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Kiloshi Squirm and others05:11
Kilosso hows you 12.04?05:12
SquirmI can't get alsa working :(05:12
Kilosoh my here it worked on its own05:12
SquirmI never installed it like you did05:13
Kiloswhy not05:13
Squirmcause I don't like kde/gnome/lxde05:13
Squirmmate is ok, but went for what I had before05:14
Kiloswhat are you using05:14
Squirmmy [c looks and feels exactly the same as it did before, only now it runs Ubuntu as is a bit more updated05:14
Kiloswhat is that05:14
Kilosso no pulse either05:15
SquirmI'll show you a screenshot this evening05:15
Squirmwell, can't get either to work05:15
Kilossome of the pulse stuff must be installed or no sound works05:15
Squirmeverything is being picked up by alsa, right sound card, right model, etc. just nothing coming out of speakers05:16
Kilosok ill look tonight what it looks like05:16
Kilosnot a mute button you missed05:16
SquirmI've quadruple checked for that. but can't seem to find one05:17
Squirmchat in a bit, going to breakfast05:18
SquirmI'm late, as usual05:18
Kilosyou not near the pc now hey?05:18
SquirmI'm on it, but walking out the door05:18
Kilosok later05:19
magespawnmorning all05:40
Kiloshey magespawn 05:40
magespawnhey Kilos05:40
magespawni see Squirm  has sound problems05:41
Kilosmaybe hes doing like ian and got the speakers in the wrong hole05:41
Kiloshehe he spent days on it05:42
magespawndoes happen, check the most obvious things first. is there petrol in the tank?05:42
Kiloslol ya05:43
magespawnyou know how a problem with ubuntu/linux is flash and flash websites? 05:46
SquirmI was playing music before I formatted. So everything was working up to that point05:46
magespawnwell i can't get it to work on that other os either05:46
Squirmchecked everything isn't muted many times(always could have missed something)05:46
magespawnmmm Squirm  so something has changed then.05:47
Kilosgstreamer plugins for alsa maybe05:47
Squirmhave gstreamer-alsa, gstreamer-ugly/bad/good05:47
Kilossudo modprobe speakers05:50
magespawnwhen you play sound do you get the levels showing in software?05:51
Kilosand alsamixergui 05:53
Kilosmaybe install vlc and see if sound works05:55
Kiloshows things there magespawn 05:55
magespawngood doing a online course05:56
Kiloson what?05:57
magespawna+ then n+ then MCITP05:57
magespawnmore grunt work than anything else05:58
magespawni have found some links for you Squirm 06:01
SquirmI have tried many of those06:02
Squirmthanks though, I'll have a look through06:02
Squirm$ sudo aplay -l06:02
Squirm**** List of PLAYBACK Hardware Devices ****06:02
Squirmcard 0: Intel [HDA Intel], device 0: ALC662 rev1 Analog [ALC662 rev1 Analog]06:02
Squirm  Subdevices: 1/106:02
Squirm  Subdevice #0: subdevice #006:02
Squirmcard 0: Intel [HDA Intel], device 1: ALC662 rev1 Digital [ALC662 rev1 Digital]06:02
Squirm  Subdevices: 1/106:02
Squirm  Subdevice #0: subdevice #006:02
Squirmsorry for the paste06:02
Squirmmy card is being picked up06:03
magespawnthese all seem to deal with coerrect hardware but with software settings and problems.06:04
magespawncorrect even06:04
Squirmnot in front of my pc at the mo to test06:06
Squirmwill test it at lunch06:06
magespawnhey np, easy for me to search, no worries06:06
magespawnif one helps let us know.06:08
SquirmI shall06:09
Squirmwell, you'll know if it hasn't worked06:09
magespawni suppose we would, lol06:16
Kilosmorning maiatoday 06:32
superflygood evening folks06:35
maiatodayhi all06:35
Kiloshi sup`06:35
Kilossuperfly, 06:35
magespawnhey superfly, maiatoday 06:35
nuvolarisvn FTL :(06:38
nuvolariserver acting up today for no reason06:39
nuvolarisvn ls operation takes 9 seconds on the local network...06:39
Kiloslo nuvolari 06:39
nuvolarihi oom Kilos :)06:45
nuvolarigaan dit goed vanoggend?06:45
Kilosja dankie en jy?06:45
nuvolarija oom, dit gaan goed, nuwe dag :)07:01
superflySquirm: I know this sounds silly, but just make double sure you have your speakers plugged into the right socket. It's usually the light green socket07:04
jrgnscan't say how many times i though my sound wasn't working, where it was either muted or plugged into the wrong socket...07:17
Kiloshi jrgns morgs 07:35
jrgnsmorning Kilos07:35
Kilosi go sort sheep07:35
jrgnssounds interesting07:35
superflyheya morgs07:43
morgshi superfly07:45
superflyhow's things, morgs?07:45
Kiloshi aquarat 08:07
aquarathi Kilos 08:07
aquarathowzit going ?08:08
Kilosgood ty and you?08:08
aquaratgood :)08:08
aquaratI'm trying to get mdadm going on a raspberry pi08:08
aquaratbut after running into some obstacles I figure perhaps LVM is a better route08:09
aquarat(and the USB bottlenecks)08:09
Kiloshaha there are some raspberry guys here08:09
aquaratI'm sure08:09
aquaratanyone who's run ubuntu will be fairly at home using a pi08:09
aquaratwell, minus unity08:10
aquaratwhich would probably run nicely on a pi08:10
aquaratdo people talk about Unity or is it like religion ?08:10
magespawnthere was a discussion going on in the list08:11
Kilossome guys hate it and have swopped to other flavours08:11
tonberryE352unity on a pi?08:11
Kilosi tried it for the past 2 months and its not too bad but slow so i have installed mate onto 12.0408:12
aquaratit'd probably work08:12
tonberryE352sounds like a bad idea08:12
superflyI'm a KDE user, so I'm immune :-D08:12
aquaratwhy ?08:12
aquaratI wouldn't do it08:12
superflytonberryE352: no, I don't think it has the resources to run Unity08:12
tonberryE352im not so sure08:12
aquaratthe pi does have an integrated gpu08:12
tonberryE352the pi I played with was sluggish on the default lxde08:12
superflythough a colleague here at work is using his Pi as a media centre, and it works well08:12
aquaratyeah lots of people are using them as media pcs08:13
tonberryE352o and ram usage08:13
aquaratah well08:13
aquaratI don't even run an x server on mine lol08:14
aquaratjust use them as little servers08:14
tonberryE352you dont even need to start x to decode media on it08:14
aquaratx tunneling ?08:14
tonberryE352omxplayer is more than happy to run out of a terminal08:14
tonberryE352not exactly sure what trickery is done to make it work08:15
aquaratI doubt video would play back nicely via ssh x tunneling08:15
aquaratif that's what's being done08:15
tonberryE352very doubtful yes08:15
tonberryE352no tunneling08:15
aquaratmplayer works in the terminal for mp3s and internet radio :P08:16
tonberryE352omxplayer just dumps the video output to your screen regardless of what the screen is showing08:16
aquaratyou can probably get vlc or mplayer to use the hdmi output as the video display08:16
Kerberomplayer does not support the hardware decoding08:16
Kerberoneither does vlc08:16
Kerberoyou have to use omxplayer08:16
aquaratoh ok08:16
tonberryE352dont think so08:16
Kerberosome custom thing08:16
Kerberovaapi is intel and amd08:17
aquaratoh ok08:17
Kerberovdpau is nvidia08:17
aquaratyes, I tried getting vaapi going on my slate 50008:17
Kiloshi drussell 08:34
drussellKilos: howdy!08:35
Kiloshmm hi psyatw 09:11
psyatwhi Kilos 09:16
KilosMaaz, coffee on11:00
* Maaz flips the salt-timer11:00
Kilosinetpro, koffie tyd11:00
Kiloshmm steven gone travelling again11:03
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!11:04
KilosMaaz, thanks11:04
MaazKilos: No problem11:04
magespawnhey Kilos how the sheep?11:08
Kilosall good ty apaert from one old ewe thats too lazy to walk after food so i gotta cut and carry11:11
Kilosshe also had them strange ticks around the butt11:12
magespawnwhen you get old you get certain privilages11:12
magespawnso maybe not lazy11:12
Kilosmust be a hybrid or evolved paralasis tick11:13
Kilosglobal warming has modified them11:14
magespawnmaybe when i was studying nat con i thought they only occured in the karoo11:15
Kilosno lots northern natal too but not this colour11:16
Kilosthink they the bontpoot ticks in natal11:16
Squirm<superfly> Squirm: I know this sounds silly, but just make double sure you have your speakers plugged into the right socket. It's usually the light green socket <-- I did check. I had music playing before format, I never unplugged or adjusted speaker volume inbetween. but yeah...11:57
superflySquirm: never hurts to check :-)12:03
Squirmit doesn't that's why I did12:04
SquirmWHen I get it working, I need to find soemewhere I can save as to how12:19
Squirmcause I always have the problem12:20
Kilosah always prob with same pc Squirm ?12:22
Squirmit'd have been fine if I did a normal installation. I know it would have.12:27
Kiloswhat have you actually changed from a normal install?12:28
SquirmI did a minimal install14:45
Squirmit doesn't seem to set everything up automatically14:46
SquirmSystemSettings -> Sound -> (Select output) SPEAKERS14:48
Squirmhow would I do that on the cli?14:48
Squirmsuperfly: I don't think it's picking up my output devices14:51
superflySquirm: sadly, I haven't messed with audio enough to be able to help you :-/14:52
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=== Trixar_za is now known as Trix[a]r_za
nuvolariteeheeeheee! superfly, sleep-eating :P17:28
nuvolarioe oe, 4de kabinet17:29
Kerberonet jammer ons tv uitsendings is dood :(17:30
nuvolari:-/ neee!17:30
nuvolaridit suck17:30
nuvolarihoe is dit dood Kerbero ?17:30
Kerberovanoggend 8h gestop17:30
Kerberoverdwyn uit die lug17:31
Kerberoek praat van die toets DVB-T2 uitsendings17:31
Kerberoso hulle speel seker nog daarmee17:31
nuvolarimao. Die pleister aftre na die bloedskenk is erger as die bloedskenk self :-/17:31
Kerberolol ja17:31
nuvolariok, ek is weg, storie is aan die gang :P17:33
nuvolarisuperfly: your video of zak17:39
superflynuvolari: that I gathered... it was the stuff afterward I was having trouble following17:40
nuvolarisuperfly: oh :P sorry17:40
nuvolari"Die 4de Kabinet" is a series on SABC 217:40
kilosyeah not to bad either17:41
superflyah, now I follow17:45
superflytumbleweed: when you get back, I have a question or few for you18:27
inetprosuperfly: where did he go?18:29
inetprogood evening everyone18:29
kilosnuvolari, klomp skelms daar ne18:29
kiloshi inetpro welcome to ubuntu-za18:29
inetprokilos: ty18:29
superflyinetpro: CLUG dinner18:29
smilebye :p18:33
tumbleweedsuperfly: hi18:33
superflytumbleweed: hi, I upgraded to the beta (the proper way) and now X doesn't seem to be very happy18:36
superflyI've tried with nvidia drivers, and with the nouveau, but X doesn't seem to like either.18:37
superflyany hints?18:37
tumbleweedcan you define "not very happy"?18:37
superflytumbleweed: doesn't start. I'm looking at the log file, and there are some errors in there18:38
superflyone says that the glx module's abi differed from the server18:38
superfly*differs 18:39
tumbleweedpackage managed nvidia drivers?18:39
tumbleweedok, this sounds vaugely familiar18:39
tumbleweedI thuoght it was fixed ages ago, though18:39
superflyit loads the nouveau driver successfully , but there are still a few other errors in the log file18:42
tumbleweedsuperfly: yeah, fixed on the 28th18:42
superflybut they don't look like they'd affect anything18:42
superflyhrm, I had that version installed18:43
tumbleweedyou need to reboot to switch between nouveau and nvidia18:43
tumbleweedbecause the nvidia driver can't work when the nouveau kernel module is loaded18:43
superflyI have... I also get a segfault when I try to reboot from the command line, but I can live with that 18:44
tumbleweedI suggest visiting #ubuntu-x / #ubuntu+118:45
* tumbleweed can't provide much help without seeing logs18:45
tumbleweedpastebinit is awesome for that18:45
superflyand I can't get the logs online without a gui18:45
superflyis that a command line tool?18:46
tumbleweedI assume you also deleted xorg.conf when switching between the drivers?18:46
tumbleweedI don't see any even vaguely related open bugs18:47
tumbleweedso this is something interesting...18:47
inetprosuperfly: aptitude install pastebinit18:48
superflytumbleweed: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1199235/18:48
* superfly just typed that out -_-18:49
superflytumbleweed: I've just purged noveau to see if it was causing a problem18:50
tumbleweedso, this log was with noveau purged, and nvidia installed?18:51
superflyno, other way around18:51
tumbleweed[    19.858] (II) LoadModule: "nvidia"18:51
tumbleweed[    19.890] (WW) Warning, couldn't open module nvidia18:51
tumbleweed[    19.890] (EE) Failed to load module "nvidia" (module does not exist, 0)18:52
tumbleweedit couldn't find it18:52
tumbleweedbleh, you said other way around18:52
tumbleweedsuperfly: dpkg -l dpkg -l xserver-xorg-video-nouveau xserver-xorg18:53
tumbleweed(all I want is the versions)18:55
tumbleweeddoes your irc client have an /exec? :)18:56
superflytumbleweed: I'm on my Android tablet18:56
superflytumbleweed: paste of my latest attempt: 119925018:57
tumbleweed[    20.231] (EE) NVIDIA: Failed to load the NVIDIA kernel module. Please check your18:57
tumbleweed[    20.231] (EE) NVIDIA:     system's kernel log for additional error messages.18:57
superflyhave, saw that.18:58
superfly*ja 18:58
tumbleweedwhy did it fail to load?18:58
tumbleweeddmesg | grep -i nvidia ?18:59
superflyI only see my onboard audio stuff19:01
superflyKern.log and syslog both just show the module loading, but no errors19:02
inetprohmm.... superfly I remember vagualy something about header files19:03
inetprokernel headers19:03
tumbleweedit's a long time since I've used the proprietary nvidia driver19:03
tumbleweedinetpro: if it's loading, it's built19:03
tumbleweedsuperfly: so, if you lsmod, you see it?19:04
superflysadly the nouveau driver is not stable enough for my games19:04
tumbleweedyeah, I can't run any gl stuff on my desktop. nouveau doesn't like it19:04
superflyah, no module in lsmod19:05
tumbleweedmodprobe it?19:05
superflyah, it seems to be blacklisted19:05
tumbleweedthe nouveau package could do that. Can't remember all the details here19:06
inetproand just in for in case:19:07
inetproaptitude search linux-headers-`uname -r`19:07
nuvolarithere :> now I'm happy for a change19:08
nuvolariawesome wm19:08
nuvolarirocks my boat19:08
kilosnuvolari, shhh19:09
* nuvolari fluister19:09
nuvolarihoekom oom kilos ?19:09
kilosdie vlieg sukkel19:10
kiloshy en tuimelkruid werk hier19:10
nuvolari:O apologies19:10
kiloswhere the fly and weed went19:14
kilosgrrr we were learning19:14
tumbleweedpresumably he's hacking away furiously19:14
kilosnot often he battles19:15
superflytumbleweed: I managed to enable the module, but it doesn't seem to have helped... busy trying to find output why19:15
tumbleweeddmesg | tail19:17
superflytumbleweed: I still had kdm installed, and lightdm was also installed, so I've removed kdm to see if that helps19:22
superflyit looks like kubuntu uses lights now19:23
superflyhrm, dmesg says that lightdm terminated with status 119:25
tumbleweedthe more useful thing for dmesg to tell you would be module loading problems19:25
superflyas did plymouth19:25
superflynope, no errors loading the nvidia module19:27
superflyah, lightdm shows no greeters19:28
tumbleweedsuperfly: wtf?19:29
tumbleweedyou do have kubuntu-desktop installed?19:29
tumbleweedwhen you boot, it is using VESA graphics, right? not modesetting and getting a high resolution?19:30
superflytumbleweed: no, I use text mode19:30
tumbleweedright, but it is 80x20, not high-res?19:31
tumbleweedwhat I'm getting at is: does it load nouveau when you boot?19:31
superflyafter reinstalling the kde greeter, now it works19:32
superflytumbleweed: no, not as far as I know19:32
tumbleweedbut you have it working now?19:33
tumbleweedthat's what matters19:34
tumbleweedwe're busy having a big old grumble in #ubuntu-release about breakage in upgrades :)19:34
kiloswell done superfly tumbleweed 19:35
kilosnight all . sleep tight19:35
superflyyay! Thanks tumbleweed, you're a star19:36
superflynow, for some reason, Quassel lost all its settings19:38
tumbleweedubuntu-bug quassel...19:39
czajkowskiSquirm: ello :) 19:52
* Squirm looks at czajkowski 19:52
SquirmI know you19:52
Squirmcan't quite tell from where though19:52
czajkowskiso what's wrong with ALSA and also what version of Ubuntu are you running 19:52
czajkowskidrubin: booo long time buddy! 19:52
Squirmrunning Ubuntu 12.04.1, ALSA seems to be picking up my Intel onboard sound card, but nothing is playing19:54
Squirmjust did a purge on all alsa packages, reinstalling now19:54
nuvolarithat's a glorious moment20:06
nuvolariMaaz: google define:glorious20:06
Maaznuvolari: "Glorious | Define Glorious at Dictionary.com" http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/glorious :: "Glorious - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster ..." http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/glorious :: "Paul Baloche - "Glorious" - Live - YouTube" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U-5T2UAZoPU :: "Glorious Revolution - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glorious_Revolution :: "glorious - def20:06
nuvolarifail :-/20:06
nuvolariMaaz: can you define words?20:07
Maaznuvolari: What?20:07
nuvolariMaaz: spell glorious20:09
Maaznuvolari: Yup, that's a word all right20:09
tumbleweedMaaz: define glorious20:10
Maaztumbleweed: Glorious \Glo"ri*ous\, a. [OF. glorios, glorious, F. glorieux, fr. L. gloriosus. See {Glory}, n.] [1913 Webster] 1. Exhibiting attributes, qualities, or acts that are worthy of or receive glory; noble; praiseworthy; excellent; splendid; illustrious; inspiring admiration; as, glorious deeds. [1913 Webster]  These are thy glorious works, Parent of good ! --Milton. [1913 Webster]  2. Eager for glory or distinction; haughty; boastfu20:10
tumbleweednuvolari: there's also gdefine, if you like google's definitions...20:10
drubinczajkowski: Welcome! yes it has been a long time20:10
drubinczajkowski: what brings you to these parts?20:10
czajkowskidrubin: chatting to Squirm in another channel and he said he was over your way 20:12
czajkowskihe was having issues with 12.04.01 and sound 20:12
Squirmstill do20:12
Squirmjust putting it out there20:12
nuvolariooh :> awesome20:14
nuvolarithanks tumbleweed 20:15
Squirmso speaker-test works20:15
Squirmbut nothing else20:15
nuvolarimebbe you need pulseaudio20:15
nuvolaria wild guess20:16
nuvolariok, i'm out20:16
nuvolaribed is calling20:16
Squirmnuvolari: wait20:16
Squirmwhen you heading my way?20:16
nuvolariSquirm: only in Dec20:17
nuvolariI know i know :-/20:17
Squirmmaybe I'll come knock at your door looking for a place to stay20:17
nuvolarias long as you're not kicked out of home20:18
drubinczajkowski: Ah cool. I just got home and climbed into bed. so gonna call it a night.20:32
drubinczajkowski: :) Glad to see you still around!20:32
czajkowskino fear of me not going anywhere ;)20:32
czajkowskistill on the CC and on the LC and now working in Canonical 20:33
Squirmso czajkowski is now the guy to ask about Ubuntu related issues20:34
czajkowskinarp :)20:43

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