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milleja46can someone tell me how I add another person as a team administrator to a team I just created?20:16
milleja46nevermind figured it out20:18
milleja46hey can someone help me? a friend and I just started up a team, but he can't seem to change his project's maintainer to the team, is there some odd bug about it to not allow this?20:30
LasallI guess, I can't help you but can you name the team, project and the two launchpad ids (user names)? milleja4620:32
milleja46well the team is zatri, there's my name same as on here, and his is jamesrawson62820:32
milleja46he went in there and tried changing it but couldn't find zatri when he typed it up20:34
milleja46and I have already added him as a team admin....20:34
milleja46maybe I could ask him when he gets back on irc to change to me as the maintainer then I could set it maybe...20:35
LasallI can't find a zatri project20:35
Lasallonly the team20:35
milleja46well that's the team20:36
milleja46the project is glvoxel20:36
milleja46though it is a little strange that he can't change it to the team....20:39
Lasallhm, it should work. I redirect to the launchpad admins, czajkowski ?20:40
milleja46yea, it just returns no results when he searches it up, and I try doing the same to one of my old projects(that had fallen by the wayside) and even it can't find the team on that one20:43
czajkowskimilleja46: can you log a question please on https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad20:47
czajkowskithat way all the details are there20:47
milleja46ok...still odd the team doesn't come up in the search to change maintainers20:47
czajkowskimilleja46: I'll have a look at the the question when it's created.20:48
milleja46czajkowski: ok it's posted20:50
czajkowskimilleja46: https://launchpad.net/glvoxel project right20:51
milleja46czajkowski: there he is on here now ^20:53
czajkowskiyes I can see that20:53
Tuqzyeah, I'm wanted?20:53
czajkowskiso I'm wondering whats wrong ?20:53
czajkowskiwho or what should the maintainer be ?20:53
milleja46I don't know he clicked to change it but can't change it to the team which is zatri20:53
Tuqzyeah, I searched for zatri and there were no hits...20:54
czajkowskimissing infor from the ticket :)20:54
milleja46o_O how did I miss adding tht to the ticket20:54
czajkowskiTuqz: you're the maintainer so only you can change this not me20:54
milleja46that is the team20:55
TuqzSo I need to edit the maintainer to say zatri, right?20:55
TuqzBut when I edit it, I search for zatri and there are no results20:56
milleja46czajkowski: I even tried a old project of mine that I don't use anymore, and it zatri doesn't come up even then20:56
czajkowskimilleja46: well it's there :) I just searched :)20:56
czajkowskiTuqz: are you putting ~zatri20:56
czajkowskiwhen you change the selection20:56
milleja46Tuqz: try again....20:56
Tuqzno, I'm not putting ~zatri20:57
czajkowskithat's what I said...20:57
Tuqzno matches, whether I have ~zatri or zatri in the change maintainer box.20:58
milleja46yea same on when I try still too >_>20:59
czajkowskimilleja46: you cant do it20:59
czajkowskiyou're not the current maintainer20:59
milleja46czajkowski: I know, but on a old project it doesn't work20:59
milleja46the name "zatri" returns no results21:00
czajkowskiit'll have to wait till Monday21:00
czajkowskias no ops around21:00
Tuqzthats alright..21:00
lifelessis zatri a team ?21:01
lifelessso, open teams cannot be maintainers21:02
lifelessbecause anyone on the internet could just join and do /anything/21:02
milleja46even if he's the team admin?21:02
lifelesschange it to be a moderated or restricted team and you'll be fine21:02
czajkowskilifeless: thank you21:02
milleja46how do I change it?21:02
lifelessmilleja46: open teams allow anyone to join on their own21:02
lifelessmilleja46: edit details21:03
TuqzI will leave that to you milleja46.21:03
milleja46lifeless: would delegated work?21:04
lifelessbecause delegated allows open subteams21:04
lifelesswhich would then allow someone malicious to join such an open subteam21:05
lifelessand then they would have complete control over the project.21:05
milleja46I wish the team setup would tell you that :P21:05
lifelessthe first thing such a malicious person could do is to change the maintainer, and then you'd be locked out.21:05
lifelessthere is a wizard coming to project registration to setup an appropriate team just-in-time21:06
milleja46when should that be seen?21:07
milleja46and thanks it looks like it's fixed :D21:08
latzhi there I did some mistakes in my first package, I 've dput the working version to launchpad now. How/when will launchpad build new packages?23:40
lifelesssoon as they reach the front of the queue23:40
latzoki doke23:40
latzthere is no force rebuild or something like that23:41
lifelesswe can rebuild builds that failed transiently, but thats not relevant if you had to change the package23:43
latzthat's alright ... but now that I've dput my changes I should already see my queue when the next build will be? On the ppa page the Activity doesn't show anything for the moment ... so I guess I probably did something wrong...23:44

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