nhainesakk: unfortunately 1 and 2gb sticks are just as expensive to make.00:02
nhainesI think I got a shiny new 16GB SD card for my 3DS for $9 at Best Buy.  Brand name and everything.  So now I have New Super Mario Bros 2 on the system all the time, no game card to swap.00:04
nhainespleia2: have you seen that one?  COLLECT ALL THE COINS!00:04
pleia2nhaines: aware, not played (bit behind on games)00:07
nhainespleia2: I should have held out until I 100%ed SMB3DL but to be honest I prefer sidescrolling.00:15
kdubhola channel16:44
pleia2hey kdub16:47
bkerensapleia2: you are 104% of your chipin goal... you still need money?18:31
* bkerensa didnt even get a chance lol18:31
pleia2bkerensa: I had a very generous donor swoop in :)18:39
pleia21500 covers most of my expenses18:39
bkerensapleia2: I wonder if a chipin for installing Edubuntu on laptops on the beaches of the Bahamas would be as successful? :018:44
bkerensaI will do it anyday of the week :)18:44
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