Schrodinger`Cati have a problem00:02
Schrodinger`Catfor to do working skype, i remove pulseaudio00:02
Schrodinger`Catis that bad ?00:03
Schrodinger`Catnow i dont have sound except with skype :/00:03
cynicalwell that's bad :P00:05
cynicalwith skype if you can change the audio settings to use the alsa plugin instead of straight pulseaudio that may fix it00:07
Schrodinger`Catcynical: so i must put it back ?00:07
Schrodinger`Catthe pulseaudio00:07
Schrodinger`Cati made $ apt-get remove pulseaudio00:07
cynicalwell you could use alsa for everything instead, but you would lose the benefits of pulseaudio. Imo it's better to see if you can get skype working well with pulse instead00:07
Schrodinger`Cat$ apt-get install pulseausio -> its ok ?00:08
Schrodinger`Catill try :)00:08
Geowanymy pulseaudio is working so fine00:08
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LostMonkanyone awake?04:09
LostMonkis there a way to deactivate the wallet so it stops popping up to ask me to make an account?04:20
jdrsLostMonk: press alt+f2, type: wallet04:21
LostMonka configuration thing04:21
jdrsLostMonk: it will open up KDE Wallet, then uncheck the 'Enable the KDE wallet subsystem'04:21
LostMonki feel stupid now04:22
jdrsanyone having issue with identify? nickserv doesn't exist04:22
LostMonk18 hour days leave much brian power to be deisre04:22
zed_hi I am using kubuntu 12.04 on this laptop and >I am having problems with the wireless04:42
zed_there is no network manager app on the taskbar, and I can't find it in the menus04:42
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iliashi all. please help to movw down the task in my 12.04 newly install04:58
iliassomeone could help me plz!05:18
DarthFrog!ask | ilias05:18
ubottuilias: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience05:18
DarthFrog!patience | ilias05:18
ubottuilias: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com/ http://www.ubuntuforums.org/ or http://www.kubuntuforums.net/ while you wait.05:18
iliaswhile i am trying to setup my desktop to a newly 12.04 installed everything was lost (only a white screen is right now my desktop) and the task bar with the time and the logout sign on the upper place of my screen. how can i restore my desktop?05:21
DarthFrogHow did you manage that?05:22
iliasi installed 12.04 to my netbook and i tried to changed the layout to default desktop. i tried to addd some wizard and move the tasbar down. finally my screen got white.i think the desktop was deleted by mistake. logout/restart doesn't fix ti.05:24
iliastool box icon also gone.05:25
iliaswhile the systme loadin after a logout i can see my desktop behind this white "curtain". i think a widget must be open and hide the desktop. is there any way to see behind it?05:30
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xkillsounds like you enabled the desktop curtain in system settings06:04
xkilldesktop effects i think is the one you are looking for. not on kde at the moment though06:05
avihaymaybe you ran out of room in your root folder? my screen was white with a few red "X"s because of that when I logged in06:12
eakhey guys, can anyone help me coz i can't connect to my hidden wifi06:56
nardusgwhat it the problem06:56
eakok i am able to connect to a wifi connection which is not hidden, but when i try to "connect to hidden connection" it just freezes06:58
eaki have read articles about it, and it seems to be a bug issue for the network manager for kubuntu. Is this issue still not solved?06:59
nardusgversion of kubuntu07:00
eakthe latest version, just installed it 2 days ago07:01
nardusg12.04 or are you on 12.10 beta107:03
eaksorry 12.0407:03
nardusgo ok, i am on 12.10, can't help07:04
nardusgyou did do updates ?07:04
eak:( no problem, thanks tough07:04
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lordievaderGood morning07:41
LostMonkspotify works on 12.1008:04
lordievaderLostMonk: As it does on 12.04 too..08:04
LostMonkbut, just thought itd be good to know it works on the beta just fine08:05
lordievaderI suppose :p08:06
lordievader:p= :)08:06
LostMonknow if only I could find a np script for spotify08:06
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LostMonkor find the original sysinfo script that knoversation uses08:07
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Xanthiahello, sorry for my english, im looking for working editor for windwos decorations, i have aurorae designer, but it crash when i try to open any theme...08:58
przemekHello :) i want upgrade my kubuntu 12.04 to 12.10 without new installation is it possible?09:00
przemeki know 12.10 is still beta09:00
Xanthiaprzemek: nie baw się w to, zostaw sobie home i instaluj na czysto ^^09:01
przemekXanthia: dzieki za odpowiedz serdecznie pozdrawiam09:01
Xanthiaprzemek: nie ma za co ;)09:01
HydroxideHi. On Kubuntu LTS precise, what's the right keyboard layout to select in System Settings for a Lenovo Thinkpad X220?09:05
Hydroxide(US keyboard layout)09:06
lordievaderHydroxide: Try a few out, i'd say. But it is probably somewhere along the lines of us/international.09:16
Hydroxidelordievader: it wouldn't be one of the thinkpad settings?09:32
Hydroxidelordievader: none of them list any of the X models specifically09:33
Hydroxidelordievader: right now I'm using the default generic US one09:33
lordievaderHydroxide: Do all the keys work with that setup?09:33
Hydroxidelordievader: haven't checked every single one, so I dunno09:34
lordievaderHydroxide: My laptop also uses the same one.09:34
Hydroxidelordievader: if the answer is "just test the keys", I can do testing. I was hoping someone would know how to pick the right existing layout. KDE doesn't automagically detect which layout to use09:35
HydroxideI mean, the generic ones usually work, but it's always nice to map the special keys to the right keysyms to get the right functionality by default09:35
lordievaderHydroxide: Agreed.09:36
Hydroxidelordievader: apparently some underlying magic is doing most of the mappings on my computer... I just stared at some of them via xev09:41
Hydroxideand broke my wireless in the process until I logged out and back in, but ok :)09:41
Hydroxide(one of they keys is wifi-reltaed)09:42
Hydroxidethanks for the help09:42
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Kira-TIs it possible to keep a widget above all windows?09:55
AceKingI installed Kubuntu 12.04 onto an HP Pavillion DV-5500 laptop, and it keeps freeszing. I think it's the graphics card that's causing it, which is a Nvidia GeForce Go 7150M. Anyone have any ideas on getting this to work?10:44
AceKingSorry for the repost, I'm hoping someone that just came in can help me.. I installed 12.04 onto a HP Pavillion DV-5500 laptop, and it keeps freezing. I think it's the graphics card that's causing it, which is a Nvidia GeForce Go 7150M. Anyone have any ideas on getting this to work? By the way, I have to do everything from the root prompt in recovery.11:24
steve723I need to upgrade kubuntu. Should I choose 32 bit or 64 bit11:30
lordievadersteve723: Depends, how much ram do you have?11:31
steve723I have ASUS EEE PC model 30111:32
steve723I do not know how much RAM i haave11:34
lordievadersteve723: Can a triple E pc even have more that 3GB ram? Well anyhow I'd say stick with 32-bit. Your cpu does support 64-bit but you won't really notice the difference.11:35
steve723ok thanks11:35
BluesKajHiyas all11:40
lordievaderHey BluesKaj, how are you?11:41
BluesKajhi lordievader , I'm fine thanks , and you?11:41
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lordievaderBluesKaj: I'm doing good too :)11:44
rvb_hello, is it possible to emulate a printer in linux?11:53
AceKingI just tried reinstalling 12.04 to see if there was a glitch in the first install. When I go start into LiveCD, my screen is split into 3 sections and I can't read it. I know it's the video card which is a Nvidia GeForce Go 7150m. Any ideas how I can make this work?11:53
rvb_like for example i dont have an HP printer here, but using the emulator i can "print" using the said printer11:53
BluesKajAceKing, the nvidia card should work fine , are you sure the livecd isn't corrupted. If so do an md5sum on the iso file , or choose the alternate install version11:59
c0nnwhere is the panel configuration file please?12:03
BluesKajbiab ...gotta reboot12:03
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c0nnI am trying customize the KDE panel for all users , Such as changing "K" icon adding wideget etc12:07
AceKingBluesKaj: I just downloaded it again, and going to try12:07
AceKingBluesKaj: Still doing the same thing. It splits the screen in 3, and I can't see anything. If I F6 and check nomodeset I can start into LiveCD. That is how I did the install before. But once it installed, it froze whenever I logged in.12:11
AceKingBluesKaj: What else could be causing that?12:17
BluesKaj!alternate | AceKing12:55
ubottuAceKing: The Alternate CD is a classical text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD.  Look for the alternate checkbox on the Kubuntu download page - See also !minimal12:55
AceKingBluesKaj: OK, thanks. I also did an edit in the grub menu, and changed quiet splash to nomodeset and I was able to boot up into the desktop with everything working perfect. Will that remain that way, or will I have to set that everytime?12:58
ADmadhowdy, anybody around who can update content on http://www.kubuntu.org/ ?13:03
BluesKajAceKing, your edits should stick , at least until the next grub or kernsl upgrade13:05
tsimpsonADmad: what exactly needs updating?13:07
AceKingBluesKaj: OK.. I ran additional drivers, and seen the Nvidia drivers available. If I activate it, would it just do the same thing that was happening before?13:07
ADmadtsimpson: its pretty trivial, on http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-plasma-workspaces-applications-and-platform-491 the url to "KDE SC 4.9.1" has an extra "  at the end13:08
BluesKajAceKing, it shouldn't13:08
AceKingBluesKaj: I appreciate your help!13:08
BluesKajAceKing, heh, seems you helped yourself :)13:08
tsimpsonADmad: I'll poke someone about fixing it, thanks13:09
BluesKajAceKing, I didn't realize you were talking about an existing OS install , for some reason I thought you were trying to install with the live cd. hence my suggestion about the alternate13:11
AceKingBluesKaj: Just to let you know, I installed the latest Nvidia driver, restarted, and it works perfect!13:11
BluesKajAceKing, good to hear :)13:12
Roeyhey there BluesKaj13:17
BluesKajhi Roey13:17
baxeicohi guys, just to ask if bug 306260 - KWin freezes when navigating between windows is fixed in Kubuntu's KDE SC 4.9.1 packages (12.04 backports)13:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 353984 in smtpguard (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #306260 package smtpguard 1.1.3-2 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess pre-removal script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35398413:27
tsimpsonbaxeico: it says it'll be fixed in 4.9.213:29
tsimpsonI'll see if we have a patch though13:30
baxeicotsimpson: yes, in KDE SC 4.9.2. But here http://blog.martin-graesslin.com/blog/2012/09/this-week-in-kwin-2012-week-36/ mgrasslin says that he solved the bug very quickly after 4.9.1 release13:30
baxeicoand packagers should have patched it.13:31
baxeicook, thank you13:31
tsimpsonbaxeico: looks like we do have that patch, yes13:36
baxeicoout of curiosity, where I can found patches applied by Kubuntu packagers to a vanilla KDE SC?13:37
tsimpsonbaxeico: we use Launchpad code hosting for the packaging, kwin is part of kde-workspace so https://code.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kde-workspace the active development link is the current one, and that points to https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/quantal/kde-workspace/quantal13:40
baxeicotsimpson: thank you very much!13:41
tsimpsonthough it's not just our patches there, Debian also13:41
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Sentynelhi folks, looks like there's a minor packaging error with today's 12.04 kubuntu-backports kde update - the kopete package refuses to install due to a conflict with kopete-gcall over /usr/bin/googletalk-call14:17
Sentynelremoving the kopete-gcall package seems to fix things14:17
BluesKajSentynel, perhaps a word in kubuntu-devel will help14:22
SentynelBluesKaj: alrighty14:23
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niggauserHey guys. I can't connect to my Wifi. I'm getting "Waiting for authorization", then it fails. Help please.16:47
mchoaibI have Kubuntu 12.10b1 installed and my Computer have an Nvidia 6200 video card (not onboard). I tried to install video drivers and always gave me the "activated but not in use". Anyone knows how to solve it? Sorry if not this way to ask...17:43
Peace-mchoaib: maybe you have to reboot18:01
mchoaibThanks for the help, Peace.18:01
mchoaib But I reboot billions of times, and stil lthe same18:02
mchoaibI tried drivers from other repositories, and still the same18:02
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Hofmancould you help me with 'Neon Update'19:06
HofmanIt disappeared from 'Start' menu after my attempt of upgrading KDE19:08
HofmanIs there anyone?19:09
HofmanWhere may I ask for help?19:12
DarthFrogI note that KDE 4.9.1 is now available.19:26
DarthFrogHofman: Neon?  Or Muon?19:27
HofmanDarthFrog: if Iremember correctly Neon Updater19:28
DarthFrogAt a guess, perhaps it was replaced by a different package manager.19:28
DarthFrogHofman: try this.  Press Alt-F2 and type "muon".19:29
theadminHi. I'm having trouble with ALSA (no Pulse), specifically, ALSA doesn't react to unplugging headphones, and I only get sound in those19:30
HofmanDarthFrog: nothing happens19:30
DarthFrogHofman:  Open up a command terminal and type (all on one line): sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install muon19:31
HofmanDarthFrog: yes, it installed!19:34
DarthFrogHofman: Now you should have a package manager available in the K Menu.19:34
DarthFrogIs it what you were thinking as neon?19:34
HofmanDarthFrog: yes, I have19:34
HofmanDarthFrog: yes19:35
DarthFrogI thought so. :-)19:35
DarthFrogHofman:  Now go forth, do good, fight evil and enjoy ice cream.19:36
HofmanDarthFrog: I tryed to upgade my KDE-packages and during that muon disappeared19:36
HofmanDarthFrog: now I'll try once more19:37
DarthFrogWell, I'm updating KDE right now (to 4.9.1).  I'll see if that happens to me.  Not that I care, mind you. :-)19:37
DarthFrogNope, muon is still installed. :-)19:38
HofmanDarthFrog: the screen became dark (only mouse trigger and skype pop-ups was on it)19:39
Hofmanand where is official Kubuntu support? is it on Kubuntu forums?19:41
DarthFrogOfficial support is from Canonical and will cost you.19:41
Hofmanand community support?19:41
DarthFrogMind you, Canonical is downgrading their interest in Kubuntu and off-loading support onto the community.19:42
DarthFrogWell, here is one place.  There will be forums, also.19:42
ubottuThe official Kubuntu support channel is #kubuntu. Also see http://www.kubuntu.com/support.php19:42
HofmanCanonical doesn't like KDE?19:45
DarthFrogThat's not the issue.19:45
DarthFrogIt's devoting it's resources to Ubuntu.19:46
DarthFrogits resources, sorry, not it's resources.19:47
Hofmanbut I thought that it's the same (the only difference is in default DE)19:47
DarthFrogIt's just that you can no longer get paid, official support from Canonical (or CDs) for it.19:49
DarthFrogUbuntu, Unity, Project Ayatana is where the resources are allocated.19:49
DarthFrogKubuntu enjoys the same status as the other Ubuntu derivatives such as Xubuntu & Lubuntu.19:50
douglyou mean you can pay for support for kubuntu?19:59
douglerr - or could have?19:59
DarthFrogdougl: I believe so.  Riddell is/was a Canonical employee.20:00
DarthFrogBlue Systems has taken over patronage of the Kubuntu Project.20:00
douglthat is a nice option to have.20:00
* dougl is reading...20:01
shadeslayerdougl: someone is going to take over support stuff, best to talk to Roey20:02
shadeslayerRiddell ^20:02
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douglthanks shadeslayer20:03
* shadeslayer remembers that it was on the meeting agenda some time ago20:03
Vergthanks a lot!20:15
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Gorrothon the ATI Catalyst drivers, is anyone else having problems with konsole flickering when you resize it?20:44
Gorrothand then when you stop resizing it just shows what was behind it until you find a way to refresh the konsole window?20:44
Gorrothi think this is actually a KDE problem around some buggy code involving refreshes21:00
Gorrothi'll upgrade to KDE 4.9 first and see if that fixes the problem21:00
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Gorroth*sigh* eclipse is downloading from the ubuntu archives so slowly :(21:43
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Num83rGuyAre there any up to date instructions on how to get a d-link DWL-250 e1 wireless card working?21:56
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OerHeksNum83rGuy, There are 2 kinds of D-Link DWL-G250 cards, what is yours ? see " lspci " in terminal22:02
Num83rGuyOerHeks: 00:0a.0 Network controller: Intersil Corporation ISL3874 [Prism 2.5]/ISL3872 [Prism 3] (rev 01)22:03
OerHeksfor the ath5k version see > http://askubuntu.com/questions/146564/how-do-i-get-a-d-link-dwl-g520-working22:03
Num83rGuyOerHeks: I found and have don this and the card is now seen but no networks show up so I thought it was a case of "partially working"22:06
Num83rGuyThanks I will ply with it for a while.22:06
OerHeksNum83rGuy, did you reboot after that?22:07
Num83rGuyOerHeks: Yes, and all seems to work but, I don't get any signal so I will see if it is due to other parts of my network. Thanks.22:08
OerHeksSorry to hear that. I never experienced that.22:09
Roeydougl:  hiu22:11
Roey*hi ho22:11
slowzThis isnt #windows, Reboots solve nothing. after you install a module. "sudo modprobe ath5k" in this case. reboots are for kernel upgrades...22:13
Num83rGuyOerHeks: Offhand, do you know what 802.11 revision (a, b, g, n,) that card supports?22:13
OerHeksNum83rGuy, if i remember correct 802.11b  11 mbit22:14
Num83rGuyOerHeks: Thank you.22:16
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pem__Hi guys, just trying Konversation (a new switcher to kubuntu).22:28
pem__Anyone succeed in using a MAPI Exchange client with kmail22:30
Num83rGuyOerHeks: Hello again. I ran ifconfig -a to get more info on the card and the MAC address is all 0's (wifi0     Link encap:UNSPEC  HWaddr 00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00) Is this normal?22:54
OerHeksNo. check your bios, maybe you can set a mac adress.22:55
OerHekselse set it in networkmanager22:56
Num83rGuyOerHeks: OK. if I can.22:56
OerHeksIn networkmanager should do fine, 3th TAB22:56
OerHeks*edit network connection, then 3th tab22:57
faLUCEhi. I'm pretty sure that the os mounts an usb 2.0 device as an usb 1.0 one. It's an usb camera. How can I check that, before trying to solve?23:01
philanybody knows how  to upgrade chromium in Kubuntu ?23:03
OerHeksphil use " lsusb -v " and look for bcdUSB value23:09
OerHeksfaLUCE, ^ ( sorry phil)23:09
phil_OerHeks: that's ok23:12
faLUCEOerHeks:  I see both 1.0 and 2.0. The problem is that I have 4 phisical ports on my laptop and I don't know how to check which one works as 2.0. apparently, non of them does that23:12
DarthFrogfaLUCE: Plug a USB 2.0 device into one of them and do the lsusb -v scan again.23:14
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OerHeksphil, chromium is @ v18 , there used to be a ppa, discontinued now. somehow the packaging is behind chrome, wich is @ v2123:20
faLUCEDeathvalley122: OerHeks, I see   bcdUSB               2.0023:24
faLUCEbut I'm pretty sure it works as 1.0, since I can't go over 12 mbps23:25
OerHeksfaLUCE, is it a webcam ?23:25
DarthFrogfaLUCE: Next time you reboot, check your BIOS is set for fullspeed USB 2.0.23:26
faLUCEDarthFrog: I don't have this option in bios23:26
DarthFrog12 mbps falls within the USB 2.0 spec.23:26
OerHeksmost webcams up to 1.3 mpixel just need usb 1.1 ( more than enough bandwith23:26
faLUCEOerHeks: yes, it's a webcam23:26
faLUCEOerHeks: the problem occurs when I plug two webcams. I can only open one per time, ore two at a low res23:27
faLUCEthere's clearly a problem23:29
GH0What is the proper way to mount an external hard drive so anyone can read/write to it?23:29
GH0As of right now, the auto-mount feature is broken.23:29
GH0I am aware I could mount, and then chown, but there would have to be an easier way to do this.23:30
OerHeksfaLUCE, not sure what causes that behaviour.23:31
GH0If I add it to fstab, and it can't find the drive, I don't want some unexpected issues to come up.23:31
OerHeksGH0, use blkid to detect your ext hdd UUID > https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab23:32
gbzis the beta 1 image usable?23:33
OerHeksgbz, ubuntu 12.10 is @ beta 223:33
gbzwhat about kubuntu?23:34
gbzshow i stop the download?23:35
OerHekssorry, correct, kubuntu is @ beta123:35
gbzOerHeks: but ubuntu is beta 2?23:36
gbzweird, i thought they followed the same schedules23:37
misaelalguien que hable español ?23:37
gbzsolo un poco23:38
misaelhola gbz23:39
* OerHeks is confused, read about beta 2...23:39
misaelno entiendo esto muy bien23:40
gbzmaybe it was alpha 223:40
misaeliam from dominican republic23:40
gbzpoor guy:)23:40
gbzmisael: quieres preguntar algo?23:42
misaelno se como se usa esto23:44
gbzits simpler than windows (tm)23:45
GH0OerHeks, I am aware of fstab, however, this is an external drive that isn't always mounted.23:54
GH0Along with that, the root folder is still root only, so how would I go about making the folder accessible to everyone?23:55
GH0Without using chmod/chown.23:55

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