theater-dreamerI see Xubuntu 12.10 will no longer have an alternate CD release: Is it going to have the same unified installer as Ubuntu (LVM and FDE as options)?00:36
Unit193Xubuntu has been using Ubiquity, so that'd be good.  Otherwise, you can use the !mini and install xubuntu-desktop in 12.10.00:37
theater-dreamermhm... doesn't sound too bad.00:39
theater-dreamerWe'll see how Ubiquity is in creating complex LVM/RAID/FDE configurations like debian-installer could.00:40
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gurragIf I download a pre-release of 12.10 now, will it run the same later [with updates] as if I waited until the October release?01:36
GridCubeits a beta, stuff might be broken01:37
GridCubein fact, stuff is broken01:37
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johnscamCan anyone tekk me how to connect wirelessly using 64WEP KEY?03:07
johnscamI'm using Xubuntu 12.04 and it doesn't allow me that option03:07
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roninI'm getting this kind of graphics errors in xubuntu http://imgur.com/8RRxg . It only comes sometimes in specific windows, and not just wine, but any software. Sometimes some icons on the desktop07:54
ronindoes it sound like a software problem?07:55
Mathiastopic should start with something like "no answers? please idle here"09:03
bazhangif you have a question, then ask it Mathias09:04
Mathiasi don't but i saw ronin's question09:05
shpanknormally you don't put such things in the topic09:08
shpankbecause it's usually the same everywhere09:08
Marzatatopic, what topic?09:11
bazhang /topic09:11
Sysilike anybody reads topic09:12
bazhangpart of which reads: No one around? See the complete support methods list at http://xubuntu.org/help09:12
bazhangMarzata, ^09:12
pimperleis there a way to install xubuntu fully encrypted using the xts-plain cipher? the alternate install cd's kernel doesn't seem to support it.09:19
pimperlewill the live cd installer be able to open the disk?09:19
longwuyuanhi. thanks tons to xubuntu, i got fglrx for my dell vostro 3450. but outlook in a vm is gentle on the eyes compared to thunderbird (even with theme & font sizer addon). does anyone have good suggestions for me to try09:23
pimperlelongwuyuan: you might try evolution, ubuntus default client09:25
ochosior claws-mail (although you probably won't like it if you want outlook-style)09:25
longwuyuannothing to do with style. am having to deal with at least 300-400 emails everyday. so need more real-estate quality on 14" laptop screen09:28
longwuyuanthe windows drivers in a vm seem to be able to render outlook more efficiently in a 1280x800 resolution of the vm09:29
longwuyuannative 1366x#### resolution on xubuntu is gret in xterm but painful on thunderbird09:30
longwuyuani placed both windows one below another and compared real-estate. thunderbird fonts are less crisp :-( and anyone can guess how that feels having to use outlook09:31
Sysichange antialiasing settings in settings -> appearance09:32
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zloydedwhy i install vmware workstation and after reboot my system has crashed... and cant load fro read logs...12:24
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martianI just installed nautilus in xubuntu 12.04 and wish to change some advanced settings. I installed gconf-editor, but there is no nautilus node in there. Any suggestions?16:15
Picimartian: check dconf16:16
martianPici: ahh, moved to xubuntu, or just idling in both channels?16:18
martiancheck it in what sense? it was not installed either, so upon installing it I should...16:19
PiciI was under the impression that stuff was being moved from gconf to dconf.16:19
martianahh, dconf-editor :)16:19
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DenSeaCaTHi guys. Would someone help me in tet-a-tet chat? WinXP + Xubuntu, formatted xubuntu partitions, and now grub not working17:55
GridCubeDenSeaCaT, explain further17:56
GridCubedo you still have xubuntu installed? how do you formated? why you need grub if there is no xubuntu (in that case)?17:56
DenSeaCaTOk. 1 Hdd. 2 NTFS partition(C with WInXP  \ and Dwith files ) , and 3 linux partitions, ext3 / , ext3 /home , swap17:58
DenSeaCaTformatted all ext 3 and swap17:58
DenSeaCaTand now my Winxp cant boot17:58
GridCubethats something to expect, you delete the /boot area that grub uses18:00
DenSeaCaTI want: WinXP, barter partiton(D) for files, and xubuntu PROPERLY installed18:00
DenSeaCaTI have 2 USB sticks with latest backtrak linux and xubuntu.18:00
DenSeaCaTWhat should I do now?18:01
GridCubeyou need a live cd, boot from it, edit your partitions using gparted, if wanted install xubuntu, else install boot-repair from its ppa and use it to create a new grub install18:01
DenSeaCaTSorry, noob in linux, cant understand18:01
DenSeaCaTI'm now running  live usb xubuntu on this notebook.18:02
GridCubeopen gparted and edit the partitions you want to the way you want them to be18:02
DenSeaCaTcan someone guide me step-by-step in PM please?18:02
GridCubeits like using partition magic18:02
DenSeaCaTOk, sec18:02
DenSeaCaTOpened gparted. another question. when i've  formatted linux partitions, and re-created them, i've installed xubuntu. but it didn't booted. I've broke somthing or what?18:05
DenSeaCaTjust black screen appears, and  says: unknown file system, grub rescue18:07
DenSeaCaTIs it means that grub installed on C drive?18:08
tsimpsongrub should be installed on the disk itself, not any particular partition18:09
GridCubeDenSeaCaT, :) wait a moment18:09
GridCubeDenSeaCaT, grub is a boot loader that installs itself and depends on grub config files that are at /boot, you formated the drive that had /boot on it18:09
GridCubeso grub cant know whats going on18:09
GridCubeyou need to a) choose where to place grub b) make such place c) install grub18:10
tsimpsonyou need to stop using the word "drive" when you mean "partition" ;)18:10
DenSeaCaTtsimpson, it means, that grub installs himself not to one of partitions e.g. c/d/e, but on hided sector of hdd?18:10
GridCubetsimpson, good call18:10
tsimpsonDenSeaCaT: yes, it should be on the physical hard drive, rather than one of the partitions on that hard drive18:11
DenSeaCaTwait. Drive - means HDD, right? And partitions means some sector on it?18:11
tsimpsonwindows like to pretend that partitions and hard-drive-disks are the same thing18:12
GridCubeDenSeaCaT, c/d/e are windows names, you need the /dev/paths to them on grub or even the hd(0,0) nubers18:12
tsimpsonwhen you partition your HDD in windows, it shows those as different "drives" with letters18:12
DenSeaCaTC/D/E in windows are sdb/sdc/sde in linux?18:13
tsimpsonno, they can be, but usually not18:13
GridCubeit depends18:13
tsimpsonwindows does not distinguish between a physical HDD and partitions on a HDD18:14
v1adimirDenSeaCaT: all you needed was empty space and the installer could've done it18:14
DenSeaCaTRussians O_o?18:14
v1adimirat large :P18:15
DenSeaCaTPrivate please?18:15
v1adimiruh i'm not really here- sorry! :S18:15
DenSeaCaTWhat it means?18:15
v1adimirno time, if you wanted to see about the issue, gotta leave the house any minute18:16
DenSeaCaTOh. k. So. Wht i should do to fix all stuff, that i've broke?(format all HDD,install WinXP and forget about linux is not an option:) )18:17
GridCubeDenSeaCaT, you can install xubuntu again18:18
GridCubethat will fix grubn18:18
DenSeaCaTalready installed, but wont boot18:18
GridCubeor you can install grub-repair and make it install it again18:18
DenSeaCaTI can google that)18:18
tsimpson"sudo grub-install /dev/sda" usually, assuming your disk is called /dev/sda18:19
GridCubeboot on a live cd and install this: https://launchpad.net/~yannubuntu/+archive/boot-repair18:19
GridCubethen run sudo boot-repair, fix the boot area, reboot, be happy18:19
DenSeaCaTCould not find device for /boot: Not found or not a block device.18:20
DenSeaCaTI'm running live usb xubuntu right now, on this notebook that i've broke18:21
GridCubewell, thats because you formated it18:21
DenSeaCaTBut i've reinstalled xubuntu?18:21
GridCubeapparently you didnt18:21
DenSeaCaTxubuntu on sda718:24
DenSeaCaTsudo apt-get install grub-repair won't work18:26
GridCubeDenSeaCaT, did you add the ppa?18:30
daxiswhat's the deal with 12.04.1 not automounting usb drives? is there a quick fix for this?18:30
Mathiasis there a quick way to switch between windows and xubuntu? rebooting takes too long time :P18:32
daxisvirtual machines are a bit slower, but they don't take as much time as rebooting18:33
DenSeaCaTGridCube yes18:33
Mathiasdaxis: playing games in VM's sucks :P18:33
DenSeaCaTterminal says E: Unable to locate package grub-repair18:34
GridCubeDenSeaCaT, :( well i dont know then18:34
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)18:34
GridCubesee the restore grub tutorial DenSeaCaT18:34
daxisMathis: get two computers and a kvm. one mouse, one keyboard, one monitor (or two), two computers18:35
daxisperfect solution :P18:35
Mathiasdaxis: that would kind of work18:36
daxisMathias: what are you needing to do?18:36
Mathiasit would though be kind of unpractical to take a screen, a keyboard, a mouse, a kvm switch, two laptops and a generator everywhere :P18:36
daxisoh i was thinking of desktops18:37
daxisnvm then18:37
Mathiasplaying world of tanks in wine doesn't go so well :P, and i don't like any media players in windoze :P18:37
Mathiasand i switch a lot18:37
daxiswell if you do gaming on windows, why not run linux in the vm?18:38
Mathiasi actually haven't tried playing 1080p in xubuntu in a vm18:38
Mathiasthat could be tomorrows project :P18:39
daxissounds like a plan!18:39
daxiswell i've got class... i guess i'll be back later18:39
Mathias13:40? :o18:40
DenSeaCaTi've did sudo grub-install --recheck /dev/sda1 and on sda2 , but it says  Could not find device for /boot: Not found or not a block device.18:40
daxisyou got it18:40
Mathias8 hours behind me :S18:40
daxiscentral time18:40
daxislater all18:41
DenSeaCaTWow, looks like it works18:45
DenSeaCaThmm. brb.18:46
DenSeaCaT_Worked. thanks guys)18:49
DenSeaCaT_Now i know, how matter usb stick with live xubuntu installed on it :D18:50
DenSeaCaT_I have some questons. what better for slow notebook(1ggz cpu/ 1gb ram, integrated videocard) xfce/lxde/ or something? because my noebook is SO slow. i want more speed18:54
Mathiaslubuntu might be a better option18:56
pcroqueAfter attempting to set some keyboard options, I get an error message everytime I start a terminal: "Illegal map name '(+v)+' in symbols name 'pc+us(+v)+inet(evdev)+compose(ralt)'" Any ideas on how to fix? I've purged xfce4-xkb-plugin already, set xfce4-keyboard-settings to let X manage the keyboard.18:57
pcroqueI'm out of ideas.18:57
DenSeaCaT_I've tried to install it today, but it wont work. installer just showed me bunch of errors18:59
DenSeaCaT_failed to run partition manager blah blah blah, failed to run something else, blah blah. so i decided to install xubuntu19:00
DenSeaCaT_Mathias is there any other way to replace my xfce to lxde enviroment?19:02
Mathiasdon't know, i'm not an expert :P19:02
DenSeaCaT_tht's sad19:02
Mathiasask me next year :P19:02
DenSeaCaT_at next year hope i'll gonna know it by myself ;019:02
DenSeaCaT_What name of xubuntu default network manager? ANd can I replace him with Wicd network manager?19:12
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blizzowI downloaded the 12.10 alpha3 iso and installed it on a USB disk using usb-creator-gtk.  I told it to install the bootloader but when I try and boot a laptop from the usb drive, the laptop shows "This is not a boot disk....Remove the disk and reboot."  Is there something special that needs to be done to make the 12.10 iso functional?19:55
knomeblizzow, shouldn't be anything special comparing to the other releases.20:37
xubuntu269i have a computer22:42
xubuntu269thank you22:42
xubuntu269my mom put a few games on there22:43

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