zeeeerofor cisco btw00:00
zeeeerocheck out http://tversity.com/ as well. they are more xbox oriented I believe.00:03
icariouscan anyone tell me, which ubuntu repo contains the broadcom 4313 drivers?00:06
black_13is there a way to remaster the unbutu install cd to boot off a hard drive00:07
snwhicarious, the restricted repe "bcmwl-kernel-source" package00:07
pragmaticenigmaicarious: You need to install the firmware-b43-installer which should enable the ability to install the drivers00:08
icarioussnwh: isnt it the package "firmware-b43-installer" which contains the driver?00:08
icariouspragmaticenigma: thanks mate00:08
icariousi was confused which package contains the drivers ..00:08
pragmaticenigmathe installer doesn't contain the driver, just the definition for the hardware detection to be able to identify and retrieve the correct drivers00:09
pragmaticenigmaicarious: after you install that package, you will see the device appear in the additional drivers utiility00:09
icariouspragmaticenigma: so installing the package "firmware-b43-installer" will fetch the drivers for Broadcom 431300:09
snwhicarious, I have the broadcom 4313 and all I install bcmwl-kernel-source00:09
icariouspragmaticenigma: thanks00:09
snwhicarious the b43-installer will just fetch them from the internet.00:10
pragmaticenigmalike everything snwh , there is more than one way to do things... just trying to use the easiest way that I know00:10
snwhpragmaticenigma, indeed there is, I just let the additional drivers dialog do its thing.00:11
visioneercan anyone help with trying to mkfs.ext4 for /dev/mapper/vg-root for encrypted drive?00:11
ikoniavisioneer: just explain the problem00:11
visioneerkeep getting ext2fs_check_mount: Input/outputerror while determining whether mounted00:12
ikoniavisioneer: is it mounted ?00:12
visioneeri tohught when i luksopen it mounted it00:13
xiamxwhere's "Tickless System (Dynmaic ticks)" in menuconfig? I've been looking for 15mins...00:13
ikoniaso it has to be unmounted to put a file system on it00:13
visioneerok ty00:13
trismxiamx: type / then NO_HZ and hit enter00:15
aliciapgso my sound stopped working after i changed a setting and then changed it back, does anyone have an idea of what i can do to fix it?00:17
smerztry the various sound output's00:19
daemongplaliciapg: specify what setting was changed00:19
smerzif you have multiple you can select a specific one (like line out & headphone out for example)00:19
xiamxtrism: thanks00:19
aliciapgsmerz: i've tried all combinations that i thought might work00:19
aliciapgdaemongpl: i changed from internal audio analog stereo to GF104 HDMI00:20
switchbladey'all.  i can't play DVDs.  U12.04.1 restricted installed00:20
kgeeI have a desktop and a laptop. I like that the ubuntu software center has many of the big indy games. What are the restrictions on multiple computer installs when it comes to paid apps?00:21
aliciapgsmerz: i only really have two choices for internal audio: analog output and analog headphones00:22
lewisubuntu vs lint00:22
visioneerikonia /dev/mapper/vg-root isnt mounted... same issue00:22
aliciapgsmerz: thanks for the suggestions, i just managed to fix it00:24
kgeecan I install paid apps on multiple computers? Do I need always-on network connectivity?00:24
ikoniavisioneer: is this your root file system logical volume ?00:24
aliciapgthe output volume at the top was stuck at 0% even when i had the volume increased on the top panel00:25
visioneerikonia vg-root is the fs for the external00:25
ikoniaexternal ?00:25
ikoniavisioneer: why don't you explain what you are actually doing00:25
visioneerikonia im creating a fde external00:26
ikoniafde ?00:26
visioneerikonia pvcreate /dev/mapper/pvcrypt00:26
visioneerPhysical "volume /dev/mapper/pvcrypt" successfully created00:26
visioneervgcreate vg /dev/mapper/pvcrypt00:26
visioneerVolume group "vg" successfully created00:26
visioneerlvcreate -n root -l 100%FREE vg00:26
FloodBot1visioneer: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:26
visioneerLogical volume "root" created.00:26
daemongplfull disk encrypt00:26
ikoniaso what's a fde "external" ?00:27
ikoniawhat's an "external200:27
switchbladehow can i post a screenshot?00:27
daemongplsounds like trying to encrypt an external HD00:27
arleslie3upload it to site and post link00:27
visioneerikonia full disk encryption00:27
ikoniavisioneer: yes, FDE was explained, but whats an "external200:27
ikoniadamn "external"00:27
visioneeri have an external drive i am trying to creat a bootable fde on00:28
daemongplahahaha that 200:28
ikoniaand you're using lvm for that.....00:28
ikonialvm on external disks, doesn't sound wise00:29
daemongplbootable encryption installer or bootable OS that is encrypted00:29
=== Dad_ is now known as Guest97631
visioneerikonia i used cryptsetup. is that lvm?00:29
visioneerdaemongpl bootable os that is encypted00:30
philsfthe unity dasher autohide is much more difficult to activate in 12.04 than in 11.10. Is there any way to restore the behavior of the previous release?00:31
Fail_fetchhello everyone: i installed Jaunty Jackalope and wanted to upgrade my OS from there but my repositories are old and i get Fail Fetch errors. help!00:32
Fail_fetchshould i edit my /apt/sources.list ? but i tried all kinds of mirrors still the same00:34
wasanzyplease am trying to create a startup disk using the startup disk creator on ubuntu 12.04 but it is not working00:35
daemongplvisioneer: I don't have experience with cryptsetup but from google it looks like it only encrypts the drive with no option to make it bootable. So to use that external drive you need an OS that has cryptsetup installed to be prompted for password to open the drive.00:35
wasanzythe iso if centos iso00:35
daemongplvisioneer: what OS is on the external HD?00:36
snwhwasanzy, I do believe the startup disk creator doesn't do isos outside of ubuntu00:36
visioneerdaemongpl ive created a boot partition for that00:36
wasanzyso what can I use instead? because I need to create a startup disk using my pendrive00:37
daemongplvisioneer, boot partition has to boot some sort of OS with cryptsetup installed to access the drive00:37
visioneerspecifically, im following this tut http://www.edwiget.name/2011/11/administration-backtrack-5r1-full-disk-encryption-install-to-hard-drive/00:37
snwhwasanzy, you can try unetbootin or the command "sudo dd if=[location of your iso] of=[location of your pendrive, /dev/sdX]"00:37
daemongplyou need something that will encrypt the drive and add its own preboot screen without software required00:37
Guest4770how do i hide the bottom panel in gnome classic? i googled it but havent sound a solution00:38
wasanzysunh: thank you I will try that00:38
snwhwasanzy, for example: sudo dd if=some-centOS.iso of=/dev/sdc00:38
visioneerdaemongpl im not concerned about that because ive done this for a live persistent FDE usb... now cant do it on stupid HDD00:38
daemongplvisioneer, so if its been done... let me ask have you tried to boot up the external OS and encrypt while its running?00:39
johnnyfiveI have a question.. If I install some software in /opt/ that is started via shell script (./script), and I create a symbolic link for that script in /usr/bin/start_my_software, running start_my_software *should* open it, right? Or is there something tricky with symoblic links and shell scripts?00:39
Guest4770how do i hide the bottom panel in gnome classic? i googled it but havent sound a solution00:40
visioneerdaemongpl i have to mkfs before i can install the OS00:41
visioneerdeamongpl correct?00:42
daemongplvisioneer: so no OS is currently loaded on the external?00:42
Cyclohexanedoes anyone know the apt repo link for linux_source?00:42
visioneerdaemongpl nope. trying to get to that point but no fs yet00:42
switchbladeso yeah, i can't play a dvd or a blu-ray00:43
daemongpllinux going on external?00:43
switchbladenah, internal00:43
ring2switchblade, have you installed libdvdcss2?00:44
daemongplvisioneer: Use the tool --- sudo apt-get install unetbootin00:45
visioneerdaemongpl that doesnt create FDE. does it?00:45
daemongplvisioneer: makes it EZ unless you are trying to learn the commands to do it in terminal00:45
switchbladei think so.   how can i know for sure?00:45
ubuntu8what's your opinion on OpenSuse and Fedora? :P00:46
daemongplvisioneer: installs OS to external and makes it bootable... you boot into it then encrypt00:46
visioneerdaemongpl i am doing it in terminal via fdisk and cryptsetup00:46
ring2switchblade, i'm sorry, it's called libdvdread400:46
daemongplvisioneer: you cannot install OS and encrypt at same time... one then the other00:46
bazhangubuntu8 offtopic here00:46
ring2switchblade, in a terminal: apt-cache policy libdvdread400:46
ubuntu8sorry !!00:47
ClientAliveis there any way to specify a pause before mounting in fstab. I'm not sure this would fix the problem but it's the best guess I have. I have a couple logical volumes I mount through fstab but recently one of them has been throwind an error at boot time and I have to "press s to skip"00:47
wilee-nileeClientAlive, the UUID correct for it?00:48
switchbladeRING2 - ok, i got that, and it's still not working..  do i need to reboot?00:49
ring2switchblade, if it says "Installed: (none)" it is not installed00:49
ring2switchblade, is it installed?00:50
switchbladering2, yes00:50
Jordan_UClientAlive: Can you post the fstab line in question? Most likely you can work around the problem by turning off automatic fsck (making the last column '0').00:50
ClientAlivewilee-nilee: I've been using /dev/mapper/system-storage (that's it's name)00:50
ring2switchblade, execute: sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread4/install-css.sh00:50
ClientAliveI can post the fstab. one moment00:50
m0r0nHi I accidentally declined a security certificate for pidigin (network security certificate) and now it wont work. Where can I accept the certificate?00:51
ring2switchblade, done?00:51
switchbladewahoo!!!! it works!!!00:52
ring2switchblade, you're welcome00:52
switchbladewill it play Blu-Rays, too?00:52
switchbladecuz i've got a brdrom drive00:52
ring2switchblade, vlc should be able to play it00:53
ClientAlivehere's my fstab. Last 3 entries are my additions/ logical volumes. Second to last entry (/dev/mapper/system-media was just created like 5 min ago and never been tried. /dev/mapper/system-storage is the one give me a proble, /dev/mapper/system-virtual_machines has never given a problem)00:53
ClientAlivesorry: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1197781/00:53
switchbladeyou're the best, RING200:53
ring2switchblade, but i don't know, if it'll play bluerays with some fancy copy-protection00:54
kingCrawlerxis there any particular reason usernames must be all lowercase by default in ubuntu?00:56
LeidenfrostHello people. I'm trying to use kmscon and it fails because it can't find libuterm.so.1. Any idea where can I install this library?00:56
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kingCrawlerxand if I force a bad name, will it bite me later?00:56
ClientAlivewillee-nilee: brb. gotta step away for a moment00:56
HiggsPossumanybody heard about the e3b ubuntu plug-in, it's some sort of add-on to facilitate the use of ubuntu for the blind and handicapped, I was just wondering if they had an official channel as the channel #e3b on Freenode doesn't seem to be related to it...00:58
icariouswhenever i am trying to install firmware-b43-installer to enable my broadcom 4313 wireless i am getting a " unsupported device found: PCI id 14e4:4727" during installation00:59
icariousany solution ?00:59
LeidenfrostNevermind. I had to run ./configure with "--prefix=/usr/".00:59
ikoniathe device is not supported by that driver00:59
icariousikonia: then which driver should i install00:59
ring2switchblade, if you encouter non-working bluerays, you probably have to fiddle some more. here is a good start: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/BluRayAndHDDVD00:59
ikoniaicarious: the one which supports your device00:59
icariousikonia: and ofcource which one is that? sorry i am asking cause i have no clue. i just want to activate my wireless01:00
ikoniaicarious: so your job is to research it's linux support, and which drivers supports it01:00
dr_williswe cant tell you.... :) start with lspci perhaps?01:00
OerHeksicarious, according to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx you need the STA driver01:01
switchbladethanks, y'all.01:01
ClientAlivewillee-nilee: I'm back if you have any suggestions01:02
icariousOerHeks: which package?01:02
randi_just curious, is there any voip solutions for ubuntu that allow me to have a regular phone number and use a landline phone? Like skype has...01:02
OerHeksicarious, why ask here, it is all on that page..01:02
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excervorandi, you can use software for telephony that ubuntu support01:03
ClientAlivethis is the updated one with the new entry for the new logical volume: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1197796/01:04
randi_excervo, I've seen a few but they just use SIP numbers01:05
OerHeksrandi_, try Ekiga for VOIP01:05
LeidenfrostWhere can I install libxkbcommon.h?01:06
icariousOerHeks: i cant understand the "Under the desktop menu System > Administration > Hardware/Additional Drivers, the STA drivers can be activated for use. " because i have a stock lxde installation01:07
icariousi have the package installed. but its not activated01:07
dr_willisicarious:  run the tool 'jockey-gtk' from the terminal.01:08
icariousok thanks for that01:08
dr_willisicarious:  you may need to reboot after installing it.01:08
Donato11Hello everyone01:09
Donato11I just have a quick question. Can I install Cinnamon and GNOME 3 on Ubuntu at the same time, so that I can switch when I want to?01:09
ClientAliveis chat.freenode having problems or something?01:09
true_techiei just resized a partition with ubuntu on it to create 16GB worth of free space for windows. after i installed windows the partition with ubuntu on it vanished. what happened?01:09
Cyclohexaneif i do make && make install > install.log will that only store make isntall output or both?01:09
ikoniawell, Cinnamon isn't an official package, so yes you can install it but you won't get much support01:10
ikoniaCyclohexane: don't do that01:10
Donato11Well I have Gnome 3 installed right now, and i don want to lose it by installing CInnamon01:10
ikoniaDonato11: you won't "lose" it01:10
Donato11Cool thank you. Awesome that you guys are here :D01:10
dr_willistrue_techie:  how did you 'install' windows?01:11
Cyclohexaneikonia: why not?01:11
ikoniaCyclohexane: oh, I don't care, do it if you really want to. I advise against it, but it's up to you01:11
true_techiedr_willis, i had ubuntu booting from a jump drive01:11
Cyclohexaneikonia: you advise against it without reasoning.. ?01:11
Donato11What is bad about Cinnamon?01:12
ikoniaI can't be bothered01:12
dr_willisDonato11:  its not officaially supported here. it could vanish/developers stop at any time..01:12
ikoniaDonato11: it's personal preference, some people like it, some don't01:12
dr_willisand gnome2 is basically dead.. and was really lacking in a great many ways.. time to move on to gnome301:12
Donato11Oh i understand. As far as I know its like a theme like for windows. But I am very very new to Ubuntu and such.01:13
dr_willisDonato11:  i would stick with unity and gnome3 then.01:14
Donato11Well im using gnome3 atm, and im pretty content with it.01:15
lauratikawhat calendar application you recomend?01:17
excervo 01:17
ClientAliveanyone know why I might be having a problem mounting my logical volume when I boot up?01:19
true_techiei installed ubuntu on an ext4 partition and then installed windows on an ntfs logical partition. why did the ubuntu partition vanish or why didnt it list both operating systems?01:21
iateadonutbecause windows doesn't want you to use linux01:22
iateadonutre-install grub01:22
xangua!grub2 | true_techie next time install windows first01:22
ubottutrue_techie next time install windows first: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)01:22
true_techiefirst link gave an internal server error01:22
iateadonuttrue_techie, you might get a disc like puppy linux and use it to dd your windows drive now, if you have it exactly like you like it, so that you can re-install windows again easily without over-writing grub01:23
iateadonutwell, don't give up - you're in for hours and hours and hours of learning how operating systems work to boot up.01:23
SnapSnapI want to torrent a file without anyone being able to see my IP. I used to use PeerBlock to block IP and HTTP trackers but it's not available for Linux. Can anyone recommend alternative software with a similar function?01:25
true_techiexangua, so youre saying i have to reformat the whole thing?01:25
xanguatrue_techie: did i say that¿ or do you want me to say that¿01:26
xanguainteresting how people interprete one says a thing that did not say01:26
true_techiexangua, i just need someone to point me in the right direction because the first link  you showed me is broken01:27
ikonia!grub2 | true_techie01:27
ubottutrue_techie: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)01:27
true_techiehttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub  is broken01:28
ikoniathe wiki appears to be down01:28
nick_hwith ufw, i added a new section to /etc/ufw/applications.d/openssh-server to allow 9323/tcp, and restarted ufw. however, port 9323 isn't open. does something else need to be done to open this port?01:30
excervohello guys what is the best video converter for ubuntu?01:31
Leidenfrostexcervo: ffmpeg01:31
WeThePeopletransmageddon or devede01:31
WeThePeoplesoft center01:31
excervoLeidenfrost, Thanks, I'll try that01:31
SnapSnapI want to torrent a file without anyone being able to see my IP. I used to use PeerBlock to block IP and HTTP trackers but it's not available for Linux. Can anyone recommend alternative software with a similar function?01:32
GraemeLionSnapSnap: Nope, impossible.01:32
GraemeLionSomeone will always see the IP linked to you.  It may be through proxies, but the swarm HAS to know your IP01:33
bhast2how do I get rid of the grable from the boot screen01:33
rtdoshey i added "0 0 * * * * /sbin/shutdown -h now" to my crontab, but do i need to update the sudoers file? ...to what?01:34
WeThePeopleis it possible to disable any of these>>> http://imgh.us/lsof-i.jpg01:34
SnapSnapGraemeLion, blocking IP and HTTP trackers is impossible?01:35
bhast2when Ubuntu boots up where it is suppose to say UBUNTU it is just a bunch of lines01:35
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WeThePeoplesnapsnap, maybe work through a socks501:36
=== jeremy_ is now known as Guest25034
Guest25034hi, noob here just testing this out.....01:37
GraemeLionSnapSnap: Yep.  They still see your IP in the swarm.01:37
WeThePeoplebut its sock501:37
GraemeLionAll peerguardian and peerblock do is consult a whitelist of people you won't share with.01:37
GraemeLionErr. blacklist.01:37
GraemeLionSnapSnap: So theoretically, you won't be sharing to the blocked IPs, and thus if you're involved in illicit downloads MIGHT not be prosecutable.01:40
GraemeLionSnapSnap: But it doesn't, and cannot hide your IP from the swarm.01:40
SnapSnapGraemeLion, interesting. I'm just getting started on tightening down my security so I'll have to look further into this.01:43
GraemeLionSnapSnap: I'd consider a proxy.01:43
RoxAboutrun torrents from work safer...even better from the dumb blondes pc next to ya01:44
SnapSnapI was thinking about routing all connections through Tor but A.) the connection wouldn't be encrypted, and B.) it would probably triple the download time. And I have no idea how to set up a VPN...01:44
NisstyreSnapSnap: are you talking about bittorrent? Just run the tracker connection through tor01:45
Nisstyrethat doesn't take much bw01:45
Nisstyrethen force encryption01:45
Nisstyrethat will take care of essentially all traffic shaping01:45
SnapSnapNisstyre, I have Tor installed, but have no idea how to route connections through it, or how to force encryption.01:45
NisstyreSnapSnap: what client? RTorrent is good.01:46
WeThePeoplehow do i disable these >>> http://imgh.us/lsof-i.jpg01:46
SnapSnapNisstyre, Transmission01:46
NisstyreSnapSnap: I recommend rtorrent because it's more configurable than transmission. Transmission is "Easier" to use because it's a GUI client, but rtorrent will server you better in the long run.01:46
WeThePeoplesnapsnap, use ip addreses01:46
WeThePeoplesnapsnap, start Tor and put the ip address in Transmission or rTorrent01:47
NisstyreSnapSnap: all you want to do, essentially is route all tracker connections (if using a tracker, this doesn't apply to magnet links) through a proxy system such as tor, a vpn, or any other proxy type deal01:47
NisstyreI believe Transmission will let you do this01:48
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NisstyreSnapSnap: you can run the entire thing through a vpn if you have one01:48
Nisstyrethat includes the actual downloading01:49
WeThePeopleor maybe its loca idk01:49
Nisstyresince a vpn is just a new network interface01:49
eziohow do i enable untrusted packages?01:49
NisstyreSnapSnap: keep in mind this doesn't stop people from seeing the VPN doing things, so pick a VPN provider you trust01:49
SnapSnapNisstyre, honestly I'm not as educated as I could be concerning Tor and VPNs so setting all of this up is kind of beyond me01:50
NisstyreSnapSnap: setting up OpenVPN is quite easy, see this https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/OpenVPN01:51
NisstyreSnapSnap: ignore all the stuff about servers01:51
Nisstyreyou just want the client01:51
NisstyreSnapSnap: there's probably a guide to just doing the client configuration somewhere...01:52
jribzykotick9: well later versions of upstart have override files you can use01:56
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cfhowlettHey is the question still active?  I've got a couple of resources01:59
wingyhow can you do something like http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ftpcHD3378&feature=player_embedded02:00
GraemeLionwingy: Looks like a gnome-shell thing.02:00
praeluceoWhat's the best way to deploy LibreOffice 3.6.1 (from Quantal) to a bunch of 12.04 workstations? Its not in backports yet, and I'd prefer to avoid adding the quantal repos just for one application.02:01
wingyGraemeLion: is Ubuntu Unity customizable like that?02:01
GraemeLionwingy: I don't think it is that much, no02:01
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Donato11Hello, one more quick question. Do you guys know how long you can run a machine with Ubuntu with out restarting/shuting down compared to a machine with windows 702:02
cfhowlettDonato11: I've seen 10 year uptimes ...02:02
GraemeLionDonato11: As long as the kernel doesn't update.02:02
Donato11Oh wow, very long time. Thank you.02:02
daemongplwingy: everything is customizable, its just how bad you want it.02:02
GraemeLionDonato11: But uptime comparisons are BS.  You should be rebooting on security upgrades for the kernel02:03
wingywould want something as simple as installing a theme02:03
Donato11Well yea i normally always reboot after updates (if required).02:03
wingydon't have that much time to learn how to configure everything02:03
Donato11if not I normally shutdown at the end of the day02:03
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wingyim looking at02:05
FloodBot1wingy: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:05
wingyis there a tutorial on how to do this on ubuntu?02:06
GraemeLionwingy: I would contact the people that made that and ask them how they do it.02:07
sarsaeolits mostly all compiz stuff in that vid02:07
sarsaeolit used to be sudo apt-get install ccsm02:07
wingywhat does one mean by "word"?02:07
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searaymandoes anyone know the name of the mint irc? or what irc would be a good place to ask for help?02:08
drupini just installed unbuntu studio on flas drive .. on apt-get update i get this message ...02:08
GraemeLionThat's the place.02:08
drupinCould not open lock file /var/lib/apt/lists/lock - open (13: Permission denied)02:08
GraemeLionAnd ugh, that DE looks utterly unusable.02:08
GraemeLionBut if I'm ever in a movie where someone needs to hack a Gibson, I know who to contact.02:08
xangua!mint | searayman02:09
ubottusearayman: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org02:09
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xanguadrupin: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade02:10
xanguaor just use the update manager02:10
drupinxangua: how can i add the current user to sudo02:11
drupinso i dont need type sudo all time02:11
unlessI just installed a upgrade version for VirtualBox and now Ubuntu Software Center app doesn't lists it as installed.02:11
drupini need to run update and upgrade both02:11
unlessI'd like to remove this applicaton.02:12
unlesscould someone help me please?02:12
Kentosdid you do the sudo apt-get install 'app'02:12
Kentos'app' being the virtualbox app02:13
=== RebeccaBlack is now known as Logan_
KentosDrupin you need help managing your packages/release version?02:13
unlessnopf, I think I installed via Ubuntu Software center at first.02:13
unlesssorry, nopf, I was saying it to Kentos02:14
Kentosdidnt realize i was in the general help section02:14
xubumafooi need some help installing linux onto a USB thumbdrive (not live mode, not persistent mode, not using casper)02:14
Kentosumm, you didnt find it through the...app search button at the top left or it doesnt work at all?02:14
fdgeecho "{user} ALL=(ALL) ALL" > /etc/sudoers.d/{user} && chmod 0440 /etc/sudoers.d/{user};02:15
xanguaxubumafoo: just install it as you would normally but select the usb stick in the advanced install option02:16
=== barf is now known as nycsd
Kentosunless: it doesnt work or your not sure itf it installed?02:16
Jordan_Uxubumafoo: Simply install Ubuntu the same way you would to an internal drive.02:17
fdgeyou will stil have to use sudo but you can use the command 'sudo -i' to go to a persistent 'root' prompt02:17
xubumafoothats what i thought xangua, but i have been having problems. the installer crashes aparently at random times. i've tried diff source media, diff destination media and even from a diff laptop02:17
ubottuAs you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)02:17
unlessKentos, the version available at USC didn't work, then I downloaded a upgraded version from oracle website as .deb and reinstalled it via USC again, then it stoped being recognized by USC and this one remains with same issues as the preview.02:18
unlessKentos, so maybe its time to see what could be wrong here.02:18
xubumafoohow can i read the crash report to find out what went wrong?02:18
cfhowlettHotel_Guest: greetings02:19
dj_ryanubuntu java dependencies are weird. i built my own jdk package that provides EVERY different meta package, and yet apt-get install maven attempts to pull down shit like gcj, icedtea, etc02:19
Hotel_Guesthow to disable these>>> http://imgh.us/lsof-i.jpg02:19
GraemeLionHotel_Guest: Why would you want to disable those?02:20
Hotel_Guestgraemelion, i think it is messin with my internet connection02:21
fdgeHotel_Guest: turn the firewall on?02:21
Hotel_Guestcfhowlett, hi02:21
wingyis there a tablet running ubuntu?02:23
cfhowlettHotel_Guest: sorry.  I'm in China.  Can't see your link02:23
xubumafoocheck ubuntu.org02:24
wingyyou mean .com?02:24
Hotel_Guestfdge, it doesnt help02:24
daemongplwingy: if you still interested this might help http://gnome-look.org/02:25
fragmachineHello, I'm trying to write a C program in eclipse, but I  don't get any output in the console. I've tried running  the program from the terminal ands it works fine. Any  ideas why? I'm on ubuntu 12.0402:25
jagginesswingy, tablet running ubuntu? there must be.. eventually later this year ubuntu tv is coming out02:25
wingydaemongpl: for gnome .. that means i have to switch from unity to gnome?02:26
Hotel_Guestfragmachine, see c++02:26
kaliohow do i delete a network interface using the ip or ifconfig tools?02:26
fragmachineHotel_Guest: you mean irc?02:26
jagginesskalio, why not just disable it?02:26
kaliojagginess: it's a temporary monitor interface from wireshark, said it couldn't remove and to do so manually02:27
Hotel_Guestkalio, sudo apt-get autoremove wireshark02:27
daemongplwingy: per wiki Unity is a shell interface for the GNOME desktop environment developed by Canonical Ltd for its Ubuntu operating system.02:27
rtdoshey i added "0 0 * * * * /sbin/shutdown -h now" to my crontab, but do i need to update the sudoers file? ...to what?02:27
jagginesskalio, i think wireshark needs an interface ip in order to work02:27
kaliojagginess: well yeah i'm done using wireshark though and want to remove this leftover interface02:28
jagginesskalio, ?02:28
jagginesskalio, left over interface?02:28
kalionetwork interface02:29
kaliolike eth0, wlan002:29
RehanI am trying to copy over a lot of data from a Windows share to my Synology NAS running linux. Copying with Windows Explorer keeps erroring out on some files (due to file names being too long or some other error). How can I use rsync or some other tool to copy over everything but skip the files that have already been copied?02:29
kaliothis is mon0, i'm trying to remove it with ifconfig/ipconfig02:29
daemongplwingy: so unity is interface (look) thats running on top of GNOME... so if your interested you may figure out how to replace it02:29
jagginesskalio, you're getting problems when trying to scan wlan0?02:29
=== jcromartie_ is now known as jcromartie
jagginesswingy, oh02:29
dietrichmanlooking for a way to automount a network share on startup...02:30
dietrichmanubuntu 12.0402:30
=== jesseC is now known as Guest11245
kaliojagginess: no i'm not scanning anything anymore, wireshark is closed, when i was in wireshark though i got an error that it failed to remove the mon0 interface and to do so manually02:30
wingytablets with ubuntu02:30
dietrichmani am a newbie at this, dont mean to bother you guys...02:31
cfhowlettdietrichman: no worries.02:31
squidnip_so, I have a permissions/groups question02:33
daemongpldietrichman: whats your command to open the network share?02:33
squidnip_I want to allow only certain users access to a folder, so I created a group titled folderaccess, and added those users to the group02:34
dietrichmani have been accessing network  shares via my home folder and then mounting it manually, the share set up isnt the problem, its setting up the automount in the terminal.....02:34
squidnip_then I changed the group of the folder to folderaccess02:34
squidnip_but users in that group still get permission denied. chmod on it is rwxrwx---02:35
jagginesssquidnip_, well if you changed anything with "group" memberships, be sure to logout then relogin02:36
squidnip_accessing it from ssh, can i just jump out of the session and back in?02:36
jagginesssquidnip_, ask a better question.. you obviously know that is a logoff02:37
squidnip_I'm new to this, but I tried it and it worked02:37
jagginessok good, so it works.02:38
squidnip_awesome, thanks02:38
squidnip_more advanced question now: I'm doing this to ultimately mount an NFS share I'm setting up from my laptop02:40
squidnip_from my reading I have to sync the uids on them02:40
squidnip_did that, still getting permission denied errors even though the uids and usernames match02:40
squidnip_do i have to also create a matching group or something on my laptop (osx)?02:41
unlessHow can I remove a application which isn't listed at package list but installed from USC and ins't listed at USC as well?02:41
ikoniaunless: if it's installed by usc, but not listed in usc or the package manager....you are mistaken02:42
cfhowlettunless: sudo apt-get purge foo.deb or sudo dpkg -r foo.deb IIRC02:42
Kentoswhat should i reference to make sure only one specific computer can be used as a remote access terminal02:42
jronI'm attempting to install a package (vsftpd) to migrate about 8 TB of data from an EOL server to a new LTS release via FXP... The apt-get is failing with a 404 which, after reading, is due to the release no longer being supported. As I'm only trying to install a package to get of this old release, is there a workaround to enable the installation of vsftpd? Thanks!02:43
ikoniaKentos: tcp wrappers or iptables, or sshd hosts02:43
NisstyreKentos: is this for ssh?02:43
cfhowlettunless: but ikonia is spot on.  USC packages are managed by USC ...02:43
NisstyreKentos: you can specify that in openssh.conf or w/e02:43
NisstyreI think...02:43
Kentosyes for ssh02:43
ikoniajron: point at old-releases.ubuntu.com02:43
Nisstyredon't use tcpwrappers02:43
Nisstyrethat is oooold02:43
jronikonia not us.old-releases.ubuntu.com, correct?02:43
ikoniajron: no, old-releases.ubuntu.com02:44
jronikonia, thank you. i'll give that a try now.02:44
NisstyreKentos: the best solution is to use ssh key authentication only02:45
NisstyreKentos: then only people with the correct private key can connect02:45
ikoniathat won't limit it to one host02:45
Nisstyreno, it won't02:45
ikoniathat will limit it to one key02:45
ikoniahis request was to limit it to one host02:46
Nisstyrebut it's a better solution imo02:46
ikonianot one user02:46
ikoniaNisstyre: no, it's not, if he wants to limit it to one host, then your solution is not what he asked for02:46
elisa87how can I open port 5900 for vnc? this doesn't work :  iptables -A INPUT -p tcp -d 0/0 -s 0/0 --dport 5900 -j ACCEPT02:47
unlesscfhowlett, didn't work with the package name I've downloaded (virtualbox-4.1_4.1.22-80657~Ubuntu~precise_i386.deb)02:47
Kentosthank you guys, i was thinking about the authentication key poroccess, i had read up on ssh a while back and noticed it was implemented for higher security02:47
ikoniaKentos: there is nothing wrong with keys, it's a great tool, but it will not limit access from one host as you initially requested02:47
Kentosright now i have the host configured to only allow access to the port from one IP, but im not sure i set it correctly02:48
jronikonia, you rock. thank you =)02:48
cfhowlettunless: dpkg -r foo.deb02:48
Kentoserr the server, from one host IP02:48
cfhowlettunless: sudo dpkg -r foo.deb02:48
cfhowlettunless: per the dpkg man pages dpkg -r removes and --purge will, well, purge02:50
cfhowletttelesis: greetings02:51
unlesscfhowlett, how do I know this package name?02:51
telesishas anyone installed ubuntu 12.04 on samsung series 3 laptop?02:51
Hotel_Guest--purge removes old packages of updates packages02:51
cfhowlettunless: it's the name you posted earlier ... virtualbox-etc-etc-etc.deb02:51
cfhowlettHotel_Guest: ty02:52
unlesscfhowlett, if I use that name I get this error : dpkg: error: package name in specifier 'virtualbox-4.1_4.1.22-80657~Ubuntu~precise_i386.deb' is illegal: character `~' not allowed (only letters, digits and characters `-+._')02:53
bkc_!give bkc_ wiki ATI driver02:53
* RoxAbout gives bkc_ a box of matches02:53
ubottubkc_: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:53
Hotel_Guestunless, just change it02:54
unlessHotel_Guest, like what?02:54
cfhowlettunless: quote marks around the package name or, as HG suggested, change02:54
unlessHotel_Guest, how ?02:54
user_list c02:55
Hotel_Guestunless, install from soft center02:55
unlessHotel_Guest, from SC it says I can only reinstall it.02:55
Hotel_Guestunless, whats wrong02:56
unlessHotel_Guest, I know that.02:56
Hotel_Guestunless, no.. what are you tring top do02:57
Hotel_Guestto do *02:57
cfhowlettunless: please restate the problem you're having02:58
unlesscfhowlett, I cannot remove a package.02:58
tpattwho else likes the pic of the ubuntu girls?02:59
unlessHow do I install a package with is not the default ?02:59
unlessLike I need to install the last version of a application ?02:59
Hotel_Guestunless, what distro u using03:00
unlessNot sure why but VirtualBox is not working here.03:00
jagginessunless, google: "List of software <type of software> site:wikipedia.org" .. likely there are packages for those alternative applications03:00
Hotel_Guestunless, 12.04, 10.0403:00
jagginessunless, it's very rare for programs to become obsolete or replaced by something better, but often they're still packaged03:01
unlessjagginess, I got a package at the developer website but it still not working.03:01
Hotel_Guestunless, unless, did you install?03:01
jagginessunless, or sometimes they may be in multiverse/3rd partner repos.. so just add all the repos with 'Update manager'03:01
cfhowlettunless: virtualbox is in the universe repo.  Current version is 4.1.12 ...03:03
Hotel_Guestunless, sudo apt-get update03:03
hippyjakeanyone know of a gui for dd?03:04
iateadonutwhat are you trying to do?03:04
Hotel_Guesthow to disable these processes>>> http://imgh.us/lsof-i.jpg03:04
iateadonutyou don't really need a gui, i think03:04
SillyTalkeris there a way to change the default session to lxde, without logging out? i just want to set it so that the next times i boot it will be lxde03:04
Hotel_Guesthippyjake, no03:05
gswainanyone know if 12.04 arm is stable?03:05
iateadonutbut gparted might give you a visual of your partitions, if that's what you're looking for, hippyjake03:05
hippyjakei dont (lazy tho)03:05
cfhowlettSillyTalker: pretty sure whatever DE is running at logout is default on re-login...03:05
Hotel_Guesthippyjake, oops clonezilla03:05
hippyjakeits for my pi03:05
iateadonutdd is like the laziest command there is - it'd be even more trouble to use a gui03:05
hippyjakehaha you have a point03:06
SillyTalkercfhowlett: i know this lol03:06
SillyTalkerbut this doesnt help me03:06
SillyTalkeri run a chroot image and its somehow setup to autologin, only autologin is disabled...03:06
SillyTalkerso i cannot choose a session when logging out03:06
cfhowlettSillyTalker: then I misunderstood your qeustion.  sorry.03:06
SillyTalkerso.... how do i do this through CLI...03:06
Hotel_Guestsillytalker, you mean logging in??03:08
SillyTalkerHotel_Guest: nope03:08
SillyTalkerHotel_Guest: i mean setting the default session, i want it to be LXDE03:08
SillyTalkernot unity garbage03:08
Hotel_Guestsillytalker, lxde soo boot into03:10
SillyTalkerHotel_Guest: wth does that even mean lol?03:10
Hotel_Guestim a sillytalker03:11
Hotel_Guestsillytalker, http://forums.opensuse.org/english/get-technical-help-here/applications/468958-how-set-lxde-default-environment.html03:13
shadedpixelHello :)03:13
cfhowlettshadedpixel: greetings03:13
SillyTalkerHotel_Guest: i'll check it out thanks03:13
shadedpixelHow is everyone this evening (atleast for me)03:14
tottiqshadedpixel, great03:15
shadedpixelGood to hear, just finished installing ubuntu minimal03:15
tottiqshadedpixel, minimal cd?03:16
shadedpixeltottiq, yes03:16
tottiqfirst time I hear about minimal, lol03:16
tottiqis it good?03:17
shadedpixeltottiq, its basiclly a base install of ubuntu (no GUI, pre-install software, etc.)03:17
SillyTalkerhow do i kill all the unity crap?03:17
ubottuUbuntu 11.10 and higher use GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic03:17
SillyTalkerHotel_Guest: startlxde works fine but i still need to kill the unity crap now03:17
Hotel_Guesthey any idea how to disable these processes>>> http://imgh.us/lsof-i.jpg03:18
tottiqSillyTalker, read the bot msg03:18
shadedpixeltottiq, and i like it :D03:18
tottiqso how does it looks like?03:18
cadeonehalfI don't suppose anyone here is intimately familiar with sound problems in 12.04?03:19
SillyTalkertottiq: what msg.. ?03:19
ubottuUbuntu 11.10 and higher use GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic03:19
tottiqSillyTalker, that msg03:19
cfhowlettcadeonehalf: ask in #ubuntustudio as well03:19
SillyTalkeri dont wanna use gnome03:19
cadeonehalfcfhowlett: ty03:19
SillyTalkeri wanna use lxde03:19
Hotel_Guestgnome is bad @ss03:20
OerHeksSillyTalker, LXDE standard does not come with unity.03:20
shadedpixelI like gnome, it just uses to much memory03:20
SillyTalkerOerHeks: i know, so i wanna get rid of unity, and use LXDE03:21
OerHeksSillyTalker, install lubuntu-desktop, logout, change GDM to LXDE and login again03:21
shadedpixelSillyTalker, what OerHeks said :D03:22
SillyTalkerOerHeks: for some sick reason i cannot pick my session when i login, and autologin is disabled03:22
SillyTalkeri'm using a prebuilt chroot03:22
SillyTalkerit logs in automatically03:22
SillyTalkeris there no config file or anything i can use for this?03:23
gswainIs anyone running the ARM port? is it stable?03:23
OerHeksyou can logout anytime. that is not automatic.03:24
altusanewHey I just wanted to send a shout out to whoever packaged the latest Chromium updates that I got tonight. Not sure if the specific people who were involved are on here tonight but if someone here knows who that was and could maybe pass it along, I just wanted to say thanks.03:24
OerHeks!arm | gswain03:24
ubottugswain: ARM is a specific (RISC) processor architecture used in a variety of applications such as handhelds and networkdevices. For more information see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM . For ARM specific support, stop by the #ubuntu-arm channel.03:24
SillyTalkerOerheks, no it just gives me a black screen when i log out03:26
SillyTalkerOerheks, but i can restart if that helps03:26
SillyTalkerOerheks, where should i change gdm to lxde?03:26
ClientAlivethere's something funny going on with my sticky bt. There's 3 directories. All 3 have identical perms but one has a capital T and the other have a lower t (all are drwxrwx--) then then thing with the sticky bit as I described. What on earth is going on with this?03:27
cadeonehalfwell, ubuntustudio is slow right now, so I'll try my luck here03:28
cadeonehalfrunning a Macbook Pro 3,1 and I have no sound out of speakers, and (sometimes) whisper-quiet sound from headphones. I've added the model code to the alsa-base.conf file, installed (and later un-installed) pulseaudio, and any other trick I could find in the guides from 2008-ish.03:29
ClientAliveI figured it out  lol  :o03:30
ClientAlivecam someone help me figure out why I have to run sudo on commands like mkdir and mount (normal everyday commands)  ??03:31
aeon-ltdClientAlive: are you working outside ~ ?03:31
FloodBot1shadedpixel: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:32
ClientAliveaeon-ltd: If by outside you mean ssh or something, then no. I'm physically on this coputer. I fig that one out too though (about why I had to use sudo). Seems to me there is something funny going on with using my system though. I'd swear that after using chown and chmod to set a directory to my user then reboot it sets it back to root and whatever perms they were before.03:35
luoluoluohi there, I'm using 12.04, and upgrading to 3.2.0-30-generic.  But the upgrade program keeps running for over 1.5 hours and not finish yet.  I discover that a program called depmod is running and occupied 100% of my cpu all the time.  Previous upgrade didn't take such a long time.  Any of you experience this?03:35
ClientAliveoutside my home directory you meant. Well actually I am atm. Working in /mnt03:35
ClientAlivewell, I think I undrstand what you were getting at aeon-ltd and I get what's going on here. thx man03:37
ClientAliveIs there a way to set the system up so every time I create a directory it gives it the perms drwxdrwx---    rather than drwxdrwxr-x  ??03:43
ClientAliveso it gives those perms I want automatically when the directory is created?03:43
=== paulus68_ is now known as paulus68
rsw #vbox03:47
cfhowlettzeeeero: greetings03:48
zeeeeroIm having some permission problems think you can help03:49
=== atrius is now known as atrius_away
chillpil1_yes go03:50
zeeeeroI have a headless ubuntu server 12.04 and am trying to share a partition through samba03:50
zeeeeroBUT I cant change the permission on the folder that I own and the files in it.03:50
chillpil1_very good03:50
SillyTalkercan i change the default session without loggin out? (i do not get the menu topick my session, i'm running a premade chroot, and autologin seems to be disabled)03:51
zeeeeroin theory if I gksudo and I have sudo rights into nautilus and right click and go to the permissions tab and change all to read write exacute thin tic apply to all sub folder or what ever it says there it should work.03:52
Hotel_Guestyou can do anything to a folder in nautilus03:52
zeeeerobut it automaticly reverts back to no access03:52
=== Taylor is now known as Tayl
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=== rama is now known as ganesh
zeeeeroconfirm thats a can and not a cant please03:54
chillpil1_no which computer?03:55
=== Tayl is now known as Taylor
=== ganesh is now known as ganeshrama
chillpil1_can you ssh into box?03:55
BecketGuys who can tell at the moment with the phone sitting ... Generally, after the monitor is determined by the installed ubuntu! After installing the driver, he offers me, the monitor is not detected ... sorry for the English ...03:55
Hotel_Guestthats odd03:55
zeeeeroI thought so.03:55
chillpil1_did you change permission in ssh?03:55
zeeeeroits not TRUELY head less I obvously got gnome core installed just to do what I KNOW in nautilus to GKsudo since you cant gksudo in ssh03:56
chillpil1_from which computer? ssh name@ipaddress03:56
Hotel_Guestzeeeero, type sudo -i in terminal and then use gksudo nautilus and change folder perm.03:56
chillpil1_so you have desktop access then no need for ssh03:57
zeeeerogksudo directly from server with screen attached loged in through gsm03:57
zeeeeroit will be headless...forget the headless part for now.03:58
chillpil1_then you want access from another computer?03:58
chillpil1_to samba03:59
zeeeeroits also a ntfs partition03:59
chillpil1_well thats the problem then :)03:59
zeeeeroyes I want to use it as a mapped drive03:59
chillpil1_sorry im not sure some here may have an idea03:59
chillpil1_ntfs can be a problem04:00
Hotel_Guesttry windows04:00
chillpil1_it is a problem with mac too and i thnk the same for linux04:00
xubumafoontfs is the best to use when sharing with windows, otherwise, hfs+04:00
zeeeeroI left windows for LEANiancy lol04:01
chillpil1_if the drive is empty then just reformat. if it not empty then....04:01
=== jesseC is now known as Guest43458
shuttlewortthi went to remove a folder in /usr/local but the delete/trash option was greyed out. why is that?04:02
zeeeeroalright I has an external terra could I back it all up to that and format problematic partition to (please suggest) then do everything accordingly?04:02
chillpil1_its midnight here and I am now a pumpkin04:02
silverarrowis there something like unblock us for ubuntu?04:02
chillpil1_GN all04:03
xubumafooshuttlewortth: chmod 777 the folder04:03
chillpil1_yes keep working it. your on the right track04:03
lotuspsychjesilverarrow: unblock us?04:03
zeeeerothank you good night :)04:04
shuttlewortthxubumafoo, will i be doing that for every other folder i want to get rid of?04:04
silverarrowlotuspsychje, yeah, you can watch blocked sites tv and related04:04
IsmAvatarhey guys, I'm wondering how I might enable Java on my firewall so I can host a java game on my LAN04:04
shuttlewortthit says Im not the owner yet i installed the OS04:05
zeeeerosudo -i then cd to folder then rm "foldername"04:05
lotuspsychjesilverarrow:you mean like a firefox addon? or a proxy program?04:06
xubumafooshuttlewortth:  chmod -R 77704:07
SteveThinganyone have any experience with ubuntu server and rancid?04:07
lotuspsychje!server | SteveThing04:07
ubottuSteveThing: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Precise (Precise Pangolin 12.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/ - Support in #ubuntu-server04:07
xubumafoorecursive for the whole dir tree04:07
Canuckian!networking > Canuckian04:07
zeeeerospecifically -R or will -r work04:08
silverarrowI suppose a proxy program, it has to work, fast enough server for flash streams to work http://unblock-us.com/04:08
zeeeeroI will need that latter too04:08
shuttlewortthcannot remove, is a directory04:08
xubumafoowhat did you do?04:08
lotuspsychjesilverarrow:there a cheap fast swedish vpn for ubuntu called mullvad04:08
shuttlewortthrm "directory"04:09
Canuckianok folks, quick question. I have two laptops on a home wireless network, one running ubuntu 11.10, the other running 12.04. whats the best way to connect them in order to transfer files?04:09
silverarrowlotuspsychje, have you tried it?04:09
zeeeeroah sry04:09
zeeeeroclose :004:09
lotuspsychjesilverarrow:try software centre and on their web, yes theres a free trial04:09
shuttlewortthfailed. directory not empty04:09
lotuspsychjesilverarrow:maybe 1% speed loss04:09
silverarrowworth trying04:10
shuttlewortthisnt this a bit tedious?04:10
* silverarrow searches for mullvad04:10
CellHi, I want to know if it's possible to encrypt my / and /home file system in an existing Ubuntu installation?04:10
lotuspsychje!encryption | Cell04:11
ubottuCell: For information on setting up encrypted private directories (8.10+) see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedPrivateDirectory04:11
kelbizzleI just installed xvkbd via APT and I thought it would be store in /usr/bin/xvkdb . Anyone know where else it may be stored?04:11
xubumafoorm -r04:11
zeeeerowhy encrypt something that opensorce04:11
* Canuckian is away: afk. pls msg me and i'll reply when i return04:11
bazhangCanuckian, disable that04:11
* xubumafoo kills Canuckian04:11
* Canuckian is back (gone 00:00:18)04:11
bazhangzeeeero, that does not make sense04:11
silverarrowlotuspsychje, not a thing in package manager?04:12
lotuspsychje!info mullvad04:12
ubottuPackage mullvad does not exist in precise04:12
Celllotuspsychje: that link is for ubuntu 804:12
lotuspsychjesilverarrow:sorry you need to install the client from their web04:12
alprekelbizzle: in ubuntu.packages website, you can see contents of the packages04:12
th3ic3man0need some help04:12
xubumafooshuttlewortth:  http://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=94030604:13
silverarrowlotuspsychje, darn, I need to build package locally probably04:13
zeeeerosry tired I ment freely available to everyone04:13
mjuszczakI'm trying to remove msttcorefonts ... I installed ubuntu-restricted-extras and now all of my firefox fonts look really bad.  There is no way to remove them though, as the package is just an installer.  Any ideas?04:13
silverarrowlotuspsychje, I am on ppc04:13
th3ic3man0can anyone help me with my phpbb?04:13
shuttlewortthrm -rf did the trick04:13
th3ic3man0i know this is an ubuntu room but i installed my phpbb on ubuntu04:13
bazhangzeeeero, what are you trying to change permissions on, what filesystem04:14
alpremjuszczak: look in ~/.fonts04:14
lotuspsychjesilverarrow:sorry mate this is ubuntu support only04:14
shuttlewortthdoing it with the gui would have been less time consuming though04:14
th3ic3man0does anyone know how to access phpmyadmin from ubuntu?04:14
mjuszczakls: cannot access .fonts: No such file or directory04:14
lotuspsychjesilverarrow: you also asked for ubuntu package right04:14
mjuszczaklooks like they are in /usr/share/fonts... can I just remove them?04:15
alpremjuszczak: don't know, maybe system settings, fonts04:15
xubumafoo  #phpbb04:15
zeeeeroits ntfs and I can change the owner but nothing else. it just reverts back to no acces04:15
silverarrowlotuspsychje, yes for ubuntu ppc04:15
bazhangzeeeero, you want to set linux permissions on a ntfs filesystem?04:15
mjuszczakis there a way with apt to see what files it installs?04:15
zeeeeroIt was a 2nd partition and 1st par was winxp04:16
lotuspsychjesilverarrow:they got a .deb file downloadable, did you try?04:16
bazhangzeeeero, is that a 'yes' or a 'no'04:16
=== THEJOLLYGRIMREAP is now known as thejollygrimreap
CellDoes anyone know to encrypt my / and /home file system in an existing Ubuntu installation?04:17
zeeeeroI installed ubuntu server over windows and kept all my files becuase xp is not made to be a server04:17
lotuspsychjeCell:did you even read the url i pasted you?04:17
CellI dont think that was what I uswed last time04:17
th3ic3man0thanks xubumafoo04:18
lotuspsychjeCell: what about describing more what you need04:18
kelbizzleThanks alpre tells me all about the package but not where it's installed. My goto place is synaptic.04:18
zeeeeroI can share the folder and you can wrx from the network from windows machine but you can not see any other files that used to be there. only the ones you have made post ubuntu04:19
zeeeeroI was working on it04:19
alprekelbizzle: on the website, you can click on list of files at the bottom for each package04:19
Celllotuspsychje: the ubuntu installer comes with an option to encrypt your home directory but for whatever reason, it didn't encrypt my home directory this time. I want to encrypt the entire file system, including my hone directory (im the only user). I have other partitions on the HD that are windows so I dont think I can do a full disk encryption either04:20
silverarrowlotuspsychje, I`m never sure of ppc needs different packages or not04:20
daemongplencrypt | Cell04:20
=== Kasjopaja is now known as Guest11525
kelbizzlealpre, I see now thank you.04:20
alprenp :)04:20
kelbizzlehmm it is installed there.04:20
lotuspsychjesilverarrow:if the ppc got ubuntu installed, its an ubuntu pc you can install debs yes04:20
Celldaemongpl ?04:21
kelbizzlestrange I just reinstalled via apt and it's now showing up.04:21
daemongplcell: oops04:21
daemongpl!encrypt | Cell04:21
ubottuCell: For information on setting up encrypted private directories (8.10+) see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedPrivateDirectory04:21
=== DjGeCk0 is now known as ^GeCk0^
kelbizzlealpre, you ever heard of an install being corrupt while installing via apt?04:22
CellI was just on that page04:22
daemongplCell: try this then http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/encrypt-home-folder-ubuntu-installation-linux/04:24
alprekelbizzle: not really, maybe with a bad connection?04:24
kelbizzlemakes sense.04:25
maxagazwhat is the name of the text format that you have to code ?04:25
maxagazI forgot... very famous, very old04:26
alprekelbizzle: I don't know, I'd guess the installedr checks the md5 sum or something04:26
xubumafoothe attributes are not set to hidden?04:26
kelbizzlealpre, it's cool. I'm not gonna rack my brain over it. You helped me though. For years I've used synaptic to located files and I could have been using the package site the entire time.04:27
Cellany ops in here?04:27
kelbizzleI tried find but it turned up nothing.04:28
bazhangcell #ubuntu-ops04:28
kelbizzlewhy do you ask Cell ?04:28
maxagaznobody can recall this file format to edit text ?04:28
zeeeerothats still only encrypting /home but if you were to encrypt the / "root"... why... if you want to encrypt something that your have made and installed maybe ask if you can encrypt just that. no need to encypt something even I have already downloaded.04:29
Cellsee me in #ubuntu-ops kelbizzle04:29
daemongplmaxagaz: what do you mean "file format to edit text"04:29
maxagazdaemongpl: like txt, csv, rtf04:29
maxagazdaemongpl: the kind of format that your computer teacher wants you to use to write documents04:30
jerry_lhello room.04:31
lotuspsychjemaxagaz:wrong channel for that04:33
jerry_lhello room. i have a situation. i need to triple boot a linux 32bit,xp32bit,win7x64 any one know a good page to get directioins from?04:34
lotuspsychje!dualboot | jerry_l04:35
ubottujerry_l: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot04:35
silverarrowlotuspsychje, very bad idea04:35
jerry_ldouble dual boot. ?04:35
silverarrowwith the mullvad install04:35
lotuspsychjesilverarrow:why's that?04:36
jerry_lthnks. looking.04:36
silverarrowlotuspsychje, well, it`s like it was never installed, but it shows in menu04:36
lotuspsychjesilverarrow:it works for me..did you run it as root?04:37
Guest43458hello, is there any downside to 'upgrading' to Lubuntu or Xubuntu from Ubuntu via apt versus a fresh install?  I'm a bit confused because they seem to be presented as unique operating systems but are they actually just GUI wrappers with different resource requirements and features?04:37
silverarrowlotuspsychje, I installed with package installer?04:37
lotuspsychjeGuest43458: its always recommended to clean install new ubuntu version04:38
silverarrowlotuspsychje, yeah, when lunched from terminal all it seems to do is reinstall04:38
lotuspsychjesilverarrow:if you downloaded from web, software centre should open to install.04:39
silverarrowlotuspsychje, yes, I have, and it even shows in menu-internet04:39
lotuspsychjeGuest43458:first choose the right system for you lubuntu or xubuntu, then clean install04:40
silverarrowGuest43458, you hesitate to upgrade ?04:40
nokianouveau graphics driver. How do i  add resolutions not detected and make them permanent04:40
lotuspsychje!xrandr | nokia04:41
ubottunokia: XRandR 1.2 is the new method of running dual screens in !X.  Information/HowTo here: http://wiki.debian.org/XStrikeForce/HowToRandR1204:41
Guest43458K that makes sense to me but sites like this just say to install via apt http://www.techdrivein.com/2011/05/top-4-lightweight-official-ubuntu-based.html04:41
Guest43458I've found Ubuntu runs slow on my Dad's computer so I'm looking for less resource hungry options04:42
lotuspsychjeGuest43458:yes you can install lubuntu-desktop from within ubuntu, but it will slow down your box04:42
lotuspsychjeGuest43458:highly recomended downloading lubuntu and fresh install04:42
Guest43458ok cool, thanks :)04:43
alpreGuest43458: you'd have to look through and remove gnow packages I'd guess04:43
nokiathere is xorg.conf for nvidia. Where do i find the Nouveau equivalent to add resolutions04:43
Guest43458right… probably better to just do fresh install than shotgun surgery of packages ;)04:43
wilee-nileeGuest43458, It depends on your skill level all of those desktops can be removed and be replaced by the other, with pkg install lists, as far as speed I have nevr noticed any didderence.04:45
alprewell unity, gnome does like to use over 700MB it seems, maybe more RAM needed04:46
alpreGuest43458: then just installing lxde and choosing it at login would help still instead of reinstalling04:47
Guest43458alpre: I'd probably upgrade the ram but the system uses rd-ram and that stuff is rare and expensive now. ( well IIRC it was always expensive, just not as rare )04:49
lotuspsychjeGuest43458:lubuntu on an older system installed on ssd hd will go rocket fast04:50
nokiadoes anyone here use Nouveau driver with Nvidia card?04:50
=== ^GeCk0^ is now known as DjGeCk0
kunjiHey everyone, I have 2 lines that keep reappearing in my iptables rules, it would be awesome if someone could help me figure out why this happens.  The lines are  4      263 14212 REJECT     all  --  *      eth0             reject-with icmp-port-unreachable04:52
kunji5        0     0 REJECT     all  --  eth0   *             reject-with icmp-port-unreachable04:52
lotuspsychje!firewall | kunji04:53
ubottukunji: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo | GUI frontends such as Gufw (GNOME) and Guarddog (KDE from Lucid onwards) also exist.04:53
drupinjust got a new ubuntustudio youtube plays with frames in google chrome04:54
kunjilotuspsychje, hmm, ufw just modifies of it's own volition?  Also I'm pretty sure I had turned off ufw, does it restart itself?04:54
kunjiDoes ufw appear in the process name for ufw?  Because a ps ax | grep ufw doesn't return anything04:55
jerry_lanyone found the answer to crazy KVM mouse. i heard a capacitor can fix the problem.04:57
=== nathaniel_ is now known as Guest44243
kunjilotuspsychje: I'm not sure what you were trying to get at by throwing some manuals at me....  There is nothing in them about this behavior, it is not reverting on reboot, it is reverting (possibly periodically) while still booted and running.05:00
kunjiIt seems to revert within 24 hours, but I haven't been testing that very long yet.05:01
kunji*that long yet05:01
lotuspsychjekunji: the url i pasted you shows howto config iptables right05:05
lotuspsychjekunji:if you dont find the right answer please describe your problem in channel once in a while05:05
kunjiBut I know how to merely configure it, and my question wasn't how to configure it.  I did describe the problem...05:05
lotuspsychjekunji:yes and if you pastebin it once in a while other users might wanna help you too05:06
kunjiThe problem is quite straightforward, I know I didn't attach reams of data, but reams of data isn't necessary here.05:06
joejackwhat is the command to see what wireless driver is loaded05:07
susundbe1gjoejack: dmesg will show the prints the driver might made05:08
kunjiI have used pastebin plenty in the past, I think this is pretty much just you being condescending because you assume the problem is me making a rookie mistake that isn't worth your time :P05:08
susundbe1gand 'iwconfig' should show the device05:08
joejackmy wirless was working great but now I can't connect05:08
lotuspsychjekunji: no need to make early conclusions mate, just paste your problem(with or without pastebin) in channel once in a while05:09
kunjiI don't see what you're getting at... I did exactly what you're saying, I did post the problem in channel.  (or has someone else been using my nick and being an ass with it?)05:10
joejacksomeone want to help me debug my wireless probs?05:11
lotuspsychje!patience | joejack05:11
ubottujoejack: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/05:11
lotuspsychjekunji: sudo ufw status05:11
kunjiThanks, the result is:     Status: inactive05:12
joejackit is showing the wireless spots but it is not connecting05:13
lotuspsychjejoejack:try to look in /var/log/syslog whats happening to your wireless05:14
jerry_lsorry jack i was not paying attiton, i have found that on occasions i must disable increption then connect and then reEnable encryption on my router.05:15
yakkohey, Im trying to do an ssh tunneling with my Vps05:17
yakkocan anybody help?05:17
xubumafoo #ssh05:17
yakkoall I get is this05:17
yakkoThe connection was reset05:17
yakkoThe connection to the server was reset while the page was loading.05:17
yakkooh thanks05:17
FloodBot1yakko: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:17
lotuspsychjeyakko: http://www.aprillins.org/view/21/how-to-connect-vps-with-ssh-from-ubuntu-terminal05:18
joejacklotuspsychje yeah well I don't know what it means05:19
yakkolotuspsychje: do you actually rely on that site or did you just google for it?05:19
xubumafoohey be thankful he was nice enough to google it for ya05:20
lotuspsychjejoejack:you could pastebin it and describe your problem in channel once in a while05:20
yakkoxubumafoo: thats not even what I asked for05:20
yakkoIm from Brazil, Im in America right now and they blocked all non american websites in the hotel, so I need to use a proxy05:21
lotuspsychjexubumafoo: you know howto fix a square corrupt mouse pointer on every cold boot?05:21
drupinyou tube video playing in frames05:22
lotuspsychjedrupin: you installed flash correclty?05:22
drupini didnt installed flash yet.05:23
kunjijerry_l: I don't think I've ever seen proper copy protection with javascript, I'm pretty sure it's actually impossible05:23
WeThePeopleyakko, i think a cgi proxy maybe05:23
drupinbut i got google chrome05:23
drupinand the flash is pre installed05:23
yakkoWeThePeople: Im following this but its not working http://wiki.vpslink.com/Instant_SOCKS_Proxy_over_SSH05:23
lotuspsychjedrupin: try installing flash or ubuntu-restricted-extras05:23
WeThePeopleyakko, this might work>>> http://cgiproxy.at/05:24
lotuspsychjeguys, lets stick to ubuntu support problems05:24
drupineir: Unable to locate package ubuntu-restricted-extras05:25
drupinlotuspsychje: its not reading05:25
lotuspsychje!info ubuntu-restricted-extras | drupin05:26
ubottudrupin: ubuntu-restricted-extras (source: ubuntu-restricted-extras): Commonly used restricted packages for Ubuntu. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 57 (precise), package size 2 kB, installed size 30 kB05:26
lotuspsychjedrupin: on what ubuntu version are you?05:26
drupinlotuspsychje: ubuntu studio 12.0405:28
lotuspsychjedrupin: try #ubuntustudio05:29
drupini am there05:29
lotuspsychjedrupin: im not sure we can support ubuntu studio05:30
drupinok lotuspsychje05:30
lotuspsychjedrupin: i would go for adobe flash plugin first05:30
drupinok how i install it or update it?05:31
WeThePeopledrupin, its in soft center05:31
lotuspsychjedrupin:on web or software centre05:31
kunjiJust search for it in the software center05:32
yakkoWeThePeople: it doesnt work for some of my ajax requests, but I was able to solve the problem, thanks =D05:32
ryzzanentify tntlrefo@198005:40
szalyeah right05:40
RegexRonPogbot: WTF!05:42
lotuspsychje!polite | RegexRon05:42
ubottuRegexRon: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines05:42
RegexRonlotuspsychje: huh?05:43
RegexRonwas testing my bot, fuck ubuntu...05:43
kunjiWell... I've checked all my cron jobs now, absolutely nothing related to iptables, so I'm stumped05:45
oratedHello! How can I get bash history of a single day? cat ~/.bash_history | grep ? ?05:45
lotuspsychjekunji: i really sugest you start reading iptables howto05:45
Fahad_Hi all. I have a problem. After upgrade form ubuntu 11.10 to 12.04, the mouse is behaving strangely. Double click doesn't work. any help?05:46
kunjilotuspsychje: I don't know why you think I haven't already read it, because I have at least skimmed it, and have read anything that seemed like it might be relevant.  Granted that is not completely thorough, but I'm curious what you think I will find in there.05:47
lotuspsychjeIdleOne:is there like a channel that manages bot triggers of #ubuntu? some users reported outdated info05:47
=== manu is now known as Guest82997
jayprohey guys. i installed opensuse 12.2 with two 1TB harddrives in a raid1 config. when i turned on the computer this morning, suse was unable to boot. now im running ubuntu live cd with the hopes of mounting the harddrive so that i can back up the data that is currently on the two harddrives05:49
jayprohowever, i was unable to mount the drives. how do i mount the hard drives that are raid1 config?05:49
kunjiIn fact lotuspsychje, I suppose I should restate my question.  How should I go about finding what modified an arbitrary file on my system (or in the case of iptables it may actually even be an arbitrary place in memory).05:50
IdleOnelotuspsychje: sorry, I'm not sure what you are talking about05:51
lotuspsychjeIdle0ne:well a user said yesterday !ssh trigger was a bit outdated, so i thought maybe there's a channel for reporting such?05:52
IdleOnelotuspsychje: oh, you can use #ubuntu-bots and you can suggest edits to the factoids via /msg with ubottu . The syntax is !factoid is <reply> Some useful info or edit05:52
=== md_5|away is now known as md_5
lotuspsychjeIdle0ne:tnx that was usefull!05:53
IdleOnesure thing05:53
lotuspsychje!factoid > lotuspsychje05:54
ubottulotuspsychje, please see my private message05:54
lwizardlI have had problems with getting the mythbuntu and mythtv packages to work under ubuntu properly. Is there another package/system that I could try ?06:05
drupinsoftware centre there is no adobe flash plugin06:05
lotuspsychjeIdle0ne:can we support ubuntu studio in here?06:06
m3powfor firefox ?06:06
kunjiThere totally is drupin, I have it pulled up in front of me right now.06:06
drupinkunji: i am on ubuntustudio does it affect06:07
kunjiit might, I use the vanilla ubuntu, I don't think I ever got around to trying UbuntuStudio06:08
kunjiAre your sources just messed up then drupin?  Do you get errors when you run:   sudo apt-get update    ?06:09
drupinno its fine06:10
kunjidrupin, can you maybe find the package in the Synaptic Package Manager?06:12
drupini changed the server to us now06:13
drupinlet me see06:13
rapstudiomy laptop heats up very high at 80degrees on ubuntu studio. what should i do?06:13
kunjiWhat part of your laptop rapstudio?  Also is that C or F?06:14
rapstudioplz help06:14
tedrick80f would be nice06:15
kunjiI know, right?06:15
anternat2hi, i cannot boot into my 12.04 server, i spoiled grub i guess.: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1198055/06:15
anternat2any suggestions06:16
ph1rmw4r3cant you live cd boot and restore grub?06:16
anternat2i am on live cd demo now06:17
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)06:17
anternat2i got my xp back06:17
jerry_lomg pirana 2010 this movie had so much blood... at least it had a happy ending.06:18
kunjianternat2: This will probably do it for you: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows06:19
wilee-nileeanternat2, was sda5 the server?06:20
drupinkung: is it Adobe Flash plugin for Mozilla names? u talking about06:20
anternat2kunji: my case was playing with partitions actually06:20
drupinkunji:  is it Adobe Flash plugin for Mozilla names? u talking about06:20
anternat2i ruined the mbr06:21
kunjiThat sounds like the one drupin06:21
pensterhow do you install windows with unetbootin06:21
drupinkunji: not plugin i need player...06:21
LorSamPau_wpenster, you can't06:22
drupinalso on google chrome nor mozilla06:22
kunjiThe plugin is the player drupin, it's what plays it in Firefox06:22
kunjiIt should be built in on Chrome, no?06:22
pensterhmmm, is there a tool to do so?06:22
rapstudiokunji : f06:22
LorSamPau_wpenster, what windows version?06:22
kunjirapstudio, I don't think you have a problem then.06:22
anternat2wilee-nilee: yes sda5 was the server06:22
pensterI tried with unetbootin... failed06:22
kunjiUnetbootin can be finicky, I sometimes have to try several times before it works correctly06:23
LorSamPau_wpenster, for win7 you just must format your usbflash to fat32/ntfs, then copy content of the iso and then in gparted add boot flag on the partition06:23
pensteryea, thats why i kept trying06:24
pensterLorSamPau_w, ill try that06:24
kunjiOh windows actually has it's own tool for making a bootable usb, I don't think Unetbootin works for that one06:24
rapstudioi have a radeon graphic card...and its also at 80 degrees ....just close to the critical temp....i haven't updated the drivers for my graphic card thogh..is that a problem06:24
pensterkunji, do you know the name of the tool06:25
wilee-nileeanternat2, sda5 is showing as a unknown file type, it isn't mounting at the least, the script is empty of any info on grub consequently.06:25
kunjiBut rapstudio, 80 F is not close to critical for a graphics card, if it was 80 C it would be06:25
LorSamPau_wpenster, it will work... i tried that for win7 and win8... works every time06:25
kunjiHmm, I haven't had the same experience as you LorSamPau_w, but it can't hurt trying.  I don't remember the name of the tool, lemme google around and see if I can find it again.06:26
rapstudioi don't what is c and f.06:26
rapstudioi just guessed earlier06:26
kunjiCelsius and Farenheit06:26
pensterLorSamPau_w, maybe i just need the hp usb format tool. everytime i installed with unetbootin my usb would boot to purple ubuntu screen with only default as option06:26
Phiscribedoes one use the ubuntu bug reporting mechanism for kubuntu?  its seems to have changed lately.  the desktop cd iso's are too large to burn.06:27
anternat2yes wilee-nilee : showing as unknown type, i think i have marked it with other software trying to rescue it. but it is definitely where mt linux lies06:27
=== |_ocke2 is now known as |_ocke
rapstudioits 80 degree celsius06:27
kunjiThe measurements are probably Celsius, but I just went with what you said, which was F, yeah 80 C is a problem06:27
rapstudiothen what shud i do?06:28
gordonjcprapstudio: fix the cooling fan?06:28
kunjiHave you cleaned out all the dust?  If you've owned it a while, then you might also want to check that the thermal paste is still paste and hasn't all dried up and cracked.06:28
Geoffrey2what is the recommended number of partitions for Ubuntu?06:28
wilee-nileeanternat2, I think you might make a thread on the ubuntu forums, it look pretty broken from here.06:28
m3powalso make sure it's fanned propertly06:28
kunjiBut doing that requires lifting up the processor, so I would try everything else first06:29
kunjiIncluding updating to the latest drivers06:29
gordonjcpGeoffrey2: depends what you're trying to do06:29
m3powkunji you have a laptop ?06:29
gordonjcpGeoffrey2: I tend to go with four, for boot, swap, root and home06:29
rapstudioi just bought it 4 months ago..do i have to check then kunji06:29
fishcookerhow to build robust ubuntu server?06:29
kunjim3pow: I have several, as well as a desktop.06:29
Fahad_Hi all. I have a problem. After upgrade form ubuntu 11.10 to 12.04, the mouse is behaving strangely. Double click doesn't work. any help?06:29
m3powrapstudio 4 month old laptop ?06:30
kunjiProbably not rapstudio, try pretty much everything else first.06:30
kunjiAlso you don't want to void any warranty you may have06:30
wilee-nileeGeoffrey2,  1 for the OS 1 for swap, you can seperate home if needed to upgrade or change the OS.06:30
tasslehoffUbuntu 12.04 offers me no restricted drivers for my T530, but I suspect I need an NVIDIA one to make my minidisplayport work.06:30
rapstudioi haven't updated the graphic drivers.... kunji06:31
kunjifishcooker: It's basically robust out of the box.06:31
kunjirapstudio: Well, give that a try ^_^06:31
anternat2wilee-nilee:  thank you for your suggestion06:31
Geoffrey2ok, I'm dual booting with Windows 7, which is already installed, and I have a good 120+ gigs free for Ubuntu....06:31
gordonjcpfishcooker: robust?  Buy a good-quality case, possibly a ruggedised rackmount case06:31
gordonjcpfishcooker: mount your mechanical drives on rubber shockmounts, or stick to SSD if you can live with the limited space06:32
rapstudioby the way....is there any reason behind the heatup of my laptop06:32
rapstudioi mean idon't run too many processes06:32
Geoffrey2ok, so the /, /home, and swap still pretty much covers it....06:32
gordonjcpfishcooker: What exactly are you trying to do?06:32
gordonjcpGeoffrey2: and /boot06:33
=== n is now known as Guest96025
kunjiMaybe, check if you have any processes that have run wild and are running up 100% cpu.  You can see what is using the most by using the top command in the terminal.06:33
wilee-nileeGeoffrey2, You want to be aware of the limit of the number of primary partitions on a HD, and installing ubuntu in a logical in a extended partition with the swap most likely.06:33
gordonjcpGeoffrey2: that only needs to be quite small - 256MB is overkill - but it needs to be ext2 ideally06:33
wilee-nileegordonjcp, boot partitions are not hardly needed.06:34
wilee-nileebut to each their own.06:34
gordonjcpwilee-nilee: yeah, but they make your life a lot easier06:34
gordonjcpthere's no reason *not* to have one06:34
kunjiWhy would he have one?06:35
Geoffrey2all of ubuntu is going in the extended partition...06:35
wilee-nileegordonjcp, maybe your life as that is what you use, but not really grub can be purged and installed in the OS and the mbr.06:35
gordonjcpGeoffrey2: yeah, that's fine06:35
gordonjcpwilee-nilee: great, if grub supports ext406:36
wilee-nileegordonjcp, What?06:36
kunjiIt does gordonjcp06:36
ahmadwhat dp you talking about??06:36
pndemc_noob here, trying to duplicate a directory over ssh, can someone tell me the command? I've tried looking it up with no success oddly enough06:36
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kunjiGrub2 that is, if you were making the distinction06:36
ahmadI have a trouble06:36
gordonjcppndemc_: What exactly are you trying to do?06:36
gordonjcp!ask | ahmad06:36
ubottuahmad: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience06:36
hateballpndemc_: You're looking to just copy a directory from one host to another, over SSH (SCP) ?06:37
fishcookergordonjcp: ubuntu server with secured wireless connection, apache, mysql, php, JRE, tomcat +perl06:37
pndemc_gordonjcp, managing a server, and I need to duplicate a gameserver directory06:37
pndemc_for setting up another server of the same game06:37
kunjipndemc_: you can just use get and put (maybe need a -r to make them recursive), unless it's an old version of ssh you're dealing with06:37
gordonjcppndemc_: right, but what are you actually trying to do with this directory?  Copy it from one machine to another?06:37
pndemc_nopf, just another folder in the same /home/ direcotry06:38
gordonjcppndemc_: scp -r <source> <dest> ought to work, or maybe rsync -ave ssh --recursive <source> <dest>06:38
gordonjcppndemc_: oh, then just ssh in and cp -r06:38
pndemc_what's the cp -r for?06:39
gordonjcppndemc_: you want to copy a directory, right?06:39
gordonjcpcp --recursive source dest06:39
kunjifishcooker: You can secure it various ways, including iptables or ufw, snort, etc... security is a large topic, you can install the LAMP stack with one command, it's something like sudo apt-get install lamp-server^06:39
kunjiAnd the ^ is not a typo06:40
hateballI would use rsync, especially if it's something of size06:40
gordonjcppndemc_: -r for "recursive" means "this, and everything below"06:40
kunjiSo that leaves what, JRE, tomcat+perl?  Which should all install easily through Synaptic, unless you want the Oracle version for your JRE, in which case Oracle has direction on their site.06:41
nguyentrihaihey guy!06:42
fishcookerthanks kunji thats quite comprehensive06:44
wxlplease tell me there's someone here that can save me. i'm running lubuntu on a netbook with a trackpad. everything was peachy keen and now all of a sudden if i try to move the cursor it scrolls. i do have 2-finger xy scrolling setup on autostart with synclient, so this behavior is not abnormal, but it is when i don't have two fingers on the track pad :) so my question: do you know of any way i can restart the trackpad driver???06:45
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gordonjcpwxl: if you reboot then anything you did with synclient on the command-line will be forgotten06:46
Geoffrey2thanks...can the updated ext for windows handle ext4 partitions, or should i stick with ext3?06:46
wxlgordonjcp: i'm trying to avoid rebooting but i did nothing with synclient between it working and it not working.06:47
gordonjcpwxl: weird06:47
gordonjcpwxl: synaptics is pretty weird and buggy06:47
wxlgordonjcp: i use it on a number of machines with no problems. just this one.06:47
wxlmodprobe pulls up a variety of mouse drivers06:48
gordonjcpwxl: on my macbook I only ever use an external mouse, because the touchpad is so damn weird06:48
wxlone of which is synaptics06:48
fishcookerkunji: which version of your ubuntu server06:48
ph1rmw4r3ubuntu is pretty weird and buggy06:48
gordonjcpwxl: on mac osx it just does crazy stuff, on Ubuntu it mostly works but you need to press really hard06:48
wxlstaging/ste_rmi4 (what's that?)06:48
fishcookeri've heard about lucid server robustness here06:48
* wxl doesn't have a mac06:48
gordonjcpph1rmw4r3: all OSes are06:48
gordonjcpph1rmw4r3: Linux is the best of a bad bunch06:48
wxlso maybe i can restart modules06:49
arpwatchhi all06:49
wxlit's just a matter of figuring out which ones06:49
gordonjcpfishcooker: if you're installing a server, use an LTS06:49
arpwatchis there any way to have arpwatch start automatically when interfaces go up ?? look to do it but didn't succeed06:49
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gordonjcpfishcooker: is the wireless connection the main connection for the server?  Because that's a really bad idea06:50
fishcookeri have to06:51
fishcookerfor pragmatic matter06:51
kunjifishcooker: I'm running the latest12.04 (as it is an LTS release), though I don't actually run the server version (the difference is more or less just having the GUI by default).  My computer isn't primarily a server though, I just use it as one for my personal convenience.06:51
gordonjcpfishcooker: okay, well as long as you're not expecting more than a couple of simultaneous connections, it might work06:52
kunjigordonjcp: Like my case, where I only expect connections from me :P06:53
gordonjcpkunji: yeah, and if you're only connecting to one server at a time it should be fine06:54
gordonjcpkunji: if you want to do something like ssh in *and* use web *and* use mail, it'll just die06:54
ph1rmw4r3cough bsd06:55
Marzatamosh or ssh?06:55
kunjigordonjcp: Hmm, I actually haven't had any trouble doing that much.06:55
Marzatahmm, mosh seems to be better06:56
fishcookerhmmm gordonjcp actually what happen to ubuntu wireless card support?06:56
kunjigordonjcp: well, more or less, at the point where I'm putting through 720p video the buffering is too slow, but 480 works fine06:56
PeddyI'm getting strange messages in dmesg, 'UDP: short packet: From 25649/109 to'. The first address is from the US, I live in New Zealand. Am I being attacked?06:57
fishcookermy server have to work with wireless card06:57
kunjifishcooker: I think he's referring more to the practical limits of wireless connection speeds.06:57
ph1rmw4r3!info ssh-server06:57
ubottuPackage ssh-server does not exist in precise06:57
m3powi need some help on installing utorrent on Ubuntu and can't get the hang of it06:57
ph1rmw4r3!info openssh-client06:57
ubottuopenssh-client (source: openssh): secure shell (SSH) client, for secure access to remote machines. In component main, is standard. Version 1:5.9p1-5ubuntu1 (precise), package size 937 kB, installed size 2297 kB06:58
ph1rmw4r3!info openssh-server06:58
ubottuopenssh-server (source: openssh): secure shell (SSH) server, for secure access from remote machines. In component main, is optional. Version 1:5.9p1-5ubuntu1 (precise), package size 333 kB, installed size 817 kB06:58
fishcookeri think i need the generic for wireless card on 2.4 GHz.. that will work well with ubuntu\06:58
Marzata!info mosh06:58
kunjim3pow: What's wrong with transmission, or azureus?  To each his own though I guess.06:58
ubottumosh (source: mosh): Mobile shell that supports roaming and intelligent local echo. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.1.3-1 (precise), package size 296 kB, installed size 669 kB06:58
fishcookerkunji: gordonjcp is there any brand that will fit best with ubuntu server06:59
m3powi will use transmission07:00
m3powthx Kunji07:00
kunjifishcooker: Hmm, that's not really something I've looked into ever, but I know that there are hardware compatibility lists that you could check.07:00
kunjim3pow: np07:00
Marzatawe got new Lenovo L530 with Xubuntu 12.04 (32 bit) but freezes. Installed (64 bit) but freezes too. Any idea what to do?07:03
BlueWolfHi there will ubuntu 10.04 support an Epsom LX300 printer? Or is it too old?07:04
m3powtry to install a propper video driver Marzata07:04
Marzatam3pow: how to? It comes with Intel HD Graphics 4000.07:06
kunjiBlueWolf: I really have no idea, but on the other hand I haven't actually ran into a printer that ubuntu doesn't work with.  But then again, I wouldn't take my anecdotal case to heart.07:06
m3powand ubuntu didn't find you a recommended driver to download ?07:06
zelluzHello guys, have you seen anything like this before in Ubuntu 12.04 with nvidia graphic card? https://dl.dropbox.com/u/544003/Pb%20Linux%20desktop.png07:06
kunjifishcooker: this might help: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WirelessCardsSupported07:07
BlueWolfkunji: Well I am thinking of getting another printer, but it will just be for office use and well the Epson is just sting in a dusty corner07:07
kunjifishcooker: I also know what Hak5 has recommended some good ones in their episodes, but I certainly can't remember them off hand.07:07
Marzatam3pow: no extra drives07:07
kunjiBlueWol: Oh, well just try it out then ^_^07:08
m3powhere it says it might be a bug07:09
m3powsudo apt-get install mesa-utils07:09
nmosiscstrjahoWhat are the biggest changes from 10.04 lts to 12 lts?07:12
BlueWolfkunji: Will do, thank you :D07:13
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vantage|workmorning everyone07:23
vantage|workI just bumped into an error with the mysql startup script07:23
vantage|workstart: Rejected send message, 1 matched rules; type="method_call", sender=":1.15" (uid=1000 pid=13478 comm="start mysql ") .....07:23
nmosiscstrjahoWho me?07:23
vantage|workanyone knows this error07:23
m3powMarzata, did you fix the problem ?07:23
BlueWolfkunji: Do you know if this printer will work well on linux? http://www.canon-europe.com/For_Home/Product_Finder/Multifunctionals/Inkjet/PIXMA_MG2140/07:24
myrmidettewhen searching with the find command, how can I exclude a certain subdirectory from my search?07:24
vantage|workstupid me, forgot to sudo07:24
Marzatam3pow: no07:25
m3powok moment07:25
Marzatam3pow: how to?07:25
m3powhave you tried to update the kernel ?07:26
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BlueWolfDoes anyone know if this printer will work well on linux? http://www.canon-europe.com/For_Home/Product_Finder/Multifunctionals/Inkjet/PIXMA_MG2140/07:29
Dalek_Help! Need to reinstall Nvidia drivers from console... When I go to run it tells me an X session is still running. Usually I can stop lightdm service and all is well, but this time lightdm service is not running so I cannot run the nvidia installer... what do I need to do?07:37
Dalek_it says "you appear to be running an X server"... how do I work out what is running and kill it, so I can install the Nvidia driver?07:39
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Dalek_how do I see a list of services currently running in terminal?07:40
MACscranyone using sshfs? if so, are symlinks working for you?07:40
nmosiscstrjahoI need help with ddc07:41
SajanDalek_, service --status-all should do it I believe.07:41
Dalek_Sajan: what does the ?, + or - next to each service represent?07:43
Dalek_it says "you appear to be running an X server"... how do I work out what is running and kill it, so I can install the Nvidia driver?07:45
fidelDalek_: a first step might be stopping your login-manager (i..e lightdm, kgm, gdm)07:46
||arifaXsomone knows details about ap_scan parameter in wpa_supplicant.conf manpage only says: Access point scanning and selection control; one of 0, 1 (default), or 2.07:47
dj_ryanyou know, its really hard to edit /etc/network/interfaces with sed. anyone else with me?07:47
Dalek_fidel: lightdm is not running.. there is a window on Ctrl+Alt+F8 stating "system is running in low graphics mode". But I don't know how to kill it.07:48
SajanDalek_, using the top command might be more suitable.07:48
Dalek_Sajan: Top command???07:49
SajanDalek_, yep.  Just run 'top'07:49
SajanDalek_, it'll give you a list of running processes.07:49
SajanDalek_, sounds more like what you're looking for rather than services.07:50
dj_ryananyone know how to get triple monitors out of this baby: http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/motherboards/desktop-motherboards/desktop-board-dq77mk.html07:50
Dalek_Sajan: ok... I have no idea what service or process I am looking for, but it surely has to be whichever one puts up the "system is running in low graphics mode" window when there is no video driver available... any clues?07:52
ydbondtHey guys, I'm running ubuntu on btrfs and suffering from slow boot times :/ I've read somewhere that it should be faster when btrfs is loaded in the kernel. Any ideas or links on how to do this ?07:54
ikoniaydbondt: it won't make a difference07:55
ikoniathe time taken to load the module is milliseconds07:56
Prolachi all, am I allowed to kill this proccess on ubuntu server: "usr/sbin/named -u bind"? Its got something to do with DNS but I haven't touched that..07:56
ikoniaProlac: you are running a dns server07:56
Prolacikonia: so If I kill that proccess I won't be able to access my server anymore?07:58
fidelProlac: if you kill your local dns serv er - your local dns service will not run anymore ;)07:59
Dalek_I need to know how to stop all X servers so I can fix my nvidia driver07:59
ikoniaProlac: you won't be able to access any dns that the named process on your machine is serving07:59
fidelwe cant tell you if you ask that service or not07:59
Dalek_I don't know the name of the running xserver.. how do I find it?07:59
ydbondtWell, it takes about 115s to mount all partitions :/08:01
Dalek_I don't know the name of the running xserver.. how do I find it?08:02
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Dalek_"The system is running in low-graphics mode" - how do I stop this xserver which is displaying this message?08:04
Prolacikonia: but if I access my server through IP only, it shouldn't matter, right?08:04
ikoniait may not matter at all if you are not using that to server the dns name of your server08:05
Dalek_ok.. new question... what key do I press during boot-up to stop ALL xservers trying load? I want to get to a terminal with NO xservers running... what do I press?08:05
ikoniaDalek_: use the recovery mode grub option08:06
Dalek_ikonia I can't remember the key to get a grub menu. Been a long time.08:06
ikoniaDalek_: shift isn't it ?08:06
Dalek_ikonia: I will give shift a try08:07
Prolacikonia: thanks for help08:07
cell1how do i mount a windows fileshare in ubuntu?08:13
ActionParsnipcell1: nautilus can do that08:15
cell1to a specified folder on my filesystem?08:15
ActionParsnipcell1: nautilus can mount the share and you can then access a subfolder and add it as a bookmark for later use08:18
dalek_HOw do I find a process name from its process ID? I want to know which process is 157408:25
gordonjcpdalek_: ps ax | grep 1574 ?08:26
ActionParsnipminus the '?' ;)08:28
AdvoWorkif ive got a folder, full of symlinks, can i somehow copy that to another location, and restore it back without messing any of them up?08:29
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sasdi need some help08:31
sasdanyone has been working with cardman omnikey 4040 and ubuntu 12.04?08:31
Stanley00!ask | sasd08:32
ubottusasd: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience08:32
dalek_AAAAARRRGGHH!!! I am getting nowhere! I have a window "system is running in low-graphics mode.. blah blah blah" I CAN't work out how to get rid of it!! help the window just locks up. I NEED desperately to KILL it so that I can install my nvidia driver... please help.08:34
dalek_Does ANYONE know how to kill ALL running Xservers?08:35
dalek_How do I kill ALL running xservers?08:36
LorSamPau_wtry ctrl+alt+backspace08:36
LorSamPau_wmb ctrl+alt+f208:37
[twisti]hello, ever since upgrading from lts 10 to lts 12, at 6:25 in the morning, 00logwatch runs and practically kills the server at 500% cpu load for like 10 minutes08:38
[twisti]does anyone know what that thing does, and why it needs to much cpu time ?08:38
dalek_I am already at tty terminals... I need to know how to kill this stupid xserver session in ctrl+alt+F8 which has a locked up/frozen window.08:38
dalek_I CANNOT run nvidia driver installer unless I can get rid of this retarded window on F8...08:39
LorSamPau_w(Right alt) + (Print Screen) + K08:39
gordonjcpdalek_: kill ?08:40
gordonjcpdalek_: maybe "sudo pkill X"?08:40
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Guest25830hi all, how do i get the system tray to switch to avant? Compz fussion disapears once i type compiz --replace.08:44
melvincvPlease... show me a way to get rid of the new scrollbar in Ubuntu Unity 12.0408:46
ActionParsnipdalek_: the drivers are available in packages, you don't need the file from nvidia.com08:46
tiger___how to show the non-printable characters in emacs, like command ':set list' in vim ?08:46
dalek_Help! I need to kill the xfailsafe mode thing... I need to quit all running xservers.. HOW do I do this? I tried Alt+PrntScrn+K and the whole computer frozse dead08:46
ActionParsnipdalek_: which nvidia GPU are you using?08:46
Guest25830melvincv, do you use compiz?08:47
dalek_ActionParsnip: I do need to use the nvidia driver because it is the ONLY one which works for my old card08:47
farzadcan anyone suggest me a digital clock widget for ubuntu desktop?08:47
ActionParsnip!info nvidia-9608:47
ubottunvidia-96 (source: nvidia-graphics-drivers-96): NVIDIA binary Xorg driver, kernel module and VDPAU library. In component restricted, is optional. Version 96.43.20-0ubuntu6 (precise), package size 9067 kB, installed size 26240 kB (Only available for i386; amd64; lpia)08:47
ActionParsnipdalek_: the 96 driver works with old nvidia chips08:47
farzadcan anyone suggest me a digital clock widget for ubuntu desktop?08:47
max3is it possibl to recover (not reset) the password for a winxp installation from a ubuntu live cd ?08:47
ActionParsnipdalek_: if you REALLY want the driver, run the file in root recovery mode08:48
Guest25830for all Ubuntu users, have you considered Pinguy OS? its also a version of ubuntu without the tool bar.08:48
sasd!info pcsc-omnikey08:48
ubottuPackage pcsc-omnikey does not exist in precise08:48
dalek_ActionParsnip: I need to use nvidia's 173 driver. I tried to run form root recovery mode, but I couldn't make it work. I don't know why.08:49
tiger___anyone help me ?08:49
Guest25830tiger, what was your question?08:49
max3is it possibl to recover (not reset) the password for a winxp installation from a ubuntu live cd ?08:49
tiger___how to show the non-printable characters in emacs, like command ':set list' in vim ?08:49
dalek_ActionParsnip: if I could just work out how to quit this idiot xfailsafe frozen window, it would let me run the nvidia installer from the tty terminal08:50
EaglemanIs python auto installed on ubuntu?08:50
ActionParsnipdalek_: it should give a message to run a command and get a slightly different environment, it should then run08:50
EaglemanAnd how do i found it if it is installed?08:50
Guest25830oh lord, i'm sorry but i would have to research the web to help you.08:50
Guest25830what is emacs?08:51
ActionParsnipGuest25830: a text editor08:51
ubottuText Editors: gedit (GNOME), Kate (KDE), mousepad (Xfce4) - Terminal-based: nano, vi/vim, emacs, ed - For HTML/CSS editors, see !html - For programming editors and IDE, see !code08:51
ActionParsnipdalek_: press CTRL+ALT+F1 and run:  killall -u $USER08:51
tiger___Guest25830: emacs like vim, i think08:52
dalek_ActionParsnip: it gave no such message.. I think it complained about not being able to find or create some file and gave up. If you want me to find out what it said I will have to reboot again to get to recovery console.08:52
max3is it possibl to recover (not reset) the password for a winxp installation from a ubuntu live cd ?08:52
Guest25830ok,  text editors08:52
dalek_ActionParsnip: what does killall -u $USER do?08:53
_Aviator_melvincv : sudo apt-get remove scrollbar*08:53
melvincvyes, I suppose, compiz --replace refreshes my desktop08:53
ActionParsnipdalek_: all the processes your user has, will be ended08:54
dalek_ActionParsnip: ok, so that will also kill this irssi chat...08:54
Guest25830tiger, check this link and see if it helps you. https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups=#!topic/comp.emacs/CIniluIG5oY08:55
T-CoHi. In 12.04 what is the correct way to prefer ppa package over repo? Is pinning the way to go? (server install)08:56
Noriandirhi. I followed this tutorial (http://www.nabisoft.com/tutorials/glassfish/installing-glassfish-311-on-ubuntu) to install glassfish on ubuntu 10.04 LTS, but I cant access to the glassfish folder without being root =/08:56
ActionParsnipdalek_: sure but you will go back to the login page with a responsive desktop08:57
dalek_ActionParsnip: that did not work.. killed everything EXCEPT the xfailsafe windows08:57
Guest25830does anyone know how to move the system tray from the tool bar to the avant window navigator?08:57
dalek_ActionParsnip: it must be running under different user08:57
ActionParsnipdalek_: then check using:  top08:58
EaglemanIs python auto installed on ubuntu?08:58
EaglemanAnd how do i found it if it is installed?08:58
dalek_ActionParsnip: i tried looking at top, but i can make no sense of it08:58
ActionParsnipEagleman: python -version08:58
tiger___Eagleman: try python in terminal08:59
melvincvSo I remove scrollbar* ?08:59
dalek_ActionParsnip: I have top running now... I don't know what I am looking for?08:59
ActionParsnipdalek_: dalek_ or use:  ps | less08:59
Guest25830good luck everyone, have a great night/ day.08:59
Eaglemanusage: python [option] ... [-c cmd | -m mod | file | -] [arg] ...09:00
ActionParsnipEagleman: a lot of ubuntu uses python, it is very powerful09:00
NoriandirActionParsnip, its python --version btw (you missed a -)09:00
IdleOneActionParsnip: Eagleman python --version09:00
EaglemanPython 2.7.3 (default, Aug  1 2012, 05:14:39)09:00
Eaglemanpython worked09:00
Eaglemanbut is it auto installed with ubuntu?09:00
ActionParsnipEagleman: the man page would have told you how to see the version...09:00
Eaglemanor did i install it my self?09:00
ActionParsnipEagleman: its a default app09:00
melvincvThe scrollbar comes in the way of programs and their buttons at the very right or bottom...09:00
dalek_ActionParsnip: that listed 3 processes and it says (END) at the bottom.09:00
ActionParsnipEagleman: most of what you use is python based09:01
sasd!info linux-headers-3.2.0-25-generic09:01
ubottulinux-headers-3.2.0-25-generic (source: linux): Linux kernel headers for version 3.2.0 on 32 bit x86 SMP. In component main, is optional. Version 3.2.0-25.40 (precise), package size 929 kB, installed size 10837 kB09:01
ActionParsnipdalek_: ok, try:  ps -ef | less09:01
ActionParsnipdalek_: press Q to exit the pager currently running09:01
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dalek_ActionParsnip: what is this doing? it lists thousands of things....09:02
EaglemanAnd what about python setuptools python-numpy python-imaging libvirt python bindings?09:03
gordonjcpEagleman: try it and see09:03
dalek_ActionParsnip: now what?09:03
Eaglemannone of the commands are working09:04
=== mimor is now known as mimor_
Eaglemanbut otherwise my Archipel agent would not be working so i am not sure09:04
dalek_I still have a window on ctrl+alt+F8 which refuses to go away09:04
ActionParsnipdalek_: look for the process you want to kiill. The 2nd colomn is the PID09:05
dalek_surely someone must know how to kill the x failsafe windows??09:05
ActionParsnipdalek_: not obvious what was going on here?09:06
LorSamPau_wdalek_, the command is "xkill" =)09:06
dalek_ActionParsnip: If I knew the process I would.09:06
dalek_what does xkill do?09:06
ActionParsnipdalek_: lets you click on a window and kill it...man pages and the web would have told you that..09:07
LorSamPau_wIt kills a client by its X resource and not by process ID09:07
[twisti]i have problems with getting "DegradedArray event on /dev/md0" for all my drives. what can i do ? they are single drives, not arrays09:07
Eaglemanhow do i know if these addons are installed? python setuptools python-numpy python-imaging libvirt python bindings?09:08
fidelEagleman: dpkg -l | grep SEARCHSTRING09:08
msmith0957ello.. need help getting an old laptop's drives to be recognized by ubuntu installer. parted magik sees them ok, i tried disabling acpi, but no go. can i mount them manually and give it a go ?09:09
[twisti]they all seem to think they should have another drive, but they dont, its one of the many bugs that showed up when i unfortunately upgraded from LTS 10 to LTS 1209:09
fidelas dpkg -l lists all installed packages -> the rest filters it09:09
ActionParsnipEagleman: dpkg -l | egrep 'python|setuptools|python-numpy|python-imaging|libvirt|bindings'09:09
ActionParsnipEagleman: may want to remove the first python in the quotes, and the pipe character09:09
laykeIf I have some old files that I have on another drive mounted at /media/<deviceuuid>/var/www how would I just copy them over to /var/www09:10
ActionParsnipEagleman: dpkg -l | egrep 'setuptools|python-numpy|python-imaging|libvirt|bindings'09:10
laykeI get cp omitting directory when trying to copy09:10
dalek_ActionParsnip: xkill doesn't appear to be what I want.. It seems to be for closing windows but not stopping an xserver completely.09:10
EaglemanThanks mate09:10
msmith0957layke: cp -R ?09:11
laykeAh thanks. :)09:11
dalek_xserver failsafe crap still persists....09:11
LorSamPau_wsudo service lightdm stop09:12
tiger___dalek_: killalll X09:12
dalek_tiger___: no such process exists09:12
dalek_LorSamPau_w: ligthdm is NOT running.. xserver is STILL running.. God!!! help!! AAAARGGRHHH!!09:13
msmith0957I'm staring at the installation screen that lets you select which device/partition to install ubuntu on. but its blank. machine has a raid card but i dont believe thats the issue bc its currently in ata mode and a live cd saw the drives just fine.09:13
tiger___dalek_: Can you find the process by command 'ps -ef |grep X' ?09:14
ActionParsnipdalek_: thought about rebooting?09:14
dalek_ActionParsnip: rebooting? lol.. done that countless times already. I am always stuck with the xfailsafe low-graphics mode window lock-up freeze.09:15
ActionParsnipdalek_: did you get the nvidia driver installed?09:15
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dalek_dalek_: I have NOT been able to run it and NEVER will be able until I can KILL this xserver failsafe thing09:16
dalek_ActionParsnip: I have NOT been able to run it and NEVER will be able until I can KILL this xserver failsafe thing09:16
LorSamPau_wdalek_, have you tried nomodeset?09:16
LorSamPau_wor recovery mode09:17
Eaglemanii  python-setuptools                    0.6.24-1ubuntu1                     Pyt                                                                                                                                                             hon Distutils Enhancements (setuptools compatibility)09:17
Eaglemanii  python-libvirt                       0.9.8-2ubuntu17.3                   lib                                                                                                                                                             virt Python bindings09:17
EaglemanI am missing the rest09:17
dalek_LorSamPau_w: no... but I HAVE tried recovery mode, and.. I don't know why,  but the nvidia installer won't run from the recovery console...09:17
EaglemanWhat in need is:  https://github.com/ArchipelProject/Archipel/wiki/Installation%3A-Agent09:18
fideldalek_: how about trying to get rid of that special mode as a first step?09:18
dalek_fidel: sorry... what?09:18
EaglemanBut i have to be sure if it will be auto installed during the instalation or if i did install it somehow09:18
fidelas in using the default drivers provided - then do a normal boot - kill lightdm & x and run the NVIDIA sh thing09:18
d1rkp1ttSep 10 14:53:30 ubuntu sshd[4057]: error: connect_to port 5901: failed.09:19
fidelif recovery-mode blocks you - get rid of the recovery mode (if possible)09:19
fidelnever had that issue while installing nvidia-drivers - but i never started from recovdery-mode either dalek_09:19
LorSamPau_wdalek_, ubuntu have problems with some video cards, nomodeset helped me other time09:19
d1rkp1ttAnyone able to help me with a VNC issue.. I can connect locally but not through my ssh tunnel .... its reaching the server.. hence log09:19
d1rkp1ttSep 10 14:53:30 ubuntu sshd[4057]: error: connect_to port 5901: failed.09:19
dalek_LorSamPau_w: is nomodeset something I need to install? it doesn't appear to be present on my system.09:20
d1rkp1ttSo it seems its not forwarding from ssh to vncserver09:20
d1rkp1ttI have tried settings like X11forwarding09:20
LorSamPau_wdalek_, nope, you can set it in the grub, before loading the os09:20
LorSamPau_wdalek_, http://img827.imageshack.us/img827/3509/dgfdgrunningoraclevmvir.png09:21
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dalek_LorSamPau_w: any URLs are wasted on me.. I have no way to access the internet. I can only get onto IRC using irssi console client.09:21
ActionParsnipdalek_: have you tried the boot option:  nouveau.blacklist=109:22
LorSamPau_wdalek_, when you are selecting the os before loading it - press F6(Other options) - there will be nomodeset option09:23
ombletukeliswhats up09:23
dalek_ActionParsnip: sounds complicated... I am soooo tired. I am going to try and find this nomodeset this then I may have to quit for the night09:23
ActionParsnipdalek_: not at all09:24
ActionParsnipdalek_: its very simple09:24
LorSamPau_wdalek_, if it isn't there - you can manualy edit the os line by pressing "e" - and add nomodeset09:24
ActionParsnipdalek_: hold shift at boot, delete the words (using keyboard):  quiet splash    and add the word: nouveau.blacklist=1     press ENTER to continue the boot, how is taht in any way hard. Its basically typing..?09:25
LorSamPau_wand to edit the line you must press "e"09:25
dalek_ActionParsnip: I am going to have to write this down since I won't be able to see this when I reboot.09:26
LorSamPau_w1) During the restart, when you see the “Grub Loading” message, immediately press “ESC”  or holde "SHIFT" while booting to get to the grub menu. 2) Highlight the first entry and press “e” to edit the entry. 3) Scroll down to the line that starts with “linux…” and move the cursor to the end. Enter “nomodeset” or "nouveau.blacklist=1" 4) Press Ctrl + X to continue the booting process.09:27
=== rigved is now known as Guest83067
dalek_ActionParsnip: so am I deleting "quiet splash" and replacing it with "nouveau.blacklist=1" ???09:28
ActionParsnipdalek_: yes, simple isn't it09:28
dalek_ActionParsnip: maybe... I will have to try and see ;) brb... maybe09:29
jalexandruhi, silly question I guess but I need to know... is there a way ubuntu 64bit can run in a 32bit computer?09:29
ActionParsnipdalek_: you will force the OS to use failsafe vga and you will get a desktop09:29
ActionParsnipjalexandru: not possible09:29
jalexandruActionParsnip: thanks09:29
ActionParsnipjalexandru: the install media will also refuse to install09:29
melvincvIs there a way to get a clean GNOME 3  install on Ubuntu without breaking anything? installing gnome-panel caused stability issues...09:30
jalexandruActionParsnip: I've installed ubuntu 64bit on an old computer are there any reasons to install 32bit? or they'll work the same?09:31
msmith0957So, I've determined that fdisk -l shows my disk, but the ubuntu installer does not populate my disk/partition details, any ideas ?09:32
compdocmsmith0957, youre trying to install ubuntu, and its not working?09:33
LorSamPau_wmsmith0957, raid controller?09:33
msmith0957compdoc: yes sir09:33
msmith0957LorSamPau_w: yes, but its in ata mode currently09:33
Noriandirjalexandru, depends on how old is the pc. if it is older than a Core 2 Duo probably it wont suport 64bits09:33
msmith0957LorSamPau_w: a live cd (parted magic) allowed me to access the drive with no issues09:34
compdocmsmith0957, how many drives are installed?09:34
dalek_ActionParsnip: that did nothing.. after I made the edit, the retarded "system running in low-graphics mode blah blah blah" window popped back up instantly. Back to square 1. AAARRGHHH!!!09:34
msmith0957compdoc: single, in ata mode09:34
compdocdo you have teh choice of ahci?09:34
msmith0957no ahci options in bios :/09:34
msmith0957just raid/ata09:34
compdocno worries09:34
compdocits an ide drive?09:35
LorSamPau_wmsmith0957, well then i guess that ubuntu just don't have the driver... parted magic is better in this way09:35
dalek_ActionParsnip: Do you think it is worth trying LorSamPau_w 's nomodeset thingy?09:35
ActionParsnipdalek_: worth a shot09:35
compdocmsmith0957, are you trying to dual boot? is some other OS on there as well?09:35
dalek_ActionParsnip: rebooting again :( .....09:35
LorSamPau_wdalek_, it helped me with geforce 550 ti09:36
msmith0957compdoc: currently runs xp, but trying to get rid of it to throw ubuntu on here09:36
compdocmsmith0957, ubuntu 12.04?09:36
msmith0957LorSamPau_w: would i require a driver for the drive to show up via fdisk -l09:36
AdvoWorkif ive got a folder, full of symlinks, can i somehow copy that to another location, and restore it back without messing any of them up?09:36
FawazA warm greet for a warm brother.09:36
msmith0957compdoc: yes09:36
FawazAnyone seek a refidge? Or Asbestos09:36
FawazBecause Fawaz al-Yakhchalieh wa al-Azbestieh: http://www.justkuwait.net/find/fawaz-refrigeration-and-air-conditioning-co-14211.html09:37
FawazHas what needs you!09:37
compdocmsmith0957, what brand of system is it?09:37
FawazFawaz al-Yakhchalieh wa al-Azbestieh.09:37
msmith0957compdoc: hah, if you must know, its an ancient alienware area 51 m770009:37
FawazBuy here, you are a cool.™09:38
fidelFawaz: stop the offtopic stuff please09:38
Fawaz(in)fidel: Ok dear.09:38
msmith0957compdoc: aka clevo d9t09:38
compdocmsmith0957, are you booted the live cd now?09:38
msmith0957compdoc: i'm in the ubuntu installer09:38
msmith0957currently on another machine talking to you09:39
compdocmsmith0957, where in the process?09:39
Fawaz(in)fidel: It is ontopic a bit, our store computere have the lininx Uperator!09:39
compdocwhat do you see on the screen?09:39
msmith0957compdoc: http://leekaelin.co.uk/downloads/TechSpot/Linux_Guides/Responses_to_guides/Ubuntu11_10_post_5_2.JPG09:39
FawazThat is why a visit to Fawaz al-Yakhchalieh wa al-Azbestieh is good.09:39
msmith0957compdoc: im there, but nothing is populated in that last09:39
dalek_LorSamPau_w: sorry.. I forgot how to get the boot options where I can select nomodeset09:39
fidelFawaz: read the topic and stop the advertising09:40
msmith0957compdoc: currently staring at terminal tho, fdisk -l shows my disk at /dev/sda1 but the partition manager doesnt show my drive/part :/09:40
LorSamPau_wdalek_, tap "e"09:40
FawazOk, infidel. :)09:40
FawazDoes it belong to the Ubuntu company?09:40
dalek_LorSamPau_w: oh ok... then do I type nomodeset somewhere in there?09:41
compdocmsmith0957, those are fat32 partitions, and a bunch of partitions that have no business being on a windows xp drive09:41
msmith0957compdoc: lol its just a screenshot i found on the web09:41
LorSamPau_wdalek_, in the back of the line thet starts "linux..."09:41
msmith0957compdoc: im just saying, thats the section of the install im in09:41
dalek_ok thanks09:41
msmith0957compdoc: except on my screen, no devices/partitions are shown09:41
trijntje_I want to be able to ssh into another computer that has two installs of ubuntu on it. How can I ssh into both without getting certificate errors?09:42
compdocmsmith0957, reboot it and load the live cd to the desktop. Its the Try Ubuntu option09:42
msmith0957compdoc: ok, and then try the install option from there ?09:43
compdocmsmith0957, no, Ide like you to run the disk utility to check the health of the drive, and also gparted to look at the partition09:43
msmith0957compdoc: alright, i'll give it a try. i'l say o/ in a few minutes09:45
dalek_LorSamPau_w: that failed to achieve anything too. It still throws me into the "system is running in low-graphics mode" window... :(09:45
LorSamPau_wdalek_, then i don't know how to help =(09:46
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dalek_ActionParsnip: the full message is "your screen, graphics card and input devices could not be detected correctly. you will need to configure these yourself".. I can press enter to "ok" the window, then it locks up and freezes.09:48
dalek_ActionParsnip: I am going to try running nvidia installer from recovery console again... I will make a note of the messages when it fails and re-type them in here....09:50
msmith0957compdoc: o/, so, disk util shows my disk, its single ntfs parition, and says its healthy. now what ?09:50
compdocmsmith0957, no bad sectors?09:50
msmith0957compdoc: bad sectors: none09:51
krakis possible to turn my x86 installation into amd64 without reinstalling Lubuntu?09:51
compdocmsmith0957, open gparted. does it see the drive?09:51
compdockrak, I dont think so09:51
msmith0957yep, no problem09:51
krakcompdoc: ok09:52
compdocmsmith0957, well, why not delete the partition there and then run the installer09:52
compdocwith gparted09:52
msmith0957compdoc: il try it09:52
soeehi, whta is te command to copy whole directory with subdirectories, files etc to new  directory?09:52
jinu_I am using ubuntu 11.1009:52
jinu_but hard disk failed09:53
jinu_when I am using  sudo gdisk -l  /dev/sdb09:53
jack-xtrpardon me, i have a question indirectly related to ubuntu. I'll wait my turn.09:53
jinu_it show GPT: damaged09:53
jinu_any solution?09:53
compdocjack-xtr, you'll be waiting forever09:53
dr_willisask away jack-xtr  and see who knows09:54
msmith0957compdoc: no go..09:55
compdocmsmith0957, whats happens?09:55
dr_willissoee:  cp has a -r  for recursive option.09:55
krakby the way: I found bug discussion where they say as a workaround to remove ubiquity-slideshow becuase installer crashes. I found another solution simply upgrading ubiquity-slideshow: hope to help somebody09:55
msmith0957compdoc: same thing, just doesnt show any drives available to install to09:55
krakspeaking about Lubuntu installer09:56
soeedr_willis, will this work for dot files also ?09:56
compdocmsmith0957, when you delete the partition in gparted, you have to click 'apply'09:56
msmith0957compdoc: yep, did that, verified in disk utils that it had changed09:56
dr_willissoee:  try it and see you may need to use -a or .* type wildcards.  may be worth the time to check a few bash tutorials for examples09:57
soeeok, thank you dr_willis09:57
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal09:57
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compdocmsmith0957, well, it makes no sense. You might try the Alternative installer for Ubuntu, but that will mean downloading and burning another cd09:58
msmith0957compdoc: ohh shit i got it09:58
msmith0957compdoc: i think it had to do with the way the disk was originally partitioned09:58
msmith0957i deleted all volumes, reformatted with master boot record, added a new ext4 partiton, and then all of a sudden it picked up on it09:59
msmith0957i gues the key was the master boot record ?09:59
compdocmsmith0957, I bet it was the partition type09:59
msmith0957what does xp installer do ?09:59
dalek_ActionParsnip: attempting to run nvidia installer from a grub recovery console fails with "mkdir cannot create directory '/tmp/selfgz722' read-only file system. Unable to create target directory etc.... but I've had another idea....10:00
ActionParsnipdalek_: is the partition healthy?10:00
msmith0957compdoc: alright wel, whatever it was, thanks a lot for helping me along. much appreciated10:00
dalek_ActionParsnip: If I can install the non-working default ubuntu nouveau drivers... I may AT LEAST be able to boot up THEN kill lightdm.. then I might be able to install the WORKING nvidia driver....10:01
dr_willisdalek_:   you may want to try the 'text' mode console. tye recovery mode has an option to remount / read/write i recall.10:01
msmith0957yaahooo ! (im off)10:01
dr_willis!text | dalek_10:01
ubottudalek_: To start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode10:01
dr_willistext mode does not start up lightdm10:02
dr_willisbut everything else should be 'normal'10:02
dalek_dr_willis: that sounds like exactly what I need! Will that ALSO stop the xfailsafe window system from loading?10:02
mystblade9Is it safe to use the X Updates PPA? I need it because the propietary nVidia driver that is included with the current Ubuntu release causes system freezes.10:02
dr_willisno x at all.10:03
unlessHow do I check the available user groups of my machine?10:03
unlessAnd how do I add a user to a group?10:03
LorSamPau_wdalek_, no windows at all )10:03
dr_willismystblade9:  as safe as any other ppa.  ive not heard of any issues with it10:03
dalek_hooray! So I just type text at the end of the linux.... line? no need to delete anything else?10:04
sstaunless: "cat /etc/group" and "sudo adduser <username> <groupname>"10:04
unlessssta, thank you!10:04
dr_willisdalek_:  i tend to say change 'quiet splash' to 'noquiet nosplash text'10:04
mystblade9dr_willis: Good ^^. But how safe are PPA's in general? I'm quite new with them.10:04
ubottuA Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge10:04
christarasHi guys i am usin ubuntu 12.04 and i have NO sound (LIke i dont have with any other distros/versions) except if i reload alsa. I have googled it but with no succes MANY MANY MANY times. Can you suggest a fix?10:05
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dr_willischristaras:  how are you reloading alsa?10:05
christarassudo alsa force-reload10:06
dr_willischristaras:  put that command in /etc/rc.local   after a sleep 30  to let it wait a while.. perhaps10:06
dr_willisdirty work around..10:06
Guest24217hi, i created an user from terminal, but when i login with that user auto completes are not working. do i need a bashrc file to make it work?10:06
ActionParsnipdr_willis: the sleep will make the boot hang for 30s too10:06
dr_willisGuest24217:  how did you make the user?10:07
dr_willisActionParsnip:  lightdm wont wait..10:07
Guest24217adduser -m bla10:07
christaraswait what do you mean?  put that command in terminal  "/etc/rc.local   after a sleep 30"10:07
dr_willisGuest24217:  you can copy the default files from /etc/skel/10:07
christarasHey about my problem just something i forgot sometimes the sound works perfectly when i boot without need to reload.10:08
dr_willischristaras:  add 2 lines to /etc/rc.local  befor the exit 0.....     sleep 30      then your command, no sudo needed10:08
Guest24217dr_willis, ah thank you10:08
dr_willischristaras:  ive had some cards work IF i cold booted straight to linux, but not if i rebooted from windows into linux.10:09
dalek_dr_willis: that worked perfect! I can now finally run the Nvidia installer. *writes that down for next time a kernel update messes up my driver* thank you!10:10
mystblade9dr_willis: What happens if I upgrade my Ubuntu to 12.10, when it is released, while having my Xorg been upgraded through the PPA?10:10
dr_willismystblade9:  upgrade tools normally disable all the ppa's10:10
mystblade9dr_willis: Good ^^10:10
christarasThank you for your help i really apreciate it. SO this command is supposed to reload alsa on each boot after 30 sec system has loaded.10:10
dr_willischristaras:  you got it.10:11
jinu_any help10:11
dr_willis30 sec is just a guess.. it may not be needed at all10:11
compdocjinu_, is the disk healthy?10:11
christarasWell i will make it less to make sure it will work :). THANK YOU.10:11
dr_willisyou could make rc.lolcal play a sound if you wanted.. ;)10:11
erqwerrNot for me Windows10:12
jinu_compdoc: ya10:12
ActionParsnipdr_willis: rc.local is processed before lightdm, if you put the command in a script and run the script backgrounded, it allows the boot to continue :)10:12
compdocjinu_, Ive never seen a damaged partition on any type. What caused it?10:12
jinu_compdoc : it show all the partition10:13
dr_willisActionParsnip:  from what ive seen rc.local gets ran along side lightdm,     sleep 30 &    wont wait.10:13
jinu_how to recover data from it?10:13
compdocI dont know what that means10:13
compdocoh, well just boot the live CD10:14
dr_willisoh in a script.. that would be a cleaner way10:14
jinu_compdoc: ok10:14
dr_willisweird that it needs to get reloaded...10:14
compdocthen copy your files somewhere10:15
BlackPanxiostat -N should show device names, but it doesnt on one of my servers. do i need aditional package installed to make device-mapper show proper LV's of disk... ?10:15
compdocjinu_, how large is the drive?10:15
BlackPanxmaybe i need to mount another module10:16
BlackPanxinto kernel10:16
daemonI want to tell a program to not use the conf.d config system and use a configuration file I specify manually10:16
jinu_compdoc: 1 TB10:16
daemonwhat script will I need to edit to achieve this behaviour10:16
ActionParsnipdr_willis: ahh, I've always made little scripts and added it that way, can help with stuff (especially startup stuf in X needing root access, bit hacky but t works)10:16
jinu_now i am connected with other working hard disk10:17
jribdaemon: what program?  What exactly do you want to accomplish?10:17
jinu_when I use live cd, it is unbale to mount the hard disk10:17
compdocjinu_, ok, well, a 1TB doesnt need a gpt partition type, but its ok. I use gpt on a few large volumes in raids10:17
Guest24217dr_willis, i copied but, when i log in, bash does not work, when i give command bash it starts to working10:17
daemonjrib, exim4 I want it to use the default path the source version would normally use /etc/exim4.conf oir /usr/local/etc/exim4.conf10:18
daemonand not go through the conf.d/ dir at all10:18
jinu_compdoc: Actually it automatically came when I done complete hard disk installation using ubuntu10:18
Guest24217dr_willis, forget it i fixed thanks for your help :)10:19
dr_willisGuest24217:  your user isusing sh... not bash.. is this on a vpn?10:21
jinu_compdoc: is it possible to recover data from one partition?10:21
Guest24217dr_willis, i used chsh command to run bash instead of sh. its working fine now10:21
dr_willisvpns and other hosting sites often default to sh  not bash10:22
dr_willisor whatever you call those services..10:22
compdocjinu_, its possible, buit you wont know until you try10:22
jinu_compdoc: pls tell me the way10:23
compdocboot the Live CD and look10:23
dj007hi everyone10:24
dj007can some one help me screen resolution............... ubuntu 12.0410:24
dj007i broke me screen of notebook and now i am using hp 20XLED10:25
ActionParsnipdj007: what make and model system? what video chip?10:26
crizisdj007, http://www.sabi.co.uk/Notes/linuxHelpAsk.html10:26
ActionParsnipdj007: sudo lshw -C display    will tell you10:30
dj007totally newbie10:30
jinu__compdoc: using gdisk it is showing the partition but gpt is damaged..using live cd it says the disk is free10:32
dj007got some info10:32
dj007VGA compatible controller10:32
dj007       product: Mobile 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller10:32
dj007       vendor: Intel Corporation10:32
dj007       physical id: 210:32
dj007       bus info: pci@0000:00:02.010:32
FloodBot1dj007: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:32
dj007       version: 0710:32
compdocjinu__, i dont know how to fix that. Try asking in #linux10:32
BlackPanxiostat -N should show device names, but it doesnt on one of my servers. do i need aditional package/module in kernel installed to make device-mapper show proper LV's of disk... ?10:35
dj007any 110:35
oddieis there another channel to conenct to if you have issues with 12.10? compiz no longer loads, fglrx is not installing I think, needs dependencies that are no longer in 12.1010:37
MonkeyDustoddie  try #ubuntu+110:37
oddieMonkeyDust thank you :D10:38
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dr_willisthe joys of testing 12.10  ;)10:45
ActionParsnipdr_willis: its been ok here :)10:45
dr_willisroller coaster last month with it.10:45
tasslehoffWhat makes fsck run on a standard 12.04 install? tune2fs shows me a Maximum Count of -1 and a Check Interval of 0.10:45
tasslehoff(if it runs at all)10:46
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N03LI can only scroll down with f12, how do you scroll up? F11 just fullscreens the chat (Weechat)10:48
ykihow do I have to select files in terminal wich are starting with "["10:48
Guest57658Hi just got my first ubuntu laptop - cant seem to install the 64 bit google hangout plugin for chrome - keeps sending me back to green install plugin button: https://plus.google.com/hangouts?enfplm10:50
MonkeyDustyki  find -name "^[*"10:50
BlazemoreI accidentally installed a package at some point which pulled down X along with a million other desktop dependencies10:50
BlazemoreHow can I remove the x server10:50
MonkeyDustyki  ^ means: beginning of the line10:50
Guest57658have restarted chrome and whole machine to no avail10:50
dr_willisN03L:  the window manager/terminal app is grabbing some of the shortcuts it seems10:50
ykiThank you!10:51
yki<MonkeyDust> (y)10:51
BlackPanxiostat -N should show LVS names, but it doesnt on one of my servers. do i need aditional package/module in kernel installed to make device-mapper show proper LV's of disk... ? using ubuntu distro.10:52
N03Ldr_willis: Of course. How silly of me. Thanks.10:54
mystblade9If I use tasksel to install Xubuntu and remove Ubuntu, will I have a clean Xubuntu system - and could I easily switch back to Ubuntu by deselecting Xubuntu and selecting Ubuntu?10:54
jack-xtrcan someone tell me if an ubuntu-like OS is there that can work with only an "enlightenment" or an "openbox" on it10:54
Blazemorecrunchbang uses openbox and is based on Debian10:55
BlazemoreUbuntu is also based on Debian, so you'll find yourself right at home10:55
cfhowlettjack-xtr: ubuntu.  Just install openbox and select at login10:55
BlazemoreCrunchbang's the ultimate in "well, might as well stick Linux on this piece of shit"10:55
NewWorldjack-xtr:  all of them can. All linux distros can.10:56
compdocBlackPanx, do you think you need to install lvm2?10:56
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!10:56
BlackPanxcompdoc of course not, lvm2 is installed. and works. i just need mapped dm-0 to for example /dev/LV/LV_VSERVER10:56
BlackPanxdmsetup shows it10:57
BlackPanxiostat should too10:57
m3powif there any ubuntu software that canhelp me run windows apps ?10:57
BlackPanxwould like to get iostat work, since i run iostat for statistic purposes10:57
Blazemorem3pow: Yes, Wine10:57
BlazemoreDo we have a shortcut for10:57
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu10:57
BlackPanxm3pow try playonlinux10:57
ubottum3pow:: please see above10:57
m3powthanks a lot, appreciate it !10:58
N03Lm3pow: Yeah, Wine is one. But no guarantee the windows apps will run properly with it.10:58
BlazemoreOf course there's no guarentee. m3pow What did you want to run, specifically?10:58
BlackPanxu might want to check http://www.playonlinux.com/en/ also, since that brings whole load of programs you can install and with settings for wine, to make it work.10:59
m3powBlazemore , Eclipse IDE10:59
Blazemorem3pow: There's a Linux version of that already10:59
m3powi just installed Ubuntu yesterday, love it10:59
m3powis there ?10:59
BlackPanxm3pow you dont need wine for that10:59
BlackPanxof course10:59
BlazemoreIn fact, I didn't even know there was a Windows version of Eclipse10:59
m3powoh great10:59
BlazemoreJust open the Software Centre and search for Eclipse11:00
m3powyes there is a windows version, i used it in college11:00
BlazemoreThen click Install, put your password in, and boom, Eclipse is installed11:00
naftilos76does anybody know where i can get latest thunderbird for my ubuntu 10.10 ? I tried a repo but something i wrong and synaptic does not show up the 3.3 ver while it should.11:00
gordonjcpisn't Eclipse written in Java?11:00
BlazemoreDo not try to go to the eclipse website, download a file and do something with it11:00
m3powyes it is written in JAVA11:00
gordonjcpand therefore, works on anything with a JVM?11:00
m3powfound it11:00
BlazemoreIn principle, yes11:00
m3powhad no idea11:00
BlackPanxnaftilos76 u need to add latest thunderbird repository, or just install it from their website... it's .deb package and it works like charm if you just click twice on it.11:01
ActionParsnipnaftilos76: Maverick is EOL11:01
ActionParsnipnaftilos76: so no, it shouldn't show anything, there are no more packages for Maverick11:01
BlazemoreMaverick is my second favourite release, after 6.0611:02
naftilos76BlackPanx: their website does not give binaries - only source11:02
m3powoh it has RoR aswell in software centre11:02
BlazemoreWhat's RoR?11:03
m3powRails framework for Ruby language11:04
m3powRuby On Rails11:04
BlazemoreOh right11:04
m3powand i see i can install Ruby from terminal11:04
m3powLinux is so smooth11:04
BlazemoreI'd always recommend using apt-get in a terminal to install software11:05
Blazemorem3pow: Is this your first Linux distro?11:05
Blazemorem3pow: have you come from Windows?11:05
BlackPanxbaftilos76 did you open that tar.bz2 ? it's precompiled source. meaning, binary. but either way add ppa:mozillateam/thunderbird-stable11:05
Blazemorem3pow: Just a reminder that #ubuntu-beginners exists if you have any fundamental questions, or you think a question would be better suited11:06
m3powthank you Blazemore11:06
N03LI'm new to Ubuntu. Sorry.11:06
ActionParsnipnaftilos76: I suggest a clean install of Precise. It is the latest stable ubuntu and is also LTS11:06
ActionParsnipN03L: everyone is at some point11:07
cfhowlettnaftilos76: second ActionParsnip's suggestion: clean install, LTS is the way to go.11:08
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qakfor the life of me I can't get mpd to start up properly. even doing `sudo -u mpd /usr/bin/mpd` fails with errors about the port being in use (netstat says it's not), no audio_output defined (there is, but afaik shouldn't need to be). I'm stumped11:08
cfhowletturhet: greetings11:08
N03LIt's amazing. I'm just starting to learn Unix language.11:08
naftilos76ActionParsnip: Thanks but no thanks. I have been trying all the latest vers of ubuntu and i ended up considering 10.10 the most suitable and stable. I may be wrong!11:08
SimonJaihey guys, recently VIA VT6421A thinking I could RAID0 and run Ubuntu off that.... wrong11:09
BlackPanxiostat -N should show LV names, but it doesnt on one of my servers. do i need aditional package/module in kernel installed to make device-mapper show proper LV's of disk... ? using ubuntu distro.11:09
naftilos76Thanks guys anyway11:09
SimonJaiseems like i got to include the VIA driver file in the BIOS firmware, and then reflash the mobo11:09
iNTEl_hey dudes11:09
SimonJaiany ideas how to do that?11:09
iNTEl_oh cool11:09
=== themhz_ is now known as notwo
iNTEl_i think i can get help here11:10
iNTEl_i have a prop11:10
iNTEl_after i installed ubutnu 12.0411:10
iNTEl_i installed windows xp11:10
iNTEl_so the windows xp in not reading or showing the ubuntu in the boot menu11:10
iNTEl_any one could help ?11:11
cfhowlettiNTEl_: you used the windows ubuntu installer?11:11
=== TheDrums is now known as Guest38162
iNTEl_after i installed ubuntu from a DVD11:11
iNTEl_i installed windows xp11:11
cfhowlettiNTEl_: got it.11:11
ubottuiNTEL_: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)11:12
cfhowlettiNTEl_: you need to restore grub.  See the link above11:12
MonkeyDustiNTEl_  first win, then lin... windows ruins everything that is not windows, e.g. the GRUB menu11:12
cfhowlettMonkeyDust: stealing your quote! "first win, then lin"11:12
iNTEl_chfowlett_ ty for help11:13
iNTEl_but am now using xp11:13
iNTEl_so can i do that from the xp11:13
iNTEl_cuz i can't login to ubuntu by anyway11:13
cfhowlettiNTEl_: yes.  read the link.  You'll need to boot your ubuntu dvd and then fix.11:13
MonkeyDustiNTEl_  try and repair the grub menu11:13
iNTEl_cool thnx11:13
iNTEl_i was have another prop11:13
iNTEl_i will try :D11:13
iNTEl_i forgot the pass11:14
ActionParsnipnafstill doesn't mean its supported here, the OS will run but the is zero suport here or anywhere for Maverick11:14
iNTEl_and i tried all what i can remember11:14
iNTEl_but nothing worked11:14
ubottuiNTEL_: Forgot your password? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LostPassword What's the root password? See !sudo. Don't see *** in password prompts? That's normal. Sudo doesn't ask for your password? It remembers you for several minutes. Please use strong passwords, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/StrongPasswords11:14
cfhowlettiNTEl_: first fix grub, then fix password11:14
iNTEl_i will fix the pass11:15
FloodBot1iNTEl_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:15
iNTEl_then i will come back11:15
MalMencan anybody help me to mount a remote dir from windows7 on my ubuntu ?  i use malmen@asus-pc:~/workspace$ sudo mount -t cifs // /home/malmen/workspace/windows/ -o username="my user",password=mypass,defaults and that mounts ok, but stays read only11:17
ActionParsnipMalMen: add the option:   rw,user11:19
=== JonJ_ is now known as JonJ
MonkeyDustMalMen  in /etc/exports on the remote pc11:19
MalMenActionParsnip after defaults ?11:19
MalMenMonkeyDust remote pc is windows711:20
MonkeyDustMalMen  sorry, misreafd11:20
jactaDoes anyone know if theres a place to discuss about usage of aptana?11:21
iNTEl_chfhowlett , r u here ?11:21
cfhowlettiNTEl_: yes11:21
MalMenon mounted dir i can create dirs only with sudo11:22
=== mimor is now known as mimor_
MalMenchown: a alterar o dono de «windows»: permition denied11:23
MonkeyDustthats portugese ;)11:23
MalMenyes it is xD11:24
NoodelsHi, I was this thread here which has helped me fix a problem ( http://stackoverflow.com/questions/7773811/gcc-compile-has-undefined-references-despite-previously-functional-linking-ubunt ), as a developer, should I make any changes to my program to make it compile straight away on ubuntu without having to apply patches to the Makefile after it's generated? Should I wait for autotools or gcc to be fixed?11:28
qakwhen i start mpd it says "failed to bind to address already in use", but `netstat -lptn` shows nothing on that port. any ideas?11:29
Noodelsqak: Is this after a fresh boot or did you previously run and stop mpd?11:30
halI am looking for a GUI file manager with two panels, that will allow me to browse two almost identical file systems and *visually* compare them. Thus, it will allow me to descend into usr/local/bin from usr/local/ in both /mnt/backup/daily.0/usr/local/ and /mnt/backup/daily.1/usr/local/11:30
haldoes anyone have any suggestions, please?11:31
JonJWould dolphins split view work?11:31
qakNoodels: mpd stopped working may 27 ; rebooted several times, been going at it this morning trying to get it to work with no luck. been killing it with  "kill -term `pgrep mpd`" and checking lsof to make sure it's dead11:31
NewWorldhal:  what does it mean to visually compare?11:31
RajiHello everyone i want to share files using empathy but in empathy Send file is in disabled.11:32
halreally, I want it to "lock" onto the roots of those hierarchies, at backup.0 and backup.1, and use one panel to navigate both11:32
qakhal: i thought mc did that, but it's been a *long* time11:32
halNewWorld: just look at them, as you would with any file manager. In other words, I don't need any diff of the directories11:32
NewWorldhal:  I get it, you wanna navigate two nearly identical dirs from just one of the panels - not both.11:33
=== n is now known as Guest20124
RajiHello everyone i want to share files using empathy but in empathy Send file is in disabled. How to enable that.11:33
halNewWorld: precisely :)11:33
Noodelsqak: Strange. Check mpd has left any files in /var11:34
MonkeyDusthal  in nautilus, press F3 to have two panels11:34
Noodelsqak: MPD keeps some files there, so if it crashed they might still be there and preventing it from restarting. Beyond that, I don't know sorry.11:35
qakNoodels: i've tried deleting all of /var/lib/mpd/ before starting it; i've tried `start mpd` as well as `sudo -u mpd /usr/bin/mpd` ... i see some msgs in /var/log/upstart/mpd but nothing to go on11:35
iNTElcfhowlett , dude can u give me the link again11:35
ubottuiNTEl:: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)11:35
iNTElk ty11:35
qakNoodels: i'll keep at it ... thanks for your thoughts11:35
Noodelsqak: I would use a different port, but you shouldn't /have/ to do that. Definitely sounds like an mpd specific problem rather than an ubuntu specific problem though.11:36
NewWorldhal:  Well I've been a Krusader user  for a long time and don't think it can do that locking thing (although, I haven't explored all features of Krusader thoroughly)11:36
killer_hi...if i install ubuntu 12.10 beta now.....then after official release ...do i need to reinstall or just upgrade??11:36
MonkeyDustkiller_  ask in #ubuntu+111:36
Noodelsqak: There's probably an #mpd channel that can better help you11:36
jribqak: have you purged the package responsible for mpd and its configuration?11:36
=== nikhil_ is now known as Guest31610
halNewWorld: yeah, I installed krusader this morning, but couldn't find a way, unfortunately11:36
qakNoodels: i'm trying `apt-get install --reinstall mpd` but if that doesn't work i'll try #mpd11:36
SimonJaiis it possible to software raid0 the HDD which ubuntu is installed on?11:37
Noriandirdoes any of you being able to use the java plugin on firefox? i've upgraded to 1.7.0_7 but it still doenst work11:38
=== md_5 is now known as md_5|away
MonkeyDustNoriandir  i guess you need icedtea11:39
Fudgeanyone use apt-mirror, how in the conf file can I specify amd64 and i386 on the use architecture line, not deb sources11:40
MonkeyDust!find icedtea11:40
ubottuFound: icedtea-6-jre-cacao, icedtea-6-jre-jamvm, icedtea-6-plugin, icedtea-netx, icedtea-netx-common11:40
NoriandirMonkeyDust, I have jdk1.7.0 installed and followed this instructions: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/manual-plugin-install-linux-136395.html11:40
MonkeyDustNoriandir  you may want to try open-jdk, not oracle jdk11:41
NoriandirMonkeyDust, I need to use jdk (i'm a developer)11:41
MonkeyDust!java > Noriandir11:42
ubottuNoriandir, please see my private message11:42
iNTElcfhowlett : its didn't work11:42
halMonkeyDust: F3 doesn't do it, I'm afraid11:42
cfhowlettiNTEl: details ...11:43
MonkeyDusthal  F3 opens a second panel in nautilus11:43
iNTElcfhowlett : ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo grub-install /dev/sda3 /usr/sbin/grub-probe: error: cannot find a device for /boot/grub (is /dev mounted?).11:44
halMonkeyDust: yes, but it doesn't browse both directory file structures using one panel11:44
cfhowlettiNTEl: why did you put select /sda/dev3?  usually, grub goes to /sda/dev11:44
iNTElcfhowlett : am installing ubuntu on dev/sda6 and i choosed dev/sda3  as a boot loader11:44
iNTElu know am trying to turn from WINDOWS11:45
cfhowlettiNTEl: how many partitions have you got now?11:45
MonkeyDusthal  try mc (midnight commander), it looks like Norton Commander 4 from the old days11:45
iNTEl6 partitions11:45
dr_willisiNTEl:  you most likely wanted grub on sda  not sda311:46
iNTElso i don't have a lot of exp11:46
iNTElk np11:46
iNTElif it won't del or wipe my drives11:46
cfhowlettiNTEl: grub will not wipe drives11:46
iNTEli know11:46
iNTEljust afraid :D11:46
cfhowlettiNTEl: worst case, you have to configure the bootloader...11:46
dr_willishal theres a great many other  '2 pane file managers' out there. nautilus used to have a dual mode on 'f3' i belive..11:46
iNTElcfhowlett : k11:47
cfhowlettiNTEl: understood.  breath.11:47
NewWorldhal:  Not ideal, but Vim allows you to browse dirs (use Nerdtree), and I remember you can apply commands (to browse in this case) to two Vim windows from a single Vim window.11:47
iNTElcfhowlett : k am breathing all i wanna is restore my ubuntu11:47
NoriandirMonkeyDust, I already have jre and jdk correctly configured. that's not the problem11:47
cfhowlettiNTEl: try grub-install /dev/sda11:49
ActionParsnipcfhowlett: with sudo ;)11:49
cfhowlettActionParsnip: but of course.11:49
cfhowlettiNTEl: try sudo grub-install /dev/sda11:49
iNTElubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo grub-install /dev/sda3 /usr/sbin/grub-probe: error: cannot find a device for /boot/grub (is /dev mounted?).11:50
SimonJaiguess no one knows.....11:50
iNTElcfhowlett:cannot find a device for /boot/grub11:50
SimonJaiall good, got it all working11:50
cfhowlettiNTEl: just to confirm, ONE hdd, right?11:50
iNTElcfhowlett , its 1 hard disk11:52
cfhowlettiNTEl: ok.  next thought: did you allow ubuntu to automatically partition or did you manually do it?11:52
iNTElcfhowlett : 6 partitions , 1 hard disk , ubuntu installed on dev/sda6 15 GB , boot loader on dev/sda311:52
iNTElno i manually did it11:52
iNTElcuz i was have any operating system11:53
iNTElso ubuntu was gonna to erase the whole part11:53
ActionParsnipiNTEl: are you chrooted?11:53
iNTEli mean the whole hard disk11:53
cfhowlettiNTEl: final question: you DID remember that windows and ubuntu both like MBR partition schemes?  And that means no more than 4 primary partitions?11:53
ActionParsnipiNTEl: follow this: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/09/live-usb-sticking-grub-2-video11:54
EaglemanI need an alternative to webmin and zentyal11:55
iNTEli just have 3 primary11:56
cfhowlettiNTEl: follow the link Action Parsnip sent11:56
iNTEli think11:56
ActionParsnipEagleman: ssh :)11:57
dr_willisperhaps better to state what features you need.11:57
EaglemanActionParsnip i am using ssh but i just want some webgui11:57
Eaglemani did not like the way zentyal was changing config files11:58
ActionParsnipEagleman: in what way do you modify the OS?12:00
iNTElcfhowlett : there is a lot of commands12:00
iNTEland i cant understand it12:00
cfhowlettiNTEl: slow down.  take your time.  this can be fixed.12:01
EaglemanActionParsnip changing some configs and installing things12:01
ActionParsnipiNTEl: watch the vieo, it's not hard12:01
ActionParsnipEagleman: you can install things with apt-get12:02
=== Roel__ is now known as Ian________
EaglemanActionParsnip i am already doing it that way12:02
iNTElactionparsinp : ah i didn't told u12:02
iNTElam now using livd cd12:03
iNTElso i can use terminal12:03
BlackPanxiostat -N should show LV names, but it doesnt on one of my servers. do i need aditional package/module in kernel installed to make device-mapper show proper LV's of disk... ? using ubuntu distro.12:04
iNTEli think i should install ubuntu again12:04
iNTElits more easier XD12:04
cfhowlettiNTEl: that's one way to fix it...12:05
ActionParsnipiNTEl: sure you can. you can do anything you can in a live OS that you can in an installed OS except reboot12:05
ActionParsnipiNTEl: hardly needed but yes its easier, just a bit OTT for the sake of a bootloader..12:05
ActionParsnipiNTEl: once you run the terminal you can use the guide and chroot properly and reinstate the bootloader,12:06
^DEMOSS^hello, anybody can help me? i clone my phisical server to virtual using vmware 5.0 converter ( 10.10 lts \ i686 ) but have a failed boot vm. I do some things to install grub 2 again, but failed all. grub error: symbol 'grub_puts_' not found  - is now )12:08
bazhang^DEMOSS^, 10.10 is not LTS12:09
jrib^DEMOSS^: 10.10 is not lts.  10.10 is no longer supported even12:09
bazhang^DEMOSS^, upgrade12:09
^DEMOSS^i cant upgrade12:09
jrib^DEMOSS^: why?12:09
bazhang^DEMOSS^, it's not supported here12:10
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades12:10
^DEMOSS^i can't loading my system. couse have problem with grub12:10
ActionParsnip^DEMOSS^: its not supported anymore12:10
ActionParsnip^DEMOSS^: its like calling Microsoft support for windows 95 support, they won't help you as it is dead12:10
cfhowlettIt's not even supported here.12:10
ActionParsnip^DEMOSS^: maverick is also dead12:10
EaglemanSo ActionParsnip you are saying i should ust stick with ssh and not get a webgui?12:11
^DEMOSS^-_- 10.10 is super-pupper secure nano ubuntu, what have non-material system and not ubuntu ?12:11
ActionParsnipEagleman: if you are doing such basic stuff as installing software, you can use SSH for taht and gain a whole bunch of security rather than some junk web interface12:11
dr_willisEagleman:  thats the best way i would think.12:12
dr_willis^DEMOSS^:  what?12:12
ActionParsnip^DEMOSS^: maverick is EOL, all that nonesense is mooted by this fact12:13
Eaglemani will deinstall webmin and zentyal then12:13
Eaglemanon your advise12:13
BlackPanxhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/sysstat/+bug/358382 is this a bug or not ?12:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 358382 in sysstat (Ubuntu) "iostat -N doesn't report device mapper names" [Undecided,Won't fix]12:13
cfhowlettIn other words, "It's dead, Jim."12:13
^DEMOSS^how i can upgrade maveric to non-eol bild ?12:14
cfhowlettclean install.12:14
cfhowlettNOT upgrade12:14
MonkeyDust^DEMOSS^  frsh install is the fastest and easiest way, don't forget to backup, first12:14
dr_willisa clean install would be easier i imagine12:14
cfhowlettAnd I suggest you go with an 12.04 as it is LTS12:14
^DEMOSS^ok - but how i can do clan install, if i need to boot my SERVER  were i have MORE working service ?12:15
dr_willis^DEMOSS^:  what?12:15
^DEMOSS^i need boot my system, if i wanna to reconfigure more system application to work an another system and server12:16
^DEMOSS^many pple can't working now, becouse ican't boot system12:16
aum__in rc.local i have added "firefox &" so as to start firefox on every boot but its not working . any suggestion  how to fix it...12:17
jrib!startup | aum__12:17
ubottuaum__: To add programs to start up when you log into your Gnome session go to System>Preferences>Sessions and use the Startup Programs tab. For more information, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddingProgramToSessionStartup - See !boot for starting non-interactive programs at boot12:17
dr_willisaum__:  rc.local is NOT for x/gui apps12:17
jribaum__: don't use rc.local for that12:17
dr_willisuse your users autorun directory12:17
dr_willisor was it autostart12:17
jribdr_willis: ~/.config/autostart/ I guess12:18
cfhowlettdemoss  I guess you're the sysadmin?  Send out word that you're upgrading and sys will be unavailable for ### hours.  Make a plan, make a back, make a download and install your system.  Just my opinion.12:18
aum__jrib, i can not use graphics , its not in my control12:18
jribaum__: if you can't use graphics, what's the point of trying to run firefox?12:18
diverdudehow can i count how many files this command finds? find Plugin/TwigView/tmp/views/ -iname '*.php'12:18
aum__dr_willis, its like a kiosk system on every boot up i need firefox to start12:19
jribdiverdude: pipe to « wc -l »12:19
^DEMOSS^cfhowlett: this server - it is so big SHIT, that doing two stuped pple who worked before me12:19
dr_willisaum__:  you set up a koisk x session and have lightdm start it12:19
diverdudejrex: thx12:19
bazhang^DEMOSS^, no cursing here12:19
mystblade9I've just switched to xubuntu. Now how do I remove all the applications that were included with Ubuntu (the Unity version), so that it leaves only the applications xubuntu-desktop installed?12:20
dr_willis^DEMOSS^:  time to build your own server then i guess and transfer stuff over12:20
bazhang!purexfce | mystblade912:20
ubottumystblade9: If you want to remove all !KDE and !Gnome packages and have a default !Xubuntu system follow the instructions here « http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purexfce »12:20
=== Ian________ is now known as TheRealIanCorne
aum__dr_willis, how to set up a kiosk x session , basically i need to give random parameter to the firefox so i can not give it a static parameter12:21
cfhowlettdemoss ask in #ubuntu-server.  Maybe there's an answer there.12:21
dr_willisaum__:  theres guides out about it. and even koisk-specific ubuntu varients and live cds12:21
dr_willisno ides what you mean about random/static...12:21
=== punked- is now known as pinky-
dr_williskoick extensions for firefox also12:22
mystblade9bazhang: thanks :)12:22
dr_willisaskubuntu.com most likely has some info on setting up a koisk12:23
^DEMOSS^i need doing 2 things - 1 - i need free hardware - so i must convert phisical server to virtual. then, pple working on application on virtual machine, and i am build new system on physical machibe and reconfigure all infrastructure... AND i am not using ubuntu - this is no true  and have a lot of problem. I using debian 6.0 and have not problem with my project.12:24
MonkeyDustaum__   http://www.instructables.com/id/Setting-Up-Ubuntu-as-a-Kiosk-Web-Appliance/12:24
bazhang^DEMOSS^, then ask in #debian , that is NOT supported here12:25
Eaglemanand what about controlling kvm dr_willis and ActionParsnip?12:25
dr_williseven if you are using ubuntu - i think that would be out of scope for our support12:25
Eaglemanstick to the cli or use a webgui?12:25
^DEMOSS^i's funny to hair here, that ubuntu is not ubuntu12:25
dr_willisEagleman:  kvm means what in this instance?12:25
Eaglemankvm hypervisor12:26
bazhang!ot | ^DEMOSS^12:26
ubottu^DEMOSS^: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!12:26
dr_willis^DEMOSS^:  you just said you were not using ubuntu.. but debian12:26
ActionParsnip^DEMOSS^: ubuntu is ubuntu, just that releases do die, just as all OSes do. You are using a dead release. Debian is also not ubuntu, it is debian and has its own channel12:26
^DEMOSS^i am not, but SERVER using now this sh*t12:26
BlueWolfHi, is there any Linux program capable of creating 3D, 2D or 1D Characters similar to Spore.12:26
MonkeyDustBlueWolf  what's Spore?12:27
cfhowlettdemoss might be time to consider purchasing support from canonical if this is beyond you...12:27
dr_willisspore. ;) what a fun game.12:27
bazhang^DEMOSS^, no more cursing. dont ask for debian support here12:27
BlueWolfMonkeyDust: Spore is a windows game that allows one to make such characters12:27
Eaglemanand what about controlling the kvm hypervisor?12:28
BlueWolfdr_willis: ;-)12:28
dr_willis^DEMOSS^:  you are not being clear... the server is ubuntu. but your desktop is debian?12:28
cfhowlettquote:  AND i am not using ubuntu - this is no true  and have a lot of problem. I using debian 6.0 and have not problem with my project12:28
dr_willisBlueWolf:  with an annoying game tossed in.12:28
^DEMOSS^bazhang: excuse me, but i think, i can find some help here about ubuntu, becouse i working with server on OS ubuntu, and i can't understand why in channel ubuntu i can't get help for starting Ubuntu ?12:30
BlueWolfdr_willis: Agreed.12:30
dr_willis^DEMOSS^:  you are confuseing people with what you are saying....12:30
gordonjcp!ask | ^DEMOSS^12:30
cfhowlettdemoss see your quote  AND i am not using ubuntu - this is no true  and have a lot of problem. I using debian 6.0 and have not problem with my project12:30
ubottu^DEMOSS^: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience12:30
bazhang^DEMOSS^, 10.10 is NOT supported here. stop asking for help with it12:30
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=== RoelT is now known as Roel___
bazhang^DEMOSS^, neither is debian.12:31
BlueWolf^DEMOSS^: What help are you looking for in Ubuntu?12:31
dr_willis^DEMOSS^:  if  your 10.10 server is dead. id build a new server, move the hard drive over and transfer the needed data, or use a live cd to transfer it over12:31
cfhowlettdemoss  the fix is to clean install.  period point blank.  How you manage that in a server environment is not something we can help with.12:31
^DEMOSS^I have no negative feelings to the people here. I can not understand your policy. It is very strange.12:31
^DEMOSS^ok i understand12:32
gordonjcp^DEMOSS^: what's strange about it? We don't support obsolete releases12:32
^DEMOSS^bye :(12:32
BlueWolf^DEMOSS^: http://ubottu.com/y/gl12:32
dr_willisi think we have a 'language' barrier..12:32
BlueWolfA serious one ;-)12:33
cobhi guys, don't get stressed12:33
gryif you install bum (boot up manager) do you see long '92...da2' (about 14 symbols) long names of some services, or is it just me? what is a good tool to see startup services and descriptions without such issues?12:33
dr_willis!info bum12:34
ubottubum (source: bum): graphical runlevel editor. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.5.2-1 (precise), package size 83 kB, installed size 520 kB12:34
dr_willisi thought bum was obsolete. ;) not tried it in years12:34
=== willythewisp_ is now known as willythewisp
cobbleargh, these graphical things are nasty12:34
cobexcept aptitude12:34
dr_willisgry you just exploreing the services?12:35
gryaptitude gui ?12:35
gryyes dr_willis12:35
dr_willisaptitude is  sort of obsolete also12:35
cobright, but gui, whether curses or X based, is nasty for configuring software...12:35
grydr_willis: some are unneeded and a description would be about all i would want -- and a button to turn off without editing files manually12:35
dr_willisgry not surer there is a upstart gui tool like that12:36
cobman update-rc.d12:36
dr_willisremove the unneeded services or rename the services /etc/init.d/servicename.conf   i belive to disable them12:36
dr_willisupdate-rc.d may not work with all upstart services. but it may be better these days12:37
dr_willisit usedc to not work with them at all ages ago.12:37
cobi looked recently12:37
cobit works with most things now12:38
grythe rc runlevel things are something i keep trying to avoid (last time i tried to understand it was fairly confusing and i would expect that there is an application not involving such mess to do the job)12:38
dr_willisupstart is getting mature enough where they will replace it soon i bet... ;)12:38
ikoniagry: it's basically a mess at the moment12:38
alpreyou don't understand the beauty of it12:39
ikoniaI really do12:39
dr_willisits amazeing it works as well as it does12:39
gry(such as er, i installed apache and start it up on each boot but i don't need it anymore as it's a home box)12:39
ikoniathe legacy init process is still the most sane tool.12:39
dr_willisgry use package managre to remove apache, or rename the apache.conf to apache.dontrun   is one way12:40
cobyeah, i think so too12:40
gryikonia: the update-rc.d is ?12:40
ikoniagry: no, systemV init12:40
ikoniagry: older still12:40
cobgry: no, just hardcore shell scripts :D12:40
BlueWolfIs there any Linux program capable of creating 3D, 2D or 1D Characters similar to Spore?12:40
=== nothingspecial is now known as Not
dD0THi. Is there any reason the "time in other locations" feature doesn't include timezone names? I really don't want to select a city name when all I want is the timezone.12:40
dr_willisBlueWolf:   blender. ;) but thats for much more12:40
dD0T(there is UTC but that seems to be it)12:41
GirlyGirlBlueWolf: Spore itself runs properly under WINE12:41
ikoniaBlueWolf: depending on wine as a long term solution is not wise thoug12:41
Prometheshow to install ia32-libs-multiarch on ubuntu 12.04? i tried sudo apt-get install ia32-libs-multiarch but i get error about libcurl3 (386) dependency that cannot be installed. Anyone?12:42
=== Not is now known as nothingspecial
fidel!info ia32-libs-multiarch12:42
ubottuia32-libs-multiarch (source: ia32-libs): Multi-arch versions of former ia32-libraries. In component universe, is extra. Version 20090808ubuntu36 (precise), package size 4 kB, installed size 39 kB (Only available for amd64; ia64; i386)12:42
BlueWolfdr_willis: Blender will take ages to learn not that I can't. GirlyGirl: I use Spore as an example. ikonia: I know it will run under wine, any similar programs?12:42
Eaglemandr_willis what do you think about managing KVM hypervisor, do you prefer the cli os a webgui?12:42
GirlyGirlBlueWolf: You could also use inkscape or even gimp but that needs some practice12:43
DX099hello, everyone, hmm how should I put it, have anyone heard about this : http://vimeo.com/48631985 ?12:44
ikoniaDX099: how is that an ubuntu topic ?12:44
MonkeyDustDX099  it's on omgubuntu today12:44
DX099ikonia, I believe it is12:44
ikoniaDX099: how ?12:44
fidelDX099: why?12:44
Promethesfidel: i tried to install this, but it wont install (dependency error)12:44
ikoniaDX099: how is it an ubuntu topic ?12:45
ikoniaam I missing the point ?12:45
knick_Hi guys - question - I can't get GNOME3 to work with the neat looking interface. I keep getting placed in the classic layout. Tried using tutorials but it just doesn't work (with Unity, that is)12:45
usr13DX099: I'm sure some of us have.  Why do you ask?12:45
BlueWolfGirlyGirl: I know gimp really well strangely, but I wondered if there was a program more suited to making Characters, drawings of them similar to warcraft or Wow drawings?12:45
usr13ikonia: It uses Ubuntu OS.12:45
DX099usr13, does that mean that Unity is definitely going over table-like interface ?12:45
gryknick_ you may want to mention your hardware and specs details ( but don't address me, someone else would be helping you )12:45
ikoniausr13: ahh, it uses ubuntu, ok, thank you12:46
knick_gry: It worked before, it might be some configuration issue, I don't know.. My hardware is strong enough for it though12:46
GirlyGirlBlueWolf: I doubt you will find programs with ready made character builders like adding a premade eyeball etc except in game creators12:46
DX099ikonia, yesterday I was struggling to sync an android device with Ubuntu 12.04... so instant android recognition.. I won't say no12:46
iNTElactionparsnip : ?12:47
ikoniaDX099: sorry, I don't understand you're failure to sync with android has anything to do with the video you posted12:47
usr13ikonia: The "wave-of-the-future" includes smart-phones and tables, *but also includes Linux/Ubuntu*.12:47
ikonia"yeah right"12:47
cfhowlettBlueWolf: maybe cinepaint??12:48
BlueWolfGirlyGirl: Dully noted, Well I guess it's the hard way round in Gimp. Haaaaaaa12:48
DX099ikonia, on the video, you can see Unity instantly turning into android phone interface12:48
BlueWolfcfhowlett: Eplain more? :D12:48
ikoniaDX099: yes, towards the end you can see unity running.12:48
zelluzActionParsnip: Dont know if you remember me(the issue with duplicates of everything on screen) But I fixed it! The issue was corrupt .gvfs in users home folder.12:48
DX099ikonia, it's not just a matter of seeing it, the guy clearly says : "thanks to the power of Ubuntu" or something similar12:49
ikoniaDX099: again, I don't see the relevence.12:49
ActionParsnipzelluz: ahhhh12:49
cfhowlettBlueWolf: never mind.  seems to be a customized fork of gimp for retouching and painting bitmap film frames.12:49
ikoniaDX099: #ubuntu-discuss maybe a good place to chat about it/get info etc12:50
DX099ikonia, ok12:50
BlueWolfcfhowlett: Ok thanks12:50
Noobuntuhow do you get the fm radio plugin working on rhtyhmbox/12:50
NoobuntuI have enabled it but still don't see FM radio in the music lbrary..12:50
usr13I just now watched the entire video and I see that nex may be on the right track in that they may have discovered what is important/userul to people in the way of computing and internet access.12:51
Prometheswhy support for 32bit apps i so broken in ubuntu 12.04 64bit? i cannot install required libraries for running 32bit apps12:51
BlueWolfThanks for the Help :D12:51
usr13Promethes: Why can't you?12:52
fidelPromethes: consider showing us the full output in a pastebin12:52
fidelthis should include your os-version as well in best case12:53
Promethesi am trying to run "sudo apt-get install librtmp0:i386" - but apt wants to remove half of my packages from the system12:53
punisher_i have a ubuntu 11.10 installed on my laptop and the electricity came out. and when i turn it on again it freaked me out with these two messages: 1) checking for disk errors....2)entering the keyring12:53
punisher_can anyone help me12:53
dr_willisgnome keyring file m ay have gotten currupted12:53
fidelpunisher_: where is the problem if your device is checking its disk after loosing power?12:53
dr_willisso its remaking it12:54
fidel!details > punisher_12:54
ubottupunisher_, please see my private message12:54
h22turbopunisher_: its fine... it checking the hard drive (kinda like windows does if shutdown improperly)12:54
punisher_the problem arose when it checked the disks every time you boot up to it12:55
BluesKajHeyas all12:55
h22turbopunisher_: time to format and install ubuntu 12.04 then!12:55
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h22turboPromethes: i installed 32 bit libs on 64 bit just fine... nothing is broken12:57
Promethesh22turbo: on precise (12.04) ?12:58
dr_willisisent wine 3bit? or am i confused again12:59
g105bI'm trying to write a script to do 3 things in order: start mysql server, run php script, execute a binary file. I can do these three things manually in separate terminal windows, but I want to do them in one automated script. I could use the & operator, but then how will I know when any of them have closed?12:59
dr_willis32bit. ;)12:59
borax12@g10b-closed as in13:00
dr_willisg105b:  make sub scripts for esch one that prints a m essags13:00
MonkeyDustg105b  better ask in #bash13:00
=== jesseC is now known as Guest7804
g105bok thanks13:00
punisher_h22turbo: U serious?13:01
griffrezI'd like to know what is the best way to install the Cinnamon Desktop Environment on Ubuntu.13:04
=== cheez0r_ is now known as cheez0r
niklashello, i need some help because i deleted the tmp folder and now the system doesnt work anymore13:06
MonkeyDustgriffrez  there are plenty how to's, here's one http://ubuntublog.org/cinnamon-desktop.htm13:07
dr_willischeck the cinnamon homepage griffrez  its not by ubuntu so not really supported here13:07
dr_willisgriffrez:  'best' would be a ppa that allows for easy removaL of it13:08
DX099griffrez, there's a ppa. You could check linux mint irc.13:08
punisher_how can i check my disks manually for errors? especially the home partition13:08
dr_willispunisher_:  live cd and fsck command13:08
griffrezMonkeyDust, dr_willis, DX099: Thanks for your help. :)13:08
punisher_dr_willis: would u please tell me more about the fsck command? i'm not familiar with the command....thnx13:09
niklashi all13:09
niklasi need some help because i deleted the tmp folder and now the system doesnt work anymore13:09
gordonjcpniklas: hah13:10
gordonjcpniklas: and have you learned an important lesson from that?13:10
geirhaniklas: mkdir -m 1777 /tmp13:11
niklasgordonjcp, i think so...was not my brightest moment...but still would like to repair it..13:11
gordonjcpniklas: try something like "sudo mkdir /tmp && sudo chmod 1777 /tmp && sudo chown root.root /tmp"13:11
gordonjcpniklas: that's off the top of my head; I could be wrong but it shouldn't make anything *worse*...13:12
usr13phenom: In a terminal type  man fsck  and hit enter.13:12
usr13punisher_: In a terminal type  man fsck  and hit enter.13:12
usr13phenom: Sorry, wrong nic13:13
geirhapunisher_: There's not much to it.  fsck /dev/sda1  checks the filesystem on /dev/sda1 (may also fix it if there's errors)13:13
usr13geirha: punisher_  fsck -y /dev/sda113:14
usr13to fix....13:14
usr13... by itself, fsck just checks13:15
geirhawell, it'll ask you what to do if it finds errors13:15
punisher_usr13: when i typed fsck /dev/sda1 this error appeared: fsck.ext2: Permission denied while trying to open /dev/sda1 You must have r/w access to the filesystem or be root13:15
usr13punisher_: Are you running the livecd?13:16
punisher_no...i;m in ubuntu13:16
geirhapunisher_: You need read and write permission to the device, so typically one runs fsck as root.  sudo fsck /dev/sda113:16
usr13punisher_: As you probably have already noticed, it will require admin priviledges13:16
geirhapunisher_: But DO NOT run it on a filesystem that is mounted13:16
usr13phenom: Do *not* run fsck on a mounted partition.13:16
usr13punisher_: Do *not* run fsck on a mounted partition.13:17
usr13punisher_: Are you running the liveCD? If not, wait until you are.13:17
punisher_yes usr13 you're right...it was mounted but when i unmounted it and ran it again this error appeared: fsck.ext2: Permission denied while trying to open /dev/sda1 You must have r/w access to the filesystem or be root13:18
usr13punisher_: sudo13:18
lennethhello everyone13:18
BluesKajpunisher_, use sudo13:18
punisher_aha....I have to boot with live cd13:18
punisher_i did but the result was that i've mentioned13:18
usr13punisher_: If the partition is unmounted you do not need the CD.13:18
punisher_usr13: look there are lots of strage things going on that maybe interconnected:13:20
usr13punisher_: Such as......?13:20
punisher_1) my vuze cannot save the data on the partition it was downloading on...despite the fact that it's not full13:20
ActionParsnippunisher_: is the partition NTFS based?13:21
punisher_2) when i entered my ubuntu this bizzare error appeared on my screen asking me to enter the keyring which was the first time13:21
punisher_yes ActionParsnip it is13:21
ActionParsnippunisher_: then fsck is of no value to you13:21
ActionParsnippunisher_: is the partition mounted writable?13:21
zykotick9ActionParsnip: nice crystal ball ;)13:21
punisher_3) the last one is this error for disk errors13:22
ActionParsnipzykotick9: its common13:22
punisher_yes ActionParsnip it was, before the electricity went off....13:22
punisher_how can i check that?13:22
usr13punisher_: Use MS Windows13:22
ActionParsnippunisher_: when did you lst chkdsk the ntfs partition in windows?13:22
usr13punisher_: Is this a dual boot system?13:23
ActionParsnippunisher_: can you run:   mount    and give the line that references the NTFS partition you are saving to13:23
punisher_i have two hard disks and Disk Utility says that one of my disks has a few bad sectors13:24
punisher_yes my system is a dual boot one13:24
usr13punisher_: Ok, then, try booting to MS Windows and it will check/repair it's filesystem.13:24
usr13or attempt to....13:24
punisher_ActionParsnip would u be clear about the thing i have to do? because i'm not familiar with this...13:24
punisher_thanx usr1313:25
ActionParsnippunisher_: in a terminal, run:  mount    one line will identify the NTFS partition. What is the line?13:25
punisher_ActionParsnip i ran it and this appeared:13:26
punisher_No command 'mout' found, did you mean:  Command 'lout' from package 'lout' (universe)  Command 'gout' from package 'scotch' (universe)  Command 'mount' from package 'mount' (main)  Command 'mount' from package 'loop-aes-utils' (universe)  Command 'most' from package 'most' (universe) mout: command not found13:26
usr13punisher_: If you think there could be a hardware problem with the HD, damaged HD (due to power surge) see:  http://www.hdsentinel.com/hard_disk_sentinel_linux.php13:27
usr13punisher_: mount not mout13:27
abdeleebraheemhello guys..i have a problem, my launcher and panel icons just disappeared in ubuntu 12.0413:27
abdeleebraheemwhat do i do pls i need help13:27
usr13abdeleebraheem: Unity?13:28
fidel!details | abdeleebraheem13:28
ubottuabdeleebraheem: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."13:28
punisher_my bad, sorry13:28
punisher_this is what appeared13:28
auronandacepunisher_: use a pastebin13:28
abdeleebraheemI am running ubuntu 12.04, after installing it when i start the OS, I can't find the launcher icons13:29
abdeleebraheemusr13 yes unity how do i go about it13:29
usr13abdeleebraheem: unity --reset   or  unity --reset-icons13:29
usr13abdeleebraheem: running unity --reset will reset all of the launcher options13:30
punisher_how can i use it auronandace13:30
qosis there a special channel to ask kernel related questions?13:30
auronandace!paste | punisher_13:30
ubottupunisher_: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.13:30
ActionParsnipqos: #kernel or #linux13:30
abdeleebraheemusr13 I can't even lunch my terminal13:30
klj613how do i grep (i get x amount of results) but i also want the first line?13:30
ActionParsnipabdeleebraheem: press CTRL+ALT+T13:30
usr13abdeleebraheem: Alt-t13:30
abdeleebraheemwill do that and get back to you, thanks guys13:31
usr13abdeleebraheem: Ctrl-Alt-t  (I was wrong.)  (Thank you ActionParsnip for correction.)13:31
punisher_usr13 this is the error appeared:13:31
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usr13punisher_: Is that an error message? (Or is it the output of the command  mount?  )13:33
auronandacepunisher_: that isn't an error, thats the output of the command mount13:33
usr13punisher_: As auronandace points out, the text you pasted indicates what your system has mounted at this time.13:35
RajviHello all13:35
usr13Rajvi: Yes?13:35
usr13puppy_parade: Look at /etc/fstab and you'll see why/how these filesystems are mounted13:37
=== ossi is now known as Guest45937
usr13puppy_parade: Sorry.  I guess punisher left us.13:38
=== skaet_ is now known as skaet
Dark-chci'm curious about 12.04, and i want to know if unity is better in 12.0413:44
fidelDark-chc: then test 12.04 i.e. using a live cd or a vm13:44
fidelbetter is heavily user-specific ;)13:44
gordonjcpDark-chc: it's an incremental process13:45
usr13Dark-chc: 12.04.1 is out so....13:45
gordonjcpDark-chc: 12.10 is nice13:45
mobius420greetings #ubuntu13:45
Dark-chcgordonjcp: i'm so happy with 11.10 should i try 12.04?13:46
usr13Dark-chc: "is it better" or "will it get better" well, yes, and yes, but better is subjective so...13:46
mobius420I am thoroughly stuck trying to downgrade the bios on my ell laptop13:46
mobius420can someone tell me how to extract an hdr file easily possibly online?13:46
usr13Dark-chc: If you are happy with 11.10, stay ....13:46
gordonjcpI must admit, I find all this "make it look like Gnome 2" stuff kind of cute13:46
chicognuin my opinion unity is not better and cant get better due to the concepts it is build13:46
chicognuresuming: i hate unity so much13:46
gordonjcpdo you remember when Windows 95 came out, and we all discovered you could run progman.exe and make it look like Windows 3.1?13:47
usr13Dark-chc: But LTS is a good place to be, (IMHO).13:47
gordonjcpusr13: good point13:47
mobius420my computer has a bios virus and the only way I can clean it is to kill the bios ....since I have the latest bios version it has been very difficult to do13:47
ActionParsnipDark-chc: it runs well here13:47
gordonjcpchicognu: each to their own13:47
usr13mobius420: How did you get a bios virus?13:47
mobius420all of the dell utilities are designed to run from windows and even then if you already have the latest version installed it wont let you downgrade13:47
mobius420usr13,   my former  roommate decided to be a bad person13:48
mobius420I know for a fact thats what it is....  my bios jumped from version 10 to version 8  on its own13:48
mobius420and then i start getting backdoored constantly13:48
mobius420I really need help getting an hdr file extracted from a particular dell bios utility13:49
gordonjcpmobius420: this is probably not the best place for it13:49
usr13mobius420: YOu will more-than-likely need to use a boot CD  to flash the bios13:49
usr13mobius420: or USB...13:50
usr13mobius420: There are utilities out there.  But... it's not within the scope of Ubuntu/support.13:51
borax12dunno if this is relevant in this channel but what does it take to contribute to a desktop environment (programmatically )13:51
borax12ie code wise13:51
sstaborax12: generally: write code, submit it, wait and see if it's liked/included13:52
MonkeyDustborax12  http://www.ubuntu.com/community/get-involved13:52
usr13borax12: You contact the project leader13:52
gordonjcpyeah, basically13:52
chicognumobius420, i don't know if you you realy have a bios virus ... but is u are infected and can't upgrade you bios version cuz it is already up to date try find some one with a "bios burning" ... do you know what chip you computer use as bios ?13:52
gordonjcpborax12: find a bug, submit a fix13:52
gordonjcpborax12: keep going13:52
gordonjcpborax12: congratulations, you're a dev13:52
Dark-chcActionParsnip: you think i should do it?13:52
borax12@gordon-hehe ,nothing like that13:53
borax12thanks anyways13:53
gordonjcpborax12: what kind of thing do you want to contribute to?13:53
borax12i was already aware about ubuntu contribution13:53
borax12but more specifically -the unity project13:53
borax12interests me13:54
borax12i want to put to use both my design skills and a little bit of whatever coding skills i have13:54
MonkeyDustborax12  did you get the link I showed you?13:54
borax12i did @monkeydusy,i was aware of that already13:55
borax12but thanks anyways13:55
borax12btw guys ,i am working on a icon set now ,should be out in about a weeks time13:55
borax12its a very nice icon set with special focus on design aesthetics13:56
borax12minimal but se*y13:56
SokelSounds disgusting.13:56
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!13:56
usr13borax12: gordonjcp is correct.  For instance, if you are interested in xfce, see:  https://bugzilla.xfce.org/13:56
borax12usr13, thanks ,but unity(gnome ) > xfce13:58
borax12Sokel, whats disgusting btw ?13:58
=== Slye is now known as Slye92
ActionParsnipborax12: stick it on gnome-look.org :)14:01
borax12ActionParsnip,-yeah surely14:01
makezanhey guys if you were to setup a syslog server, what service would you use, and why?14:01
ActionParsnipmakezan: http://www.techiecorner.com/1479/how-to-setup-syslog-server-in-ubuntu/14:02
khamerFor some reason, calling amixer set Master toggle twice is still leaving my audio muted, any thoughts?14:02
borax12makezan, -debian syslog server is what is used in our institution14:03
borax12i dunno of alternatives though14:03
Jessicatzsomething keeps adding a bookmark for x-nautilus-desktop:/// to nautilus file manager14:04
Jessicatzhow do I find out what it is? or how do I stop it?14:05
makezanActionParsnip borax12 thx roger that14:06
=== jesseC is now known as Guest33045
makezanokay after some reading I also see sysklogd menitioned a lot, vs rsyslog, anyone knows the major difference between the tow?14:17
ahuyarokhello people!14:25
danielspHello :)14:25
Hbb__comment je peux changer de serveur svp ?14:31
DJones!fr | Hbb__14:31
ubottuHbb__: Nous sommes désolés, mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.14:31
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Hbb__thx Djones14:31
RealKillazGents, I have an LVM , but my box is nott activating it on boot...14:32
RealKillazI need to activate it everytime manually with vgchange -ay14:33
RealKillazWhat is the option to add this in the bootsequence init.d so that i load/activate automatically?14:33
=== mygnotej is now known as gnotej
gnotejregister good72 gnotej@gmail.com14:34
MonkeyDustgnotej  be more careful, do not do that in an active channel14:35
DasEimakezan: rsyslog is the follower of sysklogd and has advanced features, but sysklogd is still fine14:36
SAngeliHi, I need an inexpensive RAID controller and do not know if this one (ADAPTEC14:36
SAngeliRAID 1220SA SINGLE) si compatible or not with latest version of ubuntu server x6414:36
=== romy_420 is now known as bitpunx
DasEimakezan: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/intrepid/en/man8/rsyslogd.8.html14:37
SAngeliI went to ubuntu hcl but all I find for Adaptec is this: Adaptec AAC-RAID14:37
DasEi!hcl |SAngeli:14:37
ubottuSAngeli:: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection14:37
ActionParsnipRealKillaz: add it above the 'exit 0' line in /etc/rc.local   I suggest you add an ampersand to it so that it backgrounds14:38
compdocSAngeli, I cant say if that partiticular raid card is supported, but some adaptec cards are not supported well at all. I would suggest a used 3ware raid card from ebay14:38
DasEiSAngeli: there also is ##hardware to ask such questions, but most adaptecs I know are fine with linux14:38
SAngeliCompanion, thank you14:38
SAngeliDasEi, ok. will try14:38
CompanionSAngeli, your welcum14:39
ActionParsnipSAngeli: or contact the manufacturers :)14:39
gnotejregister good7214:39
wNRealKillaz: im not sure if ubuntu has the _netdev mount option, but if it does adding it to fstab should fix it14:39
MonkeyDustgnotej  do that in a different screen, not in the channel14:39
b26on 12.04, anyone running dovecot 2.x and having issues trying to convert a v1 config? i tried running doveconf -n -c with the v1 and output to a new file, but only output to the new file is: # 2.0.19: dovecot-1.conf14:39
auronandace!register | gnotej14:39
ubottugnotej: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode14:39
SAngelino, I need a shortcut as I do not have so much money to spend. So, I need to know if someone know of a cheat RAID controller (for Raid-1) for two HD Sata-II14:39
ActionParsnipSAngeli: look through amazon, people will say if it worked in ubuntu etc14:40
SAngeligreat, I will14:40
SAngeliActionParsnip, thanks14:40
DasEiSAngeli: why, if on budget using a fake-raid at all ? just go with mdadm, unless high-performance is needed14:41
DasEi!info mdadm14:41
ubottumdadm (source: mdadm): tool to administer Linux MD arrays (software RAID). In component main, is optional. Version 3.2.5-1ubuntu0.2 (precise), package size 519 kB, installed size 1192 kB14:41
gnotejidentify good7214:42
b26i'd change your password gnotej14:42
DasEiSAngeli: pm you ?14:42
SAngeliDasEi, because I tried to install it and got problems. One sec14:42
=== charlie is now known as Guest56377
makezanthis weird and upsetting, every OS I could come up will get an IP from my DHCP server, but ubuntu. at setup it stalls, even when I enter the ip manually14:43
SAngeliDasEi, I asked help in the IT forum and did not get any solution14:43
=== Guest56377 is now known as Charlie1979
ActionParsnipSAngeli: that file is dead handy, it runs as root too so you may need to use su if you want to run a command as another user etc14:44
SAngeliDasEi, I already have problems with Samba and am already tired of this. So, I wa thinking to remove this problem and rely on a raid controller to preserve my data14:44
DasEiSAngeli: pm you ? as this is not a support question for ubuntu I'd like tot take it out the channel14:44
makezancentos will pick an ip, windows 7 will pick an IP, BSD will pick an IP, on the same box, same cable same port, but ubuntu will tell me network cannot be configured14:45
DasEimakezan: interfaces - file configured for dhcp ?14:45
alpremakezan: you got more than one interface?14:46
makezanDasEi I'm using the install cd.14:46
SAngeliDasEi, what does it mean "pm you ?" I do not understand14:46
makezanalpre two interfaces. and I know for a fact its eth0, because i've used it previously14:46
DasEimakezan: you are currently installing and autoconfig of network doesn't do ?14:46
DasEi!pm | SAngeli14:46
TheLordOfTimeSAngeli:  it means private message.14:46
ubottuSAngeli: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.14:46
TheLordOfTimeSAngeli:  a direct message between you and DasEi in a separate window14:46
SAngeliI see. sorry14:46
makezanDasEi correct autoconfig doesn't work. manual stalls install14:47
alpremakezan: so did you try the other one too?14:47
DasEiI'll just do, SAngeli, watch your chat tabs..14:47
makezanalpre tried both ya. and the logs through alt f4 don't really give me much14:47
DasEimakezan: could be a corrupt installer, did you do both, md5-check on the isofile and the cd's self-test ?14:47
makezanDasEi hmm never thought of that, but I do have 2 different cds i'm using14:48
rigotop command shows that xbmc.bin uses 21% cpu constant. i read somewhere that i should use older nvidia driver. is that right?14:49
makezanDasEi will change mirror as well, maybe that's why, i'm always using umdcp mirror14:50
DasEimakezan: leat reboot cd and check media for defects14:50
rigoin another thread i read that i should turn the vsync off. (i would like this cause its faster and easyer.. :))14:50
DasEimakezan: torrent the iso down, or easier, pick the iso and check it , most corruptions are bad burns (is why, amongst from saving a disk, I prefer usb-install)14:51
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows14:51
makezanDasEi youu read my mind. lol just pulled out a usb.14:51
DasEimakezan: make sure iso is fine, use pgarted to format thumbd. to fat, go unetbootin14:54
PeterGriffinMySQL question: Hallo. Is it possible to load somehow the files with .frm .MYD and .MYI formats and export a .sql file?14:54
=== yavor is now known as y4h0
cortexA9this is kubuntu support too ?14:56
gnotejidentify good7214:56
makezan12.04  DasEi the hash do not match14:56
makezanbut that must also be because i'm using 12.04.1 not 12.0414:56
BluesKajcortexA9, ask in #kubuntu14:56
gnotejregister good7214:57
DasEimakezan: see, there you go, d/l again via torrent (as this auto-checks)re-hash, go usb14:57
DasEignotej: #freenode is a good place to questions about irc usage14:57
gnotejidentify good7214:57
makezanI just downloaded via torrent and the hash matches the old browser download14:57
Picignotej: please stop, you're announcing your password to the entire channel.  If you can't figure out how to register, ask in #freenode14:58
ActionParsnipmakezan: thats the server install14:59
makezanActionParsnip yup15:00
makezanamd64 bit15:00
ActionParsnipmakezan: you want a CLI inteface to Ubuntu?15:00
makezanActionParsnip could have asked ubuntu-server, but ubuntu users more responsive and less elitist lol15:01
ActionParsnipmakezan: just making sure you knew the deal :)15:01
ActionParsnipmakezan: here's how I do it: https://duckduckgo.com/?q=a8c667e871f48f3a662f3fbf1c3ddb17   :D15:01
dr_willisdoes the server iso still have issues when put on a live usb?15:01
makezanActionParsnip ahaha, yeah..  for this appliance I need server15:01
makezanActionParsnip neat!15:02
Eaglemandr_willis last time i installed 12.04 i did not had issue's15:02
kreaturecan anyone tell me why my dhcp is acting this way? http://pastebin.com/VMuDa8Pn15:03
dr_willisok. 11.04 had issues i recall with the server iso not seeing the usb properly15:03
kreaturewhy is the ip address abandoned?15:03
scotty^does anyone know how to add the universe and multiverse software repositories from the command line?15:03
txomon|nqasscotty^, look at vim /etc/apt/sources.list15:03
scotty^(I'm currently typing this in a terminal running ircii15:03
dr_willisjust edit sources.list and uncomment them15:04
mz|`scotty^: example : deb http://fr.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ precise-backports main restricted universe multivers15:04
scotty^Thanks all.  I had found that file but was unsure what to add.  I didn't realise it was so simple.15:06
DasEiscotty^: you can add the needed line like above example also by echo :sudo  echo'deb http://fr.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ precise-backports main restricted universe multiverse' >> /etc/apt/sources.list      , just make sure to use 2 '>>' , as one will not append, but overwrite the file15:06
makezandoes someone know why it runs dhcpdiscover on
dr_willisisent that the broadcast address ?15:07
scotty^Thanks DasEi15:08
cylonmathis there a computer vision channel in freenode?15:08
DasEiscotty^: FYI http://repogen.simplylinux.ch/   , and synaptic has the ability to ping and find fastest mirror four your location15:08
Pici!alis | cylonmath15:09
ubottucylonmath: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*15:09
ActionParsnipmakezan: thats broadcast to all nodes for a DHCP server...15:09
cylonmaththats cool !15:09
TomM2There's nothing in /boot/grub/menu.lst?15:10
dr_willisTomM2:  you using grub1 or 2?15:10
alpreTomM2: that was grub1 now is grub215:10
TomM2Latest version.15:10
TomM2I'm on ubuntu 11.1015:10
dr_willisthats grub2...15:11
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)15:11
cortexA9when windows 8 exit, it is possible to delete and install ubuntu ?15:11
alpreTomM2: /etc/default/grub15:11
=== jesseC is now known as Guest52012
dr_williscortexA9:  should be anle to.15:11
makezanActionParsnip okay.15:11
TomM2I don't think I'm looking for that.15:12
DasEicortexA9: I don't understand that question, you can always delete one os and change to another, as you can dualboot15:12
dr_willisTomM2:  state the real question. ;)15:12
TomM2Let me explain, I want it to say "Mocha" when my system boots.15:12
TomM2In grub it would be "e" right?15:12
dr_willissay it where?15:12
cortexA9DasEi no.15:12
cortexA9windows 8 have a protection.15:12
TomM2But I need to do it while logged in.15:13
dr_williscortexA9:  thaqts still up in the air.15:13
makezanActionParsnip my problem is while installing ubuntu server it just hangs and dhcp config don't work? I tried BSD linux, Fedora, Centos and Win7 on that same box, cable and ethernet port and they all worked. I suspected hash, but it was obviously not it, I also suspected disk errors, and that came with no errors too. I'm just wondering what could be the issue15:13
dr_willisTomM2:  clarify what you mean.15:13
DasEiTomM2: so you want an espeak, say in /etc/rc.local, for instance or in a cronjob, or even in a upstart-event15:14
TomM2dr_willis, Well I ran "figlet Mocha" in terminal and I want the output to display on boot.15:14
YokoBRhey guys, can someone help me configuring /etc/ldap.conf15:14
ActionParsnipmakezan: tried the boot option: nomodeset15:14
dr_willisTomM2:  as part of your MOTD? on login?15:14
TomM2dr_willis, MOTD.15:15
makezanActionParsnip lemme look into how to do that.15:15
TomM2Like on boot.15:15
dr_willisTomM2:  on boot is very different then in the motd15:15
dr_willisthere are motd config files you can add your own info to15:16
andrealto98i'm recording a video of ubuntu servers15:16
=== n is now known as Guest79217
TomM2Well when I did "e" on one of my kernels I saw you could add your own lines of text to it such as "echo" I have tested it and I confirm it working.15:16
TomM2Yet where is the data for the kernel stored?15:17
dr_willisTomM2:  thats not the same as motd..15:17
TomM2dr_willis, Well where is it stored anyway?15:17
dr_williskernels and stuff are in /boot/15:17
DasEiTomM2: /boot15:17
TomM2I know.15:18
TomM2But how do you edit the kernel while logged in.15:18
DasEiTomM2: you won't else would have to rebuild init.rd15:18
dr_willisyou edit the grub configs in /etc/grub.d/ or /etc/default/grub15:18
dr_willisthen rerun update-grub15:18
TomM2If you have ever held shift on boot and then pressed "e" you should understand.15:18
dr_willisTomM2:  yes.. we know and are telling you...15:19
DasEiTomM2: it's clear, mind DrWillis15:19
dr_willisyou do NOT edit grub.cfg directly15:19
dr_willisread the grub2 wiki pages the bot has15:19
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)15:20
m000gleDoes anyone know if there is a way to add extra options to the wallpaper drop-down menu, in Appearance? ... I hope to organize my wallpapers by adding options beyond the defaults, "Wallpapers", "Pictures Folder" and "Colors & Gradients".15:21
DasEim000gle: sure, just put files of same type in that folder, and take a look on gnome.org15:21
DasEiah, the drop-down menu, sorry, I missread that15:22
makezanI'm starting to think ubuntu server doesn't like dhcp relay.  I did the same install on another box and it fails in the same exact fashion15:22
dr_williswe need moar better wallpaper managers like android has. ;)15:23
DasEimakezan: seldom, maybe an unrecognised NIC ?15:23
TorpedoSkylineHey everyone, I'm getting this strange clicking sound out of my earbuds while not playing music on my MacBook Pro 5,5. It wasn't doing this yesterday. Any thoughts?15:23
DasEimakezan: you us is ready I assume ?15:23
MistakenElfCan anyone help me out with a programming project15:24
dr_willisdoing your homework?15:24
DasEiMistakenElf: can try to ask in #bash15:24
MistakenElfyeah im trying to do homework and gettting no where15:25
m000gleDasEi:  Yeah, the drop-down menu is key.  I have several dozen wallpapers in my Pictures folder, making it inconvenient to use.  It would be nice to have several groups in the drop-down menu.  For example: "Windows Wallpapers", "OSX Wallpapers", "Natty Wallpapers", "Oneiric Wallpapers", "Precise Wallpapers" etc15:25
DasEiMistakenElf: generic questions ##linux, programming (c++) #bash or #phython or whatever you are using15:25
dr_willisseveral dozen? how cute and tiny.. last i looked my collection was like 8 gb..15:26
OerHeksisn't there a #homework channel on #freenode ?15:26
MistakenElfIm not sure15:26
MistakenElfI will try the #linux15:26
DasEim000gle: wait for another helper, I'm overasked there to give more than generic hints (also lubuntu here, unity-refugee)15:27
m000gledr_willis:  An underestimate, maybe =P  The once you have too many, though, Appearance becomes a bit unwieldy as a manager.  Plus, loading the wallpapers each time can take a while.15:27
dr_willism000gle:  i just keep my wapllpapers dir sorted and right click to chage it. or use some other wallpaper tools15:28
m000gleDasEi:  Cool!  Thanks for you help :)  ...  I'm actually a Unity refugee, running a highly customized Zukitwo, Gnome-Shell setup15:28
halMonkeyDust: just to report back on my question earlier, about browsing two filesystems simulataneously, I ended up using tmux. It's not a GUI, but at least it achieves the desired result15:29
dr_willisi got wallpapers collected from my amiga days. ;)15:29
OerHeksm000gle, rename the wallpapers, like Win7flower.png Win8flower.png and so on15:29
halMonkeyDust: if you see NewWorld around later, please pass it on for me15:29
m000gledr_willis:  What are some wallpaper tools you recommend? It may not solve my exact problem, but could be useful.15:29
makezanDasEi ? I misunderstood question15:30
makezanDasEi i tried 11.10 doesn't work either15:30
=== PoolShark_1 is now known as PoolShark_
dr_willism000gle:  i just normally use some randomizer i found on webupd8 or omgubuntu,  havent even messed with them  lately.15:30
dr_willisi just sort the folders out by hand then set the randomixer to one dir i want for a while.15:31
m000gleOerHeks:  Thanks.  I may do that as a band-aid solution.  Sorting it by drop-down menu has the advantage of only having to load one category at a time.  Once you have dozens of wallpapers, it can take quite a while to load them each time you open Appearance.15:31
NabstylezIs there any way to display a message through terminal (ssh) -> GUI ?15:32
dr_willis!info zenity15:32
ubottuzenity (source: zenity): Display graphical dialog boxes from shell scripts. In component main, is optional. Version 3.4.0-0ubuntu4 (precise), package size 62 kB, installed size 316 kB15:32
NabstylezThe zenity won't work for me -.- Just tried it and it fails.. :p15:33
dr_willisand theres ways to make the osd-notify do it also15:33
dr_willisdetails  would help...15:33
dr_willisyou do have security features to overcome... you cant just pop porn errr.. programs onto anyones desktop15:33
NabstylezThe command I run is: zenity --info --text="My message"15:34
NabstylezThe error is: ** (zenity:10484): WARNING **: Kommandoraden "dbus-launch --autolaunch=45c39c9c5286ddc6cf14ece50000000a --binary-syntax --close-stderr" avslutades med icke-noll-status 1: Autolaunch error: X11 initialization failed.\n15:34
dr_willisis someone logged into x?15:34
NabstylezThis is a fresh install on original Ubuntu 12.04 Desktop.15:34
NabstylezYes, one local user.15:34
NabstylezAnd me ofc, via ssh.15:35
dr_willishave them try the same command locally.15:35
dr_willisare you sshed in as the same user?15:35
jorenl_Hi all, sorry to drop in and bother you. But, is there a way to pipe a terminal program's output to the system keyboard input? (e.g.; ./myprog > keyboard)15:35
NabstylezI'll try, sec :)15:36
DasEiNabstylez: did you login ssh with x enabled, server also configured to allow it ? dbus running ?15:36
wildwindjorenl_: ...and where should it go from keyboard?15:37
jorenl_wildwind: I have to admit I'm not entirely sure yet. I'm guessing I'll go with some form field in a browser.15:37
NabstylezHoly crap, that's kind of advanced for me, you would'nt happen to have info links so I can read up on it?15:37
dr_willis!ssh | Nabstylez15:38
ubottuNabstylez: SSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)15:38
dr_willisNabstylez:  you want to chat with whos ever on the desktop , or what exactly?15:38
dr_willisor just mess with their head? ;)15:39
DasEi/etc/ssh/sshd_config  , Nabstylez15:39
killerhow do i password protect a folder ?15:39
DasEi^ on the server side, pretty at the bottom, allow X-forwarding, then (client-side) ssh -X user@ip15:39
ubottuFor information on setting up encrypted private directories (8.10+) see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedPrivateDirectory15:39
DasEikiller: just protect from other users as root or encrypt it ?15:40
wildwindjorenl_: curl can submit web forms with any data15:40
jorenl_wildwind: If you're curious, I'm looking into my options of using a webcam with zbarcam as a barcode reader15:41
jorenl_it'd be nice if I could use a visual GUI with it for whoever would have to use it in the future :P15:41
ubottudanielyna75: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».15:41
NabstylezWhen the command (zenity --info --text="Test") is fired off locally in terminal, there's "Command not found"15:42
GunClivehi. i got no option to save sessions in gnome 2 or gnome 3 fallback. why? thanks.15:43
NabstylezThe /etc/ssh/sshd_config is forwarded in x-param. aswell :p15:44
DasEiNabstylez: heh, install figlet, nor ?15:44
DasEierr, zenity15:44
livingdaylightdoes ubuntu still do #ubuntu-class?15:46
bazhanglivingdaylight, #ubuntu-classroom , yes15:46
livingdaylightthanks bazhang15:46
delinquentmecan anyone make a recommendation for a high quality password manager?15:46
delinquentmefor ubuntu **15:47
chris|delinquentme, gnome-keyring, comes preinstalled15:47
ActionParsnipdelinquentme: gnome-keyring is installed by default15:47
frecan i use your help in smth15:48
frei've got my hands full of problems15:48
NabstylezDasEi: Oh yea, it's installed. :)15:48
jorenl_Any help on directing ZBar output (or any terminal output for that matter) to the keyboard input stream? :S15:49
freI have been trying to move to Ubuntu for nearly 6 years now15:49
freand one problem after another did a lot to me15:49
wildwindjorenl_: maybe Autokey can help, not shure15:50
fredid so much that prevented to be the happy user15:50
freso when lately i installed the system 12.0415:50
bazhangfre is there an actual question?15:50
frei am coming to that15:50
Uber-GeekHello all - trying to get vlc to run automatically at startup on ubuntu server 12.04. Any ideas as to how to do this?15:50
freso afterh the installation15:50
bazhangfre on ONE line please15:50
frei cannot actuall load the system itself15:50
frei went through all the net to find the answer15:51
bazhang!enter | fre15:51
ubottufre: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!15:51
frebut i guess i am either not lucky15:51
fresorry, i will take it into account15:51
ActionParsnipfre: what happens when you try and boot the installed OS?15:52
frethis file is not available for loading /ubuntu/winboot/wubildr.mbr15:52
bazhangfre so this is a wubi install15:53
kunjiJust going to bump the problem I'm having: my iptables rules keep being changed to include 2 lines that stop all traffic from the eth0 interface.  How can I find out what is making this change?  The change seems to occur within 24 hours of my removing these very two lines, and it is while the machine is running untouched (So it is not  a matter of rebooting and losing the rules, etc..).  I don't think it's relevant necessarily, but I'm Ubun15:53
sefsfeesgfeasgfahow can I download aircrack-ng?15:54
frei went through all the stages  starting with loading the livecd then partitioning, and installing in iteself15:54
sefsfeesgfeasgfaI cant find it in Ubuntu Software Center15:54
sefsfeesgfeasgfaI use Ubuntu latest version15:54
kunjisefsfreesgfeasgfa: Probably:  sudo apt-get install aircrack-ng15:54
dr_willissefsfeesgfeasgfa:  or look for a ppa15:55
dr_willis!find aircrack15:55
DasEisefsfeesgfeasgfa: #backtrack right channel; go to their website and get it from there15:55
ubottuPackage/file aircrack does not exist in precise15:55
kunjiOh, huh, I thought aircrack would have been in the packages15:55
dr_willisaparently not15:56
sefsfeesgfeasgfaterminal says it has been replaced with iw:i386 iw ???15:56
DasEikunji: btw, nick miss on sefs...^15:56
dr_willis!info iw15:56
ubottuiw (source: iw): tool for configuring Linux wireless devices. In component main, is optional. Version 3.2-1 (precise), package size 49 kB, installed size 147 kB (Only available for linux-any)15:56
kunjiDasEi: ... I knew I should have copy pasted that one T.T15:56
sefsfeesgfeasgfadr_willis can you tell me the results of your searches?  where is the aircrack-ng program?15:57
DasEikunji: anyway, wrong place here, get it as ppa, from their homepage or ask in #backtrack, no penetration testing here15:58
bazhangit's #backtrack-linux15:58
kunjiDasEi: I wasn't the one looking for it, I had just assumed it would be there because it's fairly popular.15:58
abourgetabou theming Unity in 12.04, I made a change to a certain gtk-widgets.css file.. and I'd like that change to be applied to my desktop..15:59
abourgetis there a command I can run to reload the theme ?16:00
freso what should i do with the problem. It occurs right after Bios ends completing all the neccessary operations it performs and gives a wat for the OS loading process per se. That is when i should come across the choice of OSs. What i find is this error of  /ubuntu/winboot/wubildr.mbr which is not available and then after I press "enter" windows 8(which is currently the main system) is loading. What does it mean? Is it me that is so stupid or this16:01
freis just that i am unlucky?16:01
bazhangfre, thats a wubi install16:01
freso what16:02
bazhangfre, not a true dual-boot16:02
albechim having some strange mouse issues, where it loses click when i hold down the button.. it causes drag and drop to be very painful.. i have tried with different mouse types.16:02
askeramybody  hear me?16:02
albechthis is u11.10 btw16:02
bazhangasker, whats the real question16:02
reufpdf wot word bash tool?16:02
reufpdf to doc bash tool?16:03
bazhangreuf, convert?16:03
reufextract text16:03
ActionParsnipthere is pdf2text16:03
askeri installed ubuntu studio and i installed gnome but when i control volume on keyboard  my volume seem in box bottom of screen lowresorution16:03
ActionParsnip!find pdf2text16:04
freI guess i will undo partitioning and delete the system. That's sad. Thanx for all you efforts16:04
ubottuFile pdf2text found in emacspeak, ruby-poppler16:04
kunjireuf: those things usually don't work that great, depends in the text in the pdf was text though, or if the pdf resulted from say a scan.  There are ways to do both, I forget the names of the respective tools you would want though.16:04
ActionParsnip!find pdftotext16:04
ubottuFile pdftotext found in dhelp, poppler-utils16:04
ActionParsnipreuf: install poppler-utils  and you will get the pdftotext command16:05
kunjifre: You could try using an actual dual boot after that, using GRUB2 as your bootloader.16:05
ActionParsnipreuf: it will give a txt file of the pdf16:05
ActionParsnipreuf: of use google docs :)16:05
reufi understand16:06
reufthanks all16:06
kunjigoogle docs does pdf to text?  Like for scanned pdfs, or just the ones that were originally text?16:06
askeri installed ubuntu studio and i installed gnome but when i control volume on keyboard  my volume seem in box bottom of screen lowresorution16:06
askeri installed ubuntu studio and i installed gnome but when i control volume on keyboard  my volume seem in box bottom of screen lowresorution16:06
frekunji, you see i can only boot ubuntu through livecd16:07
frethat is the problem, and how am i supposed to use a dual boot16:07
ActionParsnipkunji: dunno, just saw it on a forum, try it is all I can say16:07
kunjifre:  So you installed it as a windows app (the Wubi installer?)16:08
lotuspsychjeasker: not sure we can support ubuntu studio here try #ubuntustudio16:08
ActionParsniplotuspsychje: its an official release16:08
needhelp1Hello all, im helping to pull some data for Ubuntu Beta releases and have a very short survey up on google documents found here. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dFdSTUgzREoyeFZNSWRHSjlXMGYteGc6MQ    Anyone interested please take the survey and feel free to share the link. The results will be published in two weeks to the public domain.16:08
sefsfeesgfeasgfathis guide helped me install aircrack-ng: http://www.riyazwalikar.com/2010/12/installing-aircrack-ng-on-ubuntu-1204.html16:08
fremaybe there is an faq topic on that matter i will appreciate your giving the link16:08
lotuspsychjeActionParsnip:can we? ok then16:08
ssfdre38hey would it be possible to set up a proxy server to block sites on my work's network16:09
=== kaktuskuchen_ is now known as kaktuskuchen
kunjifre: for dual booting you would pick that option during the Ubuntu installation (the advanced partitioning stuff) and create an ext4 (or 3) partition for Ubuntu, and  a partition for the swap (ext2)16:10
bazhang!wubi | fre16:10
ubottufre: Wubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. http://wubi-installer.org/support.php and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide for troubleshooting. Please  file bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug. For Ubuntu Oneiric/11.10 http://releases.ubuntu.com/oneiric/wubi.exe16:10
ubottuUbuntuStudio is a collection of packages for the artist who wishes to use Ubuntu as their Digital Audio Workstation. It contains all the best Audio/Visual components from the Ubuntu repositories. For more info and install instructions, join #ubuntustudio or see http://ubuntustudio.org16:10
kunjifre: If Windows currently takes the entire drive, then you may need to shrink that partition, which can take a while16:11
joeverhey guys, i'm running 12.04, fonts are fuzzy and blurry in firefox and chrome. tried to play around with the hinting, anti-aliazing, change fonts, but no luck. can someone please help me?16:11
GunClivehi. i got no option to save sessions in gnome 2 or gnome 3 fallback. why? thanks.16:12
lotuspsychjejoever:did you install adobe flash plugin?16:12
freubottu, thanx a lot but here is the thing: I created 3 logical partitions: one ext4 for / one ext4 for /home one swap???? for swap16:12
ssfdre38GunClive, cause you need to install Gnome or gnome-shell (gnome2 fallback)16:12
joeverlotuspsychje, i install the generic flash stuff of ubuntu, should i ?16:12
kunjifre: oh, so you're not using the Wubi installer16:13
=== dpac|away is now known as dpac
frekunji, no i am not16:13
lotuspsychjejoever:you can try installing ubuntu-restricted-extras16:13
kunjifre: can you paste the page with the directions you were following?16:13
freI do eagerly want to just switch16:13
=== SuicideGirl is now known as Anti8
joeverlotuspsychje: done that also16:13
frewell i guess you cannot read that page16:13
freits the russian version of ubuntu.com16:13
lotuspsychjejoever:or maybe switch from software centre version to web version flash?16:14
GunClivessfdre38, so its a brand new feature only for gnome shell and not my ubuntu 11.04=?16:14
joeverlotuspsychje: should i install adobe flash? but we're talking about fonts in general16:14
ssfdre38GunClive, gnome2 was removed in 10.10 and replaced with Unity so you will need to do that16:14
frebut if you are interested i can give you the link =)16:14
kunjifre: Ah, well then, do you know how far the install got?  Did it seem to complete successfully, or did the installer crash at some point?16:14
freno it completed successfully16:15
ssfdre38GunClive, also i would say update as well so you can get the latest gnome-shell and drivers16:15
ActionParsnipssfdre38: it really wasnt16:15
delinquentmeis there a quick start guide for gnome keyring?  like i just need to start stuffing passwords into it for things .. not SSH keys .. but just something that will securely store my passwords16:15
freupon completion i was asked to take the media from cdrom16:15
ActionParsnipssfdre38: Unity is a shell for Gnome, Unity runs on top of Gnome and simply replaces gnome-panel as the default shell16:15
frei guess its an equivalent for successfull completion, am i right?16:15
GunClivessfdre38, thanks. right now i am stuck with fallback, because my gfx card does not work wit gnome shell16:16
ActionParsnipssfdre38: gnome was never 'removed'16:16
kunjifre: It's possible that you just didn't install GRUB2 (the bootloader) to the right place.  So it is still using the windows bootloader.  Yeah, sounds like it completed successfully.16:16
=== DjGeCk0 is now known as ^GeCk0^
kunjisorry about that spam... my browser wasn't taking focus for some reason...16:17
frefor now i will go with w8 because i have office2010 installed, but when i will be asked to pay for the final version i will choose ubuntu as my default os, that is i will install u instead of w816:18
dfcnvtHi, I recently had my terminal closed itself and some of the program that ran inside the terminal are still running. ie: chroot.... How do I get back in pts after the terminal is closed?16:20
frethough I was not given an explicit answer thanx for all your efforts16:20
eamonHi, Windows user here. We have to install java for school. I don't want to get a rootkit. Is ubuntu or FreeBSD better for this?16:20
GunClivewhat payment method does the software center use?16:21
bekksdfcnvt: There is no way to do so. Except you had been starting "screen" first, and then issued chroot. In that case, you could use screen -DR16:21
kunjifre: Sorry, what was the original question?16:21
wilee-nileeeamon, Any OS is only as safe as the user, ubuntu starts out with a password needed for admin.16:22
kunjifre: oh, right, I think you should try reinstalling just GRUB2 to the drive, not just to the partition.16:22
ActionParsnipeamon: java is java, so anything affecting java will probably affect ubuntu too16:23
ActionParsnipeamon: there is a handy PPA to install oracle java if you need it but open java is installed by default afaik16:23
eamonDo you need to be admin to delete my docements on ubuntu16:23
ActionParsnipeamon: a user can delete it's own docs even if it cannot use sudo16:24
ActionParsnipeamon: same as in windows16:24
=== jesseC is now known as Guest85196
kunjifre: I would use this documentation to go about fixing Grub https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/Installing   it's never failed me yet ^_^16:24
eamonso malicious java could delete all my work16:25
adibdoes anyone know if i can use an existing partition with windows to use as virtual machine?16:25
DasEidfcnvt: yes, take a look at screen, want a weblink ?16:25
DasEi!info screen16:25
ubottuscreen (source: screen): terminal multiplexor with VT100/ANSI terminal emulation. In component main, is optional. Version 4.0.3-14ubuntu8 (precise), package size 582 kB, installed size 1044 kB16:25
kunjiadib: That's a difficult question, the answer is maybe, but it's way more work than it's worth.16:26
adibwell i only have 40gb on my ubuntu partition, i kinda need the space16:26
DasEidfcnvt: https://www.rackaid.com/resources/linux-screen-tutorial-and-how-to/16:26
eamonwilee-nilee: But I have to use java I dont have a choice. How do I use it so it can't ielete my stuff?16:27
j98jeepI've created a software raid for storage purposes, but it won't let me copy files onto it in the GUI stating I don't have permission to do that. I understand I can do it in the terminal, but I'm  not the only one who uses this computer and if possible would like to be able to copy them in the GUI. Is there a way to edit permissions permanently?16:27
eamonj98jeep: man chmod16:28
DasEieamon: sandbox the browser, either chroot-jail. apparmor or other acl, vm-solutiouns16:28
Dev-Briandoes anyone know how i can get desktop notifications using irssi?16:28
kunjiadib: I know what you mean, I run a 30 GB SSD that's dual booting, and I've looked into what you want.  I at least haven't found any way to do it that is within a reasonable time investment (this could pretty much be it's own research project)16:28
Dev-Briani tried using the following notify.pl here http://code.google.com/p/irssi-libnotify/source/browse/notify.pl but it doesn't seem to do anything.16:29
adibso any tips how to do it with as least space as possible?16:29
=== Roasted is now known as roasted
physically_fitis there a problem with the update manager? when i click on install it does nothing and it just keeps "waiting". i can't click on "details" because it's greyed out.16:29
j98jeepI'll check that out, thanks eamon16:29
ActionParsnipDev-Brian: http://www.codealpha.net/215/script-irssi-ubuntu-notify-osd-notification-system/16:29
kunjiadib: Unfortunately, not really, I struggle to have enough space to even download updates on that machne T.T16:30
eamonadib: VMWare can use existing partitions. Trp running it in WINE16:30
adibthat is actual true? i heard it from someone and no one else can confirm it16:30
BluesKajphysically_fit, run sudo apt-get update in the terminal and check the output16:31
kunjiadib:  There are ways to migrate partitions though, so maybe you could move it to an external drive or something.16:31
Dev-Brian@ActionParsnip, thank u. I will try it out now.16:31
unless_Which is the command to trace open door at a IP really?16:31
eamonadib: https://my.vmware.com/web/vmware/details?downloadGroup=WKST-716-LX&productId=154&rPId=261616:31
eamonunless: traceroute16:32
eamonunless_: traceroute16:32
kunjieamon: I've read that that method doesn't really work very well16:32
adibthanks eamon, ill try that16:32
bekksvbox can use existing partitions too.16:32
adibwithout alot of trouble?16:32
bekksWith the same trouble as vmware.16:32
adiband how much is that?16:32
unless_eamon, no, it not that one.16:33
eamonunless_: ping?16:33
bekksadib: You should have a backup of your complete system - in both cases.16:33
unless_eamon, no, not even.16:33
physically_fitBluesKaj, thanks, i'll do that. my pc is a mess right now. thanks again.16:33
kunjiadib: sorry, I need to go right now (class T.T), and yeah, as bekks said, full back up if you're going to try doing it16:33
adibno thanks then16:34
adibif i have to backup my whole system i'd rather not do it16:34
ubottusalvo: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».16:34
daemongplanyone know how to disable to touchpad while typing?16:35
Dev-Brian@ActionParsnip, i tried that script and nothing happened for me.16:36
ActionParsnipDev-Brian: ask in #irssi too :)16:37
eamondaemongpl: Write a script and assign it to a hot key16:37
Dev-Brianhaha, that gave me a notification.16:37
Dev-Brianguess it did work.16:37
ActionParsnipDev-Brian: if you drop the @ character, it will highlight me, this isn't twitter16:37
Dev-Brianoops, yea my bad.16:37
Dev-Briani think its working.  could u try pming me one time to see if that works?16:38
=== ossi is now known as Guest38732
eamondaemongpl: http://wpkg.org/Disable_/_enable_keyboard_and_mouse_in_Linux < write a script to do that and put it on ctrl+alt+space bar or somehting16:39
wilee-nileedaemongpl, There is this ppa webupd8 will give you I use it on one computer that does not have a built in app for this.  http://www.webupd8.org/2011/02/touchpad-indicator-now-automatically.html16:39
j98jeephow do I reference my storage RAID in terminal? I've tried using the results of fdisk -l but it says no such file or directory. How do I find out what to call my RAID in terminal?16:40
dfcnvtThanks guys, for your help. I manages to get it resolved.16:40
ActionParsnipDev-Brian: test16:41
wilee-nileeeamon, your response to just write a script is a perfect example of why asking here for security help is not really a good idea people wil just say what they think is right.16:41
Dev-BrianActionParsnip, public chat messages work.16:41
Dev-Brianbut not the pm's16:41
Dev-Brianmaybe if i change the message level to CRAP16:42
eamonwilee-nilee: What's wrong with writing a script?16:42
* eamon writes scripts all the time. Anyone else?16:43
wilee-nileeeamon, nothing but there is an ap for that option your answer did not mention this, do you understand what I'm getting at as far as you getting solid information on security.16:43
eamonOh you said it in the context of security. How is writing a script a security compromise?16:44
=== zz_scottas is now known as scottas
rtdoshey i added "0 0 * *  * /sbin/shutdown -h now" to my crontab, but do i need to update the sudoers file? ...to what? or should that be "/sbin/poweroff" instead? help?16:44
ActionParsniprtdos: just cron as root, no need to mess with sudoers16:45
Dev-Brianawesome, thanks16:45
ActionParsniprtdos: sudo crontab -e     will do it16:45
wilee-nileeeamon, he isn't but you were asking questions about it, and I assume hoped for straight answers I'm just pointing out the lack of real solid eveidence to be gotten on a support channel for some things, you just happen to prove it.16:46
wilee-nileedon't take it personally it is just an observation16:46
eamonwilee-nilee ho didn't ask gor an app16:46
adibwgucg tune if unage sgiykd u yse? virtual disk image, virtual machine disk, virtual hard disk or parallels hard disk16:46
eamonwilee-nilee h. didn't ask gor an app16:46
eamonwilee-nilee he didn't ask gor an app16:46
adiblets redo that16:46
adibi cant type16:47
eamonfuckin typos16:47
adibwhich type of disk should i use? virtual disk image, virtual machine disk, virtual hard disk or parallels hard disk16:47
bazhanglets move on wilee-nilee eamon16:47
adibthere we go16:47
wilee-nileebazhang, no problem I thought my point was obvious.16:47
bazhangeamon, please no cursing here16:47
bazhangadib for vbox? vmware? which?16:48
bazhangadib, tried in #vbox yet?16:48
adibill go try there16:48
eamonwilee-nilee: my advice was to change a setting, yours was to install more bloat, and you say I'm a perfect example of bad advice. Riiiiiiiight.16:50
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=== jax is now known as jaxyeh
BitruderAnybody get PostgreSQL 9.2 installed?  I'm getting hung up at the logrotate 3.8 requirement as 3.7 is the latest version in all the repositories I'm checking (Postgresql coming from debian experimental).16:51
^MikeIs there a way to have window focus follow the mouse in unity?16:51
guntbert^Mike: does http://askubuntu.com/questions/64605/how-do-i-set-focus-follows-mouse help?16:54
^Mikeguntbert: Great, thanks!16:54
Dev-Brianwoo, notifications finally!16:55
arosen1Hi, I have 12.04 installed on by box but my sound card doesn't seem to work. It's detected though and showing up in alsamixer. Any ideas?16:55
arosen1join #geni16:55
Dev-BrianActionParsnips, although, when i switch the script to MSGLEVEL_ACTIONS, i don't see anything anymore.16:55
Dev-BrianI would really like it to work for PUBLIC AND PRIVATE16:56
DarkStar1how do I find out the realease version I am working with?16:56
Dev-Brianis this line wrong?   return if (!$server || !($dest->{level} & MSGLEVEL_ACTIONS));16:56
guntbertDarkStar1: lsb_release -a16:56
bazhang!version | DarkStar116:56
ubottuDarkStar1: To find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell - To know the available version of a package, « apt-cache policy <package> »16:56
=== bobbyaldol is now known as bobbyaldolAFK
dfcnvtHow do I umount all that is connected to /mnt/disk ?16:58
dfcnvtI have four other parts that is binded to it.16:58
black_13why would ubuntu not hsow the grub2 boot menu?16:58
=== mimor_ is now known as mimor
guntbertblack_13: it isn't shown by default when ubuntu is the only OS, press left<shift> during boot to see it17:00
livingdaylightwhat is the command that tells me what my hardware processor and graphics card is?17:00
bazhanglivingdaylight, sudo lshw  lspci17:00
SlutaTramsahello everyone, my volume up/down & mute doesn't work on my microsoft wired keyboard 600. Any idea17:00
SlutaTramsausing ubuntu 12.0417:00
dfcnvtNevermind, I use -l option for umount. It worked.17:00
livingdaylightbazhang, thanks, I had lspci but wasn't getting what I was looking for ^17:00
ActionParsniplivingdaylight: sudo lshw -C display; cat /proc/cpuinfo17:02
livingdaylightActionParsnip, thanks, no wonder I couldn't remember that :s17:02
ActionParsnipSlutaTramsa: if you run:  xev   does it make events17:02
ActionParsniplivingdaylight: once you get used to the OS that stuff is simple17:02
jactawill 12.10 come next month?17:03
jribjacta: 12.10 == 2012 october17:03
ActionParsnipSlutaTramsa: then go into the keyboard config, click on an action and you can press the key to assign it17:03
ActionParsnipjacta: year.month   is the version number form17:04
ActionParsnipjacta: so 14.04 will be out in 2014 in April17:04
ActionParsnipjacta: very logical17:04
jribgreat -- ActionParsnip just jinxed an lts17:04
ActionParsnipjrib: hahah17:05
jactacant wait :o does it normaly come in start of month17:06
SlutaTramsaalright, I got http://pastebin.com/cdYeJjuN17:07
TheWardenWhere is the  .Xauthority file located on Ubuntu?17:07
TheWardenI don't see it in the /root nor in /home/user17:07
guntbertjacta: no, and further discussion in  #ubuntu+117:07
jactaActionParsnip, do you think you can help me get my ubuntu to see usb drives?17:08
guntbertTheWarden: type ls -A in your home directory17:08
TheWardenguntbert: I did that but I don't have such a file. Should I?17:09
jactaor other, nothing happens when I stick in usb drives, nor cards17:09
TheWardenjacta: try seeing if you can see the USB device, blkid17:09
guntbertTheWarden: not necessarily17:09
SillyTalkerwhen unity is started, can i somehow switch to LXDE without logging out?17:09
jactaTheWarden, gives me: /dev/sr0: LABEL="CSI_MIAMI_1_D1" TYPE="udf"17:10
SillyTalker(i have my reasons to do this)17:10
TheWardenjacta: also you can try doing ls /dev/sd*17:10
askercan you read me17:10
SillyTalkeryes asker17:10
guntbertask| asker17:10
jactaTheWarden, /dev/sda  /dev/sda1  /dev/sda2  /dev/sda517:10
guntbert!ask| asker17:10
ubottuasker: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience17:10
SillyTalkerhe's not asking to ask guntbert17:10
LLStarkshow do i restore menu bar when switching between unity and gnome-shell without restarting session?17:10
SillyTalkerhe's asking if we could read what he entered17:11
askerdo you know a program to 5 times wrong password attemp after delte all user info17:11
askerlike deadbox17:11
bazhangasker, why would you want that17:11
TheWardenjacta: that's odd, your saying when you do blkid you get /dev/sr0 and that, that is your USB flash drive? As the results from ls /dev/sd* doesn't show /dev/sr017:11
TheWardenguntbert: mmm okay strange.... argh this is frustrating.17:11
jactaTheWarden, blkid is my ODD - i have CSI in that ;)17:12
askeri have some special info to secure17:12
guntbertTheWarden: what is your problem then?17:12
TheWardenjacta: ODD?17:12
=== jaxyeh is now known as jax
jactaTheWarden, optical disc drive :)17:12
theadminasker: That's no way to secure info... If it's deleted by entering passwords wrongly, it's not "securing" at all, it's risking it17:12
TheWardenjacta: oh how is the ODD connected, SATA, IDE, USB, SCSI, etc?17:13
askermy info can be secure only red by me17:13
jactaTheWarden, its a dell machine, no clue - inside :p17:13
askeri dont want to everybody to know17:13
Uber-Geekhow do I run a service at startup in ubuntu server? rc.local isn't doing it.17:13
jactaide would be my guess17:13
SillyTalkerwhen unity is started, can i somehow switch to LXDE without logging out?17:14
askeri dont want to everybody to know17:14
ActionParsnipasker: then set the ownership to the user you want to only have access17:14
jribUber-Geek: what service?17:14
TheWardenguntbert: I'm trying to get VLC running on Ubuntu using RC (remote control) via Unix socket to control the player in fullscreen mode within a infinite loop. I keep getting errors, you can see my results here, https://gist.github.com/7d553adc6a268baa1b2017:14
askeryou know it isnt solve security problem17:14
ActionParsnipTheWarden: did you edit to .hosts file for it?17:14
askerActionParsnip : you know it isnt solve security problem17:15
ActionParsnipasker: it does as the system will deny access to any other user17:15
TheWardenjacta: try ls /dev/hd* and see if you can see sr017:15
Uber-GeekI created a script that runs vlc in daemon mode, if I do a service moh start it runs, but not from rc.local. The file is in the init.d directory and is executable17:15
guntbertTheWarden: sorry, no idea :(17:15
jactaTheWarden, ls: cannot access /dev/hd*: No such file or directory17:15
TheWardenActionParsnip: what? edit the hosts file, what for? its locally receiving commands to add/remove items from the playlist, etc.17:15
ActionParsnipTheWarden: .hosts   not hosts17:15
ikoniaasker: you have been watching too many movies with self destruct sequences.17:15
askerikonia : MAYBE17:16
ikoniaasker: if you want to remove your user account on failed login, use a tool like fail to ban to monitor the security logs, and instead of the firewall commands, change the commands to remove the user account17:16
TheWardenActionParsnip: again I ask, why do I need that? That's the help resolve domain names. That's not being used in this case at all.17:16
TheWardenguntbert: no problem, thanks.17:16
ActionParsnipTheWarden: it dictates who can access the vlc service remotely17:16
askerikonia : i want to delete all hdd17:16
ActionParsnipTheWarden: its nothing to do with DNS names at all17:17
SlutaTramsaActionParsnip any idea on my question regarding Volume up/down on my keyboard? (don't mean to bother you..)17:17
TheWardenActionParsnip: well its interfacing with int remotely locally to a socket and therefore doesn't require resolving domains.17:17
ikoniaasker: well, you can't do that as the hard disk will be in use, however you can remove most of it by running an rm -rf as a trigger instead of a firewall17:17
ActionParsnipTheWarden: I'll put it in quotes to make it clearer as you aren't getting it17:17
ActionParsnipTheWarden: did you edit the ".hosts" file17:17
ActionParsnipTheWarden: noth the period, that's not an accident17:17
askerikonia : i have a idea17:17
askerikonia : can i change boot device order of bios on linux17:18
jribasker: you should just encrypt your data17:18
TheWardenActionParsnip: no I have not, I'm not aware of the requirement to do this as there was no mention of this. Please explain to what do I need to edit this file?17:18
ikoniaasker: no, you can't as the file system will still be in use17:18
ikoniaasker: look, I've given you a solution that will do what you want.17:18
ActionParsnipTheWarden: if you don't allow your netmask, the only system allowed access is localhost17:18
TheWardenActionParsnip: okay, but that's what I have been saying I just want localhost to have access.17:19
askerikonia : thanks man17:19
ActionParsnipTheWarden: edit the /etc/vlc/lua/http/.hosts    to allow your netmask17:19
TheWardenI'm trying to resolve error messages such as "main interface error: no suitable interface module" and "main libvlc error: interface "default" initialization failed".17:19
ActionParsnipTheWarden: ahh, thats cool then , no need17:19
jactaTheWarden, did I lose you?17:20
AutistiCucumberHey guys ubuntu rocks17:20
Uber-GeekI need to get vlc to run at startup on ubuntu server, however that is possible. I'm out of ideas at this point17:21
ActionParsnipTheWarden: do you want the vlc to run on the remote screen only?17:21
TheWardenjacta: no I'm here, trying to solve my own issues :-). Ahh, trying mounting it manually "mount /dev/sr0 /media/temp" without double quotes and make sure the mount path exists, "/media/temp". In this case it should be mounted under /mnt and if we get this to work we can add this to your /etc/fstab17:21
jactaActionParsnip, TheWarden does dmesg says something? http://pastebin.com/FVr9X1bm17:23
TheWardenActionParsnip: no it runs on the system itself. I want VLC to run in full screen mode playing an infinite loop of videos. I'm locally via a script send commands using RC via the Unix socket to start VLC and add items to the play list. Perodicially it checks a remote server for new content if new content is found it downloads it and updates the play list.17:23
TheWardenActionParsnip: at this stage I'm just enabling the RC and setting the socket and I'm getting these errors. It keeps crappying out.17:24
joeverhi guys. running 12.04, having a problem with blurry fuzzy fonts on browsers. can someone please help me?17:24
TheWardenActionParsnip: see https://gist.github.com/7d553adc6a268baa1b2017:25
askerjoever : what is it17:25
jribTheWarden: don't you need X for that?17:25
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askerjoever : what is it17:25
jribasker: stop repeating please17:26
jactaTheWarden, hrrm17:26
TheWardenjrib: I do have X, these is all run via scripts using cron. It will initialize an instance of VLC within X make it full screen and play videos. I have it working at times but eventually it craps out and always gives these errors.17:26
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TheWardenjacta: did you try the manual mount, I didn't see the results if you posted it.17:26
jactabut its not sr0 i try to get to work, TheWarden, its the mounted usb drive17:27
Hexchhi, can some of you recommend a simple hosting panel, just to manage apache, ftp, mysql?17:27
joeverasker : fonts are blurry in firefox or chrome17:27
TheWardenjacta: okay I'm confused here now. start over again, your  trying to do what again?17:27
jribTheWarden: I don't see why you would use rc.local then; you should just start your script on login probably17:27
jactaTheWarden, all usb drives and sdcards are not getting mounted17:28
Sebastieni am running eggdrop, and i would like to put it all in a .tar.gz file to create a "backup" of it. How could i do that?17:28
ikoniaSebastien: tar cvf eggdropbackup.tar .17:29
ikoniawithin the eggdrop directory17:29
GunClivewhat payment method does the software center use?17:29
ikoniaput eggdropbackup.tar somewhere safe17:29
TheWardenjrib: ahh who said I was using rc.local. The scripts are executed using cron for the user the system boots into automatically. Either way I just trying to resolve the issue.17:30
lazukarsAre there any applications that do this: http://thenextweb.com/dd/2012/09/11/uberlayer-lets-overlay-design-mockups-reference-code/  on Ubuntu?17:30
TheWardenjacta: Oh dang, I'm not sure what to suggest then. Maybe the controller is screwed.17:30
Sebastienikonia: netbot@irczone:~$ tar cvf eggy.tar.gz17:30
Sebastientar: Cowardly refusing to create an empty archive17:30
ikoniaSebastien: you missed the . at the end17:30
jribTheWarden: oh that was Uber-Geek17:30
TheWardenjacta: have you tried mounting those USB devices manually?17:30
jactaTheWarden, aww - Think I some time before played in pysdm app :\17:30
Sebastiensame error17:31
jactaTheWarden, not sure what to try :\17:31
Sebastiennmv nmv17:31
ikoniaSebastien: showme the command17:31
jribUber-Geek: vlc probably needs to have access to X?17:31
Sebastieni forgot to put a space17:31
ActionParsnipSebastien: try installing unp17:31
Sebastienunp ?17:31
SebastienWhat is this ActionParsnip ?17:31
TheWardenjacta: find out the device name of a usb device with certainty. Then try to mount it a simple mount /dev/device_name /mnt/temp should do the trick. As I stated before make sure the mount point /mnt/temp exists before issuing the command.17:32
TheWardenjacta: blkid should list all devices as well17:32
jactaTheWarden, blkid only gives the sr0 :/17:32
Uber-Geekjrib, it can run via the command line, vlc with the --daemon flag. I can get it to work manually, just not upon bootup17:33
ActionParsnipSebastien: its a one shot app for extracting any archive with a single command, no need to memorise stuff17:33
TheWardenjacta: ensure the cables are secured properly.17:33
TheWardenjacta: try doing sudo blkid17:33
jribUber-Geek: is there a reason you don't just run it on login?17:33
ActionParsnipTheWarden: if you have the app running at startup, you can control it with the web ui. Is that what you need?17:33
jactaTheWarden, check pm for output :o17:33
Uber-Geekit's a server, I need it to run when the machine powers on17:33
TheWardenjacta: you have a usb hug connected?17:34
jactaTheWarden, only thing right now is the usb pen17:34
TheWardenActionParsnip: no I stated what I required, I need to use the RC interface module so that I can send commands to control the player, add files to the play list, etc. without human interaction directly. All this is done via scripts.17:35
ActionParsnipTheWarden: oh, thats pretty fancy17:35
TheWardenjacta: mm the reason I as is because the dmsg stated a usb hub and I was wondering if you were hooking a USB hub up and then plugging devinces into that.17:35
Uber-Geekjrib, this server sits in a remote data center, when we reboot the server, I need the vlc to start up automatically without logging in and executing the command manually17:36
TheWardenActionParsnip: well yes and no but the idea works just getting all these errors and then having it crap out once daily. which the errors is what I'm trying to resolve.17:36
jactaTheWarden, only had mouse/keyboard/pens in it17:36
jactaTheWarden, futhermore, gparted sees it right now as /dev/sdb/17:36
jribUber-Geek: so you have an upstart script you created with this "moh" service?17:37
TheWardenjacta: according to the dmsg you have an ODD HL-DT-ST DVD+-RW GT50N running on SATA.17:37
jribUber-Geek: or is this a sys-v style script you created?17:37
jactaTheWarden, must be my cd drive inside it :o17:37
Uber-Geekjrib, I added the init info to it, and made it executable.17:38
jribUber-Geek: this is not a clear answer17:38
TheWardenjacta: yeah have you tried different discs? I see the Logitech keyboard and mouse.... mmm17:38
jribUber-Geek: maybe just pastebin your script and mention its location17:39
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Uber-Geekjrib, working on it :) have to move from ubuntu to windows17:40
SillyTalkercan i switch to LXDE without logging out?17:41
Uber-Geekjrib, http://pastebin.com/embed_js.php?i=pbrpEcz617:42
dr_willisnot very easially SillyTalker17:42
theadminSillyTalker: No, you can't really "switch" desktop environments without starting a new session17:42
SillyTalkerdr_willis: are there any instructions or something?17:42
jribUber-Geek: this isn't a proper init script for either upstart or sys-v17:43
dr_willisSillyTalker:  you have to somehow kill off unity as you start lxde.. you kill the wrong thing= you get logged out.17:43
Uber-Geekjrib, I'm flying blind here, as there is very little out there for running this sort of thing.17:44
SillyTalkerdr_willis: aha17:44
dr_willisSillyTalker:  easier to just lotout17:44
SillyTalkerdr_willis: well i can't it's a long story17:44
SillyTalkerdr_willis: in short: it's a prebuilt chroot image and they messed it up so you cannot evne logout and choose anotehr session17:45
SillyTalkeri guess i have no choice but to try and build my own image :(17:45
dr_williscan you logout at all?17:45
dr_willisyou got a .dmrc file?17:45
SillyTalkerblackscreen with mouse pointer when i do17:45
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jribUber-Geek: if you want to stick with sysv-init for some reason, then you should model your script after /etc/init.d/skeleton.  However, ubuntu has moved on to upstart and the scripts are not formatted the same.  There's a very good document at http://upstart.ubuntu.com/cookbook/ about creating init scripts for upstart.  In either case, you should not be attempting to start the init script with commands in17:46
SillyTalkerdr_willis: i'm not sure, what is this file for?17:46
dr_willisSillyTalker:  it dedines your default desktop17:46
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SillyTalkerdr_willis: aha, so i i set it to LXDE there i should be fine?17:46
Uber-Geekjrib, I just want it to run, I'm not real picky as to how, so long as it starts on its own.17:47
dr_willisin theory17:47
SillyTalkerdr_willis: well i'll try, but i need to copy the image again firs,t where do i find the file please?17:47
jribUber-Geek: well ideally, you would use upstart.  If you don't care about having it managed and just want to run a command at boot, then just put the command in /etc/rc.local itself17:47
dr_willisSillyTalker:  .dmrc is in your home17:47
SillyTalkerdr_willis: ok thanks, i'll let you know if it worked17:48
jribUber-Geek: you could also use @reboot in crontab.  But again, it really is better to manage it with upstart17:48
SillyTalkerdr_willis: are you sure it is still supported though?17:49
SillyTalkeri can only find old information about it17:49
Uber-Geekjrib, for now, the crontab might work until I get upstart figured out. So @reboot vlc /opt/music/WRRK.m3u --daemon ?17:49
dr_willisSillyTalker:  its us3ed by gdm, lightdm and kdm  last i looked its on 12.10 system17:49
jribUber-Geek: give the full path to vlc17:50
dr_willisit just saves your last selected desktop from lightdm17:50
SillyTalkerdr_willis: ah ok then it will be on 12.04 as well :) do you happen to know the proper name for LXDE?17:50
SillyTalkerto put in the file17:50
SillyTalkercan't find it on google so far17:50
dr_willisSillyTalker:  nope.  ask a lubuntu user perhaps17:50
Uber-Geekjrib, ok, I'm getting that set up now.17:50
ActionParsnipSillyTalker: i can pastebin my lubuntu session file if you want17:50
SillyTalkerActionParsnip: sure thanks in advance17:51
dr_willisshould be just 1 or 2 lines17:51
SillyTalkeris .dmrc referred to as the session file?17:51
dr_willistheres .Xsession and .xinitrc  session filesa17:52
dr_willis.dmrc is where the login m anager saves the desktop you selected17:52
SillyTalkerso is it not neough to jsut change .dmrc?17:52
dr_willisif you autologin - then its used. by default17:53
ActionParsnipSillyTalker: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1199125/17:53
SillyTalkerok the image does autologin so :)17:53
ActionParsnipSillyTalker: SillyTalker that is /usr/share/xsessions/Lubuntu.desktop17:53
SillyTalker(even when it's not set btw :s)17:53
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SillyTalkerActionParsnip: and can you see what's in .dmrc to start lubuntu ?17:54
dr_willisActionParsnip:  whats in your .dmrc ?17:54
ActionParsnipSillyTalker: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1199127/17:54
SillyTalkerty again ActionParsnip17:54
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ActionParsnipSillyTalker: that is the startlubuntu script17:54
ActionParsnipdr_willis: is that in $HOME? I don't have one17:55
shahriyardo i need to add "#" before commands while editing a config file?17:55
ActionParsnipwait, i do17:55
ActionParsnipdr_willis: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1199130/17:55
SillyTalkerthanks ActionParsnip17:55
ash_I am missing gaming :'(17:56
shahriyarplease reply this noob question immidiately, i am in hurry17:56
kymwashQuick question, how often to you guys run into broken kernels?17:56
ActionParsnipash_: wassup?17:56
SillyTalkerso i'll just get lubuntu instead of LXDE on its own17:56
dr_willislubuntu is lxde17:56
ActionParsnipSillyTalker: its an option17:56
Uber-Geekjrib, @reboot /usr/bin/vlc /opt/music/WRRK.m3u --daemon in the crontab doesn't do anything17:56
shahriyarso do i have to add ## sometimes # while adding new commands in any config file?17:56
SillyTalkerdr_willis: ActionParsnip i'll let you know how it works out, need to wait until the image is copied17:57
SillyTalkerthanks for the hlep and info!17:57
dr_willisshahriyar:  adding comments?17:57
SillyTalkeri was asking about this yesterday and nobody knew17:57
ActionParsnipSillyTalker: depends who is on the channel really17:57
dr_willisSillyTalker:  sounds like you are using some wacked out most likely not supported by us setup also... ;)17:58
shahriyardr_willis: there is ## and # before the previous commands, i think i should add ## or # ahead of 2 lines im gonna add..but dont know about this damn thing17:58
ActionParsnipcould be a mionimal install17:58
daemongplWhat is the path to the keyboard shortcuts config? (Unity > Keyboard > Shortcuts tab)17:58
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dr_willisshahriyar:     #command      is commented out..[ it dosent get ran17:59
dr_willis######  is also a comment.. and does nothing17:59
jribUber-Geek: redirect stdout and stderr somewhere (and consider installing an mta so you can get mail from cron)17:59
shahriyardr_willis: you mean it is not important whether i do add it or not? but why is it applied for the prevous ones? just for formality?18:00
DeeewayneI just upgrade to Ubuntu precise (server) and now my vmware workstation (2) is no working.  Can someone please tell me how to roll back to Lucid?18:00
dr_willisshahriyar:  no idea why.. but   # is the start of a comment......18:00
ActionParsnipDeeewayne: reinstall18:00
Uber-Geekjrib, I'm going to focus on the upstart portion, I'll just have to manually start it until then. Thanks for looking at it for me.18:00
dr_willisbash basics18:01
bazhangDeeewayne, full reinstall18:01
Deeewayne:-( ok, thanks18:01
ActionParsnipDeeewayne: i suggest you ask in #vmware  they may know some logs you can check and may have advise18:01
shahriyardr_willis: should i add that ## or # or nothing but space?18:01
DeeewayneI was just in there and checking out my options.  I guess I need to purchase Workstation 918:01
DeeewayneActionParsnip, bazhang : thanks18:01
ActionParsnipshahriyar: anything to the right of a '#' will be ignored, even if it is any number of # characters18:02
dr_willis# and ## and ########### are all comments...18:02
shahriyarDeeewayne: what kind of problem you do face with with vmware? i just solved an issue on vmware incompatibility with upgrades i would help so18:02
dr_willisdelete the lines if you want to.. ;P18:02
Deeewayneshahriyar, http://pastebin.ca/220326718:02
dr_willis#la da dee  the script never sees me.....18:02
tsimpsonshahriyar: it depends what you are configuring and how it parses it's configuration file(s)18:03
Deeewayneshahriyar, does (http://pastebin.ca/2203267) look like the issue you just solved?18:03
dr_willisspecific script/cof`nfig examples would be handy18:03
shahriyarActionParsnip: so i just type my 2 line of code and save&quit complie. is it right ?18:03
dr_willisthe old grub menu.lst did weird nested comments18:03
ActionParsnipDeeewayne: what is the output of:  file /usr/src/linux-headers-3.2.0-24-generic18:04
dr_willisshahriyar:   you could just try it and see.18:04
shahriyarDeeewayne: no i havent met this problem, i have 12.10 quantal right now, kernel works okay..but im sure there is a solution on google..gl18:05
dr_williswe have no idea what you are editing or doing shahriyar  pastebining the file would help us understand18:05
DeeewayneActionParsnip, /usr/src/linux-headers-3.2.0-30-generic/: directory18:05
shahriyardr_willis: im not gonna corrupt that's an imporatant configuration file18:05
dr_willisshahriyar:  so logically..... back it up....18:06
shahriyardr_willis: i doesn't have ~ file18:06
auronandaceshahriyar: 12.10 support in #ubuntu+118:06
dr_willisyou havent told us what file or any details18:06
dr_williscp foo foo.mycriticalbackup18:06
shahriyardr_willis: may i pm you some previous lines ? have no time to pastebin18:07
extrasolarpastebin takes 10 seconds18:08
bazhang!12.10 | shahriyar18:08
ubottushahriyar: Ubuntu 12.10 (Quantal Quetzal) will be the 17th release of Ubuntu, Discussion and support until final release in #ubuntu+118:08
dr_willisim at work.. so i may have to leave at any time18:08
dr_willisit just took us 5 min to educate you on # = a comment...18:08
shahriyardr_willis: hehe right but i thought it was easy Q18:09
ActionParsnipDeeewayne: cool, i'd ask in the #vmware channel, see wnat they say18:09
bazhangshahriyar, this is not the correct channel for 12.10 support18:09
rtdoshow do use i use cron as root?18:09
ActionParsniprtdos: sudo crontab -e18:09
ActionParsniprtdos: or if you have a desktop UI:  gksudo gnome-schedule18:10
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DeeewayneActionParsnip, here is a better output (http://pastebin.ca/2203270).  If you can't suggestion anything after this I'll just have to purchase workstation 9 which is the #vmware recommendation18:11
shahriyarbazhang: i was using precise till the day before yesterday so stop bothering me !18:11
auronandaceshahriyar: if you are having issues with 12.10 take it to #ubuntu+118:11
ActionParsnipDeeewayne: if you can get the later gcc it should be ok18:12
auronandaceshahriyar: this channel is for stable releases only18:12
DeeewayneActionParsnip, gcc -version shows I have 4.6.3 which is what the kernel was built with18:12
shahriyarauronandace: hey listen my question is not distro release related okay?18:13
auronandaceshahriyar: what is your question?18:13
shahriyarauronandace: i mentioned above if you were intereested you could respond already18:14
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dr_willisshahriyar:  if a line is not a command and is just infor ation,,, its a comment... put a # befor it.. its not that hard18:15
servercbeHello!... I need help to use my 2 video card at the same time.. any help please...18:15
auronandaceshahriyar: depends on the config file, usually # means comment (in other words the script ignores that line)18:15
dr_willisshahriyar:  used options would NOT be commented18:16
servercbeHello!... I need help to use my 2 video card at the same time.. any help please...18:16
ActionParsnipDeeewayne: does /usr/bin/gcc point to the right version and is that the output of:  which gcc18:17
k1l_servercbe: which ubuntu, which video cards?18:17
daemongplanyone know where the custom keyboard shortcut are stored?18:17
servercbeK1l... I have EduUbuntu 12.04....18:17
servercbeand the  video cards are ..... any comand to  paste the info???18:18
JJJHey . . .  I have a quick question. . . . I'm seriously considering switching to ubuntu . . . . .  My wife wants to continue using the computer for Scrapbooking. . . .  does a package exist on Linux?18:18
shahriyarapplied without ##s hope it works. thanks guys18:18
dr_willishow many times do we say # = same as a blank line.. its ignored18:19
k1l_servercbe: "lspci | pastebinit"  maybe install pastebinit first18:19
auronandaceshahriyar: you haven't told us what you are editing18:19
dr_willisadding   somthing like   #foo=1000000       would be pointless unless its for informational purposes for the reader of the config18:19
ActionParsnipJJJ: try it on a USB stick or run it in liveCD, see how it suits you18:20
servercbewhat I mean... is to get the info and then I will paste it18:20
shahriyari dont mind you would know it but if interested it was onioncat)18:20
ActionParsnipJJJ: you can always dual boot.....18:20
w30JJJ, what's Scrapbooking, a program to make a scrapbook? i.e. print one out18:20
DeeewayneActionParsnip, which gcc outputs '/usr/bin/gcc'18:20
k1l_servercbe: lspci18:20
JJJw30:  yes.18:20
otpicnerpeHello #ubuntu, I need help.  I just installed Ubuntu but I must have selected the wrong partition to install GRUB to, as rebooting it goes into Windows.  I have rebooted again into the Ubuntu Live CD to attempt to correct this problem.  I am not confident in trying to solve this problem myself, and I am scared I will wreck my Windows partition.  Anyone here willing to help me?18:21
servercbe01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation GT218 [GeForce 8400 GS] (rev a2)18:22
servercbeone card is integrated, and the other is a gforce18:22
alpreotpicnerpe: how many hard disks?18:22
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otpicnerpealpre, I have three hard disks.  Windows is on /dev/sda1 and Ubuntu is on /dev/sdb1.  Since it boots into Windows when I turn my computer on, I believe I need to install GRUB to the MBR of /dev/sda18:23
aminosamigoshello :) i want to ask what is the purpose of the .local folder18:23
otpicnerpemy other hard disk is just for extra storage, my D drive on Windows, it is an NTFS partition18:23
servercbeshould I past all the info? Is it Needed.. If it is let me know please18:24
alpreotpicnerpe: you don't need to overwrite the windows mbr on sda, you can use sdb18:24
capribexUpgraded to 12.04 and lost the encryption of Home folder. First boot everything was fine and Ubuntu asked for the encryption passphrase. But then it stopped asking for the passphrase or in other words canceled the encryption by its own will... How do I reinstate encryption? Why did the system delete it?18:24
alpreotpicnerpe: if you installed grub to sdb, then you just need to set in bios to boot from that hdd first18:24
otpicnerpealpre, OK.  So if I install GRUB on the MBR of sdb, I imagine I would need to configure the BIOS?18:24
otpicnerpeWhen I look at the software repository for Grub, the only result I see is this Legacy version... that doesn't seem like what I want18:25
rtdosipmi ?18:25
alpreotpicnerpe: you don't install grub from software center usually18:26
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servercbeHello!... I need help to use my 2 video card at the same time.. any help please...18:26
capribexAnybody with any knowledge about the lost encryption?18:26
alpreotpicnerpe: if you really need to reinstall grub, you can google on help.ubuntu.com reinstall grub from livecd18:26
k1l_servercbe: so the one onboard is an intel video card? this is not the new optimus nvidia thing?18:27
dr_willisservercbe:  just install the drivers and run the config tool.  nvidia onboard and nvidia extra card makes it easy18:27
dr_willisservercbe:  is this a laptop or desktop18:27
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dr_willistried the displays/monitor tool yet in the system settings?18:29
servercbeIt only shows me 1 monitor no two..18:30
SillyTalkerdr_willis: i do not have a .dmrc :(18:30
w30JJJ, If your wife has used Windows Scrapbook for years, she won't be happy with anything thats even a little different. See if you can run the Windows program in Wine or maybe the commercial version of Wine.18:30
k1l_!ot > ataturkpicleri18:31
ubottuataturkpicleri, please see my private message18:31
dr_willisits also possible the onbord turns it offi18:31
dr_willisSillyTalker: make one perhspd18:32
servercbeyes... One of the cards,,, turns off18:32
SillyTalkerdr_willis: i'm installing lubuntu-desktop now, i'll check again afterwards, and make one if there's none, will let you know how it works out18:33
capribexnobody with any insight re lost encryption?18:34
servercbehelp please.18:35
otpicnerpealpre, I mounted /dev/sdb1 and I see grub is already installed there in /boot.  So I believe I just need to tell the BIOS to boot from that disk.  However, looking at cfdisk for /dev/sdb, I do not see the BOOT flag for /dev/sdb1 where root (and thus /boot) is mounted to.  Does this mean I would need to give this partition the boot flag?18:36
guntbertcapribex: normally you are not asked for the encryption passphrase every time, it is by itself encrypted with your password and therefore used "automatically" when you log in18:36
alpreservercbe: it could be impossible, the internal card shuts off if you use another18:36
servercbemmmm....but it works with windows pretty well... so.. this is why I am trying to do the same on ubuntu18:37
servercbeI dont understand why I could be impossible18:37
servercbecould you explain me please...18:37
alpreotpicnerpe: I am not sure about the boot flag, I'd follow the instructions first on ubuntu.help, section 2.2.2 and if it still won't boot change the flag too. Don't forget the bios boot order.18:38
capribex<guntbert>: thanks! finally some insight :-)  with the previous versions of ubuntu it asked me every time I booted. note that my log-in password and my encrypted home folder passphrase are different. are you sure it is still, somehow, encrypted and safe?18:38
alpreservercbe: if it works on windows, then I was wrong18:38
servercbeso... any suggestion...18:39
guntbertcapribex: how did you creat that homedir encryption?18:39
capribex<guntbert>: about a year ago when installed ubuntu.... a few days ago i run the upgrade to 12.04. worked perfectly and first few boots asked for my passphrase. but then stopped. now when i boot as USER it just asks for the boot password but not for the encrypted directory passphrase. but still gives me access to it....18:41
guntbertcapribex: please look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedHome, scroll down to "Encrypted Home" - does that apply to your situation?18:42
SillyTalkerdr_willis: still installing lubuntu-desktop but i was wondering, can i not remove unity?18:42
SillyTalkerand the gnome fallback18:42
SillyTalkeri got limitd space too so18:42
guntbertand, capribex you don't need < > around my nick :)18:42
m1chaeli deleted all partitions with fdisk, but when i boot, the computer is still trying to do a windows xp install... what should i do?18:43
bazhang!purelxde | SillyTalker18:43
ubottuSillyTalker: If you want to remove all !KDE, !GNOME and !XFCE packages and have a default !Lubuntu system follow the instructions here « http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purelxde »18:43
SillyTalkerbazhang: ty18:44
dr_willisSillyTalker:  why bother.. you that tight on hd space?18:44
guntbertm1chael: wild guess: remove the CD?18:44
m1chaelthere is no CDs in the drive!18:44
SillyTalkerdr_willis: it's a chroot on a sdcard on a android tablet18:44
SillyTalkerso yes18:44
dr_willissounds experimental to me.. ;) my new phone is not rooted yet so i cant do that18:46
capribexsorry guntbert.... i am quiet new to this :-)   the link references 9.04. is it valid for the migration to 12.04? either way, i didnt upgrade from a CD but rather from the software updates link...18:46
=== H4x012 is now known as Guest12481
AegirAegir heeft verlaten (quit)18:46
Troy^my ubuntu desktop has been up 14 days. would never have gone this far on windows18:46
SillyTalkerdr_willis: my phone is not rooted either, but this tablet came rooted, i just needed busybox (and optionally superuser) and that was that18:46
guntbertcapribex: encryption didn't change since then, I guess that somewhere in the process you selected option 3. But we can test it. Do you have another user?18:47
capribexguntbert: i have "guest".... good enough or root user?18:48
mathiHow can I see if any firewall is active in my ubuntu ?18:48
mathianyone ?18:49
WaffleScratchHow can I get cron to not log in auth.log and system log?18:49
Cottusi don't think there is by default18:49
otpicnerpealpre, thank you for your help.  I am rebooting my box now... *fingers crossed*18:49
ataturkpicleriubottu fucking your private message18:50
Cottusm1chael, you can also choose the 'o' option in fstab18:50
IdleOne!language | ataturkpicleri18:50
ubottuataturkpicleri: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.18:50
alpremathi: I'd guess 'sudo iptables -L -n'18:51
guntbertcapribex: guest is no good, and don't enable root. Create another user (say name temp, you can delete it afterwards), log out, log in as that other user, open a terminal and type    sudo ls /home/temp.18:52
ataturkpicleriubottu sie18:52
guntbertcapribex: you *should* only see .Private18:52
guntbertataturkpicleri: stop that18:53
DJ_Dannihi all18:53
DJ_Dannii have Ubuntu 12 and i am having Prablome18:53
auronandaceDJ_Danni: 12.04?18:53
auronandaceDJ_Danni: whats the problem?18:54
ataturkpiclerinon stop18:55
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=== xadin is now known as trejiin
francesco_Hello, I would like to ask you something. I am experiencing the following problem. I would like to update my Ubuntu, but I have an old Pentium IV. I have tried to install a new version of Ubuntu, but my PC gets very slow. That's why a keep an old version of Ubuntu on my PC. On another channel someone told me that it could be the interface that is to "heavy". Is it so, and how could I choose the interface that I l18:55
francesco_ike most?18:55
auronandace!lubuntu | francesco_18:56
DJ_Danniwell when i try to go to my website http://www.djdanni.com witch is on i get error on my ubuntu :(18:56
ubottufrancesco_: lubuntu is Ubuntu with LXDE instead of !GNOME as desktop environment, which makes it extremely lightweight. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu - /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.18:56
capribexgunbert: so non admin account?18:56
ataturkpiclerimehdi no terror no18:56
guntbertcapribex: no, not necessary, just another normal account18:56
francesco_lubuntu? Does it stand for "Light Ubuntu"?18:56
bazhangataturkpicleri, thats enough18:56
bazhangfrancesco_, lxde18:57
Cottusdoes not seem to connect to
whyzhow do i turn on screen sharing in 12.04? has it been removed?18:57
ataturkpiclerifucking america18:57
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit18:57
francesco_auronandace, ubottu, if I install Lubuntu, do I have all the functionalities that I need? Graphics, videos, etc.?18:57
auronandaceDJ_Danni: i can't access your site either18:57
mathialpre, do you know what that means ?     http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=7LycPYAj18:57
guntbertwhyz: on terminal type  vino-preferences18:58
auronandacefrancesco_: lxde is just the desktop environment, you can install whatever apps you like (as usual)18:58
alpremathi: lookup the manual for iptables, this means there are no firewall rules. I don't know how the ubuntu default firewall works18:59
DJ_DanniStrance bechuse nothink have chande18:59
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garrhi there19:02
garrhave a small question19:02
garrI made a package with my program and I want to share it somewhere19:03
garrI mean in a repo19:03
bazhanggarr, consider a ppa then19:03
bazhang!ppa | garr19:04
ubottugarr: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge19:04
=== darkham is now known as krabador
garralraight, thanks ;)19:04
garrI what sould I do to have my package in the main repo?19:04
Eaglemana lot19:04
EaglemanI dont think it will be easy19:04
garryeah, but what to start with? ;)19:06
Eaglemani have no idea19:06
garrmaybe I have some chances19:06
garrok, I'll start my own ppa then19:06
Eaglemandont espect ur app to be in the main repository for the next year19:06
kostkongarr, also check this option http://developer.ubuntu.com/publish/19:06
garrthats great19:07
extropyam I crazy or did "Terminal" in Ubuntu used to have a scrollbar?19:07
garrkostkon: thanks :)19:07
kostkongarr, np19:07
Eaglemanhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Roundcube Is it me or is it way obselete?19:08
=== n is now known as Guest65840
capribexguntbert: it said "testtemp is not in the sudoers file" when i entered the sudo ls /home/temp19:08
guntbertcapribex: my bad - make it an "administrator" account please19:10
SillyTalkerstill unity garbage!19:10
capribexguntbert: you are forgiven :-)19:10
=== dpac is now known as dpac|away
francesco_auronandace, I am reading your message only now. If I want to install Lubuntu, do I have to install the OS from the beginning, or update my Ubuntu?19:13
bazhangfrancesco_, lubuntu-desktop package19:13
auronandacefrancesco_: you can download lubuntu iso or just install lubuntu-desktop if you already have ubuntu installed19:14
francesco_auronandace, how can lubuntu-desktop be so much lighter that the usual interface?19:14
bazhangfrancesco_, it's lxde and openbox19:15
capribexguntbert: ls: cannot access /home/temp: No such file or directory19:15
=== dannyLopez is now known as dLpz
guntbertcapribex: of course it must be /home/<nameofthatuser>19:15
=== dLpz is now known as dannyLopez
francesco_bazhang, auronandace, I am not sure if this the proper channel to ask (perhaps it is not), but someone suggested me to install Debian. What do you think?19:16
bazhangfrancesco_, #ubuntu-discuss or #ubuntu-offtopic19:16
auronandacefrancesco_: use whatever suits you or gets the job done19:16
capribexguntbert: too much milk this morning....19:17
capribexguntbert: Desktop    Downloads     Music     Public  Videos19:18
capribexDocuments  examples.desktop  Pictures  Templates19:18
francesco_bazhang, auronandace, just curiosity. Have you ever experienced the problem I am having now?19:18
auronandacefrancesco_: the oldest machine i have is my t40 and that runs xubuntu quite well19:18
auronandacefrancesco_: xfce is lighter than kde or gnome/unity19:19
auronandacefrancesco_: lxde is even lighter still19:19
guntbertcapribex: (I don't know what I had too much of :-)),  you need  sudo ls /home/<nameofyourownuser>  - sorry19:19
=== perpetualrabbit is now known as shiver_me_shurik
auronandacefrancesco_: thinkpad t4019:19
Socket-Can anyone give me a good resource for how to properly lock down a ubuntu server.  I found STIGS for General UNIX standards, but nothing for ubuntu in particular.19:19
dr_willisAnd lighter then lubuntu would be... err.. rolling your own. ;)19:19
francesco_auronandace, perhaps I still have difficulties thinking that OS and interface are two different things.19:20
dr_willisI wonder how light jwm+rox-filer would be.19:20
dr_willismehul:  hullo19:20
capribexguntbert: Access-Your-Private-Data.desktop  README.txt19:21
mehuli have a windows i5 proccessor n a hp laptop. I am new to ubuntu , i need help with the installation guide.19:21
guntbertcapribex: see? encryption works :)19:21
mehuli had downloaded 12.04 both amd and intel installation files19:21
dr_willisfrancesco_:  linux is all about 'layers' and 'legos' ;) little bits making layers with more bits on top19:21
capribexguntbert: this is so strange. so how come i am not asked for the passphrase but still have access to it?19:21
dr_willismehul:  amd64 means its the 64bit version for intel or am d 64 bit cpus19:22
dr_willismehul:  the i386 is the32bit version19:22
francesco_Silly question. (Forgive me!) Why does Ubuntu use Gnome if it is so "heavy"?19:23
mehulwhen i use the windows installer, it tries to download again? can this be remidies?19:23
GunArmfrancesco_: ubuntu uses unity now19:23
guntbertcapribex: as I said in the beginning: the actual passphrase is encrypted with your password and used to decrypt the directory when you log in (choice 3 on the page I told you about)19:23
GunArmunless you choose gnome19:23
auronandacefrancesco_: why not?19:23
dr_willisfrancesco_:  its not that heavy.   unity runs well on my low end netbook19:23
capribexguntbert: it means that in order to access the encrypted files, "all" it takes is the admin password and the system ignores the passphrase protecting the encrypted data... isn't it unsafe and defeating the purpose?19:24
francesco_Perhaps it is not Gnome that is heavy. It is my pc that is slow.19:24
GunArmdoes anyone use the vnstatphp front end to vnstat?  if so any idea why the hours are off by 7 hours?19:24
auronandacefrancesco_: most likely a combination of both19:24
dr_willisGunArm:  i would guess a time zone setting.19:25
capribexguntbert: that is, with the previous version of ubuntu, even after log in i would still need to give the system a different passphrase to make the encrypted files available....  looked safer, no?19:25
francesco_I should not criticize Ghome perhaps, but if what you tell me is true, and Gnome is "heavier" than LXDE, and with LXDE I can get the same result, I don't understand why they don't use LXDE.19:26
guntbertcapribex: it doesn't ignore anything, the decryption is done when you log in - people usually choose a secure password for their account (and you need the password of that account)19:26
Eaglemanhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Roundcube Is it me or is it way obselete?19:26
dr_willisfrancesco_:  lxde does not have the same feature set19:26
GunArmdr_willis: that was my guess too, (I'm in GMT -6) but I just manaully reset the timezone and no dice,  and actually these are the lampp files copied from another server where i originally started having the problem (out of the blue) so maybe the php files got jacked up some how19:27
dr_willisEagleman:  cube and unity does not work well. so id say its been  an outdated guide for some time19:27
capribexguntbert: so i was worried for nothing :-)   guntbert, thank you so much. your help was (is) much appreciated.19:27
ubottuUnity is the default UI since Ubuntu 11.04.  Unity is a shell for GNOME. see http://unity.ubuntu.com. For a GNOME 2-like experience, see !notunity19:27
EaglemanI am running CLI only19:27
guntbertcapribex: You're welcome :)19:28
dr_willisyou are talking about the compiz cube?19:28
dr_willisit has a 'round/sphere' option ;)19:28
francesco_dr_willis, pertinent question: could you explain me again how I install the lxde environment, where I have Ubuntu pre-installed already?19:28
Eaglemandr_willis isnt there a web interface?19:29
auronandacefrancesco_: sudo apt-get install lubuntu-desktop19:29
dr_willisfrancesco_:  on the lightdm login screen you select it via the gear icon19:29
dr_willisEagleman:  a web interface to compiz?19:29
Eaglemanfor roundcube19:29
dr_willisi think we are talking about 2 totally different round cubes...19:30
EaglemanWell there is so i aam a bit confused with you saaying that it isnt compatible with unity19:30
Eaglemanwhile i am on a server :P19:30
francesco_auronandace, do I need to reset something after I install it, or do I just reboot my PC?19:30
=== mimor is now known as mimor_
OerHeksEagleman, good to mention you are on a server, so why do you need roundcube anyway ?19:31
auronandacefrancesco_: log out then choose lxde at the login screen19:31
EaglemanTo look at my e-mail online19:31
francesco_auronandace, after I install lxde do I have multiple environment to choose when starting up my pc?19:32
auronandacefrancesco_: at the login screen19:33
Pazziehi all, i have a question, (i am building a ubuntu server, on vmware esx, i am replacing my windows media server for a ubuntu media server) bascily what i want to know is, since i have 4 different disks (1 os, 4 data disks) would you recommend lvm or no lvm, Since i am reading alot of different information about it.19:33
EaglemanWhich mediaa center will you use?19:33
wNPazzie: lvm is great if your'e going to manipulating your storage19:33
francesco_auronandace, what if I want to use lxde permanently, and I don't want Ubuntu to ask me all the time?19:33
Pazzieps3 media server Eagleman19:34
=== scottas is now known as zz_scottas
wNPazzie: for exmaple, if you plan on adding more disks to this setup in the future, lvm will allow you to extend the existing file-system over the new disk, increasing the total available space for that 1 volume19:34
PazziewN: what do you mean? with manipulating19:34
wNsee previous example19:34
auronandacefrancesco_: it doesn't ask all the time, it uses your previous selection as a default19:34
Pazzieyes but, i use one disk for one partion19:35
wamichohow do you change the color of the fonts on unity top panel ?19:35
Chris___just installed 12.10 x64; how can I switch my desktop manager to gnome? I don't like this default one.19:35
wamichoHey  i am new to unity how do you change the color of the fonts on unity top panel ?19:35
Pazzielet me correct that, if i want to extend my disk, i simply resize the disk in vmware (make it bigger) insteat of adding a new disk19:36
dr_willisPazzie:  i dont use lvm for my media server. i just keep my vids sorted onto similer related disks and share them all19:36
sliddjurAre there any quick button command to switch language with two installed keyboard layouts?19:36
francesco_auronandace, is it dangerous?19:36
dr_willisvmware has tools to enlarge vmware disk im ages19:36
auronandacefrancesco_: not in the least19:36
wNPazzie: in my media server, I have 3 disks. 2x1TB and 1x3TB. I use LVM to make 1x5TB volume19:36
Pazziedr_willis: on my windows media server i have now 4 disks that i share in my media server and i want to do the same configuration om my ubuntu machine19:37
wN[root@hoarder ~]# df -h /storage19:37
wNFilesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on19:37
wN                      4.5T  2.6T  1.8T  60% /storage19:37
FloodBot1wN: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.19:37
Pazzieno i dont want that wN19:37
francesco_auronandace, thank you very much for your advice and for your patience.19:37
dr_willisPazzie:  i dont see how vmware figues into this..19:37
Pazzieand i dont need that, since i have all my data organized allready19:37
auronandacefrancesco_: no worries :)19:37
wNPazzie: if you're not going to be manipulating the storage then you dont need lvm19:38
Pazziedr_willis: i have a vmware esx server had home with 16GB of RAM so i have everything virtual at home19:38
dr_willisi keèp mine organized with a simple directory structure and let xbmc/boxee/plex share them all19:38
wNi didnt' think i'd fill 2TB as fast as i did. im glad i used lvm so i could just throw 3tb at it and extend the volume.19:38
Troy^is lvm done during formating of the drive?19:39
Pazziedr_willis: i like ps3 media server more, gives my more settings and love the addons19:39
wNTroy^: yes19:39
GunClivethe package nvidia-current in 12.04 is defect. i read i should add a ppa, which i did. but which package shall i install now? is it still the same name or something from there? https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-x-swat/+archive/x-updates btw i got nvidia gtx 550 ti. thanks19:39
wNTroy^: it's a layer inbetween the disk and the file-system19:39
gordonjcpPazzie: I use minidlna, which is a bit clunky but works fairly well19:40
dr_willisi just use boxee/plex/xbmc or some of the other dlna/upnp servers like minidlna19:40
Troy^I love XBMC19:40
dr_willisminidlna seems to work well to my android tablets19:40
dr_willisand my xbmb boxs19:40
Eaglemanplex also works very good19:40
Eaglemanthere are plex apps19:40
=== jesseC is now known as Guest44672
Pazziena since i stream everything, i like to be able to add settings like dts, quality settings, speaker setup, can tweak the proccesor usage19:41
Pazzieand because i also have a ps3, so the same matches more :P19:42
Troy^i absolutely hate the ps3 for streaming19:42
PazzieTroy^: i love it19:42
dr_willislooked at getting a ps3.. never did19:43
Troy^specially when i like to stream 1080k DTS MKVs over 802.11n19:43
Pazziei can stream everything with the best quality and the ps3 have dts-hd support and 3d support same as my reciever and tv19:43
Pazzieand the ps3 is the only console who support those things19:44
Troy^i had problems with cinavia and other encoding bullcrap. with my HTPC and my ubuntu server it's perfect.19:45
dr_willis3d looks totally... like nothing to me. ;)   >0_o<  i squint and look and never see a diff.19:45
halwoudl someone mind opening this page in firefox on ubuntu 12.04, please? It crashes the whole machine when JS is enabled, although it works fine in chromium19:45
dr_willisimpressive when a browseer takes down the os...19:46
Pazziebut Troy^  i bought also new network cables and i have everything wired (except my laptop) and that change allot i my internal network speed, after that everyting was perfect, the best quality, and no more hickups19:46
=== andy_ is now known as Guest14820
Pazzie1080P DTS-HD no problem19:47
Troy^yea i can do it over 802.11n with my HTPC though..19:47
Pazzieokay, well i dont use wireless for streaming so i dont have that challence ;)19:48
Troy^yea ps3 is only 802.11g which really is a big downfall of the ps319:48
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!19:48
Pazziei have another question, what size do you recommend for the OS disk? 10GB?19:49
Pazziemore or less?19:49
Troy^10gb is pretty small is your /home/ going to be on there as well?19:49
OerHekshal, a quick scan shows no problems with thegeekstuff url. so firefox has a problem then.19:50
Pazzieyes (i must say i am new to linux)19:50
halOerHeks: did you open it in firefox?19:50
Pazziei am a windows server guy normaly19:50
Troy^Pazzie: this is for a desktop correct? I would definietly allocated double that to an install of ubuntu19:50
halOerHeks: ubuntu 12.04 and firefox 15.0.119:50
OerHekshal, no, i have no firefox.19:50
PazzieTroy^: no its for ubuntu server19:50
Troy^Pazzie: 10gb is fine then really..19:51
halOerHeks: ok, thanks for your response. I am hoping for someone to test it in the same versions I have19:51
guntbertPazzie: see https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/installation-guide/hppa/directory-tree.html19:51
guntbertPazzie: and https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/installation-guide/i386/directory-tree.html for the current version :)19:52
dr_willisi have filled up 20gb on / befor. i make m ine at least 30gb these days19:53
dr_willisbut it was due to tmp space mainly ;)19:53
Troy^dr_willis: it is a server setup19:53
dr_willislots of users?  using tmp? doing what?19:54
SillyTalkerany ideas?19:54
SillyTalkeri created .dmrc19:54
SillyTalkerdr_willis: i got rid of unity etc, now i just get the X mouse pointer from X11 on a grey background19:54
Troy^dr_willis: i assume from him that it is going to be basically his personal server19:54
=== bobbyaldolAFK is now known as bobbyaldol
dr_willisSillyTalker:  thats about as minimal a desktop as it gets. ;)19:55
guntbertPazzie: my "personal server" as Troy^ put it has 10 GB, 2 GB used19:55
dr_willisSillyTalker:  did you remove lightdm by mistake?19:56
adie_Hello friends!19:56
SillyTalker_dr_willis: i created .dmrc and got rid of unity19:56
Troy^guntbert: which makes sense.. right now my server main install and usage is on 2x(80gb) in Raid 1 so i have lots of space19:56
Pazzie_Troy^: sorry chat hang19:56
Pazzie_i didnt say what you said to my question19:57
Pazzie_ i want to do the most through the cli, and i have read also something like installing a core desktop... like gnome-core?19:57
SillyTalker_dr_willis: now it starts but i get a grey screen and the default X mouse pointer of X1119:57
dtcrshrim strugling for a few weeks now, after the last update on my ubuntu my battery indicator is gone. Is there a way to get it back?19:57
dr_willisSillyTalker:  got rid of it how...19:57
shwaiilIm thinking about getting a new laptop with Killer Wireless-N 1102 and intel 520 SSD. Is this compatible with Ubuntu ? I didnt find much info around the web. tks19:57
SillyTalker_any way i can start lubuntu?19:57
Pazzie_say = saw ;)19:57
SillyTalker_i can ssh in19:57
dtcrshrall other indicators are there. clock, im, wireless19:57
SillyTalker_dr_willis: apt-get remove19:57
SillyTalker_dr_willis: the line the link bazhang gave earlier19:58
SillyTalker_dr_willis: first line here: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purelubuntu19:58
adie_I am having an issue with 3d acceleration I think. games flicker black and run really crappy, yet I have the official drivers for my gpu. I dunno what to do ><19:58
SillyTalker_without the linux-headers parts19:58
Pazzie_Troy^: still here?19:58
Troy^Pazzie_: yes19:58
guntbertdtcrshr: goto settings/power settings, there you can select if and when you want the icon to be present19:59
Pazzie_read my question?19:59
Pazzie_ i want to do the most through the cli, and i have read also something like installing a core desktop... like gnome-core?19:59
compdocshwaiil, should be no problem. Seems that wireless card started being supported in Natty Narwhal (11.04).19:59
iNTEl_i forgot my password19:59
SillyTalker_dr_willis: any ideas?19:59
Troy^Pazzie_: you should be fine but honestly a server is best headless not gui20:00
iNTEl_is there someone could help me ?20:00
guntbert!password | iNTEl_20:00
ubottuiNTEl_: Forgot your password? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LostPassword What's the root password? See !sudo. Don't see *** in password prompts? That's normal. Sudo doesn't ask for your password? It remembers you for several minutes. Please use strong passwords, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/StrongPasswords20:00
shwaiilcompdoc: thanks :) So if I install the latest Ubuntu, it should work without some extra commands etc ?!20:00
MonkeyDustiNTEl_  the password was 1d10t20:00
dr_willisSillyTalker_:  not really with your frakenstine android-ubuntu setup. you hsould of just installed lubuntu into your vm fro m the start perhaps.20:00
iNTEl_ty monkeydust20:00
Pazzie_thats why i want to do the most through the cli, but i dont know if some things are better to do with the desktop20:01
iNTEl_that show ur great cooperate20:01
EaglemanPazzie_ a GUI has way to much limitations and eats space, if you want to run it as a server run it as a server20:01
SillyTalker_dr_willis: the only thing i need to do now is startlubuntu20:01
SillyTalker_dr_willis: but it complains there's no display when i do this over ssh of course20:01
dr_willisSillyTalker_:  i would guess the lubuntu session is not there.20:01
Pazzie_point taken Eagleman20:01
SillyTalker_dr_willis: but lubuntu-desktop is installed20:01
dr_willisSillyTalker_:  export your display variable20:01
Eaglemanyou will learn it20:01
Eaglemani did and i am still learning it20:02
dr_willisexport DISPlAY=localhost:020:02
Troy^Pazzie_: things aren't setup via desktop really for most of the things you're going to be setting up on a server. text editor and cli and it is easiest done through ssh where you have a full desktop20:02
SillyTalker_dr_willis: how please?20:02
SillyTalker_dr_willis: ok thanks again :)20:02
Eaglemanlinux is made for the CLI20:02
compdocshwaiil, thats hard to say. Sometimes things have to be set up, sometimes not. Ive never done it with your system20:02
shwaiilcompdoc: thanks :)20:02
Pazzie_yes i and its better that way, then your realy learn what your are changing and not just click on something with your mouse ;)20:02
SillyTalker_dr_willis: cannot open display20:03
compdocshwaiil, buy another hard drive, and test with that20:03
compdocif you want to save windows20:03
shwaiilcompdoc: I wont use windows, I'm just a lil bit worried, because it's so expensive.... :)20:03
Troy^Pazzie_: most things aren't really going to let you click on things anythings.. like i said most everything in linux is configure/installed and run via cli specially for a server20:03
Troy^Pazzie_: specially things that are usually put on a server20:04
dr_willisSillyTalker_:  no idea then.  id reinstall ubuntu-desktop and see if you can get to a lightdm login screen. or just install lubuntu from the start20:04
SillyTalker_dr_willis: i can't just install anything but thanks20:04
Pazzie_yes and what do you guys recommend for a management server, webmin or ebox (has a new name now)20:04
Pazzie_or maybe something else20:04
Troy^SillyTalker_: why can't you install anything?20:04
guntbertPazzie_: just do it from the command line20:05
guntbert!webmin | Pazzie_20:05
ubottuPazzie_: webmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system.20:05
dr_willisSillyTalker_:   which is why i mentioned your setup  mostly likely is some frankenstein  ubuntu variant. ;)20:05
Pazzie_guntbert: do you also know ebox?20:05
SillyTalker_dr_willis: no but i dunno why the hell they removed the login screen, maybe because VNC wouldnt work with it or something like that20:06
dr_willisSillyTalker_:  ive seen lubuntu on android vm things. that use  lubuntu from the beginning20:06
SillyTalker_thats the only nonstandrd thing really20:06
SillyTalker_dr_willis: well i didn't find anything20:06
SillyTalker_Troy^: i'm running a premade image in a chroot on an android device20:06
EaglemanPazzie_ i wouldt recomend a webgui20:06
NisstyreFor some reason libjpeg62 is not installed as a dependency for racket...yet it requires it to run20:06
guntbertPazzie_: I treid it once and removed it almost immediately - not my taste - CLI is better in my opinion20:06
Eaglemani''ve been there to, also to much limitations20:06
W00DHello everyone20:07
W00DAnyone around?20:07
W00DI need some help20:07
XiaolinDraconisHello Buntu20:07
FloodBot1W00D: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.20:07
Eagleman!ask W00D20:07
guntbertPazzie_: if you want to learn managing a server DO IT :)20:07
W00DI am attempting to use tomcat and apache2 at the same time20:07
silverslimerubuntu, you are the best os. FINALLY, a linux that allows me to put my computer to sleep20:07
MonkeyDustW00D  start with a question20:07
W00DI'd like to have tomcat run on port8020:07
W00Dunder somthing like this: sub.domain.com20:08
Pazzie_okay... thnx haha i am going to install ubuntu, 10gb is bigg enough for my OS disk?20:08
MonkeyDustW00D  betterstate your issue in one line20:08
lanoxxW00D, just put the domain name into /etc/hosts20:08
EaglemanPazzie_ it will get larger the more you need ofc, it depends on your needs20:08
Troy^Pazzie_: yes https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/index.html <-- great guide for getting started with ubuntu server20:08
W00DMy issue is that the default webapp dir is /var/lib/tomcat(version)/webapps/ROOT20:09
Eaglemani am on a 60gb ssd and i still got 5 gb of space left20:09
SillyTalker_dr_willis: i've seen people that use ubuntu1204-v4-small but it doesnt work at all, you cant even start a temrinal on it20:09
W00DThanks Troy20:09
XiaolinDraconisI'm having trouble with unity quicklists, can't figure out how to get separate profiles in there.20:09
W00DI need tomcat to run on /var/default/sub.domain.com20:09
W00Dthe only thing I can thing of running iptables and port forward20:09
dr_willisSillyTalker_:  if its using vnc you have .vnc/xconfig to define what desktop to use.20:10
iNTEl_i didn't woked20:10
iNTEl_am still can't access20:10
iNTEl_the option i have is to use guest20:10
iNTEl_but its so limited20:10
W00DI'm new to this irssi so I don't know how to PM20:11
SillyTalker_dr_willis: aha, well i'll look into that, i already deleted the image so.... too late20:11
SillyTalker_gotta start over20:11
dr_willisSillyTalker_:  basically you need to get help/support from the app/image maker. since our advice here assums you are on a normal pc20:11
W00Dbut if you can PM I would appreciate it20:11
iNTEl_dr_willis , can u help me ?20:11
greenithi, i have a program (a bin-file) which starts java... well, now i want to get the pid of the java-process to kill it, does any1 know how to get the java-process, which is started via a bin-file?20:11
SillyTalker_dr_willis: yeah the problem is they don't know wither :p20:11
SillyTalker_dr_willis: anyway thanks i'll look at that this could be it...20:11
W00Dps aux | grep java20:12
iNTEl_i forgot my password and i can't access to my acc20:12
XiaolinDraconisnot working20:12
dr_willisSillyTalker_:  all those vm things ive seen  use vnc so its setup/changed that way.20:12
W00D!greenit ps aux | grep java20:12
ubottuW00D: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)20:12
iNTEl_i can access from the guest mode20:12
SillyTalker_dr_willis: yeah it definitely uses vnc20:12
dr_willisiNTEl_:  use live cd and set a new password.20:12
=== ^GeCk0^ is now known as DjGeCk0
iNTEl_can i ?20:12
dr_willisiNTEl_:  or recovery mode20:13
iNTEl_could u just give me insturction ?20:13
dr_willisassuming you are not using an encrypted home20:13
iNTEl_so how can i use recovery mode20:13
wilee-nileeiNTEl_, http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/resetpassword20:13
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience20:13
dr_willisselect recovery/rescu at the grub menu..   sudo passwd username20:13
iNTEl_wille-nilee : ty20:13
XiaolinDraconisI can haz internetz?20:14
wilee-nileeiNTEl_, should work, no problem.20:14
dr_willisW00D:  most people have you on ignore now i imagine20:14
iNTEl_wilee-nilee : i think its perfect , thanks for help20:14
EaglemanWhat happend to /etc/ssh/sshd_config ? I''ve made documentation but the file does not exist anymore20:15
dr_willis!find sshd_config20:15
ubottuFile sshd_config found in monkeysphere, openssh-server, python-vm-builder20:15
=== amogorkon2_ is now known as amogorkon
greenitW00D, yeah, that would work, but i want to start / stop it via a script, which starts the bin-file. i need to kill the bin file, which i get the pid from, and the java-process, but not all java processes, only the one which is started20:16
dr_willisyou installed openssh-server ?20:16
Eaglemani am on puty and use sftp in filezilla20:16
Eaglemanso i think yes20:16
W00Dok back20:16
W00Dhad a littl trouble20:16
XiaolinDraconisUnity quicklist has failed me, http://pastebin.com/tQeAg1Vs anyone know whats wrong?20:16
dr_willisdouble check20:16
Pazzie_do you guys recommend automatic updates or not? or just security updates?20:16
edvehello ppl20:16
EaglemanHow can i see it?20:17
Pazzie_i dont know if it is the same with windows that the system then also automaticly reboots?20:17
Eaglemandkpg something?20:17
edveim currrently running openbox and actually it is smotth as helll20:17
wilee-nileePazzie_, I recommend turkish coffe and a scone, but take all updates.20:17
XiaolinDraconisPazzie_, i use them and sometimes the system does need a restart, not always20:17
EaglemanPazzie_ linux is made to restart services, actually you never have to reboot20:18
EaglemanOnly when ur upgrading the kernel20:18
rennasoncan you help me?20:18
Pazzie_Eagleman: so automatic updates then?20:18
Eaglemani never worked with them20:18
Eaglemanbasicly i log in from time to time and update myself20:18
Pazzie_what did you used?20:18
XiaolinDraconisrennason, the correct format is, Hi, my problem is.20:18
Eaglemanwhen you log in you will see there are updates20:19
Pazzie_thats maybe better20:19
rennasonexcuse me XiaolinDraconis20:19
Pazzie_more in control20:19
rennasoni am brazilian20:19
rennasonHi, my problem is with PXE20:19
XiaolinDraconisrennason, pleasantries seemed frowned upon, only because theres usually a lot going on20:19
EaglemanPazzie_ this is what you see when you login:  http://pastebin.com/MqpBmr4d20:20
XiaolinDraconisrennason, now the question20:20
EaglemanHow do i check if i have openssh server installed?20:20
Pazzie_Eagleman: yes but i dont see anything about the updates,.. or does it only show if there are any20:21
MonkeyDustEagleman  apt-cache policy openssh-server20:21
EaglemanInstalled: 1:5.9p1-5ubuntu120:21
EaglemanPazzie_ it will show beneath that text, if there are updates20:21
EaglemanBut dont pay to much attention to updates20:22
adieunity freezes unless I start in 2dubuntu, but my gpu shows hardware acceleration and all that good stuff... any ideas on what I should do?20:22
Eagleman!find /etc/ssh/sshd_config20:22
ubottuPackage/file /etc/ssh/sshd_config does not exist in precise20:22
Eagleman!find sshd_config20:22
ubottuFile sshd_config found in monkeysphere, openssh-server, python-vm-builder20:22
jribEagleman: what are you looking for?20:22
EaglemanSo why do i not have that file?20:22
jribEagleman: maybe you deleted it?20:22
Eagleman./etc/ssh/sshd_config dissapeared20:22
Eaglemanbecuase things in that file are still working like sftp chroot20:23
jribEagleman: it's not "./etc/ssh/sshd_config", it's "/etc/ssh/sshd_config"20:23
Eaglemanserious jrib20:23
jribEagleman: are you looking in the right place?20:23
Eaglemantry to copy something with / infront of your sentence20:23
AquaVultureRight, umm.. idk what to do :/.20:23
AquaVultureUn-installed and re-installed and got the same problem.20:24
jrib/like this?20:24
XiaolinDraconisHelp with quicklists? I've been through google and can't find anything.20:24
Eaglemanwell you used a space i used a .20:24
jribEagleman: nope :/  Anyway, that's not important.  You have no idea why you are missing that file?  What ubuntu version?  (please answer both questions)20:24
Eaglemannbo idea 12.0420:25
wilee-nileeAquaVulture, maybe a dual boot would serve you better.20:25
iNTEl_wilee-nilee : its didn't work20:25
AquaVultureThat's what I am trying to create.20:25
AquaVultureI have the .iso but :/20:25
XiaolinDraconisCannot figure out why this won't work. http://pastebin.com/tQeAg1Vs20:25
wilee-nileeiNTEl_, Hmm, to bad never had to use it mtself, I wonder if you followed the directs exactly is my only help really.20:26
jribEagleman: apt-get -o DPkg::Options::="--force-confmiss" --reinstall install openssh-server20:26
wilee-nilee!pm > iNTEl_20:26
ubottuiNTEl_, please see my private message20:26
Marco99hello all20:26
camarohi marco20:26
iNTEl_i saw it20:26
iNTEl_its k20:26
iNTEl_am srr ubottu20:26
Eaglemancommand not working20:26
Marco99what about this message error in installing kernel patch :20:27
iNTEl_wilee-nilee : should i do all the steps20:27
Marco99root@pabl0-desktop:~/compat-wireless-2010-10-16# make20:27
Marco99/root/compat-wireless-2010-10-16/config.mk:196: "WARNING: CONFIG_CFG80211_WEXT will be deactivated or not working because kernel was compiled with CONFIG_WIRELESS_EXT=n. Tools using wext interface like iwconfig will not work. To activate it build your kernel e.g. with CONFIG_LIBIPW=m."20:27
Marco99./scripts/gen-compat-autoconf.sh config.mk > include/linux/compat_autoconf.h20:27
Marco99make -C /lib/modules/2.6.38-15-generic/build M=/root/compat-wireless-2010-10-16 modules20:27
FloodBot1Marco99: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.20:27
wilee-nileeiNTEl_, personally I don't pm's and really are not your best help altogether. ;)20:27
jribEagleman: you're being too vague20:27
iNTEl_wilee-nilee , there is a step its changing the user name20:28
W00DAnyone know any good tomcat resources / docs for tomcat7 jklib connector20:28
iNTEl_should i make it ?20:28
greeniti have a script, which starts and stops a bin-file. this file is executing a java-process... i get the pid of the bin-file, but not of the java-process and i don't want to kill all java-processes... how can i get the pid of the started java-process?20:28
wilee-nileeiNTEl_, as far as all the steps follow the directions would be your only method, you are trying to change the password.20:28
iNTEl_wilee-nilee : can u give me the same link , srr20:28
AquaVultureSo what can I do to dual-boot? I used a flash drive to try and boot but it doesn't seem to want to work :/. Was trying to create a dual-boot.20:28
iNTEl_ya i changed it20:28
iNTEl_and the root told me that the pass changed succesfully20:29
jribEagleman: this channel is not for support with development versions of ubuntu20:29
wilee-nileeiNTEl_, http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/resetpassword20:29
Eaglemandevelopment versions what?20:29
W00DAquaVulter!  Look into editing grub20:29
EaglemanI dont even know how to develop lol20:30
jribEagleman: never mind, I misread.  In any case, you have repository issues you need to sort out first20:30
W00Dgoogle: edit grub disk20:30
wilee-nileeAquaVulture, You mean you can't biit the flash?20:30
Jordan_UAquaVulture: I would highly recommend doing a normal dual boot install, booting from CD/USB and using Ubuntu's normal installer, rather than using Wubi.20:31
Eaglemani''ve installed some things lately but it is hard to rid of them20:31
EaglemanI will do a clean install soon20:31
EaglemanThanks anyway20:31
strombomHi, where can I find out how to start a gui program as root/sudo automatically after login?20:31
strombomI have tried for five hours >_<20:31
=== rcxdude_ is now known as rcxdude
jribstrombom: what program?20:32
guntbertstrombom: you really don't want to do that!20:32
strombomi really want to do that20:32
stromboma SDL animation that i wrote20:32
strombomits on an embedded platform, i don't care about security issues20:32
dr_willisstrombom:  a script in your .config/autostart directory20:32
strombombut it needs to access hardware so i need root20:32
strombomconfig/autostart, thanks i will check!20:32
dr_willis .config20:33
XiaolinDraconishttp://pastebin.com/tQeAg1Vs    anyone got an idea why this is not working?20:33
dr_willisor was it .local20:33
jribdr_willis: ~/.config/autostart/20:33
* jrib considers creating a bind (including the dr_willis part)20:33
wilee-nileeXiaolinDraconis, YOu trying to make a desktop launcher?20:34
dr_willisthey need to link it to a dir in home. :)20:34
dr_willis  /home/billgates/Autostart  ')20:35
strombomit seems like the "startup applicatinos" goes to that dir; .config/autostart, so unfortunately i have already tried20:36
strombomi added "Exec=gksudo /home/ro/src/exhibit_robot"20:36
XiaolinDraconiswilee-nilee, i am trying to make a sidebar quicklist20:36
dr_willisstrombom:  id say you did it wrong then20:36
strombomand added  /home/ro/src/exhibit_robot to the sudoers file (which seems to work)20:36
dr_willisjust use a bash script thats executable perhaps20:37
silverslimermy god, ubuntu + faenza icons + my unity (to make sure only active icons get the background colour) = heaven20:37
strombomi tried that and got it booting once :) but not always, i'm going crazy20:37
XiaolinDraconisi wish azenis icons would get updated20:37
dr_willisput a delay in the script  sleep 2020:37
silverslimerhmmm, what do azenis look like?20:37
eltigrehey, can someone help me figure out why my dvd drive isn't working on ubuntu?20:38
strombomdr_willis: thanks i will try20:38
dr_willisat the top20:38
XiaolinDraconissilverslimer, a dark black and blue20:38
silverslimeroh wow20:38
silverslimerlooks nice20:38
OerHeks!work | eltigre20:38
ubottueltigre: Doesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.20:38
silverslimeri've always like buuf but it doesn't look right in ubuntu20:39
eltigremy dvd drive worked when I installed ubuntu... now it doesn't show up /dev/, all connectors seem to be ok...20:39
ComputeristGeekHello, how can I log someone into an account remotely through command line20:39
EaglemanFor what do i need the execute permissions in a home folder?20:39
auronandace!ssh | ComputeristGeek20:40
ubottuComputeristGeek: SSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)20:40
ComputeristGeekI know ssh20:40
jribEagleman: execute permissions on directories let you "enter" the directory basically20:40
wilee-nileeXiaolinDraconis, This might help overall since you seem to be making your own I assume on unity. http://developer.ubuntu.com/resources/technologies/launcher/20:40
Eaglemanjrex i;ve got 750 <5> but i can still enter a folder20:40
ComputeristGeekI do not know how to manipulate the GUI display when no one logged in20:40
=== jesseC is now known as Guest66196
eltigreso noone can help me because I used the wrong word for "not showing up in /dev/ or mountable drives"?20:40
GunArmare all lampp packages insecure and made for internal testing? or is that just xampp?20:41
gordonjcp!ask | eltigre20:41
ubottueltigre: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience20:41
gordonjcpeltigre: sorry, mistab20:41
jribGunArm: it's recommended you use the repository packages for apache, php, and mysql (see ubottu)20:41
gordonjcpeltigre: what was your problem/20:41
jrib!lamp > GunArm20:41
ubottuGunArm, please see my private message20:41
XiaolinDraconiswilee-nilee, thanks ill have a look, heres to hoping i understand ;)20:41
auronandaceeltigre: have you tried putting something in the drive to see if it is detected20:42
eltigregordonjcp, my dvd ceased to work. It doesn't show up in mountable drives and I have no /dev/cdrom  or dvd etc20:42
eltigreauronandace, yes20:42
eltigreauronandace, and the ejection mechanism works20:42
eltigreeven with the eject command on the shell I can eject it20:43
=== hbb is now known as Guest72400
gordonjcpeltigre: wonder if you can get eject to say what it's actually talking to?20:43
ComputeristGeekI can lock a computer remotely and get it back using the gnome-screensaver-command, but how can I do the same with the actual login20:44
mario_hey The action would require the installation of packages from not authenticated sources20:44
drag0niusis there some "media center" compilation of ubuntu?20:44
mario_when i try update20:44
gordonjcpeltigre: what does "eject -v" tell you?20:44
auronandaceeltigre: what is the output of ls -a /dev/20:44
Nisstyredrag0nius: mythbuntu20:44
Guest37895hello, im trying to connect a sata ssd hard drive to an old ide motherboard but live cd just work for a few seconds before it crashes when the ssd hard drive is connected. what can i do?20:44
eltigrethe funny thing is when I say mount /dev/sr0 /media/dvd then it says there's no medium in sr020:44
wilee-nileemario_, run a update from the terminal and look for misssing keys20:45
mario_with apt-get update?20:45
wilee-nileemario_, yeah with a sudo20:45
Nisstyreeltigre: I'm a bit new to ubuntu, but /dev/dvd /dev/cdrom, etc... are usually symlinks to /dev/sr0 no?20:45
mario_ok ty20:45
W00DI like apttitude much better20:45
strombomis there some way to move or hide the mouse pointer (without any physical pointer device)?20:45
eltigreI do have /dev/cdrom  and /dev/cdrw20:45
eltigreI can't mount it though20:46
Nisstyreeltigre: what does mount tell you?20:46
eltigreNisstyre, "no medium in /dev/sr0"20:46
eltigreand yes, I did insert a disk20:46
Nisstyreeltigre: have you tried it with another disc?20:46
eltigremultiple one20:46
Nisstyreeltigre: okay, and are there errors in dmesg?20:46
khadeahow are u20:47
Nisstyreeltigre: paste the output of dmesg | tail -n 50 to ideone.com or pastie.org20:47
Nisstyre(or whatever your preferred paste service is)20:47
wilee-nileemario_, if a key is shown run this to set it  sudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys "missing key"20:48
eltigreNisstyre, hm that won't work because it shows too many wlan messages... do you know a way to filter them out?20:48
Nisstyreeltigre: you can use sed for that20:48
Guest37895hello, im trying to connect a sata ssd hard drive to an old ide motherboard but live cd just work for a few seconds before it crashes when the ssd hard drive is connected. what can i do?20:48
Nisstyreeltigre: sed s/wlan/d/20:49
marcappuccinosata cabe is used via a ide adapter?20:49
Nisstyreer, that won't work though20:50
Nisstyreyou want to delete the whole line20:50
Jordan_UNisstyre: I've missed most of the conversation, but how does replacing the word "wlan" with the letter "d" help anything?20:50
eltigreNisstyre, sorry that just deletes a word in those lines, not the lines itself20:50
ohzieIf I used dm-crypt and have a separate /boot partition, is grub on the /boot partition or is it in my mbr?20:50
eltigreI need some "inverse grep"20:50
Jordan_Ueltigre: grep -v wlan20:50
adoniscikHow do you resolve "unmet dependencies" on an install? I get20:51
adoniscik> unity-dictionary-lens : Depends: unity-singlet (>= 0.2.0) but it is not installable20:51
mario_wilee-nilee,   Failed to fetch http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/precise-updates/universe/i18n/Translation-en  Unable to connect to
MsSayianhey guys i just updated via my package manager now im getting this error. CRTC 72: trying mode 1280x720@0Hz with output at 1920x1200@51Hz (pass 0)20:51
Jordan_Uohzie: Grub's boot sector should always be installed to the MBR>20:51
mario_i have several failed to fetch20:51
adoniscikCan someone show me how to install unity-singlet?20:51
eltigrethen there is no output20:51
ohzieJordan_U: Okay, what's the best way to make it not on the MBR.20:51
Pazzie_anyone... if i run sudo apt-get upgrade, i see that there are updates held back, like linux-server, linux-headers-server and linux-image-server20:51
lderhi, i'm trying to install a 10.04 server and it keeps seeing a usb0 device and configuring that.  is there a way to disable a network device via boot options?20:51
Jordan_Uohzie: Why do you not want it in the MBR? That's where it *should* go.20:52
marcappuccinoPazzie_ sudo apt-get dist-upgrade20:52
MsSayianeltigre im running it on my laptop, and before i updated it was running fine at that resolution20:52
ohzieJordan_U: I need grub to be secondary, because I'm multibooted and I'm trying to truecrypt my windows system partition.20:52
eltigreMsSayian, xchat's tabcompletion isn't really that great ;-)20:52
eltigreI guess the dvd drive is somehow fried or something20:53
wilee-nileemario_, might be the server might just be nothing is there new, failed fetches are common, the original notice is a generic one at times.20:53
Pazzie_marcappuccino: what is the dist- part? distrubution?20:53
NisstyreJordan_U: I meant to type sed /wlan/d20:53
marcappuccinoPazzie_ it does not upgr the distro, only the held back parts, dont worry20:53
MsSayianso theres nothing i can do to get my display back to its old setting because im stuck at 1280x760 and i was at 1920x120020:54
marcappuccinoi assume it stands for distribution though20:54
Pazzie_marcappuccino: just a question, why are there updates held back?20:54
eltigreJordan_U, Nisstyre thanks anyway...20:54
Nisstyreeltigre: anyway, did you paste it?20:55
MsSayianeltigre: so theres nothing i can do to get my display back to its old setting because im stuck at 1280x760 and i was at 1920x120020:55
eltigreNisstyre, there is nothing to paste20:55
Nisstyreeltigre: there is _nothing_ related to your disc drive in there?20:55
Nisstyreeltigre: I find that hard to believe20:55
marcappuccinoi beleive it has something to do with being too much weight or something for a regular upgrade, update manager includes the new kernels anyway...20:55
eltigreNisstyre, yes20:55
eltigreNisstyre, if I grep out the wlan stuff, nothing is left except one crash report on flight gear20:56
drag0niushow can i change ubuntu menus language?20:57
drag0niusi've installed second language but it's grayed out under  Language tab20:57
Nisstyreeltigre: have you ruled out hardware failure?20:58
drag0niusohh i drag em top20:58
eltigreNisstyre, not completely20:58
Jordan_Uohzie: Truecrypt has a non-Free (and pretty poor) license, and is a pain to install in a *reliable and secure* dual boot fashion. You can use manual partitioning in Ubuntu's installer and it will give you the option to install grub to the PBR of your ext4 partition, but this is unreliable and insecure (with any bootloader). You can also install grub to the MBR and reliably load Truecrypt from grub, but I unfortunately don20:58
Jordan_Uohzie: ... don't have time to explain how to do that at the moment.20:58
OerHekseltigre, if you installed ubuntu with it, it should be oke. what disc did you insert ? try ubuntu iso20:58
Nisstyreeltigre: well, can you try using the disc drive with another machine?20:58
eltigreNisstyre, and I don't have access to another pc that would take the drive or another operating system to try it in20:59
Nisstyreah okay20:59
Nisstyreeltigre: did it work previously?20:59
eltigreOerHeks, the installation was alsmost 2 years ago... I don't remember if I used it since...20:59
eltigreI don't think so though20:59
eltigreoh wait yes I did20:59
Nisstyreeltigre: sounds like it's failing20:59
crc32what is the package and repository for freetype2 with ubuntu 12.04. I can't seem to find it.21:00
eltigreNisstyre, yes probably21:00
greeniti installed lubuntu / kubuntu / xubuntu -desktop, but now the splash-screen is the kubuntu-standard... how can i set it back to ubuntu-standard?21:01
ohzieJordan_U: Thanks!21:01
Jordan_Uohzie: You're welcome.21:02
Nisstyreohzie: avoid using truecrypt for FDE (Full Disk Encryption) on Linux, it won't really work21:02
Nisstyreand isn't designed to work anyway21:03
MsSayian_im a try to shutdown my computer and do a hard restart if not im a delete monitors.xml and see what happens this is to zoomed in for me21:03
=== md_5 is now known as md_5|away
XiaolinDraconishorrible fails21:04
XiaolinDraconisguess i need to post a new topic to askubuntu.com21:05
tarwich1tty2 keeps blanking on me (presumably because there is a display open on tty7?). I don't know where to start or what to ask. I've tried setterm -powersave off and I get setterm: cannot (un)set powersave mode: Invalid argument21:08
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tarwich1Does anyone know how to keep tty2 from sleeping when I'm logged into the desktop on tty721:09
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black_13when you make an install of ubunto can you save all the installation steps that you took to a preseed file?21:10
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marcappuccinocan we kick people on irc?21:10
auronandacemarcappuccino: only ops can, but feel free to use /ignore21:11
smerznot us ourselves. but heck that one should be kicked hehe. or IP banned21:11
silverslimerlol @ slackware is better21:11
silverslimerno it's not21:11
marcappuccinook lol21:11
silverslimerjust the help available for ubuntu makes it the best21:11
smerzfor xchat type /ignore slackwareisbette!*@* CHAN NOSAVE21:11
Fuchsan ignore on the nick is usually not working for very long, just as a sidenote21:12
bustacapIs there a way to add syntax highlighting for smali into gedit?21:13
marcappuccino  21:13
ubottuUbuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com21:14
tamatarbustacap, no idea how to do it for gedit, but here's one for vim if it helps at all: http://codetastrophe.com/smali.vim21:16
bustacaptamatar, thanks. I'll look into it.21:17
black_13can a preseed file be used with the desktop linux or is it only with the alternate installer21:17
Russianeersup guys21:17
cc210I have a question a friend has an old dell computer had ubuntu 11.04 installed on it. Now when he boots it up it says grub error and can not for the life of him get another cd to boot any sugestions21:17
marcappuccinobye everyone21:17
silverslimercc210: is usb bootable on the laptop?21:17
skaDoes dpkg-statoveride --remove command restore the command to its original status?21:17
wellwhyIs anyone available to help installation wise?21:18
cc210yeah i sent the link for the universal usb he is saying he can not get that to work either21:18
wellwhyI am having a boot problem saying "wubildr.mbr" is missing. But in fact, it is NOT missing, I have it, and it is in C:/ as well. I have tried a USB and easy windows partition install. I have an HP Pavilion desktop21:19
silverslimercc210: time to wait for a professional to help then.