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cjohnstonWhen someone gets a chance, could I please get some opinons on the wording changes in https://code.launchpad.net/~chrisjohnston/launchpad/part-essential/+merge/124559  - the reasoning why the change is being made is listed in the MP19:49
czajkowskicjohnston: please mail to the -dev list20:17
czajkowskicjohnston: irc really at the weekend isn't a good idea for getting feedback.20:18
cjohnstonI know.. just posting it for if someone happens to be around and bored20:21
cjohnstonlifeless: I'm not against it being removed.. I am just not sure that I'm up to snuff with the LP code to be the one to remove it.. there is a 'middle' registration level between attending and required that participation essential is getting.. if you want to remove participation essential from LP, I'm good with it.. I would just rather it happen much sooner than later20:55
lifelessthe meetings system exists solely as a/the backend for summit20:55
lifelessif there is a mismatch, I think you should fix it20:55
lifelessI mean, you could have made participation essential a restricted field in LP20:56
lifelessso that only drivers could set it.20:56
cjohnstonthat would work for me as well... again, I am not sure how much success *I* would have with it.. :-)20:56
lifelessLP is straight forward to develop on20:57
lifelessthere are occasional gotchyas, but that happens everywhere. The buggest hurdle I've seen folk have is just not trying at all.20:57
cjohnston        or user is owner:22:54
cjohnston        essential = BoolCol(notNull=True, default=False)22:54
lifelesscjohnston: moving the attribute from the Edit to Admin interfaces probably23:00
lifelesscjohnston: and dealing with any manual forms that show it specifically and should instead not23:01
lifelesscjohnston: probably a few hundred lines of diff once you track all the bits down.23:01
lifelesscjohnston: if you're talking about changing who can set it23:01
lifelesscjohnston: if you're talking about removing it, thats a little more complex, needs three patches:23:01
lifeless - one patch to make it a nullable column23:01
lifeless - one patch to drop all code references to it23:02
lifeless - one patch to drop the column23:02
cjohnstonby edit admin you mean https://blueprints.launchpad.net/summit/+spec/uds-q/+edit  ?23:02
lifelessno, configure.zcml / interfaces, within blueprints23:11
lifeless  <!-- SpecificationSubscription -->23:11
lifeless  <class class="lp.blueprints.model.specificationsubscription.SpecificationSubscription">23:11
lifeless    <allow23:11
lifeless        interface="lp.blueprints.interfaces.specificationsubscription.ISpecificationSubscription"/>23:11
lifeless    <require23:11
lifeless        permission="launchpad.Edit"23:11
lifeless        set_attributes="essential"/>23:11
lifelesscurrently only requires Edit on the subscription to set it as essential23:11
lifelessso you'd mov that to Admin, and write an adapter to grant launchpad.Admin to someone relevant to the spec (e.g. ubuntu driver, or spec owner, or whatevers).23:12
cjohnstonis there an example adapter I could look at?23:19
lifelessIIRC they are in 'security.py' somewhere in the tree.23:20
cjohnstonso something like http://paste.ubuntu.com/1207923/ lifeless ?23:30
lifelesssomething like23:31
lifelessthere is zcml to register them to23:31
cjohnstonis that the ISpecificationSubscription?23:34
lifelessno, grep for the name of one of the example security adapters23:35

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