drupinhello peepz02:02
cadeonehalfanyone know how to fix sound issues on Macbook Pro 3,1? I'm in 12.04, and I can see it's an old problem. I've tried unmuting everything with alsamixer, as well as installing pulseaudio (neither worked), and I've added the model code (mbp3) in the alsa-base.conf file, which seemed to work for other people but didn't for me. Currently, the laptop speakers return no sound, and I can get VERY03:24
cadeonehalfquiet sound when I plug in headphones03:24
holsteincadeonehalf: you can see its an old problem?03:37
holsteinoh, the headphone jack doesnt trigger the speakers to mute or something?03:37
cadeonehalfwell, there are a bunch of similar errors circa 2008 (when the 3,1 first came out)03:37
holsteinthats pretty light i say03:38
holsteini wouldnt sweat that03:38
cadeonehalfI'm not certain what the issue is, it's a fresh install of 12.04 and I get zero sound03:38
holsteincadeonehalf: open a terminal and run03:38
holsteinaplay -l03:38
holsteindo you see a device?03:38
cadeonehalfyup, Intel ALC889A03:39
holsteincadeonehalf: you are using ubuntustudio? XFCE?03:39
cadeonehalfum, Ubuntu 12.0403:39
cadeonehalfI was redirected here from the main IRC03:39
holsteinso, you have pulse installed by default.. what have you done so far?03:40
holsteinanything that would break anything?03:40
holsteinif it were me, i would load up a live CD, and just tweak til it works03:40
holsteinalsamixer is a good place to start03:40
holsteintrying different kernels.. like the live 12.10 CD..03:40
holsteintrying different alsa revs03:40
holsteincadeonehalf: also, install pavucontrol and run that03:41
holsteincadeonehalf: i would do that first.. pavucontrol03:41
cadeonehalfkk, I'll go try that for a moment03:41
holsteinthats easy, and wont break anything03:41
cadeonehalfok, got the pulseaudio installed03:46
holsteincadeonehalf: pulseaudio is installed by default.. you shouldnt need to install it03:46
holsteincadeonehalf: if it wasnt installed, we should look at your installer disc03:46
cadeonehalfwell, I got the volume control from the software center03:46
holsteinok.. run that and take a look at what device is being used03:47
cadeonehalfk, it's using Built-in Audio Digital Stereo03:48
cadeonehalfand when I un-mute it, the red light in my headphone jack turns on03:48
holsteincadeonehalf: that seems promising03:49
holsteini remember having to do something tricky to get my macbook sound working, but it did work03:50
holsteinthat was the least of the issues however03:50
holsteini geve up on it a few weeks in03:50
cadeonehalfok, and when that red light is on, I get barely audible sound03:50
cadeonehalfweird, the sound is the only issue I've run into03:50
holsteincadeonehalf: but, you get sound?03:50
holsteincadeonehalf: look in alsamixer03:51
cadeonehalfWhen I plug headphones into the jack I get sound03:51
holsteinhit f5 and tweak *everything*03:51
cadeonehalfnothing from the speakers03:51
holsteincadeonehalf: when i say "tweak everything" i mean, trust no labels03:52
cadeonehalfwell, nothings muted in the alsamixer but still no sound from the speakers, and the same barely-audible sound in headphones03:54
cadeonehalftweaked everything03:54
holsteincadeonehalf: ok.. assuming you havent done anything to break functionality, i would consider trying different alsa versions03:54
holsteini would look for and apply all updates03:54
holsteini would tri the 12.10 version, since it has a newer kernel03:55
holsteini would try 10.04 live since it has an older one03:55
holsteini would try live CD's til something works.. then i would note the kernel and alsa versions03:55
cadeonehalfwait, so 12.10 version or 10.04 live?03:55
holsteincadeonehalf: i would try whatever03:55
holsteinwhatever i can load live03:56
cadeonehalfthanks for the help03:56
holsteintil something works03:56
holsteinit'll be an alsa version that supports it03:56
holsteincadeonehalf: i assume you looked by the device at the wiki pages?03:56
holsteincadeonehalf: i remember some helpful pages on my macbook there03:56
holsteini had a 1,1 or 1,203:57
cadeonehalfI think they're a little out of date because the modprobe.d file structure has changed a lot since they wrote those guides03:57
holsteincadeonehalf: they should work great for 10.04 :)03:57
cadeonehalfk, I'll try to get that installed.03:57
holsteincadeonehalf: just try it live03:57
cadeonehalfthis may sound stupid, but what do you mean by live?03:58
holsteini wouldnt install anything til i sort out how to support all the hardware im interested in supporting03:58
holsteincadeonehalf: the LIVE cd's.. the installer cd's03:58
cadeonehalfah ok03:58
holsteinyou just try them live03:58
holsteinwithout installing03:58
holsteinits an easy way to try different kernels and alsa versions without changing anything on your system03:58
SirFunkhmm. is there no hardware monitoring for firewire devices?05:49
ailoSirFunk: Depends on the device05:50
ailoHW monitoring implies the monitoring is done inside the device05:50
ailoMost devices have internal routing for that05:51
SirFunkahh.. mine does but perhaps it's not supported on linux05:51
ailoThe ffado-mixer should reveal stuff, but it can be hard to tell which is what if the names are weird05:52
drupinsome thing is amking water like noise05:57
drupinin new install05:58
SirFunkailo: ffado-mixer has nothing about monitor05:59
drupinhow i install flash player and plugins06:08
cbx33hey guys06:57
cbx33anyone here use guitarix?06:57
askeranybody ?09:28
smartboyhwMe here also09:28
smartboyhwWow wait suddenly EVERYBODY comes here09:28
askermy alt+ctrl+f1-f6 texts is too big09:28
smartboyhwasker: Provide a screenshot is better in anything:)09:29
askersmatboyhw :09:29
askercan we screen shot in alt+ctrl+f109:29
askersmatboyhw : ?09:29
nothingspecialyou need to use console-setup09:29
nothingspecialyou can screenshot with fbi09:30
smartboyhwOr just use Print Screen lol09:30
smartboyhwasker: Use print screen key09:30
nothingspecialfbgrab I mean09:30
nothingspecialyou can view it with fbi09:31
smartboyhwasker: Read https://help.ubuntu.com/11.04/ubuntu-help/screen-shot-record.html09:31
askernot in desktop09:31
asker,only in command virtual409:32
smartboyhwasker: You can select the active window09:32
nothingspecialsmartboyhw: asker is using the console09:32
smartboyhwOh no09:32
smartboyhwYou mean the terminal?09:32
askersomebody understood me09:32
askerin alt+ctrl+f109:33
nothingspecialyou need to screenshot using fbgrab09:33
nothingspecialbut you may need to alter the permissions for thr framebuffer09:33
nothingspecialtry it though09:33
asker1 min09:34
askerto i ll back09:34
askerhow can i use this09:35
nothingspecialfbgrab -c 4 -s 209:35
nothingspecialif you are in tty409:36
asker how can i use this [12:35] <asker> explams?09:36
nothingspecialmight need sudo if you don't have permission to use the framebuffer09:36
smartboyhwSorry thanks to the console I don't how to get out of it09:36
smartboyhwIs the problem solved?09:36
askernot yet09:36
smartboyhwFor safety sake use sudo09:36
askerbut what is code09:37
nothingspecialfbgrab -c 4 -s 209:37
nothingspecialbut you can change the console font with console-setup09:38
nothingspecialI think09:39
asker1 min09:39
askerbut im using 1366*76809:41
askerits too big09:42
smartboyhwUh what is that09:42
smartboyhwI never used the console09:42
askerin startup i see 2 second and i dont like09:42
smartboyhwnothingspecial: Since I have no experience with console would you please help:)09:43
nothingspecialmaybe you need to change the resolution in /etc/default/grub09:44
smartboyhwnothingspecial: I see no resolution thing in /etc/default/grub09:46
smartboyhwAh yes I saw it now:)09:47
smartboyhwasker: Type "gksudo gedit /etc/default/grub"09:47
nothingspecialgedit will not work in the console smartboyhw09:47
smartboyhwAh alright09:47
askeri can use it in terminal09:48
smartboyhwasker: If you have access to terminal then use it:)09:49
nothingspecialbut be very careful because you could break stuff09:49
askerbut in startup before plymouth09:49
askeri can see it for 2 second09:49
askerafter reboot ?09:50
askerwill it be09:50
nothingspecialasker, you either need to use console-setup or edit /etc/default/grub, this problem is not ubuntustudio specific, you should try asking in #ubuntu09:50
smartboyhwYep but then09:51
smartboyhwnote that you can use only modes which your graphic card supports via VBE09:51
askerif it not specific why it be only studio , not be in ubuntu09:51
askerwhat's different09:51
nothingspecialah, then it is ubuntustudio09:52
smartboyhwasker: 1. Do you have that problem in Ubuntu? 2. Do you have that problem in Xubuntu?09:52
smartboyhwIf then both answers are no then it is a Studio issue09:52
askeri know what differnt letter in front of ubuntu09:52
nothingspecialI have no idea why ubuntustudio would behave this way asker09:53
smartboyhwNO idea for me too09:53
smartboyhwailo: PING09:53
askerme too09:53
smartboyhwWell I am not a dev09:53
smartboyhwSo I dunno too09:53
smartboyhwSadly len-dt has not woken up09:54
askeri have a question too09:54
smartboyhwasker: Please09:54
smartboyhwdo ask your question:)09:55
askerat reboot , before oem logo i hear kind of sound like litte bang09:55
smartboyhwOn my experience there has NEVER been a bang09:56
askerfrom speakears09:56
askerbut i cant expleams only with bang09:56
smartboyhwOw man where's ailo?09:56
askerif you wait for 3 min i will record09:57
smartboyhwOK then09:57
smartboyhwOh asker is back:)10:03
askeri'm uploading10:04
askerbut i m saying it is being only when ubuntu installed10:05
smartboyhwasker: !?10:05
askerwhen windows installed10:05
askeri didnt hear that sound10:05
smartboyhwasker: So you have Ubuntu Studio and Windows installed?10:06
askeronly studio10:06
smartboyhwI am starting to think it is the system shutdown sound10:06
smartboyhwNo the link is not working10:06
askerhttp:/ /www.facebook.com/video          /video.php?v=282161805229827&saved10:06
smartboyhwAh yes10:07
askerits work10:07
smartboyhwWell it maybe the hardware then10:07
smartboyhwsrsly IDK10:07
asker0:03 to 0:00410:07
askerbut it is only about linux10:08
smartboyhwasker: Does that happen in NORMAL ubuntu?10:08
smartboyhwOr even Fedora or openSUSE or GNU?10:09
askerit is being with all linux dist10:09
askerubuntu , studio , suse ,fedora , mint , debian10:09
askeri tried those10:10
smartboyhwHmm then IDK even more10:10
smartboyhwAnyway gotcha go see ya10:10
ailoasker: Whatever happens before the bios logo shows up, when you power on the machine, it has nothing to do with any OS10:19
ailoDon't know about rebooting though. There is usually a "system beep" when you do that10:20
askerwindows was installed 4 day ago10:20
askerand sound wasnt then10:20
ailoasker: I'm just telling you the facts10:20
ailoIf your computer is not on, and you power it on. If you hear a sound, it is because of the bios10:20
ailoasker: I never understood. Was it GRUB menu that was too large, or a console screen?10:21
askeri intalled ubuntu 4 day ago . a month ago and six monht ago10:22
chimbohey guys10:22
askerand i use it for 2 week10:22
chimbosorted out the guitarix issue10:22
askerafter i installed windows710:22
askeri never hear this10:22
ailoasker: The size of the console, when you co Ctrl + Alt + F1 is probably due to your graphic drivers. Nvidia?10:23
askeris normal size10:23
ailoI know. I have the same thing10:23
chimboi liked the terminal font size in knoppix10:24
askerterminal size is normal too10:24
askeronly in tty10:24
ailoasker: Same here. It's the graphic card10:24
askerican fix it10:24
askerbut this sound makes me crazy10:25
ailoasker: One way is to disconnect the speaker10:28
ailoThere's a little speaker in the computer10:28
ailoNever heard of anyone having problems with a reboot system beep10:28
ailoIf you disconnect it, you'll be sure to not hear any sound, no matter what you install10:29
ailoasker: If you only want to disable system sounds for Linux, it's possible to do that in the system scripts10:30
ailoI don't know exactly which one. You'd have to google. It's located in /etc/rc* something. halt probably10:31
askeri lll search10:31
askeri did something10:36
askeri ll look10:36
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keithlholstein: You mentioned some firewire interfaces yesterday that would work well without too much hassle (you were helping me with the RME issue).12:48
keithlCould you (or anyone) repeat suggestions? I could not get it working yesterday and need something that will pretty much work out of the box12:49
cfhowlettkeithl: check the presonus site.  while not advertised as linux compatible, many of their devices seem to work with ubuntu out of the box.12:56
ailo-wkeithl: I suggest you ask ffado channel or list about your device13:01
ailo-wSince it's labeled full support, it seems strange you can't get it to work13:01
ailo-wMaybe it's your firewire port?13:02
keithlailo-w: I did try last night -nobody home it appears.13:02
keithlailo-w: I can try again13:02
ailo-wWhat does ffado-diag tell you?13:02
ailo-wBuilding ffado isn't the best place to start IMO13:02
ailo-wkeithl: Best chance for a reply is on the mail list13:03
keithlailo-w: It is finding the drivers, but throws a number of errors. What seems to be the case is that the version in the latest beta does not have the code that supports the RME, but I am really new at using firewire and it quite possibly could be user error.13:03
keithlailo-w: I've been reading the list - I'll post something and see what comes up.13:04
ailo-wkeithl: I'd like to see the jack error log, if you have it13:04
keithlailo-w: Just getting into it, there are a lot of moving parts, making it hard to see where the real issue is13:04
keithlOk - have to switch machines and I'll post the log.13:05
keithl2ailo-w: Here is the output from jackd13:09
ailo-wkeithl2: Put it up on paste.ubuntu.com13:10
keithl2ailo-w: Here is what I get from ffado-diag13:10
keithl2ailo-w: Ok - one moment13:11
keithl2ailo-w: ffado-diag http://paste.ubuntu.com/1198611/13:12
ailo-wkeithl2: I was just looking at the ffado version for Quantal. And also the one falktx has built13:14
ailo-wSeems like none are of the version where someone reported success13:15
ailo-wBut, I'm not sure that means your version shouldn't work13:15
ailo-wEr, no. Strange that.13:15
keithl2ailo-w: I looked at those as well - the success versions seemed to be only in the latest trunk13:16
ailo-wOk, so if we try to build it then..13:16
ailo-wWhat header was missing now again?13:16
keithl2ailo-w: It was devicemanager.h that was missing13:16
keithl2ailo-w: fwiw, here13:16
keithl2ailo-w: here's the jack dumup - http://paste.ubuntu.com/1198618/13:17
keithl2ailo-w: My *guess* was that devicemanager.h was part of a gnome lib/app that is not installed, but that's only a guess13:18
ailo-wBeen a while since I tried building ffado13:19
ailo-wI also had to build jack, if I remember correctly13:19
keithl2ailo-w: I think that is right - the inst I found said you had to build both13:20
keithl2ailo-w: I REAlly appreciate the help - unf. I have to head to work. Should be back online in a while.13:20
keithl2ailo-w: Did you see any hints in the logs?13:21
ailo-wkeithl2: I can't build it myself right now. Don't have the space13:22
ailo-wNo hints.13:22
ailo-wI can give it a try when I get home13:22
ailo-wkeithl2: I'll let you know how it went13:22
keithl2ailo-w: Thanks! Since I am not logged in all the time, is there a way for you to send me a message13:22
keithl2ailo-w: Somewhat of a newbie to irc as well :-)13:23
ailo-wkeithl2: I can post the instructions on ubuntustudio-user mail list13:23
keithl2ailo-w: that would be great!13:23
smartboyhwHi ailo-w keithl213:24
keithl2ailo-w: Thanks again.13:24
keithl2smartboyhw: Hello13:24
ailo-wkeithl2: np13:25
keithl2ailo-w: ttyl13:25
askeri installed ubuntu studio and i installed gnome but when i control volume on keyboard  my volume seem in box bottom of screen lowresorution16:08
askeramybody  hear me?16:08
holsteinasker: i see what you are typing, if thats what  you mean by "hear"16:09
holsteinasker: i have not used gnome3, though ailo does16:09
holsteinasker: does everything seem nomal in the ubuntustudio XFCE session?16:09
holsteinasker: what volume control are you using?16:10
holsteinasker: pulse is not the volumen control GUI though, correct?16:10
holsteinasker: what is displaying in a way you feel is not correct?16:10
askerthen can you say me controler16:11
askerof ubuuntu16:11
holsteinasker: you are looking for a volume control?16:12
holsteinasker: i would try adding what is available in gnome316:12
holsteinsee what looks and works best16:12
askeri cant find name ofi16:13
holsteinasker: it? the gnome volume control?16:14
holsteinasker: i would just add other ones, assuming there are other options16:14
holsteinasker: i would try asking in the ubuntu gnome respin channel when that is established16:14
holsteinyou might fine a gnome3 user in #ubuntu if ailo doesnt show up soon enough for you16:15
askeri was in ubuntu16:17
askerthey send me there16:17
holsteinasker: sure. but you need gnome3 specific help16:18
holsteinasker: we use and support XFCE16:19
holsteinasker: if it were me, i would look for and apply all upgrades16:19
holsteinasker: i would make a new user and test16:19
holsteinasker: i would remove the current volume applet and just use pavucontrol16:19
holsteinasker: i would try and look for and/or create a bug against gnome316:19
holsteinasker: sound works otherwise? pavucontol works as expected?16:27
holsteinasker: what are you trying to do?17:32
askerfive wrong password atemmp to delete my disk17:34
holsteinasker: this is related to "deadbox" ?17:34
ailoasker: I saw that you had a problem with the volume image when using the keyboard to control the volume17:34
holsteinim not familiar with "deadbox".. what are you trying to accouplish?17:34
askeri want similar17:35
holsteinasker: lets assume i dont know what deadbox is, and you just have to explain the functionality you want17:35
askerdeadbox is a program to secure user files17:36
askerif anybody try password for 5 times17:36
askerdeadbox delete all user date program and os17:36
holsteinasker: so you want to secure some files? i like to use truecrypt17:37
holsteinasker: i wouldnt put all my faith in that... a forensic read of the disk might recover some data17:37
ailoholstein: Depends on how thoroughly you do it17:37
ailoI don't know in detail though17:38
holsteini dont see anything when i search "deadbox"17:38
ailohow about "suicide machine"17:38
holsteini know most folks encrypt, and true crypts is easy and full featured17:39
askermy laptop17:39
askersupports encrypt17:40
holsteini mean, its all open, so you can just script that in theory17:40
askeri want to auto delte after 5 attemp17:40
holsteinfailed logins, start wiping data17:40
ailoYeah, a simple script should do it17:40
holsteinhttp://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-1372793.html is relevant, though references truecrypt as i did17:41
holsteinlots of jokes there too17:41
holsteini would just script something with the amount of passes that i would trust17:42
holsteinpersonally, i would still want it encrypted17:43
pandorasso, here im again18:15
pandoraswith the same problem18:15
pandorascannot use the USB-stick, hangs at the loading screen, and this time i get informations18:15
holsteinwhat usb stick? one you made to boot the ubuntustudio iso?18:16
pandorasNOT a sandisk, that was my fist try, then i switched to a kingston18:18
pandorasKingston DataTraveler 10218:18
holsteinthe brand shouldnt matter... have you tried booting USB on this machine before? do you have another machine to test the USB stick on?18:18
pandorasholstein: it does load the bootmenu, and the splashscreen appears18:19
holsteinpandoras: cool.. has it booted on another machine?18:19
pandorasand then it does nothing, so i figured out, it boots with the flag quiet18:19
pandorasso i removed this to get some information18:20
holsteinpandoras: i wouldnt remove anything18:20
holsteinits likely the graphics driver.. thats usually what hangs the boot up of the live media18:20
pandorasand the Part the boot-process is hanging is calles "Scanning disc for index files.."18:20
holsteinpandoras: there are other options.. when tapping shift while booting, you see a bunch of options under F618:21
holsteinpandoras: if you want, take the stick to another machine.. preferably one that has successfully booted a live linux distro from USB18:21
pandorasi know, but thats not the Problem, the Problem is the boot-process is searching for some index files, but i dont know wich one are needed18:21
holsteinpandoras: all that is needed is there18:22
holsteinpandoras: you dont need to troubleshoot what is missing from the iso if:18:22
pandorasmd5dum checked ...18:22
holsteinyou have confirmed the downloaded iso, and/or verified the USB stick18:22
holsteinpandoras: OK. the md5 means the downloaded iso is good.. now you verify the stick18:22
holsteinpandoras: i would just take it to another machine18:22
pandorasi hope my old dell laptop supports booting from USB18:23
holsteinpandoras: plop allows that18:23
holsteinbooting usb on legace devices18:23
holsteini wouldnt waste time doint what you are doing though18:23
pandorasups. its an i686 CPU xD18:25
pandorasups ... its still a german word xD18:31
holsteinpandoras: im not following you.. what do you mean by "up's its an i686 proc"?18:31
holsteinyou have the amd64 iso?18:31
holsteinis ups = oops?18:32
ailoI guess he was trying amd64 on i686?18:33
pandorasailo: exactly, i forgot how old the Machine is18:35
holsteini think its worthwhile in your position to download a 32bit iso and make a 32bit stick and test it on the other machine18:36
holsteinthen, see what it takes to get that *same* stick to boot on the other machine18:36
holsteinthere are lots of options in that f6 menu to try18:37
pandorasfound some more useful parameter18:47
pandorasafter i discovered, it exist a special flag, to use explicit on the USB it makes no different18:58
holsteinPici: correct.. that is not the issue.. you wont need any special USB flags, or extra files19:08
holsteinPici: sorry...19:08
holsteinpandoras: ^^19:08
holsteinpandoras: there are options under that F6 menu that might help19:08

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