dependencies dealt with in oneiric?14:41
fgintherdidrocks, yes, the new packages are in -proposed14:42
didrocksfginther: so, back to precise14:43
didrocksgeis was uploaded to precise-proposed, right?14:43
fgintherdidrocks, correct14:44
davidcalleom26er, heya14:47
om26erdavidcalle, hey!14:48
davidcalleom26er, how are you?14:48
om26erdavidcalle, thanks, i am great and you :-)14:48
davidcalleom26er, me too :)14:48
om26erdavidcalle, going to UDS ?14:48
davidcalleom26er, sure, you too I imagine :)14:49
om26erdavidcalle, yeah, lets see ;-)14:49
davidcalleom26er, not sure you can make it?14:49
om26erdavidcalle, i applied for visa yesterday14:50
om26erdavidcalle, it'll take 15working days, so then i'll be sure to know14:50
davidcalleom26er, oh ok, let's hope it works!14:50
davidcalleom26er, by any chance, are you able to bump priority on ayatana-design bugs?14:51
om26erdavidcalle, no, that's only for design team14:52
om26erand they prolly don't like someone else changes that as well14:52
davidcalleom26er, ok, I will ping them directly, it's about conflicting keys (again).14:53
om26erdavidcalle, give me the bug number as well, so we could track that better14:53
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1049090 in Photos Lens "The shortcut Super + P of photo lens is conflict to Vedio out hotkey " [High,Confirmed]14:54
mhr3davidcalle, hey, the photos lens icon for the lens bar will land soon in lp:unity, can you make sure the paths point to it?15:28
mhr3davidcalle, same for category icons actually15:28
mhr3although those are in unity-asset-pool15:29
davidcallemhr3, /usr/share/icons/unity-icon-theme/places/svg/group-photos.svg ?15:29
davidcallemhr3, okay15:29
davidcallemhr3, I don't see group-photos15:31
davidcallemhr3, (in your branch)15:32
mhr3davidcalle, whoops, lens-nav-photo in unity15:33
mhr3hmm, no category icons for those in asset-pool15:34
mhr3davidcalle, so nvm, keep the category icons where you have them :)15:34
mhr3just the lens bar icon then15:34
davidcallemhr3, I'm already using this path for the lens bar, but I actually need to use the new friends-photos and the service-* (I currently ship my own version of these in the lens).15:35
mhr3davidcalle, so we actually miss only the camera category icon15:37
* didrocks mumbles UIFe :)15:37
davidcallemhr3, ok15:37
mhr3davidcalle, so the cat icon for photos will get in u-a-p as well15:47
davidcallemhr3, ok :)15:48
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bschaefermhr3, hey were you having problem compiling unity with libnux-core complaining about pthreads undefined symbols?17:36
bschaefer(thought I saw you say something about that a week or so ago)17:36
mhr3was with unity, not nux17:37
bschaeferhmm what was the problem?17:37
mhr3sam changed stuff in the CMakeLists and it started working again17:37
bschaefero, alright. Thanks!17:38
mhr3plus it all started because compiz added some linker flag17:38
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wamichohey i am new to unity please how  do you change the color of the fonts on the top panel ?19:24
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wamichohey i am new to unity please how  do you change the color of the fonts on the top panel ?19:38
dokocursing the unity-staging team building every commit on powerpc :-(20:44
dokohell, please stop it!!!20:44
dokothere are better things to build20:44
dokodbarth, jasoncwarner_, whoever: ^^^20:45
jasoncwarner_doko that is going to be thumper and olli21:17
dokojasoncwarner_, thanks for forwarding21:17
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