true_techieTroy^, i saw a lot of information which did not include the name of the port00:01
=== jungejas_ is now known as jungejason
lnxslckTroy^, do you use ntop?00:04
LinuxGhostSome body help me, my /boot/grub/ directory doesnt contaain menu.lst nor any kernel file thus I cant boot into Ubuntu partition on my dual boot PC. I can see the ubuntu system files from windows 7 through ext2explore. What i must do to boot into Ubuntu.This started after i ran a command . . . UPGRADE in terminal after being unable to update system so it looks like it has removed all my kernel files.Help me....00:05
Jagst3r15can you push changes to a file from gedit directly? is there a plugin for that?00:05
Jagst3r15i guess ftp or something00:06
=== Dad_ is now known as Guest24051
LinuxGhostSome body help me, my /boot/grub/ directory doesnt contaain menu.lst nor any kernel file thus I cant boot into Ubuntu partition on my dual boot PC. I can see the ubuntu system files from windows 7 through ext2explore. What i must do to boot into Ubuntu.This started after i ran a command . . . UPGRADE in terminal after being unable to update system so it looks like it has removed all my kernel files.Help me....00:07
alpre_LinuxGhost: ubuntu uses grub 2 now00:07
TeamRocket1233cI G2G for the night, I'll BBT. Bye! -wave-00:07
blackshirtlinuxghost, not menu.lst anymore..but grub.cfg instead00:07
LinuxGhostSo what do ?00:08
LinuxGhosthow to solve my problem?00:08
alpre_reinstall grub from livecd LinuxGhost00:09
blackshirtlinuxghost, look at /etc/grub.d/ directory.. Edit on them, grub.cfg was autogenerated by update-grub00:09
blackshirtDon't edit directly on grub.cfg..that was not recommended,00:10
LinuxGhost1you mean i must download an ubuntu 12.04 burn it on a disc run as live cd and choose an option from it to reinstall grub?00:11
LinuxGhost1ive disconnected00:12
alpre_LinuxGhost1: yes, you boot into livemode, there is an article on ubuntu.help about reinstall grub livecd00:13
blackshirta lot of guide00:14
alpre_np, it is in section 2.2.2. just google reinstall grub ubuntu00:14
phong_hi, does anyone know how to setup svnmanager in linux?00:16
phong_please do help00:17
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blackshirtphong_ is there that packages on repository?00:17
phong_blackshirt, i'm new00:17
phong_i need apache server right?00:17
blackshirtlets try search with $apt-cache search svnmanager00:18
phong_i want to setup ubuntu to be repository stuff00:18
phong_then on windows i can use tortoise svn00:18
phong_blackshirt, will you help me with linux stuff?00:18
blackshirtdon't worry...00:19
blackshirtA lot of people here have capabilities00:19
phong_do you want to remote in my ubuntu?00:19
Canadian1296Is it possible to use multiple casper-rw files on a persistent USB? The largest one i can have is 4GB (FAT32 limitation), so can i get capser to use multiple files?00:19
LinuxGhost1to reinstall grub from livecd can i do it with any version or must be the last one i was using before grub being removed?00:21
OerHeksCanadian1296, try pendrive for multi boot linux >> http://www.pendrivelinux.com/yumi-multiboot-usb-creator/00:22
LinuxGhost1where ubuntu.help?00:22
OerHeksLinuxGhost1, the last one, grub200:22
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)00:22
phong_ blackshirt are you there ?00:22
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=== arjen is now known as ladispute
blackshirtphong_ yess00:24
LinuxGhost1thanks oerheks00:24
blackshirtpong_ nothing there svnmanager00:26
bjrohananyone here familiar with GIMP? i have problems with my text tool, can't get help on the GIMP channel yet.00:26
ubottusvn is Subversion: an open-source revision control system, which aims to be a compelling replacement for CVS. See http://subversion.tigris.org/00:26
grybjrohan, what's the problem, please ask in full so if someone actually knows gimp they can help you00:27
blackshirtPong_, if you want svn, install svn on your server00:27
blackshirt!version svn00:28
phong_how to do it?00:28
blackshirt!svn version00:28
phong_blackshirt, i'm also new to ubuntu too man00:29
mineogantest please ignore00:29
phong_wanna learn00:29
bjrohanI am running 12.04 and GIMP 2.8.2 (installed via Synaptic). Every time I change the font of the text tool, GIMP crashes00:29
blackshirtphong_ why not try git?00:29
phong_blackshirt, do u use teamviewer?00:29
blackshirtphong_ you want me to remote access your server00:30
phong_yes bro00:30
OerHeksbjrohan, gimp 2.8.2 isn't in the repo, did you use PPA?00:30
blackshirthave you ssh server installed00:31
dr_willisheh - i cant even figutre out how to change the font in the text tool in 2.8.? gimp in 12.10 ;P00:31
bjrohanOh, must have been PPA00:31
bjrohanIt had been working fine, then POOF it doesn't00:31
OerHeksbjrohan, PPA's are not supported here, so you better contact the owner of that ppa.00:31
phong_blackshirt, i just install ubuntu on vmware00:31
phong_like 5 mins ago00:32
dr_willisThere we go.  that text tool is a little.. weird. ;)  but at leat its not crashing  bjrohan  :)00:32
phong_blackshirt, can we use teamviewer ?00:32
phong_that is easy to install on ubuntu00:32
blackshirtphong_ you do it on virtual machine.. I no have access on them00:32
phong_well can you run teamviewer then?00:32
blackshirtI mean, i have no access00:33
phong_what do u meant?00:33
bjrohanOerHeks & dr_willis So I uninstall GIMP then remove the GIMP ppa that I have? reinstall a different version of GIMP?00:33
phong_blackshirt, i can provide you the id and pass for teamviewer00:33
blackshirtphong_, no, i don't have play with teamviewer or vnc00:34
phong_i ran ubuntu as bridge mode00:34
blackshirtlets me try to ssh, pm me00:34
delinquentmeOerHeks, it doesnt tell me that I need to make a reserved user to handle the DB ???00:35
delinquentmeis that secure enough?00:35
delinquentme( on the OS )00:35
grizcreativeneed some help with torrentflux on ubuntu server...any takers?00:36
OerHeksdelinquentme, i am not sure if that could be a security hole.00:36
dr_willisbjrohan:  find a differnt ppa, use source perhaps.  check the backports repos..00:38
pozI have a problem with my dual boot and grub. I currently have my ubuntu on another HD and want to boot from it and have windows 7 as the default after 10 seconds. I can boot into win 7 if I set it to from the bios. If i set it to boot from by ubuntu HD, it will boot win 7. However, and this is where the problem is, if I boot into ubuntu and restart and try to boot into win 7, I get an error. To boot back into win 7 I have to change it in the00:38
TheMadDrizzleSomeone tell me wtf this latest update push for ubuntu did to my grub dual boot?00:39
pozThe error is "no such device: ################" - "invalid signature." - "press and key to continue..."00:39
TheMadDrizzleAnyone else have the same problem?  Latest update earlier today bypasses grub?00:40
pozlol themaddrizzle is having a problem with his grub and dual boot as well. is it the same as mine?00:40
codemonkeyIs there software available anywhere that is capable of network analysis / tone generation in software?00:41
TheMadDrizzlepoz:  You just update today?00:41
codemonkeyIm looking for a applicaion version of a network fluke00:41
pozthis has been a problem for a few weeks now00:41
TheMadDrizzleNah mine just started today.00:42
pozSo any anyone help me?00:42
TheMadDrizzleI auto updated and it said some new lts version?  And now my grub menu wont pop up00:42
pozoh i see00:42
pozI have a problem with my dual boot and grub. I currently have my ubuntu on another HD and want to boot from it and have windows 7 as the default after 10 seconds. I can boot into win 7 if I set it to from the bios. If i set it to boot from by ubuntu HD, it will boot win 7. However, and this is where the problem is, if I boot into ubuntu and restart and try to boot into win 7, I get an error. To boot back into win 7 I have to change it in the00:43
pozbios. The error is "no such device: ################" - "invalid signature." - "press and key to continue..."00:43
TheMadDrizzleSo you're trying to boot from ubuntu hdd, but win7 is on another disk and thats what you want to load?00:43
codemonkeypoz: AHCI issue with the HDD im guessing?00:44
codemonkeyare you having to switch back and forth from AHCI to LEGACY?00:44
pozwhat is AHCI? and yes00:44
OerHekscodemonkey +1 good analyse00:44
pozI am not sure what AHCI and LEGACY is00:45
codemonkeypoz: you most likely have a config issue with grub not taking notes from your bios setup. did you install ubuntu under the AHCI settings or the LEGACY. (LEGACY im guessing)00:45
pozWhat ever the default is. I never came across any option for that00:46
pozI am using grub customizer though00:46
codemonkeyhmm which one?00:47
=== Onixs_ is now known as Onixs
pozI dont know, it is called Grub Customizer00:48
pozGrub Customizer 3.0.200:48
poz"Grub Customizer is a graphical interface to configure the grub2/burg settings"00:48
codemonkeypoz: perhaps it does not matter, that is unless you want to parse for the AHCI hook in the kernel. it may be better to use a cannon to kill the mosquito and reinstall ubuntu with the AHCI setting set.00:48
OerHekscodemonkey, i think reinstall windows ( legacy/ide > AHCI) ubuntu does not start in IDE mode.00:49
pozWhat is AHCI? that option never came up when I was installing ubuntu00:50
Tech-Itchoh boy00:50
codemonkeypoz: OerHeks may be right. I dont know if Grub or lilo parse the bios for that setting.00:50
pozwhat do you mean?00:51
OerHeksNo, you need to set it manually.00:51
codemonkeypoz: LMGTFY: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Advanced_Host_Controller_Interface00:51
OerHekspoz, what do you need to change in order to boot windows?00:51
pozI need to boot from the HD that windows is installed on00:51
codesciencepoz, not in grub?00:52
Pocketsthis is my first time using irc; do I just ask my question, or wait until the current one is answered?00:52
codemonkeypoz: so your not dual booted, your hdd swapping for the changes?00:52
codemonkey*os change00:52
OerHeksPockets, , just ask00:52
codesciencePockets, ask away!00:52
pozHowever, if I change it to boot from the drive with ubuntu on it, grub works and I can boot into windows 700:52
PocketsI am trying to use Kobo Desktop ereader on Ubuntu 12.04. I have it properly installed, (it is not available from a repository, but downloaded from the kobo developers) and must be run through the terminal. However, when I run it, I get the error"error while loading shared libraries: libicuuc.s0.44: cannot open shared object file: no such file or directory"00:53
codesciencepoz, buggered mbr on the windows drive.00:53
Pocketshow do I get the required library?00:53
pozBut if I boot into ubuntu like I am in right now and restart, somthing changes that causes an error when trying to boot into windows 700:53
codesciencepoz, what is the error?00:53
pozThe error is "no such device: ################" - "invalid signature." - "press and key to continue..."00:54
PocketsI have searched the web for ~ an hour but found nothing00:54
pozthere are a bunch of number and such, i just did not type them all out00:54
codesciencepoz, grub pointing to the wrong drive location perhaps?00:54
pozI think so00:54
Noobuntupoz, grub has got the uuid of ur drive wrong00:55
pozSo i need to adjust it to the correct one. how can I find the location for that?00:55
bobweaverPockets,  is libzip1 installed ?00:55
codemonkeyPockets: try installing one or both of the following.00:56
codemonkeylibicu44-dbg - International Components for Unicode00:56
codemonkeylibicu44 - International Components for Unicode00:56
codemonkeylooks like dependency hell00:56
bobweaverPockets,  32 bit ?00:56
r0csteadyhi, I am still very new to open source & ubuntu. i usually use adobe acrobat pro to convert files to pdf's. i am looking for an alternative.00:56
Pocketsyes, 32bits00:57
bobweaverPockets,  there is a deb00:57
pozAny suggestions?00:57
codemonkeyPockets: dont know if it will help but instead of installing packages with apt-get try using aptitude, its a little more intelligent on resolving conflicts. Unless installing from source...00:57
r0csteadythere are so many options out there --cups-pdf --tetex-extra00:57
r0csteadyany suggestions?00:57
bobweaverPockets,  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=165389600:57
lauratikapoz: chech under /etc/fstab/ to reasign the hd00:57
codemonkeyok ill fire across the room again, does anyone know of a FLUKE style application for linux that will work like a network analyzer?00:58
Pocketsbobweaver, I'll try that, thanks a lot00:59
Noobuntuuse "blkid" command to get the uuid of ur windows boot drive00:59
* r0csteady thinks maybe this not the right channel for this type of ?01:00
=== mmoebius is now known as mmoebius2
lauratika sudo blkid01:00
=== mmoebius2 is now known as mmoebius
pozso does fstab have the corret UUID or the current UUID?01:00
bobweaverPockets,  I would also look at Post #2 here  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=1218890801:00
bobweaverPockets,  Look 90% the same as what is going on with you01:01
codemonkeyr0csteady: libre office has an option to change documents into .PDF's but its a one way creation.01:01
* r0csteady will check out libre office01:01
r0csteadyty codemonkey01:01
cynicEyah I use that option often it's awesome sauce.01:02
cynicin libreoffice01:02
=== Hayate is now known as blackshirt
lauratikapoz:  sudo blkid will give you the current uuid01:02
pozThis is what one of the line says, could the error be a problem?# / was on /dev/sdc2 during installation01:02
pozUUID=53f11e2a-aa2c-48dc-a55f-78d96a0bab1c /               ext4    errors=remount-ro 0       101:02
pozoh okay01:03
pozThanks everyone!01:04
blackshirtpong_, still there guys?01:05
blackshirtpong_ i lost my connection01:06
Linuxfreak78Hello all. I am hoping someone can either help me or point me in the right direction.  I have a fairly new Dell XPS 17 laptop, and the fan runs consistently on it -- mostly when the screen is on (even if I'm not doing anything), while the fan slows down (but does not stop) when the screen goes off.  I'm  not sure where to start.  Suggestions, anyone?01:07
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
codemonkeyLinuxfreak78: got cats / dogs? good ol can of air in the heatsync can work wonders, dell is pretty good about the thermal paste on the processor / coprocessor. If it was a Gateway, HP or Compaq id say disassemble and put on thermal paste. But the dell should be ok. First step check the fans...01:09
ubottuTo access CPU temperature sensors and detect fan speeds, install the lm-sensors package. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SensorInstallHowto for installation and usage instructions.01:10
OerHeksLinuxfreak78, ^^01:10
silverarrowhi OerHeks01:11
OerHekshi silverarrow01:11
Pocketsbobweaver, THANK YOU, that second thread was what I needed01:11
silverarrowOerHeks,  not everyday you meet a heks01:12
bobweaverPockets,  Np got it from http://googlubuntu.com01:12
Linuxfreak78OK well I can check that.  But just another point, I dual boot, and under Windows the fan hardly comes on, even when I'm watching videos, playing games, etc.  Are there any good sensor indicators for Unity?01:12
cimoPlease, I have a problem in qt does not show me the results in consol I do not know why I use ubuntu 12.0401:12
Pocketsnow I just have to contend with my school's proxy and starting up the application for the first time without proper internet :P01:12
bobweavercimo,  what are you doinng with QT ?01:12
bobweavergood luck Pockets01:13
codemonkeyLinuxfreak78: might you be converted to playonlinux ?01:13
Pocketsthank you so much01:13
OerHeksLinuxfreak78, on that page there is a sensor-applet too.01:13
OerHekssilverarrow, do you really nead one for your ubuntu Question?01:14
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience01:14
Tech-Itchdoes anyone know how to redirect audio from one app to another using jackd ?01:14
cimoProgram my some projects c + + but does not show results01:14
Pocketsoh, is there a way to force a program to use a certain proxy AND authentication? (the system wide network proxy settings only allow proxy address, not sign-in)01:15
bobweavercimo,  qt-creaator ?01:15
bobweaver!arabic |cimo01:16
ubottucimo: For Arabic language support, please : /join #ubuntu-arabic : للحصول على الدعم باللغة العربية01:16
lauratikai have an issue with pulse audio every time some use the other account in ubuntu sound wont work till i restart pulseaudio any ideas on how to fix it?01:17
bobweavercimo,  np01:17
=== blackshirt1 is now known as blackshirt
kostkonlauratika, give: groups <yourusername> | grep pulse01:20
lauratikakostkon: type groups username then grep?01:21
kostkonlauratika, it's one line01:21
lauratikaso from give:01:22
dr_willisgroups <yourusername> | grep pulse01:22
=== kaly is now known as Layke
dr_willisif your username was 'billgates'   then --->    groups billgates | grep pulse01:22
dr_willisI dont have pulse in my groups here. ;) but i am on a 12.10 box.01:23
dr_willis groups willis01:23
dr_williswillis : willis adm cdrom sudo dip plugdev lpadmin sambashare01:23
=== anon is now known as dragonslay
lauratikaso my group is laruatika01:24
lauratikaso lauratika : lauratika | grep pulse?01:25
Linuxfreak78No playonlinux here.  I ran the sensors command, and the temperature (56 celsius) is well below the 'high'  value of 86, so my system is warm, but not hot.  What would cause the fan(s) to run like this continuously?01:25
=== romy_420 is now known as romy420
phong_hi all01:27
phong_does anyone know how to setup svn server in ubuntu?01:28
dr_willis apt-cache search svn | grep server01:28
dr_willislibapache2-svn - Apache Subversion server modules for Apache httpd01:28
lauratikawhat grep pulse will do?01:28
dr_willissearches for the word 'pulse'01:28
dr_willisnight all01:29
codemonkeydr_willis: no rest for the wicked...01:29
lauratikadr_willis it brings nothing back}01:29
lauratikathat is what should do?01:29
=== vikas is now known as Guest45619
crackerjackzi'm about to send my friend home with a ubuntu live cd - he needs to chroot and reinstall grub, might there be a guide or something ic an print off for him real quick?01:31
codemonkeycrackerjackz: http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/ubuntu/reinstall-ubuntu-grub-bootloader-after-windows-wipes-it-out/01:32
aristidesflhow can I set LC_ALL to all users?01:34
codemonkeyaristidesfl: elaborate01:35
aristidesflcodescience actually, it's something else01:35
aristidesflI've a service deluge.conf01:35
aristidesfland I've loved in and exported LC_ALL01:36
aristidesflloged in01:36
aristidesflit seems not to detect LC_ALL when I use the service to start01:37
aristidesflbut if I fire deluge directly it does01:37
gurragif I download a 12.10 prerelease now, will it still function later on [with updates] as if I had downloaded it after the October release date? Or will it somehow be "marked" and not equivalent to a "real" 12.10 release?01:37
ValkrieMissileHello all.01:38
codemonkeyValkrieMissile: keep it on a leash will ya?01:39
ValkrieMissileLOL codemonkey <301:39
codemonkeyaristidesfl: still checking http://dev.deluge-torrent.org/wiki/Faq01:41
codemonkeyaristidesfl: perhaps this will help. https://bhsingh.googlecode.com/svn-history/r444/trunk/bin/squeeze01:45
aristidesflcodemonkey how so?01:46
matbeeany idea why my text is hollow/outlined only on chrome?01:46
codemonkeyaristidesfl: have you been playing with this block in the config?01:47
codemonkeysed -i '/^DIR_MODE/s|^.*$|DIR_MODE=0700|' $ETC/adduser.conf01:47
codemonkeyALL_USERS="vault:1 admin:2 guest:3 monitor:4 debug:5 test:601:47
elkymatbee, what text?01:47
matbeeelky, all text. actually... until I zoom in about 500%01:48
aristidesflcodemonkey no01:49
aristidesflI don't have a adducer.conf01:49
aristidesflI don't have a adduser.conf01:49
elkymatbee, what theme does it say you're using on chrome://settings/personal ?01:49
codemonkeyaristidesfl: perhaps I dont understand your question, what is it you are trying to do?01:50
elkymatbee, chrome://settings/advanced also lets you customise the font. perhaps a past you fiddled with that?01:51
codemonkeyaristidesfl: perhaps try #deluge01:52
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=== Wolf is now known as Guest44244
pozCan someone help me with my dual boot?01:58
pozthere are a lot of details so I cant type it all out in one time01:59
pozIs anyone here?02:00
jerry_ldual boot02:00
pozyes, dual boot02:00
dragonslayuse pastebin to post02:00
jerry_lwhere are you at in the process?02:00
pozjerrym are you talking to me?02:01
pozjerry_1: are you talking to me?02:01
jerry_lare you considering dual boot or having an issue wit dual boot.02:01
pozan issue02:01
jerry_lyeppers poz02:01
jerry_lwhich os's02:02
pozk so what happens is this... I will go through the process until I get to the error02:02
dragonslaywhat's your problem poz?02:02
pozI am in windows 702:02
jerry_llol.. i already have win8.02:02
pozI restart and change my boot to a different HD that has ubuntu on it02:02
jerry_lsounds good so far..02:03
pozI have grub configured with grub customizer such that win 7 is the top defalt boot option... this works find and it loads windows 7 perfectly02:04
jerry_li wounder if SDA1 is changing with SDA2...02:04
bjrohanWhat is the channel for the beta version of Ubuntu?02:05
poznow i restart leaving it to boot off of the HD that ubuntu is on02:05
Richhhpossible to browse google images anonymously? (i dont know where to ask this)02:05
pozand boot into ubuntu fine02:05
codemonkeyRichhh: look up www.torproject.org02:06
pozAnd then I restart again and when I get to Grub I chose to boot into windows 7 and it gives this error...02:06
jerry_l...beta.. isnt that like VHS tape?02:06
pozThe error is "no such device: ################" - "invalid signature." - "press and key to continue..."02:06
pozdo you follow?02:06
Richhhcodemaniac invalid security certificate02:07
kieppiehi all. I'm getting a  "general protection fault" on my 64-bit 12.04 - how do I get to the bottom of this?02:07
wilee-nileebjrohan, #ubuntu+102:07
=== defcon is now known as Guest74061
jerry_lmonkey thats a nice site.02:07
=== Guest74061 is now known as Pebb1es
codemonkeyRichhh: https://www.torproject.org/02:08
mmoebiusHeyja. I encounter a strange bug in in the 12.04 Live CD most times the CD starts, apport reports a failure in "do-release-upgrade" but gives no further explanation. Does anybody have a clue on what might be going on there ?02:08
mmoebiusAlso, googling "do-release-upgrade crash" and similar does not turn up anything that makes sense, because that is not happening during an upgrade but anytime the Live CD starts02:09
wilee-nileemmoebius, This a live cd on a usb with a persistent file with upgrades, or just the cd.02:10
mmoebiusWould anybody know what in the Live CD starts /usr/bin/do-release-upgrade after the UI was initialized ?02:10
ceeregzhi there.  anywhere i can get help with wine/vineyard??02:11
jerry_lpoz did you try to reimage win 7?02:11
crackerjackzcodemonkey, ty02:11
mmoebiuswilee-nilee: It is a Live CD on a USB stick, but there are no persistence files02:11
=== defcon_ is now known as Guest40919
jerry_ldid you first make an image of your hard drive??02:11
mmoebiuswilee-nilee: Can you tell me which system/softwaree/daemon/foo starts this script ?02:12
ceeregzwine/vineyard help any1??02:12
=== Guest40919 is now known as defcon1
=== defcon1 is now known as defcon132
wilee-nileemmoebius, Not realy just curious is all.02:12
bjrohanHow do you fix broken packages?02:12
mmoebiuswilee-nilee: Seen that bug before ?02:12
jtsmith1287Ok, kind of long question here. I see a lot of questions being asked, so no worries if this can't get answered. I recently installed via the windows installer (12.04LTS) Everything seemed to work fine, but my computer reboots after a few seconds of being on the desktop. I was concerned there might be something going on with my overclock, so I turned it off. Didn't help. I don't have problems on Windows side, and I can't keep Ubunt02:13
jtsmith1287Any ideas where I can start looking? (sorry, I ran out of characters on first line)02:13
mmoebiuswilee-nilee: My background is that next month some guys and me are to install ubuntu on like 120 laptops of freshmen and it's a little bad if the first thing they see is a crash report :-(02:14
jerry_lsmith its probably true that ubuntu may crash.02:14
ceeregznobody know anything about wine problems??02:14
jerry_lAND.... ubuntu does not like beiing installed on NTFS..,. but probably will kinda work.02:15
=== brenden1 is now known as brenden1`away
mmoebiusbjrohan: apt-get install update ; apt-get install -f     that cleans most problems afaik02:15
ceeregzmy wine was installing Steam.exe but crashed mid way through.  now steam is partly installed but i cannot find it in the remove list in vineyard02:15
jtsmith1287Jerry: I'm guessing it's been made to work, or they wouldn't have a windows installer option on the front page of the website?02:15
examancerMy goal is to have ubuntu installed on my SSD and my /home on a software RAID (LVM) spanning my two 2TB drives. Do I need to set up the /home mount during the install, or is it relatively straight forward to move my /home onto another drive after install?02:16
jerry_lits so you can try it out and get used to it.....02:16
jtsmith1287I know a lot of people that have theirs running on NTFS having used a recent 'wubi' type installer.02:17
bjrohanThank you02:17
jerry_lLinix was not intended to actually be ran from a NTFS partition.02:17
jerry_ldo you have a second spare drive?02:17
aristidesflcodemonkey http://dev.deluge-torrent.org/ticket/1981#comment:502:17
aristidesflcodemonkey [ERROR   ] 01:17:15 autoadd:80 Unable to auto add torrent due to improper filename encoding: 'ascii' codec can't decode byte 0xc3 in position 2: ordinal not in range(128)02:18
jerry_l??? floodbot dont go .02:18
mmoebiusexamancer: moving /home is easy if you are not afraid of working on the console02:18
jtsmith1287jerry: I am not really an expert, but I don't think the partition is my problem.02:18
mmoebiusexamancer: Otherwise, configure the LVM from the Live CD  even before installing02:19
examancermmoebius: when you say console are you talking mostly /etc/fstab stuff or is there more to it?02:19
codemonkeyaristidesfl: does it happen to all torrents or just magnet links?02:19
mmoebiusexamancer: Well, you need to copy all /home/user from the old location to the new one02:19
aristidesflcodemonkey never tried with magnets02:19
jerry_lhave you proven it iyet. i can only make sugestions.... and i think there might be a log somewhere about what might be happening during crash.02:19
jerry_land you might want ot check your drivers.02:20
aristidesflcodemonkey it happens with .torrents files02:20
jtsmith1287I think if the partition was the problem, I would have had issues with the installer as well. It boots up just fine, and everything runs great. About 10-30 seconds after loading desktop however it powers down my machine.02:20
aristidesflcodemonkey which have non-ascii characters02:20
mmoebiusexamancer: so, you create your md RAID, pv, vg, lv and mount it somewhere02:20
aristidesflcodemonkey my env http://paste.ubuntu.com/1201728/02:20
mmoebiusexamancer: then you mv /home/* /mountoint-of-new-home-fs02:21
examancermmoebius: sure, that i can do. so just cp the entire /home/me directory. would i copy /home/me to /media/whatever-the-drive-is/me then?02:21
aristidesflthen I export AC_ALL=en_US.UTF-8, restart deluge, but still the same problem02:21
codemonkeyaristidesfl: try just using magnet links. make sure you are connecting to the trackers via a ssh socks proxy like https://www.torproject.org/ and for the love of pete, (or wendy) use magnet links. .torrent files are a sure bet to get you put on a list, then just wait for tpp02:21
jerry_l... are you sure.. does it say ubuntu shuting down? or just trun black after awhile?02:21
jtsmith1287The screen just goes black, and then POST.02:21
mmoebiusexamancer: and then you unmount /mountpoint-of-new-home-fs, add an fstab entry and mount the new fs on /home02:21
aristidesflcodemonkey thanks for the advise, but that doesn't solve my problem02:22
mmoebiusexamancer: I think, you should mv /home/me to /media/whatever-the-drive-is/me  but you got the idea02:22
jerry_lthats a crash not a shut down. can you do stuff before it crashes? like google/yahoo or anything?02:22
examancerk. i'll give it a shot. installing a 12.04 fresh but my old 11.10 /home is backed up externally so i'm sure i can recover02:22
mmoebiusexamancer: before mounting stuff on /home, /home should be an empty directory02:22
jtsmith1287No. It's pretty quick.02:22
pozjerry_1, how can I reimage win 7?02:22
examanceroh, makes sense02:22
examancercan i delete /home/me while i'm logged into 'me'?02:23
jerry_lprobably while loading drivers it locks up and reboots.02:23
jtsmith1287Doesn't it load drivers prior to desktop boot?02:23
jerry_li would try disabling devices in bios. do you have any add on cards?02:23
jtsmith1287I have only a graphics card.02:24
mmoebiusexamancer: deleting or moving /home/me might be difficult while logged in02:24
jerry_lprinters? external usb stuff? firewire?02:24
jerry_lwhat type ?02:24
jtsmith1287Very basic mouse and keyboard, monitor. That's it.02:24
jtsmith1287Well, and ethernet.02:24
mmoebiusexamancer: eigtherm restart in "resuce mode" , choose "root shell" or log out, then change to the raw VT (Ctrl-Alt-F1...F6), log in there, sudo -i and move it then02:25
jtsmith1287It's a kensinston 3 button mouse, and a generic microsoft keyboard.02:25
jerry_lBRB smoke break. and we will needpastebin. if someone could explain pastebin please..02:25
jtsmith1287the gpu is a radeon hd 677002:25
examancerthanks for the tips02:26
mmoebiusexamancer: that is because without graphical login there will not be any gvfs, gvonf, you-name-it, ... accessing /home/me/file02:26
mmoebiusexamancer: Good luck.02:26
examancersure, and root is at /root02:26
mmoebiusexamancer: Otherwise, the rescue console should be the safest way02:26
examanceri'll use that. i'll have to look up the right fstab settings, unless you can point me to some sane ones02:27
mmoebiusexamancer: and, you' ll need a /etc/fstab entry fro the new  /home02:27
examanceri know which /dev/sd** it is and all that02:27
mmoebiusexamancer: You have to make your own ;-) , wait a second02:27
examanceri just don't know about some of the "other" stuff02:27
pozso has anyone read and understood my problem?02:28
wilee-nileepoz, Have you run a update-grub in ubuntu?02:28
mmoebiusIf you use LVM, your lv will turn up as /dev/<volgroup>/<lvname>  ... taking that and assuming you make mkfs.ext4 on that device to create an Ext4 filesystem:02:29
cornellEvening all...02:29
mmoebiusexamancer: fstab-entry: /dev/<volgroup>/<lvname>      /home    ext4     defaults     0 102:30
examanceryeah, i'm going to use the gparted GUI probably, but i'm aware of the weird device name02:30
mmoebiusmmoebius: that's it02:30
examancerperfect. i thought only / could be 0 1 though and /home had to be 0 202:30
mmoebiusexamancer: you can make the fstab entry and then issue 'mount /home' and 'umount /home' from the console (or rescue shell) to see if it works and if the fstab-entry is correct02:31
cornellWell, I'd installed XFCE4 and xubuntu-desktop, to try other DE's, instead of the one with Ubuntu 12...  They look better... have menus... and frequently text boxes won't accept text :-(02:31
mmoebiusexamancer: That's the order of filesystem checks. all 0 1 are checked simultaneously which makes sense bvecause they are different devices physically in order to speed up things02:32
examancerany reason to use anything other than ext4 on an SSD?02:32
mmoebiusexamancer: On the other hand, I think the check order is ignored today on speedy computers, so 0 2 is as fine.02:32
examancerAny thoughts on whether its worth it to have a swap partition with 8GB of RAM? Leaning towards no.02:33
mmoebiusexamancer: sry, I don't own any SSD. but besides from that I heard rumors that some SSD optimize their wear-leveling strategies for "known" filesystems,  .... which in some bad luck cases means NTFS and FAT32 ... ans thus they'd wear out a tad faster with ext4 than with NTFS or FAT32, but that' not more than a rumor02:34
mmoebiusexamancer: You'll need aswap partition for hibernate (suspend-to-disk)02:35
pozwilee-nilee, yes i have02:35
jerry_lsmith are you still there?02:36
mmoebiusexamancer: Apart from that, A little swap hasn't hurt in the bad case something gobbles up all the real ram02:36
examancerhmm... don't really use that, but i guess its good to have. I'm guessing swap needs to be at least as big is my RAM and 8GB on my little 60GB SSD is asking a lot.02:36
mmoebiusexamancer: I'd not put swap on the SSD02:36
mmoebiusexamancer: too much traffic, tha controller cannot optimize it.02:36
wilee-nileepoz, How about a chkdsk on the windows?02:36
mmoebiusexamancer: Consider the swap a  "safety  cushion" before the mighty OOM killer comes to catch you ;-) The HD is just fine for that02:37
mmoebiusexamancer: besides, you're not on windows where anything occupies the swap unless that is absolutely needed (... or was needed at a point in the past)02:38
examancerhmm. i think i'll skip swap for now. if i run out of 8GB doing what this machine will be doing (mostly home server stuff) then 16 or 20 including swap probably isn't going to save me02:38
redwarriors25_how can i reinstall the flash plugin02:39
mmoebiusexamancer: The swap saves you from the OOM killer and you see it's slowing down (becaus of swapping a lot) ands then you can take corective measures before e.g. ssh and vpn got killed02:39
examanceryeah, i might just rather have it die02:39
mmoebiusexamancer: The bad thing about out-of-memory killing is that it always hits the wrong processes first ;-)02:39
examanceris it possible to add swap post-install?02:40
mmoebiusAnd it's only single processes, like gconf, udev or dbus not responding  because *they got killed * ... that is the definitive _not want_ situation.02:40
mmoebiusexamancer: sure02:41
mmoebiusexamancer: make some space somewhere (even a file can do) and make it an fstab entry02:41
pozwilee-nilee, what would that accomplish?02:41
examancercool. i'll wait until after i set up the LVM to figure out where i might want to put swap02:42
mirajI always thought swap areas had to be partitions?02:42
wilee-nileepoz, Windows may not be being read by grub if there are problems in the partition.02:42
mmoebiusexamancer: swap-fstab entry: /path/to/device/or/file    none     swap    sw    0   002:42
mmoebiusexamancer: then issue 'swapon -a'02:42
mmoebiusexamancer: Oh, and befor you issue 'swapon' , you must run 'mkswap /path/to/device/or/file' to make the device/file a swap area02:43
examancerthis might be one of the worst CPU power to SSD throughput ratios of any machine ever02:44
mmoebiusexamancer: If you go with the file, make it with dd:   dd if=/dev/zero of=/path/to/file bs=1M count=1 seek=1376M         ... if you want a (sparse) 1377MB file in an instant02:45
mirajsaw this in man swapon "You  should not use swapon on a file with holes." how do make sure a file has no holes?02:45
NautilusI could use a reminder... how do I set a sudo that works with in the GUI (as opposed to CLI)?02:45
mmoebiusexamancer: Before weeping, consder CPU throughput to RAM latency ;-)02:45
soulissonhi, do anonymous pipes  get destroyed when the process which invoked the system call ends ?02:45
examancermmoebius: DDR3 so the CPU is seriously the bottleneck02:46
examancerhttp://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813157247 << my CPU/mobo02:46
examancersuper low power though :-)02:46
newcodehey guys02:47
newcodewhen I restart apache on my ubuntu natty, I get this02:47
newcode[Thu Sep 13 02:45:14 2012] [notice] seg fault or similar nasty error detected in the parent process02:48
redwarriors25_how can i reinstall the flash plugin02:48
examancerhaha. funny developer02:48
mmoebiusexamancer: latency, latency, ... read U.Drepper on cpu and memory, http://www.akkadia.org/drepper/cpumemory.pdf02:48
mirajat least they didn't call the error "naughty"02:48
mmoebiusexamancer: sorry, that is a little rude , but it is the *latency* that gets each and any system killed.02:48
newcodedo you guys know where I should start looking?02:49
mirajnewcode : did it work previously?02:49
newcodeI just finished reinstalling the server completely02:50
newcodeapache starts02:50
NautilusI see that gksudo will let me set sudo for a particular app, but in my case I want to have permissions to eject an optical disc... I don't know if that's even an app or if it is, what it's name is.02:50
newcodewebsites don't work thought02:50
mirajnewcode : did it ever used to work on that machine?02:50
newcodeI get weird errors that don't make sense02:50
newcodeyes, but I wiped my server and reinstalled ubuntu02:51
newcodethen apache and the whole stack02:51
newcodeand there I am02:51
newcodeweird errors that dont make sense and when I restart apache02:51
newcodeI get that02:51
Nautilussegfault is bad02:51
mirajnewcode : what are the changes that some of the memory cam unseated?02:51
Nautilusnewcode: run a memtest to eliminate that as a cause?02:51
newcodenot sure how to do that02:52
Nautilusboot from an install CD and its an option in the list (last I think)02:52
mmoebiusnewcode: Insert the ubuntu live cd, in the boot menu, select "memtest"02:52
newcodeoh, guys, I dont have a GUI02:52
mirajnewcode : did you reinstall because you were having problems?02:52
mmoebiusnewcode: prefferably, run the test for like 48 hours02:52
newcodeits ubuntu natty no GUI02:53
newcodeI have it on the cloud02:53
Nautilusits not a gui thing02:53
mmoebiusnewcode: Do you have a management console ?02:53
newcodeall command line02:53
Nautilusoh that ram should be ok02:53
morgancould someone recommend an easy GUI app to hardcode an srt file into an avi?02:53
mmoebiusnewcode: In that case it is hopefully *not* a problem with the underlying hardware02:54
examancermmoebius: latency, and using tricks to avoid it, like squeezing your working data set to fit into L1/L2 cache, is why one program will run much faster than another program on the same hardware. but throughput and I/O are definitely factors, and even bigger factors in things like databases02:54
examancerso just depends on what the use case is02:54
examancerbut anyways, no matter what the use case, the E350 is a terribly slow CPU02:54
pozwilee-nilee, I do not think there is a problem with my windows 7 partition02:54
examancerI knew it was going to be slow, but I underestimated just how slow. I hear its faster than Atom, but it can't be by much.02:54
wilee-nileepoz, excellent then carry on.02:55
pozbut it does not solve the problem02:55
mmoebiusexamancer: oh, I get it, sorry. AMD E350 fusion. Thy system I am at was running the the same for a while ;-)02:55
pozthe reason why it is not a problem with my windows 7 partition is becuase it boots fine if i have its HD set to boot off of02:55
miraj examancer : how slow is this ssd?02:56
=== Wooie is now known as Woogie
mmoebiusexamancer: Anyways even for simple workloads like "gzip -1" I never got more than 16 MB/s out of one of it's cores.02:56
examanceri don't expect the SSD to speed up the system much, but I wanted to isolate the OS from the LVM store, so i can upgrade/wipe the OS partition easier and 60GB SSD are cheaper than most HDD now02:56
wilee-nileepoz, And grub is not involved then. I'm not going to argue this more than that as it could be any sort of problem really.02:57
mmoebiusexamancer: I swapped the machiun after I discovered that even md5summing wasn't any fasxter, where any Corei3 can do 60 MB/s with not much more power02:57
redwarriors25_where i can find the path of macromedia of ubuntu 10.0402:57
examancerbut i figure at least basic I/O will improve greatly and maybe the CPU won't be working so hard at doing all the LVM overhead for EVERY I/O anymore02:57
examanceri bought this mobo right before Sandy Brige came out. might have gone that direction otherwise.02:58
mmoebiusredwarriors25_: dpkg -l *flash*  .. then look at what packages that gives you, then dpkg -L <package-name>02:58
mmoebiusredwarriors25_: the flash plugin should be among that02:58
examancerdoesn't need to be fast though... just hoping this makes it less annoyingly slow02:58
morgancould someone please recommend an easy GUI app to hardcode an srt file into an avi?02:59
pozwilee-nilee, but if i have it set to boot off of the HD with ubuntu it still works fine. However the problem is when I then load into ubuntu and restart. When I am back into grub, windows 7 does not boot and I get this error...02:59
mirajexamancer :  how slow?02:59
redwarriors25_ok il try02:59
pozThe error is "no such device: ################" - "invalid signature." - "press and key to continue..."02:59
mmoebiusexamancer: Ahem, the E350 is no match to like nothing, as far as my experience goes, well it's quite on par with the dual core Atom D525, but they are both rather slow. For everyday surfing/typing it's okay though.03:00
pozSo there is somthing that triggers when I boot into ubuntu that causes grub to not be able to boot into windows 703:00
DarkenvyMy sound stutters frequently. Its only not noticable when I play dubstep03:00
redwarriors25_mmoebius nothing found else where??03:00
Nautilusdont play dubstep03:00
Darkenvywell if I dont then I notice the stuttering severely03:00
mmoebiusexamancer: The funny thing is its power consumption. As with the Atom D525, the cpu itself has only a few watts, but hte chipset has some whopping 20-30 W03:01
Darkenvypeople say the same fragment of words 5-6 times before it unlocks and continues03:01
NautilusDarkenvy: I was just kidding03:01
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Darkenvyit happens within VLC, virtualbox (video within), flash and HTML503:01
bazhang!behelpful | Nautilus03:01
ubottuNautilus: As our !guidelines say, "When helping, be helpful". If you're not familiar with the issue at hand, let someone else handle it instead of making !offtopic comments or jokes.03:01
DarkenvyHey Nautilus we met before03:01
DarkenvyLOL there is a ubottu for that!03:02
Darkenvywe have briefly03:02
DarkenvyI asked you if you were a file browser03:02
pozdoes anyone here have a lot of experience dealing with grub and dual boots?03:02
DarkenvyAnyways, yes stuttering. I dont know at what level theproblem is.03:02
Nautilusaha.  ;)    A cephalopod03:02
DarkenvyI cant tell if the video is going to because I can never seem to figure out if the video stutters too (its hard to see)03:03
cknoxI currenly have /quit/quit03:03
examancermiraj: its a 1.6GHz AMD Fusion. super low power in more ways than one :-P03:04
examancerjust takes forever to compile stuff or run some server tools i need to run03:04
miraj examancer : how slow are your ssd transgers?03:04
pozdoes anyone here have a lot of experience dealing with grub and dual boots?03:04
examancerlike mysql/postresql03:04
miraj examancer : how slow are your ssd transfers?03:04
examanceroh, i dunno. just now installing an SSD03:04
examancerwas running everying on an LVM before03:04
examancerwhich probably exacerbated the performance slowness03:05
redwarriors25_mmoebius nothing found else where??03:05
mmoebiusexamancer: The prize quote (from AMD salespeople) about the AMD E350 is its "ingenious" memory controller. The CPU ios using so little of the memory bandwith that the onboard video card memory steam can be interleaved wit the cpu memory access .. *without any significant loss in bandwith* ;-)03:05
bazhang!grub2 | poz check the wiki03:06
ubottupoz check the wiki: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)03:06
examancerha, i wouldn't doubt that03:06
mmoebiusredwarriors25_: Not found no nothing nowhere !03:06
examancerthere is no way this CPU can saturate the 1066 DDR3 I have attached to it03:06
redwarriors25_but i just install it sir03:06
mmoebiusexamancer: 'tis a fine little system though. And scince I don't know .... Ubuntu 12.04 maybe it even suspends to disk and hibernates without problems03:07
miraj examancer : what sort of interface was your LVM on?03:07
mmoebiusredwarriors25_: Installed what ?03:07
mmoebiusredwarriors25_: and how ?03:07
examancermiraj: interface? it was 2x 2TB SATA drives in RAID1 with LVM on top03:07
mmoebiusredwarriors25_: please explain a little more03:07
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examancernow i'll still have the LVM but it will jsut be for /home with / on the SSD03:08
roastedIs there any way I can echo the current date/time into a text file?03:08
cornellTried LXDE... looks good, has menus, and seems to accept text :-)03:08
mmoebiusroasted: 'date >> file-to-write'03:09
mmoebiusroasted: or 'date > file-to-write' if you want to overwrite the entire file with the current date03:09
mmoebiusroasted: also, read 'man date' on the options of 'date +%FORMAT' if you want outputs like YYYY-MM-DD HH:SS etc.03:10
andreimhello, does reading a file that's being written to at the same time affect it in any way?03:10
mmoebiusandreim: no03:10
roastedmmoebius, nooo, I want to create a log. The first one you said is perfect! I have some rsync scripts set up via cron but I was never able to figure out how to see an output of when they run in the background.03:10
redwarriors25_i already installed the flashplayer but i cant see the macromedia folders03:10
=== defcon_ is now known as Guest32637
roastedmmoebius, this will work great as it'll  just dump continual dates in the text file. Perfect. thanks again!03:10
mmoebiusroasted: for that,  consider '/usr/bin/logger'03:11
roastedmmoebius, I am not aware of logger. I'll Google around. Thanks for the tip.03:11
mmoebiusroasted: try 'man logger'03:11
mmoebiusroasted: that is an input into the syslog system.03:11
roastedmmoebius, so it just dumps rsync runs into syslog?03:12
mmoebiusroasted: Try 'logger TEST234' and some file in /var/log (maybe /var/log/syslog) will get that entry appended03:12
mmoebiusroasted: If you want, yes03:12
roastedmmoebius, eh, I wouldn't want it to populate in syslog. I'd rather keep things separate for organizational purposes.03:12
roastedmmoebius, but if logger doesn't NEED to use syslog this could be an option.03:13
mmoebiusroasted: I am not sure, but I think, you can even pipe whole outputs into it like 'command-with-output | logger '03:13
mmoebiusroasted: of course, then it makes sense to filter the output into a separate file in /var/log03:13
roastedmmoebius, not sure I understand. You mean... rsync -az /home/fred fred@server:/media/backup/fred | logger       ?????03:14
mmoebiusroasted: logger is for syslog entirely03:14
mmoebiusroasted: yep, like htat03:14
roastedmmoebius, so there's no way to utilize logger WITHOUT syslog?03:14
mmoebiusroasted: ant all the output of rsync  should go to the syslog03:14
mmoebiusroasted: Then, just redirect rsync's output. Like 'rsync -foo bar > /path/to/last/rsync-log'03:15
roastedmmoebius, I would assume that would require --progress to populate anything... I use rsync without --progress... running the command manually results in zero terminal output03:15
mmoebiusroasted: And then you have a logfile for each last run that is overwritten when the new run starts03:15
=== Afteraffekt is now known as Afterraff`
roastedmmoebius, I see. The idea is to have a log so I can see when backups ran for the last month... not just the most recent.03:16
mmoebiusroasted: I don't know about --preogress, that is an rsaync option giving you a "progress bar" ?03:16
roastedmmoebius, --progress is an rsync command which give syou a ton of output while the rsync process is taking place.03:16
roastedmmoebius, it'll show you each file being transferred and what speed it transfers at.Most times it's impossible to read unless it catches a 1GB file that it needs to sit on for a bit03:16
noahI'm having some trouble with the new ubuntu 12.04 software updates. When I suspend my laptop I can't resume it without freezing... Basically after resume I come back to the same screen but can't interact with it.03:17
noahAnyone know what's going on?03:17
mmoebiusroasted: then, make a 'day file' by the command DAYLOG="/path/to/rsync-logfile-$(date+d)" , then run 'rysnc -foo bar > "$DAYLOG" '03:18
roastednoah, by some strange chance are you using a toshiba laptop? I'm experiencing similar things now, except mine will resume, but half of my Fn keys wont work03:18
mmoebiusroasted: thus, you have up to 31 neat files from the last 31 days03:18
noahYes, yes I am03:18
noahIt's good to hear I'm not the only one03:18
mmoebiusroasted: (and one from the last month with 31 days) ;-)03:18
roastedmmoebius, just looking at this from a black and white perspective, what features would logger give me that would make sense over using date >> /media/NAS/backup_logs?03:19
noahroasted: is there any way to revert the update, some other things like Mozilla lightning calander sync aren't working03:19
roastednoah, I'm not sure to be honest. I got into the habit of shutting down and not suspending at all. Far from optimal but I never did find a solution.03:19
roastednoah, is it an ultrabook?03:19
mmoebiusroasted: I guess none,  except a syslog ouput can be redirected to e.g. a central syslog server or a syslog database.03:19
WHAT_UPis there a simple way to run something from the terminal so that it automatically gets killed in 10 seconds (if it didn't quit on its own)?03:20
noahroasted: no, it's a Satellite. This problem is enough to make me switch back to Windows... I need quick access to my laptop03:20
roastedmmoebius, this is for home backups...03:20
mmoebius!ask | rupinder03:20
ubotturupinder: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience03:20
roastedmmoebius, on top of that I was just going to samba the "backup_logs" dir out so I can access it on the LAN easily.03:20
roastedmmoebius, perhaps date >> backup_logs would be the easiest? I could easily tag it to the end of the rsync script I aready have. The logger method is making my head spin a little bit... enough that if I was using this at work with 4,000 clients it may make more sense than a handful of laptops here at home that me and my fiance have.03:21
roastednoah, I'm not sure, bro. My laptop is an i5 with SSD, so it boots quickly enough for me not to be too bothered by it.03:21
roastednoah, suspend issues exist in windows, too. I'm currently fighting with an issue with a lenovo laptop.03:22
mmoebiusroasted: ...even "home backup" doesn't mean it must be done carelessly ;-) Working with "the industry" by and large, I dare to say that "industry quality" or "industry strength" is usually the cheapest dirt that just works ;-(03:22
roastedmmoebius, thereby suggesting... you'd use logger? Or that you think the dead simple way is the winner?03:23
noahroasted: not like this, it's literally frozen every time I resume, windows has never done that (although it's altogether slower)03:23
roastednoah, the only thing I can think of if it was the new kernel that did this would be to boot to the older kernel within the grub menu.03:23
mmoebiusroasted: You should truncate the "date" log every now and then. Consider 'logrotate' or an cronjob for that03:23
noahroasted: how does one go about booting to the old kernel? all I usually see is my windows and ubuntu partitions03:24
mmoebiusroasted: I use logger where it makes sense for me to see it in the system logs. The result code ( $? ) of my nightly backup is in my system logs.03:24
roastedmmoebius, eh, that's not much of a concern. It's a text file... not a massive item that'll hog up space.03:24
roastednoah, when you boot, you'll see linux, linux recovery, linux, linux recovery, windows03:24
roastednoah, with the most recent being at the top. Choose the next kernel down that ISNT recovery mode03:25
mmoebiusSo, I have not to wonder why it fails if I see e.g. a network link down "external" in the minute before the backup runs ;-)03:25
roastedmmoebius, and see, that makes perfect sense.03:25
noahroasted: alright, I'll try that, thanks!03:25
roastedmmoebius, but for some laptops running at home, I'm not really liking the syslog idea03:25
roastedmmoebius, for an enterprise setup I'd be all about that. In fact, I'd probably run both in an enterprise environment.03:25
roastedmmoebius, date >> log to a place where I can see if the log ran. If it didn't, I can check syslog and see the backup PLUS any errors that may have happened that cuased the backup to fail in the first place03:26
mmoebiusroasted: I guess I would'nt do that either, at least not for the 'long' output of rsync --progress  or if it wasn't convenient. Stick with what you consider suitable. I just wanted to widen your horizon a little ;-)03:27
mmoebiusroasted: Oh, and befor you 'google' always consider there is a man page for almost anything (except examples)03:27
roastedmmoebius, I definitely like the logger idea, but really all I want is to know a backup ran at some point. I'd hate to have my fiance's HDD crash only to find out the silent rsync script had been failing all along.03:28
mmoebiusroasted: If ypu want to check the rsync success, you should at least include rsync's exit code in the log file03:28
roastedmmoebius, oh, I know. I didn't realize what logger was at first. I thought it was some 3rd party app, not a built in utility03:28
roastedmmoebius, how do you mean?03:28
mmoebiusroasted: otherwise, rsync fails but 'date' runs fine all the year round03:29
roastedmmoebius, when rsync completes, it just returns to the reguar terminal prompt03:29
roastedmmoebius, good thought......03:29
redwarriors25what command to edit /etc/hosts03:29
mmoebiusroasted: There is more than one way to accomplish that03:29
mmoebiusredwarriors25: nano, vi, vim, emacs, mcedit, gedit, there are may03:30
mmoebiusroasted: How are the backups beeing run ? by a cron job ?03:30
roastedmmoebius, twice a day by cron03:30
mmoebiusroasted: Is the rsync command in a script, or do you have the whole command in the crontab ?03:31
dragonslayhow can i grab the rsync exit code?03:31
roastedmmoebius, script. crontab just calls on the path - /usr/local/bin/./backup03:31
newcodehow can I see which apache modules are enabled in ubuntu?03:31
mmoebiusdragonslay: in a script , $? evaluates to the exit code of any previous command03:31
mmoebiusroasted: very good., wait a sec.03:31
mmoebiusroasted: For any such automaticvally running script, the suggested thing is to "set -e" at the very beginning of the script.03:32
mmoebiusroasted: then, any failing command that has no explicit "Do this if this has failed"-alternative terminates the script03:33
somsipnewcode: ls /etc/apache2/mods-enabled03:33
roy_mHi, I want to upgrade my Ubuntu-server 12.04 machine to Ubuntu 12.10 by command line. The reason why I am willing to risk a beta is because I need a kernel newer than 3.2xx. Can anyone point me in the direction of some instructions?03:33
mmoebiusroasted: so, in the script, have 'set -e' ... 'rsync -foo bar' ... 'date >> /path/to/rysnc-date-log'03:34
roastedmmoebius, set -e being before the rsync command, and date after the rsync command, no?03:34
mmoebiusroasted: If rsync fails with a nonztero exit code, the "date" command is not issued and there is no "all done, all good" log entry03:34
mmoebiusroasted: exactly03:35
lotuspsychjehowto fix a corrupt square mouse pointer and screen corruption every cold boot on precise 12.04.1 clean installed? (nomodeset ixes this but then compiz is unworkable)03:35
roastedmmoebius, this? - http://paste.ubuntu.com/1201844/03:35
mmoebiusroasted: each in its own line before the rsync command,  of course03:35
mmoebiusroasted: Yes, sir.    very quick, btw.03:36
trismroy_m: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QuantalQuetzal/TechnicalOverview/Beta1#Upgrading_from_Ubuntu_12.04_LTS (support in #ubuntu+1)03:36
roastedmmoebius, I don't understand set -e. Is it pre-built to determine that exit code 0 = success?03:36
examancerI tried quantal on both a Core i3 laptop that runs 12.04 well and inside Virtualbox... was too buggy to even use for me03:36
mmoebiusroasted: I like the #!/bin/bash  ... that is the *correct* way, actually ;-)03:36
examanceri assume it'll be fixed, but for now no quantal for me :-(03:36
roy_mthanks trism03:37
mmoebiusroasted: in a bash shell , try 'help set'03:37
bmdaily I was wondering if anyone could help me with a problem I have getting Ubuntu to update inside a university firewall that has port 11371 blocked. How can I change update manager to permenately use port 80?03:37
trismexamancer: issues with vms for the moment since unity-2d was dropped and llvmpipe is still buggy03:37
roastedmmoebius, I got in the first of habit of using bin bash years ago when I first used rsync. Then I got spoiled with automatic rsync programs and now I'm back. There's something about terminal commands that just offer a no hassle solution at times.03:37
mmoebiusroasted: or read 'man bash' somewhere around line 3500 oinwards where it explains the 'set' builtiin03:37
examancertrism: that makes ense03:37
mmoebiusroasted: 'set -e' exits the script if any command inside fails03:38
roastedso because rsync is before log... if rsync succeeds... log will succeed...03:38
roastedif rsync fails, it defaults to exit before log is hit03:38
examancerran great on the i3 laptop except after a while / would be ready-only03:38
mmoebiusroasted: And that is quite a critical feature you want in like every script that runs (semi-) automatically03:38
roastedmmoebius, uh, yeah, to say the least. I'll be adding this in my scripts asap... once I test here of course :P03:39
roastedI want to see it fail first03:39
examancerdon't know if was an issue with the SSD or what, but 12.04 runs flawless on it03:39
mmoebiusroasted: because, things can get really funny if some stuff runs before other stuff has run.03:39
roastedmmoebius, how would set -e make a difference of things running in order? It's a bash script, it'll run commands through lines sequentially regardless. no?03:39
mmoebiusroasted: Consider loasdding the *correct* backup tape in a tape loader *before* making the backup   or something of that magnitude03:40
mdkessEsoteric question: In nautilus, is there any way to find the next result for a query if I start typing a file name?03:40
dragonslayhow to suppress rsync messages no being sent to my local mailbox.. (i've set MAILTO=$$$ in my crontab)03:40
mmoebiusroasted: The order is not affected. But it is like having    || exit $?    appended to each command03:40
mmoebiusroasted: so the rest of the script is not executed after the command that returned the non-zero exit code03:41
mmoebiusroasted: And that'03:41
mmoebiuss the differnece03:41
dragonslaymmoebius,  how to suppress rsync output not being sent to my local mailbox.. (i've set MAILTO=foo in my crontab)03:42
mmoebiusdragonslay: try MAILTO=""03:42
mmoebiusdragonslay: that is what works for me (using gentoo)03:43
examancermdkess: up/down work for me03:43
dragonslaymmoebius, sometimes i do like to get messages thro' mail.. can i do that from script?03:44
examanceronly lets you scroll through matching results03:44
roastedmmoebius, bahahah, that's perfect.03:44
roastedmmoebius, just did a test drive. It acted as I expected.03:44
roastedmmoebius, when it failed, no log was populated. When succeeded, log populated. Win.03:44
mmoebiusroasted: I am glad to hear that ;-)03:44
roastedmmoebius, this makes my silent backups give me a little more peace of mind.03:44
mmoebiusdragonslay: There is a tool called 'mail'03:45
mmoebiusdragonslay: you should be able to youse that to mail all of its standard input to whomwever you want.03:45
roastedmmoebius, random thought - I wonder if I can have the log exist on the server. date >> jason@
roastedno such file or dir. bummer.03:46
mmoebiusroasted: If you can ssh to the server, prefferably with aoutmatic login through ssh keys, that is most doable03:46
roastedmmoebius, already doing that with sshkeys....03:46
mmoebiusroasted: then, use a nasty one, either 'date | ssh user@machine tee -a /path/to/log-file' if the *client machine time* should be logged03:47
mmoebiusroasted: or a simple 'ssh user@machine date >> /path/to/log-file' if it is sufficient or desidred to log the server's time03:48
roastedmmoebius, even that is failing tho, no such file or dir03:49
Jak_AtackkaHelp! My wireless internet is having horrible connection issues!03:50
mmoebiusroasted: hm, try by hand first. su to the user running the backup, if applicable.   ssh onto the server. issue the 'date >> /path/to/log-file command'03:50
mmoebiusJak_Atackka: like with what symptoms ?03:51
Jak_Atackkammoebius: When it works, it throttles itself to 30kb/s. However, it works for at most ten seconds at a time, before completely dropping (to 0b/s) for three to four minutes03:52
roastedmmoebius, the only way I think this could work is breaking up that command into two sections. like ssh user@server........................... date >> pathtolog03:52
mmoebiusJak_Atackka: can you try wired ? If that works, the wireless reception simply isn't good. Depending on the zillion parameters in wireless connections, I consider that tough luck.03:52
Jak_Atackkammoebius: No, wired isn't an option03:53
roastedJak_Atackka, what wireless card are you running?03:53
mmoebiusroasted: ssh user@server remote-command    is expected to execute 'remote-command' *on the server*03:53
Jak_AtackkaA Rosewill run, using the Realtek RTL8188CE chipset03:53
Jak_AtackkaI have the latest driver03:53
mmoebiusroasted: So, if that'S not working, I wonder how rsync gets its data copied03:53
roastedmmoebius, through the rsync command itself.03:54
roastedrsync -az /home/fred fred@
roastedI understand rsync assumes you're using ssh by default (or something like that) which is what makes it seemless. If you have the sshkeys generated, it's a solid win.03:54
roastedseamless? yeah that03:55
mmoebiusroasted: have you tried ssh'ing into the remote machine and issuing the 'date >> log' coimmand yourself ?03:55
noahis roasted still here?03:55
roastedmmoebius, yes, works fine on server03:55
roastednoah, hi03:55
mmoebiusroasted: If that works, ssh user@server 'date >> log'  should work03:55
noahroasted: so it's not the kernel, but I think I may have a clue as to what it is03:55
roastedmmoebius, I assume the ' is important?03:55
roastednoah, what's that?03:55
mmoebiusroasted: did ou put the command in ""  ?03:55
roastednow wait, ' or "03:56
=== kd7jwc is now known as shantorn
noahroasted:when I hover around my frozen screen I find a textbox roughly where the login one is, and can put in my password and get the little loading circle... still frozen of course, but that text box dissappears03:56
mmoebiusroasted: because otherwise , the redirection is executed locally and the output of 'date' from the server is redirected to a file on *your* machine ... which gives the file/path not found error03:56
roastedmmoebius, got it03:56
noahroasted: and by text box I mean it changes from mouse to the line that indicates you can click and put in text03:57
roastedmmoebius, ssh jason@ 'date >> /media/backup/log'03:57
mmoebiusroasted: You're a quick learner ;-)03:57
mmoebiusroasted: That last command you gave is logging the server time.03:57
roastedmmoebius, well, it helps that I've used linux for years. But linux is "that" big it's easy to miss certain things along the way.03:57
mmoebiusroasted: Just you know03:57
mmoebius!spanish | FRANK_66603:58
ubottuFRANK_666: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.03:58
roastedmmoebius, speaking of server time, I've had an exceptionally horrid time with my server keeping accurate time. I ended up croning "ntpdate" once a day.03:58
lotuspsychjeJak_Attackka:wep or wpa security?03:58
mmoebiusroasted: Isn't using the ntp daemon a better option ?03:58
roastedmmoebius, I don't know how it happens, but I run owncloud on my server... and my owncloud client on my laptop requires it be within 10 seconds of accurate with ntp to function.03:58
roastedmmoebius, it seems like every few days owncloud is acting up due to the time again.03:58
mmoebiusroasted: I mean, with ubuntu 12.04 there is like openntpd installed by default. Sweet03:58
lotuspsychjeJak_Attackka:theres a known bug with some cards on wpa security, can you try wep just to test connection speeds03:59
mmoebiusroasted: And you neeed an ntp server physically close to you.03:59
Jak_Atackkalotuspsychje: Okay, will do03:59
mmoebiusmmoebius: An upstram ntp server, that is03:59
roastedmmoebius, if you have a solution, I'm all ears. Between a wedding a month away and a home renovation that needs done before then I haven't really given much of a crap to find a proper solution, but rather one that *just works* for now.03:59
roastedmmoebius, since ntpdate works @ terminal, it felt natural to cron it for the time being. :P03:59
lotuspsychjeJak_Atackka:would also be interesting to tail -f /var/log/syslog to see whats happening03:59
roastedmmoebius, I was just using ntp.ubuntu.com04:00
ZzBuntuAnyone seen any ways to totally replace empathy with pidgin?I want to use pidgin with the new online accounts feature.04:00
mmoebiusroasted: You can optimize theios alittle if you look who has got an ntp server closer to you. If like your ISP has one, that would be best.04:00
Jak_Atackkalotuspsychje: I see nothing out of the ordinary there04:01
mmoebiusroasted: try http://support.ntp.org/bin/view/Servers/WebHome and pick any stratum 2 server ;-)04:01
roastedmmoebius, so what exactly would I do when I have the url of my isp's ntp server? Do I change it in one of the configs somewhere?04:01
lotuspsychjeJak_Atackka: are you precise 12.04.1?04:01
Jak_Atackkalotuspsychje: Yes04:01
roastedmmoebius, how is strat 2 different?04:02
dragonslaymmoebius, "if ( $? != 0) then" would this work? i don't know how to verify this04:02
lotuspsychjeJak_Atackka:what wireless card brand?04:02
Jak_Atackkalotuspsychje: Rosewill. The chipset is a Realtek RTL8188CE04:02
Jak_Atackkalotuspsychje: I already have the latest driver04:02
mmoebiusroasted: stratum 2 is for "public use" (to put it in very short letters)04:02
lotuspsychjeJak_Atackka:did you upgrade precise or clean installed?04:03
mmoebiusroasted: also, stratum 2 is one hop away from a "reference source" like an atomic clock04:03
Jak_Atackkalotuspsychje: Clean install04:03
mmoebiusroasted: so, quite precise, too04:03
mmoebiusdragonslay: You can verify all this on the command line04:03
roastedmmoebius, good deal. with the url now, what should I do?04:03
mmoebiusdragonslay: make a script.04:03
noahSo any ideas what that could be, maybe the update deleted something important to resume login?04:03
rickbanyone have an idea how to pipe the libnotify output to festival? :)04:04
lotuspsychjeJak_Atackka:not far away from router?04:04
Jak_Atackkalotuspsychje: Nope. I was using Windows at first (until it deleted its own bootloader after a Service Pack upgrade), and it had no problems whatsoever04:05
mmoebiusdragonslay: start with the line 'true'  ... see http://paste.ubuntu.com/1201889/04:05
lotuspsychjeJak_Atackka:did you try the WEP?04:05
mmoebiusdragonslay: then exchange 'true' for 'false' and try agasin04:06
Jak_Atackkalotuspsychje: Not yet. I'll give it a try04:06
mmoebiusroasted: You'll need to install and/or configure an ntp server.04:06
lotuspsychjeJak_Atackka:if its not that bug, im not sure neither mate04:06
roastedmmoebius, er. but why? I just want my server to keep accurate time. I've never had another Ubuntu system that had trouble with that.04:06
Jak_Atackkalotuspsychje: Alright. I'll be back soon (I hope)04:06
mmoebiusroasted: The ntp "server" keeps the local system time and can relay that time to any client04:07
mmoebiusroasted: because the ntp "server" maintains a PLL style mechanism, it maintains a lot smoother and preciser time than running "ntpdate" every now and then04:08
dragonslaymmoebius, syntax mistake.. i used ( for [   ... :)04:08
mmoebiusroasted: try e.g. 'openntpd'04:08
jk_roasted, the ntp server is actually a client daemon rather than a conventional server and its configuration file is /etc/ntp.conf which contains at least one line "server <url>" where <url> is the address of the server you want to sync from.04:10
doc969Hi guys, I just bought a custom laptop with the  NVIDIA GeForce GT 630M graphics card. I didn't realize there were issues with ubuntu and nvidia until today. Will I have issues when I install Ubuntu?04:10
roastedjk_, oh.04:10
lotuspsychjedoc969:did you install nvidia-current?04:10
roastedwell that I didn't expect :P04:10
mmoebiusroasted: if your system on its own has a dramatic, but precise drift like a second per day, you can correct that with 'adjtimex' , see e.g. http://www.togaware.com/linux/survivor/Using_adjtimex.html04:10
mmoebiusroasted: adjtimex is like adjusting the system oscillator ;-)04:11
roastedmmoebius, but ther eagain, why not just re-sync ntpdate?04:11
mmoebiusroasted: That makes a 'step'  in time earch time it's running and it cannot realy compensate for the uplink delay/spread/jitter in time packet transmission04:12
mmoebiusroasted: openntpd can ;-)04:12
lotuspsychjedoc969:try a clean install precise 12.04.1 and see for yourself, normally nvidia got better support then ati04:12
mmoebiusroasted: plus, using more than one source it can average out the sources, discard "wrong" upstream clocks and is far advanced.04:13
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
doc969lotus: ok thank you.04:13
mmoebiusroasted: I think when there is more than a single machine somewhere , running an ntpd is usually a good idea04:13
roastedmmoebius, looking into openntpd now04:14
daemongplHow do you reset the display?04:14
mmoebiusdaemongpl: console ?  'reset'  Otherwise, you'd need to explain a little what you want done04:15
Wallalebipoignant animation on real-time computation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q4gTV4r0zRs&hd=104:15
daemongpltty 7 only shows mouse pointer.. need to reset DISPLAY 0.. dont know the command04:15
DyegoJamDoes you knock some app for English students?04:15
=== chalced is now known as chalcedony
lotuspsychjeWallalebi:this is an ubuntu support channel mate, use #ubuntu-offtopic04:16
noahSo does anybody have any idea as to why my screen freezes after the software update?04:17
WeThePeopledyegojam, can you explain yourself alittle better?04:17
roastedmmoebius, I assume there's nothing to do with openntpd then. The config file already has 4 of debians NTP servers loaded.04:18
roastedmmoebius, I'm curious if I nix the ntp cron thing I had going on and run openntpd if it'll keep the time on my server in sync04:18
noobie25can someone help me?  after upgrading to "ubuntu 12.04", i can't seem to connect to my wireless router.  Keeps trying to authenticate me "authentication required by wireless network".  Sometimes after restarting the computer wireless works, but after 5-10 minutes, loops back for me to authenticate to wireless server and it can never authenticate.04:18
mmoebiusroasted: There is no *need* to do something aboiut it, but you could pic servers *physically close* to your location for optimal results04:18
WeThePeoplenoobie25, do you have to authenticate?04:19
mmoebiusroasted: It just doesn't make sense to beam a time packet 'round the globe , because there is nothing as boriung as the newspaper from yesterday , if you may follow04:19
noobie25WeThePeople:  yes, its using wpa204:19
roastedmmoebius, so openntpd works out of the box as is, but can be further fine tuned, is what you're saying04:20
mmoebiusroasted: yep04:20
roasted(I apologize - I'm running on my 5th night of 4 hrs of sleep - tonight is looking to be the same)04:20
mmoebiusroasted: Also, don't confuse the ntpd time server by running "ntpdate" with cron.04:20
WeThePeoplenoobie25, does turning auth off work?04:20
ubottuSome of the Web Browsers in Ubuntu's repositories include: Firefox (XUL, Gecko), Rekonq (KDE, WebKit), Konqueror (KDE, KHTML/WebKit), Chromium (GTK+, WebKit), Epiphany(GTK+, WebKit), Arora (Qt/KDE, WebKit), Midori (GTK+, WebKit), w3m (terminal-based), links2 (terminal-based or graphical, see !manpage), edbrowse (terminal-based). Along with many others.04:20
roastedmmoebius, oops :P04:20
roastedmmoebius, that's what I been doing for the last few weeks. Hey! It worked! I've had 0 issues.04:21
roastedmmoebius, also, Is this of any concern? http://pastebin.com/MAARRcGJ04:21
daemongplhooray text browser maybe i can search google for the command i need...04:21
lotuspsychjedaemongpl:tryed links2 yet?04:21
roasted"does not listen by default"04:21
WeThePeoplenoobie25, i assume a eth004:21
mmoebiusroasted: And take into account that to start syncronizing, the time on your machine must be +- 10 minutes (or so) in sync with the upstream time; (runing ntpdate at boot is a good idea)04:21
=== Kasjopaja23111 is now known as Kasjopaja
roastedmmoebius, at boot? this server is only rebooted when the power goes out. :/04:21
WeThePeopledaemongpl, maybe xrandr04:22
=== Kasjopaja is now known as Guest56281
mmoebiusroasted: and take not that it may take ntpd quite some time (like hours) to correct even minimal differences like 20 seconds, but after that it sould keep the time failry tight to the "real" time04:22
WeThePeopletype xrandr -h04:22
lotuspsychje!info links2 | daemongpl04:22
ubottudaemongpl: links2 (source: links2): Web browser running in both graphics and text mode. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.6-1 (precise), package size 1900 kB, installed size 2886 kB04:22
noobie25WeThePeople: i can't test to see if it will work without auth off.  i dont have access to the router.  HOwever, i can say that I do connect sometimes after a restart, but then it prompts me to autheniticate after a few minutes.04:22
mmoebiusroasted: Yes that is the most awkward moment. At boot, your server has its CMOS time. CMOS time is not neededly related to system time.04:23
noobie25WeThePeople:   additionally, all my other devices work fine.  other laptop, ipad.04:23
lotuspsychjenoobie25:on what wireless card brand?04:23
roastedmmoebius, when you reference ntpd, do you mean openntpd?04:23
mmoebiusroasted: before rebooting, set the hardware clock with 'hwclock --systohc'04:23
noahroasted: do you have any other ideas... I can't find any references on google. I posted a bug on launchpad but nothing has come of it.04:23
WeThePeoplenoobie25, type lshw04:24
noobie25lotuspsychje:   it is a asus N13 wireless usb04:24
mmoebiusroasted: ahem, yes. ntpd == openntpd in my lingo04:24
daemongpllotuspsychje, i cant get to X windows... trying to reset DISPLAY04:24
roastednoah, not offhand :( like I said that issue isnt one that was high on my to do list since it powers up nearly as quickly as it resumes04:24
WeThePeoplenoobie, type lshw and copy &paste to paste.ubuntu.com04:24
mmoebiusroasted: Thus, after you reboot, your clock is set from a (fairly accurate) CMOS clock04:24
roastedmmoebius, just making sure. my semi-coma state of mind wasn't positive. :P04:24
noobie25lotuspsychje:   "lsusb" output:   Bus 004 Device 002: ID 047d:102a ASUSTek Comptuer, Inc.04:25
noahroasted: are there any work arounds?I can get into the alt f2 terminal04:25
lotuspsychjedaemongpl:tryed 'nomodeset' to grub?04:25
lotuspsychjenoobie25:you cant try WEP security?04:25
roastednoah, for... what exactly? waking up your laptop from suspend?04:25
mmoebiusroasted: Don't mind. The issue is real. There is an "ntpd" from some other source. The "reference implementation" ... big, bloated, slow, ugly, but it works, too04:25
mdkessexamancer, hey! That's exactly what I was looking for. Thanks (and pardon for the delay)!04:26
noobie25lotuspsychje:  i'm on call right now to get access to the router.  i'll try wep next.04:26
lotuspsychjenoobie25:some cards dont like WPA on ubuntu...wep is worth a try just to test04:26
mmoebiusroasted: got to go to bed. (it's 6:26 in the morning ;-) ) Have fun and keep up the good work ;-)04:26
noahroasted: no, getting it to unfreeze, maybe restart the display or something... idk. Seems like there's something keeping the login screen from popping up04:26
mmoebiusBye everybody.04:27
roastedmmoebius, appreciate it!04:27
roastedtake care04:27
dragonslaybye, ty mmoebius04:27
noobie25lotuspsychje:   sure if you think it will resolve.  however, it was working fine in a previous ubuntu installation.   do you think there is a good chance it will work?04:27
roastednoah, I'm not too sure offhand... not unless you can reboot whatever service is freezing up... but I'm not sure which one that would be.04:27
lotuspsychjenoobie25:im not sure mate it all depends whats really happening, did you check /var/log/syslog for strange warnings?04:28
noahroasted: damn. Alright, I guess I'll see if anyone responds to the bug... if not it's back to windows :(04:29
lotuspsychjenoah:no mate stay on ubuntu, theres always a solution04:29
lotuspsychjetoo late04:29
roastedlotuspsychje, he'll be back. ;)04:31
noobie25lotuspsychje:   i checked the syslog now.  i'm getting something weird.  output:  Activation(wlan2) Stage 2 of 5 complete.  <warn> Activiation(wlan2/wireless) association took too long.  <warn> Action (wlan2) asking for newsecrets.  <warn> Couldn't disconnect supplicant interface:  This interface is not connected.04:32
lotuspsychjeroasted:after the windows system freezes too lol04:32
=== DjGeCk0 is now known as ^GeCk0^
lotuspsychjenoobie25: its worth a try on WEP mate just to test...i know some cards dont like wpa and ubuntu04:33
noobie25lotuspsychje:   sure...i'm on call right now, so i can try that04:33
noobie25lotuspsychje:  will disconnect for a few mindstorm04:33
noobie25lotuspsychje:  i mean a few minutes04:33
lotuspsychjegood luck04:33
ElesaHi, Ubuntu 12.04 does not shutdown. It gets stuck at a black screen where only some squares with dots flash, but then they freeze at some point and I have to turn off my laptop by holding my power button.04:35
lotuspsychjeElesa:did you take a look at /var/log/syslog for shutdown ?04:36
ElesaWhat should I look for?04:37
dragonslayElesa: ctrl+f "shutdown"04:38
ElesaNope, nothing. =/04:38
dragonslayElesa: try shutting down from terminal04:39
ElesaOh.. I'll have to try that later because I'm downloading something right now. But you mean terminal as in GNOME Terminal, or a tty?04:40
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
Bearly230Hello all, I have an issue with the ATI drivers for Ubuntu 12.04 64 bit. Where I get a flicker along the top of the monitor aprox the address line in chrome. I'm having the same issue with the recomended driver, updated driver, as well as the amd propriatory ones. Any suggestions?04:41
dragonslayElesa: both should work..  just type in "sudo halt"04:42
ElesaI thought it was sudo shutdown 0? Thanks anyways, I'll try later!04:42
Bearly230Hello all, I have an issue with the ATI drivers for Ubuntu 12.04 64 bit. Where I get a flicker along the top of the monitor aprox the address line in chrome. I'm having the same issue with the recomended driver, updated driver, as well as the amd propriatory ones. Any suggestions?04:47
cortexA9i have a broadcom bcm4313 and if i update the kernel i can't use wifi.04:48
hyliani'm looking for an app to let me shutdown the machine from inside of openbox. someone gave me a command, but it doesn't shut down my laptop properly. i think it was sudo shutdown now, or something like that. I am using qshutdown, but that doesn't like to behave either..??04:49
xwalk_hylian: Are you looking for something like "sudo poweroff"?04:50
hylianxwalk_: i don't mind if it is a command, but gksu shutdown didn't shutdown my machine right, i had to force it to shutdown with the power button04:51
aeon-ltdhylian: sudo shutdown -h now04:51
hylianaeon-ltd: that command makes my laptop hang. unless you think the -h tag will have a better affect...04:52
hylianaeon-ltd: i'll try it. gotta get off to make the attempt, brb.04:53
somsiphylian: a command to try is sudo halt -p. Mine used to hang with sudo shutdown -h now too04:54
Bearly230Hello all, I have an issue with the ATI drivers for Ubuntu 12.04 64 bit. Where I get a flicker along the top of the monitor aprox the address line in chrome. I'm having the same issue with the recomended driver, updated driver, as well as the amd propriatory ones. Any suggestions?04:57
hylianaeon-ltd: that did the trick, thanks!04:57
cortexA9is it possible to install ubuntu on android in chroot ?04:59
aeon-ltdhylian: you're welcome04:59
hylianBearly230: sorry, i never personally came across this error. Out of curiosity, do you get the same error with different resolutions?05:00
Bearly230hylian: yes05:01
hylianBearly230: wish i had more experience with these issues05:02
Bearly230hyliam: I suspect part of it is the card is to new. It's an ATI HD 7850 2gb card.05:02
howardgrigghi guys - for some reason my ssh server won't start, I'm not sure how to debug it05:02
howardgriggi can run terminal commands through the console in Webmin05:02
hylianBearly230: it could be. This is probably a dumb question, but have you gotten the latest drivers directly from amd for this card?05:03
howardgriggbut the actual server isn't running and won't start05:03
Bearly230Hylian: Yes same thing.05:03
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cortexA9how to join in this community ?05:05
dellI have a question:05:05
hylianBearly230: I am afraid you confirmed your own diagnosis, it seems there have been people troubleshooting similar issues... did the card act this way before you installed the driver? (ohh, and here's a askubuntu article on it, hopefully someone will come wup with a fix... http://askubuntu.com/questions/162315/driver-issues-on-newly-assembled-pc-with-hd7850-in-ubuntu-12-04)05:06
dellHow to install IDL on Ubuntu05:06
hyliandell: what is idl?05:06
dellA soft for caculate05:07
Bearly230hylian: It's fine until I install any of the ati drivers. But I don't get the 3d aspect of the card.05:07
dellNASA use it05:07
dellhylian:like matlab05:07
hylianBearly230: well atleast that tells you where the culprit lies. I never have the money for new hardware, so i am always in luck there. sorry i couldnt be more helpful... :)05:08
cortexA9i don't have sound in my virtual machine.05:08
Bearly230hylian: I appreciate the attempt.05:08
hyliandell: I found this article on how to install IDL. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=138930405:10
hyliancortexA9: are you using virtualbox?05:10
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=== GuilhermeCunha\ is now known as GuilhermeCunha
hyliancortexA9: ohh. I don't know that software at all. I am wondering though if there is a counterpart to virtualbox's guest extensions for vmware. that usually solves issues for me in vbox.05:12
dellhylian:thanks for your help. I have a look05:12
cortexA9i have a message error05:12
cortexA9sound disconnected05:12
cortexA9at startup05:13
cortexA9related on ID..05:13
dellhylian:but It's about "How to compile and execute IDL program???"05:13
hyliancortexA9: wish i could help you. I installed vbox about 8 years ago, and it ran so well for what i need, i never looked elsewhere.05:13
dellhylian:can you speak Chinese05:14
hyliandell: right, according to that article, idl is not in the repositories. You need to download and compile it. Any software not available in .deb package format needs to be downloaded, and most of that needs to be compiled.05:15
hyliandell: sorry, no.05:15
hylian!chinese | dell05:15
ubottudell: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw05:15
cortexA9hylian, i try virtualbox05:16
c2tarunI have a partition, I used to install other distros on it for testing. Now I want to use that partition for storing some files. I formatted the partition using gparted. But I am not able to copy/move/create any folder in that partition without sudo. Why so? and how can I fix this?05:16
hyliancortexA9: sorry, i wish i could help you in vmware. i know it's an excellent virtualization platform. I just have no experience with it.05:17
cortexA9hylian, me too05:17
hylianc2tarun: what file format is it, ext4?05:18
noahroasted: you still here, I've narrowed it down to this-- it's the OpenGL screensaver failing when I go into lock... the whole thing works fine on ubuntu classic 2d. Because I can still find the login textbox somewhere(although it doesn't work) it must be under there somewhere in openGl05:18
dragonslayc2tarun: change the ownership to your name05:18
c2tarunhylian: yes05:18
c2tarunhylian: how?05:18
c2tarunsorry dragonslay^^05:18
dragonslayc2tarun: you don't understand?05:18
hylianc2tarun: dragonslay was the one that told you to change the ownership, not me.05:18
c2tarunhylian: sorry about that :(05:19
c2tarundragonslay: how to change the ownership?05:19
noahDoes anyone have any idea as to why lock screen would freeze in OpenGl gnome but not in Ubuntu Classic 2d. This started happening right after a software update05:20
dragonslayc2tarun: chown command will do that for you05:20
hyliannoah: that is strange. you are using regular gnome 3? or the classical mode?05:20
c2tarundragonslay: thanks :) one last help? drive gets mounted to /media/UUIDNo. so I should change the ownership of this UUIDNo. folder or I should set a permanent mount point and change its ownership05:20
dragonslaychown -R $USER:$USER path/to/partition05:21
noahRegular gnome 3 with Cairo dock, open gl, and effects enabled05:21
dragonslayc2tarun: i think just changing the ownership using current uuid will work fine05:22
redwarriors26i cant install cups for printer05:22
c2tarundragonslay: thanks05:22
redwarriors26im using ubuntu 9.1005:22
noahhylian:Regular gnome 3 with Cairo dock, open gl, and effects enabled05:23
redwarriors26error E: Unable to fetch some archives, maybe run apt-get update or try with --fix-missing?05:23
hyliannoah: i don't know. my assumption would be that the difference might be that uninty 2d isn't using ccsm (compiz), and that for some reason that is causing the lack of said error. Going to gnome 3 with all the opengl on would, i belief, run compiz. This is just an educated guess though.05:24
bazhang!eolupgrades | redwarriors2605:24
ubotturedwarriors26: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades05:24
noobie25lotuspsychje:  hi, i was able to disable all security on the router.  however, ubuntu seems to just try and scan, but never connects.05:25
noahhylian: any idea as to why compiz is causing this? Everything worked perfectly before I used the update manager05:25
cortexA9can i install kde desktop on ubuntu 12.04 ?05:26
NoobuntucortexA9, sure05:26
bazhangkubuntu-desktop package cortexA905:26
hyliannoah: unfortunately, I am the anti pretty. i am the guy that uses minimalistic windows managers like openbox. I am not at all knowledgeable about that. that's why i said it was a guess. I just don't use any of that stuff.05:27
bazhangnoah, try asking in #compiz05:27
hylianbazhang: thanks for helping noah.05:28
noahbazhang: thanks. What's the irc command? just join #compiz?05:28
noahjoin #compiz05:28
bazhangnoah, /join #compiz05:28
cortexA9anyone have experience with ubuntu server ?05:28
codescienceanyone here running virtual servers using virtualbox?05:28
hyliancortexA9: sorry, no.05:29
bazhangcortexA9, whats the question05:29
cortexA9no just for question :)05:29
cortexA9codescience, what do you mean ?05:29
cortexA9i try ubuntu on virtualbox right now05:30
codesciencei have virtualbox running all my servers. curious is anyone else is doing the same.05:30
cortexA9oh nice05:30
cortexA9you have ubuntu server ?05:31
bazhangcortexA9, did you have a support question related to that? or just wish to chit chat05:31
dragonslaycodescience: i do05:32
codesciencenot running ubuntu server, no.05:32
codesciencedragonslay: what type of servers are you running?05:32
cortexA9bazhang, no only curious.05:32
soulissonHi, if two processes write to the same named pipe is there a risk of data being intermingled ?05:32
dragonslaycodescience: ubuntu server - httpd05:32
dragonslaycodescience: yourself?05:33
codesciencei have a couple of sql servers going and also an ftp server, file server and a web server.05:33
Noobuntusoulisson, how is that question specific to ubuntu?05:34
dragonslaycodescience: and the o/s?05:34
bazhang!ot | codescience dragonslay05:34
ubottucodescience dragonslay: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!05:34
codescienceall sit on debian base.05:35
dragonslayfair enough, bazhang  :)05:35
codescienceheading to OT.05:35
codescienceat least it's discussion. there's no one else talking.05:36
cortexA9hey ubuntu is not only desktop05:36
soulissonNoobuntu, you're right not related to Ubuntu05:36
codesciencecortexA9: what you mean?05:36
cortexA9this channel is for ubuntu server too05:37
cortexA9why ot ?05:37
bazhangcortexA9, this is NOT for chit chat05:37
bazhang#ubuntu-server for support as well05:37
NoobuntucortexA9, running ftp servers, sql servers and stuff virtualbox and showing off here just because ur OS is ubuntu does not qualify05:38
cortexA9yes i know05:39
Noobuntusorry if I sounded harsh there but you were not getting the hint :)05:39
howardgriggwhen transmission downloads a file it puts it in /downloads. If I want to manually move it to a different folder I have to change the permissions on the file before I can move it05:39
howardgrigghow can I fix that so i don't need to modify it each time?05:40
bazhanghowardgrigg, to what folder, where05:40
howardgriggi just want to move it to a movies folder05:41
Noobuntuhowardgrigg, go to preferences and change the folder you want to download it to05:41
* hylian waves farewell05:41
Noobuntuedit - > preferences -> downloadiing tab05:42
howardgriggoh nah i want different things in different folders05:42
somsiphowardgrigg: you can keep incomplete torrents in one folder, and completed downloads in another. But if you want more fine control, you have to move them around yourself05:42
dragonslayhowardgrigg: i think transmission is not smart enough for that...05:42
howardgriggoh sorry yea I don't mind moving them but currently I have to modify the ownership of the files each time I want to move it05:43
howardgriggid prefer not having to do that05:43
somsiphowardgrigg: what user does transmission run under?05:43
bazhanghowardgrigg, it's your home folder, you don't need to change anything05:44
howardgriggbazhang, its not my home folder - it's a different drive05:44
bazhanghowardgrigg, you mean ubuntu I'd guess, not debian05:44
howardgriggnope it's debian - I just went with the defaults05:44
howardgriggI'm running ubuntu-server05:45
bazhanghowardgrigg, and ubuntu support comes into this how?05:45
cortexA9howardgrigg, join #ubuntu-server05:45
somsiphowardgrigg: chaneg the group ownership of the downloads folder and set the sticky bit?05:45
howardgriggsomsip, I'll try that thanks05:46
bazhangcortexA9, thats not necessary05:46
somsiphowardgrigg: np. Might not be the best solution, but it's a workaround05:46
altinanyone knows any .jnt viewer for ubuntu ?05:48
bazhangaltin, is that a comic format or what05:49
altinwinblows journal !05:49
cortexA9why if i go in browser network i can't open my windows network ?05:53
bookpageHi there, I was wondering how I can find out if my ubuntu kernel has support for pv_ops?05:55
cortexA9"failed to retrieve share list from server"05:56
blackshirtwhat is pv_ops bookpage ?05:56
bookpageit's paravirt_ops05:56
bookpageit's for xen virtualisation I believe05:57
=== atrius is now known as atrius_away
blackshirtmaybe if on your kernel config CONFIG_PARAVIRT was set with yes, you should feel good, your kernel support05:58
tsimpsonbookpage: "grep PARAVIRT /boot/config-$(uname -r)" should give you a hint05:58
bookpagetsimpson: okay cool, it seems like PARAVIRT and XEN are both set to y. Thankyou06:01
cortexA9ok maybe i resolve. changed smb.conf06:02
cortexA9no. unable to mount location.06:02
cortexA9can't see my windows client.06:03
cortexA9from vbox06:03
blackshirtcortexA9, what you need ?06:03
cortexA9some issue with samba i think.06:03
cortexA9i changed workgroup06:04
cortexA9in the smb.conf06:04
cortexA9but doesn't work06:04
blackshirtyou should restart your samba server06:04
blackshirtto reload06:04
cortexA9yes i restart all ubuntu.06:04
cortexA9in network i have windows network06:05
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cortexA9what should i choose in vbox NAT or bridge ?06:09
cortexA9i have nat now.06:09
Jordan_UcortexA9: I would recommend NAT, because to me it seems conceptually simpler.06:09
cortexA9anyone know the difference between NAT and bridge ?06:12
fidelcortexA9: this isnt an ubuntu question - its a network thing06:13
fidelin one case (bridged) you would configure the virtual host as any other host in your local network06:13
vangogБратишка спасибо, я под рутом))))06:13
vangogбратишка thanks)06:13
cortexA9thanks fidel06:14
fidel!en | vangog06:14
ubottuvangog: Certain Ubuntu IRC channels are English only.  For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList06:14
jumbogood morning :)06:14
fidelcortexA9: in case you need a longer explanaition - consider reading the describption offered by your vm-solution ;)06:14
vangogmount / -o remount,rw помогло!06:14
jumboit's been soo long since i've been to IRC06:15
jumboi am new to ubuntu06:15
jumboand i find this Xchat06:15
=== jumbo is now known as Brandon_Lee
Geoffrey2hey everyone....I just recently installed Ubuntu 12.04 on my laptop...it's dual booting with Windows 7, and the clock is miles off.....I tried using ntpdate as the docs suggested, but I keep getting an error message that the ntp socket is in use.....06:16
cortexA9mmm with bridge doesn't work too.06:17
xcyb0rgI need help06:18
xcyb0rgHas anyone else been getting a error message you qmail06:18
xcyb0rgThere seems to be a bug, I did as much research as I could tried every fix I could and no luck.06:19
xcyb0rgI can't update or install anything because the mailing service is down06:19
cortexA9xcyb0rg, is a ubuntu question ?06:19
xcyb0rgI am using ubuntu06:20
fidel!details > xcyb0rg06:20
ubottuxcyb0rg, please see my private message06:20
xcyb0rgfidel https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/netqmail/+bug/101355206:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1013552 in netqmail (Ubuntu) "package qmail 1.06-5 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,Confirmed]06:21
AminosAmigoshello i am trying to install the ATI/AMD proprietary FGLRX graphics driver. I have two options one with "post-release updates" the other without what's the difference?06:22
CQwhen will this be available in the archives: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/thunderbird/15.0.1+build1-0ubuntu1/+build/3780522 ? I have a freezing bug that this fixes...06:24
CQhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/thunderbird/+bug/1049428 doesn't have any info...06:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1049428 in thunderbird (Ubuntu Lucid) "Thunderbird 15.0.1 stable update tracking bug" [Undecided,In progress]06:26
xcyb0rgis everyone else having trouble with qmail06:27
xcyb0rgI am looking at this page and I see other users are having the same problems https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/netqmail06:27
fidelxcyb0rg: i doubt most users inhere do use qmail - you might have more luck in the server channels06:28
CQor on #qmail ?06:29
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xcyb0rgI am still searching for answers in different channels06:34
MK`Is there any place/archive to download older Ubuntu alpha/beta builds?06:34
CQmk' out of curiosity: why would you want to?06:35
fidelCQ: i was just going to ask the same ;)06:35
CQelse he cound just grad bedian experimental, that's permanent alpha ; )06:36
CQgrab debian ...06:36
cortexA9MK`: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/06:37
CQsorry, need to wake up06:37
MK`This is the only channel where people who are unable to answer my questions consistently question my motives :P In any event, I assume I could build it from a specific point in the source code?06:37
cortexA9i want to try ubuntu 8.04 :D06:37
fidelMK`: dont mix up curiosity with question ;)06:38
CQMK' dont mistake trying to understand something for questioning motives...06:38
MK`I'm just being silly. cortexA9 I mean non-release versions, like natty alpha 2, etc.06:39
MK`the cdimage server seems to (understandably) delete them when they become obsolete06:39
CQmk if you can get the package list maybe you can put it together... I know debian has image creation tools for use cases like that...06:39
MK`oh hey I think I found it! e.g. http://cloud-images-archive.ubuntu.com/releases/natty/alpha-2/06:40
sisteczkoWelcome. After upgrade 10.04 -> 12.04 I suffer problems with my Linux Software Raid array. I cannot reassemble them. Does anyone here could try to troubleshoot my problem?06:40
cortexA9Ubuntu 4.10 (Warty Warthog) where is this ?06:40
MK`though that's a cloud image and doesn't have things like Kubuntu builds. I'll yield the floor for sisteczko's issue however.06:42
cortexA9they deleted version before 8.0406:42
MK`cortexA9: http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/releases/warty/06:43
MK`any non-supported releases are mirrored there06:44
MK`so natty isn't up there yet06:44
cortexA9where is mark shuttlework ?06:49
fidelcortexA9: how is that an ubuntu trouble/question?06:50
sins-whats wrong with nickserv?06:50
* DFrostedWang is allowed back on #ubuntu now06:59
DFrostedWangIf only I used Ubuntu still06:59
DFrostedWangSince Ubuntu broke when I got banned, I, obviously, didn't use it anymore.07:00
DFrostedWangToo bad...07:00
ShinyObjects1jpsman: failed :(07:12
ShinyObjects1Sucks, man. Gonna have to try again.07:12
jpsmanI just got a new hard drive and installed a new ubuntu.  I encrypted my old /home directory on the other hard drive.  Is there any way of accessing that from the new install?07:13
jpsmanI don't think so ShinyObjects :OP07:13
ShinyObjects1Sorry jpsman, I haven't tried it and I really don't know what goes on with that under the hood. I REALLY doubt there's no way of doing it, but sadly I don't know what that way is.07:13
jpsmanIt would be a process of using my old passphrase to decrypt the old files and transfer them over - I just don't know how.....07:15
lotuspsychje!encryption | jpsman07:16
ubottujpsman: For information on setting up encrypted private directories (8.10+) see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedPrivateDirectory07:16
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enycHrrm. I can't seem to find the  12.04.1  version of PowerPC ubuntu  ?  does powerpc still work/supported  etc. ?07:30
lotuspsychje!ppc | enyc07:30
ubottuenyc: PowerPC.  Formerly used by Apple for the Macintosh line of computers. Variants are now used in popular gaming consoles. PPC was a fully supported Ubuntu architecture up to and including edgy. It is now a community port, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCFAQ07:30
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enyclotuspsychje: ok, that page says that powerpc images have been moved to the ports section...   I can't see cd images on ports.ubuntu.com07:33
e66I have disk image. i want to mount it everytime I log in. how can I do that?  The user has no root-right on that account?07:35
enyce66: would 'every time you boot up' be sufficient ?07:35
enyce66: disk image ,being  something you are mounting  with   -o loop   etc. ?07:36
lotuspsychjeenyc: try this: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/12.04/release/07:36
enyclotuspsychje: yes, and 12.04.1  ppc is missing .  and thats contradictory to the FAQ you pointed me at.07:36
e66enyc: On every boot its sufficient. It should only be mounted for a special user07:37
enyce66: how are you mounting it at present?  and what sort of filesystem *is* the image?  then I can explain options...07:37
MadsRCI've got my ubuntu server setup with apache and I've got a domain name (lets say example.com). What is the easiets way to get db.example.com to point to example.com/db ? Do I need to combine htacces with DNS or?07:38
lotuspsychjeenyc:on that cdimages page theres an amd+mac iso 12.04.107:38
enyce66: i wouldn't have thought we can mount it only for a special user as such  BUT  can set the filesystem permissions so only one use can read it,  which depends on the filesystem07:38
Richard_CavellGuys, I want to use Ubuntu for development but I can't stand GNOME 3.  Is there any reason why I can't use 10.04?07:38
e66so the scenario is. A user in my system has a disk image. he keeps it in his home. he wants to mount it everytime he logs in to a directory which is also in his home. Is that possible?07:39
lotuspsychje!10.04 Richard_Cavell07:39
Jordan_URichard_Cavell: Do you really not like GNOME3, or just GNOME Shell?07:39
ubottuUbuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx) was the twelfth release of Ubuntu. Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/10.04/ - Release Info: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/1004 - Supported until April 2013 (Desktop), April 2015 (Server)07:39
Richard_CavellI dunno mate.  I just like GNOME 2's simplicity and I hate that vertical bar on the left07:39
enyclotuspsychje: looking at the  .list  files those amd64+mac  disks do not contain  .powerpc.deb  packages07:39
enyce66: yes, but you havent' answered my qusetion ;-)07:40
xcyb0rgis anyone else having problems with qmail07:40
e66wait. .. answering. I was writing..07:40
enyce66: it can be mounted on boot, and the filesystem permissions can be set so that other users can't go into that subdirectory.  What sort of filesystem is in the disk images?07:40
enyce66: i.e. is it  an ISO9660, ext4,  FAT32, ntfs, etc. ?07:41
e66Currently I am mounting by a shell script. Its a whole disk iimage. So I mounts different partitions. Currently he asks me to mount I just mount.07:41
e66I created the shell script by watching the filesystems found by fdisk -l command07:41
enyce66: are you mounting using  -o loop,offset=????  to mount each partition?07:41
Jordan_URichard_Cavell: That vertical bar on the left is not GNOME3, it's actually the launcher for the "Unity" shell. You can try GNOME3's default shell, gnome-shell, but my guess is that you'll probably be happiest with XFCE which is very similar to GNOME2, and will stay that way for the foreseeable future (so you get what you like, without having to use old software).07:42
enyc e66 ok and WHAT SORT OF FILESYSTEMS are they on that disk iage?  ISO9660, ext4,  FAT32, ntfs, etc. ?07:42
Jordan_URichard_Cavell: Xubuntu is a flavor of Ubuntu which uses the XFCE desktop by default.07:42
Richard_CavellJordan_U: Nope, downloading Ubuntu 10.04 now07:42
e66enyc: It has ext3 ext4, ntfs and a 100m dos partition07:43
enycxcyb0rg: i have qmail-like-functionality by using  courier-mta  which i have working on a 12.04 server at present07:43
enyce66: right.  now you say you don't want other users to be able to access the contents of any of his mounts?07:43
e66enyc: Right07:43
e66The disk and mount points both are in his home dir. I know users other users cant access them.07:44
jpsmanthank you all :OD07:44
e66I actually want it shouldn't be mounted on everyone log on.07:44
geirhae66: Add fstab entries for them07:45
e66geirha: fstab will work for everyone!07:45
e66If there is no other way I'l surely do it with fstab07:46
geirhae66: Yes, but since the mount points are in his homedir, they won't have access07:46
enyce66: ok then you can just add entries in /etc/fstab to mount them there...  the various columns will allow you to add the needed options07:46
e66I actually want it shouldn't be mounted on everyone's log on.07:46
enyce66: because?07:46
Jordan_Ugeirha: How do you propose configuring a partition within a disk image to be mounted via /etc/fstab?07:46
geirhae66: so add the noauto option07:46
e66May be the system will have too many options07:46
e66May be the system will have too many mounts07:47
enyce66: that shouldn't be a problem =)07:47
e66noauto option?07:47
geirhaJordan_U: the same way as a partition07:47
Jordan_Ue66: There is effectively no limit on the number of mounts one can have with Linux.07:47
geirhae66: man mount07:47
Jordan_Ugeirha: Are you assuming that device nodes for this will be still created by a separate script?07:48
e66Jordan_U: after I add this, I'll have 19 extra mounts!07:48
Jordan_Ue66: Not a problem.07:48
enyce66: yes don't worry about that =)  its not like windows running out of drive letters07:48
geirhaJordan_U: e.g. /path/to/disk.img /path/to/mnt/point auto loop,offset=1234,noauto,user 0 007:48
e66thanks for the example geirha07:49
DarsVaedado you guys have no privacy & security tab content in firefox settings anymore too since the last update?07:49
Jordan_Ugeirha: Thanks, I didn't know about the offset mount option, (I only thought of it as an option to losetup).07:49
enycgeirha: what users thetn have permission to cause the mount to actually happen?  is thta down to who has rights to the mountpoint ?07:49
e66by the way I just found by googleing that fuse can do it. I need to check that too.07:49
geirhaenyc: the user has to have write access to the mount point, or be the owner of it iirc07:50
e66Jordan_U: I found offsets in here http://askubuntu.com/questions/69363/mount-disk-device-image07:51
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tasslehoffikonia: after installing nvidia-current, discrete graphics and minidisplayport work on my t530.07:56
=== leonardo is now known as Guest25933
esingHi, what format does Ubuntu want for installation?07:57
LorSamPau_w_esing, what do you mean?07:57
esingI got 20GB unformatted space, should I just let Ubuntu installtion formta it when booting from CD?07:57
LorSamPau_w_esing, yes07:58
ActionParsnipesing: sounds fine07:58
e66esing:  if you are sure if you dont have any data to loose07:58
IT6hi, i need to record with ffmpeg and i want to know the sound system my system is using, also or oss, how can i check that please ? thanks in advance07:58
geirhae66: I find it easier with parted. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=100064407:58
esingGood to know, gonna reboot and install ubuntu on it07:58
LorSamPau_w_esing, ext2/3/4 for the system and it's needs a swap partition07:58
ActionParsnipe66: what data is there to lose if the space for Ubuntu is unpartitioned??07:58
e66ActionParsnip: I dont know. I always do it manually.07:59
ActionParsnipesing: just remember to read the screen :)07:59
LorSamPau_w_e66, it doesn't have any date there )07:59
esingLorSamPau_w_ um you mean whether ext2/3/4 , but is it not ext4 by standard?07:59
LorSamPau_w_esing, i think its ext3 by default, i'm not sure08:00
enyce66: btw i was gong to explain , if somebodys directory is traversible, then you can use  -o uid -o gid -o mode  etc.  to set the apparent permissions on  DOS fat portitions mounted08:00
ActionParsnipExt4 has been default for a good while now08:00
IT6aplay -L08:01
enycActionParsnip: i rememeber hacking ext4 to work on my  8.04 box ;-)08:01
ActionParsnipe66: I always do it manually too, separate /home partition ftw08:01
enycActionParsnip: patched kernel,  patched and reinstalled grub 0.97 fixed version  various backports,  updated  e2fsprogs =)08:01
ActionParsnipenyc: jeez, worth it?08:01
ActionParsnipenyc: or just fun?08:01
enycActionParsnip: i cant ermemebr maybe i was bored08:01
ActionParsnipenyc: zing08:01
enycActionParsnip: ??zing??08:02
ActionParsnipenyc: for thinking the same thing ;)08:02
e66ActionParsnip: I mount my 1Tb hd on home :) Its really a freedom08:02
Neptuin which package I can find redir command?08:02
tasslehoffAnyone know how to make clamshell mode work with the nvidia-driver?08:02
ActionParsnipe66: I have a file server but I still partition separate /home out of habt08:02
ActionParsnip!find redir08:03
enycActionParsnip: i was using this box with  lots of 9gb scsi disks  / /home  etcy.... with a separate large 250gb pata drive attached too..   3 cd drives and 2 floppy drives, 4 video cards 5 mintors    etc =)  dual PIII  550mhz..  and it ran ubuntu from 4.10 to 10.04  lots of updating hehe08:03
ubottuFound: libcgi-application-perl, libfile-sharedir-install-perl, libfile-sharedir-par-perl, libfile-sharedir-perl, redir08:03
ActionParsnip!info redir08:03
ubotturedir (source: redir): Redirect TCP connections. In component universe, is extra. Version 2.2.1-9 (precise), package size 19 kB, installed size 88 kB08:03
enycActionParsnip: those were the days http://ec2.sheer.us/~enyc/virtulization-fail.jpg08:03
ActionParsnipenchilado: 9Gb is enough for /08:03
ActionParsnipenyc: ^08:04
=== kaktuskuchen is now known as Guest97064
ActionParsnipenyc: I started ubuntu on 7.10 (Gutsy), used mandrake/iva before that, good times08:05
enycActionParsnip: i started with slackware and recompiling kernels overnight on a 486 =)08:05
ActionParsnipenyc: only overnight? wow08:05
enycActionParsnip: i had a 486 with MFM and SCSI disks =)  and  16mb ram  in 16* 1mb 30pin simms =)08:06
Neptu!info redir08:06
ubotturedir (source: redir): Redirect TCP connections. In component universe, is extra. Version 2.2.1-9 (precise), package size 19 kB, installed size 88 kB08:06
ActionParsnipNeptu: is that what you need?08:06
enycActionParsnip: used to boot dos off a 30mb or so  625/4/17 MFM CHS disk  (you know on the old ST412/506 interface cables) on a WD1003 traditional AT disk controller...  and then LOADLIN linux that mounted root from a  scsi or pata drive  (pata channel being on a sound card which was initialiazed by a dos program)08:07
NeptuActionParsnip: i think so... have a problem with it08:07
e66geirha: Thats really a technique. parted shows byte offset but fdisk shows sector.08:07
ActionParsnipNeptu: ask away, the channel will reply if it can08:07
cyberhulki can't use sudo apt-get i am getting a "username not in the sudoers file error" :(08:08
spikhoffhi, i'm trying to setup triple head video playing station using ubuntu server and mplayer (Ati Radeon HD6000, hardware accelerated h.264, xinerama) ... my question is do i need to install X in order to play  videos or can i use framebuffers or something else?08:08
ActionParsnipcyberhulk: have you been messing with sudoers file?08:08
enycspikhoff: hrrm ive heard of  directfb  being used... i dotn know these days08:08
ActionParsnipcyberhulk: if you run:  groups      what is the output please08:09
cyberhulki checked out a guide online and my sudoers file looks exactly like that08:09
NeptuActionParsnip: the problem is that I have to use redir to redirect tcp ports going throw a vpn... my biggest problem is that sometimes the redirection seems not to work08:09
enycspikhoff: i expect there ary many valid approaches  depending on the hardware etc. =)08:09
cyberhulkusername root adm cdrom dip plugdev lpadmin sambashare08:09
ActionParsnipcyberhulk: why are you in the root group?08:10
NeptuActionParsnip: my idea is those cisco routers goes down if no traffic is detected but then again if that happens do you need to reestart the redirection?08:10
cyberhulkmy sudoers file looks like the pic on this link08:10
ActionParsnipcyberhulk: you need to be added to the sudo group and you will be able to use sudo08:10
spikhoffenyc: i'm looking minimal configuration in terms of software... i' dont need fancy desktop and so one :) ... this machine is going to public place and playing one video 24hour loop...08:11
cyberhulki tried booting into recovery mood i got a root shell08:11
enycspikhoff: you can just have one user launch a bare X-server08:11
cyberhulkthen i used sudo adduser username08:11
enycspikhoff: then launch a video player on it08:11
enycspikhoff: that doesn't require a fancy desktop as such08:11
cyberhulkand it said username already added or sumthing like that08:11
spikhoffenyc: like xinit?08:11
ActionParsnipcyberhulk: boot back to root recovery mode and run:   usermod -a -G sudo username08:12
enycspikhoff: yes, basically.. you can literally run X   but xinit/similar can be useful as a neat way to start just one program08:12
cyberhulkalright thanks a lot will report back in 508:12
enycspikhoff: you will either have to start the video program in the right size to fill hte screen  -geometry  etc.  or launch a bare windomanager like   metacity  so that vlc/similar can do 'fullscreen' mode etc.08:12
enycspikhoff: maybe  vlc -f   will work without a window-manager, not sure08:13
enycspikhoff: anyway you get the idea08:13
ActionParsnipenyc: or could run flwm for a slightly easier life08:13
spikhoffenyc:  thnx, mplayer seems to support directfb, first i'll look foward with that solution, thanks again08:13
enycActionParsnip: wouldn't be sprprised, what is flwm ?08:13
ActionParsnip!info flwm | enyc08:14
ubottuenyc: flwm (source: flwm): Fast Light Window Manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.02+cvs20080422-9 (precise), package size 40 kB, installed size 156 kB08:14
enycActionParsnip: in what way do windomanagers intervene suhthat functions like 'fullscreen' work on mozilla etc.?  how does that work?  is it something over the X11 connection  or some gtk thing? etc....08:15
killerhi ...i tried to use open terminal here ......the gnome terminal just appears and disappers...while launching gnome terminal normanlly...itt works ok...only buggy in open terminal heere08:15
cyberhulkit said cant lock /etc/passwd; try again later08:15
ActionParsnipcyberhulk: sounds like a read only file system08:16
ActionParsnipcyberhulk: what is the output of:   lsb_release -sc   please08:16
cyberhulki have dual boot windows and ubuntu08:16
enyccyberhulk: check  'dmesg'  for errors?  can you create any files anyway? etc.08:16
ActionParsnipenyc: they draw the windows so you can have them behave as you wish if they are configurable08:16
ActionParsnipcyberhulk: run the command please, what is the output08:16
enycActionParsnip: indeed, i know thats what a windowmanage does08:16
enycActionParsnip: but, why, does  'fullscreen' on mozilla not work without a window-manager?  that doesnt need borders on the windows....08:17
enycActionParsnip: whats' going on at the API-layers involved?08:17
cyberhulkand yes i can create files08:17
cyberhulki have a guest account also idk if that matters08:17
cyberhulki am trying to install a C++ compiler08:18
ActionParsnipcyberhulk: su to the user you made the troublesome user with, then run the command there08:18
enyccyberhulk: if you are a guest you may not be able to do sudo and all that ;-)08:18
cyberhulki m not the guest, and i am the only user on the system08:18
ActionParsnipcyberhulk: you can install build-essential and get an ANSI standard C and C++ compiler with some default libs08:18
ActionParsnipenyc: not sure of that one, sounds a bit weird08:19
cyberhulki was hoping for the g++ compiler.08:19
killerhi ...i tried to use open terminal here ......the gnome terminal just appears and disappers...while launching gnome terminal normanlly...itt  works ok...only buggy in open terminal heere08:19
cyberhulkand sudo apt get doesnt work :(08:19
ActionParsnipcyberhulk: yes, that isinstalled with build-essential08:19
ActionParsnipcyberhulk: you have a user whom can use sudo, you made the new account with it08:20
ActionParsnipkiller: with the 'open terminal here', is that from nautilus?08:20
enycActionParsnip: does the bare X11 proto have any notion of monitors?  or it always presents a single rectangular canvas to the applications?08:20
ActionParsnipenyc: I believe so but you will have defined them in xorg.conf unless udev does its thing08:21
cyberhulkis build-essential already installed? yes i only made one account.. should i change the root password?08:21
cyberhulki apologize for a lot of questions, i am a beginner08:21
ActionParsnipcyberhulk: build-essential is not a default package, you could enable the root account, fix your mess then re-disable it08:22
killerActionParsnip :yea....it is in nautilus08:22
cyberhulkshould i just do a fresh install?08:25
ZDroid_Ubuntuhello all!08:25
cyberhulkidk how to fix it08:25
ActionParsnipkiller: so it's a nautilus script?08:25
ZDroid_UbuntuSee that (my work): http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8305/7981950124_24cbdaab4a_z.jpg08:26
killeryea i installed the package nautilus-open-terminal08:26
adiewhere do I set up programs to run on bootup, not just upon user log in?08:26
killeryea i installed the package nautilus-open-terminal:ActionParsnip08:26
ActionParsnipcyberhulk: you may simply just need to remount the file system writable once you get to root recovery prompt butwhy don't you just use the first account you made when you installed?08:26
ActionParsnipZDroid_Ubuntu: are you an ubuntu member now?08:26
ActionParsnipkiller: then I suggest you report a bug by running:   ubuntu-bug nautilus-open-terminal08:27
ActionParsnipZDroid_Ubuntu: congrats (me too) :)08:27
ActionParsnipZDroid_Ubuntu: you may want to get your member cloak sorted08:27
cyberhulki am using the same account08:28
ZDroid_UbuntuActionParsnip: You can call me ZDroid (i am changing name because of freenode)08:28
cyberhulkhow do i make the file system writable?08:28
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ActionParsnipcyberhulk: then you will be in the sudo account by default as that is one feature of the first user you make08:31
cyberhulkhmmm maybe i have a different password for root?08:32
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=== Guest67702 is now known as inger
cyberhulkis there a way i can check to see if root account is enabled/08:32
esingAre you sure I do not need to format my partition before running Ubuntu install CD? (Ubuntu does not recognize my HDD at all)08:32
ingerHola buenos dias, alguien podria ayudarme a instalar los binarios para programar C en eclipse con ubuntu?08:33
esingWhere should I install Ubuntu Bootloader?08:33
__gillesI saw: http://www.ubuntu.com/devices/android , is there any news related to this ? :-)08:33
ActionParsnipcyberhulk: you will have manually set a root password if it is, and you will then know that password08:34
cyberhulkis there a way to change it ?08:34
esingI got two HDD's , 1st HDD : Windows 7  2nd HDD: should be Ubuntu installed.08:34
ingerHello, who can help me for install de binarys files to program with eclipse ?08:34
cyberhulkit should be the same password as my username then08:34
ActionParsnipcyberhulk: in your case now, you'll need to remount the / partition writable, or use a chroot from live CD08:35
ActionParsnipcyberhulk: the root password is not the same as your user account08:35
esingIt seems Ubuntu is not able to read unallocated space08:35
ActionParsnipesing: install it to the 2nd drive's MBR then in BIOS set it as the bootable HDD08:36
cyberhulkhow do i remount the partition writeable?08:36
cyberhulkand what command do i use to reset everything to default? thanks08:36
esingActionParsnip Good to know, thanks (so having two HDD's Ubuntu would not even overwrite Windows 7 MBR)08:36
ActionParsnipesing: exactly08:36
ActionParsnipcyberhulk: not sure, maybe someone else knows while I websearch (you can do this too)08:37
enycesing: what do you mean?  unallocated space ?08:37
esingenyc Unallocated space has not formatting08:38
enycesing: not in a partition?  or a partition created but no filesystem headers?08:38
esingenyc Not in a partition08:38
enycesing: well said space *can* be read by e.g. using dd to read from the disk device directly, in the right place08:39
antimatroiddoes anyone know how i can get back to what the gui was like before natty?08:39
antimatroidi really liked that08:39
=== jamzed_ is now known as jamzed
esingenyc (I resized my HDD to get space for Ubuntu, but I did not format it with NTFS or FAT) ... that is why I think Ubuntu install CD could not "see" my second HDD, though it was in correct boot order08:40
enycantimatroid: lots of people just use  lucid 10.04  still     i think you CAN install either  mint-13 with MATE gnome-2-like-desktop  OR  install xubuntu or so which gives similar functionality i think08:40
antimatroidenyc: thanks08:40
slashikaHello, I have a problem with my keyboard on TOSHIBA Satellite 660 11v, I have UBUNTU 12.04 LTS  When I type the letters appear late and slowly and due to this many times the letters do not appear. It is really annoying!  I have upgraded the latest updates, but the problem still does not change and I am not so competent in using LINUX (but I love it anyway .  Can someone help me?08:41
esingIt could also be that I connected my second HDD with a Sata3 cable instead a Sata2 causing detection issues08:41
esingI'll see. Thanks, gonna try again.08:41
enycantimatroid: xubuntu and lubuntu  are like xfcp / lxde   diffeent lightweight environments, but they are coming on to work well.08:41
enycesing: check 'dmesg' and 'sudo fdisk -l' for more clues08:42
enycantimatroid: Mint-13 have done o good job to 'maintain' the old gnome-2 type desktop with newer adaptions, if i understand it correctly.08:42
esingenyc How do I open terminal when booted from Ubuntu install CD?08:42
enycesing: applications accessories terminal ?08:42
esingDid not see it, I will take a look again08:42
esingSo I can run the commands you suggested me08:43
=== bobby__ is now known as bobbyhiltz
antimatroidenyc: I'm pretty clueless when it comes to this stuff :) but I mostly use my computer for latex and some programming so linux is easier to work with than anything else still08:43
* esing reboots.08:44
NemuiHello, I'm getting an SSH/tunneling error -> Channel 2 open failed connect failed no root to host... is there anything obvious i'm missing?08:45
enycNemui: it probably means the connection can't be made on the ether end?  is the host you are tunneling through to working?08:46
enycNemui: "no route to host" i expect you mean08:46
CQis there a place to get thunderbird 15.0.1 and install it in precise already (manually)? 15.0 freezes constantly on me08:47
CQor accelerate https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/thunderbird/+bug/104942808:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1049428 in thunderbird (Ubuntu Lucid) "Thunderbird 15.0.1 stable update tracking bug" [Undecided,In progress]08:47
enycCQ: i have in the past used a manual mozilla install...   you might be able to get a  precise-proposed package ?08:47
CQis there a place to download those packages? googling points to ppas08:49
CQpackages.u.c only has updates and backports listed08:49
=== osmosis is now known as Guest77921
CQand I't rather not grab the quantal package08:49
enycCQ: indeed i cant see said package either08:51
enycCQ: you can use the debian tools to manually rebuild the package having patched in the mozilla source patch08:51
enycCQ:  or you could do a mozilla manual install in a subdir of your homedir for the time being08:51
enycCQ: if you have a $HOME/bin  directory when you login, then put a "thunderbird" script there that launches your own copy/install of thunderbird,  that should override using the system one08:52
CQhm, any idea how long it'll take to show up? If its a day or three I can wait...08:52
CQits annoying becasue every 10 mails or so (esp. larger ones) it hangs for 2-3 minutes with 100% CPU08:52
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esingI think I forgot one more partition08:57
esingYou said I would need an extra partition for Swap right?08:57
esingSo I basically need 15GB for Ubuntu and 1GB for Swap right?08:58
auronandaceesing: how much ram do you have?08:59
=== michael is now known as Guest97994
auronandaceesing: if you want suspend/hibernate to work then you need at least as much swap as ram08:59
k1lesing: if you want to use suspend2disc (aka hibernation) you need swap = ram. but if not you can go even without swap09:00
esingOh good to know, thanks09:00
esingUsually I don't use hibernation because I do not see a big difference between Standby and Hibernation09:00
esingI think it is 0,5 Watt difference?09:00
esingShould I chose ext3 or ext4?09:01
auronandaceesing: either is fine09:01
esingAlright I try it again :)09:01
esing4th time :D .. better than doing it wrong :)09:01
auronandaceesing: just remember that swap has its own filesystem09:02
esingauronandace I will go without Swap, since Iam already limited to only 20GB of space09:02
LorSamPau_w_do it with... just 1 gb09:03
Onyx47hello, is anyone aware of any bugs in Ubuntu's version of wget? I keep getting errors when trying to download a file using https, it works fine on my webhost though09:03
esingOh, so Swap is necessary besides hibernation usage?09:03
k1lesing: no09:03
esingWhy would I need 1GB of Swap for?09:04
ZDroidesing: You need GB that the have on RAM09:04
LorSamPau_w_Swap should equal 2x physical RAM for up to 2 GB of physical RAM, and then an additional 1x physical RAM for any amount above 2 GB, but never less than 32 MB.09:05
ubottuswap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info09:05
auronandaceesing: swap is optional09:05
k1lLorSamPau_w_: that is outdated09:05
ZDroidif you have 4 GB of RAM you need 4 GB for swap for best experience09:05
k1lLorSamPau_w_: very outdated09:05
esingIam confused09:05
auronandaceesing: swap is only really required if you are going to hibernate09:06
auronandaceesing: since you aren't then you can leave swap out09:06
k1lesing: if you needed more than your real ram things get stored in the swap instead of the ram.  but think of how much you are using 8gb ram and that storing in the disc instead of ram is much slower and will slow down the system09:06
Onyx47depends on what you're using your computer for tbh, I have 4GB of RAM and 256MB of swap, swap rarely even gets used, only time I ever really see it used is when I run something very memory intensive, and even then I never saw it go over 20ish MB09:07
=== railsraider_ is now known as railsraider
k1lesing: so without swap a programm gets killed to free some ram if the ram is full. but again: think of how often you get 8gb of rum in use09:08
ZDroidswap is great as a additional RAM09:08
ZDroidnot realy but you can use it09:08
k1lthe old swap rules are from the days where ram was in MB sizes, not in GB like today. people often forget that09:09
ZDroidyes k1l09:09
k1lZDroid: but very very slow ram. you dont want to use it. its better to buy a bigger ram stick09:09
esingAlright, thanks for making that clear.09:09
* esing reboots.09:10
ZDroidI thought as a supplement if you run out of RAM09:10
crizisi keep swappiness at 0, torturing slow hard drive is useless nowadays when ram is pretty much free :P09:10
ZDroidand money :D09:11
crizisi remember paying under 100e for 8gb ram, and this was almost 2 years ago.. so it is cheap09:12
ZDroidI am paying over 200€ for the 4 GB09:12
ZDroidbut newer09:12
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!09:12
crizisyeah big bonus with AMD is that you can buy dirt-cheap ram and lots of it. however yes.. this is offtopic09:12
ZDroidthat is offtopic09:13
ActionParsnipZDroid: still not sorted your cape dude?09:13
gordonjcpk1l: actually it's not even a problem if 8GB RAM *is* in use; it's not all used "usefully"09:13
gordonjcpk1l: so the memory manager will look at what's actually in 8G of RAM, go "right I need another 512MB, oh those buffers can go"09:14
ubottuIf you are wondering why some tools report your system has very little free memory, have a look at http://www.linuxatemyram.com/ | A short primer on Linux memory management can be found here: http://sourcefrog.net/weblog/software/linux-kernel/free-mem.html09:14
k1lgordonjcp: yes, i was assuming that buffers and cache were already kicked out.09:14
gordonjcpk1l: ah, okay ;-)09:15
ActionParsnipZDroid: you said you are a member but you are still identifiable if I run a /whois on you09:15
k1lso i was thinking of a "real " 8gb ram usage09:15
ActionParsnipZDroid: do a /whois on me, then pick a random name and /whois them, notice a difference?09:15
ZDroidActionParsnip: ???09:17
ActionParsnipk1l: echo `free -m | head -n 3 | tail -n 1 | awk {'print $4'}`Mb RAM free     Will show you09:18
ActionParsnipZDroid: notice how when you /whois me, I am cloaked  and as John Cena says "You can't see me"...yes?09:19
intel1actionparsnip : hey09:19
ActionParsnipintel1: howdy09:19
intel1Actionparsnip : am f9 , u ?09:19
k1lActionParsnip: he is not a member, accoirding to launchpad.09:20
ActionParsnipintel1: not bad, getting my body clock round for night09:20
ActionParsnipk1l: ah, though s/he said she/he was earlier...09:20
intel1actionparsnip : :D09:20
intel1Actionparsnip : which interface u using rightnow , KDE , GNOME , Xfce ?09:21
ActionParsnipintel1: Gnome + Compiz + Unity3D right now09:21
intel1so what's ur opinion of Xfce09:21
intel1cuz i istalled it on ubuntu09:21
ActionParsnipintel1: its great09:21
intel1its looks good09:21
intgrHi! What's the "right way" to create directories on the /run file system for daemons? Should the Upstart script create it or is there a better way?09:21
mrmagdi_star2010hi i have problem09:22
intel1Actionparsnip : but i feel that gnome is better09:22
mrmagdi_star2010a problem09:22
mrmagdi_star2010i con't install oracle 11g on ubuntu 12.409:22
ActionParsnipintel1: both are coded with GTK. If you like the 2 panel old school desktop then XFCE is a good choice09:22
intel1am not old09:22
intel1that's why i like GNOME09:23
mrmagdi_star2010any body here can help my09:23
intel1its just faster09:23
intel1the responding is so high09:23
ActionParsnipmrmagdi_star2010: https://blogs.oracle.com/toxophily/entry/installing_oracle_11g_db_on    does that not work?09:23
bekksmrmagdi_star2010: Thats because Oracle RDBMS arent officially supported on Ubuntu (by Oracle) - thus you cant install it.09:23
ActionParsnipintel1: its made to do that :)09:23
ActionParsnipintel1: if you want super fast then try Lubuntu, or even install minimal and just install fluxbox (No DE is required)09:24
ZDroidk1l: I am member of Launchpad09:24
ActionParsnipZDroid: that's not ubuntu membership though09:24
k1lZDroid: that is a different thing to an ubuntu membership09:24
* ZDroid I am ubuntu member!09:24
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!09:25
* ZDroid I am memeber on http://ubuntucounter.geekosophical.net/09:25
bazhangZDroid, stop that09:26
* ZDroid ok09:26
mrmagdi_star2010could i know how can i install vmware on ubuntu09:26
k1l!membership > zdroid09:26
ubottuzdroid, please see my private message09:26
mrmagdi_star2010help me to install vmware on ubuntu 12.409:27
ZDroidbazhang: Why you kick/ban me?09:28
bazhangZDroid, stay on topic. lets move on09:28
* ZDroid ok09:28
=== trijntje_ is now known as trijntje
=== BotaniCar|2 is now known as BotaniCar
Patchoulijoin #ubuntu09:33
ikoniaPatchouli: you're already in #ubuntu09:34
MonkeyDust!vmware > mrmagdi_star201009:34
ubottumrmagdi_star2010, please see my private message09:34
Patchouliyeah i see, sorry haven't used IRC in ages09:34
ikoniaPatchouli: don't worry09:34
PatchouliIs there a support channel? I'm having a problem09:34
gordonjcpPatchouli: this is the support channel09:34
bustacapWhat command do I do to search through a folder of files for a specific text line?09:35
=== tomaw- is now known as tomaw
DoctorD90Hi! I'd if it is there a way to install proftpd in standalone mode without interactive mode, thx!09:35
DoctorD90I'd know*09:35
ikoniabustacap: grep09:35
bustacapikonia, I know that but I don't know what grep cmd.09:36
MonkeyDustbustacap  combine find with grep09:36
ikoniabustacap: grep $string $location09:36
bustacapWill that search all sub directories too though?09:36
ikoniabustacap: grep -r09:36
PatchouliOk, I'm having some problems with my microphone.  It's not recognized in Settings>Hardware>Sound>Input.  I've searched the web for solutions and tried one that involved adding a line to the alsa conf file.09:36
PatchouliHardware is Lenovo Ideapad Y560 which uses Realtek Audio Drivers on the Windows boot09:37
DoctorD90It is there a command to install proftpd in standalone mode without choose it in interactive window?09:38
auronandaceesing: how goes the install?09:40
ActionParsnipbustacap: or:  man grep09:40
esingauronandace Ubuntu was installed pretty fast. Iam writing on xchat right now]09:40
bustacapActionParsnip, ty :)09:40
auronandace!yay | esing09:40
ubottuesing: Glad you made it! :-)09:40
esingThanks :)09:40
ActionParsnipDoctorD90: http://serverfault.com/questions/138067/automate-proftpd-basic-install-on-ubuntu-using-apt-get09:41
MonkeyDustDoctorD90  there's gadmin-proftpd09:41
ActionParsnipDoctorD90: its the top result on:   https://duckduckgo.com/?q=proftpd+unattended+install09:42
gordonjcpDoctorD90: once you've finished installing proftpd, break out the install media and wipe and reinstall your machine09:43
gordonjcpDoctorD90: if you see something connected to the Internet running an FTP server, it's been 0wned09:44
ActionParsnipDoctorD90: or simply ditch crappy FTP and use sFTP which you get when you install openssh-server09:44
MonkeyDusti use gftp09:44
DoctorD901.thx actionparsnip but im looking for a thing that i have to type nothing09:44
gordonjcpMonkeyDust: it supports sftp09:44
gordonjcpDoctorD90: then use sftp09:45
ActionParsnipDoctorD90: yes, sftp is enabled and configured as soon as you install openssh-server09:45
DoctorD902.gordonjcp i do not understand ;P sorry...can you explain again? My english...is not good ^^09:45
ActionParsnipDoctorD90: it uses the access the local users have on the OS as if they were accessing the files locally.09:45
DoctorD90....are you meaning that sftp is alredy installed with openssh?09:46
MonkeyDustDoctorD90  yes09:46
DoctorD90I try *.*09:46
gordonjcpDoctorD90: it's inherent in openssh09:47
gordonjcpDoctorD90: same as scp09:47
MonkeyDustand IIRC, rsync goes over port 22, too09:47
__gillesexcept that to enable sftp server you have to uncomment a line in sshd_config09:47
DoctorD90I make a script in bash un 2 days, for install settings in my new vps :) so im looking for do not type nothing09:48
__gillesi don't think it is enabled by default09:48
gordonjcpMonkeyDust: rsync does if you pass it through ssh09:48
ActionParsnipDoctorD90: yes, if you have the openssh-server package installed then you have an SFTP server now09:48
__gillessorry it is on ubuntu it seems09:48
gordonjcpMonkeyDust: with something like "rsync -ave ssh"09:48
bustacapHow do I grep for a specific file type?09:49
ActionParsnip__gilles: in ubuntu it is default enabled, as is X forwarding09:49
MonkeyDustgordonjcp  i don't use 'ssh' in the command, when I rsync to my remote p[D[D[D[D[D[Dc09:49
MonkeyDustpc even09:49
gordonjcpMonkeyDust: hm, okay09:50
ActionParsnipbustacap: you can use find first to find the files, or you can grep the output for the file extension (assuming they have an extension)09:50
gordonjcpMonkeyDust: maybe what I said is obsolete now09:50
bustacapActionParsnip, ty again :P09:50
DoctorD90Mmm...in sshd conf i remember a line about sftp, but it is commented09:50
ActionParsnipDoctorD90: nautilus can connect to SSHFS, In Windows you will need something like Filezilla09:50
esingIt seems Ubuntu did not care about setting up Dualboot, so when booting from Ubuntu I do not see any option to choose WIndows 7 or Ubuntu. Can I configure this manually? This is my grub2 config http://paste.ubuntu.com/1202271/09:51
DoctorD90Actionparsnip, i use android xP09:51
ActionParsnipDoctorD90: andftp can connect to SFTP09:51
ActionParsnipesing: run:   sudo update-grub    do you see windows mentioned?09:51
MonkeyDustesing  I read this today http://www.linuxbsdos.com/2012/09/12/7-tips-for-dual-booting-linux-distributions-and-windows/09:52
ActionParsnipDoctorD90: the port to connect to is 22, just like you would a 'normal' SSH connection09:52
esingActionParsnip No, Windows is not mentioned09:52
DoctorD90I use es manager, and it is able on sftp ^^ thx ^^09:52
mad578bustacap: try grep -r --include=*.foo "something" .09:52
DoctorD90Now i try..installation is completed09:53
ActionParsnipDoctorD90: sweet, no need for crappy ftp then, port forward port 22 on the router to the system and you will be able to access your data from anywhere :):)09:53
esingMonkeyDust Yes I followed more or less those tips09:55
esingHow can I set it up manually, now that Ubuntu did not take care itself?09:55
=== rawagner is now known as rawagner_LL
DoctorD90Ok...it seems be able on sftp...even if i dont know if it is installed proftpd09:56
ActionParsnipDoctorD90: you can check with:  dpkg -l | grep proftp09:57
DoctorD90Sftp works, but is installed proftpd, so idk if is proftpd or openssh09:57
=== rose7676 is now known as roseoff
ActionParsnipDoctorD90: then it will be openssh-server you are connecting to09:58
DoctorD90I dont understan that message xP >> [11:43] (gordonjcp) DoctorD90: once you've finished installing proftpd, break out the install media and wipe and reinstall your machine09:58
DoctorD90Ok..i check line in conf of sshd09:58
ActionParsnipDoctorD90: its to test the unattended config, but its not needed now09:59
DoctorD90Ah ok10:00
DoctorD90It is my first server, so i dont really know what do, and what is useless^^10:00
esingWhy I do not see my other connected HDD's in Ubuntu explorer?10:01
DoctorD90Ok subsystem sftp uncommented, is openssh....10:01
DoctorD90Good ^^ so i havent to install proftpd10:01
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=== Guest44861 is now known as roo
=== roo is now known as Guest53594
esingsudo fdisk -l  just shows this two partitions http://paste.ubuntu.com/1202292/10:03
esingWindows 7 recognizes all HDD's, why does Ubuntu not?10:03
=== Guest53594 is now known as woo-0854
ikoniaesing: what other hard disks are there10:03
ikoniaesing: that just shows one disk with 2 partitions10:03
MonkeyDustesing  is that the complete output of fdisk -l?10:03
esingMonkeyDust yes10:04
esingikonia There are two other HDD's but none are shown.10:04
ikoniaesing: what type of disks are they , are they raided ? are they on a seperate controller ?10:05
ActionParsnipDoctorD90: true, fewer services equals more secure OS10:05
esingikonia: No they are not "raided". What do you mean by seperate controller?10:06
ikoniaesing: are they sat on a different disk controller than the disk you can see ?10:06
esingikonia Sorry I do not understand your question.10:07
DoctorD90Only....in proftpd it is there "chdir" setting, that 'jail' user in his home....here how can i do?10:07
esingI do not know what "disk controller" is10:07
DoctorD90Yep actionparsnip..for this now i will not install more proftpd....and again, sftp is more secure than ftp :D10:08
e66I am getting " Starting crash report submission daemon                                                                                                                               [fail]" all the time on 12.0410:08
esingikonia Alright I understood your question. They are both on Sata210:08
ActionParsnipDoctorD90: indeed10:08
e66... why I get this?10:09
mrAlmondHi everyone10:09
DoctorD90Indeed = not necesary?10:09
mrAlmondcan I use a regular ubuntu 12.04 on a server with a raid 1 array?10:10
mrAlmondor must I use ubuntu server?10:10
ikoniaesing: what file system is on those disks10:10
DoctorD90But i like that, once connected, im yet in my folder, and i havent find it....10:10
esingikonia 2x NTSF10:11
esingI installed Ubuntu after Windows 7 (HDD#1) on a seperate HDD#2. Its bootloader was also installed on HDD#2. When booting HDD#2 I do not see Grub's menu to choose between HDD#1 or HDD#2. What made I wrong and how can I solve my problem?10:11
ikoniaesing: you have two problems - your install problem is minor, what's more concerning is why the second disk can't be seen10:11
ChapZhi folks, i have a question. i am new to ubuntu, and well this is question is not much with ubuntu, but its more with hardware/processor. i got thinkpad t410 and the cpu is i5-520M, i wish to know if i can upgrade the processor to i5-2540m? google tells me they are almost identical in all ways. suggestions please.10:12
hficChapZ,  /join ##hardware10:12
ChapZokay hfic thanks10:12
mad578esing: what's the output of the command cat /proc/partitions? maybe this provides some more informations10:13
DoctorD90I find on internet:10:17
DoctorD90* Change the default sftp server from: Subsystem sftp /usr/lib/openssh/sftp-server to: Subsystem sftp internal-sftp10:17
DoctorD90What this change does?10:17
hassanplzz....help....my ubuntu doesnt recognize a cd or a usb???10:18
savioi think i have problem10:18
savioyesterday i run my update manager and it says something about partial update10:18
saviowhat's that i'm using ubuntu 12.0410:19
ActionParsnipsavio: can you give a pastebin of the output of:   sudo apt-get update; lsb_release -a10:19
DoctorD90Actionparsnip, what this mean?:10:19
DoctorD90[12:16] (DoctorD90) * Change the default sftp server from: Subsystem sftp /usr/lib/openssh/sftp-server to: Subsystem sftp internal-sftp10:19
ActionParsnipDoctorD90: I have no idea, sorry10:20
DoctorD90Internal-sftp ....mmm...bha!10:20
esingI changed HDD#3 to HDD#1 place, now I can see HDD#3, but still I can not see HDD#1. HDD#1(Windows) is in SATA2 beside HDD#2(Ubuntu).10:20
savioActionParsnip, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1202334/10:21
=== rhys is now known as Guest31196
ActionParsnipsavio: ok then run:  sudo apt-get dist-upgrade    is it smooth?10:21
=== Guest31196 is now known as shadark
esingikonia Any hints yet?10:22
=== shadark is now known as Shadark
drup4l_n00bhow can I get the string I want in grep like the result of grep is "File directory path    :  sites/default/files " and I just want to get "sites/default/files"10:22
ActionParsnipdrup4l_n00b: you can pipe it into awk10:23
NewWorlddrup4l_n00b:  use sed or awk10:23
ActionParsnipdrup4l_n00b: blah | blah | awk {'print $5'}         possibly (may need to change the 5)10:23
jribdrup4l_n00b: -o may be an option.  Depends how you search10:23
esingI think my both problems are connected10:23
esingShould I do this http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/maverick/man8/gptsync.8.html ?10:24
savioActionParsnip, yeah  its smooth10:24
ActionParsnipsavio: sweet, no problem then :)10:24
drup4l_n00bthanks ActionParsnip will try ur suggestion10:24
ikoniaesing: hang on10:24
savioActionParsnip, why my update manager showing such thing10:24
ActionParsnipsavio: no idea, I don't use that thing10:25
ubottupatrickmi: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».10:25
riz0nHello. I have Ubuntu Server 12.04 with Postfix,Dovecot,Spamassassin,Clamav,and Amavis. Can someone tell me where I can edit the rules? The filter sets SPF_FAIL to 0.919 and I would like to set it to something like.... 10 ;)10:25
riz0nI have my filter cut-off at a level 3, but some still pass through and I see that they all have the same SPF_FAIL similarity. SPF records has been an adopted standard for many years now. If the host doesn't have a valid SPF record, then I want to score the message high enough for the Spamassassin/Amavis to flag it as spam.10:26
savioActionParsnip, no problem thx for help10:26
pehdenWhat is a decent IRCd in the repo10:27
loftsyupgrading just broke my java install10:27
demoo201good day house10:28
demoo201can anybody help me on zentyal server10:28
ActionParsnippehden: http://www.the-tech-tutorial.com/?p=70910:28
pehdenActionParsnip thanks10:29
ActionParsnipdemoo201: ask and see10:29
esingShould I run sudo dmraid -rE ?10:29
ActionParsnippehden: all I did was: https://encrypted.google.com/search?hl=en&q=ubuntu%20irc%20server10:29
pehdenme to but i forgot about that one.10:30
demoo201i config my zentyal server as vpn server now i can connect but cant access all the network resources and even the dashboard is not showing the pptp users10:30
ferniis there old versions of packages stored somewhere online? need to downgrade Thunderbird to 14 from install cd, but missing locale packages and they arent in local at archives either10:30
dr_willis so you need versions from an earlier ubuntu release?10:32
esingDid I install Grub2 into the wrong MBR?10:32
esingShould I have installed Grub2 into the HDD#1 (Windows) instead of HDD#2(Linux) ?10:32
dr_willisesing: you can set the bios to boot the other hd10:33
DoctorD90Actionparsnip: sorry, i have phone out of charge, and i have quit, but can you give me a good howto (good= for noob) on how setup public_html and connect them to www.user.domain.com ??? Many many thx fot all10:33
esingdr_willis Bios boots HDD#2 with Ubuntu, but Ubuntu does not recognize Windows7 also it does not show WIndows7 HDD in its file manager10:33
fernidr_willis: no, earlier versions shipped with precise10:33
esingSo basically my installation failed...10:34
dr_willisyou do mean 2 disks. not 2 prtitions on the same disk10:34
ActionParsnipDoctorD90: I don't understand the question10:34
esingI thought Ubuntu takes care of itself when installing Ubuntu after Windows...10:34
dr_willis! pin10:34
ubottupinning is an advanced feature that APT can use to prefer particular packages over others. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto10:34
esingdr_willis may you help me?10:34
Ben6410.04, is there a way to speed up file transfers to NTFS?10:34
LorSamPau_w_esing, usuially it does if you told it to10:34
DoctorD90Do you know a good howto about creation of public_html ?10:35
esingLorSamPau_w_ How should I have told it toß10:35
esingLorSamPau_w_ I just told Ubuntu to install itself on HDD#2 partition 110:35
LorSamPau_w_esing, in install setup it asks you10:35
ActionParsnipBen64: defrag it10:35
Ben64ActionParsnip: completely blank partition, freshly partitioned10:35
dr_willistry mounting the windows drive by hand10:35
esingNo it did not ask, I could only choose where it should be installewd10:35
Ben6426.8MB/s on VFAT, 15.3MB/s on NTFS10:36
Ben64same drive, different partitions10:36
ActionParsnipBen64: NTFS is proprietary, vfat isn't10:36
LorSamPau_w_esing, http://www.techotopia.com/images/7/7a/Ubuntu_11_dual_boot_resize_windows.jpg10:36
Ben64ActionParsnip: i realize this, but my tv only reads vfat or ntfs10:36
Ben64ActionParsnip: and vfat doesn't do >4GB10:36
esingdr_willis How would I do that?10:36
=== surya is now known as Guest49857
Ben64dr_willis: was that directed to me?10:37
demoo201i config my zentyal server as vpn server now i can connect but cant access all the network resources and even the dashboard is not showing the pptp users10:37
ppseafield12.04 So I tried to install a deb with dpkg. It installed it and only warned about unsatisfied dependencies. Tried to apt-get those dependencies, but apt complained that my .deb package had unmet dependencies and should try apt-get -f install.10:37
esingLorSamPau_w_ If you read my problemthoroughly you would know why that option was not on the screen.10:37
ppseafieldI ran that (and didn't look close enough at what apt said).10:38
ppseafieldTurns out apt-get -f install removed sudo.10:38
jribppseafield: what deb package?10:38
ppseafieldIs there anything I can do to get it back? I have not set the root password myself.10:38
ppseafieldguitar pro 610:38
zaggynlhi, I'm trying to speed up my login with "UseDNS no" in sshd_config but with that I can't login, what gives?10:39
DoctorD90Actionparsnip: [12:34] (DoctorD90) Do you know a good howto about creation of public_html ?10:39
LorSamPau_w_esing, you can fix it manually but it's very compplicated10:39
jribppseafield: you can use recovery mode from the grub prompt to get a root shell10:39
esingLorSamPau_w_ You got an instruction to do so?10:39
ppseafieldjrib: thank you!10:39
ActionParsnipBen64: try the mount options:    atime,noatime,relatime10:39
LorSamPau_w_esing, well, you can restore windows loader in the recovery console that loads in the win7 install cd10:40
LorSamPau_w_esing, and then edit your grub2 to add this win loader10:40
esingLorSamPau_w_ What has the windows loader to do with my problem?10:40
LorSamPau_w_esing, how to do that in every step i do not know10:40
DoctorD90Bye, mobile phone out of charge, thx for great help ^^10:41
Onyx47esing, to add to LorSamPau_w_, in windows recovery console use fixboot and fixmbr, on ubuntu do update-grub, it should autodetect windows10:42
Ben64ActionParsnip: 0.4MB/s faster than before10:42
ActionParsnipBen64: step in the right direction10:42
esingOnyx47 Why would I use fixboot/fixmbr on windows if my windows loader works just fine?10:42
Ben64vfat is still almost twice as fast :(10:42
ikoniaesing: apologies, I was just in a meeting10:42
ikoniaesing: have you resolved why your machine can only see 1 disk10:43
ikoniainstead of 210:43
Onyx47esing, oh, sorry, I figured it was broken, didn't read from the start10:43
esingOnyx47 It is not broken.10:43
esingikonia No.10:43
ikoniaesing: I would concentrate on that issue, before looking at your installation issues10:43
demoo201zentyal users pls help meeeee10:43
esingikonia I just know that I have to do install Grub2 manually somehow.10:43
^DEMOSS^i do it )) 10.10 ubuntu now on my virtual machine ))10:43
ikoniaesing: forget grub for the moment10:44
esingikonia Both issues are related.10:44
ikoniaesing: you are missing a disk10:44
ikoniaesing: no, they are not10:44
ActionParsnipdemoo201: ask and see if anyone can help10:44
^DEMOSS^ahahha Russian pple can do all )10:44
ikoniaesing: grub has nothing to do with if your OS can see a disk or not10:44
samkanHi, I am getting this error Gdk:ERROR:/build/buildd/gtk+2.0-2.20.1/gdk/gdkregion-generic.c:1108:miUnionNonO: assertion failed: (y1 < y2)10:44
samkanis there any workarround for the same?10:44
ppseafieldjrib: i don't have the root password; can't get root recovery console10:44
ikoniasamkan: that line on it's own is usless10:44
demoo201i asked nobody is answering me10:44
esingikonia Ofc it does. Grub prolly did not take care of Windows7 because it was not detected :)10:44
jribopalepatrick: it will not ask you for a root password, unless one was set10:44
ikoniaesing: grub is a boot loader, it has nothing to do with your actual OS and if it can see a disk or not10:45
esingikonia What should I do now?10:45
samkanbut from where this error is coming?10:45
samkanand why this error occur,10:45
ikoniaesing: so how many physical hard disks do you have10:45
ActionParsnipdemoo201: can you ping IPs on the network you are VPNing to?10:45
esingikonia Three.10:45
ppseafieldjrib: I'm pretty sure I didn't set a root password, but maybe I did. It was a while ago.10:45
ikoniasamkan: what are you doing to create that error10:45
ikoniaesing: how big are the disks ?10:45
demoo201i cant ping10:46
ppseafieldjrib: am I screwed?10:46
jribppseafield: did you try just using a common password?  If you can't remember it, then reboot, change the kernel line to end with "init=/bin/bash" and then reset the password there10:46
esingHDD#1 (Win7) 1TB, HDD#2 (Ubuntu) 2TB , HDD#3 160GB10:46
samkanI am running InkScape for vector drawing on Ubuntu 10.04 lts10:46
ActionParsnipdemoo201: is there a route for the netmask to go down the vpn?10:46
samkanwhenever this error occur my software crash10:46
ikoniaesing: can you please post the output of "sudo fdisk -l" again in a pastebin10:46
ppseafieldjrib: I tried several. Thanks. I'll try that.10:46
ikoniaesing: please paste EVERYTHING it displays10:47
LorSamPau_w_esing, in ubuntu in gparted is there your win7 drive?10:47
MonkeyDustesing  use pastebinit to that end10:47
Ben64ActionParsnip: changing my cpu governor from "On Demand" to "Performance" nets a ~5MB/s improvement in ntfs write speed, looks as though cpu is the limiting factor in ntfs-3g10:47
esingikonia I put HDD#3 on HDD#1 slot and HDD#1 SATA cable next to HDD#1 Sata slot (both SATA2), resulting that I can see now HDD#3 but not HDD#1 yet http://paste.ubuntu.com/1202271/10:48
ikoniaesing: that is not fdisk -l10:48
ikoniaesing: please post the output I asked you for10:48
uosiuHow to setup dm-crypt on ubuntu12.04 to ask only one for a password that is the same on several volumes?10:48
uosiuonly once*10:48
esingikonia Yes I mixed the link up. One moment10:48
MonkeyDustesing  type sudo fdisk -l|pastebinit and paste the url here10:49
ActionParsnipdemoo201: if you run:  route    is there a route to the VPN'd network being pushed down the VPN device?10:49
esingikonia http://paste.ubuntu.com/1202373/10:50
samkan_Gdk:ERROR:/build/buildd/gtk+2.0-2.20.1/gdk/gdkregion-generic.c:1108:miUnionNonO: assertion failed: (y1 < y2)10:50
samkan_I am looking for the solution for this problem10:50
ikoniaesing: what is the size of the disk that's missing 2TB?10:50
esingikonia What do you mean?10:51
ActionParsnipsamkan_: what causes the error?10:51
ikoniaesing: never mind, I can see it myself10:51
ikoniaesing: it's the 1TB disk that's missing10:51
esingikonia HDD#2 (2TB) got 1,8TB data NTFS and 20GB Linux, there is missing not space10:52
ikoniaesing: I meant the size of the physical hard disk10:52
ikoniaesing: you have a 1TB hard disk missing10:52
ikoniacorrect ?10:52
ActionParsnipsamkan_: what causes the error?10:52
ikoniaesing: ok, is it possible there is a physical problem with the cable/drive bay it sits in ?10:52
esingikonia No because I run it when changing boot order10:53
radedo_problema con la risoluzione dello schermo10:53
root__hi everybody- I am newbee and having problem instaling RT 2870 driver, when SUDO MAKE brings error10:53
ikoniayou run what ?10:53
esingikonia Want me to switch cables and try out?10:53
ikoniaesing: it's up to you, I'm just asking if there is any possability of a hardware problem10:53
fernidoes install dvd contain language packages?10:53
demoo201<Actionparsnip>yes but is for openvpn but this is for pptp and has diff ip10:53
esingikonia They are both in Sata2 , so it is rather a software problem10:53
ikoniaesing: what do you mean, they are both in Sata2 ?10:54
ActionParsnipdemoo201: thats normal, is there a route listed for the remote subnet?10:54
ikoniahow can 2 disks share the same sata port10:54
esingI got SATA3 and SATA2 controllers10:54
esingikonia Ubuntu does not recognize SATA3 at all.10:54
ikoniaesing: yes, but they don't share the same cable, the same controller port10:54
ikoniaesing: ahhhhhh10:54
ikoniaesing: ok, there we go10:54
ikoniaesing: so the issue is your sata 3 controller is not picked up by ubuntu10:54
ikoniaesing: is the sata3 controller part of your motherboard or an additional controller ?10:55
esingikonia part of my MoBo10:55
LorSamPau_w_like a raid controller10:55
MonkeyDustesing  guess a solution was found here   http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=145623810:55
=== Onixs_ is now known as Onixs
samkanI don't know, it comes randomly10:55
radedo_ciao qualkuno parla italiano?10:55
samkanMost of the time it coming with InkScape10:56
ikoniaMonkeyDust: how is that going to fix his sata3 controller not being detected ?10:56
samkanI am using inkscape as a verctor drawing, whenever this error occur, program crash10:56
MindSparkhello I am running 12.04 and after this dist-upgrade the system keeps doing fsck's on startup all the time. I did a manual one to fix all errors and checked using tune2fs to see if the fs was clean afterwards, and it was. However I still keep getting those forced fscks on startup. Does anyone know about this issue?10:56
MonkeyDustikonia  esing idd, there was no solution found, just re-read it10:56
esingikonia I have enough SATA2 ports, that is why I put all HDD's into SATA2 ports instead SATA3. THat is how I avoided SATA3 issues.10:57
ikoniaMonkeyDust: I've asked you this before - please please please, stop posting things which are nothing to do with th eproblem10:57
ikoniaMonkeyDust: if you don't have an answer, don't post random things10:57
ActionParsnipsamkan: are there any bugs reported?10:57
ikoniaesing: ok, so all 3 disks are now on the sata 2 ports, yes ?10:57
enycMindSpark: hrrm  this might seem silly but  check  'memtest' on the computer..  i've had cases, where motherboard/ram/cpu/capacitors were not ahppy and it was causing all sorts of chaos/broken-filesystems/etc10:57
esingikonia yes10:57
ikoniaesing: so even with all 3 disks on sata 2 controllers, you are still missing a disk yes ?10:58
ActionParsnipikonia: could use IDE compatibility in BIOS10:58
enycMindSpark: this then leads to filesystem corruption, which then leads to 'forced fsck' etc.10:58
MindSparkenyc, but tune2fs says fs is clean ?10:58
albechthis new dns crap in 12.04 is causing so much frustration :( I really hope there is a greater purpose with implementing it10:58
LorSamPau_w_esing, thats really odd10:58
ikoniaActionParsnip: depends if the bios supports it, and the last line he's posted suggests the sata3 statement maybe a red herring10:58
esingikonia yes10:58
fairuzMindSpark: check / if there is a file called forcefsck. IIRC, if you have this file, it will force fsck at each boot10:58
enycMindSpark: hrrm if you shutdown and reboot again  quikcyl ?10:58
albechusing dns over vpn is a pain in the @$$ now10:58
ActionParsnipalbech: you can disable it, why not ask how rather than pointles whining which actually achieves zero10:59
enycMindSpark: is it actually 'filesystem marked dirty' error or just some ubuntu-buggy-being-silly ?10:59
ikoniaesing: please output the following command "sudo blkid" and pastebin it10:59
samkanno, it is gtk bug, not software bug10:59
MindSparkenyc, I am not sure. I'll check again11:00
dr_willisMindSpark:  does it say why its fscking. any messages like 'last fsck date set to future' or 'fsck count reashed'11:00
samkaneven it is coming with some other tool also.11:00
MindSparkfairuz, nope, no such file11:00
ActionParsnipalbech: if you ask questions you are being constructive. Moaning spams the channel and people will simply not advise you as you have not got a sensible question11:00
albechActionParsnip, i still dont understand why they are making changes like that in a LTS release.. this has a major impact on enterprise setups11:00
ActionParsnipalbech: it works fine here11:00
sa_Hi, somebody can help me with installing RT2870 driver? when SUDO MAKE i receive error11:00
enycMindSpark: dr_willis making another good point.  It can be your system clock going (e.g. CMOS battery flat)  such that time wrong such that it always thinks its' time to check or so11:00
esingikonia http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1202388/11:01
ActionParsnipsa_: linux commands are usually all lower case11:01
MindSparkdr_willis, the netbooks cmos battery is not working properly anymore. So I have to set the time/date on each startup. It used to be a problem like you mentioned, that the last mount is in the future. Until I would just set the time every on every boot11:01
in0culaI have a connection to internet via wifi, now I have a mini pc that i want connect to eth0 to ssh on it, but every time i plug the eth0 the wifi loose internet connection even if is still connected, any help?11:01
ActionParsnipsa_: which wifi chip do you use?11:01
vakhi all11:01
dr_willissaw a bug in beta that had fscks due to a date bug.11:01
beemy nvidia deriver does not work at all11:01
enycMindSpark: drrm ok  cmos batteries can be replaced i've done it before11:01
MindSparkand since I started setting the time on each boot things went fine. But now, even that won't make a difference11:01
ActionParsnipin0cula: use /etc/network/interfaces to configure the ethernet and let network manager manage the wifi (one way to do it)11:01
enycMindSpark: it would be much better to just fix that.11:02
MindSparkenyc, for the eee it's a pain in the ...11:02
ikoniaesing: Hmm, it really can't see that 3rd disk, I would check the cables11:02
enycMindSpark: aaat take motherboard out,  unplug speakers etc.. yah i know =)11:02
sa_ActionParsnip: yes was lowercase, its RT2870 Ralink USB11:02
vakLogin dialog sometimes doesn't appear after lock-kscreen on idle -- anyone researched this issue already?11:02
in0culaActionParsnip: good idea, I'll do it now11:02
MindSparkok, so there was a fsck at this boot11:02
MindSparkand I just checked filesystem using tune2fs11:02
MindSparkFilesystem state:         not clean11:02
enycMindSpark: still it could just be that fixing that will properly fix it   the hwclock may not register properly at all11:02
beeafter nvidia setting then,i can not enter the desk top11:02
albechActionParsnip, i wasnt looking for advice when i typed it.. needed to vent ;)11:03
ActionParsnipalbech: wrong channel then...this is support only11:03
enycMindSpark: when running, check 'dmesg' for warnings11:03
enycMindSpark: it may SAY that it has found error and marked filessytem dirty11:03
beeso,how to write the xconfig with nvidia11:03
beecome on man11:03
enycMindSpark: this would be helpful to know if that is actually happening, or not11:03
MindSparkwhat do I grep for in dmesg?11:03
dr_willisbee i let  nvidia-settings do it11:04
ActionParsnipbee: sudo nvidia-xconfig      have some damn patience child11:04
demoo201<ActionParsnip>you mean the dns or the ip11:04
ActionParsnipdemoo201: a route to the subnet, it needs to be routed down the VPN link11:04
bee<ActionParsnip>i can not do it11:05
enycMindSpark: you get used to reading it and whats normal11:05
enycMindSpark: the most useful think todo is  firstly  dmesg  and then look again later and see what 'new' messages have appeared11:05
demoo201<ActionParsnip>am a beginner on zentyal can u pls explain a bit11:05
bee<ActionParsnip>because, everytime ,i let it go,but i comes out to me in the end without the desktop11:05
ActionParsnipbee: thats the command for the nvidia app to make an xorg.conf11:05
enycMindSpark: i suspect 'e4' or 'ext4' may be part of the line you need to see but not sure11:05
enycMindSpark: there should be something about filesystem dirty or error on device or whatever,  it will give you clues if that is actually happening11:06
beesudo nvidia-xconfig--->make things worse11:06
enycMindSpark: besides which you might want to see erros about the block device, not an ext4fs error11:06
bee<ActionParsnip>yeah,that's the worse key point11:07
enycMindSpark: 'dmesg' tells you what the kernel has to say for itself, read it all, look at it, learn think, ask questions11:07
dr_willisan xorg.conf file in not needed normally. unless you are using nvidas twinview.11:07
MindSparkenyc, alright, thanks11:07
dr_willisor other special features11:07
enycMindSpark: in my 'dmesg' I have a load of lines from "EXT4-fs" when it mounted and 'recovered' my filesystem (i had powercut...)11:08
ActionParsnipdr_willis: my TV sets 3000 dpi and some ridiculously high res. Makes the icons microscopic and the text about 3 inches high. Sinle display11:08
ActionParsnipdr_willis: needs xorg.conf ;)11:08
MindSparkI'll have a look at it, thanks!11:09
demoo201ActionParsnip you mean i have to link it on the server in a static routes11:14
esingikonia I tried out several cable combinations until I found a combination that works11:14
esingikonia I see WIndows7 drive in file manager. How would I fix my grub2 issue now?11:14
esingikonia I still do not see Windows7 in grub2 boot loader11:14
ActionParsnipdemoo201: if a route hasn't been made to tel the OS to route trafic to the VPN'd subnet you will need to tell it, otherwise it willust go to the WWW and not connect11:15
sedekihow do I configure whether to use gdm/kdm ?11:15
demoo201Actionparnip you i have to do that on the server or on the windows(client)11:16
ActionParsnipdemoo201: there is the route command on Windows too, you should check the routing table first11:17
LorSamPau_w_esing, you need to edit your grub.cfg, and to do that you need to edit one of the files from what grub.cfg compiles: /etc/grub.d/40_custom... i think you can google it11:17
stricjuxUbuntu as a Samba server trully sucks. I've spent the best part of last two days of setting up shares and I still cannot access shares with more than one username (the one username works perfectly tho).11:20
demoo201actionparsnip on my routing table i can see the gateway of my vpn server11:20
sa___Hi I have problems to instal my wifi adapter Ralink USB, RT 2870, when I sudo make I receive error, somebody can help?11:20
stricjuxSamba+Ubuntu: Anyone here that could at least help me debug my setup as everything should work considering my current configuration.11:21
dr_willissa___:  pastebin the exact errors11:22
esingLorSamPau_w_ What should I put for this  set root=(hd0,1)11:23
fidel!details > stricjux11:23
ubottustricjux, please see my private message11:23
esingfdisk -l only shows me /dev/sda or sdb but not hd0 hd1 etc??11:23
esingsda= hd0 ?11:24
blackshirtesing, hd0,hd1 was term for old driver11:24
usr13stricjux: pastebinit smb.conf11:25
LorSamPau_w_esing, i've never done that, i know just the way, not the exect code11:25
usr13stricjux: Which user works?11:25
esingsudo update-grub2 helped me11:26
esingI will reboot to see if it really worked11:26
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gianpietrohi all guys11:27
gianpietrocould u please help me with chrome+ubuntu+flash?11:28
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash11:28
gianpietrodon't know why with many many videos on youtube11:28
gianpietroit grasches11:28
LorSamPau_w_gianpietro, try to disable hardware acceleration11:29
blackshirtinstall flashplugin-nonfree11:29
gianpietroi'll try both...in reversed order...;)11:31
LorSamPau_w_gianpietro, give us some feedback)11:31
gianpietroi will11:31
gianpietroLordDeath, blackfrank:  sh0t@nemesis:~$ sudo apt-cache search flash|grep -i nonfree11:32
gianpietroflashplugin-nonfree-extrasound - Adobe Flash Player platform support library for Esound and OSS11:32
gianpietroi should have other packets11:33
gianpietrohow do i check wich version of flash plugin i have instaleld11:33
Ben64!enter | gianpietro11:33
ubottugianpietro: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!11:33
Ben64gianpietro: to answer your question - http://www.adobe.com/software/flash/about/11:34
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash11:34
sa___dr_willis: error message http://paste.ubuntu.com/1202432/11:35
demoo201Actionparsnip can i meet you on personal thing11:35
sazawalMy filesystem is showing I have 9.6 GB free and 5 GB available on / partition. As well as 21.3 GB free and 2.8 GB available on another partition. Doesn't it looks like Ubuntu is reserving too much space for root?11:36
=== dpb_ is now known as Guest14449
Ben64sazawal: default is (I think) 5%11:36
gianpietroLorSamPau_w_, how do I disable hardware acceleration?11:36
LorSamPau_w_gianpietro, rightclick on the flashvideo or another flashobject11:37
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spikhoffjoin #arch11:37
ppseafieldjrib: Hey, I don't actually know where to put this init=/bin/bash line. My grub.cfg doesn't have a `kernel' line in anything11:39
gianpietroLorSamPau_w_, it doesn't allow me to disable it...I mean i click on it but the sign doesn't go away..but I  don't think it depends on that because with some videos it works11:39
jribppseafield: you don't need to edit grub.cfg, just press 'e' at the grub screen11:39
ppseafieldright, but there's no `kernel' entry at the boot screen because there isn't any in grub.cfg11:39
ppseafieldthere's no kernel entry anywhere11:40
gianpietroand also with firefox it always works.11:40
jribppseafield: you don't have any lines displayed to you in grub?11:40
LorSamPau_w_gianpietro, i had problems with videos on youtube... some were fine, some were not, disabling hardware accel worked for me11:40
ppseafieldjrib: I do, but none of them have `kernel' in them as commands.11:40
jribppseafield: it probably says "linux" and ends in quiet splash11:40
=== urkki is now known as Finnish
ppseafieldjrib: I thought that's where I was supposed to put it, so I tried it there. Kernel Panic11:41
gianpietroLorSamPau_w_,  I see.. thank you, but the problem now is that I can't disable it..11:41
Ben64gianpietro: go to a youtube video, right click, settings, uncheck the box11:41
jribppseafield: what did your line look like exactly?11:41
LorSamPau_w_gianpietro, In many cases though the box can't be clicked. If that's the case then you must not have scrollbars present so use F11 to fullscreen the window, then you'll be able to click in the box. After doing so press F11 again to return to normal window.11:42
ppseafieldjrib: linux/boot/vmlinuz-3.2.0-26-generic root=UUID=7b5fabe7-b35e-4c26-ac69-847e35c5bb45 ro   splash quiet $vt_handoff init=/bin/bash11:42
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ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit11:42
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ppseafieldjrib: also tried with just ro init=/bin/bash11:42
LorSamPau_w_Ben64, he tried that11:42
gianpietroI didn't try the full screen thing11:43
LorSamPau_w_gianpietro, try it11:43
=== babilen__ is now known as babilen
jribppseafield: well that's kind of weird.  You can just use a live cd, chroot to your install, and install sudo I suppose11:43
ppseafieldjrib: okay, I'll do that. thanks for all the help11:43
LorSamPau_w_gianpietro, if that disabling HA wouldn't help - try to uninstall flash and install gnash instead11:44
gianpietroLorSamPau_w_,  i think i 'll try your last advice.11:44
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dr_willisi just use  flashreplacer extensions to play flash in vlc.11:44
dr_willisor flash downloaders11:45
LorSamPau_w_gianpietro, do you use compiz?11:45
=== Pici` is now known as Pici
gianpietroyes I do11:45
gianpietroat least this is what ps says11:46
LorSamPau_w_gianpietro, i think becaouse of compiz you can't uncheck the box11:46
gianpietroshould I kill it?11:46
LorSamPau_w_gianpietro, if fullscreen doesn't work - just disable compiz for a moment11:47
aLeSD|i all11:48
aLeSD|someone know why I have not git-p4 file ?11:48
gianpietrosorry how do I disable compiz temprary?11:48
aLeSD|I have the docs but not the binary11:48
=== Onixs_ is now known as Onixs
gianpietrosorry how do I disable compiz temprary?11:49
ubuntuinstall120anyone able to help explain why i can't install ubuntu?11:49
ubuntuinstall120i'm trying to install 12.04 server, 64 bit, from a USB key.11:49
LorSamPau_w_gianpietro, log out and choose other options like ubuntu classic or unity11:49
ubuntuinstall120after the boot menu, selecting install, all i get is a blank screen.11:49
=== sh0t is now known as gianpietro
gianpietroLorSamPau_w_, it was not the hw accelration! :(11:52
LorSamPau_w_gianpietro, use gnash than11:52
gianpietroi have gnash installed already...11:53
ubuntuinstall120any ideas why i'm getting a blank screen trying to install 12.04 server? boot menu comes up, but after choosing language, etc. the screen clears and just sits there...11:53
LorSamPau_w_gianpietro, if i was in your shoes i'll just use mozilla )11:53
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sazawalMy filesystem is showing I have 9.6 GB free and 5 GB available on / partition. As well as 21.3 GB free and 2.8 GB available on another partition. Doesn't it looks like Ubuntu is reserving too much space for root?11:56
ubuntuinstall120can't install.11:56
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gianpietromaybe  need to install browser-plugin-gnash11:56
gianpietronot working either...how do I select which plugin i need to use with update-alternatives?11:56
gianpietroi mean flash.11:57
gianpietroLorSamPau_w_, .... i guess i will try a little bit nore to fix this shit...after gonna go eat something now... thank you everybody! :)11:58
intel1see this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=78361612:00
intel1i wanna understand what this means : Copy the script below and save it on your Documents Folder.12:00
intel1and how can i save it12:00
jribintel1: create a new text file, copy and paste12:01
intel1jrib : r u saw the link12:01
jribintel1: yes12:01
intel1k ty jrib12:01
jribintel1: and ideally you would read the script and make sure it's not malicious12:02
intel1i think its official cuz its taked from the playonlinux.com12:03
intel1and at all i can't read or understand this12:04
intel1jrib : am a newbie ubuntu user XD12:04
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intel1jrib : am trying to make my .exe files and games work on ubuntu12:04
intel1jrib : so i can leave Windows for ever12:04
sburjanHello. Can Open Office and Lire Office be installed on the same machine and co-exist gracefully ?12:04
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sazawalMy filesystem is showing I have 9.6 GB free and 5 GB available on / partition. As well as 21.3 GB free and 2.8 GB available on another partition. Doesn't it looks like Ubuntu is reserving too much space for root?12:06
Ben64sazawal: default is 5%12:07
sazawalBen64, Yes but why my other partition is reserving so much space12:07
sazawalBen64, / partition is already  reserving 5% and that is okay12:08
Ben64because the other partition is bigger?12:08
sazawalBen64, So every partition is required to save 5% of space12:08
Ben64sazawal: that is the default setting, it is changeable12:09
tmfHey a question i went from samba 3.4 smt to 3.6.3  and now it doesnt work, i cannot access the samba shares/pc at all12:10
tmfdid not change smb.conf or smt like that12:10
tmfany idea`12:11
sazawalBen64, I need to ask is, is it okay for my system to remove all the reserved space from other partition?12:12
Ben64sazawal: not sure what you mean12:13
sazawalBen64, 20 GB is too much space it is reserving for root. So is it okay to move all the reserved space to available space ?12:14
rachohello anyone can point out a good resource for ipsec  site2site  configuration between servers on diff networks12:14
sazawalBen64, I wont remove reserved space from / partition12:14
sapharothsazawal: i suggest you dont do.cause may be some important files exist on those reserved parts. if only you are that the reserved is no more used12:15
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sapharoth* if only you are sure12:16
Ben64sapharoth: no files exist in reserved blocks12:16
Ben64sazawal: yes you can change the amount reserved, look at tune2fs man page12:16
sazawalBen64, yes i have looked into that. I wanted to confirm that how much should I leave before doing that.12:17
Ben64sazawal: going above 95% usage on a partition could make the filesystem fragmented12:17
sazawalBen64, ohh. But 20 GB reserved ? It is too much12:18
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aristidesflhi, is it possible to activate sudo for a bunch of commands12:23
aristidesfland then get out12:23
LorSamPau_w_aristidesfl, just type them after sudo12:23
aristidesflLorSamPau_w_ without that12:23
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tmfin the logs it says   Cant open username map /etc/samba/smbusers12:25
=== Sickki_ is now known as Sickki
tmfno samba ppl here?12:25
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=== mikl1 is now known as mikl
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sapharothcommands which need root privileges need to use sudo.12:25
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit12:25
LorSamPau_w_i think the only way is to be logged in as root12:26
sapharotharistidesfl, that's why no one can access root privileges directly12:26
ztanewhere could I look for poedit >= 1.5 for precise?12:26
sapharothor you can login as root12:26
ubottuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo12:26
* skraito say hi all12:27
* nicekiwi meow12:27
sapharotharistidesfl, as ubotto said12:27
* reborn says hi to skraito12:27
skraitohow are ya all reborn12:27
* reborn is fine asusual12:28
lemmyHi, I'm puzzled as to why I have to pass --cacert /usr/share/ca-certificates/cacert.org/cacert.org.crt to curl when connecting to a cacert.org signed site (without .error:14090086:SSL routines:SSL3_GET_SERVER_CERTIFICATE:certificate verify failed) After all the crt is part of ca-certificates.deb.12:28
* nicekiwi "They're waiting for you Gordon.." - blackmesasource.com12:28
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=== Kartrohm_afk is now known as Kartrohm
=== troy_ is now known as Troy^
sapharothhey jamg12:42
subdes1gnhow to switch off hdd "sleep mode", i mean if start to use, the hdd clicks one, and then i can reach it. so i want to permanently accessible after system boot12:45
subdes1gni dont know what the exact word for it but i think its mounted just in sleep mode12:45
Guest27915theadmin, oh, damn.12:55
dr_willisthis is 2 seperate hard drives right. not 1 hd with partitions12:56
=== fishwithapipe is now known as f|shy
theadmindr_willis: Windows doesn't really care about that ;) Windows creates the boot partition on the first HD12:56
Guest27915dr_willis, yeah two hard drives. sda is the one with Ubuntu and this unknown partition, and sdb only has windows12:56
dr_willisjust making sure hes not calling partitions drives. :)12:56
=== s1aden is now known as sladen
dr_willis unplug the linux one as a test  perhaps.12:57
Guest27915http://paste.ubuntu.com/1202156/ does this help? It is boot information script12:57
Richard_CavellHi everyone.  I'm on 10.04 64-bit.  I need bsdmake.  How do I get it?12:57
Guest27915dr_willis, because it uses grub2 as bootloader now that will give me more issues I think12:58
dr_willissomthing is weird with what youve said and the disk layouts.12:59
Guest27915dr_willis, theadmin: This is a screenshot from gparted too. http://i.imgur.com/orDnB.png13:00
dr_willisif windows was totally on sdb dud yiu add sda recently?13:00
dr_willisdid you..13:00
Congdoes the rubbish bin have a limit? and what's the canonical limit?13:01
dr_willissdb looks like just a ntfs storage to me.13:01
Congand how is it changed?13:01
Guest27915not recently, but it is my newest13:01
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dr_willissdb does not look like a windows install to me. its missing the boot partion that win7 uses13:02
=== franz is now known as Guest80662
Guest27915dr_willis, oh, maybe you are right.13:05
=== dpac|away is now known as dpac
Guest27915strange it wasn't sending my messages13:05
enycMindSpark: ok have you learnt anything? is your filessytem getting remounted / error-marked when shutting down?13:06
thomasmyrmanHello. I'm trying to remove the sidemenu that unity brings with Oneiric Ocelot. I don't want to uninstall all of Unity. Can I do this?13:07
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=== aether_ is now known as Guest48812
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=== kremf is now known as esing
esingHow do I change grub's background image?13:14
BluesKaj_Hey all13:15
esingI tried it with "grub customizer" and by moving the background image file into /boot/grub . Neither worked. Suggestions?13:15
=== Strife is now known as Guest33277
=== dpac is now known as dpac|away
Kamihello - I've installed ubuntu 3.0.017 , I am logged in as admin and am trying to edit /etc/apache2/site-available/default     -- for some reasons, I don't have the permissions and can't change them because I  need to be the root user. Why is that ? Thanks.13:21
blackshirtKami, yes13:21
blackshirtyou should edit it with some higher privileges13:22
LorSamPau_w_kami, there is no admin user... you need root privileges13:22
ldz420I am able to view files on a windows box from browse network folder.. I can also move files.. I wanted to mount this folder on my files system does ubuntu12.04 comes with commands to do this ?13:22
ldz420or will I have to install them13:22
LorSamPau_w_!sudo | blackshirt13:22
ubottublackshirt: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo13:22
=== charlie is now known as Guest3753
Kamiblackshirt - hi I am a newbie -  but I do I set up my root priviledge from the command terminal .... ?13:23
blackshirtLorSamPau_w_:  nothing matter to me :d lol13:23
LorSamPau_w_blackshirt, type sudo nano /etc/apache2/site-available/default - then type in your password13:23
esingHow do I change grub's background image? I tried it with "grub customizer" and by moving the background image file into /boot/grub . Neither worked. Suggestions?13:23
blackshirtLorSamPau_w_: not me guys13:24
blackshirtLorSamPau_w_: that was for Kami13:24
blackshirtLorSamPau_w_: you have been noticed13:24
BluesKaj_Kami, you should have done so during the install when asked for username and password13:24
LorSamPau_w_blackshirt, sorry13:25
=== pesari_ is now known as pesari
Guest27915dr_willis, I just tried boot repair and got this: 'GPT detected. Please create a BIOS-Boot partition (>1MB, unformatted filesystem, bios_grub flag). This can be performed via tools such as Gparted. Then try again. Alternatively, you can retry after activating the [Separate /boot/efi partition:] option.'13:25
LorSamPau_w_Kami, type sudo nano /etc/apache2/site-available/default - then type in your password13:25
Kamiso you mean that every time I edit or create a new file, I' ll have to type this entire line ?13:25
LorSamPau_w_esing, you need to change it in the /etc/grub.d/ - there is some script files that compiles into the grub cfg13:26
LorSamPau_w_Kami, just in the directory that need a root privilage13:26
Kami<LorSamPau_w_> ok thanks13:27
ldz420hey jabbar13:29
jabbari am ready to answer ur question?13:30
LorSamPau_w_esing, /etc/grub.d/05_debian_theme - that's that file13:30
jabbar1549 guy have no q?13:31
Congwhat's the rubbish-bins' size limit? and how do I change it?13:31
dr_willishow do you know it has a limit?13:32
dr_willisid say check askubuntu.com cong13:33
CongI deleted someone files and they aren't there anymore.13:33
dr_willisdeleted from where.13:33
LorSamPau_w_i don't think that it has a limit13:34
dr_willisand how13:34
CongI sent them to the rubbish bin and there was only one big file left. That made me think there must be a limit.13:34
LorSamPau_w_are you sure that the deleted files were in the trash in the first place?13:34
CongI'm very sure I deleted them and they were sent to the rubbish bin.13:35
dr_willisin some cases it will delete and not move to trash13:35
LorSamPau_w_Cong, gksudo nautilus '/root/.Trash/'13:36
LorSamPau_w_Cong, make sure that there is no hidden files in the trash13:36
Guest27915some guys in #windows told me to use gparted to make a new msdos boot record. anyone know how?13:36
CongThey aren't in there folders anymore. Also, I don't want to recover them. I want to set a bigger limit in case I do delete something I want to get back.13:36
dr_willisrunning nautilus as root would use roots trash. i belive.13:36
dr_williscong i say check at  askubuntu.com then13:37
dr_willisive seen the trash get to be 10+gb in size13:38
dr_willisalso unmunting a fs may clean out the trash on that fs13:39
Paddy_NII typically use "shift+delete" then cry later :-)13:39
dr_willisTheLordOfTime:  askubuntu is easier to use then the forums.13:40
dr_willisless clutter :)13:41
TheLordOfTimedr_willis:  kinda sent that in privmsg for a reason, as to not clutter *this* channel :P13:41
TheLordOfTimedr_willis:  because i've seen differing opinions :P13:41
enycPaddy_NI: or just 'rm' command ;-)13:41
pranavkhow to edit sudoers file without using sudo13:42
dr_willis i use the askubuntu lens constantly in here.13:42
Sokelpranavk: It's impossible.;13:42
pranavkthere is some error in my sudeors file13:42
Sokelpranavk: You have to have root access.13:42
TheLordOfTimepranavk:  you can't.  you need sudo to edit sudoers13:42
dr_willispranavk: recoverymode or live cd   perhaps13:42
pranavkeverytime i use sudo wid a command it tells me about error in sudoers fie13:43
Congthat's what I was thinking live cd13:43
Sokelpranavk: Get a live cd or a recovery disc and fix it.13:43
dr_willisrecovery mode in grub menu is ok13:43
esingHow do I change grub's background image? I tried it with "grub customizer" and by moving the background image file into /boot/grub . Neither worked. Suggestions?13:44
=== ikonia_ is now known as ikonia
esing etc/grub.d/05* does not help because that is a script without options to change13:44
serg123jhey guys, why epiphany non free?13:44
dr_willisesing: i edit the config in /etc/grub/  to use whatever file i want.13:45
dr_willisesing: it used to have a image setting or lines in there.13:45
esingdr_willis I read that config but it is build with if loops, like if it does not find that image it will use in the end the standard ubuntu desktop wallpaper. so I would not know where to insert the filepath for my wallpaper..13:46
Congserg123j, epiphany the web browser? why use that? firefox is better.13:46
dr_willisesing:  i change the code. or copy my image to wheres it is looking13:46
mathiI installed apache with the following command: "sudo apt-get install apache2". Now if I try to run httpd "sudo httpd start" it says: httpd: command not found13:47
dr_willisi normally set it to use /boot/wallpaper.png  in the past13:47
serg123j<Cong> i would like free browser, full free13:47
fidelmathi: why do you think you have to run that last command?13:48
TheLordOfTimemathi:  try sudo service apache2 start13:48
mathifidel, I thought that's how I start apache13:48
fidelnope ;)13:48
CongFirefox is free. what kind of free are you talking about, serg123j? blag free?13:48
fidelthe service is apache2 as TheLordOfTime mentioned already13:48
mathiTheLordOfTime, fidel, thank you13:48
serg123j<Cong> Free like a Fully free distros13:49
serg123jall code on GPL or GLP like)13:49
=== Slye is now known as slye92
Congget blag it's totally free.13:49
mathihow can I see that the apache server on my linux machine is accessible ?13:49
ldz420Cong:  they might want to use WebkitGTK+ but also13:49
fidelmathi: how do you define accessible?13:50
fidelfrom where?13:50
serg123jblag is free, but know i on trisi and problem must be killed)13:50
=== RichiH_ is now known as RichiH
mathifidel, from my windows machine in another place (not localhost), I want to know if there is no problem because of firewall, NAT, ... to see if I can access the server13:50
ztanewhere can i get poedit 1.5 debs any idea :S13:50
Eagleman7Is there a Certification Authority management tool for the command line only?13:50
ztanedoes not even work when compiled from source, crashes before displaying the window13:51
fidelmathi: in case its a local network - just open the browser and enter the dns-name / ip of that apache-server13:51
fidelmathi: you should see a 'it works' text13:51
Congserg123j get iceCat, it's more free.13:51
fidelmathi: if it should be accessible from outside your lan you have to do more work first13:51
mathifidel, it's not local network, it's through the Internet, so I can put the internet IP of the machine ?13:51
serg123j<Cong> icecat have drop, but now i don't now)13:52
fidelmathi: ask yourself how a singla coming from the web and reacing your router should know that it should be formwarded to your apache server13:52
serg123jmaybe maybe)13:52
mathifidel, I think you mean I should do port forwarding in my router, is that right ?13:53
fidelmathi: port-forwarding is the keyword then - and re-think your security setup then13:53
FransWillemIs there any way to have Ubuntu listen for a serial connection on a USB->Serial converter? I'd like to add a way to log into my headless machine if it's network interface is offline or something13:53
mathifidel, but I need to forward the port 80 ?13:53
fidelmathi: yep - as long as your apache is working on that default port - and only using that one13:53
Eagleman7Is there a Certification Authority management tool for the command line only?13:53
ztaneofc not even quantal will have poedit 1.5 :SSSS13:53
Rewt`so I did an update yesterday, said I needed to reboot, did that on the way out of the office, come in this morning, and I'm stuck at 640x480. Nvidia.13:54
mathifidel, I will try thanks!13:54
TJ-FransWillem: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SerialConsoleHowto13:54
esingdr_willis  http://paste.ubuntu.com/1202673/13:54
serg123jwell thanks, i need go in F8king Moscow metropolitain)13:55
Rewt`tried the "additional drivers" route, says I need to reboot. I do, and nothing.13:55
esingdr_willis Only information I have is that I have to put my image into boot/grub*/ but that does not work13:55
esingdr_willis What should I change in the file you named?13:55
TJ-Eagleman7: See the package "ca-certificates" - it contains several support executables13:56
=== Guest26042 is now known as dweez
TJ-Eagleman7: "man 8 update-ca-certificates" for starters13:56
Eagleman7Is there also a good site for learning certificates?13:56
Eagleman7I am a newb on that area13:56
TJ-Eagleman7: openssl is the primary package for all things certificatation-wise13:57
designbybeckDoes Ubuntu have anything like Fedora's POSSE for educators?! http://opensource.com/education/12/9/posse-2012-report13:57
Rewt`ok, got resolution back. but using old driver. /shrug13:59
dr_willisesing:  im on my phone so cant look. i dont recall it being too hard. i think the ubuntu grub pages have info on it14:00
esingdr_willis alright I continue researching14:01
=== dpac|away is now known as dpac
ztanehaha so14:03
=== dpac is now known as dpac|away
ztanefunny, if I want to run poedit 1.5.3 on linux, I have to use windows version with wine :D14:03
TJ-esing: See the "GRUB 1.99 and later" section of  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/Displays14:04
agc93hi all. i just started an rsync copy, but had to interrupt it. The source folder has now completely disappeared from the drive. What the hell is going on??14:05
agc93last time I trust the internet when it tells me that rsync is more reliable than cp14:06
=== usr is now known as Guest78626
TJ-agc93: What command line did you use?14:07
=== silverghost is now known as anon235
pvivekIs it possible to have a direct downloadable image(iso) of ubuntu and a set of softwares installed in it? If yes where do i get it from?14:08
agc93rsync -av /mnt/HDD/Data/Movies /srv/data14:08
agc93was the original command which got interrupted14:08
anon235helloo guys what is the difference between qt and gtk14:08
agc93Now the /mnt/HDD/Data/Movies folder is completely gone14:08
extropyanon235: I believe qt is kde and gtk is gnome14:09
CongI thought it was kdesktop is kde14:10
TJ-agc93: My bet is, the mount is no longer there. Have you checked?14:10
agc93yeah, every other folder on the drive is still there14:10
trece8how do i uninstall everything about the adobe flash plugin?14:10
agc93Even tried connecting the drive to a different comp, and everything except the Movies drive is appearing14:10
anon235helloo am a bit confused i was a hardcore gnome user but some devs say gnome has no goals they will quietly die i don't like unity kde xfce what to do14:10
bustacapIs there a way of hearing a live microphone input through speakers or headphones on ubuntu?14:10
agc93Trick is, even if rsync was somehow deleting the files, I don't think it had time to do the whole dir.14:10
trece8anon235: turn off pc. Live your life.14:11
TJ-agc93: Check the log files for system errors. (/var/log/kern.log, etc.)14:11
extropyI guess kdesktop is just the background of a kde desktop14:11
anon235i live my life on pc :D14:11
agc93Ok, gimme a sec and I'll check the lot14:11
TJ-anon235: Get used to the command line14:11
tsimpsonextropy: kdesktop was the application that managed the desktop background, it doesn't exist any more14:12
extropyI see14:12
anon235is awesome window manager available in ubuntu repos14:12
TJ-agc93: Also, an fsck on the drive might be advisable14:12
agc93Good call TJ- there are buffer overflows all over the logs14:12
extropyreplaced by "Plasma"14:12
agc93sorry, I/O errors not overflows14:12
TJ-agc93: first place to look when something 'strange' happens... it'll almost always save you grief!14:13
BluesKaj_dr_willis, , interesting , some active nicks that show up in the chat text here , aren't listed in the client nicklist, so the tab key doesn't auto complete14:13
=== JanC_ is now known as JanC
=== bazhang_ is now known as bazhang
agc93TJ-: Yeah, definitely. No idea why I didn't before. You think an fsck could recover it?14:13
=== rawagner_LL is now known as rawagner
TJ-agc93: has to *shrug* :) ... what file-system is it?14:14
CongBluesKaj_, what client are you using?14:14
agc93NTFS, unfortunately.14:14
BluesKaj_Cong, konversation14:14
agc93It's my only non-Ext4 drive, and its the one that cracks the shits14:14
TJ-agc93: urggh... well best to do a "chkfdisk /f" on a Windows device14:14
opticnerpeHello #ubuntu.  When I reboot my computer my video settings change on me.  I am using AMD Catalyst Control Center (CCC) to make my video changes.  When I hit Apply the changes stick and everything is good.  But when I reboot, I have to re-do the changes again.  After I make the changes in CCC I see it edits the /etc/X11/xorg.conf file.  So now I am trying to determine what program at system startup is changing this file.  Greping for14:14
opticnerpe"xorg.conf" in /etc/init.d/  did not return any results. I want to know if anyone in #ubuntu has an idea of how I can solve this problem.14:14
anon235whne will ubuntu use btrfs as default filesystem ?14:14
=== wizonesolutions_ is now known as wizonesolutions
agc93Yeah, I'll give that a shot, then run it through TestDisk and see what i comes up with...14:15
CongBluesKaj_, whose missing from the list?14:15
BluesKaj_Cong, I don't think it's my client ..it might be whatever client said nick is using14:15
TJ-agc93: See if the logs reveal what kicked off the error? if it's an external USB device I'd bet on the USB port not being able to provide the power the drive needed when you made it get busy14:15
CongBluesKaj_, who is missing from the list?14:15
=== Guest78626 is now known as forsk
agc93TJ-: Yeah, that would make sense, except for the massive-ass external psu I have to connect it to :/14:16
TJ-agc93: photorec should save you. But if it's an external drive ensure it's got independent power14:16
TJ-agc93: Ahhh... is it via a hub or a direct to a port on the PC?14:16
BluesKaj_Cong, esing14:16
deke111Hi - Does anyone know any disadvantages of installing ubuntu in Windows with wubi rather than on it's own partition? Is the performance the same? Thanks.14:16
TJ-agc93: I've seen *so many* flakey USB devices when you hit them with sustained work14:16
agc93Direct port. I would usually use a hub, but I thought better on a real port14:16
ratcheeropticnerpe: Have you tried running it under gksu?14:17
CongBluesKaj_, no one can hide here on IRC unless they are on different which you are not. Only if the i flag is set and the server accepts them.14:17
TJ-agc93: sometimes even ports on a PC have differences. If it's a desktop it's not uncommon for the front ports to be worse than rear ports for USB high-speed devices that saturate the bus14:17
opticnerperatcheer, yes.14:18
newguytest. please ignore14:18
TJ-agc93: I've even seen it on laptops that overload a single controller with too many internal ports and the externals can break the camel's back, so to speak... so it's worth trying other ports14:18
BluesKaj_Cong, I was going to respond to aquestion he had earlier but when the autocomplete didn't work , i assumed he had left , However he was actually still here.14:18
bustacapIs there a way of listening to the microphone input in realtime on ubuntu?14:18
Conghe's on my list, BluesKaj_.14:19
opticnerpeRight now I am reading about the audit system that was introduced in Linux Kernel 2.6.  There is an audit daemon (auditd) which can be configured to monitor for certain things.  I am going to have it monitor /etc/X11/xorg.conf to see what is changing it when I reboot14:19
bazhangnewguy, try #test14:19
ratcheeropticnerpe: Ok, I don't know then. Sometimes I can even successfully make persistent settings as my normal user. I don't understand why they keep sometimes but not others.14:20
BluesKaj_Cong, ok , which client ?14:20
CongI think it's your IRC client.14:20
opticnerpereading more about it right now... otherwise, if anyone else has an idea I'd be happy to hear it14:20
hypershockguys I have a huge problem that I can't seem to resolve. I have the nvidia 6150LE and proview lcd monitor. The ubuntu display setting will only let me choose 1024x768, the monitor can do 1280x1024 which it does when i boot to vista. I need a solution to this. Additionally, when ubuntu boots I don't see any screen until it gets to login screen. the boot splash doesn't show and I can't get to any pure text consoles because of the driver issue. Updating to14:20
hypershockone of the other drivers using proprietary does't change the problem. help. :)14:20
CongBluesKaj_, restart your IRC client.14:21
daem0nanyone experience this error during ubuntu 12.04 install: unable to find a live filesystem on this medium ?14:22
TJ-hypershock: Unless you're on nvidia driver v3.04 (from -proposed) you have to use "Nvidia  X Server Settings" to configure the screens - the operating-system display settings can't do it since the older nvidia drivers don't support the Xrandr function.14:22
BluesKaj_Cong, which client are you on ?14:23
gswainweird I cant post to #ubuntu-arm14:23
hypershocktj how do i ensure the driver is 3.0414:23
=== philbuntu_ is now known as esing2
TJ-hypershock: If you're using the nvidia proprietary driver, just use Dash to find and run "Nvidia X Server Settings"14:24
CongXCHAT, BluesKaj.14:24
BluesKaj_I won't reboot konversation for the sake of one or two nicks that don't list ...I was merely curious about this , that's all14:24
=== bipolar_ is now known as bipolar
CheezyHey guys, I am having alot of trouble with my webcam microphone on my laptop being reconginzed14:24
hypershockok my driver version is 295.4914:24
nathaneltitanehello everybody14:24
Picigswain: let me get that sorted out for you14:24
=== mquin is now known as Guest9509
nathaneltitanei am configuring gdm and changing it's appearane and need to do so via dbus-launch. how can I capture and reuse the DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS that is generated directly rather than copy-pasting it as input to automate the process14:25
=== trijntje_ is now known as trijntje
=== Guest59957 is now known as wesley
phixTJ-: you like unity?14:26
TJ-phix: I put up with it so I can get things done!14:26
phixI still feel that it is a backwards move but what do I know14:26
hypershocktj thank you very much, you saved me!14:26
=== wesley is now known as Guest87954
vectorI dislike unity14:27
TJ-hypershock: once v304 lands in the main repositories you'll be able to use the Display manager to do it... at last! Best thing nvidia have added to the driver in a long time - xrandr support!14:27
CongBluesKaj_, don't you want to know why two nicknames won't appear in the list?14:27
hypershocktj how can i get v304 now?14:27
bkc_TJ-: x-swat ppa?14:27
nathaneltitanevector: i am working on a pure gnome transition script14:28
TJ-hypershock: Enable the -proposed repository in software sources14:28
bkc_hypershock: add this ppa https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-x-swat/+archive/x-updates14:28
bkc_or add*14:28
vectori have 4 24" monitors... I hate flying the mouse all the way over the the left screen (screens 1 and 2 counted from the left are my secondary monitors really)14:29
TJ-hypershock: you don't need the PPA - it's in -proposed14:29
vectorI'm sure there's probably a way to move the thing, but I get irritated quickly (in seconds) and didn't ever give it another chance14:29
bkc_TJ-: adding -proposed is a reeally bad idea... as it contains more than just the nvidia-driver...14:30
TJ-vector: Same here - I've always been a big multi-monitor user and these small-device accommodations are a backwards step for me14:30
=== baizon_ is now known as baizon
TJ-bkc_: Well everything in -proposed is headed for -updates or -security anyhow - unlike the PPA :)14:30
opticnerpeGoing to reboot and then auditd should tell me what changes my /etc/X11/xorg.conf14:30
opticnerpeThe moment of truth is near14:30
vectornow on my laptop I live with it because it's not that bad.. but after going multi-monitor 2 years ago I can't stand to use the laptop LOL14:31
bkc_TJ-: sure, but they might contain unnessecary bugs... as he only wants the newer nvidia-driver14:31
hypershocktj and bkc thanks again14:31
hypershockbkc_ naw I would've found and enabled that unchecked repository anyways, I was shocked to realize just now that I had not enabled it already.14:32
=== fginther` is now known as fginther
BluesKaj_Cong, it's just a curiosity , and I chalk it up some setting or other on his client or mine that's responsible , but I'm not going to spend any more time on this .14:32
TJ-bkc_: hypershock I'd stick with nvidia 295 for now anyhow - 304 has some tearing issues on some systems, and other glitches including a kernel-level fault that can lock the system up14:32
hypershockbkc_ but yeah you are right, for a newb or a workstation for a business user you would want to enable proposed.14:32
bkc_TJ-: never had any tearing on my computer running 304 w/ 2 monitors...14:32
TJ-bkc_: Like I said, it's on some systems14:33
bkc_hypershock: wouldn't wanna*14:33
=== jtrucks_ is now known as jtrucks
hypershockbkc_ yeah, thanks for catching that14:33
CheezyHey guys, I am having alot of trouble with my webcam microphone on my laptop being reconginzed14:33
esing2Is there a way to google through my unity dash?14:37
mathifidel, do you know if I should specify TCP or UDP ?14:40
nathaneltitanei am configuring gdm and changing it's appearane and need to do so via dbus-launch. how can I capture and reuse the DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS that is generated directly rather than copy-pasting it as input to automate the process14:42
bustacapIf I did the command "aplay | arecord" to hear my mic through my speakers, how do I stop it o.O?14:43
BluesKaj_bustacap, disconnect the mic ?14:44
bustacapBluesKaj_, I'm trying another way of getting mic through the speakers but I have to stop this one first :/14:45
TJ-nathaneltitane: see "man 1 dbus-launch" it has an example script showing how to do that14:45
=== Adrien_ is now known as Guest70792
BluesKaj_bustacap, aplay | arecord stop ?14:46
TJ-bustacap: In pulseaudio, use module-loopback to monitor inputs14:47
TJ-bustacap: see http://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/PulseAudio/Documentation/User/Modules#module-loopback14:48
nathaneltitaneTJ: thanks14:49
=== gordonjc1 is now known as gordonjcp
ctrlfreqsI miss Gnome14:51
=== kaktuskuchen is now known as Guest20697
Congbut you don't want it back right?14:52
BluesKaj_bustacap,  http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/lucid/man1/aplay.1.html14:52
ctrlfreqsNo, it's time to move on. I always try to not get stuck to the way something works14:52
ctrlfreqsChange happens14:53
bkc_ctrlfreqs: but seriously... unity... -.-14:53
=== atrius is now known as atrius_away
Congtwo bars, one on top, one on bottom, stuff in the corners, menu top left corner, icons next to that14:53
=== atrius_away is now known as atrius
bkc_to much bling...14:53
=== dougsko_ is now known as dougsko
ctrlfreqsI agree14:54
bkc_and that's why I moved on to arch...14:54
BundgaardHeya peeps! I'm having trouble getting my jack-speakers working, they're playing at rediculously low volume14:56
BundgaardI've tried googleing arounf for an hour without any luck, anyone here got a shot?14:57
=== TheWarden is now known as Guest32885
bkc_Bundgaard: tried raising the volume? :P14:57
Bundgaardyes :P14:57
yougg...or changing the cable14:57
Bundgaardto a point where touching the jack makes my ears bleed14:57
Bundgaardcable isn't faulty, works on windows14:57
Calinoubkc_, arch sucks. :P14:58
Calinoutried installing it, *it is not worth it*14:58
Bundgaardeven plays louder connected to my phone14:58
Calinoucheck ubuntu's sound settings14:59
Calinouyou never said you looked at the sound settings14:59
bkc_Calinou: and why is that? :)14:59
Bundgaardtrue, but I did :)15:00
Calinouway too hard to install15:00
Bundgaardsays I'm playing through headphones, and at 100%15:00
bkc_Calinou: nothing wrong with bootstraping and chrooting ^^15:00
Bundgaardthough I'm not sure what that means I guess not? :P15:00
bkc_Bundgaard: try hooking them up to the lineout...15:00
bkc_Bundgaard: I'm assuming it's an external amplifier anyway?15:01
bkc_and not head-phones...15:01
billcjust installed logitech g930 listenin now15:02
Calinoubkc_, it's still hard :P15:02
bkc_Calinou: not really :)15:02
GunArm1i'm trying to set up smtp on my server and I cant grasp the concept of /etc/ssmtp/revaliases, is it supposed to be like root:newaccount@gmail.com:smtp.gmail.com?15:02
mehrdadhow to check to install graphic card?15:02
Calinouand unstable15:02
bkc_I prefer the commandline so..15:02
Calinoumehrdad, elaborate please? what do you want to do?15:02
Calinouthe default drivers provided are fine if you don't want to play games15:02
Calinouthe proprietary/non-free drivers are available in the settings15:02
GunArm1it doesnt seem to matter what i put in the middle email address part15:02
Calinouif available15:03
bkc_mehrdad: what vendor?15:03
bkc_!nvidia > mehrdad15:03
ubottumehrdad, please see my private message15:03
bkc_!amd | mehrdad15:03
bkc_!ati | mehrdad15:03
ubottumehrdad: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto15:03
* Calinou slaps ubottu for not having "amd"15:03
bkc_crappy outdated bot -.-15:04
bkc_!intel | mehrdad15:04
=== Guest32885 is now known as TheWarden
bkc_!gma | mehrdad15:04
joelioGrr, whoever is the maintaner for flashplugin-installer needs to understand that there are people that work behind proxies.. AT LEAST HONOUR THE BLOODY ENVIRONMENT VARIABLE FOR HTTP_PROXY!!!15:04
bkc_!mesa | mehrdad15:04
mehrdadbkc_: intel15:04
tsimpson!botabuse > bkc_15:04
ubottubkc_, please see my private message15:04
bkc_I seriously hate that bot...15:04
GunArm1he lovvees you15:04
bkc_GunArm1: not really...15:05
=== epzil0n is now known as Guest82737
bkc_mehrdad: what model?15:05
joelioGood to see this bug has been taken seriosuly for the past 3+ years - https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/flashplugin-nonfree/+bug/36297015:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 283500 in synaptic "duplicate for #362970 Synaptic, update-manager, apt-get and wget should share proxy settings" [Undecided,New]15:06
Calinoujoelio, wait, people use proxies?15:06
Calinoudon't yelol15:06
Calinoualso, isn't that thing non-free?15:06
mehrdadbkc_: i think 4500 s15:06
* Calinou pokes adobe CEO15:06
mehrdadbkc_: i think 4500 series15:06
bkc_mehrdad: so, a Core i3/5/7 then...15:06
mehrdadbkc_: old model15:07
joelioCalinou: yea, there's a standard http_proxy env var that is just ignored in the debian package that downloads the tarball15:07
mehrdadbkc_: dual core15:07
joelioso breaks on all our machines15:07
bkc_mehrdad: then just use the provided mesa-driver... already installed and active15:07
bkc_joelio: install from source then?15:08
mehrdadbkc_: how to check to install or not?15:08
Bisu[Shield]HELP: how do I change font color in a windows that is not in focus?Eclipse have white text on white background when I select a different panel.15:08
bkc_mehrdad: it is already installed...15:08
bkc_lsmod | grep intel15:08
mehrdadbkc_: no manual15:09
joeliobkc_: or just fix the debian package15:09
bkc_mehrdad: there's no manual install for the mesa-driver... it's *pre-installed*15:09
newlinuxuserhellooo community am having a problem my resolv.conf empties after reboot15:09
mehrdadbkc_: no i not to be installed.15:09
=== Strife is now known as Guest44805
bkc_mehrdad: how do you mean... if it's not installed you've done something extremely wrong...15:10
fidelnewlinuxuser: resolv.conf in 12.04 should contain an info-text about thechange ...aint it?15:10
bkc_like removed the xserver...15:10
newlinuxuseridk am new15:11
newlinuxuseri could not browse someone said ur resolv conf isempty15:11
bkc_newlinuxuser: resolv.conf is generated on network-change, don't change it15:11
newlinuxuserbut i like opendns15:12
bkc_open /etc/resolv.conf and add "nameserver" without the quotes15:12
bkc_or whatever dns-server you wanna use...15:12
newlinuxuseryaa i did but after reboot empty resolv.conf have to change it again15:12
dr_willisuse the network manager.. not editing resolv.conf15:13
xanguabkc_: you can set the dns in the gnome network manager15:13
newlinuxuserdid both15:13
newlinuxuserdid change via nm after reboot empty resolv.conf cannot browse edit resolv agian i need permanent solution15:13
newlinuxuserhow to fix this peranently15:14
bkc_newlinuxuser: of course it gets erased on reboot... it's auto-generated by network-manager...15:14
dr_willispastebin your current resolv.conf15:14
bkc_newlinuxuser: try setting it up in network-manager15:14
newlinuxusernameserver nameserver
GreenHidenewlinuxuser, I have 2 seperate connections(both to the same isp) in nm and each has a different DNS15:15
fidelnewlinuxuser: /etc/resolv.conf contains a comment about the chance. consider reading the comments in conf- files in  general - as they are supposed to help us users. at that point you have afaik several ways to handle that. you could either use network-manager - or define a nameserver in your interfaces file ...or even go the really ugly way and try to prevent the rewriting of /etc/resolv.conf ...which sounds likethe badest idea of all three. maybe anyone ...15:15
hanszHey. When I am running a python script I have written, it uses only one cpu. I do not know how to program multi-threaded programs. Is there any other way to let a few processors work together on my script, to acclerate running times? Tried taskset(1), but couldn't make it work.15:15
fidel... else has option 4?15:15
bkc_newlinuxuser: that should work...15:15
xanguahttp://www.liberiangeek.net/2012/05/setup-static-dns-servers-in-ubuntu-12-04-precise-pangolin/ if you hardly wanna 'edit conf files' instead of use the gnome network manager; just remember use gksu with gedit or an graphic app newlinuxuser15:16
=== Guest48812 is now known as blah_YOUR_INTERN
=== blah_YOUR_INTERN is now known as YOUR_INTERNET_SU
bkc_xangua: or use the terminal15:16
=== YOUR_INTERNET_SU is now known as YourInternetSUCK
GreenHidenewlinuxuser, is that what your trying to acheive?15:17
=== YourInternetSUCK is now known as UrInternetSUCKS
tsimpsonhansz: your script needs to be written to use multiple threads, it's not auto-magic15:17
newlinuxuseri mean i try to change the dns via network manager but after reboot empty resolv.conf no browse what to do15:18
alecbjust got a new t430 and I'm having trouble connecting to public wifi networks (which work fine in windows), although I can connect to my own personal wifi. any ideas?15:18
GreenHidenewlinuxuser, so in nm tell it to only take IP address from connection1 (for example)15:18
hansztsimpson: I see... thanks!15:18
CarlFKhansz: you should probably watch  http://pyvideo.org/video/353/pycon-2010--understanding-the-python-gil---8215:19
newlinuxuseri have change it in ipv415:19
aristidesflI've installed dropbox via cmd line, and linked the computer, but the status on the computer keeps saying: Waiting to be linked to an account...15:19
newlinuxuserHoneymoon couple "begged for their lives"15:20
bkc_aristidesfl: the cli-linking is broken, you need to use the graphical interface to link the computer...15:20
aristidesflbkc_ I don't have a graphical interface15:20
newlinuxuserok am rebooting let me see did the sol i try work or not15:21
GreenHidenewlinuxuser, in IPv4  choose     (automatic ppp address only)  and stick in your desired DNS below that15:21
kid_icarusso my new job wants to buy me a new laptop and I was wondering if anyone had suggetstions?15:21
kid_icaruseveryone there is on apple, and I don't want a macbook pro15:21
aristidesflmacbook air15:21
kid_icarusdo apple products work well with ubuntu?15:22
bkc_aristidesfl: well, never got that to work, the cli-linking gives you a link that you should open to link the computer, but the link never works...15:22
aristidesflbkc_ the link is working15:22
deadmundkid_icarus: actually yes.  Because the apple products are common and not fractured into a billion types like 'windows laptops'15:22
bkc_aristidesfl: apparently not ;)15:22
aristidesflon dropbox.com the computer appears as linked15:22
dr_williskid_icarus:  you can get ubuntu preinstalled laptops15:22
bkc_aristidesfl: still need to setup the default-path and so on...15:22
MSUkid_icarus: I've personally never had any problems getting ubuntu to work on my apple products15:23
MSUkid_icarus: I will say getting a triple booting system was a headache right up until I gave up on it.15:23
GreenHidecan anyone tell me how to save a prerecorded ustream movie in Ubuntu15:23
dr_willisi see a lot of apple questions in herr.. but it could just be user issues. ')15:23
kid_icarusok, well that's good to know :)15:23
kid_icarusI always just kind of assumed that they wouldn't play nice15:24
MSUkid_icarus: You trying to install it on a computer you already have or something?15:24
kid_icarusMSU: No, my new job is asking me what kind of laptop I'd like15:25
kid_icarusMSU: They're all mac people, but said I could get anything I'd liek15:25
tarwich1kid_icarus: I'm late in the game. Are you planning on using bootcamp? I'm running a few Mac-based bootcamped ubuntu installs15:25
dr_willissystem76 ultrabook  :)15:25
=== Kasjopaja is now known as Guest92696
kid_icarusI do web development, so having lots of ram and a decently sized ssd are important to me15:26
aristidesflkid_icarus get a macbook air 13 with 8gb of ram and 256SSD15:27
MSUkid_icarus: Nifty, I'd do a quick google search and check for any rampant issues with the model you're planning on getting, but by and large it works pretty well. OSX isn't so bad either for dual-booting, you can get Windows on there also, it'll prbly be easier for you with a fresh computer too.15:27
aristidesflor 512GB, since they are paying15:27
mattt_Anyone having issues with dpkg hanging on man-db?15:27
aristidesflkid_icarus +1 thunderbolt 27' display15:28
tarwich1The macs I run at my office hold ubuntu well, but the Ubuntu installer has a habit of wiping out the Mac MBR. Also it's a pain to get the hardware mapped, but I've done it. This will help a ton: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages15:29
vkascan somebody help me with turning off the automounting of ntfs partitions15:30
esingWhat is Grub's font by standard?15:30
sgt-haggerHey guys, I was here before after losing access to Windows after installing. Some people said it'd be easier to revert ubuntu to whatever system windows was using (mbr, and/or bios-emulation with the mobo). rather than the other way around15:30
vkashere is fstab file http://paste.ubuntu.com/1202838/15:30
sgt-haggerany idea how I might do this?15:30
GreenHidevkas, which one do you want to stop auto mounting?15:31
alecbbump? anyone have any ideas on the t430 wifi problems?15:34
kid_icarusthanks for the advice everyone! much appreciated :)15:34
GreenHidevkas, here you go!     http://paste.ubuntu.com/1202852/15:35
manisabriI use 12.04 64 to run a xp guest on vmware , the problem is the xp only boots one time ,the next times it stops in the microsoft flag screen, any ideas?15:35
vkasGreenHide: Ah, thanks!15:36
GreenHidevkas, np15:36
ubottuanother contentless ping... sigh...15:36
GreenHidecan anyone suggest a program that will allow me to save swf files from ustream (not live streams) in Ubuntu15:38
=== TomM2 is now known as TommehM
=== ponbiki is now known as Guest56876
SimonPHOENIXi need help to connect HuaWei e39815:41
vkasGreenHide: um, I have a question... all of the entries in fstab file were mounted during startup, so if i put a # in the beginning of a line and comment it out, it would not be mounted. Right?15:41
joeliovkas: yes, it won't be mounted if it's hashed out15:42
kid_icarussystem76 gazelle professional with 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD.... I'll take it!15:42
GreenHidevkas, yes   (did you do a reboot?)15:43
sapharothSimonPHOENIX, whats your problem?15:44
vkasGreenHide: ok, no i trust your advice :) so there is no need to reboot now15:44
SimonPHOENIXsapharoth, i can not connect the modem15:45
SimonPHOENIXubuntu can not see the modem15:45
sapharothhave you tried the nm-connection-editor command15:45
GreenHidevkas, ok   the ntfs partitions (or the USB drives  which is what the fstab entrys suggests) will not be mounted at the next reboot15:46
vkasGreenHide: I believe15:46
Mr_KaizerGood afternoon, I'm having some trouble getting java working in Chromium on my Xubuntu 12.04 netbook.15:48
sapharothSimonPHOENIX, the nm-connection-editor command opens the Network-Manager. use it to add your device to the Network. I think that'll work15:48
sapharothMr_Kaizer, are you experiencing missing built-ins??15:49
=== Chewtoy_ is now known as Chewtoy
vkasthanks for the help everyone; leaving15:49
Mr_Kaizersapharoth: I am experiencing the java plugin missing altogether.15:49
nvictorhey guys15:52
Mr_KaizerI just spent over an hour getting Sun Java installed (OpenJDK doesn't work with my bank's e-banking service). It's installed on the computer, but not as a plugin in chromium. I have tried making a...symbolic link I think it's called (?), but that didn't work. So now I'm out of ideas.15:53
BennnI'm using kubuntu 11.10. I just did some updates to Muon, it said 'package broken' or something similar, now update manager, software manager, and package manager are gone.15:54
Mr_KaizerBennn: Completely gone as in you can't find them, or gone as in broken?15:54
BennnMr_Kaizer. As in, I can't find them. They're not in the menu anymore. I tried reaching Muon though the Alt+f2 box.15:55
=== Jikan is now known as Jikai
BennnI'm not sure how to role back the update.15:57
nathaneltitaneTJ i've tried the sample script but it still does not produce the desired effect when bundled to the gsettings commands i am trying to run15:57
tykimi just installed ubuntu it works really well and it's easy for what i have to do15:57
=== mimor_ is now known as mimor
tykimbut the only problem is that internet is slow15:57
Bennnps -e | grep muon shows nothing15:58
tykimim sure my internet is really fast15:58
tykimhow can i fix it?15:58
BennnMr_Kaizer. As in, I can't find them. They're not in the menu anymore. I tried reaching Muon though the Alt+f2 box.16:00
=== jthan_ is now known as jthan
Mr_KaizerBennn: And you can't start them via the terminal, right?16:01
cristian_cI've installed easy-deb with virtualenv, but when I try to check (with yolk -l command) the applications installed in the virtual environment, there is not easydeb. Instead, there are some applications installed outside the virtual environment, not inside. Why?16:01
BennnMr_Kaizer: I tried though the Alt-f2 box. How do you start them from terminal?16:02
bkc_cristian_c: and this is related to ubuntu how? :)16:02
cristian_cI've read that the problem could be due to a yolkc package not installed in the virtual environment. I've installed it inside the virtual environment, but nothing is changed :(16:03
cristian_cAny ideas?16:03
bkc_blaah... I hate this bot >.<16:03
cristian_cbkc_, virtualenv is an ubuntu package16:04
tkingguys, i noticed if i set 10mins lock my laptop doesn't lock after 10mins sometimes16:04
bkc_tking: standard... something one learns to live with ^^16:05
alecbbump, any ideas for the t430 wifi problems?16:05
cristian_cbkc_, do you have any ideas to solve the problem?16:06
Picicristian_c: perhaps #python would be a more appropriate place to ask.16:06
cristian_cPici, ok16:06
bkc_alecb: what driver is it?16:07
bkc_alecb: also, what isn't working?16:08
=== opieng1 is now known as opieng
alecbbkc_: my lspci output: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1200740/16:08
HungHi Everyone16:09
alecbbkc_: can't connect to public networks (which work fine in windows, which I'm on now), although I can use mine and a friend's personal wifi16:09
HungI am newbie16:09
bkc_alecb: http://www.thinkwiki.org/wiki/ThinkPad_11b/g/n_Wireless_LAN_Mini-PCI_Express_Adapter_II16:09
Hungis this room for question relating for Ubuntu ?16:09
bkc_Hung: yes16:10
Hunghi BKC16:10
bkc_" Official Ubuntu Support Channel"16:10
HungBKC, I have a question16:10
angeyeuxhi everyone,,im newbie in linux..now im trying bodhi linux..would you help give me some basic tutorial?16:11
lolekquestion, i'm trying to make connection to the phone through bluetooth, but i've got some problems. Well i can create connection, i can send files to the phone, and that's all :/ i can't make the connection active so i cannot use gnome-phone-manager... which gave: CAn't connect connection refused... any idea? i'm using ubuntu 11.1016:11
HungMy terminal's font window text is a bit too big, how can i make it smaller ?16:12
lolekHung: edit -> profiles, select profile, click "edit"16:12
Hungthank you lolek16:13
lolekHung: no problem 5 EUR :>16:13
smftreUbuntu seems to be losing market share, can this be try? http://sharer.co/share/7847488216:13
martianI just installed nautilus in xubuntu 12.04 and wish to change some advanced settings. I installed gconf-editor, but there is no nautilus node in there. Any suggestions?16:14
loleksmftre: isn't mint based on ubuntu ?16:14
bkc_smftre: I'd say "Unity did it!" ^^16:14
smftre@lolek, I think more debian as ubuntu is?16:14
bkc_lolek: yes, but with gnome-shell instead of unity...16:14
bkc_smftre: nope... ubuntu-deriv...16:14
lolekmint is with gnome-shell ?16:15
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!16:15
lolekauronandace: if You didn't notice, we're speaking about ubuntu market share... and we want to figure out why it's losing market... so i don't see any ot here...16:15
bazhanglolek, wrong place for it16:16
Piciauronandace: This isn't a discussion channel. Its a support channel.16:16
bkc_lolek: still not related to *support* ^^16:16
auronandacelolek: if you didn't notice this is the support channel16:16
Piciauronandace: ... mistab, I know you knew that.16:16
bazhangsmftre, please dont post here16:16
smftrenp, I will discuss offtopic then?16:16
lolekauronandace: ok then i can't shrink sripting shell window from mysql-workbench the prblem occurs only in gnome-shell no problem with unity, on ubuntu 12.04/amd64 ... any idea?16:17
alecbbkc_: okay, so the latest ubuntu has a 3.0+ kernel and would have the rtlwifi/rtl8192se driver? so I should try the linux driver from realtek or ndiswrapper?16:18
auronandacelolek: i've never used gnome-shell so i can't help you16:18
lolekauronandace: ok, so maybe this one: question, i'm trying to make connection to the phone through bluetooth, but i've got some problems. Well i can create connection, i can send files to the phone, and that's all :/ i can't make the connection active so i cannot use gnome-phone-manager... which gave: CAn't connect connection refused... any idea? i'm using ubuntu 11.1016:19
=== witquicked is now known as witquicked|L
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auronandacelolek: what do you mean by make the connection active?16:20
bkc_alecb: linux-driver from realtek... *never* use ndiswrapper -.-16:20
auronandacelolek: pairing the device?16:20
=== witquicked|L is now known as witquicked|L_
=== witquicked|L_ is now known as witquicked|L__
lolekauronandace: give me several minutes ... got dinner know. be back soon16:20
=== witquicked|L__ is now known as witquicked|L
alecbbkc_: alright, I'll see if that helps16:21
Punisherhi, i have some problems with ubuntu 12.10 on my tablet. it is an dell latitude st with an intel atom z670 and intel gma 600. ubuntu 12.04 works. all kernels below 3.3 are booting. but the new one are going black short after grub16:21
auronandace!12.10 | Punisher16:21
ubottuPunisher: Ubuntu 12.10 (Quantal Quetzal) will be the 17th release of Ubuntu, Discussion and support until final release in #ubuntu+116:21
BennnI did some updates to Muon, now it's broken. Update manager, software manager, and package manager are all gone under the System menu. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling from the terminal. Here's what is says: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=12236603#post1223660316:23
=== dpac|away is now known as dpac
Punisherhm ok but testing beta ob different hardware is important. try to find bugs before the final relase ?16:23
=== arcsky_ is now known as arcsky
Punisherbut thanks i try it in #ubuntu+116:24
lolekauronandace: ok16:29
lolekauronandace: go to bluetooth settings, pick one device from the list on the left, then on the right window, change the switch to "1"... now the device is... active/connected... can't say what is the state, cause i don't have any problems with sending files from lappie to phone i also doesn't have any problems streaming music through bt gateway16:31
chisholmWhat's a good application to use to build a debian package?16:31
oldwzdchrisward: get the sources and compile it? or even chekc if there is an .ebuild around?16:35
oldwzdchrisward: bad nickcomplete16:36
oldwzdchisholm: se 2 lines up..16:36
oldwzdghah think you should ignore me, as im in wrong channel speaking xD16:37
chisholmoldwzd: I'm trying to put together a debian package for a cmake project I'm working on16:37
tsimpson!packaging | chisholm16:38
ubottuchisholm: The packaging guide is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages for information on getting a package integrated into Ubuntu - Other developer resources are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment - See also !backports and !sponsoring16:38
tsimpsonthere are some guides etc in those links16:38
chisholmtsimpson, oldwzd: I'm not looking to become an expert debian package maintainer, just looking to slap something together that will check for dependancies and place the header files in /usr/include and the lib in /usr/lib.16:40
in_I need to connect to a broadband via terminal command16:40
in_any help would be appreciated16:40
tsimpsonchisholm: then you need to start with the basics of packaging16:40
chisholmtsimpson: ok, thanks16:41
tsimpsonchisholm: if the project already has a build system, then look at the checkinstall package, but that's strictly for locally built stuff16:41
=== shantorn_ is now known as shantorn
chisholmtsimpson: checkinstall isn't quite what I'm looking for but looks like something that's nice to know about.16:45
nvictorhey guys, is there a way to find a specific boot sequence that got stuck?16:52
bkc_nvictor: bootchart?16:54
bkc_lots of ways to check that16:54
dragonslaybkc_: would the log files work?16:54
nvictorah ok, let me have a look at them16:54
nvictordragonslay, the logs16:55
nvictorthat's where i check, but couldn't find the one i am looking for16:55
bkc_dmesg.log and kernel.log16:55
nvictori wonder if they get deleted?16:55
bkc_they get rotated every now and then16:55
bkc_and deleted when piss-old...16:55
nvictorit's pretty recent16:55
bkc_very old*16:56
nvictorhere's the issue16:56
GunArm1do you have to reboot or do some command to make crontab -e changes take effect?16:56
nvictora reboot happened on a server instance like 2 or 3 days ago16:56
bkc_server? then I'd guess your logs have been rotated a couple of times already ^^16:56
dragonslayGunArm1: if you've edited the crontab correctly, it'll be saved in main crontab file16:57
R_MacyHey guys how do you get the browser information out of this '08:26:52.737609 IP > Flags [.], seq 2159:3579, ack 3363, win 65535, length 1420'16:57
R_MacyIm doing a CTF16:57
jribGunArm1: no, you shouldn't have to do anything other than save the file16:57
bekksR_Macy: Whats a "CTF"?16:57
GunArm1ok thanks16:57
bkc_R_Macy: related to ubuntu how?16:57
bkc_bekks: "Capture The Flag!" :D16:57
bekksbkc_: :D16:58
tsimpsonR_Macy: you don't, that's the TCP header, the User-Agent header is in the message itself16:58
nvictorbkc_: the instance got stuck because of a XFS volume and entered user input mode. i am trying to see exactly what happened and how we can prevent it from happening. i already removed the mount point from fstab (that fixed the booting issue)16:58
grimetonwhere does nss_ldap expect to find it's configuration file? /etc/ldap.conf?16:58
* NoFace hi ppl.!.16:59
R_Macytsimpson: it's a pcap file17:00
BennnI did some updates to Muon, now it's broken. Update manager, software manager, and package manager are all gone under the System menu. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling from the terminal. Here's what is says: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=12236603#post1223660317:00
=== DjGeCk0 is now known as ^GeCk0^
R_MacyCTF is capture the flag17:00
bekksR_Macy: How is that related to Ubuntu at all?17:00
R_Macybekks tcpdump is a linux command, ubuntu is linux, and this channel is generally knowledgable17:01
bkc_nvictor: there are a few fstab-flags and mkinitcpio-flags you can play around with that should fix that issue... thou not sure what actually to change :(17:01
bekksR_Macy: This is a Ubuntu support channel.17:01
bkc_nvictor: did it a couple of years ago on debian :)17:02
R_Macybekks I need support figuring out how to get the browser used form a pcap file17:02
dragonslaybkc_: can i specifically sort out security updates in apt-get?17:02
bkc_R_Macy: goto #linux and ask17:02
bkc_dragonslay: sure...17:02
nvictorbkc_, oh you had that issue before? as i kinda expected i can find the exact lines in the logs :/17:03
bkc_dragonslay: apt-get update,  apt-get upgrade *cancel*, read list, sudo apt-get install <packages>17:03
KishiI am having some problems with running Skype on Kubuntu. It worked earlier, but stopped working after trying to synchronize it with Kopete, I thinkn17:03
nvictorbkc_, i didn't expect press S to continue being logged...17:03
KishiI've purged and reinstalled it several times now17:03
KishiEven purged Kopete, too17:03
nvictorbkc_, only thing i remember...17:03
KishiIt still doesn't seem to work17:03
KishiIt appears that purging does leave some software settings on my system17:04
bkc_nvictor: Not with XFS, but NFS :) and that is the beutty of linux ;)17:04
KishiI thought it was supposed to remove everything17:04
bekksKishi: configurations in ~/whatever arent affected by purging software.17:04
nvictorbkc_: haha i hear you :)17:04
nvictorbkc_: ok found the exact lines online "continue to wait; or Press S to skip mounting or M for manual recovery"17:05
S0LIDUSHow can I check the speed of my network interface from the terminal? e.g 1Gbe... Thanks in advance!17:05
dragonslaybkc_: what's the *cancel* do in the command?17:05
bekksS0LIDUS: ethtool eth017:05
Kishibekks: Then I'd be grateful to learn how to  remove the configurations as well.17:05
S0LIDUSbekks, Thanks :)17:05
nvictoroh there's a XFS channel :)17:05
bekksdragonslay: ctlr+c17:05
KishiBecause as I said, it worked earlier, before I tried to sync it with Kopete17:05
bekksKishi: By deleting them in your file browser, e.g.17:06
S0LIDUSbekks, what about a wireless interface e.g wlan017:06
dragonslaybekks: and "read list" only is supposed to read from stdin.. ?17:06
bekksS0LIDUS: ethtool wlan0 ... and on wifi, you'll never have 1GbE :)17:07
S0LIDUSI know, just wanted to get speed info, thanks though :)17:07
bekksdragonslay: "read list" is supposed to read the list that is displayed on your screen.17:07
Kishibekks: I've tried locating skype-related stuff in my console, but everything's gone. Well, there is some stuff in akonadi  and something in /usr/share/mime/inode17:07
S0LIDUSbekks, It says no data available?17:07
KishiBut I think It was there before17:08
bekksS0LIDUS: Then you cant use ethtool on wifi interfaces. Use iwconfig instead.17:08
nvictorah great17:08
dragonslaybekks: i don't get how that command only installs security updates17:08
S0LIDUSbekks, Awesome thanks mate...17:09
bekksdragonslay: It involves reading the list and understanding which packages are going to be updated.17:09
=== NoFace_ is now known as NoFace
dragonslaybekks: why is google-chrome still in the update list?17:11
bekksdragonslay: Because either you still have it installed or it is pulled in by some other software you still have installed.17:12
=== fromhet is now known as fsato
dragonslaybekks: i'm only trying to update the security patches..17:13
KishiThat's it, I've removed everything17:15
KishiAnd it still won't work17:15
KishiAt least everything I was able to find17:16
PrAsHaNtcan anybody please help me with this?17:16
rapstudiowhat are the software to run a 'c' program on ubuntu17:17
theadminrapstudio: gcc is the most popular C compiler.17:18
bekksrapstudio: You need to compile your c sourcecode first.17:18
deadmundrapstudio: c programs are compiled to native code.  You just run it.17:18
unpersonI want to upgrade from 10.04.4 LTS to 12.04.1 LTS.  Can I do this easily using a 12.04.1 alternate CD or is that likely to be problematic (and I'd be better off just doing the upgrade over the network)?17:18
bekksunperson: You dont need a cd at all.-17:18
KishiI'd gladly find another VoIP[ communicator, preferably a free one, but nobody uses anything else, so... -_-17:19
deadmundunperson: do you have a separate /home partition?17:19
PrAsHaNthow to uninstall all the graphics driver ?17:19
nvictorit is strange though17:19
unpersondeadmund, Yes, why?17:19
nvictorthe boot issue happened recently and i can't find it in any log17:19
BennnI did some updates to Muon, now it's broken. Update manager, software manager, and package manager are all gone under the System menu. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling from the terminal. Here's what is says: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=12236603#post1223660317:19
deadmundunperson: makes using the CD to upgrade possible (without erasing you personal data)17:19
unpersonbekks, But the question is can I do it using the alternate CD?17:19
deadmundunperson: But you'll have to do a manual partition during install time using the CD.17:19
zetheroohow do I disable this annoying thing that frequently pops up and wants to report issues ?17:20
unpersondeadmund, Okay. The alternate CD is designed to be used for upgrades, though.  Are you saying that to do the LTS->LTS upgrade I have to basically just do it as a fresh install?17:21
hficzetheroo, fix the issues ?17:21
zetheroohfic: I would rather just disable the feature17:21
deadmundunperson: the alternative CD is not designed for upgrades necessarily. It is designed to be small and pull info from the network during install time.17:21
unpersonbekks, The advantage being that I can then use the CD on multiple systems I want to upgrade.17:22
deadmundunperson: Using any CD to upgrade is doing a fresh install (but you don't erase your /home partition)17:22
hficzetheroo, way too be lazy :)17:22
bekksunperson: No. Just do a "do-release-upgrade" after a backup of your box.17:22
=== theyeti|away is now known as theyeti
bekksunperson: Thats no advantage, since you will have to install all further updates too.17:22
deadmundunperson: You can update over the network on multiple systems you want to upgrade. (no CD necessary)17:22
bekksunperson: Just set up an apt-proxy.17:22
zetheroohfic: ok, in that case ... is there a log of all the errors that were reported so I can go over them?17:23
deadmundPlus the alternative CD has almost nothing on it.  You can only install using it by pulling stuff from network during install time17:23
cleekleywinslowsudo rm -rf /*17:23
unpersondeadmund, I don't mean it was designed that that sole purpose, but it is one of the options presented at the menu when you boot from that CD.  Also it is recognized by the package manager if you plug it in to a running Ubuntu system.17:23
ubottuDO NOT RUN THAT COMMAND! That particular command is DANGEROUS and shouldn't be uttered here. REST OF YOU: DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! Do not use the command or utter it here thank you!17:23
deadmundcleekleywinslow: what the heck?17:23
rapstudiowhat are the software to run a 'c' program on ubuntu17:23
bekksrapstudio: We just told you.17:23
hficzetheroo, why don't you explain what your issues are and maybe pastebin some configs17:23
unpersondeadmund, But I will have to either download all the info over and over again or else go through the trouble of setting up a local repo (which I've never done).17:24
deadmundunperson: But there are few packages on it so if you use it to upgrade you will be pulling everything over the network.17:24
tziemanncleekleywinslow, hello17:24
=== cleekleywinslow is now known as cman
deadmundunperson: what you said most recently is true17:24
* tziemann slaps cleekleywinslow in the face with a rotted fish17:24
cmanoh yea17:24
* tziemann slaps cleekleywinslow in the face with erik17:24
=== ^GeCk0^ is now known as DjGeCk0
zetheroohfic: if I could get to the logs I could see what the issues actually are ... most of the time I just hit the Report or Cancel button ... I don't bother to look at the error details17:25
tziemanncman was lame anyways17:25
roastedso, riddle me this. my server's root drive is 100% maxed, 0 bytes remaining. Yet when I run ncdu (advanced program to tell me what's using space) the largest directory is my home dir @ 18gb. Everything below it is SIGNIFICANTLY smaller and easily amounts to maybe 30gb total. Yet this is a 160GB drive... MAXED?????17:25
hficzetheroo, if you have no details of the errors which your seeing, nobody can help you troubleshoot. /var/log is where your logs are unless the log is application specific and it's moved in the configuration.17:25
deadmundroasted: looked in the trash?  What is telling you the root drive is 100% maxed?  Do you have a separate /home partition?17:26
zetheroohfic: so this nifty feature which alerts you of errors in the system and wants to send a report to HQ has no log of it's own?17:26
unpersondeadmund, The pool directory on the alternate CD has 650 MB of package files.  That seems non-negligible to me.17:27
hficzetheroo, normally the log is shown in 'error details' when the popup comes up. I'm not really sure what featured alerting system your referring to directly.17:27
zetheroohfic: the default one in Ubuntu 12.04 ...17:28
bekksunperson: Set up an apt-proxy and use the update mechanism over network.17:28
zetheroohfic: I definitely did not install it17:28
roasteddeadmund: I have no separate home partition. I do have a separate /media/NAS drive tho (160GB root, 2x500GB /media/NAS Raid1). I do have a script removing xsession-errors daily because it was maxing out my hard drive via rm -r .xsession-errors.... but its STILL Happening.17:28
zetheroohfic: all the Ubuntu machines in my household with 12.04 have this17:28
roasteddeadmund: would rm -r put things in trash?17:28
deadmundunperson: What is the name of the ISO you downloaded?17:28
zetheroohfic: is there a name for this feature?17:28
bekksrapstudio: No.17:28
=== DjGeCk0 is now known as ^GeCk0^
zetheroohfic: aha ... looks like it's Apport17:29
deadmundunperson: I'm looking at the Ubuntu site and I think we're using the word 'alternate' differently from one another.  They have a bunch of stuff referring to 'alternative downloads' meaning torrents and such.  There is something that used to be referred to as the 'alternate-installer' which is text-only and is much smaller and does not contain many packages.17:29
deadmundroasted: rm -r does not put things in trash17:30
deadmundroasted: what is telling you the drive is maxed?17:30
hficzetheroo, 12.04 instructions can be found here. http://howtoubuntu.org/how-to-disable-apport-error-reporting-in-ubuntu/17:30
deadmundunperson: additionally, 12.10 does not appear to have an alternate CD17:30
roasteddeadmund: well, apache stopped working, VNC won't work, and I SSH'd in and ran "df" and / is 100%17:30
deadmundroasted: run ncdu in /17:31
roasteddeadmund: I did17:31
unpersondeadmund, I am referring to the latter, the "alternate CD" ISO image offered with each release.17:31
deadmundroasted: mmmm17:31
roasteddeadmund: the largest thing it came back with is /home @ 18GB. Everything else was significantly smaller.17:31
bekksroasted: So your filesystem "/" is maxed out - only.17:31
roastedbekks: / is 100%, yes.17:31
deadmundroasted: I'm not sure.17:31
unpersondeadmund, Maybe the ISOs only appear after release?  In any case, I'm concerned with
roastedbekks: /dev/md0 is 59% (which is /media/NAS)17:32
deadmund12.10 doesn't have a alternate listed here: http://mirror.sov.uk.goscomb.net/ubuntu-releases/12.10/17:32
Piciroasted: did you run ncdu with sudo?17:32
deadmundunperson: ^^17:32
nsaquaticsI have a small situation that I'm hoping you guy's can help me with. I copied my old server disk using dd to a new mirrored raid array. Problem is it won't boot to the array. In order to boot I have to leave the old disk in and boot from that. What needs to be done to get it to boot from the Array?17:32
bekksunperson: Concerned about what?17:32
roastedPici: no... *dupr durp*17:32
akashaа по русски кто нибудь здесь говорит?17:32
bekks!ru | akasha17:32
ubottuakasha: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.17:32
roastedPici: err, I forgot, I'm already at the root prompt17:32
roastedPici: so "yes"?17:32
deadmundunperson: but anyway, looking at 12.04 http://mirror.sov.uk.goscomb.net/ubuntu-releases/12.04/   But now I see that the alternate CD is very large (like you're saying) so I think I'm wrong.17:32
unpersonbekks, Oh, meaning "interested in".17:33
deadmundbekks: He only has 1 partition17:33
bekksunperson: Then just update to 12.04 and you will get the "latest" stuff.17:33
unpersondeadmund, Happens to the best of us.  Sounds like you were describing something like the Debian netboot.  Not sure if Ubuntu has an analog.17:33
ubottuThe Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD17:33
deadmundunperson: So what is your question now?17:34
deadmundunperson: :)17:34
deadmundaahhh minimal CD!17:34
deadmundnames names names17:34
unpersonauronandace, Interesting.  Didn't know about that.17:34
roastedbekks: any last ideas? :(17:35
unpersondeadmund, Oh, well, my question originally was basically that the alternate CD can be used to upgrade from one release to the next.  Is it possible to easily use it to upgrade from one LTS release to the next LTS or is it not really designed for that. bekks has advised against it and using an apt-proxy instead.  I'm still not clear if it's possible.17:37
bekksroasted: Start cleaning up /var/cache/apt/ and /var/log17:37
roastedbekks: just rm -ring it?17:37
unpersondeadmund, Er, well, I'm sure it's "possible" but I'm not sure if it's easy to do.17:37
=== ^GeCk0^ is now known as DjGeCk0
bekksroasted: After ensuring you dont need it anymore. Dont just delete the entire folders.17:37
deadmundunperson: You should be able to upgrade from one LTS to another.  I am quite certain this is possible using regular apt tools.  I am fairly confident it is possible using CDs17:37
roastedbekks: /var/cache is only 200MB...17:37
roastedbekks: I have about 120GB unallocated for.17:38
vlad_I am new here. I have a problem with my ubuntu installation on an Asus laptop.17:38
deadmundunperson: I have not done it so I cannot say if it is easy.  If it is not easy you can just fresh install 12.04 because you have separate /home partitions17:38
user23I using Transmmision torrent client. I open .torrent file and choose which files to download. Now i need to download remaining files. How to reinitial download to get that notdownloaded files to be downlading.17:38
vlad_I have a problem with the X  server .17:38
deadmunduser23: right click the torrent in trans, select properties, check the boxes of the files you want to now include17:38
bekksroasted: Then take a look at du -hs --max-depth=1 / and descend into the "bigger" folders to get an impression where you are wasting space actually.17:38
vlad_which i think is for the GUI .17:38
deadmunduser23: It should automatically start getting them.17:39
unpersondeadmund, True.  Downside there is re-installing and re-configuring software, of course.17:39
theadminuser23: Open torrent properties, go to "Files", check the files you want17:39
ubottulazialotto: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».17:39
deadmundunperson: all the per-user software config is stored in /home17:39
vlad_Who can help me ?17:39
deadmundunperson: but there is still global stuff so...17:39
unpersondeadmund, bekks has also pointed out that some updates will still have to be downloaded even with the alternate CD, which is true.17:39
bekksvlad_: Describe your problem please.17:39
roastedbekks: is that command correct? I'm getting warning summarizing conflicts...17:39
deadmundunperson: yes.17:39
unpersondeadmund, Yes.  I usually at least save a copy of /etc17:40
bekksroasted: Then omit the -s17:40
deadmundunperson: well then you're good17:40
vlad_bekks: I keep getting crashes of the GUI on startup .17:40
vlad_bekks: It logs me on the terminal17:40
phyrexianslug@vlad_  What errors are you geting?17:40
nsaquaticsany boot guru's here?17:41
bekksvlad_: Then take a look at /var/log/Xorg.*.log what happended.17:41
bekks!ask | nsaquatics17:41
ubottunsaquatics: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience17:41
roastedbekks: says 274G in /... but /media is 251G... which is my separate array. So I would assume taking 274 - 251 would get you the end result of what's on drive "A" (aka, my 160GB hdd)... which is what, 23GB?17:41
vlad_bekks: OK. thank you. I will tell you what I see.17:41
bekksroasted: 'Forget about that /media ... /media is not /.17:41
nsaquaticsbekks, already did ask the question, just following up.17:41
roastedbekks: if that's the case, this shows me nothing different from ncdu.17:42
deadmundbekks: ... you are familiar with trees right?17:42
roastedbekks: I have ~23GB allocated for on a maxed 160GB disk. Perhaps I should reboot and see if the disks were whacky?17:42
bekksdeadmund: Yes.17:42
deadmundbekks: /media is in /17:42
deadmundhow is it not of concern?17:42
bekksdeadmund: He said that he has a / and some /media/NAS whatsoever.17:42
bekksSo we are not interested in /media17:43
deadmundbekks: oh, separate partition mounted on /media?17:43
deadmundI see.17:43
roasteddeadmund: /media/NAS is /dev/md0, whcih is 2x500GB mdadm array.17:43
bekksdeadmund: Thats what he said :)17:43
roasteddeadmund: df says /dev/md0 is 59% full, whereas / is 100% full (/dev/sda)17:43
roastedSDA = the OS itself, root, everything EXCEPT the array.17:43
deadmundroasted: bekks is right.  ignore the /media/NAS, should not be counting against / being full.  Besides apps not running.  What is causing concern?17:43
roasteddeadmund: the fact that apps are not running?17:44
deadmundroasted: You said VNC would not run....17:44
roasteddeadmund: my stuff is not running BECAUSE I'm maxed out. This has happened at least six times in the last 3 months.17:44
roasteddeadmund: VNC would not run, Apache would not run.17:44
deadmundroasted: what is telling you the cause is a full /  ??17:44
vlad_bekks: It's a lot of output in the xorg log. And i don't know really what to make out of it >17:44
roasteddeadmund: I assume VNC needs to create temp files or cache or something. If the drive is 100% full, there's no room for caching.17:44
roasteddeadmund: df17:44
bekksroasted: Use a pastebin service to show us the output of    du -x --mac-depth=1 / | sort    please17:44
deadmundroasted: just because apps are not running does not mean that / is full17:44
deadmundroasted: do what bekks said17:45
roasteddeadmund: for the 7th time, df says it's full17:45
roasteddeadmund: run df in terminal, you'll see what I mean17:45
deadmundroasted: Use a pastebin service to show us the output of    du -x --mac-depth=1 / | sort    please17:45
roasteddeadmund: no need for an echo of bekks, bro ;)17:45
roastedalready on it17:45
* deadmund wants a cracker17:46
vlad_bekks: Any hint on what to look for ?  Should i paste you somewhere the output ?17:46
bekksvlad_: Any anomalies, or errors.17:46
roastedbekks: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1203125/17:46
bekks!paste | vlad_17:46
ubottuvlad_: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.17:46
deadmundwhat's all that in /usr ?17:46
bekksWhats all that crap in /home? :D17:47
bekksThats far more concerning.17:47
roastedbekks: that's what I'd like to know.17:48
theadmindeadmund: /usr is a second-level filesystem hierarchy, meant to be placed on a separate partition from the core system. Mainly, non-boot-critical libraries, apps, so on17:48
deadmundroasted: stuff in trash?17:48
deadmundtheadmin: I know what it's for! :P17:48
roastedbekks: a little history about this box... this box does several things, including video surveillance. I have a monitor hooked up to it. When I'm in my office, I turn the monitor on and I play a live mjpg stream so I can see what's going on.17:48
deadmundI'm curious why roasted's is so big17:48
vlad_bekks: I have three logs. Xorg.0.log ; xorg.0.log.old ; xorg.failsafe.log ; xorg.failsafe.log.old . Which one should i paste ? Or all of them ?17:48
bekksroasted: Then run: du --max-depth=1 ~17:48
bekksvlad_: The latest log.17:49
roastedbekks: ever since I began doing that, at times my hdd would max out. I ultimately found .xsession-errors was maxing out the hdd space for some reason. So I began croning it rm -r daily.17:49
roastedbekks: I thought the cron took care of it, because I've been checking it periodically. No issues. Until today...17:49
nsaquaticstheadmin, how would you move the location of that folder, so let's say (/usr), just curious,17:49
theadminnsaquatics: Move? You don't really move /usr, you can mount a partition to /usr though17:50
bekksroasted: We dont even know wether .xsession-errors is the cause of your problem.17:50
roastedbekks: it was the previous cause of my problem. I wanted that on the table in case it was relevant. Also - http://paste.ubuntu.com/1203136/17:50
theadminnsaquatics: But, you could just move the contents elsewhere, say /var/usr/ or something, and then make /usr a symlink to the new location.17:50
=== DjGeCk0 is now known as ^GeCk0^
theadminNot sure how well that'd work.17:50
nsaquaticstheadmin, ah and when I mount it it would automatically drop the previous location?17:50
nsaquaticstheadmin, oh.. ok.17:51
vlad_bekks:  This is the Xorg.0.log . The most recent.  http://paste.ubuntu.com/1203137/17:51
theadminnsaquatics: Well, if you want to move an already existing /usr to a new partition, you make an empty partition, copy everything from /usr over there and then mount that partition to /usr17:51
nsaquaticstheadmin, ok, got it..17:51
theadminnsaquatics: Most of the time you configure that during the install process though17:52
daem0nI cannot find a solution to this:  (initramfs) unable to find a medium containing a live file system.17:54
nsaquaticstheadmin, yeah but if your like me in the beginning I was not sure what size to make what. that's why I was curious. Let's say after wards you figure out you screwed up sizing things.17:54
daem0nerror on intallation17:54
daem0nseems a common problem with no solution17:54
rasterizerHi All, I hope some one can help me with an issue i have17:56
phantom_master_1hi all,17:56
daem0nall hi17:56
rasterizerI am using ubuntu 11.0417:56
daem0nprease help17:56
daem0nY U no17:56
rasterizeraccidentally set the file permissoin on / folder to root:root17:56
deadmundrasterizer: that's fine?17:57
rasterizerand some of the application and processes not working correctly17:57
rasterizerevrything under / is set now owned by root:root recursively17:57
BennnI did some updates to Muon, now it's broken. Update manager, software manager, and package manager are all gone under the System menu. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling from the terminal. Here's what is says: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=12236603#post1223660317:58
rasterizerDoes anyone know how to restore to default ubuntu permissions17:58
rasterizerI am using command line no gui available17:58
rasterizerdeadmund: do u know a way to fix this?17:59
Darinlhouch Rasterizer I thought I had a problem :(17:59
AnDsOhow to set directory index in apache virtualhost17:59
deadmundrasterizer: Fixing all of them will be hard.  But you can fix a big chunk (your home folder) but doing sudo chown -R <your user name> /home/<your username>17:59
glguyWhat is the right place to put startup commands that should run before the network is configured?18:00
rasterizeri can login as root and sysadmin(i reverted to default permissions for /home/sysadmin)18:00
rasterizerdeadmund: i got the home folders permissons fixed18:01
rasterizerbut mysql seem to have broken18:01
latteracan anyone recommend a good xml editor?18:01
deadmundlattera: gedit18:01
=== Skald9 is now known as Skald_9_
phyrexianslug :P18:02
latteraI need one that supports tag folding18:02
deadmundmaybe ed18:02
maxflaxHi, having problem installing fglrx.. complaining about xorg-video-ab11 not existing18:02
latteraah, cool, chrome works, heh18:03
wingnut2626hi all, is there any graphical software to convert .mov files to .mp4 format?18:03
spoljoavconv is easy, just specify input file and output file with right file extension , and it will work the magic18:04
wingnut2626i cant install avconv my ubuntu cannot locate the package18:04
spoljouse the ffmpeg then18:04
spoljoits deprecated18:05
spoljobut you can still get it / or maby you have it alrdy18:05
grandal_primecan anyone recommend a good network mapping tool.18:05
spoljograndal_prime: zenmap18:05
grandal_primeuse to use cheops-ng but there appears to be nothing on that...18:05
Darinlhanyone happen to know why after a upgrade to LTS my terminal won't open from launcher?18:05
grandal_primeok so thats pretty mch th standard now i think...i have zenmap18:05
Doc_how can i set a default root in open ssh (sftp only) ?18:06
=== Doc_ is now known as DoctorD90
Darinlhgrrr no terminal but xterm runs fine???18:08
DarinlhI hate having to rebuild my desktop settings18:09
akafuriousYea same here18:09
akafuriousi prefer command line then to GUI18:10
Beauness_Roundhey, can anyone help with an installation hang im having with Ubuntu 12.0418:10
DarinlhI do too but like gui only for windows, have two monitors and leave, chat/message windows open on one and work on the other18:11
spoljoBeauness_Round: does it hang when you are picking keymap to use ?18:11
DoctorD90Beauness_Round: i can, but what do you need??18:11
akafuriousyea i have 2 macs both are for my music producing and programming  and 3 linux machines for work18:12
Beauness_Roundno, its during easy install, it hangs at retrieving file 55 of 12918:12
BuryHi all18:12
Beauness_Roundim using vmware player18:12
akafuriousit could be your connection fails or the repository fails18:12
akafuriousto connect18:12
nsaquaticsif the system is booting from the wrong disk, where can I change it?18:12
spoljoBeauness_Round: there are preset vmware images , try using one of those18:13
Beauness_Roundand ive tried vmware player 4.0.2, 4.0.4, and 5.0.018:13
Beauness_Roundive tried with vmtools uninstalled and preinstalled18:13
Beauness_Roundthats a good idea thank you18:13
nsaquaticsakafurious, Nope, it won't boot if I tell it to boot from my new raid array.18:14
akafuriousoh you are using VMware18:14
Beauness_Roundalso is it appropriate to post links related to my problem here?18:14
Beauness_Roundill risk it, here are the specifics: http://askubuntu.com/questions/187458/ubuntu-12-04-hangs-on-install-using-vmware-player-on-windows-718:15
Beauness_Roundmy current next step is im going to try the alternate install disk, thats downloading now, so i figured id see if anyone had ideas that would save time18:16
noeticIs anybody familiar with Evan's Debugger ? I've trouble running it on debian (6.0.5 squeeze).18:16
akafuriousare the computers networked18:16
akafuriousinto a domain18:17
akafuriousare the computers networked18:17
Beauness_Roundakafurious, are you asking me?18:17
akafuriousnever mind, it looks like it can't find the bootloader18:18
Beauness_Roundi am behind a proxy server, but that never caused issues before18:18
akafuriousthats not a problem18:18
akafurioushmm thats werid18:19
Beauness_Roundps currently burning the alternate install disk18:19
akafuriousdo you know what file 55 is18:19
akafuriousdid you burn the disc properly18:19
Beauness_Roundwell i dragged it into the drive in windows explorer and then clicked burn. is there a better/more proper way to do so?18:20
gordonjcpBeauness_Round: sounds like you burnt it to disk as a file18:20
gordonjcpyou need to burn it as an image18:21
akafuriousyes, when burning images18:21
akafuriousburning as a image18:21
gordonjcpthe best way to do it is to use a USB stick ;-)18:21
vlad_bekks: Any luck with the xorg log ?18:21
DoctorD90guys..i have a problem.....im using sftp of openssh...im trying to auto-direct sftp connection on their home, but all guide on internet do not allow more use of ssh normal connection........how can i solve?18:21
akafuriousis different then burning it as a file18:21
Beauness_Roundgotchya, thanks akafurious!!18:21
akafuriousno problem,18:22
Beauness_Roundidk if it will solve the problem, but it removes another!18:22
=== mimor is now known as mimor_
nsaquaticsIS there a file I can post to paste bin to give you guy's a better Idea?18:22
DoctorD90akafurious: do you know solution?18:22
=== ^GeCk0^ is now known as DjGeCk0
akafurioussolution too?18:23
akafuriousoh ok18:23
DoctorD90uys..i have a problem.....im using sftp of openssh...im trying to auto-direct sftp connection on their home, but all guide on internet do not allow more use of ssh normal connection........how can i solve?18:23
akafuriousare you at a clients house18:23
Beauness_Roundill figure out a way to get the iso on the disk, but i still need to get it to install without hanging in vmware player18:23
DoctorD90uh..i have understand that "no problem" is for me xP sorry18:23
matchyciao a tutti18:23
DoctorD90yea, form pc18:23
DoctorD90even if in a few minutes i have to dinner xD18:23
DoctorD90cia matchy ^^18:24
matchyooh finalmente18:24
matchycome funziona qui ??18:24
Beauness_Roundi am not at a clients house18:24
matchycè un tasto per vedere le regole18:24
akafuriousoh sorry was talking to DoctorD9018:24
DoctorD90kiedi, aspetti, e se qualcuno sa, risponde..in inglese hai più possibilità...18:24
matchygood :)18:24
Beauness_Roundlol gotchya18:24
DoctorD90akafurious: here is international, or only english allowed?18:24
matchysorry , the rules ??18:25
akafuriousBeauness_Round, is the machine AMD, or Intel18:25
ubottuThe #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList18:25
Beauness_Roundok im hopping off, thanks again aka furious, and anyone whod be able to help, heres the link to my problem again: http://askubuntu.com/questions/187458/ubuntu-12-04-hangs-on-install-using-vmware-player-on-windows-718:25
nsaquaticsDoctorD90, english. there's specific channels for the various languages18:25
Beauness_Roundoh wait my machine is intel18:26
akafuriousok bye Beaness_Round18:26
Beauness_Roundbut its xeon, so i use the amd desktop file18:26
akafuriousi would suggest using the i38618:26
DoctorD90thx nsaquatics ^^ ---- matchy check that link18:26
Beauness_Rounddescribed here http://releases.ubuntu.com/12.04/18:26
asoganiShould feature requests be filed as bug reports or submitted to brainstorm.ubuntu.com ?18:27
matchydoctord90 tu puoi rispondere in italiano :)18:27
Beauness_Roundi am 64bit tho18:27
akafuriousoh yea 64bit problems18:27
tsimpsonasogani: depends on how abstract the feature request if. if it's a feature for a specific package/software, then file a bug. otherwise brainstorm is as good a place as any18:27
DoctorD90matchy: english only here...18:28
DoctorD90join in ubuntu-it for italian18:28
akafuriousis the Host machine 64bit aswell18:28
asoganiI was asked to raise a bug report instead18:28
akafuriousit could be a bug, would be best to report it18:29
Beauness_RoundDell t3500 with xeon w3540 and vmware and desired ubuntu 64bit 12.04 install18:29
Beauness_Roundok, thanks for the help, if anyone comes up with anything i have that link earlier to my problem on ubuntu forums18:30
BennnI did some updates to Muon, now it's broken. Update manager, software manager, and package manager are all gone under the System menu. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling from the terminal. Here's what is says: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=12236603#post1223660318:31
martiganhow can I change the default terminal background color to black?  I'm running Ubuntu 12.0418:33
martiganjet black, rather than dark purple, or whatever that color is18:34
nick_hwhen a process is in an uninterruptible sleep, how can i determine what the process is waiting on?18:34
rob_p_martigan: edit --> Profiles --> default --> edit18:35
martiganrob_p_, thank you...  I forgot that the terminal had a menu.  I'm not used to the mac osx style menus18:36
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akafuriouscheck the process tree18:37
rob_p_martigan: I've been away from Ubuntu for a couple of years until today and so noticed the same thing! :)18:37
rob_p_martigan: ...well, at least the desktop version...18:37
DoctorD90problem: i use sftp of open-ssh, but when i loggin with sftp programs, it doenst redirect to user folder..if i try to redirect, it not allow more ssh in terminal...how can i do?18:38
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martiganrob_p_ the desktop is growing on me.  I used to be a bare-bones debian user, but I'm enjoying this.18:39
rob_p_martigan: I'm just playing with it. I'm not much for the desktop anyway, but I thought I'd bring it up in a virtual machine in order to get with the times again.18:40
rob_p_martigan: I've got a couple of Debian boxes...18:41
maxflaxHow do I enable the OpenGL on FOSS ati drivers?18:42
Calinouit is enabled if the free drivers support it18:42
Calinouelse, it is not.18:42
Calinouusually it is slow, anyway18:42
FransWillemHow should I configure getty or putty so that F1 through F12 can actually be used through a serial console ?18:44
maxflaxCalinou - yeah but since the latest fglrx doesn't support newest xorg and I just upgraded without reflecting a litte first im stuck with the open ones18:45
dr_willisFransWillem:  over a real  serial port terminal you mean18:46
dubacowhat is happening with this https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/bluez/+bug/104991118:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1049911 in bluez (Ubuntu) "bluetooth will not work still" [Undecided,New]18:47
bekksdubaco: Someone will confirm it, and maybe someone else will fix it.18:47
dubacoi have reported before and it has not been fixed :/18:48
dr_willisand the originalbug number as?18:48
dubacoages ago somone confirmed it and then i lost track of what happened18:49
dubacothey said it was a kernal issue18:49
dr_willisages as in years ago?18:49
dubacoas in 3 months ago18:50
dubacoits the same issue18:50
murlidharhow can i downgrade an application to earlier version?18:52
BennnI did some updates to Muon, now it's broken. Update manager, software manager, and package manager are all gone under the System menu. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling from the terminal. Here's what is says: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=12236603#post1223660318:52
dubacomurlidhar: !aptpinning18:53
Brewskihi #ubuntu... Any framebuffer gurus?18:53
bekksBennn: "purge" means "remove it, entirely", no "update it".18:53
bekksYou completely dropped muon.18:53
jribBrewski: best to just go right ahead and ask the question18:54
BrewskiI have a very obscure setup. our retail counter uses xubuntu systems. We're looking to add a second (touchscreen) monitor to allow customers to sign on screen. I've got that part working...18:54
jribBennn: how did you try to do these "updates"?18:54
TreyHollidayQuick Kubuntu question: battery monitor widget does not show the correct status even though /proc/acpi/ac_adapter/ACAD/state is fine.18:55
murlidhardubaco: whats that ? !aptpinning ?18:55
jribBrewski: (try to keep it on one line; use a pastebin if you need to include logs, configs, etc.)18:55
dubacolook up apt pinning18:55
Muellimurlidhar: you can use aptitude to select your version with a curses GUI. Or you do it manually with "apt-get install package=version" where version is one of the available versions listed in apt-cache policy $package18:55
Bennnjrib: I did them though the update manager18:55
murlidhardubaco: where ?18:55
murlidharah ok.18:55
=== resistivecorpse3 is now known as resistivecorpse
jribBennn: so you didn't add some non-standard repositories for example?18:55
Brewskibut the touchscreen gets miscalibrated if the two screens span instead of clone, so I wrote a script to enable and disable the touchscreen... I'm wondering if we can redirect a framebuffer'd console to that screen for advertising when it's not running X18:56
Bennnjrib: No18:56
BrewskiIs there a better route for that than framebuffer?18:56
Muellimurlidhar: another option is apt-get install -t $release package where $release is your desired series.18:56
jribBennn: pastebin the output of: apt-cache policy muon libqtcore4 libqtgui418:56
vltHello. After the last update of my Ubuntu 10.04 LTS desktop I only get 1024x768 "fbdev" and the mouse pointer doesn't move. Here's my Xorg.0.log: http://pastebin.com/Bgxbc0wW -- Any idea how to fix this?18:58
Bennnjrib: http://pastebin.com/RAaQwP3018:59
vltAnd this is xrandr's output: http://pastebin.com/hbiVkw7c19:00
jribBennn: muon is coming from that ppa19:00
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BrewskiIs it possible to only use framebuffer on only one of my two monitors?19:01
bekksBrewski: No.19:02
Bennnjrib: So how do I change it to the appropriate one?19:02
jribBennn: well you could just remove that ppa from your /etc/apt/sources.list* and then run "sudo apt-get update"19:03
nsaquaticsok, here is the outfile from boot-repair. Hopefully this will help. http://paste.ubuntu.com/1203261/19:03
Brewskibekks: does it have to be aware of both monitors? Could I just set the resolution to 1280x800 and have it display the same on both screens?19:04
TreyHollidayawesome. 3 year old unplugged my router19:05
TreyHollidaylemme try this again...19:05
booh-Even if there are some warnings, is it possible to use Samba4 AD and DC in production without a lot of glitches?19:05
booh-In a small environnement... (4 workstations in production)19:06
sburjanHello. How can i install Open Office on ubuntu 12.04 ? I don't want Libre Office19:07
TreyHollidayKubuntu bugs: Battery indicator doesn't match /proc/acpi/ac_adapter/ACAD/state, nearly always shows it on-line when it's not. ACAD/state is correct. 2) "speaker pop" when running Chrome after a battery-powered boot up, doesn't reappear after connecting then disconnecting the power.19:07
bekkssburjan: Is there a particular reason for wanting "old" software? libreoffice has about 2 million lines of code more meanwhile.19:07
sburjanbekks: I ned to run a test with our product. I am testing against Lire office and Open office. And as far as I know, open office is not dead19:09
Bennnjrib: Ok, these is a file in the sources.list.d folder, which had those repositories listed. I comemnted them out and ran apt-get update.19:09
=== mimor_ is now known as mimor
apgalvaoalguem sabe algum documento que indica o tempo de inicialização do ubuntu server?19:09
bekkssburjan: There has not been a new release after Oracle released it as open source. Go figure. Practically, it is dead.19:09
Bennnjrib: Should I try reinstalling muon now? It's still not appearing under the menu.19:10
jribBennn: sure, install it19:10
sburjanbekks: are you 100% sure ? I am looking at http://blogs.apache.org/OOo/entry/announcing_apache_openoffice_3_4119:10
wilee-nileesburjan, You want to remove everybit of libreoffice first they share start with a purge then remove everything still left. Here is one deb link for openoffice for install. http://www.openoffice.org/download/other.html#tested-full19:12
TreyHollidayOpenOffice is now being maintained by Apache. However, the underlying code is essentially the same as LibreOffice. Functionality between the two should be very similar19:12
TreyHollidaye.g. what happens in LibreOffice also happens in OpenOffice19:12
bekksTreyHolliday: The code was the same, they forked.19:12
sburjanI know they are similar. I'm not a newbie, i have a serious reason to need Open office. I need to run some tests with it19:12
bekksAnd libreoffice is pretty much far away from openoffice meanwhile.19:13
Bennnjrib: Cool. That fixed it. Package manager is back. The software manager and update manager a still gone though. Are those not part of Muon?19:13
bekkssburjan: Well, then just install openoffice, when you need it :)19:13
nsaquaticssburjan, I would multiple Virtual machines then each with a different install.19:13
TreyHollidaybekks: I know :P19:13
TreyHollidayAny clues on the KDE battery status widget bug?19:13
sburjannsaquatics: yepp, this is exactly what I am doing. one Vm for libreoffice (pre-installed) and one VM for Open Office19:14
bhaskeron-board on-screen keyboard does not work with vnc sessions. Is this a known issue ? onb-ard works fine for me but just that the vnc session programs do not get the key strokes19:14
sburjanbut can someone tell me the meta-package name I have to uninstall Libreoffice ?19:14
TreyHollidayalso, should I report that bug to Ubuntu or to KDE?19:15
nsaquaticsIs there a better channel to try and get help with my boot problem?19:15
Iszak_LaptopI've purchased some hosting, how can I check if it's setup in RAID?19:17
vltIszak_Laptop: Is it a real machine or vurtual?19:17
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=== aarcane_ is now known as aarcane
Iszak_Laptopvlt, dedicated so real machine.19:17
wilee-nileensaquatics, I see the boot script I missed any description of the problem, looks like a identical sda and sdb If I read it right.19:18
sburjanwilee-nilee: It seems I don't have the packabe libreofice nor libreoffice-base installed. And I'm out from a fresh ubuntu install. What am I missing ?19:18
sspiesIszak_Laptop: check mount first to see if it uses software raid. the device should be something like /dev/md...19:18
sspiesOtherwise type dmesg and check for raid controllers19:18
vltIszak_Laptop: Then dmesg or syslog should tell you. Also "mount", "blkid", "fdisk -l" ...19:18
nsaquaticswilee-nilee, yes I copied sda to sdb via dd but now it won't boot to the new disk (Mirrored Array)19:19
Iszak_Laptopsspies, nothing says md..19:19
sspiesIszak_Laptop: Type dmesg |grep -i raid19:19
wilee-nileesburjan, I would just do a gksudo naultilus search for anything named libreoffice and it probably did you use purge to remove these originally?19:19
nsaquaticswilee-nilee, If I tell the BIOS to boot from the new array it doesn't work. So at the moment it's botting from the old disk.19:20
sspiesIszak_Laptop: What is your roots device name from mount?19:20
sburjanyes, i used purge19:20
sburjanwilee-nilee: yes, I used purge19:20
Iszak_Laptopsspies http://pastie.org/private/9deymeobju8cyi5ts43jsa19:20
sspiesIszak_Laptop: please pastie dmesg | grep sd19:21
wilee-nileensaquatics, Boot to the new mirror unplug the other HD and run sudo update-grub, grub in general will confuse the two HD setup like this.19:21
sspiesor just dmesg without sd19:21
sspieswithout grep19:21
Iszak_Laptopthere's a lot of output from dmesg..19:22
sspiesyeah, just copy the whole thing to pastie please19:22
nsaquaticswilee-nilee, when I tell the BIOS to boot to the new mirror it just sit's there with a blinking cursor as if it doesn't see an OS on the mirror to boot to.19:22
aLeSDhi all19:22
aLeSDI just bought a 1 TB external hard drive ... which is the best filesystem ?19:23
* TreyHolliday will try again on the ubuntu forums later... gotsta head to work for now.19:23
wilee-nileesburjan, The only is to exchange these is to get everybit of one or the other removed to install the other, you may be there now, I have not read every post you have made.19:23
woo-0854nsaquatics: nfs set up?19:23
nsaquaticswoo-0854, - ???19:24
Iszak_Laptopsspies http://pastebin.com/ur5M7eyN19:24
andrebhi all19:24
andrebhow can i clone a drive in ubuntu 10.04 lts ?19:24
Iszak_Laptopandreb clonezilla?19:25
nsaquaticsaLeSD, That's a loaded question... my guess is you ask 10 people you'll get 10 different answers..19:25
nsaquaticsandreb, dd19:25
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andrebi want to clone my aging 250gb drive to a 750gb drive19:26
nsaquaticswoo-0854, I had it to where it would start the boot from sda and then continue booting from sdb. But now in my effort to fix it it just boots from sda19:26
wilee-nileensaquatics, WE have to assume here that the original was not broken and the copy is not, So a grub reload to the second HD's mbr (the mirror) seems appropriate. I assume again that you have the HD be read correctly from the bios.  Grub gets confused with identical HD, the original needs to be unplugged to get the second one running most likely.19:26
souravcan anyone tell me how to create internet connection ppp using huawei E1750 in ubuntu 12.04 LTS server?19:26
aLeSDmaybe ntfs19:27
bhaskercan anyone help me with on-board on-screen keyboard does not work with vnc sessions. Is this a known issue ? onb-ard works fine for me but just that the vnc session programs do not get the key strokes19:27
Iszak_Laptopsspies any thought?19:28
nsaquaticswilee-nilee, ok you are right with your assumption. Both work how do I do a grub-reload? With Boot-Repair?19:28
sspiesIszak_Laptop: sec plz19:28
=== altecnologic is now known as Cristiano_Said
alecbhow would I check what drivers are currently in use for my wifi card? I attempted to install linux drivers from Realtek for my new t430, but I'm still experiencing the problems I was before I used the new drivers. how can I confirm that the new drivers were installed/are being used?19:30
wilee-nileensaquatics, With the boot repair just use a live disc unplug the original HD, and run the recommended repair. This can be done from a live cd as well with some commands with that app as well.19:31
Eagleman7root@eagleman:~# /etc/init.d/saslauthd start19:31
Eagleman7bash: /etc/init.d/saslauthd: No such file or directory19:31
nydeli just did apt-get upgrade & got a grub error, unable to use grub on /dev/loop0 -- i rebooted, no choice, & everything seems fine. is it fine?19:31
wilee-nileewithout the boot repair is what I meant this can be done as well. nsaquatics19:31
nsaquaticswilee-nilee, I see. I'll try that then. what commands am I looking for to do this?19:32
m3thylwhy is the "Volume/Mute" section for sound alert greyed out and enabled despite my attempts to disable them. i am now permanently stuck with blaring alerts (when i want none)19:33
wilee-nileensaquatics, Here is the grub wiki defaulting to using a live cd. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/Installing#Reinstall_from_the_LiveCD19:33
nsaquaticswilee-nilee, ah, nice. thanks I'll give it a try.19:35
hyperkineitcHi all. Just upgraded from Ubuntu 11.04 to 12.04 and now Samba seems crippled. My public shares are still accessible, but user shares are not. Anyone have a clue?19:35
wilee-nileensaquatics, ask any questions if needed, below that method is a chroot to do the same thing as well, just another method.19:36
hyperkineitcThe error I'm getting is "You do not have permission to access the server"19:38
=== null is now known as Guest57842
reCAPTCHAHey all. I am in GParted and I want to expand my primary partition into unallocated space (yes... I have all the disks unmounted). Anyhow, the unallocated space is to the left of the main partition, and I cannot seem to expand left... is there a way to do this?19:40
wilee-nileereCAPTCHA, Is the partition inside a extended partition?19:41
reCAPTCHAwilee-nilee: Which one?19:42
alecbbump -- how would I check what wifi driver I'm currently using?19:42
wilee-nileereCAPTCHA, The one, your main that your trying to exspand.19:42
mizifihhi there!19:42
mizifihI was wondering if there's a way to rotate my desktop19:43
=== atrius is now known as atrius_away
wilee-nileereCAPTCHA, The swap is off and your on a live cd right?19:43
MuellireCAPTCHA: well, I think I could just move my partition once. I had the same problem. It worked for me. Dunno if your filesystem is supported by GParted thuogh.19:43
reCAPTCHAwilee-nilee: Yes it is part of an extended partition...19:43
nsaquaticswilee-nilee, thanks for the help. I'll try that this evening once the store is closed.19:43
vltvlt: The update messed up your grub.cfg and you’re running the wrong 3.0.0 kernel. Switching back to 10.04’s 2.6.38-10 helps.19:44
wilee-nileereCAPTCHA, The extended is a container for a logical it has to be moved first if the one your are trying to expand is bumped up against it.19:45
mizifihI was wondering if there's a way to rotate my desktop, I'm using the nVidia accelerated graphics driver, on Ubuntu 12.0419:45
pinpotralhow can i answer to someone here? with xchat??19:45
wilee-nileensaquatics, Cool, good luck.19:45
pinpotralusername:bla bla bla19:45
Iszak_LaptopI'm not currently on a LTS how can I upgrade to a LTS via do-release-upgrade ?19:45
beast_anyone know anything about how to get a netgear wg111t to work with 12.04 x86?19:46
SlutaTramsahello, I was here the other day but I didn't get an answer to my question so i'll try again. My problem is that i can't mute/increase/decrease the volume for the sound on my keyboard, I got a "Microsoft wired keyboard 600" and i'm running latest ubuntu 12.04 LTS-1. When I test the volume up key in xev i get the following http://pastebin.com/rYse0XKG (I only do volume up and then close with alt + f4)19:46
wilee-nileeIszak_Laptop, can you name from where to where in OS identification.19:46
reCAPTCHAwilee-nilee: Gah.. how do I do that?19:47
=== FunkyELF_ is now known as FunkyELF
wilee-nileeIszak_Laptop, that is not a LT you want 12.04 right?19:47
Iszak_Laptopwilee-nilee; yeah only 12.04 and to then only ever get prompted to upgrade to LTS in the future.19:47
pinpotralhow can i andwer someone??19:47
Pici!tab | pinpotral19:48
ubottupinpotral: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.19:48
wilee-nileereCAPTCHA, Right click the partition in the list and click the same resize and resize it.19:48
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=== brenden1`away is now known as brenden1
reCAPTCHAwilee-nilee: The extended does not show up in GParted, just Disk utility.19:49
wilee-nileeIszak_Laptop, Go to software sources and set the third tab at the bottom for any new releasesw and run the update manager.19:50
Iszak_Laptopwilee-nilee this is CLI19:50
wilee-nileereCAPTCHA, Take a screen shot of gparted and image bin it.19:50
wilee-nileeIszak_Laptop, Not sure then you headless?19:51
Iszak_Laptopwilee-nilee no remote server but yes I suppose it is headless.19:51
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guntbert_!tab | pinpotral19:51
ubottupinpotral: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.19:51
wilee-nileeIszak_Laptop, Not sure really then.19:52
lanoxxi have german locales installed on my system but i am running my system in english, now im trying to run LC_ALL=de_DE cp and im still getting an english error message, what is wrong?19:52
guntbert_pinpotral: try it like  gun<tab>19:52
endirunahi everybody, anyone knows a good voice synthesizer? i mean text tu speech19:52
reCAPTCHAwilee-nilee: http://www.pasteall.org/pic/3767119:53
lanoxxwhats wrong  with my locales?19:54
shade34321I have two nfs servers, one is set up as a home partition for workstations in the lab and the other one is the new home server that will replace the old one. Currently new users data is on the new server but it's not allowing them to log on, or taking a really really long time. any ideas?19:54
wilee-nileereCAPTCHA, Right click sda2 in the list then resize and exspand it to the left run it then do the same for sda5.  The extended as it is so thin is easier to access the controls (right clicks) in the list of partitions rather then the picture at the top.19:55
dr_willislanoxx:  export  the variable perhaps19:56
lanoxxdr_willis, u sure that makes a difference?19:57
wilee-nileeendiruna, Through orca is some stuff here is a wiki. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/TextToSpeech19:57
janefondaanyone with some expertise with hdparm and --dco-restore?19:57
lanoxxbash: warning: setlocale: LC_ALL: cannot change locale (de_DE): No such file or directory19:57
dr_willislanoxx:  trivial to try...19:57
lanoxxi tried19:58
lanoxxsee above19:58
bekks!ask | janefonda19:58
ubottujanefonda: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience19:58
jriblanoxx: also try LANGUAGE and LANG19:59
lanoxxjrib, those too work, but LC_ALL give the above error20:00
lanoxxbut when i call a program then its still in english20:00
wilee-nileereCAPTCHA, That resize of the sda5 will take a while as well, and may not boot without a reload of grub to the mbr so be prepared.20:01
reCAPTCHAwilee-nilee: Great... thanks... it seems to have worked.20:01
jriblanoxx: what did you mean by "work"?20:01
wilee-nileereCAPTCHA, Cool, it is confusing at times, hehe. ;)20:02
lanoxxjrib, exporting LANGUAGE=de_DE and LANG=de_DE does NOT give an error,20:02
lanoxxbut LC_ALL gives this stupid error20:02
=== JoFo_ is now known as JoFo
lanoxxand even if i call LANG=de_DE gedit i get wired responses20:03
jriblanoxx: does it still complain if you do "LC_ALL=de_DE.UTF-8"?  How did you install the locale?20:03
lanoxxLANG=de gedit        (process:29331): Gtk-WARNING **: Locale not supported by C library.Using the fallback 'C' locale.20:03
lanoxxjrib, via the system settings language support which claims that everything is alright20:04
lanoxxjrib, and i tried this blog entry: http://web.onassar.com/blog/2011/07/27/adding-a-language-package-french-to-ubuntu-linux-1/20:04
lanoxxjrib, the output from that functions suggests that everything is alright20:04
jriblanoxx: you're confusing me because you said earlier that LANG "works" but now you say you get weird responses20:05
=== okay is now known as centrelink
lanoxxjrib, using the bash command 'export' for example export LANG=de_DE does NOT give an error, thats what i mean by 'works' but export LC_ALL=de_DE DOES give an error, so this does NOT work20:08
jriblanoxx: does it still complain if you do "LC_ALL=de_DE.UTF-8"?20:08
nancy_graceHello everyone, this is Nancy Grace.20:08
lanoxxjrib, ah now it work20:08
lanoxx!ask nancy_grace20:09
jriblanoxx: yes, I can use LANGUAGE in a vague way (just doing LANGUAGE=pt_PT or even just LANGUAGE=pt), but for LANG and LC_ALL I've always needed to specify pt_PT.UTF-8 in full20:09
lanoxxjrib, IHMO thats a bad bug20:10
lanoxxjrib, but thank you very much for your help20:10
lanoxxthis has just cost me 2 hours though20:10
jriblanoxx: D:20:11
HoNgOuRuhi, i have a problem20:12
HoNgOuRuI want to make a script that runs a ssh commans20:12
nancy_graceNancy Grace says that Nancy Grace needs to get help with her ubuntu machine (TM).20:12
HoNgOuRubut it asks for the ssh password20:12
HoNgOuRuI want to do all in a single line20:12
HoNgOuRuis that possible ?20:12
beandogHoNgOuRu: yah, use public keys without a passphrase20:12
kristian-aalborgtrying to rotate a pdf file20:13
nancy_graceCan noone help Nancy Grace?20:13
jribnancy_grace: just ask your question (on one line)20:13
HoNgOuRubeandog, there has to be a generic way20:13
kristian-aalborgusing "pdftk input.pdf cat 1-endW output final.pdf" but it is not working20:13
nancy_gracejrib: Nancy Grace needs to be able to run Microsoft Office (TM) on her Ubuntu (TM) machine, why can't I, Nancy Grace, do this?20:13
kristian-aalborgnothing happens20:14
jribnancy_grace: if you're just going to troll, go elsewhere20:14
lanoxxjrib, actually both LANG AND LC_ALL need to be exported to work20:14
HoNgOuRuI mean, what if I want to execute a certain script that will ask me 2 or 3 things, is there any way of put the answers right after the program runs ?20:14
beandogHoNgOuRu: that's pretty generic20:14
lanoxxjrib,  if either is missing then i still get english20:14
beandogHoNgOuRu: you could setup keys between the two boxes and use those as a requirement20:14
beandogHoNgOuRu: er, certs20:14
HoNgOuRubeandog, forget about ssh20:14
HoNgOuRulet's talk generic20:15
beandoghow far apart are the boxes, network wise20:15
tsimpsonHoNgOuRu: rephrase as a generic question then, one without the term "ssh"20:15
nancy_gracejrib: Nancy Grace is not trying to troll. I, Nancy Grace, need to get my Microsoft Office (TM) installed on my Ubuntu (TM) machine.20:15
jriblanoxx: hmm, my LC_ALL is not set by default, but I can set either LC_ALL or LANG (just one) to pt_PT and it works20:15
HoNgOuRulets say a script asks for my name to salute me... can I run the script and at the question, make the terminal autoanswer the name question ?20:15
beandogHoNgOuRu: yes, using yes20:16
HoNgOuRutsimpson, roger that20:16
jribnancy_grace: stop talking with the TM and constantly metioning "Nancy Grace" then20:16
tsimpsonHoNgOuRu: depends on what the script uses to ask that question20:16
HoNgOuRubeandog, how ?20:16
beandogHoNgOuRu: for one command, that is.  But if you're talking about scripts versus ssh, then I'm not gonna get into that.20:16
lanoxxjrib, strange20:16
beandogHoNgOuRu: fex, yes y | install.sh20:16
jriblanoxx: I meant "pt_PT.UTF-8" of course20:16
lanoxxjrib, yeah20:16
nancy_gracejrib: I, Nancy Grace, can not help it. There is a little girl missing and this sick bastard took her and hid her body. I, Nancy Grace, will stop at nothing until justice is found.20:16
HoNgOuRubeandog, ill try that20:16
hyperkineitcAnyone know why public samba shares would continue to work but user samba shares break after upgrading from 11.04 to 12.04?20:16
kristian-aalborgah, pdfedit saved me20:17
dr_willis!info expect20:17
ubottuexpect (source: expect): Automates interactive applications. In component main, is optional. Version 5.45-2 (precise), package size 158 kB, installed size 313 kB20:17
lionrougei have such a machine: ASUS M3N-HT (GeForce 8200 integrated), Phenom I, 4 Gb of RAM. Ubuntu 12.04 amd64 doesn't start here. Freezes at boot with video artefacts. LiveCD though boots well20:17
jribheh, was going to give him another chance20:17
dr_willis!nomodeset > lionrouge20:18
ubottulionrouge, please see my private message20:18
lionrougedr_willis, i tried to use nomodeset. No effect20:19
Nancy_Gracejrib: I, Nancy Grace,  will not stop until that missing girl is found. Why are you not answering my questions jrib? Are you defending this sick pervert? I, Nancy Grace, will not stop until I get Microsoft Office (TM) installed on my Ubuntu (TM) machine.20:20
jriblanoxx: there are some rules in man 7 locale20:20
dr_willisinstall the nvidia drivers from text mode perhaps20:20
booihahahah omg why are you booting her she's hilarious20:20
lionrougedr_willis, how to enter text mode?20:20
ubottuTo start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode20:21
lionrougedr_willis, thanks a lot20:21
beandoglionrouge: boot *into* text mode or switch to it?20:21
lionrougei think it doesn't matter in this context20:21
beandoglionrouge: try ctl alt f120:21
lionrougeoh no20:21
beandogalt f7 if you get stuck20:22
Eagleman7Where can i find the plugin directory for openvpn?20:22
lionrougei mean to boot20:22
HoNgOuRubeandog, that is now working as I would like20:22
dr_willisrecovery mode would be about the same as text mode20:22
beandogHoNgOuRu: kk20:22
HoNgOuRulets say... salute.sh will stop for an answer at the name and then echo "hello $name"20:22
davetarmacHey guys20:22
HoNgOuRuis there any way of doing this ? let's say ....          hello.sh < "myname"20:23
Eagleman7Where can i find the plugin directory for openvpn?20:23
dr_willisHoNgOuRu:    expect  can automate  things likee that20:23
davetarmacJust inherited a Fujitsu Esprimo V5535 and so I stuck Ubuntu 12.04 on there20:23
HoNgOuRudr_willis, Ill take a look at it right now.20:23
HoNgOuRuthank u20:23
davetarmaceverything working beautifuly, except the resolution is stuck very high20:23
davetarmacI've done a quick Google and it says I need to change xorg.conf - however another articl states that 12.04 doesn't actually have an xorg.conf20:24
davetarmacis there an easy way to sort the resolution out?20:24
jribdavetarmac: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config20:24
OldschlHi all - I'm having a big issue right now trying to get a Raid5 repaired.  I was able to --assemble the raid after zero-ing out the superblocks (last case scenario), and all the drives are now added back to the raid5, but now md0 says there isn't a valid partition table20:25
joefrankam i it the right channel?   #ubuntu ?20:25
BluesKajDevilsReject, are you using a large monitor20:25
Oldschlcan I recreate that safely?20:25
jribjoefrank: this is #ubuntu on freenode, yes20:25
davetarmacjrib: thanks for that - I'll give it a bash20:25
davetarmac(no pun intended)20:25
jrib!resolution | davetarmac20:26
ubottudavetarmac: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution20:26
jribdavetarmac: thought that factoid might have new info, but not really20:26
joefrankjrib,  thanks20:26
BluesKajoops davetarmac , using a large monitor ?20:26
OldschlAnyone know if I can use parted on a RAID partition and then "rescue"?20:27
famLUCEhi. I would like to buy an Optoma HD600X projector. Can I use it with my pc with ubuntu ?20:30
BluesKajfar do you have the proper dvi or hdmi outputs on your video/graphics card ?20:31
HoNgOuRudr_willis, too hard to learn how to use it20:31
lionrougeit freezes even in text mode...20:31
famLUCEBluesKaj:  I have a notebook with vga and a netbook with hdmi20:32
lionrougethe last caption on screen: starting CUPS printing spooler/server20:32
BluesKajwhat kind of video/audio input connections does the projector have  , famLUCE?20:33
|Merlin|anyone be able to help me with a recent upgrade to 12.04 from 11.10?20:33
hyperkineitcjoefrank: Great nick.20:33
famLUCEBluesKaj: hdmi and vga20:33
davetarmacBluesKaj: Nope - norml latop monitor, but I can't get higher resolution than 800x60020:33
famLUCEBluesKaj: but I wonder if video drivers of ubuntu do support this projector20:34
=== shihan_ is now known as shihan
askersearchinghei hear some sound in my laptop dv6-2160et . and i prepared a video on facebook . http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=282161805229827 you can listen sound 0:03 to video end . if you can info about fixing this sound plesea . send email eneskuray@windowslive.com20:34
BluesKajfamLUCE, well , then you're fine ...the projector doesn't need support drivers only the graphics card20:34
famLUCEBluesKaj: thanks20:35
askersearchinghei hear some sound in my laptop dv6-2160et . and i prepared a video on facebook . http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=282161805229827 you can listen sound 0:03 to video end . if you can info about fixing this sound plesea . send email eneskuray@windowslive.com20:35
BluesKajfamLUCE, the projectoe will probly be recognized , but it's a passiver device as far the laptop is concerned20:36
Jordan_Uaskersearchinghe: Using all caps won't make people notice your question more, it will however make people who would otherwise want to help you less enthusiastic about doing so.20:38
MrNazhow can you mount a windows share with rw perms? when i add it to fstab the whole thing is mounted with root as the owner... can it be mounted with the user shown as the owner of the files? i use -o rw when mounting20:39
MuelliMrNaz: hm. I just click the thing nautilus, the filemanager. So no messing with fstab.20:42
albertoi have an MTP device20:42
askersearchinghejordan : i have been looking for help for a week . i cant withstand anymore20:42
askersearchinghejordan_u : i have been looking for help for a week . i cant withstand anymore20:43
albertoBut nautilus doesn't display files inside folder20:43
albertobut gMTP yes and takes 1 minute to go inside a folder20:43
Jordan_Uaskersearchinghe: I understand that that is frustrating, but using all caps isn't productive. Have you tried http://askubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org ?20:43
=== xerox1_ is now known as xerox1
askersearchingheyes , 3 times for each20:44
ActionParsnipalberto: what file system does the partition use?20:44
askersearchinghejordan_u : yes , 3 times for each20:44
drupini got this message while update20:44
drupinFailed to fetch cdrom://Ubuntu-Studio 12.04.1 _Precise Pangolin_ - Release i386 (20120818)/dists/precise/multiverse/binary-i386/Packages20:44
drupini am running ubuntu from usb ..20:45
ActionParsnipdrupin: comment out the top 3 lines in /etc/apt/sources.list20:45
albertoActionParsnip, Computer or device?20:45
askersearchinghejordan_u : yes , 3 times for each20:45
ActionParsnipalberto: the device you are connecting20:45
albertoComputer ext420:45
drupinok ActionParsnip brb20:45
Jordan_Uaskersearchinghe: Repeating your comments is also not productive.20:45
albertoActionParsnip, ext420:45
askersearchinghecan you go link that i send20:46
ActionParsnipalberto: hve you fsck'd the device?20:46
askersearchinghejordan_u : can you go link that i send20:46
hyperkineitcI'd fsck that.20:47
albertoActionParsnip, yes and none problem20:47
Jordan_Uhyperkineitc: Please keep your comments professional and family friendly in this channel.20:47
askersearchinghejordan_U : http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=28216180522982720:48
unlessHey, hello guys!20:48
albertoMTP Microsoft and their property protocols ¬¬20:49
unlessToday I upgrade my system and after that when I boot it keeps waiting for network configuration at start-up, then I have no network. When I try to open the Network at System Preferences it says the system network services are not compatible with this version, and I only see network proxy as service option. Could someone help me to solve it  please?20:50
askersearchinghejordan_U : http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=28216180522982720:51
askersearchinghejordan_u : can you go link that i send20:51
Jordan_Uaskersearchinghe: I have seen your comment, I don't have time to help you at the moment. Please try to be more patient and polite (with me, and with the channel as a whole. We're all volunteers).20:52
qa_Can someone help me how to install iSCSI package20:54
unlessToday I upgrade my system and after that when I boot it keeps waiting for network configuration at start-up, then I have no network. When I try to open the Network at System Preferences it says the system network services are not compatible with this version, and I only see network proxy as service option. Could someone help me to solve it  please?20:54
askersearchinghejordan_u : but you say dont do that or dont do that20:54
drupinActionParsnip: deb cdrom:[Ubuntu-Studio 12.04.1 _Precise Pangolin_ - Release i386 (20120818)]/ precise main multiverse universe20:54
pinpotralhello i have problems with acpi, can anyone help me?20:55
drupinwill removing this line affect ... as i am running from USB... my OS is installed on USB ActionParsnip20:55
i7c!ask | pinpotral20:56
ubottupinpotral: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience20:56
pinpotralok  i have problems with acpi, you can see it here http://pastebin.com/xxDTBRzy     [    1.196048]20:57
pinpotralhow can i solve it?20:57
pinpotraltoshiba notebook here20:57
ActionParsnipdrupin: yes, comment that out, if you have web access you don't need the local files20:59
drupinok ActionParsnip20:59
i7cpinpotral: is anything not working properly? o_O21:00
pinpotralyes i7c21:01
pinpotralwhen i turn my pc down21:01
pinpotralthe hd stops and not turn down21:01
ActionParsnipturn it down? How do you do that?21:01
ActionParsnippinpotral: do you mean off?21:01
ActionParsnippinpotral: try:  sudo shutdown -h now     does it turn off ok?21:02
pinpotralforever loading to turn off and i have to unplug it21:02
qa_dont know how to install iSCSI package21:02
Guest13966Oldschl: I don't know if parted can rescue a RAID partition. From what I've read the superblock is different to the partition table. What filesystem is your RAID using (some filesystems repeat the superblock every x number of bytes, i.e. my laptop has a copy of the 14 backup copies of superblock)? From a quick Google around there appear to be some tools that *might* help but I think they are ext2/3/4 tools (e2fsck and dumpe2fs).21:02
woosimhello. Where does thunderbird take the information that he displays in recently used(when trying to add an attachment to an email) in ubuntu 12.0421:02
=== mimor is now known as mimor_
ActionParsnipwoosim: possibly the sme history recorder in dash#21:03
i7cwoosim: have you tried ~/.thunderbird/...  ?21:04
woosimi7c: i'm asking because it's showing files I might have used, but never attached21:04
i7coh ok then my guess might be wrong ;)21:05
woosimI already tried deleting the history in the privacy settings, but this didn't help and I don't like my system doing things without me knowing ;)21:05
johndonslHi. I'm trying to allow myself to use sudo. There's nothing on this in the 12.04 documentation. I tried "usermod -a -G admin chrisseaton" from a tutorial from older versions, and I get the message "usermod: group 'admin' does not exist". Any ideas?21:06
i7cjohndonsl: i think you have to add yourself to the sudo group :)21:07
pinpotralhow can i solve acdi?21:07
Iszak_LaptopIs a w_await of 200 odd, high?21:08
johndonsli7c: got it, thanks21:08
Guest13966MrNaz: You can specify uid=x and gid=y (where x and y are the user ID and group ID for the user you want to be the owner) in fstab. Windows Share (Server Message Block - SMB protocol) doesn't actually have user/permissions as part of the protocol. AFAIK the permissions (in the Windows world) are dealt with by the underlying filesystem (NTFS).21:08
beast_hello everybody21:11
beast_im having a problem in 12.0421:11
Pyr0_Audaxok wat problem21:11
beast_the problem is, the system is not loading the ndiswrapper module after a reboot forcing me to modprobe it everytime21:11
Pyr0_Audaxi dony know anything about modules, soo i dont know :P21:12
beast_now its taken me a few days just to figure out how to get this damn netgear wifi dongle to even work, now it will only work if i modprobe and manually load the module everytime i start the computer up21:12
Pyr0_Audaxthat sucks21:12
Pyr0_AudaxI had a problem with my tp-link usb thingy21:13
beast_ok well this is a support channel and there are about 1000 other people in here, maybe one of them could help me figure this out?21:13
MalfermitaKodobeast_: have you consider writing it into a boot-script?21:13
Pyr0_Audaxhe knows21:13
beast_MalfermitaKodo, im afraid im wouldnt even know how to do that21:13
beast_MalfermitaKodo,  maybe u could give me some instruction?21:13
baronobeefdipHello I need some help opening port 6000 for remote X server access21:14
Pyr0_Audaxsomehow make a script that automatically loads the module, idk im not the expert21:14
MalfermitaKodoyeah, thinking back of how I did it for my damnslow21:14
ActionParsnipPyr0_Audax: add the module name in /etc/modules21:14
beast_MalfermitaKodo, i put ndiswrapper into /etc/modules, but that doesnt seem to do it..21:15
beast_ActionParsnip, u responded moments before i could enter my last response21:15
ActionParsnipbeast_: or add:  modprobe ndiswrapper  in /etc/rc.local    above the 'exit 0' line and it will run at boot21:15
beast_ActionParsnip, ill try that now, thx21:15
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beast_ActionParsnip, uhh....inside the script it says "by default this script does nothing."21:17
dr_willisbaronobeefdip:  over a local lan? or the internet?21:17
beast_ActionParsnip, is this the best place to put ndiswrapper?21:17
baronobeefdiplocal lan21:17
dr_willisbaronobeefdip:  why not just use ssh and x forwarding?21:18
baronobeefdipI am using xdmx to create a tile display, each computer will act as a node and control it's own screen according to the servers requests21:18
beast_ActionParsnip, hello??21:19
ActionParsnipbeast_: there isn't really a best21:19
baronobeefdipand each node will be listening for connections to their x sever on port 600021:19
ActionParsnipbeast_: have some patience21:19
beast_ActionParsnip, oh srry..21:19
beast_ActionParsnip, sry bud, im just irritated atm21:19
beast_ActionParsnip, not your fault, and im sorry.21:19
beast_ActionParsnip, is ndiswrapper a daemon?21:19
dr_willis!info ndiswrapper21:20
ubottuPackage ndiswrapper does not exist in precise21:20
baronobeefdipi don't think that ssh x forwarding has the ability to make a tile display, It seems that you are able to create a config file that has the layout of all of the nodes, which section of the display each node belongs to. and you can use the xdmx command to make the nodes display pictures that the computer running xdmx tells it to21:20
ActionParsnipbeast_: its a module21:20
baronobeefdipI have already been to that link and it didn't work, it is also unclear which version of ubuntu it's addressing21:21
beast_ActionParsnip, oh duh. i did know that.21:21
dr_willisbaronobeefdip:  most likely not.  seems you need to start X in a way that it dosent use the 'nolisten tcp' option from the url i posted above21:21
MalfermitaKodoHi, do you guys have an idea as to what to use to do regular, incremental backups?21:21
ubottuThere are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning21:21
frisis it possible to run identd only on localhost, but it still do ident replies kinda like how mysql has skip networking21:21
baronobeefdipI have seen that link already and it didn't work21:21
dr_willisbaronobeefdip:  so i guess you would have to explore the X configs and scripts and see what one is applying that option21:21
beast_ActionParsnip, what would i edit to make the system load the module at boot?21:22
baronobeefdipI have been exploring some websites where people have pulled this off, here at the university of tennessee they were able to setup their tile display wall with xdmx21:22
baronobeefdiphere is the config file21:22
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nshbrownwhen I mount a shared folder, I try using the "sudo mount -t vboxsf shared.com /d/shared.com -o rw,exec,uid=33,gid=33,dmask=022,fmask=133" command, and I can't seem to get the group and other to get write permissions, only read. I've tried multiple variants of the mask #'s such as 777. Any ideas how to get the mount to have ugo+rw on the entire mount?21:23
baronobeefdipand here is the command(s) that they ran to get the dmx console on the server machine and control what gets displayed on each screen on each node21:23
ActionParsnipbeast_: /etc/modules or a command in /etc/rc.local to load the module21:23
baronobeefdipthe only thing that i am unable to do is to get x server to listen on port 600021:23
baronobeefdipis there a step by step guide on how to do this, and if so is this easier to do in red hat distributions or are they equal in difficulty21:24
carloHello guys, I got problem with overlapping subtitles when I use Mplayer. Any idea how to fix it ?21:24
ActionParsnipcarlo: do other players work ok?21:25
dr_willisbaronobeefdip:  ->    grep nolisten /etc/X11/*/*21:25
beast_ActionParsnip, i put "modprobe ndiswrapper" right above exit 0 in rc.local21:25
dr_willisbaronobeefdip: /etc/X11/xinit/xserverrc:exec /usr/bin/X -nolisten tcp "$@"21:25
ActionParsnipbeast_: that'll do it21:25
_d4vidhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r97dDR0n0yY& howto fix that? i use command from comment but that dosnt help me21:26
baronobeefdipjust ran that command and this is what came up21:26
baronobeefdipBinary file /etc/X11/X matches21:26
dr_willisbaronobeefdip:  that option causes X to ignore port 6000 from what im reading..21:26
baronobeefdipI just tried to open it in gedit and gedit was unable to display it21:26
dr_willisim on 12.10 so my stuff may be differnt.21:26
dr_willis  /etc/X11/xinit/xserverrc    is a text file...21:27
beast_ActionParsnip, its also in the modules file21:27
dr_williswith 2 lines in it. ;)21:27
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ActionParsnipbeast_: should give the desired result21:27
=== mimor_ is now known as mimor
baronobeefdipjust lost those command you posted in my client, can you post them again21:27
LibertyTraderIf I install Ubuntu beta, can I use that to update to full release?21:27
dr_willisbaronobeefdip:       grep nolisten /etc/X11/*/*21:27
dr_willisLibertyTrader:  thats how the package system works.. yes.21:28
carloActionParsnip yep everything works fine with VLC but I use Mplayer because there is option to move subtitles on the bottom of the screen21:28
baronobeefdipnothing appeared after running that command21:28
baronobeefdipI also want to know how to do this in debian21:28
baronobeefdipbut lets focus on ubuntu for now21:29
ActionParsnipcarlo: can you give the output of: lsb_release -a; uname -a; apt-cche policy mplayer21:29
nydelrecently i apt-get installed a package, it was all the audio bits from ubuntustudio -- anyone know that package name? it installed too much stuff, i need to remove all of it & start from scratch21:29
_d4vidpeople help me please21:29
ActionParsnipcarlo: use a pastebin to host the text please21:29
ActionParsnip_d4vid: ask and see21:29
dr_willisbaronobeefdip:  No idea if that file dosent exist for you.. i would think its a fairly standard file for X.21:29
LibertyTraderI am absolutely desperate for a really recent linux distro I can install21:29
_d4vidhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r97dDR0n0yY& howto fix that?21:29
LibertyTraderUbuntu is too old, I get crashes21:29
LibertyTraderSuse installer doesn't even boot21:29
ActionParsnipLibertyTrader: there was a release in April, very new21:29
LibertyTraderI guess I might have to turn to arch21:29
dr_willisbaronobeefdip:  whats lsb_release -r   say for your system? what version are you using21:30
LibertyTraderActionParsnip, I have ivy bride  ultrabook... Ubuntu just hard freezes on my21:30
LibertyTradereven on livecd21:30
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nydeldr_willis: & ActionParsnip: could either of you weigh in on what i just said?21:30
baronobeefdipJust looked up how to do it in redhat and all there is to it is just running the gedit on the /etc/gdm/custom.conf and change the DisallowTCP=true to DisallowTCP=false, I am confused as to the name of the config file's location, gdm, I thought this was suppossed to be an X configuration21:31
ActionParsnipLibertyTrader: thats not due to the OS being old then , thats systm config21:31
ActionParsnipLibertyTrader: why did you think it was old, and taht even 'oldness' ws the issue?21:31
LibertyTraderI think maybe touchpad driver is out of date21:31
ActionParsnip_d4vid: I don't see an issue there, what is the issue?21:31
LibertyTraderor some driver is out of date so I want newer kernel21:31
dr_willisnydel:  those meta-packages make it easy to pull in stuff.. but harder to remove it again. :) it may have been ubuntu-studio perhaps?21:31
zykotick9baronobeefdip: are you using GDM?  lightdm is default.21:31
LibertyTraderI can't even install ubuntu because the livecd desktop freezes21:32
ActionParsnipLibertyTrader: try Quantal then it will have newer versions of the drivers21:32
_d4vidActionParsnip, scaling problem with latest ati driver on 12.0421:32
ActionParsnipLibertyTrader: tried the boot option: nomodeset21:32
dr_willisubuntustudio-audio - Transitional Package for the Audio Seed21:32
baronobeefdipnot sure, I can tell you that I am using lucid lynx21:32
dr_willisubuntustudio-desktop - Ubuntu Studio Desktop Package21:32
_d4vidActionParsnip, is not possible to scale window maximize21:32
zykotick9baronobeefdip: lucid used GDM21:32
LibertyTraderActionParsnip, How do I set that option? On liveusb it just boots straight to destkop. No time for parameters21:32
nydeldr_willis: it wasn't - it was close, but it had "audio" or "sound" in there, specifically audio things & not video21:32
ActionParsnip!nomodeset | LibertyTrader21:32
ubottuLibertyTrader: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter21:32
dr_willisnydel:   ubuntustudio-desktop - Ubuntu Studio Desktop Package21:33
baronobeefdipHow do I open the port then21:33
dr_willisbaronobeefdip:  what does   cat /etc/X11/xinit/xserverrc21:33
ActionParsnip_d4vid: so when you maximize an application window, what happens?21:33
baronobeefdipexec /usr/bin/X "$@"21:33
dr_willisopening port 6000 from the forums -->  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=168246221:33
baronobeefdipthat what it shows21:33
dr_willisbaronobeefdip:  now thats interesting... have you edited that file befor?21:34
_d4vidActionParsnip, not application windows .. dispay resolution21:34
dr_willisetc/X11/xinit/xserverrc:exec /usr/bin/X -nolisten tcp "$@"    is the normal21:34
nydeldr_willis: the package is ubuntustudio-audio -- but when i do apt-get remove, it only wants to remove that package, 44kb. it pulled gigabytes of packages!21:34
beast_ActionParsnip, any other tips on how to get the module to load at boot?21:34
dr_willisso when you reboot  X should start and listen then to port 600021:34
dr_willisnydel:  because its a meta-package that just pulls in other packages21:34
ActionParsnip_d4vid: is the resolution too low?21:35
derekvfastest way to clone an ubuntu install ? both are on network , don't want to wait for dd however21:35
nydeldr_willis: is there a way to wipe away a meta-package21:35
dr_willisnydel:  those meta-packages make it easy to pull in stuff.. but harder to remove it again. :) <<<<   why i said this earlier21:35
mike__nydel: unfortunately that's because it's a meta-package, it just lists other packages to install.21:35
nydeldr_willis: or should i -s install it, copy the list & remove all that?21:35
dr_willisyou could look at what depends it pulled in i guess..  i rarely uninstalls tuff.21:36
hwkiller-netbookcanonical should patch apt to support properly removing metapackages21:36
_d4vidActionParsnip, no look at video .. monitor resolution is not correct .. amd catalyst driver want save setting of scaling window21:36
dr_williswith that logic removeing gedit, would remove ubuntu-desktop which would remove most everything.......21:37
nydelhwkiller-netbook: i think i will write a script that does it, just a few regex running a -s install to get the package names then a big apt-get remove every single package that it installed21:37
derekvcan I get everything with rsync and then restore grub and boot, or will rsync miss anything important ?21:37
baronobeefdipso with what I just posted, will the contents of the configuration file I just posted be able to listen to port 600021:37
baronobeefdipand when you reply to me, include my name its easier for me to read that way21:37
nydeldr_willis: if i get the list of packages it pulled, then uninstall them, do i run the risk of uninstalling something important21:37
dr_willisbaronobeefdip:  from what im reading you just need to edit that one file. restart X, and of course make sure the firewall is not blocking.21:37
ActionParsnip_d4vid: how am I supposed to know the correct resolution for your disaply?21:37
dr_willisnydel:  if a package overlaps with the depends of ubuntu-desktop its possible21:38
baronobeefdiphow do you restart x now that the nolisten piece is gone21:38
dr_willisbaronobeefdip:  one way - reboot.. another way. 'sudo service lightdm restart'21:38
baronobeefdipbecause i think that if i restart the computer itself it won't be available to recieve x requests21:38
nydeldr_willis: sigh, i guess it was pretty irresponsible of me to blindly install a metapackage then.21:38
dr_willisso you edited that file then never tried restarting X?21:38
baronobeefdipi am seeing that this is a little easier to set in red hat21:38
ActionParsnip_d4vid: the screen has a res of 1920x102421:39
dr_willisGDM just happens to have a config for it.. port 6000 is considered a big security hole.21:39
OoVgogune yetyc qjoyk :21:39
uGTSIvevsk xhsli xkhwe :21:39
xlkSjSbbacnt hszvg ksgex :21:39
BtUssGltpdt qnllo arggp :21:39
aHSeoCPhMuvdyynn qwlva uvswf :21:39
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ActionParsnip_d4vid: 1920x108021:39
ActionParsnip_d4vid: at 75hz21:40
mike__*as not are21:40
dr_willisYou can install the old gdm on ubuntu i belive..21:41
_d4vidActionParsnip, the problem is not a resolution .. borderless display is not complete21:41
ActionParsnip_d4vid: is there an OSD on the screen to stretch it out?21:41
ancient_Hello, Anyone know how to use a  device called G-raid, i can get it  to mount  and  see the  folders in the drive  but when i try to  write to it I get  I/O error21:43
mike__ancient_: Have you mounted the device with write permissions?21:46
=== Guest22784 is now known as dan_the_man
ancient_yes , i think i did  will check21:46
gd515does anyone know a easy fix for this http://askubuntu.com/questions/36820/how-to-make-youtube-fullscreen-actually-fullscreen  I tried something things there but im not understanding or getting it ?21:47
ancient_it  has permissions to  read  / write21:48
unknowI have a laptop with win7 and ubuntu 10.4. I installed ubuntu 12 and had to create partition. It asked for "Root mount point" and I choose "/" is this correct? also the new ubuntu does appear on grub menu. thaks21:49
excelsiorhelp! I need to get the monitor preferences on my laptop screen, for some reason it started up on the extended screen21:49
gd515yes thats right unknow21:49
gd515try easyBCD21:49
dr_willisexcelsior:  if using unity the workspace switcher icon shows the desktops in a grid, you can drag windows around with that to other desktops/monitors i belive21:52
wilee-nileeunknow, Are you having a problem?21:52
excelsiordr_willis: I closed it, unplugged the cable, started it, and it came up fine21:52
ActionParsnipunknow: you will need to set the partition  you want to use as / to be formatted and set to Ext421:52
dr_willisunknow:  / is known as the 'root' of the os. yes.21:53
dr_willis / = root partition.21:53
dr_willisnot to be confused with roots home which is /root/21:53
mike__ancient_: Sorry I should have asked my previous question better. Does the mountpoint and filesystem (shares/folders etc) have write permissions. P.s. I'm assuming we're talking about one of these? http://www.g-technology.com/products/g-raid.cfm21:53
excelsiorNow IRCcasting LIVE from Google, It's the New York Linux User Group, featuring Python for Big Data!21:53
ancient_from term :   drwxrwxrwx   1 root root  4096 Nov 28  2011 ExtRaid/21:53
ActionParsnipexcelsior: do you have a support question?21:53
gd515sent you a PM unknow21:54
excelsiorActionParsnip: I'll let you know when I do! :) In the meanwhile I'll take it to ubuntu-offtopic!21:55
ancient_not shure how to read pm21:55
ActionParsnipexcelsior: thanks :)21:55
wilee-nilee!cookie > gd51521:56
ubottugd515, please see my private message21:56
gd515how can i get stuff fullscreen on videos i have multi monitor and im having no luck ?21:57
dr_willisgd515:  whats your video chipset/drivers and what player?21:57
ActionParsnipgd515: if you click the fullscreen button, what happens?21:57
OerHeksgd515 on that link you gave, try the HTML5 optin, enable it @ http://www.youtube.com/html521:57
gd515i have a nvidia card , its actually like youtube or any other website wont work21:58
gd515OerHeks that works but how about other sites ?21:58
mike__ancient_: OK, I presume that's the directory that the device is mounted to (i.e. under /mnt or /media). What does the "mount" give you? Is option "rw" against the device.21:58
OerHeksgd515, only @ youtube, not on other sites AFAIK21:59
gd515actionparsnip it stretches it out horizontal cuz of the resolution on my second monitor21:59
ActionParsnipgd515: does it affect all browsers?22:00
zykotick9gd515: i have issues with fullscreen webvideo with my multi-monitor setup as well :|  (i have 2 different resolutions, and i believe that is the source of many of my issues.  btw, web video works ok fullscreen on my smaller monitor - but not the big one.  WEIRD half-screen playback and craps on the big one...22:00
dr_willisgd515:  you are using the nvidia drivers? You have twinview enabled?22:00
gd515it does that in firefox and chromium22:00
dr_willisgd515:  I tend to use a 'flashvideoreplacer' extension for firefox that plays flash in vlc or totem or mplayer. ;) so i may have just never noticed the issue..22:01
gd515same here zykotick922:01
mike__ancient_: sorry that was supposed to read ..."mount" command...22:01
gd515im using seperate x22:02
dr_willisive never seen a need for seperate X.. odd that its having any issues at all really with Seperate X displays22:02
zykotick9gd515: if you're using sepeartex it should work.  i never use seperate, only twinview.22:03
gd515mmm just a min22:03
gd515where do i go to check if i have seperate X or twin im sure im on seperate22:05
zykotick9gd515: what's your video card?22:06
dr_willisgd515:  can you drag a window from one monitor to the other?22:06
gd515Nvidia geforce 9800 GTX22:06
zykotick9gd515: use nvidia-settings22:06
=== pdq2 is now known as pdq
dr_willisthen you are either using twinview, or just xinerama22:07
dr_willisNOT seperate X displays22:07
gd515ok its TwinView22:07
dr_willisrun nvidia-settings and be sure twinview is enabled. ;) not just xinerama.22:07
* zykotick9 notes that twinview is nvidia's propritary version of xinerama22:07
gd515says configuration Twinview22:07
tudrommy 8gb mini-sd cannot be unmounted, i tried to format it with mkfs, but the feedback is unable to open /dev/sdc22:08
gd515dr_willis so will that flashvideoreplacer fix that web video issue?22:08
dr_willisgd515:  i watch all my flash videos in vlc. no hassles here.22:09
zykotick9tudrom: FYI! you format partitions (sdc1) not drives sdc