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smartboyhwailo-w: Is there a package like ubuntustudio-full that installs ALL Ubuntu Studio packages when upgrading from Ubuntu desktop?13:26
ailo-wsmartboyhw: I don't believe so13:27
smartboyhwOw man13:27
ailo-wRaining elephants and giraffes. I don't have an umbrella. This will get ugly13:30
scott-worksmartboyhw: i have mentioned before that i think we should consider including this functionality in -controls possibly, although i believe installing ubuntustudio-desktop might accomlish this as well13:30
smartboyhwOH scott-work hi13:30
smartboyhwWell alright:)13:31
micahgscott-work: I don't believe that currently works in quantal (install desktop pulls in all tasks), a new metapackage could be added to the ubuntustudio-meta to accomplish this, kubuntu used to have a kubuntu-full, idk if they still do13:34
smartboyhwThat's why I have that idea from Kubuntu:)13:35
ailo-wooh, my backside is going to get wet bicycling in this weather. Going home now13:46
scott-workmicahg: thanks for pointing that out14:15
holsteini like the idea of a seperate one... i used to install the *-desktop one to get the look and feel, but not all the packages14:21
holsteinim also fine with *-desktop being the whole distro if you guys think that is more clear and easier14:21
ailoI'd rather have a new meta for that14:22
ailoThe desktop is after all just one piece of the puzzle14:23
smartboyhwMe too. A new meta14:23
holsteinubuntustudio-full makes sense14:23
HypnotoadIf I'm following, lubuntu has lubuntu-desktop and lubuntu-core14:25
holsteinHypnotoad: lubuntu-core is the equivalent of *-full ?14:28
micahg!info lubuntu-core14:28
ubottulubuntu-core (source: lubuntu-meta): Lubuntu Desktop environment - minimal installation. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.38 (precise), package size 3 kB, installed size 30 kB (Only available for i386; amd64; powerpc; ia64; sparc; lpia; armel; armhf)14:28
holsteinah.. so its a "tiny" lubuntu version14:30
holsteinthose guys work hard!14:30
scott-worki think lubuntu has a clear vision of what they want to accomplish with actionable goals. that helps alot14:31
holsteinyup.. it stays light too14:32
ailocd ..14:42
smartboyhwailo: Good email on the package building thing:)14:49
ailoholstein: We don't have any thelonius type of reminder on out channels, right?14:50
ailosmartboyhw: I think so too. The simpler, the better14:51
holsteinailo: not that im aware of14:52
ailoI'm running 25 times around a lawn today14:53
ailoJust wish it'd stop raining14:53
micahgwho's the docs person for Ubuntu Studio?15:58
holsteinsmartboy has been helping a lot with that micahg 15:58
micahgand he's not around15:59
holsteinmicahg: i'll try and get something where it needs to go.. an email to the dev list or whatever16:00
micahgwell, I'm wondering if changes in xfce4-places-plugin will affect the US docs16:01
holsteinmicahg: i think we should be looking at the xfce docs in general more closely16:01
holsteintaking what we can from there, and contributing as well16:02
ailoI'm the documentation leaqd17:17
ailomicahg: ^17:17
ailodocs on the ISO?17:18
holsteinailo: you know about the xfce4-places-plugin ?17:19
holsteini dont really use XFCE that often17:19
holsteini just test our live iso's17:19
ailoMe neither17:19
ailoI also have no idea about ISO docs 17:19
ailoI've only been working on docs on the wikis, and the web site17:20
holsteinin theory, we should be able to help xubuntu, and just copy that stuff... a lot of it17:20
ailoWe could inherit it, and add our own on top17:20
micahgthat would be my suggestion17:21
holsteinim sure the xubuntu folk would apprectiate that too17:21
ailoTo my knowledge, there isn't really any Ubuntu Studio docs on the ISO atm17:21
holsteinthats a great team as well17:21
ailoI'll look into that17:21
holsteinailo: wow... how did you get that from what asker said earlier?... thats why i pinged you though.. i figured you would know17:35
ailoHe said, controlling volume with the keyboard. I tried it, and saw this image17:36
ailoDon't usually use the keyboard myself to do that17:36
ailolen-dt: Did you add the menu item "Ubuntu Studio Information"?18:30
ailoHadn't had the chance to look at his yet18:31
ailoThe IRC client is working pretty well18:31
ailoNo pulseaudio applet?18:35
ailolen-dt: I'm wondering if we should add a popup informing the user that an IRC client is opening, and connecting to the Ubuntu Studio user channel with the user name, and asking if that's ok or not18:45
ailoWe could add a simple python/GTK script for this18:45
ailoI started something on that. bb tomorrow18:59
len-dtailo, there is a ubuntustudio submenu. It has 4 or 5 web pages as well as our IRC opening in xchat and the xfce4-about.20:52
len-dtailo, there is a ubuntustudio submenu. It has 4 or 5 web pages as well as our IRC opening in xchat and the xfce4-about.20:54
len-dtOops, I hit an up key instead of enter.20:54
len-dtThe web pages are a forum page, the wiki help page, the two list pages and the home page.20:55
len-dtThere is no local stuff on there yet though it would be easy to add. I don't know what xubuntu has for help. The last time I looked it seemed to point to the change logs for the programs listed... not very helpful. (the last version of xubuntu I had was 11.10 this may have changed)20:57
ailolen-dt: I think it's great with all the links. But my initial feeling opening the IRC link was that the user should perhaps be warned about the automatic connection, before proceeding20:58
len-dtI do know back when I was using KDE, their browser would take man:// kinds of urls. I don't know if there are other browsers that do so20:58
len-dtHow if IRC different than a browser in that?20:59
ailoHow is connecting with your ip and local username to a network you might not have any clue about different to opening a web page?20:59
len-dtNot that it matters to me, if you come up with a wrapper script I can point the desktop file at, I am fine with that too.20:59
ailoI would prefer that, as a user. It's not a big thing to add anyway21:00
ailoI already started working on it21:00
len-dtOk, The command line for your script is at http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntustudio-dev/ubuntustudio-default-settings/UbuntuStudio/view/head:/usr/share/ubuntustudio/applications/ubuntustudio-xchat.desktop21:01
len-dtline 18 or so.21:02
len-dtIn your blurb, something about leaving a question and the app open long enough for someone to actually see it might be nice :-)21:03
ailoIt will be a gui window with info and the customary ok and cancel buttons21:04
len-dtYa, figured as much. Python then?21:05
len-dt\o/    Our new metas just got accepted. Tomorrow we should have photography and publishing apps.... and a bigger ISO21:06
len-dtI think I will wait to do testing till then.21:07

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