wrstgood morning everyone14:25
wrsthow goes it Unit193?14:26
wrstwell thats better than knowing and it being bad?14:27
Unit193Still could be, you?14:27
wrstdoing, well, good mornig alyawn14:33
alyawnI'm hanging in there...14:33
alyawnone of these days I have to clean off my desk14:37
wrsthmm he must have cleaned his computer right off the desk14:44
wrstwb alyawn did you clean your computer off your desk? :)16:04
alyawnheh... no, but that's a thought :)16:04
wrstha ha alyawn16:05
wrstwb chris458520:02
chris4585thanks wrst20:02
Unit193Hey, didn't say ChanServ!20:02
wrsthow are you doing?20:02
chris4585alright, waking up, you?20:03
wrstha ha finishing the day up chris4585, and doing well, btw my ubuntu mini install was pretty nice but just not as good as arch using gnome20:06
wrstUnit193: i just about did!20:06
chris4585wrst, lol that was short20:07
wrstwell chris4585 ubuntu's straight up gnome just doesn't work well or nearly as well as arch20:08
chris4585it was alright on linuxmint when I used it, but most things on arch just feels better20:40
wrstchris4585: just so much snappier wouldn't you say?20:42
chris4585yeah :)20:44
chris4585woot, got my $1.59 HDMI cable in the mail and it works21:12
chris4585I was a little surprised21:33
wrstyeah chris4585 that's a cheap hdmi cable!23:57

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