xubuntu825Hi there, I have some trouble to install Kolourpaint in Xubuntu 12.04 :(02:45
xubuntu825i have no problem to install it on Xubuntu 12.10 :s02:47
xubuntu82511.10 ...02:48
Unit193Open synaptic search for kolourpaint4  or terminal sudo apt-get install kolourpaint402:48
xubuntu825i tried that and get02:49
xubuntu825errors :/02:49
xubuntu825its xubuntu 12.04 a unstable distro?02:51
Azelphurxubuntu825: no02:52
Azelphurit's release, LTS02:52
xubuntu825i am using the 64 bit version02:52
Azelphurme too02:52
xubuntu825and cant install allegro 5 repository :( xorg-dev02:53
Azelphur!elaborate | xubuntu82502:54
ubottuxubuntu825: Please elaborate, your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)02:54
xubuntu825Im using  Xubuntu 12.04. I tried with sudo apt-get install kolourpaint4 and it says "depends: kde-runtime but it will no install"02:56
Azelphurxubuntu825: paste the full output on http://pastebin.com02:57
xubuntu825its in spanish :S02:58
doug_carmichaelHow can I change the resolution of the lightdm login screen to 1280x1024? I've changed the desktop resolution successfully from within xfce, but I see that ubuntu's xorg.conf is a multi file version.05:18
doug_carmichael(Coming from FreeBSD)05:18
xubuntu659anybody here?07:04
LavvyWere do get ubuntu experts to hire for a job07:58
ubottuCanonical Ltd. is committed to the development, distribution and promotion of open source software products, and to providing tools and support to the open source community. It is the driving force behind the Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, and Edubuntu Operating Systems. Canonical's website is at http://www.canonical.com/07:59
Unit193!crosspost | Lavvy07:59
ubottuLavvy: Please don't ask the same question in multiple Ubuntu channels at the same time. Many helpers are in more than one channel and it's not fair to them or the other people seeking support.07:59
LavvyOk thanks08:00
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recon_lapok, got a prixma 495 printing through cups, it's out of color ink but has black ink but can't get it to print anything, looked in the setting and it set to grayscale but still wont print !!!09:27
recon_lapI had it working a while ago but I think CUP's has been updated and now not working09:28
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designbybeckGreetings all... I have an old off brand all in one system. It will boot the Xubuntu 12.04 32bit  ...I get to the try ubuntu grub, then it goes a lil' longer and goes black14:06
designbybeckI then tried to do a nomodeset and it still goes black14:06
designbybeckThere is a similar 17" with only 256mb that I did get it running on14:07
designbybeckthe 15" had 515mb but I can't seem to get any OS to boot on it14:07
designbybeckLinux that is... it had WinXP and it boots into the login screen14:07
designbybeckThese are donated computers we are trying to get OSS on to give back to the community Please Advise14:08
holsteindesignbybeck: i would try "nomodeset".. using the vesa driver would be acceptable for donation machines14:22
designbybeckholstein:  i did try that14:22
designbybeckneither setting worked14:23
designbybeckwith or without14:23
holsteindesignbybeck: i would try a puppy live CD.. something with a nice GUI for selecting the graphics driver.. it could be that its not the graphics causing the issue, i just find that it typically is14:24
designbybeckholstein: I did try MacPup, bassed on puppy.... it got a little farther it seemed14:24
designbybeckwhat is odd, is the 17" which doesn't have as much ram, loaded up xubuntu decently14:24
holsteindesignbybeck: sure.. the graphics card is likely supported still by the kernel..14:25
pimperlei bought an ssd after the notebooks disk has died and now i'll reinstall the system. I'd like to have encryption of all private data on it and since locate stores its db outside of /home and private stuff also sometimes finds its way into logfiles at least /var wil have to be encrypted as well. Before I used full disk encryption, but i'm afraid that the core2duo will be to slow to decrypt data at the14:26
pimperlessds speed. Hence i think of usia split setup.14:26
holsteindesignbybeck: when you boot up puppy, select the vesa driver and try it.. you can grab the xorg.conf from there as well14:26
pimperleis there already a preferred way to make sure, that no private data gets stored unencrypted, while the system data is stored unencrypted?14:26
holsteindesignbybeck: sometimes i do that and drop that in after using an alternate CD to install14:26
designbybeckok I might try just puppy linux14:26
pimperlei thought of dual booting with system-partitions only (for updates) and full boot with system-partitions RO and open encrypted partitions. readonly system partitions/volumes will then prevent spillage of private data14:27
holsteinpimperle: the speed is effected by encryption.. if you want encryption, you'll have to use it, if you dont want the overhead, dont use it.. you can use something like truecrypt14:27
pimperleis this the way to go? Setting up dual boot sounds like a lot of hassle to me and will surely be likely to break during upgrades.14:27
pimperleholstein: yes, i'll accept the slowdown for my private data (/home, /etc, etc.) but i'd like to have /usr and /lib and co unencrypted for faster access, since nothing private will/should be stored there.14:28
pimperleto make sure, nothing private goes there, i'd also like to have them read only.14:28
pimperlehowever it will take me days to set all that up properly14:28
holsteini would just encrypt the /home partition.. or just do what the installer does automatically14:29
pimperleand i'm curious, if there's a preferred, easier way14:29
holsteinpimperle: the preffered/easy way is how the installer would just do it14:29
pimperleholstein: yes, but then all filenames will go plaintext into the locatedb on /var14:29
holsteinpimperle: if you want something else, go for it.. i would also have no issues using something like truecrypt14:29
pimperleok, then i'll think about my solution some more time and see, what i'll come up with14:30
pimperlei think what i need is basically a network boot (but from the local disk, but the system would be RO) merged with encrypted home/var/etc14:31
designbybeckholstein:  what is the puppy linux ubuntu compatilbe build?14:31
designbybeckI mean which would you recommend14:32
holsteindesignbybeck: i always just use them diagnostically... but the 2nd one here http://puppylinux.org/main/Download%20Latest%20Release.htm is the lucid based one14:33
designbybeckok burning it now14:34
holsteinpimperle: if it were me, i would try the default one, and go from there assuming the performance hit was not tolerable14:34
designbybeckI'll see how this goes14:34
designbybeckthere are 40 of these 15" machines with 512mb... and 20 17" machines with 256mb14:35
designbybecki've already tried to see if the ram could be changed out, but it isn't the same type :(14:35
designbybeckholstein: It didn't seem to like puppy, at least the screen went all crazy flashy... I did hear it bark at me though14:40
holsteindesignbybeck: with the vesa driver? maybe you should try another one of the machines just to be sure its not hardware related14:41
designbybeckhmm how do I set those on puppy?14:42
designbybecki did see this machine boot into windows so I know the screen isn't bad14:42
holsteindesignbybeck: those? the vesa driver? at startup there is a wizard.. you select the vesa driver there14:42
designbybeckok let me check14:42
designbybeckhmmm... holstein I tried at the boot prompt: puppy nomodeset14:50
designbybeckdidn't seem to help, is that what you meant?14:50
designbybeckI didn't see anything in the basic help that said anythign about VESA.... nor nomodeset14:51
holsteindesignbybeck: i would literally try from the GUI at the beginning.. there are quite a few modes there... a big list14:53
holsteini usually just start on something i think will work with vesa14:53
designbybeckGUI at the beginning? ... I did the F2 for basic help, and saw the list14:53
designbybeckbut nothing about VESA14:53
holsteindesignbybeck: it'll just popup before the desktop... talking about the resolution and using xorg or not14:54
holsteindesignbybeck: you can load it up on a desktop that is "working" and choose it from the menu and play with it14:54
designbybeckso instead of using F2 basic help you mean F3 advanced help15:17
holsteindesignbybeck: its just a display wizard that pops up when i load the CD15:18
designbybecki see the puppy screen.... and it says boot:15:18
designbybeckbut if i just leave it it boots to desktop I guess? but blank and flashy, but I hear the dog bark15:19
holsteindesignbybeck: yup.. after that, you'll get a popup.. looks like curses.. it'll be the only thing talking about the screen resolution.. one option there is to switch drivers.. it'll say15:19
designbybeckthis is the ubuntu based puppy15:19
designbybecklet me try the other one15:19
designbybeckyeah I haven't seen that screen i don't think holstein15:20
holsteindesignbybeck: yup.. ive see it on *every* puppy ive lauched.. its a handy way to test the vesa driver15:20
holsteindesignbybeck: if you see *anything* about screen resolution, then thats it15:20
holsteindesignbybeck: if you make it to the desktop and choose 'display settings" or whatever its called from the menu, this wizard launches15:20
designbybeckholstein: no i haven' t seen anything that gave me options about screen resolutions15:20
designbybeckyeah that is the thing, i can't get to desktop15:21
holsteindesignbybeck: right.. you should see that popup prior to desktop15:21
holsteindesignbybeck: i would try disabling acpi and other options.. maybe its that15:21
holsteindesignbybeck: i would load up the xubuntu live CD.. hit shift.. and choose *everything* from the F6 menu at the bottom15:22
holsteinnomodeset.. noacpi or whatever they are called15:22
holsteineventually, you'll sort out what is keeping the OS's from loading15:22
designbybeckah i haven't tried choosing everytrhing in xubuntu15:22
designbybecki'll try that as well15:22
recon69_laphi, if i want a bash script to run when i open a terminal i can just add a line to the ~/.bashrc ?15:31
holsteinrecon69_lap: i would probably try and add it to the launcher for the term-emulator15:34
recon69_lapholstein: launcher? and why that way?15:35
holsteinrecon69_lap: it'll launch when a start the terminal15:35
sanHi guys15:36
sanCan anybody please help me with ECLIPSE in xface15:37
recon69_lapholstein: well, the launcher I assume is the GUI component, why would I move a level up from ~/.bashrc which runs when a terminal opens?15:37
recon69_lapsan:  sure what up15:37
holsteinrecon69_lap: sure.. go for it.. i would just add the script there, and see if it starts.. if it doesnt you can explore other options15:38
sani downloaded eclipse juno. and copy pasted at Desktop15:38
sanbut when i am clicking eclipse its not starting15:38
sani need it very badly15:39
recon69_lapsan, I start eclipse from a terminal using "sh eclipse" , you could try making a launcher to do the same15:39
sanok let me try with it15:39
sansh /home/san/Desktop/eclipse/eclipse /home/san/Desktop/eclipse/eclipse: 5: /home/san/Desktop/eclipse/eclipse: Syntax error: "(" unexpected15:40
sannot working15:40
bazhanghow was eclipse installed15:41
sancopy pasted only.. earlier in ubuntu it was working fine15:41
bazhangand it was installed how?15:42
recon69_lapsan, you copied the eclipse files from an old install to you new one?15:42
sani downloaded tar file and extracted it.. but this time it is not working15:42
bazhangthats not the way to install it15:43
bazhanguse the package manager or the command line to install it15:44
bazhangsudo apt-get install eclipse15:44
bazhang!info eclipse | san15:44
ubottusan: eclipse (source: eclipse): Extensible Tool Platform and Java IDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.7.2-1 (precise), package size 16 kB, installed size 121 kB15:44
holsteinhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/EclipseIDE is what i would reference15:46
bazhangthere is also a channel here on freenode #eclipse15:47
recon69_lapok, adding my setup script to bashrc was a bit pointless16:07
recon69_lapkeychain setup that is16:07
sangot it guys17:17
sanThank u all17:17
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asenk2Hi. Im installing xubuntu, but dont know how to partition for this (i have to manually partition since im installing on free space)18:44
bazhangyou want a separate /home?18:45
Sysiusing entire disk should work even for empty disk18:45
asenk2i want the default setup, but cant use entire disk18:45
Sysiswap formatted partition as big as your RAM (if you want to use hibernation) and rest ext4 for " / "18:47
Sysiprimary partitions18:47
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asenk2is that (ram sized swap and rest as ext4) the default xubuntu would do if i would use the entire disk?18:50
knomeasenk2, i believe that is it18:50
martinphonehow do I find out if im behind a nat?18:51
Sysimartinphone: traceroute18:53
martinphonewould it be asking too much for the actual command?18:58
Sysitraceroute someurl.dom18:59
Sysiand see the steps18:59
asenk2you can also look what your computers ip is with "ifconfig" and then comparing that to some website which tell your ip (google whatismyip)19:01
devnillI'm having a problem where an application isn't showing up in my notification area19:17
devnillI've made sure that it isn't set to be hidden in the preferences but I still cant get it to show up19:17
holsteindevnill: other applications show up there? what application? how was it installed? you mean, the list of running applications? or a menu item launcher?19:19
devnillthe application is mumble19:19
Sysidoes it give errors if you run it from terminal?19:20
devnillit was there previously and others still show up (skype, wifi, pidgin)19:20
holsteindevnill: when i used mumble, there was an icon in the notification area19:20
devnillThere was for me briefly and now its gone19:20
holsteindevnill: did you upgrade it? do you need an icon in the notification area? did you remove the notification area?19:20
devnillI tried removing it and adding it again19:21
devnillI didn't upgrade19:21
devnillI just installed via apt a couple days ago19:21
holsteindevnill: it being mumble? or the notification area?19:21
devnillthe notification area19:21
holsteindevnill: so, your notification area is broken?19:21
devnillI actually created a second panel and added the area to it19:21
devnillIt displays most icons but some just never show up19:21
holsteindevnill: and mumble works in the new location?19:21
devnillMumble works fine, it just doens't show up in the notification space19:22
holsteindevnill: i would create a new user and test there19:22
devnillIf that works I should just delete my .mumble?19:22
devnillor whatever the config is?19:22
holsteindevnill: if there is nothing wrong with mumble, i would leave it alone19:22
devnillWell the problem is that when it minimizes it disappears19:23
holsteindevnill: if other applications arent showing up in the notification area, then its likely an issue with the panel or something in XFCE19:23
devnillThats my suspicion19:23
devnillI can't find any documentation on how it works though19:23
devnillits all really superficial19:23
holsteina new user will take your current config out of the equation19:24
devnillI think the root cause is that the icon shrinks to 1px x 1px19:25
holsteindevnill: i have never needed to mess around in there... i would see how the new user works, and consider blowing out some config changes19:25
devnillits a known issue for skype19:25
devnillok so it comes back if I quit mumble, log out without saving session and log back in19:25
devnillthen when i start mumble up it comes back19:26
martinphonethere is an app to see in gui mode our computer's traffic. it has an eye as logo19:27
martinphonecan anyone help me find its name?19:27
devnillwhat kind of interface is it?19:28
devnilland do you have access to it running somewhere?19:28
devnillits not much of a monitoring package but the nmap gui is an eye19:30
devnillits called zenmap19:30
devnillis that it martinphone?19:30
martinphoneyes devnill thx19:31
martinphonehow do I run is as root? must it be from terminal with sudo?19:33
martinphonei mean the gui, id like to use the gui not the terminal to run it19:35
holsteinmartinphone: gksudo will launch the gui as root19:35
ubottuIf you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)19:35
martinphoneholstein, so will sudo, wm i wrong?19:35
devnillgksudo if you need graphics19:36
devnillto be honest I think nmap is faster to use commandline19:36
martinphonebut im a noob and need to see shiny and cool graphics, otherwise my brain melts19:37
devnillhaha, I guess if you want to stay a noob thats a good mentality19:38
martinphonenot really, learning basic linux commands and the correct way of writting them needs a time i dont have19:39
devnillWhat are you trying to do?19:40
martinphoneget my static IP so I can use gnunet19:41
devnillsudo ifconfig19:41
devnillyour ip will be listed19:41
devnillif you are on wireless, its generally wlan019:42
devnillethernet is usually eth019:42
martinphoneis nmap 5.21 outdated?19:48
devnillnot sure19:49
devnillI think you might be barking up the wrong tree to be honest19:49
devnillnmap isn't made for network monitoring19:49
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SajanSilly question maybe, but I use ssh keys to login to servers.  My private key is password protected, I was wondering if there was a way for me to keep the key unlocked rather than having to unlock my private key each time I use it.22:11
holsteinyou could make keys without a password22:12
holsteini remember in gnome2, i would put the password in once per session login, and it would be "remembered".. im sure theres a way to do that22:13
cf29toughbookAnyone know how to make calibration using xinput-calibrator permanent? I've done it before w/ubuntu but now having xubuntu 12.04 am running into problems.22:16
cf29toughbookthis is to make the touchscreen accurate.22:16
Sajanholstein, I don't want to have a password less private key for security reasons.  I do want the key locked when I restart my computer still.22:17
holsteinSajan: you are prompted every time in XFCE?22:18
holsteini remember it just being automatice when i was on gnome2 and by the time i had left gnome2 i was not using passwords anymore22:19
Sajanholstein, I'm actually using an app called Gnome Connection Manager.  I used it in Ubuntu and it worked just fine.  Now that I think of it, it may well be because of xfce22:19
Sajanholstein, supporting evidence to that is the password prompt is in the terminal, rather than an actual xfce dialog box.22:20
holsteinSajan: might be an additional ssh key agent you can add.. i might fire up a normal ubuntu live CD and see how it works there.. see what is installed and try and determine what that is... assuming its still there in unity22:21
Sajanholstein, it is in unity.  I'll look into a key agent.  Thanks.22:22

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