LLStarkssup raof00:27
RAOFTiredness, apparently.00:29
RAOFAlso me accidentally suspending my IRC bouncer.00:29
brycehthanks RAOF!00:49
brycehinteresting; my nouveau box OOPSed with mesa 8.0.2.  With 8.0.4 I still get an EQ overflow in X and X lockup, but no kernel OOPS03:18
brycehjust a lot of03:18
bryceh[  120.491370] [drm] nouveau 0000:05:00.0: Ctxprog is still running03:18
RAOFOn the other hand, yay progress!03:19
Sarvattnouveau is getting worse instead of better over time :(03:35
ajmitchnvidia as well, it seems03:35
* ajmitch has a new system running quantal, gets multi-second pauses & occasional full X hang when running games03:36
Sarvatti'm still on 295.xx on my rarely used nvidia box03:36
ajmitchfrom what I've read, it's a known problem & I'm on the latest drivers also03:37
ajmitchthere's probably an LP bug about it, though it's not dumping anything useful to logs03:38
mlankhorstoh great prime work was upstreamed, so I did miss something ;)06:47
tjaaltonxrandr 1.4 isn't released yet though06:49
mlankhorsttjaalton: there's a patch we could use from airlied though, it automatically binds things06:49
tjaaltonyeah I heard fedora has some06:54
tjaaltonbut we need ddx updates too06:54
mlankhorstdo we really want to at this point?06:55
tjaaltonif we want that stuff?07:05
tjaaltonI don't know07:05
tjaaltonintel 2.20.7 has it, so why not07:06
tjaaltonno nouveau or ati releases07:06
tjaaltonour ati is actually rather old07:06
tjaaltonbug 1046759 is fun07:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1046759 in xserver-xorg-video-modesetting (Ubuntu) "[Dell Inspiron 7520] can't run to desktop " [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/104675907:11
tjaalton-modesetting fail07:12
mlankhorsthm, modesetting should init as a matter of fact, but it should just pisss off afterwards07:25
tjaaltonthere are a couple of commits past 0.4 but dunno if they'd make a difference07:26
mlankhorstmaybe it will though, platform bus stuff07:27
tjaaltonoh we have that07:28
mlankhorstthat's post 0.4.0 though07:29
mlankhorstwould probably get rid of [     3.798] (WW) Falling back to old probe method for modesetting07:29
tjaaltonyes, but rsalveti wanted it07:29
tjaaltonso we're missing something on x86?07:30
mlankhorstdno, likely modesetting is just destructing weirdly07:30
mlankhorstget a more complete backtrace?07:31
mlankhorstI'm surprised ati doesn't show up in the log, wonder why though07:33
dj_ryanso i am trying to make this intel q77 mobo do triple monitors, but its extremely resistent to google'n07:59
dj_ryanjust pluggin in the Displayport cable doesnt do it alas07:59
dj_ryan(this board had 2*dvi, 1*dp on board, and apparently the intel 4000 hd can do triple monitor, and the intel xorg driver can support it, maybe?)08:00
mlankhorstintel's doing a some complete reworking of relevant code in their kernel git tree, so if you feel comfortable08:00
mlankhorsttry drm-intel-next08:00
dj_ryani dont think ican do that alas08:01
dj_ryani need to be on a specific version of kernel so i can install zst08:02
mlankhorstwould be just for testing08:02
dj_ryanwell i'd also like to have my triple displays back08:03
dj_ryanmaybe i'll co-install that ati 5000 card i have08:03
dj_ryanwe had to ditch the ATI 4xxx-based desktops and go with these intels due to stability caused by what we think are xorg crashes08:05
dj_ryanoh my coworker is getting me a dvi splitter so the 3rd monitor can be connected via VGA... 08:07
* mlankhorst somehow read linux-image-3.4.0-1486-omap4 as linux-image-3.4.0-i486-omap4 and wtf'd for a bit until he realized it :)12:03
mlankhorsttjaalton: oh I think I know why it fails at least, it tries to add the second screen with prime, but modesetting doesn't handle that12:20
mdeslaurSo...is there any way to get Quantal working with nouveau right now?12:27
mlankhorstmdeslaur: prime?12:27
mdeslauris there a bug for the INVALID_OPCODE failures resulting in me being unable to login?12:28
mdeslaurmlankhorst: what do you mean by "prime"?12:28
mlankhorstoptimus or general?12:28
mdeslaurgeneral, it's a thinkpad T61 that worked fine with precise and all other previous releases12:29
mlankhorstunsure, not that I heard of at least12:30
mdeslaurmlankhorst: ok, let me try and figure out how to open a bug if I can't log in12:32
mlankhorstapport-bug ;)12:32
mdeslaurmlankhorst: LP: #104908812:41
mdeslauryeah, apport-bug is awesome until you get to the part where it wants to open a browser :)12:41
mlankhorsttjaalton: hm, did you push the 20.6 changes?12:41
tjaaltonmlankhorst: oops, did now12:43
mlankhorsttjaalton: prime display failed here on that ;) should we push 20.7 and nouveau-ddx git?13:28
tjaaltonmlankhorst: failed the same way?13:53
mlankhorstnah in a different way, addscreen failed13:55
mlankhorstbut the bug is probably that modesetting didn't expect to be removed early or something13:55
tjaaltonmlankhorst: sure, why not. intel has a release and nouveau not that many commits post 1.0.114:26
mlankhorsttjaalton: yeah I asked darktama if i could release current git as 1.0.214:28
jcristauoh, chase left canonical?  /me catches up on email14:33
tjaaltonyup, dunno where14:35
mlankhorsthm.. I wonder if at this point we should remove the nomodeset from recovery mode and attempt to use modesetting instead of fbdev14:46
mlankhorstrequires changing grub-common15:05
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
brycehanyone got thoughts on if we might put mesa 9.1 into x-updates?  good idea / bad idea ?19:16
mlankhorstbryceh: hm couldn' t we do the same as we will do for mesa in quantal?21:20
brycehmlankhorst, yeah probably.  Not sure what's in 9.1 vs. 9.022:19
RAOFmlankhorst: re: nomodeset for recovery mode.22:49
RAOFmlankhorst: I think that VGA text mode is more likely to work, and we want a recovery mode that's as likely as possible to actually work.22:51
brycehbtw I've set up a PPA for mesa 9 - https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-x-swat/+archive/mesa923:14
brycehjordan at Intel took care of the packaging.  I've added him as member of ubuntu-x-swat, and invited him to do updates of it23:14
RAOFAh, cool.23:15
brycehI'm also thinking for x-updates we should think about carrying a mesa update as well.  The DDX's alone really aren't that interesting anymore23:15
brycehRAOF, great23:15
brycehfigure we should include for precise the same package we'll behaving in quantal23:16
brycehthen after 12.04.2 is released we can up that to 9.1 or whatever if we want23:16
Sarvattbryceh: problem is carrying a mesa update involves many other packages too ~1 month after a stable release releases.. wayland weston libxkbcommon are guaranteed, maybe llvm and libffi it needs, then tricky things like out of tree builds being broken for months or nouveau libdrm abi breaks. its always easiest right now where theres hardly any divergence but it will get stuck and stable updates will probably be better off for intel during that time be23:55
Sarvattcause they backport so much to them23:55
Sarvattjust having it be drivers is a huge benefit for nvidia people23:56

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