SkippersBossoops wrong window00:05
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knomepleia2, great08:43
ochosiknome: why are there still open issues for xfce410 here? http://status.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-quantal/group/topic-quantal-flavor-xubuntu.html09:12
knomeochosi, those aren't in xubuntu09:13
knomethey are bugs filed against qimo-session and mythbuntu-default-settings09:13
ochosioh right09:13
knomebut i believe mr_pouit wants to keep them linked to our blueprint to track the status, or something09:13
knomemicahg, if not, please unlink :P09:14
knomewrong tabfill09:17
knomeanybody around with a Q installation handy?09:47
smartboyhwknome: Does Ubuntu Studio Q count?09:48
smartboyhwalright then:)09:48
Unit193Well, kinda.09:48
knomebooting my desktop up09:51
knomeaha, my Q vbox is not bootable10:10
Unit193It isn't handy, but if it is needed badly...10:11
knomewell, i'm installing new one :)10:11
knomeno problem..10:11
knomeinstaller died with unexpected error10:11
Unit193So, what's up?10:15
knomemaking that work10:15
knomeneed to check some default settings and how we expect things to be10:15
knomeif you see things that should be fixed, just go ahead10:16
Unit193Ah, more involved than I hoped for 06:17. :P10:17
knomewell, you don't *need* to ;)10:18
knomeyeah, irc.ubuntu.com is the default on pidgin10:19
knomeaudio cd10:20
knomedo i have one handy10:20
knomedo i have 500 handy10:20
Unit193Pidgin doesn't count...10:20
knomewhy doesn't it count?10:20
Unit193Barely handles IRC, wasn't designed for it. :P  (Sister uses it. :(  )10:22
knomedoes irc well enough for support questions10:23
knomeor "hi"10:23
knomehow can i make an audio disc an .iso, or can i?10:24
knomedo we have audio cd automount on by default?10:24
knomeyeah, parole should play10:24
Unit193Great, I boot the vm and start hitting things, etherpad is broken...10:24
davmor2Unit193: Pidgin handles irc fairly well empathy is better now but still not as good, xchat for a real gui irc client though10:24
knomehai davmor2 10:25
Unit193It is Help > Contents10:25
knomeand not?10:25
Unit193Not sure if it was "Help contents", that's why I was looking.10:25
knomeseeing if i can hit that installer error again...10:26
knomeyeah, i can10:26
Unit193Memory is faulty at 06:26 (or all the time, but more now)10:26
Unit193davmor2: Meh, well in some areas, lacking in many others (I remember notices failing, autojoin/reconnecting flooding you off network, and several other fun issues)10:27
davmor2Unit193: but for general chat it is fine the same as empathy.  as I say xchat is the better irc only client10:28
knomewell yeah, pidgin is obviously not good for serious ircing10:28
knomebut it's fine enough if you irc now and then10:28
davmor2knome: agree there are a lot of people in the commercial team use pidgin for irc all day everyday cause it does what they need it to do10:29
Unit193Quassel has that handy core feature if you must GUI it, hexchat is good on windows and seems to have builds for linux now that xchat is getting outdated, but I like my irssi. :)10:29
davmor2Unit193: but quassel pull in more libs than anyone should ever need10:30
davmor2Unit193: yeah but irssi is really unintuitive for a new user10:31
Unit193libdbusmenu-qt2 libindicate-qt1 libphonon4 phonon phonon-backend-gstreamer quassel-client-qt4 quassel-data  if you already have VLC on Xubuntu. (testing/tested quassel to see what the fuss was about, and to see the core feature)10:31
Unit193davmor2: Yep, that it is.10:32
davmor2Unit193: yeah but there is all the QT libs to install on top of that plus if you start pulling in some of the plugins it needs some kde specific things so pulls in all the KDE core libs too10:33
knomeyup, irssi is definitely baffling for a new user.10:34
Unit193I'm not saying it is small, but if you get the right package it isn't as bad.10:34
knomeno way i could get most of my friends ever use it10:34
Unit193knome: Why I can't clicky?10:34
knomeclicky what?10:34
knomeoh right10:34
ochosiknome: ???10:39
knomeochosi, nothing, it wasn't you.10:39
ochosia-ha, you know you pinged me twice, right? :)10:40
knomeochosi, i know.10:41
Unit193Easiest to blame you.10:41
knomeochosi, yeah, ubiquity was broken and i obviously thought it was you, but it was a known10:42
ochosiyeah, i'm maintaining ubiquity now :)10:43
knome705MB for amd6410:43
knomeochosi, yeah, we run parole for audio cd's by default10:44
ochosiknome: i cannot have broken ubiquity even a little, the branch is still waiting: https://code.launchpad.net/ubiquity/+activereviews10:44
knomeochosi, and yeah, irc.ubuntu.com is the defult irc server10:44
knomeochosi, haha, ok ;)10:44
knomeochosi, maybe poke people...10:44
ochosiso please give cjwatson or whoever a push10:44
knomeUnit193, etherpad works now10:44
ochosiknome: did you propose a branch already for the new wallpaper?10:45
knomeochosi, no10:45
knomeochosi, if you have time to do that, please do10:45
knomeUnit193, and fixed what you said was wrong previously10:45
ochosiand btw, i agree that we should put a generic symlink like "xubuntu-wallpaper" pointing the most recent one there10:46
Unit193Seems I did remember rith, seewrt.10:46
knomeworks for me10:46
ochosithen we don't have to modify ubiquity every single release10:46
ochosimr_pouit: can we add a generic symlink "xubuntu-wallpaper" so that we don't have to update ubiquity for each release? and: can we still add it for 12.10? (just to know what kind of modification we propose to ubiquity)10:47
knomeochosi, can you handle it with mr_pouit? i can handle the UIFes and stuff10:47
ochosiknome: i guess, at least if he gets back to me :)10:47
knomeochosi, ok, thanks. i can also poke him if he doesn't10:52
knomeochosi, i also told cjwatson your stuff is ready (again)10:52
ochosiyup, you're the poker-face10:52
knomehaha, i was looking for my ring10:52
knometoo close...10:52
Unit193knome: Shouldn't #ubuntu-packaging: Packaging for Ubuntu, including new packages, PPA packages, etc.  For working on Ubuntu, see  #ubuntu-devel, for writing applications, see #ubuntu-app-devel11:07
Unit193Ignore that....11:07
Unit193http://www.ubuntu.com/project/about-ubuntu/our-philosophy shouldn't that be linked to for "Ubuntu philosophy"?11:08
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mips1911do you guys think xfce 4.12 will make it into xubuntu 13.04 in time?11:35
mips1911ochosi, so 13.04 will still feature 4.10 then? Apparantly 4.12 release is scheduled for March which leaves very little time.11:37
ochosimips1911: apparently you don't know that much about xfce's release schedules :}11:38
ochosiit usually takes considerably longer than planned11:38
knomeUnit193, huh? :)11:38
mips1911yeah, usually late11:38
ochosiand in fact not much has happened since 4.1011:38
Unit193knome: Where it says "Ubuntu philosophy", it points to "The Ubuntu Story"11:40
Unit193Menu > Help11:40
knomethat's fixed in the new docs11:40
knome*will be11:40
knomeUnit193, bzr branch lp:~knome/+junk/xubuntu-docs11:41
knomeUnit193, and build :P11:41
knomeshould be already fixed in that branch11:41
knomeUnit193, you will probabyly need: gnome-doc-utils, docbook and docbook-utils to be able to 'make'11:49
ochosiknome: i just took a brief look at plymouth11:51
ochosii think i might be able to fix the background-scaling11:51
ochosifurthermore i'm proposing to replace the wallpaper there with a symlink11:51
knomeochosi, ok11:51
knomeochosi, ++11:52
ochosiit's stupid that we ship the same wallpaper in several places11:52
ochosibut i need mr_pouit for that again :)11:52
knomedo you think you'd have *any* time to look at the xorg bug and probably get it reverted (for the 1px borders)11:52
knomei mean, not fix it, but find somebody who can or find somebody who could revert that "fix"11:52
ochosithat's too much for me to debug11:53
knomei'm not talking about debugging11:53
ochosii think someone more able should do that11:53
ochosiwell i have to debug it if we want to able to get it reverted11:53
knomeyes, but i was asking whether you could take time to find somebody?11:53
ochosiwe have to know _what_ to revert11:53
ochosii wouldn't know who to ask11:53
ochosii already talked to olivier and a few others11:53
knomeme neither really, so...11:53
ochosiand for just asking around no, i'm already busy enough with lightdm and plymouth11:54
knomei'd talk to somebody who knows xorg or is familiar with ubuntu packaging11:54
knomeok, fine11:54
knomeno problems11:54
knomejust asking :)11:54
ochosinp :)11:54
knomei will need to see if i have time for that myself11:54
knomeif not, i assume you are ready to push the 2px border fix?11:55
ochosior you find someone else who can then in turn find someone else...11:55
knomei'd say deadline is 18 or 19 this month11:55
ochosiready as in "i'm prepared to do it"11:55
knomeheh, good ;)11:55
ochosii haven't prepared the patch yet11:55
knomeyeah, i'll try to see what i can do11:55
knomeyeah, but that's trivial11:55
knomemaybe we should test it ASAP anyway :P11:55
knomewhile i know it works, still...11:56
knomei don't want to miss the beta2 freeze with this11:56
ochosibtw, from what i read on the web, i might be able to animate those 12.10 buttons in plymouth :)11:56
knomewhat do you mean with "animate"?11:56
knomedraw them manually?11:57
ochosifade-in fade-out11:57
ochosiwell in fact the whole scaling problem is no problem at all11:57
knomebut let's just get the scaling issue fixed first ;)11:57
ochosifor the simple bg scaling doesn't matter11:57
ochosiwe could get dots in as separate pixmaps11:57
ochosiso they wouldn't be scaled (same as with logotype)11:57
knomeyes, worksforme, and i can export them for you today11:57
ochosiand then animating them is just a few more lines11:57
knomebut does that mean we would have to have a circleless wall image?11:58
ochosinot sure when i have time for it11:58
ochosiwe need that anyway, lightdm scaling isn't fixed yet :)11:58
knomecan you promise 17 at latest?11:58
knome(that's monday)11:58
ochosino, no promises :}11:58
knomebeta2 freeze is thursday, and as said, i don't want to miss that11:58
ochosii'd say throw in the circleless wallpapers anyway11:59
ochosias i said, we need it for lightdm and all anyway11:59
knomei'd need to have a bug11:59
knometo get a UIFe11:59
ochosireport one ;)11:59
knomei can handle the UIFe, if you can handle the bug11:59
knomeor find somebody that does11:59
ochosinah, you don't get me so easily! :)11:59
knomei need to go soon anyway12:00
mips1911Any news on Bug #1039375 ?12:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1039375 in thunar (Ubuntu) "Duplicate partitions shown" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/103937512:00
knomenot that i know of12:01
ochosiknome: i'll do a plymouth animation for 13.04, i don't need the extra stress now. so let's just get that circleless wallpaper in12:01
knomeochosi, well, the bug is simple: just say we need the wallpaper for lightdm and plymouth ;]12:01
knomeochosi, and add patches ;]12:01
ochosiknome: yeah, so go report it ;)12:01
knomei need to go12:02
knomei'll put that on my "get somebody to do" list12:02
ochosiseriously, that sounds like more effort than just reporting that bug yourself12:02
ochosibut go ahead, it's your life :]12:02
knomelol, the patches don't12:02
knomei also want to make the community feel as if they belong here12:03
knomeso they'd better do something >:)12:03
knomei mean, it's a small thing yeah, but it's something anybody can do.12:03
ochosi"as if" -> as in: they _in fact_ don't belong :D12:03
ochosik, hf!12:03
knomeyou just gave up my "little" secret...12:04
knomeoh noes!12:04
knomewell i'm not in a too much hurry12:04
knomejust didn't want to file the bug now12:04
knomebut yeah, see you later12:07
micahgknome: 705/691 :)13:11
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ochosiyes, ubiquity finally looks alright again16:15
ochosiknome: the abiword screenshot is still old in ubiquity16:23
pnarcisohello all16:24
ochosihi pnarciso 16:24
pnarcisoI've noticed that iso are finally at 705mb16:25
pnarcisowhat was removed?16:26
pnarcisoonly gimp16:26
Unit193That was the main thing, they've been trimming everything they could hunt down.16:27
micahggimp, gnumeric, mahjongg, and some languages and fonts on amd6416:29
ochosihey micahg 16:30
micahghi ochosi16:30
Unit193Ah, gnumeric is another bigger application.16:32
ochosii guess since we've removed gnumeric we have to update the installer-slideshow16:33
pnarcisoWe have the option to install them later, so no bug deal16:33
pnarcisoWe have the option to install them later, so no big deal16:33
ochosiyes, but we're still informing ppl about the default setup16:34
ochosiin the installer-slideshow16:34
ochosiotherwise we could also inform them about rhythmbox or libreoffice16:34
pnarcisoUSC was fixed today16:35
pnarcisoit's functional again16:35
pnarcisowindow border are still broken though, xserver 1.13 official still have the bug16:39
ochosiyes, i'm considering to push the workaround soon16:39
pnarcisopartitions still appear duplicated on thunar and desktop16:41
bluesabre_ochosi: Your workaround being the 2px window borders, or have you found another fix?16:45
ochosibluesabre_: yeah, that.16:45
ochosibluesabre_: i'll first try more elaborate versions/combinations of using the transparent outer-pixel16:45
ochosimaybe i can find a way to get it working16:45
ochosibut i'm rather pessimistic tbh16:45
bluesabre_That might be an interesting approach16:45
ochosiwell, the weird thing is that for the bottom it works16:46
ochosii already use the transparent px there16:46
ochosibut for right and left it creates those corruptions16:46
bluesabre_ah, gotcha16:46
ochosii think i might've to increase the border around the whole thing to make it look ok16:52
pnarcisotop and bottom must be increased16:55
bluesabre_Wow, it would be nice if they fixed the xserver bug :)17:02
knomeochosi, yeah18:22
knomeochosi, true dat (the screenshot)18:22
knomeand documentation too, but that i already mentally knew18:22
elfyknome - are there any other changes to see than removing gnumeric? 18:34
knomewe removed gimp and gnumeric18:34
knomethose are the big changes18:35
knomein addition, we dropped mahjongg, two languages (fr+xh) and korean fonts18:35
knomethat brought us under 700 on i38618:35
knomestill a few megs oversized on amd6418:35
elfyok - just going to go through the new docs for gnumeric/gimp then 18:36
knomeok, thanks18:36
knomei should get started with the docs conversion to docbook18:36
knomeif anybody wants to help...18:36
knome(it's just xml, and the syntax is really easy to grasp, maybe could work on it together on a pad or so)18:36
* elfy has never ever looked at it - nor xml 18:37
knomewell, it's easy to to grasp, if you're familiar even with (x)html only18:37
elfysorry - you'd spend more time showing me I suspect 18:38
knomei don't think so :D18:38
knomeconverting takes a human age.. ;)18:38
elfyif I could pick it up then I'll look18:38
knomelet's say copy-pasting stuff to the pad would help a bunch :D18:38
knomelet's see if i'm up to it sometime when you are online18:39
elfyoh right - I expect I can manage that 18:39
knomethe good thing is that the docs won't build if there are errors ;)18:39
knomeso we *will* get it right18:39
elfyokey doke - I'm busy tomorrow - but other than that I'm mostly about 18:39
knomeokay, good to know18:39
knomedon't want to pour too much on your glass, but don't want to burn out myself either :D18:40
elfyping me - if I'm about I'll answer 18:40
elfy#ubuntuforums is a good place to look for me if I am not here 18:40
elfyyep - I understand 18:40
knomei'll find you by your nick when the night falls >:)18:40
elfyyou want to remove references to either completely - or just word it "you can install" instead of "installed by default" 18:45
elfyknome: ^^18:45
knomemaybe "you can install" for gnumeric, but remove completely for gimp18:46
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elfyknome: did gimp - gnumeric was just done it seems19:08
knomeelfy, heh, ok :)19:09
SkippersBossi do have some uses19:21
elfyI saw that :)19:23

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