nov503Hi, anyone can help me a little bit? I'm quite confused at what "commission" means and does…00:01
nov503in MAAS, when I click "accept&commissioning", the nodes machine are in shutdown status..how can they commision with the server?00:02
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grizcreativeneed some help with torrentflux on ubuntu server, any takers?00:36
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bigjoolsnov503: it will power up the declared node (assuming you set power params properly) and have it send a message to the maas server before it shuts down00:40
nov503bigjools: could you give me some keywords on this to search for?  should i use something like pxe?00:44
bigjoolsnov503: you need to set the power parameters in the "edit node" page and then make sure the node is set to PXE boot00:45
bigjoolsnov503: this page takes you through the process: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ServerTeam/MAAS#Installation_and_initial_set-up00:46
nov503bigjools: thanks for that! I'm looking at it01:20
slybootsHey, Anyone able to think of a reason why a ubuntu-server client would fail to have its hostname resolved by DNS?01:43
lifelessif DNS isn't configured?01:43
slybootsIT pulls a ip address from the DHCP server, I've got several other clients (windows, linux, freebsd)01:43
slybootsAnd all work OK, they get the IP, and can ping other machines via their hostname01:43
slybootsBut this *one* box wont01:43
slybootsI can ping other machines OUT from the box via their hostnames OK.  But no other machine on the network will accept its hostname01:44
slybootsHm, okay, it looks like its actually an issue with the DNS server01:46
mp__is there a way to estimate the needed specs for cpu and hdd/ssd speed of a kvm server?02:02
patdk-lapestimate what everything on the kvm server will need02:04
patdk-lapadd up all the cpu requirements, add a percentage extra for kvm overhead02:04
mp__i probably shouldn't have said "estimate"02:09
patdk-lapestimate, know exactly, heh02:12
patdk-lapwhen your talking about kvm/xen/lxc/..., it doesn't matter02:12
patdk-lapwhatever is installed in those kvm/xen/lxc/... is what will dictate what you need02:13
patdk-lapkvm server will run happy on an core2duo with 256megs ram, on a usb stick02:13
patdk-lapbut your kvm guests probably won't be so happy02:14
mp__tell me more about happy kvm guests02:15
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nov503hi, anyone can use avahi boot successfully ? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ServerTeam/MAAS/AvahiBoot03:38
nov503i tried this, but the client machine just run into a console03:39
bigjoolsdid you not get the option to "install with MAAS" ?03:40
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uvirtbotNew bug: #1050185 in maas (main) "dhcpd.conf is not updated after dpkg-reconfigure maas" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105018504:56
nov503bigjools: no…i don't…there is just some output of normal linux boot info04:59
bigjoolsnov503: ok it's possible that it can't see your maas service then, is it running and on the same subnet?04:59
nov503i think so, they can ping each other05:00
nov503bigjools: looks like this guy has the same problem05:01
bigjoolsthat doesn't necessarily mean they are on the same subnet05:01
bigjoolsor that maas is running05:02
bigjoolsnov503: no it's a different problem05:03
nov503they have the same ip prefix, i don't know how to make sure maas is running though05:03
nov503i used the cd install, install from mass server, they can find that server and enlist itself05:04
bigjoolsI am not sure then, sorry.  I've not personally done anything with Avahi so you might want to post a question on the mailing list yourself05:04
nov503bigjools:  thanks for help. Sure, i can do that. Or maybe I can try the dhcp way05:05
bigjoolsyeah that will work for sure05:06
bigjoolsjust pxe boot it05:06
nov503bigjools: what i'm thinking is set the next_server to the maas master in the existing dhcp server.05:06
nov503bigjools: but i've already installed maas-dhcp in the maas server, do i need to remove it?05:07
bigjoolsno, just reconfigure05:07
bigjoolsassuming no other dhcp server is running on your network05:07
nov503hmm…there is one running, i want to use that one05:08
nov503and set that one's next_server to the maas server05:08
nov503instead of making maas server take over the dhcp05:08
bigjoolsok then uninstall maas-dhcp05:08
nov503thanks, do i need to remove dhcpmasq then?05:09
nov503ok, hope that can work! I will try it tomorrow05:09
nov503many thanks for the help!05:10
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tazmaniasome help with php on my ubuntu server 10.04LTS.  Apache2, html/s, and cgi are working fine except for php.  I keep getting prompt to download the php file instead of showing on the page.05:34
tazmaniaI have visited many faqs on setting up php on ubuntu server05:37
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DavieyUgh, python-quantumclient depwait on clifftab .. adam_g / zul06:28
Daviey(in Precise PPA)06:28
sisteczkoWelcome. After upgrade 10.04 -> 12.04 I suffer problems with my Linux Software Raid array. Does anyone here could try to troubleshoot the problem?06:29
sisteczkoMost relevant information should be on http://askubuntu.com/questions/186666/mdadm-fails-after-10-04-12-04-upgrade06:30
uvirtbotNew bug: #1050211 in bind9 (main) "(CVE-2012-4244) bind9: specially crafted resource record causes named to exit" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105021106:56
ae01I'm need some help.07:04
ae01Could you pls.07:05
sisteczkoea01: Not an answer to you question, but the line "sudo chmod +x openerp_6.1-latest-1_all.deb" is not needed.07:20
sisteczkoae01: Please explain what to you mean by "This code before I'm copying from my preseed"? It is not English enough ;-)07:21
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linociscoAs I have no internet at home. I run ubuntu guest on vbox at work where I could use internet .Some times I tried to copy /var/caches/apt/archives to USB flash drives and take it home and on my home ubuntu server, I tried dpkg -i *.* but got error always. that is not helpful for me. It is not easy to use aptonCD everytime to waste CD daily08:00
Davieyugh. http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc664808:07
linociscowhat is quantal-server?08:15
linociscois it different server?08:15
Jeeves_Newer (beta) versino08:15
linocisconext beta version of ubuntu server 12.04 x.x.x ?08:19
dax_rocShould dnsmasq be installed on 12.04 upgrade, or is it present on Desktop only ?08:20
linociscoi installed ubuntu desktop 12.04 on vbox and install required packages and copy from its /var/cache/apt/archives to USB flash drives and take it home to install on my ubuntu server 12.04 with no internet access. I installed by using dpkg -i *.* and got many errors. no packages were installed08:23
dax_rocrip resolvconf out and install dnscache I think.08:31
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mp__will i face performance issues connecting sata-6 hdds to sas 2.0 interfaces?09:28
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Davieyroaksoax: hey, in Quantal -  o maas-provision: maas-provision maas-provision-common python-maas-provision isn't seeded.. We probably need to make them transitional and seeded09:34
linociscowhat is the meaning of seeded?09:42
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Davieylinocisco: each ubuntu flavour has a seed, which is an index of packages it cares about, and supports.  This lists is evaluated to also include it's dependencies, using a tool called germinate.09:52
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riz0nHello. I have Ubuntu Server 12.04 with Postfix,Dovecot,Spamassassin,Clamav,and Amavis. Can someone tell me where I can edit the rules? The filter sets SPF_FAIL to 0.919 and I would like to set it to something like.... 10 ;)10:22
riz0nI have my filter cut-off at a level 3, but some still pass through and I see that they all have the same SPF_FAIL similarity. SPF records has been an adopted standard for many years now. If the host doesn't have a valid SPF record, then I want to score the message high enough for the Spamassassin/Amavis to flag it as spam.10:24
linociscoDaviey, Seed, germination. those sound like I am learning Botany. Who gave those kind of names?10:39
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IamTryingI have two virtual host for ubuntu and its apache package.10:57
IamTryingVery odd in my Red hat enterprise linux / CentOS / Fedora it works like cake.10:58
IamTryingBut in Ubuntu 12.04 its a nightmare10:58
IamTryingHere is some dump: https://gist.github.com/371306210:58
IamTryingNow when i browse http://site1 it goes to /var/www/html10:58
IamTryingWhere it should be going to /var/www/html/site1/public10:59
IamTryingIts not doing that10:59
IamTryingBeside that i made sure also: $ a2enmod rewrite ; /etc/init.d/apache2 restart # still same problem exist. but no error throwing now.10:59
IamTryingHow can i resolve this plz?10:59
uvirtbotNew bug: #1050351 in lxc (universe) "lxc-start-ephemeral suppresses command exit status" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105035111:00
IamTryinguvirtbot, is this the bug related to my query?11:01
uvirtbotIamTrying: Error: "is" is not a valid command.11:01
IamTryingOK - you are Mr. Bot. Is there anyone alive here. Is this a dead channel or what? Hello Launch time, i hope you dont mind to throw some alphabets on my ubuntu apache journey.11:02
IamTryingNever mind, dead room.11:17
xnoxIamTrying: you should not use *:80 in all stanzas11:21
xnoxIamTrying: that will fail11:21
xnoxIamTrying: use site1:80, site2:80 and it will work11:22
xnoxIamTrying: do not have a default *:80 "catch-all" cause it will catch _all_11:22
IamTryingOK - xnox. IC now. great help.11:22
IamTryingOK - it was catching all yes11:23
xnoxIamTrying: read apache docs ;-) $ sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart11:23
xnoxis "debian/ubuntu" way of restarting apache, it will check the syntax and bail to restart if syntax is wrong11:23
IamTryingOK - problem is resolved thanks to your site1:80 vs *:80 theory.11:25
IamTryingThanks a lot xnox11:25
patdk-lapxnox, that restart was true only before upstart11:26
xnoxpatdk-lap: apache2 will not be converted to an upstart job anytime soon, because of all the things it can do apart from simply starting/stopping apache daemon11:26
xnoxpatdk-lap: apache2 is still an init script ;-)11:27
patdk-lapwell, as long as it's not an upstart script11:27
patdk-lapbut service works for both :)11:27
roaksoaxDaviey ok i thought the plan was tondrop them from the archive but will do11:31
Davieyroaksoax: hmm, ok.. depending if we do the feature SRU, we might still need it?  changing the contents?  if not, we should probably Replaces: ?11:35
Davieyroaksoax: if you raise a removal bug, i'll happily process that.. but just make sure you have worked out both the upgrade plan and potential SRU handling11:36
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roaksoaxDaviey it replaces/conflicts with maas-provision and that unintalss maas-provision only11:39
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roaksoaxDaviey  that doesnt uninstall -common or python-maas-provision but if they are dropprd from the atchive we will be good11:42
roaksoaxor should at leaeast11:43
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roaksoaxboth cjwatson and slangasek recomended that if it was to be removed11:43
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roaksoax but i will check again with them11:44
Davieyroaksoax: hmm, just dropping them from the archive won't help it get removed from peoples machines11:44
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roaksoaxDaviey on upgrade they would if they are gone from the archive wouldnt they? how could we test that in reality?11:51
sazawalMy filesystem is showing I have 9.6 GB free and 5 GB available on / partition. As well as 21.3 GB free and 2.8 GB available on another partition. Doesn't it looks like Ubuntu is reserving too much space for root?11:56
fidelhi - i just realize imapsync is gone in 12.04. anything else you can recommend if i want to copy several accounts from 1 server to another12:05
fidelimapcopy might be an option right?12:05
sazawalMy filesystem is showing I have 9.6 GB free and 5 GB available on / partition. As well as 21.3 GB free and 2.8 GB available on another partition. Doesn't it looks like Ubuntu is reserving too much space for root?12:07
xnoxsazawal: by default we install single partition.... did you manually partition?12:11
sazawalxnox, yes I did12:14
xnoxsazawal: ..... ext4 defaults is 5% reserve12:15
sazawalxnox, Is it okay, if I move all the reserved space to available space in other partition12:15
ogra_you dont want to install any apps or so ?12:15
xnoxdo you want /var/log/* to kill your server ?!12:16
sazawalxnox, yes but it is already doing that in root partition12:16
ogra_you definitely want the space in /usr to install additional apps, space in /var for package caches and logs and space in /boot to carry the incrementing kernel upgrades12:17
ogra_fi you can make sure all these are on the other partition you can indeed shrink your / partition12:18
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demoo201can anybody in the house help out on vpn route config on zentyal server12:30
demoo201can anybody in the house help out on vpn route config on zentyal server12:32
demoo201can anybody in the house help out on vpn route config on zentyal server12:35
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demoo201can anybody in the house help me out on vpn route config on zentyal server12:38
Davieydemoo201: no. bencer might.. but please stop asking.12:38
demoo201sorry when i didnt get any response from anybody12:39
bencerdemoo201: you might ask on #zentyal12:40
demoo201alright thanks12:40
bencerdemoo201: usually if nobody replies means that they don't know or they are busy12:40
bencermake you question and wait patiently :)12:40
demoo201am sorry i will be right back pls12:42
zulgood morning12:42
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hallynstgraber: all right, 3 fixes queued in ubuntu:lxc.  looking back over the list for other lightweights13:37
hallynstgraber: do you agree we need FFE for the upstartify change, or can we call that a bugfix (since it fixes a delay on 'stop lxc')?13:37
hallynstgraber: oh!  pls try the ubuntu:lxc, and tell me if the init msgs going to console is going to upset ppl.13:38
stgraberhallyn: I think we'd need a FFe for the upstartify change13:38
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hallynstgraber: ok.  let's just hold off on it then.  there's enough to worry about13:41
hallynhuh.  my screen just went black for 3 secs, then came back13:41
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stgraberhallyn: just went through the diff in ubuntu:lxc. For kmsg, I'll had to test to see how annoying it's but I'm more worried by things outside upstart logging to kmsg13:45
hallynstgraber: well right now they end up just printing to /dev/kmsg as a file13:48
hallynso i think this is an improvement13:48
hallyn(/dev/kmsg device node doesn't get created by debootstrap apparently)13:49
stgraberhallyn: agreed13:49
hallynhm, no, in an older quantal container it was created as a chardev.  but in others not.  how in?13:50
stgraberhallyn: I'm pushing a small apparmor change to ubuntu:lxc13:51
stgraberhallyn: I'll then go look at the staging git for other bugfixes we should include13:51
stgraberhallyn: did you have a chance to fix that shutdown() bug yet?13:52
hallynstgraber: no.  lemme do that right now.13:54
hallyndid you want to grab the mp in https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lxc/+bug/1050351 ?13:54
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1050351 in lxc "lxc-start-ephemeral suppresses command exit status" [Low,In progress]13:54
stgraberhallyn: probably. I'll look at it and fix in both shell and python version13:54
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stgraberhallyn: merged wgrant_'s branch14:01
hallynstgraber: ok.  (hence my failed push :)14:03
hallynthat's for lxc-start-ephemeral?14:03
stgraberhallyn: yep14:05
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wgrantstgraber, hallyn: Thanks.14:10
hallynstgraber: i'm going to re-fetch, apply debdiff, and push.  are you not modifying it for the next 5 mins?14:10
stgraberhallyn: when you have a sec, I have a few commits in https://github.com/stgraber/lxc/commits/master that I'd like to see pushed to the staging branch (would be good to have your changes in git too)14:10
stgraberhallyn: I'm not touching bzr for the next 5 mins14:11
donspauldingI need to transfer over 100,000 files from a server with a full disk over the network to a server with a larger disk.  I can't seem to get the netcat incantation right.14:12
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donspauldingOn the receiving end, I run this:   nc -l 3452 | bunzip2 -vvv | tar -x14:13
hallynstgraber: yes, i have several changes to push too.  will lookat yours right now.  (just pushed bzr)14:13
donspauldingOn the sending end, I run this:  tar -c new/|bzip2 -vv9|nc bigbox1 345214:13
hallynstgraber: do you think i should add ecryptfs mounts to lxc-start next to your overlayfs ones?14:13
stgraberhallyn: that sounds like a good idea, yes.14:14
donspauldingHowever, both terminals just sit there with a "stdin: " prompt.14:14
donspauldingIf I type into the receiving ends stdin: it echoes to the sending end.14:14
donspauldingAnyone know what's going on?14:14
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hallynstgraber: looks good, pushing14:21
stgraberhallyn: cherry-picked all the python-lxc fixes from upstream.14:21
hallynstgraber: and put them where?14:21
stgraberhallyn: do you think we should replace test.py by the new examples/api_test.py14:22
stgraberhallyn: ubuntu:lxc14:22
hallyni'm goign to now take my pending ubutnu:lxc patches and push them to my github tree for you to review14:22
hallynuh, sur14:22
hallynwell, what's the advantage?14:22
hallyntbh i'ts a bit terse to be an example14:22
stgraberwell, test.py just contained a bunch of commands, api_test.py at least uses everything that's in the API14:23
hallynperhaps an ultra-simple 'create-and-run-container' python script would serve as a godo example14:23
hallynok, then, sure why not :)14:23
hallynbut i'm thinking "take this command and run it in a freshly created precise container".  without any cloning.  ultra-simple but prehaps useful to someone, and helpful14:24
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stgraberhallyn: pushed one more commit to my branch for when you have a sec (cleanup of api_test, will be included in ubuntu:lxc)14:33
hallynstgraber: hm, i'm not happy with how my cherrypicks are leaving history.  'git log staging..stgraber' is showing commits which exist in staging.14:36
hallynanyway, pushed14:37
stgraberhallyn: yeah, I noticed that before, I usually just pull a clean copy of the upstream branch once everything's been merged to clean that up14:38
hallynstgraber: oh, *that* is why i thought lxc.mount parsing had been fixed.  it's fixed upstream, but we haven't merged that bck in yet14:40
hallynmy kingdom for a release :)14:40
hallynstgraber: can you review github.com/hallyn/lxc #staging and push to lxc/lxc if it looks ok?14:42
hallyni think everything else we have patched in ubuntu:lxc is reflected in github14:43
stgraberhallyn: ok, doing that now14:43
stgraberhallyn: we have the double-fork code in ubuntu:lxc right?14:44
hallynstgraber: ypu, commit 098d04a4b45daabf7cb5a98e7d02531aa96fbd6d14:44
hallynstgraber: are we content with putting things into github and not separately sending email?  or should we, once we're hapy, do a git-send-email for the last week's patches of so?14:45
stgraberhallyn: I'm fine with just doing stuff on github, if we see that believe want more notifications we can always have the staging branch send e-mails to lxc-devel14:46
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stgraberhallyn: cherry-picked the 3 commits from your branch14:52
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stgraberhallyn: you added ecryptfs only to abstractions-lxc-start-container, not to abstractions-lxc-start-container.in. Fixed that for you, otherwise it'd have got lost at build time :)14:55
hallynstgraber: Gah.  thanks.  i didn't realize we had a .in file for that14:55
stgraberyeah, multi-arch path14:56
stgraberwhich is actually kind of wrong...14:56
stgraberif you have a setup with an amd64 host, i386 container and i386 nested containers, apparmor will fail14:56
stgraberas it's going to be the profile on the host that'll have to cover everything and the second level of containers will use /usr/lib/i386... and not /usr/lib/x86_64...14:57
stgraberhallyn: do you see any problem in just changing that to -> /usr/lib/*/lxc/ ?14:58
hallynstgraber: i don't.  but is there a better place to put that?14:59
hallynthat's just for the mount targer reight?14:59
hallyn^ 'mount target, right?'14:59
uvirtbothallyn: Error: "'mount" is not a valid command.14:59
stgrabermount target and pivot target yeah14:59
hallynideally we could have a different path, with sub-paths, so i can mount ecryptfs path to /whatever/lxc/ecryptfs and then mount that to /whatever/lxc/root15:00
stgraberindeed. I'm also tempted to say that this really should be /var/lib/lxc/<name>/mount/ or something similar so it's per-container and not likely to race when starting a lot of them15:01
stgraberpossibly with a matching config key to support using an alternate path if the admin doesn't want to use /var for that15:02
hallynstgraber: the only thing that could race is the pre-start hook (which shouldn't do mounting)15:03
hallynstgraber: bc we use the the mounts are done in a separate ns15:03
hallynstgraber: maybe this is worth discussing at uds15:04
hallynand leaving as is for now15:04
stgraberhallyn: well, it'd get racy if you start creating directories outside of the rootfs15:05
stgraberhallyn: but yeah, probably worth discussing at UDS15:05
stgraberhallyn: for now I just pushed the change to allow /usr/lib/*/lxc/15:05
hallynstgraber: cool15:05
hallynyes - creating directories would be racy :)15:05
hallynstgraber: but my main prblem right now is that lxc-ls shows 'ecrptfs-root' and 'ecryptfs-root.hold' as containers :)15:06
stgraberwell, lxc-ls is pretty stupid... I'll fix that :)15:06
stgraberit really should only list /var/lib/lxc/*/config15:06
hallynwell no - actually that proves that what i'm doing is wrong15:06
stgraberoh, yeah, and you should have these directories under the container directory in /var/lib15:07
hallynthe ecryptfs root does have to be in /var/lib/lxc/container/ bc the .hold file will cause a problem with >1 ecryptfs containers15:07
stgrabernot directly in /var/lib/lxc15:07
hallynyeah, i didn't do it for apparmor reasons15:07
hallynwe need a way to say "you can only mount under /var/lib/lxc/@container@/**15:07
hallynerrand - bbl15:08
stgraberhallyn: well, that's in the start-container profile right? if so, I'd go with just allowing mounts in /var/lib/lxc/*/15:08
stgraberhallyn: what we really care about is what you can do from within the container, I don't think we should spend too much effort trying to restrict lxc-start as it's running outside the container and as root anyway15:09
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hallynstgraber: ok let me fix that then.  were you planning to push new pkg soon?15:20
hallynstgraber: i'll open a new bug for it15:20
stgraberhallyn: I think we have enough things in there now that we probably should upload today once all the remaining fixes are in there (still scanning the upstream branch, but it's looking good so far)15:22
hallynstgraber: ok if you're happy with your fixes, i can push once i get the ecryptfs fix in15:23
stgraberhallyn: test build finished here, so at least I didn't break anything with the few files I've been moving/removing in there. I just finished going through the git branch and I think we're good, didn't see anything relevant to cherry-pick15:25
stgraberhallyn: so go ahead with the upload once you're done fixing ecryptfs15:26
hallynstgraber: ok  (i'll do a lxc-test run first)  will wait until after lunch15:30
hallynstgraber: actually i'd appreciate your review of the ecryptfs fix (still working on it)15:30
uvirtbotNew bug: #1050469 in lxc (universe) "cannot use more than one ecryptfs container" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105046915:30
hallynwhat?  how cna the tree have diverged?  ijust pulled it :)15:35
stgraberhallyn: last revision I pushed was 15615:39
stgraberseems like that's still what's in the tree15:39
hallynstgraber: oh no, you broke build :)  sed: can't read debian/apparmor/*.in: No such file or directory15:42
hallynstgraber: should we keep that loop (and fix when it's empty) or remove it?15:42
hallyn(pushed the ecryptfs fix for nwo)15:43
hallynwell i'll just remove the loop for now15:43
stgraberhallyn: doh, not sure why I didn't get that one :)15:44
stgraberhallyn: thanks for fixing it15:44
hallynstgraber: pushed, will test and push after lunch.  ttyl15:47
uvirtbotNew bug: #1050459 in requests (main) "Dependency typo (python-urrlib3 instead of python-urllib3)" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105045916:06
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marcfpi had installed ubuntu 12 and apache with mysql and phpmyadmin too16:39
marcfpwhen i try to see my  homepage wichone is maked using php, i only see a blank page, can somebody help me, please ?16:40
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marcfpbut if i want see info.php, wichone contain <? phpinfo(); ?> it shows the php page ...16:46
marcfpcan somebody help me, please ?16:46
RoyKmarcfp: you probably need to install libapache2-modphp16:46
marcfpRoyK: libapache2-modphp ?16:46
marcfpi think that i had installed it16:47
RoyKthat is16:47
marcfpRoyK: libapache2-modphp ?ii  libapache2-mod-php5   ?16:47
RoyKand perhaps reload or restart apache16:47
marcfpit is installed16:48
marcfpRoyK: i had make service apache2 reload and /etc/init.d/apache2 reload16:48
marcfpsorry, reload no, restart :S16:48
RoyKrestart should be quite sufficient16:48
RoyKmarcfp: which distro version is this?16:48
marcfpRoyK: ubuntu 1216:48
RoyK12.04, then, I guess16:49
jacobwhi, i'm having a problem with using koan with cobbler16:49
RoyKmarcfp: check /etc/apache2/mods-enabled16:49
RoyKls that dir16:49
RoyKis php5 there?16:49
marcfp/etc/apache2/mods-enabled/php5.conf  /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/php5.load16:50
RoyKshould work, then16:50
marcfpthere are these16:50
marcfpbut it doesn't work :(16:51
RoyKmarcfp: try changing that to <?php ...16:52
jacobwmy problem seems similar to this bug, which is marked fix released as of 2012-01-1816:53
marcfpRoyK: if i make a new page named "prova.php" and i gonna access to http://localhost/prova.php, i gonna see the page of php information :S (excuse my english mistakes)16:53
RoyKmarcfp: did you try <?php ?16:53
marcfpi'm goona try it16:53
jacobwbug #91828616:53
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 918286 in cobbler "koan: [precise] Wrong install location?" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/91828616:53
marcfpRoyK: it makes the same16:54
RoyKmarcfp: I just tested on this 12.04.1 install where I didn't have php5 installed - installed libapache2-mod-php5, reloaded apache, created a test page http://smilla.karlsbakk.net/phptest/16:55
marcfpRoyK: i'm using Ubuntu/Linaro 4.6.3-1ubuntu516:56
RoyKmarcfp: on arm?16:58
marcfpRoyK: i'm using virtualbox :S16:58
marcfpRoyK: no, on amd ahtolon II x4 640 processor16:58
marcfpi386, sorry :s16:59
RoyKmarcfp: I guess #linaro may be better then16:59
marcfplinaro ?16:59
RoyK18:56 < marcfp> RoyK: i'm using Ubuntu/Linaro 4.6.3-1ubuntu516:59
marcfpwhat is it ? (sorry for my dummy question, but i don't know what is it :S)16:59
marcfpRoyK: thank's to you :)17:02
RoyKnp :)17:03
marcfpi had joined into this channel ans asked for my problem :) thanks17:03
hallynstgraber: tests passed, pushing to q17:03
RoyKSome redhat guys at work tells me "redhat solves most bugs, and canonical/ubuntu hardly solves any, but relies on other people's work" Is there anything true about this? If not, where can I find references?17:06
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hallynRoyK: i'm sure there's a channel more appropriate for that discussion.  #ubuntu maybe.  not sure.17:09
hallynoh, hm, didn't run examples/api_test.py.  belatedly doing so now17:10
ogra_RoyK, yeah, indeed, w're all slackers, we only import the debian packages, twiddle thumpbs for 6 months and make a release ;)17:11
ogra_the redhat guys have a really deep insight into canonical ... they definitely know how we work ;)17:11
RoyKogra_: really, I wasn't trying to blame anything or anyone17:13
ogra_RoyK, i wasnt referring to you but to the RH guy ;)17:14
RoyKogra_: I've been using debian/ubuntu for rather a few years (debian since 1998 or so, later ubuntu), I just wanted to know if anyone had any docs about htis17:14
rmkRoyK: Let this person check out all the Ubuntu launchpad bugs and responses.17:14
rmkRoyK: There are thousands of issues where various people have responded with patches, created PPAs with the fixes, etc.17:14
ogra_RoyK, docs about RH people spreading FUD ? i doubt there are any17:14
RoyKdunno - perhaps this wheenie is just spreading FUD because he likes things the old way :P17:15
ogra_the old way?17:15
RoyKthe redhat way, meaning the old way, how things have been at this facility for some time17:16
ogra_you think dropping /usr, replacing init etc is the "old way" ?17:16
ogra_(or defaulting to a tmpfs for /tmp to include the last insanity)17:16
RoyKI'm not trying to start an argument here17:17
ogra_i know, me neither ...17:17
ogra_but the above is clearly FUD17:17
ogra_ask them for docs and numbers first ;)17:17
RoyKwill do. this guy probably has asberger's or worse17:18
RoyKso it's a bit hard to discuss things with him17:18
marcfpsee you17:18
* patdk-wk hasn't seen rhel fix bugs, normally I have to look elsewhere17:18
ogra_there are plenty of such guys in the RH world ... *cough*lennartOS*cough*17:18
marcfpi'm download ubuntu-server distro now17:19
patdk-wkI have seen both fedora and ubuntu upstream bug fixs17:19
patdk-wkbug fixs relevent to me :)17:19
marcfpand i will install it17:19
RoyKmarcfp: probably safer ;)17:19
ogra_so claiming such a thing without providing any numbers or docs proving it is pure FUD17:19
RoyKmarcfp: stick to the LTS releases for servers17:20
patdk-wkI'm also sure ubuntu patchs get covered up, between the upstream to debian then up to the kernel/lib/...17:20
marcfpstick ?17:21
marcfpone moment :S17:21
marcfpi don't know what stick means17:21
RoyKmarcfp: what I mean, is use LTS releases (12.04 is the latest, 14.04 will be the next) for your server(s)17:22
RoyKmarcfp: the versions between won't be supported very long, but LTS releases are supported five years17:22
ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server; with the exception of 12.04 (Precise Pangolin), which will be supported for 5 years on the desktop. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Precise (Precise Pangolin 12.04)17:22
patdk-wkunbetween releases are only supported for 18 months17:23
RoyKnon-LTS-releases, like the upcoming quantal 12.10 release, are supported only 18 months17:23
RoyKyeah, as patdk-wk said17:23
patdk-wkinbetween :)17:23
patdk-wkno wonder that looked odd to me17:23
* patdk-wk open eyes, where is the caffeine17:24
RoyKunbetween \o/17:24
RoyKreminds me of a brilliant book by Neal Gaiman, Neverwhere17:24
hallynjamespage: are you around?17:25
RoyK(and if you're interested in that book, don't do the major mistake of downloading and watching the tv series, they suck rather badly)17:25
hallynjamespage: wondering if we can try one last time to chat about the blueprint item:17:26
hallynProvide a test to check the status of the VM after upgrade (nested VM's)17:26
* patdk-wk would love a movie trilogy of otherland17:27
slybootsAnyone know why Ubuntu-server would keep running Dhcpd requests when I've set the entry in /etc/network/interfaces to static?17:27
slybootsIts really screwing things up..17:27
stgraberhallyn: cool, thanks for the upload.17:28
RoyKslyboots: probably 12.04?17:28
slybootsYes, sorry, 12.0417:28
stgraberhallyn: do you already call src/python-lxc/examples/api_test.py in lxc-test? if not, that should be a good addition17:28
RoyKslyboots: pastebin /etc/network/interfaces, please17:29
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.17:29
patdk-wkslyboots, did you reboot, or use ifdown/ifup?17:29
RoyKor /etc/init.d/networking restart ?17:29
slybootsnetworking restart, then when it kept happinging I used ifdown/ifup17:29
RoyKmaybe dhcpcd is still alive?17:30
uvirtbotNew bug: #1050523 in maas "maas kernel cmdline must include iscsi_initiator" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105052317:31
marcfpsee you17:31
hallynstgraber: no, i don't.  good idea17:32
stgraberhallyn: in theory, if something goes wrong it'll trigger one of the asserts in it causing the script to return non-zero17:33
slybootsOkay, set a kill signal to dhcpd, with luck that'll sort it17:33
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hallynstgraber: done, works like a charm :)17:46
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theguywithanaxegot a quetion for you guys, i have a dual nic on a server and was wondering how i could or if i could use the servers second nic to connect a PC through it to the internet17:59
theguywithanaxei've seen somepages on proxy forwarding but im not sure if im headed in the right direction17:59
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JanCtheguywithanaxe: somebody else asked the same question on AskUbuntu... http://askubuntu.com/questions/177985/natting-in-ubuntu-server18:12
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KorsakofHi! Anyone knows if LVM on a whole disk is considered aligned from a SAN point of view?18:30
theguywithanaxehow do you save with the VI editor?18:35
theguywithanaxeim used to nano write outs lol18:35
Korsakofescape, :w18:39
RoyKtheguywithanaxe: run vimtutor ;)18:41
RoyKKorsakof: depends on the SAN system18:41
RoyKKorsakof: most high-end SANs have thin provosioning and spread out the blocks on whatever spindles they have18:42
KorsakofRoyK: netapp (ontap) with vSphere 518:42
RoyKKorsakof: then just don't think about it - it might be good to change the i/o scheduler, though, but my tests show no significant difference between them18:43
RoyKsome say "use noop", some say "use deadline", cfq is the default, but I'm not sure if that's optimal for such storage18:44
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RoyKcfq does more than a few tricks to sort things according to disk layout18:45
RoyKthat's not what you want when storage is outside of linux' reach18:45
RoyKdeadline is pretty basic, and should work well18:46
RoyKnoop is the most basic of them, just bash out all i/o to the device and let it do its thing, maybe better for some setups18:46
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KorsakofRoyK: Thanks! The guy that is in charge of our SAN keeps telling us that we need to align the partition in our vmdks.18:53
nov503hi, when I run maas-import-isos, it says : httpd does not appear to be running and proxying cobbler. Anyone has any ideas please?18:53
RoyKKorsakof: there probably isn't a reason to do so18:54
KorsakofThe tool mbrscan is able to view normal partition table and tell if its aligned or not but it does not detect lvm on a whole disk...18:54
KorsakofI'm not really surprised to hear that :)18:54
RoyKthing is, virtualized storage is another cup of tea than working with physical drives18:55
nov503when i run sudo cobbler check, it says httpd does not appear to be running and proxying cobbler. as well18:55
RoyKnov503: check the apache logs18:57
uvirtbotNew bug: #1050559 in cyrus-sasl2 (main) "Sync cyrus-sasl2 2.1.25.dfsg1-5 (main) from Debian unstable (main)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105055919:01
theguywithanaxeyeah that link is  nott helping lol19:02
theguywithanaxeit sights baad argumments and all the commands are not listed correctly19:02
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koolhead17Daviey, ping ping :)19:28
koolhead17adam_g, zul hellos19:28
Davieykoolhead17: hey19:33
koolhead17Daviey, need you permission sir19:34
Davieypermission to ask a question?19:34
theguywithanaxednsmasq setting to hand out IPs in a range for a network? not sure what im supposed to uncomment19:55
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aarcaneI've just installed ubuntu server, and for some reason, the command chattr +i somefile is not working for any value of somefile.  lsattr is failing similarly with Operation not supported While reading flags on20:24
aarcaneit's an ext4 system, so I know it SHOULD work.  it just doesn't.20:24
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nov503Hi, I've seen this problem and solution…does anyone know how to sync the clock for the node?21:09
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 992075 in maas "Commissioning status persists with cloud-init 0.6.3-0ubuntu1" [Undecided,Confirmed]21:09
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nov503I've solved that, thanks21:45
nov503Hi, when I run pxe booting, my slave machine falls into a shell when commission, and the commission status persists. The apache log says nothing, any one know where the problem may be in?22:01
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nov503Hi, anyone saw this problem before? from syslog in.tftpd[5655]: tftp: client does not accept options23:06
ogra_whats the problem with it ?23:08
nov503when i pxe boot the maas slave(commission), it just fall into login promt23:08
ogra_well, that message is perfectly normal23:09
nov503and another message is tgtd: conn_close(101) connection closed, 0x2440ec8 123:09
nov503and it never finishes commssion23:09
ogra_well, i have not much knowledge about maas, but if you actually only have these two messages i would go with the second one :)23:10
nov503thanks for that ! let me search more for it…23:10
ogra_the first one is just tftpd informing you about the clients features23:11
ogra_(or non-features)23:11
nov503make sense, thanks!23:11
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KentosHey everyone23:20
Kentosrunning into some troubles with connecting through my server to the internet through its second NIC23:20
uvirtbotNew bug: #1050663 in openssh (main) "Weird key bindings in vi in an ssh session from 64bit to 32bit" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105066323:26
nov503Hi, I can't finish the node commission, and the log of /var/log/cloud-init is : searching for data source in ['datasourceNoCloud', []]'datasourceconfigdrive', 'datasourceOVF'] and didin't find them23:45
nov503does anyone have any ideas?23:45
Kentosanyone able to help with connecting my pc through my server's second NIC to the internet (which should be on 1st NIC)23:51

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