jrwrensnap-l: afaik its not a ddos attack at godaddy, its hardware failure.03:17
snap-ljrwren: Whatever it is, they're not getting the message out03:20
snap-lANd if HW failure can knock their DNS servers out of whack, they need to rethink their deployment03:21
grizcreativeMy location: Grand Rapids, United States03:48
derekv"Don't reinvent the shit-wheel" is my new motto05:11
snap-lgood morning11:31
brouschEast siders with kids http://metrodetroitmommy.blogspot.com/2012/09/lego-kidsfest-giveaway.html12:13
brouschAnd snap-l12:14
rick_h_oooh, thanks brousch12:16
rick_h_we might have to try to do that on the friday12:16
brouschWe might have to wander over there Saturday or Sunday12:18
rick_h_ticket bought12:20
rick_h_we'll go friday, hopefully it'll be slower then. We've got a bike ride thing on Sat12:20
rick_h_doh, actually the bike ride is on sunday12:23
rick_h_but still, hopefully friday afternoon will be a good visit12:23
rick_h_jcastro: bringing the wood shop out of retirement14:05
jcastroI need a custom wooden bench for my new garage14:05
rick_h_can almost walk through half of it now14:05
jcastroI need a table refinished14:05
jcastroand I need a teak bench for my shower14:05
rick_h_well come on over nad get to work14:05
rick_h_ask makes a great work bench, cheap and sturdy stuff, easy to work14:06
jcastroyou live so far14:06
brouschrick_h_ I need a desk for my son's room. Make it so14:06
jcastroI was just up there to see ryan's new place14:07
rick_h_hah, my wife's got her hopes all up that she'll get bed side tables one day. Going to just start with small nice shelves first14:07
rick_h_oh yea? what with all you people moving at once. My boss moved, ryan, widox14:07
snap-ljcastro: far is a relative term14:07
snap-lI used to live in Belleville, remember? :)14:07
widoxugh. moving sucks14:08
rick_h_widox: no doubt14:08
snap-lwidox: That move doesn't count. ;)14:08
* widox glares at the surrounding boxes14:08
snap-lOK, that part sucks.14:08
rick_h_I'm going to to taking the "leave it all, we need new stuff" route14:08
snap-lrick_h_: There's only so far you can go with that thinking14:09
widoxtoss out the window, light on fire14:09
rick_h_snap-l: I'm thinking the father the better that line of thinking looks14:09
rick_h_"what do I want to bring to portland...hmmm...laptop [check] family [check] mifi [check] done!14:10
snap-lrick_h_: _you_ might have that thinking, but I'm pretty sure it's not a shared consensus. ;)14:10
rick_h_bah :P14:10
snap-l"Here's the 12 things made of cinderblock that Michael made in pre-school"14:11
jrwrenhire movies.14:12
jrwrenerr... hire movers.14:12
snap-lThen you'll never know where anything is14:12
snap-lBetter to use cheap labor, like friends you can pay in beer and pizza.14:12
jrwrenwho cares, i'll find it.14:12
jcastroI hired movers this time14:13
jcastroworth every penny14:13
jcastroIt wasn't that much more expensive than packing it myself14:13
rick_h_kind of cool http://voices.canonical.com/ubuntuone/2012/09/11/ubuntu-one-music-store-now-on-the-web-and-on-your-mobile/14:13
rick_h_jcastro: oh yea? that's cool. When do you guys move in officially?14:14
jcastroI need to call them and find out where the truck is14:14
jcastrosince we had them hold our stuff for a while down there14:14
snap-lOh FFS. Gotta love the comments14:15
snap-lI’m sorry to say I’m still not gonna use it. Nothing against you, but after checking some random bands, I found a lot of tribute bands (wanted to expand my Rolling Stones collection) but not the actual artists.14:15
snap-lUntil I can get them here (central-eastern Europe), I just see no point in using it.14:15
jcastro7d does miss a bunch of artists.14:16
snap-lRight, but it's not all 7d's fault14:16
snap-lBlame the stupid publishing licenses that need to DIAF.14:16
snap-lthough I'm glad they moved it to the web14:16
snap-lBanshee's interface was, bluntly, sub-par.14:16
rick_h_yea, web ftw14:18
rick_h_especially as they get into other platforms14:18
snap-lThough I still think the Music Streaming should be folded into the price of Ubuntu One14:18
snap-lI understand that may not be possible, but an added $4 expense per month is distasteful.14:18
jcastroI am glad it's on the web too14:19
jcastroIMO I would just bundle streaming with a storage pack14:20
snap-ljcastro: ++14:20
jcastro"After you buy X gigs it bundles in"14:20
snap-l50GB + streaming = $4014:21
snap-lor something like lthat14:21
snap-lAlso wish they had a way to archive purchases14:22
snap-lI really don't need the fucking Baby Einstein stuff I bought for my neice clogging up my HDD.14:22
jcastrowhen did U1 start doing referrer links?14:23
rick_h_about a month ago?14:24
rick_h_August 15 based on the news links14:24
rick_h_so not quite a month14:24
snap-lrick_h_: Shows how much I've been paying attention14:24
rick_h_follow the RSS feeds my son :P14:24
snap-lI already do enough navel gazing without reading Planet Ubuntu. ;)14:25
* scitesy is away: I'm busy17:29
* brousch well then I am too. so :P17:31
brouschInteresting: Multi-rsync http://freecode.com/projects/mrsync17:35
snap-lHmm, it's an old project as well17:40
snap-lWonder if it's doing something "nonstandard".17:41
rick_h_jcastro: wtf, xamarian pulling in everyone18:50
rick_h_DBO, now segphault?18:50
brouschThey all caught mono?18:51
snap-lperhaps they shold call it the infermary18:55
jrwrenits called PROFIT19:35
jrwrenwhat are DBI adn segphault doing for xamarin, they aren't mono devs afaik19:35
brouschjrwren: You greedy capitalist pig!19:35
jjessebrousch, so i went ahead and rooted my nexus719:35
jjessejust for you :P19:36
brouschNot for me, for yourself19:37
brouschNow it is truly yours19:37
jjesseso another question, when did new app installs place a shortcut on your home screen?  kinda like apple19:40
jjessealso droid VNC Server works very very well19:40
brouschI haven't seen that, so I'm guessing 3, 4, or 4.119:41
jjessewell its on my htc rezound which is 4.019:46
jjesseand my nexus 719:46
PainBankrick_h_ interesting: http://wonko.com/post/yui-from-the-outside21:34
rick_h_52PainBank yep21:36
PainBankhe alludes to forking the repo, but stops short of saying that and calls for a Yahoo Foundation... poor fellow.21:41
PainBankrick_h_52 are you using SASS or LESS for your css?21:44
PainBankcool, thanks.21:46
rick_h_52np good stuff21:46
PainBankjust starting to look at doin that stuff.21:46
snap-lHello from MUG22:57
greg-gsnap-l: how'd the presentations go?23:13
greg-gor I guess, you just started23:13
snap-lYeah, it's just starting23:13
snap-lparty party23:26

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