c_smithbkerensa, you around?00:32
c_smithbkerensa, you around?02:53
bkerensac_smith: I am now... Just a FYI everytime you say my nick I do get a push notification so I am aware you need me :)03:40
c_smithah, ok03:40
c_smithbkerensa, I have an idea for the release party03:41
c_smithand that is inviting those of us who can't make it up to portland to join in IRC.03:41
c_smithI for sure will still be recovering from the operation that is shortly before that.03:41
c_smithoh, and JVLB was going to get in contact with you about some things.03:45
bkerensac_smith: We always allow people to join on irc03:55
bkerensac_smith: sure he can e-mail me03:56
MaskilPDXGood Morning13:29
nathwillcongrats on getting the beta out with disk encryption working in ubiquity slangasek. :) big landmark, and super nice to see15:32
slangaseknathwill: thanks - though I did none of the work ;)16:41
blkperlslangasek: we deployed precise to our labs last week, we're crossing our fingers that we found all the workarounds needed :)17:09
nathwillblkperl, did the dconf + nfs home issue get resolved with that patch?17:10
blkperlnathwill: nah we pointed XDG_TEMP to /tmp17:22
blkperldconf seems to accept that17:22
bkerensanathwill: a Fedora Women needs some help with her Y Pipes18:27
bkerensaI asked he to ping u18:28
nathwillman, the more i play with rex, the more i like it :)18:43
bkerensanathwill: rex?18:44
bkerensanathwill: landscape18:59
nathwilllandscape do mass log-searches for you?18:59
nathwilllike let me define groups and then grep a string in all of a particular log in a defined group?19:00
nathwill*without* running any extra software on each host?19:00
nathwillthis is kinda like a cross between puppet and clusterssh19:01
bkerensanathwill: Release Party confirm Oct 20th 1:30 to 3:30pm Puppet is sponsoring Venue, Food, Beverage + Beer19:05
bkerensait should be at there new bigger office too19:05
nathwillthey have a new office?19:16
bkerensauhh well yes19:27
bkerensabut its not open yet19:27
taticahello :)21:41
taticabkerensa, thx for the invite21:50
c_smithhello, nathwill22:04
taticahello nathwill !22:06
taticaI was sent by the intergalactic powers to bother you nathwill and bkerensa about some yahoo pipes I'm trying to run22:06
taticabut real life (aka. work) got in the middle, so I will bother you guys later :)22:06
MaskilPDXHya nathwill22:08
nathwillhey maskilpdx, how's things?23:26
nathwillah hey tatica23:26
nathwillah doh23:26
MaskilPDXWriting up some proposals to change content filtering, backup solutions and av software23:29
nathwillwhat're you looking at for solutions?23:31
nathwill(particularly interested in content filtering)23:33
MaskilPDXCurrently they are running a openSUSE 11 box with squid and squidguard23:39
MaskilPDXI want to go to OpenDNS23:40
MaskilPDXFor global filtering instead of having to adjust proxy settings23:40
MaskilPDXIt's a school, and they are looking at maybe doing an open guest wireless23:41
MaskilPDXWe can lock it way down, and have a bypass password for any site that teachers need to get to that is restricted to syudentd23:41
MaskilPDXOf that doesn't pass, I will put in an Ubuntu 12.04.1 server with dansquardian23:42
nathwillmakes sense23:43
nathwillmight even make sense to use both...23:44
MaskilPDXYou can filer by name within Dansquardian, but it requires a clunky app called iDentD23:44
nathwillyeah, i don't know how grainy you're aiming for, but openDNS certainly gives you a good selection for types of content23:45
MaskilPDXIt runds as a service on Windows, and passes on the user name. That name gets bassed through lists23:45
nathwilloh man...23:45
nathwillthat sounds horrible23:45
MaskilPDXIf the service stops or hicups for any reason (It's windows) it bonks, and is a pain in the butt23:45
nathwillso it's sending a user-name with every request?23:46
MaskilPDXI like Open DNS23:46
MaskilPDXUse it at home23:46
MaskilPDXSimple to set up and implement23:46
nathwilli take it that they're multi-tenant work stations?23:46
MaskilPDXYes, evey request23:46
MaskilPDXThere not realy multi tenant, it's just that Danguardian is ether on or off23:47
MaskilPDXThere is no "bypass" button, other than that POS service23:48
nathwillhrm. seems like there'd be a way to know the client by the connection details instead of the request (easily forged)23:48
MaskilPDXYou chnage the proxy settings to go through the Dans box, where there is nothing like that for OpenDNS23:48
MaskilPDXBut, there is the $$ and proactive vs reactive factor23:49
MaskilPDXOpenDNS $2000/year for 600 users (Great deal)23:49
MaskilPDXSale right now $1200 year23:49
nathwillyeah, that's a good deal23:49
MaskilPDXDans is free, but, you either are reacting when students find something, or you subscribe to a service for blacklists23:50
nathwillno volunteer-maintained lists as with opendns i take it?23:50
MaskilPDXDan, fails open <sad trombone>23:50
nathwilli always hear about dansguardian, but haven't ever actually tried implementing it... though i will certainly be doing so once i get kids in the house23:51
MaskilPDXNope, OpenDNS is pro-active in their lists, and are CIPA (Child Internet Protection Act) compliant23:51
MaskilPDXI was going to as well, but OpenDNS is better imo23:52
MaskilPDXNothing is perfect23:53
MaskilPDXDans is also in the Ubuntu repo23:53
MaskilPDXone click install23:53

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