thafreakF**K microsoft and their sh*tty office 365 crap17:57
thafreakand while I'm at it, F**K my univ for switching to it17:58
thafreakF**K that noise too18:00
thafreakhey, speaking of paultag18:01
thafreakso my boss was up for paying for me to go to the OLFI classes on friday before OLF18:01
thafreakwhile some seem interesting, I'm thinking maybe I'd rather just go friday and hang out...maybe catch some of the BOF stuff18:02
thafreakI also won't have to race down to cbus to get there by 8am18:02
thafreakwhat's your take?18:02
paultagI'll be down friday night18:02
paultagso we can get drunk18:02
paultagso there's that18:02
thafreakwell, that's a given18:02
paultagbrb, speaking of18:03
paultaggetting a bit drunk now18:03
thafreakwell, do you think the classes are worth spending $350 of my boss' money?18:04
thafreakeh, fsck it...i'm just paying for a t-shirt and spending friday drunk...18:05
thafreakwith a laptop18:05
thafreakand maybe a raspberry pi...18:05
thafreakand a big wifi antenae18:05
paultagdo it friday dude20:04

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