cjwatsonVaries from country to country I believe00:00
* xnox was reading WP about all of that as well00:00
* xnox adds a TODO item to create a wiki page for cjwatson, if scott has one with out of date picture so can cjwatson ;-) 00:01
cjwatsonI think you should beware WP:COI.  I wouldn't encourage anyone I worked with closely to write an article about me00:04
SpamapScjwatson: the packages cache generation is really really fast, don't think it has much fruit for optimization00:04
slangaseksince you wouldn't encourage it, there's no conflict of interest ;-)00:04
SpamapScjwatson: 163926 packages in 0.056s .. ;)00:05
cjwatsonAnd of course WP:BIO00:05
cjwatsonSpamapS: Huh, so why do I notice occasional ridiculous slowdown00:05
cjwatsonMaybe the cache directory layout (such as it isn't) is poorly designed00:06
SpamapScjwatson: the source cache does a sort.. testing that now00:06
cjwatsonMm, no custom sort functions though00:07
SpamapSyeah its blazing fast too00:08
cjwatsonand yet00:10
cjwatson$ time HOME=/home/ubuntu-archive/www-data madison-lite --nocache man-db00:10
cjwatsonreal    0m52.245s00:10
cjwatsonthat's fairly ridiculous00:10
cjwatson(also no output, there's evidently a correctness problem as well :-/)00:10
cjwatsonwell, I should be doing a couple of other things before going to bed.  let me know if you come up with anything00:12
SpamapScjwatson: will do :)00:13
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cjwatsonlifeless: I've reproduced your GRUB regression in a horrendously hacked-up VM, so I should be able to sort it out from here00:23
lifelesscjwatson: \o/00:24
cjwatsonlifeless: Ended up simulating all the dmraid stuff with manual dmsetup commands, which isn't good enough to allow dmraid -ay to work but it is enough to brainwash GRUB00:24
lifelesscjwatson: let me know when you think its good and I'll get you a positive confirmation :)00:24
cjwatsonlifeless: All right, fix (hopefully) uploaded - I'll check back tomorrow morning and let you know if it's built00:39
cjwatsonFix was dropping a bit of the patch :)00:41
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queencyhello all i'm using ubuntu9/04 can someone direct me to install power save to my machine06:13
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tjaaltonqueency: that release was EOL'd almost two years ago..06:17
queencytjaalton: yes so ? why everybody keeps bugging me to upgrade ? everything works fine!06:18
tjaaltonqueency: don't expect to get any sort of support for it06:19
tjaaltonlike, security updates06:19
tjaaltonor guidance06:19
queencytjaalton: security i'm behind a firewall i.e i don't afraid , guidance whats wrong with small tips here and then ?06:21
tjaaltonqueency: power management is built in. if your machine doesn't have it, it could be better in a more recent release. so my free tip is: please upgrade06:22
queencytjaalton: btw i don't run services in my private lab ubuntu 9.04 and i'm monitor my net steadily : i just don't familier with all the task yet !06:22
queencytjaalton: tnx but no tnx06:22
queencytjaalton: is the power save manipulated by the kernel ?06:23
tjaaltonqueency: i've nothing to add06:24
queencytjaalton:ok tnx for your time , i'm sorry but i like my system to be intact and upgrading however solve things but brake others.06:25
tjaaltonuse an lts release like 10.04/12.0406:25
queencytjaalton: even my monitor driver was patched by me manually from 2 years ago : upgrading will screw it up !06:26
tjaaltonsure about it?06:26
queencytjaalton: don't want to check if i right06:28
tjaaltonthere are livecd's for that06:29
queencytjaalton: i don't say live cd won't work i just say i don't know what happened with upgrading my old system ; not installing a new one06:33
RAOFIs it still possible to upgrade from 9.04?06:37
ajmitchperhaps with dist-upgrade & adding old-releases.u.c into sources.list06:39
RAOFAnyone feel like sponsoring a colord upload to sid?06:40
didrocksslangasek: tjaalton: hey, you have a WI on https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/desktop-q-xorg-lts-updates to review the rename script, do you think you will get a chance to deal with it?06:43
tjaaltondidrocks: sure06:44
tjaaltonnow that it seems to be working fine, might just mark it DONE06:44
RAOFpitti: feel like sponsoring a colord upload to sid?06:44
didrockstjaalton: great! :)06:45
dholbachgood morning06:46
pittiGood morning06:53
pittiSpamapS: I guess dpm uploaded them; we do that in regular intervals, and yes, they should just be waved through (there's a whole testing process behind that)06:54
pittiRAOF: yep, can do06:55
RAOFpitti: Ta. It's in collab-maint git; you're looking for the debian/0.1.21-2 tag.06:55
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darkxstanyone know how to install a mainline kernel into a livecd chroot?07:25
pittiSpamapS, infinity: hm, I've got mail from dpm that he didn't upload these either07:26
pittiinfinity: do you remember, were these proper uploads or copies from a PPA?07:27
jibelpitti, I enabled quantal-proposed for autopkgtest. There are now 2 sets of tests: one with packages in the release pocket, the other with proposed07:33
jibeltests in proposed are triggered when a newer version of a package is uploaded to proposed07:33
pittijibel: niiice!07:33
jibelor a newer version of a dependency of a package in release is uploaded to proposed07:33
jibelor a newer version of a dependency is uploaded to release and the package is in proposed07:33
jibelpitti, sound good ? or I missed other rules ?07:34
pittijibel: does that include build dependencies?07:34
pitti(this also applies to -release)07:34
pittijibel: I don't see those yet, is that because there just are no packages in -proposed at the moment?07:35
jibelpitti, no, binary deps, should I include build deps ?07:35
jibelpitti, right, packages autodiscovered have been added to the private instance and will be published on first run07:35
pittijibel: hm, do we have tests with "build-needed"? for those I think we should07:36
infinitypitti: They were direct uploads.07:36
pittiinfinity: thanks; strange then, it seems nobody did those then07:36
infinitypitti: That's a bit disconcerting.  Surely, SOMEONE must have. :P07:36
pittiinfinity: theres' a cronjob on macquarie which auto-uploads to the PPA for stable releases, and to the archive for the devel release; that hasn't changed in years, though07:37
pittiI'll take a closer look07:37
jibelpitti, there is no test with a restriction "build-needed" for the moment, but that's a good point. I'll add support to run on build deps change if packages have such restriction.07:44
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roseoffhello !09:59
roseoffsudo apt-get install fglrx fglrx-amdcccle09:59
roseoffThe following packages have unmet dependencies:10:00
roseoff fglrx : Depends: xorg-video-abi-11 but it is not installable10:00
roseoffE: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.10:00
roseoffHELP !10:00
roseoffubuntu 12.1010:00
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pittiroseoff: not much you can do -- just wait until a working driver is available, and use the free one until then10:09
mlankhorstpitti: I was hoping he would try to google the error :(10:09
pittijibel: thanks for the aptdaemon autopkgtest-ification!10:40
pittijibel: did you already check this in a minimal VM, or want me to? (I have my test VM here)10:40
jibelpitti, yw, I used it to write a small doc that explains how to add dep8 support to a package10:41
jibelpitti, I tested it in a minimal VM from the source tree10:42
pittijibel: cool, thanks; I'll upload this now10:43
jibelpitti, 68 tests passed, 4 skipped, there are dbus message to investigate10:43
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Laneyhttp://paste.debian.net/189671/ how do I make apt want to remove ubuntu-default-settings and install ubuntu-settings instead of holding back ubuntu-desktop?10:48
Laneyu-s B/R (versioned appropriately) on u-d-s10:48
tumbleweedyou need a transitional package10:49
Laneythat is exactly what I want to avoid10:49
tumbleweedyou can't10:49
tumbleweedhttp://wiki.debian.org/Renaming_a_Package btw10:49
Laneythat package name is already being used as a virtual package10:49
LaneyI know10:49
xnoxLaney: breaks/replaces/provides + higher version number?!10:49
xnoxLaney: it's the case of "multiple mta's, yet only one mta at the same time"10:50
tumbleweedprovides are versionless (you should remember that from NM)10:50
cjwatsonWell, no, it shouldn't be like the MTA case10:50
cjwatsonThis might improve once ubuntu-default-settings is no longer in the archive10:50
Laneyyou think?10:51
cjwatsonThey're exactly balanced in score - I think one no longer being available would tip the balance10:51
cjwatsonI think10:52
cjwatsonIt should lose the one-point "installed package that isn't obsolete" bonus10:54
Laneyyeah, that seems to be correct (hacked it out of the list manually to test)10:54
Laneywho know? (you)10:54
tumbleweedLaney: you could mention this on that wiki page for future people to know10:55
cjwatsonapt-pkg/algorithms.cc if you want to stare aimlessly10:55
BenCDid someone do a bunch of give-backs or is powerpc really doing that awesome this morning on ftbfs page?11:31
xnoxBenC: i heard doko & infinity were planning give-backs before archive rebuild =/ or something like that11:32
cjwatsonI noticed the output of a load of give-backs in my inbox11:33
cjwatsonThe hint is probably that powerpc is 33 hours behind :-/11:34
dokoyes, builds were given back yesterday evening11:34
ogra_did anyone ever try to use qemu-ppc-static for this ?11:35
ogra_i bet its faster :)11:35
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cjwatsonlifeless: https://launchpad.net/~cjwatson/+archive/grub/+packages has an update ready for you to test now12:00
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hallynsmoser: well, could be.  like i say i thought i'd fixed those.  but more likely i missed it, and it's a regression by the templates adding the second space12:56
smoserwell glad it will work. thank you.12:56
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hallynsmoser: btw, i went ahead and changed --new to --name in lxc-clone, but it occurred to me last night that --new is what i really intended :)13:11
hallynand nowhere is '--new' actually spelled out, i don't think13:11
smoser--name is better.13:11
smoserits consistent with everything else.13:11
smoserbut either one working would have been "good enough"13:12
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xclaesseI'm testing Quantal's installer in a VM. I see encrypted LVM option exists now, but only for automatic partitioning?13:45
xclaesseis it possible to manually define the size of the partitions inside the LVM ?13:45
xnoxxclaesse: not yet.13:46
xnoxxclaesse: you can do it post-install.13:46
xnoxxclaesse: by resizing your root partition & resizing logical volume.13:46
xclaessexnox, not yet means not for Quantal or will it still make it in time for Quantal ?13:47
xnoxxclaesse: in a way it is a limitation of the debian-installer's partitioning software partman, which ultimately requires something to take up all remaining space13:47
xnoxxclaesse: I am coding it, there is FeatureFreezeException for it, and it is targeted for Quantal.... so it should land soon.13:47
xclaessenice !13:48
xnoxxclaesse: taking the rest of the space for automatic partitioning that is. No such requirements for manual partitioning (kind of)13:48
xclaessexnox, while I'm at it: will it be possible to re-install without ripping all LVM volumes?13:48
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xclaesseIIRC that was not possible with alternat installer13:48
xclaessexnox, hmmm, automatic won't make /home in a different logical volume, will it?13:49
xnoxxclaesse: it can, but we do not offer that.13:49
xnoxxclaesse: it's easy to fix that up / migrate to separate home post-install.13:50
xclaesseyeah, so manually creating the volumes would still be nicer IMO13:50
xnoxi know13:50
xclaesseI totally agree that's not something you want for "normal" users, but having the choice somewhere would still be good :)13:50
xclaessexnox, so manual LVM is not planned for quantal?13:51
xnoxxclaesse: i told you, i am working on it.13:52
xnoxxclaesse: automatic will stay as it is, but manual crypt/lvm will land in one form or another13:52
xclaesseah ok, miss understood13:53
xclaessegood :)13:53
smosercjwatson where would i find TFM to read about what kernel parameters d-i reads?14:00
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cjwatsonsmoser: https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/installation-guide/14:12
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ScottKpitti: In case no one else told you, you got mentioned here: http://www.linuxuser.co.uk/interviews/whats-going-on-with-gnome/14:13
smosercjwatson, so can you confirm for me that 'release=<something>' is ignored?14:15
smoseror rather is not expected to do anything ? i have something that is writing it, but it didn't seem like it should have to, and i dont see it at (https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/installation-guide/i386/boot-parms.html)14:16
cjwatsonsmoser: I've never heard of that14:24
smosercjwatson, thanks. it was probably copied along.14:25
slangasekdidrocks: hmm, I think the script in question has by now iterated to the point that my review would no longer add anything14:31
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didrocksslangasek: ok, put it in DONE and drop it please :)14:32
* didrocks was in blueprint cleanage day14:32
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SpamapScjwatson: I think you may be right that the caching needs optimization in madison-lite14:36
SpamapS%Time ExclSec CumulS #Calls sec/call Csec/c  Name14:36
SpamapS 83.2   0.990  0.990     13   0.0762 0.0761  main::cache_list_file14:36
SpamapSthats without a cache14:36
SpamapSand with a cache..14:36
SpamapS 80.3   0.160  0.160     13   0.0123 0.0123  main::search_cache14:37
SpamapStho.. main::cache_list_file is basically "the whole thing" .. so need to break it up to get more from dprof14:38
slangasekdidrocks: ok, done :)14:43
didrocksthanks slangasek :)14:44
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didrocksogra_: did the XDG_RUNTIME_DIR landed?15:02
slangasekdidrocks: no... working on it still15:03
didrocksslangasek: ok, ETA is beta2 freeze I guess?15:03
slangasekdidrocks: i.e., I'm working on it, not ogra15:03
slangasekdidrocks: yes15:03
didrocksslangasek: ah ok, I saw that in the release meeting report, hence the question :)15:03
didrocksslangasek: thanks ;)15:03
slangasekyeah... :)15:03
tjaaltonlet's try here: anyone here with an intel i915/i945 machine willing to bisect mesa? I'll build the packages15:05
pittiScottK: argh, with the one thing I don't really want to do (CK :) )15:06
pittiScottK: thanks for the pointer15:07
ScottKSo now you know you just need to line up some BSD hackers to help you out.15:07
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smosercjwatson, around ? i'm looking at changes i believe were yours to /etc/init/iscsi-network-interface.conf under https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/partman-iscsi/+bug/45776715:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 457767 in partman-iscsi (Ubuntu Karmic) "karmic: iSCSI root: boot hangs on starting iscsid" [High,Fix released]15:26
smoserquantal has regressed and is no longer writing /run/initramfs/open-iscsi.interface . but my iscsi root seemed to not suffer any negative from that15:26
smoserie, i would have thought that that would cause my network interface to bounce and probably generally screw things up.15:27
xnoxstgraber: ^^^^15:28
cjwatsonsmoser: honestly, it's been so long since I touched that that I don't think I'll be of any more help than reading the code from scratch15:30
cjwatsonyou might have got lucky I guess; regardless, we should be making sure that the interface we're doing iSCSI root over is never torn down ...15:30
smosercjwatson, ok. i'll get that code added back in.15:31
stgrabersmoser: did you see my comment in #ubuntu-server yesterday about just checking for /run/net-* from the upstart job rather than having another piece of code in initramfs?15:32
smoserstgraber, i did not.15:32
smoserand i considered that15:33
smoserbut at the moment there could be 3 /run/net-* entries15:33
smoser(or 'N' of them)15:33
smoserand you wouldnt know which exact interface was the root15:33
smoserthe initramfs [potentially] has that knowledge and was storing it for later consumption15:34
Davieysmoser: erm.. we add ipappend 2, which adds BOOTIF=01-mac-address of booting device to kernel cmd line15:36
Davieyso we know the boot device15:36
smoserDaviey, yeah, but that isn't known in all cases.15:37
Davieysmoser: sure?15:37
smoserand BOOTIF= is actually not necessarily the device that provides the link to the iscsi root15:37
smoserip=:::::eth1 BOOTIF=01-mac-adddress15:38
smoserwould bring up eth1 as dhcp15:38
slangasekso there's certainly enough information in the system that you can walk it to discover the correct device post-initramfs15:38
slangasekbut surely it's simpler to just have the initramfs bit record it15:38
smoserthat is what i was about to argue.15:38
smoserjust opened bug 105048015:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1050480 in open-iscsi (Ubuntu) "iscsi-network-interface.conf broken after upstream merge" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105048015:39
smoseranyone else want to think about resolv.conf in this case?15:39
smoseri'm thinking i need to add code to iscsi-network-interface.conf that reads /run/net-*.conf and adds the dns servers15:40
smoserat lesat for resolvconf.15:40
slangaseksmoser: I thought that what we discussed on this previously was sound15:40
smoserbut in non-resolvconf world, that would have been updated by dhclient and its not going to get done.15:40
slangasekthere is no non-resolvconf world15:40
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slangasekit's unsupported, EOD15:41
smoseris that acceptable ?15:41
slangasekyes, ubuntu-minimal depends on resolvconf15:41
smoserok then. much easier.15:41
slangaseksmoser: to be clear, a driving factor for putting resolvconf into ubuntu-minimal was to no longer have to worry about the 50 different ways to manage dns ;)15:44
slangasekso yeah, anybody who goes out of their way to disable resolvconf is on their ownw15:44
smoserthank you15:44
smosersomeone tell me what i'm missing16:07
smoserlines 23-25. why is that path taken if /run/initramfs/open-iscsi.interface did not exist16:07
smoserit seems to me that will call /etc/network/if-up.d/upstart with IFACE=''16:08
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stgrabersmoser: looks like that part should be under the other diff16:14
smoserthats what i thought16:14
slangaseksmoser: looks like a bug for this to not be inside the previous if block16:20
slangasekright, what stgraber said :)16:20
smoserdoes that job have access to INTERFACE ?16:26
smoserthat is provided to the 'network-interface' job that it is 'start on' and 'stop on'16:26
smoserbut will it have access to that?16:26
smosershoot. now i'm reading that same pastebin (http://paste.ubuntu.com/1202917/)16:35
smoserwont the post-stop run the first time a network-interface is taken down?16:36
smoseri guess i can't think of a failure path there, but it'd be better if it only removed that on down of the specific $iface16:36
mterrydpm, do all Ubuntu translations specify utf8 encoding in the po file?16:44
dpmmterry, I believe yes16:46
mterrydpm, cool16:47
dokojamespage, do we have the no-jars-in-package fun in quantal too?16:58
jamespagedoko, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1203022/16:59
jamespagemore potential rather than actual at this point in time just like bytecode compat16:59
dokocan we revert this change before a test rebuild?17:00
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xnoxcjwatson: is there a good test to see if the livecd booted in efi or bios mode?17:02
smoserslangasek, or stgraber do you have thoughts on the above?17:02
smoserit really seems like the current code basically telling ifupdown that the iscsi interface is down as soon as *any* network interface goes down.17:03
cjwatsonxnox: [ -d /sys/firmware/efi ]17:03
xnoxcjwatson: thanks17:04
xnoxcjwatson: any tips on migrating existing system to efi ? i do have separate /boot do I need to convert it to "efi" partition?17:05
xnoxaka split it into two?17:05
dobeyIs there any way to tell lintian to ignore an error/warning from a binary package, via some extra field in the control perhaps?17:05
cjwatsonxnox: /boot and /efi are different categories of things17:06
cjwatsonYou must have an EFI System Partition17:06
xnoxok. will make one.17:06
cjwatsonI don't have documentation on doing a conversion to hand17:07
infinity       For binary packages, Lintian looks for overrides in a file named17:07
infinity       usr/share/lintian/overrides/<package> inside the binary package, where <package> is the17:07
infinity       name of the binary package.17:07
infinitydobey: ^17:07
xnoxcjwatson: ok.17:07
dobeyinfinity: ah, interesting. what doc is that in?17:07
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infinitydobey: The lintian manpage.17:10
dobeyah it's in the man page. but the syntax of course isn't. luckily first link i clicked on from duckduckgo seems to have it :)17:10
dobeyinfinity: thanks17:10
fbondmdz: Hope this is an okay place to contact you. Saw https://launchpad.net/cfontz but there is no code there. Any place I can find it?17:11
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SpamapScjwatson: playing a bit more w/ madison-lite here and there... its hard to see how slow it is until you actually put all of the archive files in... each Packages.gz processes "fast".. but there are .. well.. quite a few. ;)17:20
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bdmurraycjwatson: what networking drivers would be on the mini cd?  bug 104709217:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1047092 in linux (Ubuntu) "Mini.iso doesn't load wireless drivers" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/104709217:45
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xnoxcjwatson: grub2 from ppa works fine in bios mode with lvm/luks. my laptop refuses to boot in uefi mode =(18:17
infinitycjwatson: grub2 no workie on powerpc.18:23
SpamapScjwatson: just going through the cache files is still very expensive unfortunately18:25
SpamapScjwatson: mostly because there are so many to go through18:25
SpamapS  1295992   0.57777   7.09000   525: my ($key, $value, $is_all) = split;18:28
SpamapScjwatson: as you suspected, sqlite's indexes will probably blow the doors off that. )18:29
lifelessSpamapS: ?18:30
SpamapSlifeless: I'm taking a few moments to speed up rmadison18:30
lifelessSpamapS: oh cool18:30
SpamapSwhich I use quite heavily during SRU processing, and which is incredibly slow18:31
lifelessSpamapS: move it into LP ?18:31
SpamapSlifeless: thats what I thought actually :)18:31
SpamapSlifeless: but cjwatson is wary of the performance of versions+packages+sources in the API18:31
lifelessyou'd want a new API entry point18:31
lifelessno freaking way you want to use the object programming model, it would die from round trips.18:32
SpamapSIts asking "this random string, what packages/sources and versions and architectures are the highest published?"18:32
lifelessLP should be able to answer it in about 5 queries, bundle it into json and ship you a single result.18:32
lifelesswhere string can be a source package name or binary package name, right ?18:32
SpamapSlifeless: the other reason is, sometimes its nice to have a simple thing parsing the actual Packages/Sources lists18:33
SpamapSlifeless: right18:33
* xnox was expecting to fetch binary publishing history & source publishing history where status is published for active series + some string formatting18:34
xnoxto make an lpmadison18:34
lifelessso yeah, internally thats 1) identify the archives, 2) the series 3) find any matching binary package names, 4) find any published binaries for those names and get the source package names - add to the inputs, 5) find any source package names 6) find the highest published version per series. Done.18:35
infinitylifeless: Even if it all could be done quickly in LP, the results are still "wrong", in that people aren't interested in LP's publishing state, but in what's actually on-disk.18:35
lifelessThat should be well under 100ms18:35
lifelessinfinity: LP knows whats on-disk.18:35
infinityIt sure doesn't.18:35
infinityIt's about 30 minutes early on that.18:35
lifelessdepending on which mirror they use, it can be hours early.18:36
infinity(Which is fine, but not helpful for madison use)18:36
infinityAlso, your above is missing the source->binary mapping, including out-of-date binaries.18:36
infinityIt gets more complicated.18:36
xnoxbut for SRU you want what's lp view of things is, even if that's what's only going to happen in the future 30 minutes.....18:37
infinityxnox: For SRU processing, you don't even want published, you also want accepted and unapproved, which isn't really what madison's for.18:38
infinity(In other words, you want to know everything that's about to happen, not everything that has happened)18:38
SpamapSfor SRU I would like LP's view18:41
infinityExtending rmadison to have a "show me what LP thinks is published" and a "show me what's in accepted/new/unapproved too" option would be neat, but speeding up the current "show me what's on-disk" view is a nice start.18:43
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bryceh@pilot in19:53
=== udevbot changed the topic of #ubuntu-devel to: Quantal Quetzal development | Archive: Open | Dev' of Ubuntu (not support or app devel) | build failures -> http://qa.ubuntuwire.com/ftbfs/ | #ubuntu for support and general discussion for hardy -> precise | #ubuntu-app-devel for app development on Ubuntu http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment | See #ubuntu-bugs for http://bit.ly/lv8soi | Patch Pilots: bryceh
mdzfbond: I would be happy to send you the code but you left :-(19:54
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tedgslangasek, Which Chinese is "Simplified"?  I've got zh_CN, zh_HK and zh_TW.  Though, none of them show the bug :-920:02
Davieybryceh: err, 'weston'.. Odd choice of sponsorships.20:05
stgrabertedg: zh_CN20:06
Davieybryceh: The debian/changelog suggests it's a really useless upload.. but infact misses out that it drops a patch?20:07
Davieybryceh: http://pb.daviey.com/FNu4/20:07
tedgstgraber, Thanks!20:07
brycehDaviey, hmm20:08
brycehno reference to the patch in the changelog20:11
brycehnor does the patch exist in the git tree20:11
Davieybryceh: and xgrep?  These seem like uploads not worth the buildd time.20:14
Davieywhy didn't dholbach upload that himself?20:15
brycehDaviey, dude, just trying to work through the pilot queue, why so critical?  topic says the archive's open20:15
Davieybryceh: Sure, ok.20:16
DavieySorry if i seemed to pick, wasn't meaning to.20:16
SpamapSdoko: any word on bug 1048710 ? New upload in progress?20:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1048710 in python3.2 (Ubuntu) "Regression in argparse for Python 2.7, 3.2 and 3.3" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/104871020:20
brycehtjaalton, looks like the git.diff came from your 0.95.0-0ubuntu1 upload; was that just build tree cruft or is that supposed to be there?20:21
dokoSpamapS, Fri, sorry, was distracted by other issues20:21
SpamapSdoko: sounds good, thanks.20:22
tjaaltonbryceh: yeah, source format 3.0 playing tricks20:26
tjaaltonbryceh: also, those changes should go to debian20:26
brycehtjaalton, yeah, and I told the author so.  But isn't that why we put this junk on alioth to begin with rather than in bzr?  ;-)20:26
tjaaltonbryceh: yes, but in debian branches and then merge ;)20:27
tjaaltonnot a big deal, will get sorted out at some point20:28
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slangasektedg: simplified chinese is the one used in the PRC (so zh_CN)20:29
brycehtjaalton, *shrug*  there was already a 0ubuntu1 version and the changes are minor, they can wait20:30
slangasektedg: Taiwan uses the traditional because they were too busy fighting a war on their rear guard to worry about changing their alphabet20:30
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tjaaltonbryceh: exactly20:30
tedgslangasek, Heh20:32
tedgslangasek, Thanks!20:32
tedgStill seemingly can't change my time format, not sure why.20:32
* bryceh waves to tedg20:33
tedgHowdy bryceh!20:33
slangasektedg: what bug are we talking about, anyway? :)20:34
tedgslangasek, bug 1028866 -- trying to recreate.20:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1028866 in indicator-datetime (Ubuntu Quantal) "the date is not displayed correctly in the "date and time setting" window" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/102886620:35
tedgslangasek, Not sure why LC_TIME=zh_CN LANGUAGE=zh_CN gnome-control-center isn't working.  Get a locale not supported error.20:35
tedgAh, there we go.  Needed a ".UTF-8"20:36
tedgHmm, bug looks fixed :-)20:36
tedgThe box really should resize for the last character though.20:37
slangasektedg: fixed> מזל טוב20:38
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c_claphamHi, I want to get involved with helping to develop ubuntu but don't know where to start. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks.20:50
brycehc_clapham, depends on what you are interested in, and what you hope to get out of it, mind elaborating on your interests?20:51
smoseranyone else have old school (ie 2005) fonts after upgrade today?20:55
dobeyinfinity: can you go ahead and reject ubuntuone-client-data please? (sorry)20:57
infinitydobey: I would if I'd gotten around to uploading it for you.21:00
infinitydobey: Since I didn't, you're set!21:00
dobeyinfinity: ah, ok. then don't upload it :)21:01
infinitydobey: Done.  I'm good at doing things that amount to not doing anything.21:01
infinitydobey: I might even not do it twice.21:01
dobeyinfinity: thanks for nothin'! :)21:05
smoserslangasek, are you going to upload mountall ?21:18
smoseri have a fix for cloud-init 'start networking' (replacing it with the emit net-device-added) but it doens't fix my problem entirely21:19
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slangaseksmoser: not this week, since I'm not in a position to deal with any regressions and haven't yet tested it to my own satisfaction21:30
slangaseksmoser: but yes, I am going to upload21:30
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SpamapSsmoser: my 30 second skim over that tells me its good :)21:45
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bryceh@pilot out22:29
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micahgbryceh: requestsync -h when sponsoring22:37
micahgrequestsync -s22:38
micahgI mean syncpackage -s22:38
brycehmicahg, ok, didn't realize that was required.  It can't figure that out?  It did prompt me to login to LP.22:40
micahgbryceh: it shows the sync requester on the -changes list22:40
lamontthis wonderful thing where unity decides that I want a full screen window because I moved it and it bumped into the top... how do I make it stop trying to help me that way?22:40
brycehmicahg, ok.  Is that really all that important?22:41
micahgbryceh: it shows up on the requester's +synchronised-packages page and will show up when we look for previous uploads if someone applies for dev membership22:41
micahgit makes it like any other sponsored upload basically22:42
micahgbryceh: there's also a -b flag for closing the sync bug22:44
brycehah, I was looking for that22:45
micahg(which happens to include whether or not it's sponsored)22:45
bryceh*sigh* @ piloting.  bleah.22:45
* micahg hugs bryceh22:46
Laneyyou don't feel happy with it?22:51
ogra_lamont, that will immediately start working magically after you convinced it to have sane alt-tab behavior :P22:52
lamontogra_: I don't believe you22:53
* ogra_ doesnt think either is easily changeable 22:53
lamontogra_: more seriously, in the way before time, I smashed unity-3d in the face about buttons in the title bar (moved them to the right), the moved to 2d because the rendering speed made things unusable, and well, I'd like to move the buttons back to the left now without reinstalling the machine... got any magic sause for me?22:54
ogra_lamont, unity --reset22:54
ogra_that should reset to defaults22:54
lamontah, but I still want focus follows *()^& mouse, even if that isn't quite as strict as I'd like it to be22:55
brycehLaney, was that Q for me?22:57
Laneybryceh: yeah22:58
ogra_lamont, https://launchpad.net/unsettings22:58
ogra_lamont, thats what i used to switch back to FFM22:58
ogra_(and for changing font settings etc)22:59
* lamont runs to fetch a kid22:59
infinityogra_: unity --reset is removed in Quantal.22:59
infinityogra_: But there's some gsettings invocation that will do vaguely the same thing.22:59
ogra_sadly the utterly unusable alt-tab behavior is not fixable at all :(22:59
ogra_i really wonder who thought its a good idea to make it app based vs window based23:00
infinitylamont: The edge->max/tile behaviour is in the "Grid" plugin in ccsm.23:01
lamontoh, ogra_ btw, unity --reset?  they dropped that23:01
infinitylamont: Edge -> Resize Actions.23:01
ogra_lamont, yeah, infinity said so too23:01
lamontinfinity: thanks23:01
lamontanyway, afk23:02
ogra_if ther is an equivalent unity --reset should really trigger it23:02
brycehLaney, ah, yeah just frustrating.  sometimes piloting gets a bit drudgery, lots of little details to tend to23:02
brycehbut... a nice break from fixing graphics I guess ;-)23:04
micahgLaney: you should try piloting some time :)23:06
Laneyyeah, I probably should23:08
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smoserso i have one thought about my cloud-init fix https://launchpadlibrarian.net/115772437/cloud-init_0.7.0%7Ebzr644-0ubuntu1_0.7.0%7Ebzr644-0ubuntu2%7Eppa0.diff.gz23:46
smoserif an entry is listed in /etc/network/interfaces23:46
smoserbut is not present23:47
smoserthen i'' emit a 'added' event for it.23:47
Presonus_ProbsHi roomies :) first time user here, sorry if im in the wrong channel23:47
smoseri could check for an entry in /sys/class/net/ but i'm not guaranteed for /sys to be mounted at that point.23:47
Presonus_ProbsHas anyone had any experience with Presonus Mixing desks and UbuntuStudio? Im having a few problems23:53
Presonus_Probsalready asked #UbuntuStudio, thought I'd throw it in here just incase23:53
TheMuso`Presonus_Probs: I suggest you ask in #ubuntustudio.23:57
TheMuso`oh sorry missed your second comment.23:57
Presonus_ProbsThanks TheMuso23:57
Presonus_Probs:) thought id chuck it in here just incase it was a common problem devs would know about23:58
TheMuso`I don't think many, if any people in here work with firewire audio gear. Have you asked in any of the Linux audio IRC channels?23:59
TheMuso`Presonus_Probs: Try #lad as well.23:59

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