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johnnyzillahello all02:16
johnnyzillaquick question i got older laptop with 2.0ghz 2gb ram is that enuff 2 run lubuntu?02:18
holsteinjohnnyzilla: 2 gigs of ram is quite adequate for most normal tasks on any desktop oriented operating system02:20
johnnyzillaok i was lookin @ specs now i should be fine ty02:21
holsteinyou'll be more than fine with lubuntu02:22
holsteinit'll be nice and peppy02:22
johnnyzillaright on what im lookin 4 :)02:23
johnnyhey all i jus install compiz but i have no top boarder? any help plz03:40
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holsteinGuest8510: http://xubuntublog.wordpress.com/2007/12/09/xubuntu-compiz-pretty-pretty-xubuntu/03:42
holsteinGuest8510: you'll want a window decorator03:43
Guest8510i got emerald03:43
Guest8510but not workin let me look at notes ty03:43
holsteini remember it being tricky.. but it worked eventually..03:44
Guest8510is emerald in synaptic?03:47
holsteinGuest8510: i remember one had been removed... i think it was emerald.. i remember using a .deb from 11.1003:55
AscavasaionMorning bioterror06:52
Ascavasaionbioterror: I think I have been converted to Lubuntu :)  Got ym Samsung scanner/printer combo to work perfectly in Lubuntu last night.  All I need to still figure out is how to share it across the network and then I am A for away!06:53
bioterrorgreat ;)06:53
AscavasaionRunning Lubuntu on an AMD 2500+ XP, with 384Mb RAM, and 20Gb, 60Gb, and 20Gb HDDs.  Runs quickly, scans like a charm, and I am darned impressed.06:54
bioterroris there a file limit for pcmanfm to play stuff over network?07:16
bioterrorcant be07:16
bioterroras the file I can play is 1.2GB and the one that doesnt is 720MB07:17
Unit193I know if you opened a file via pcmanfm with vlc it didn't work, whereas with thunar or if you ignore gvfs and just use mount it works fine.07:25
bioterrorI hate fuse!07:26
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bootinfdsdshttp://goo.gl/yFOzQ  Needed for Lubuntu book ...12:35
kanliot i dont understand12:40
snelehi guys. I installed lubuntu 12.04 on acer netbook with atom processor. Everything works great. Only restart/reboot doesn't work. Restart/reboot ends up to blank/black screen and stays there.13:53
sneleAny ideas what is going wrong?13:53
faLUCEhi. On 11.04 lxpanel crashes frequently and/or raises cpu to 100%. How can I fix that? there are a loto of messages, about that, but I can't understand what is better to do14:04
zorgborghi, trying to set hotkeys for volume control, but what is the command for mute, volume up, volume down? thx14:29
holsteinfaLUCE: on that system, i might just try using tint2... i would try the 12.04 live cd and just consider upgrading since 11.04 is EOL soon14:30
faLUCEholstein: I see, thanks14:31
holsteinzorgborg: i would refer to http://wiki.lxde.org/en/LXDE:Questions#Change_hotkeys14:31
zorgborgholstein: thanks14:36
gaelfxI've no sound on a fresh install, I've installed pulseaudio and pavucontrol, but to no avail, what else can I do to get sound working?14:40
holsteingaelfx: i would open a terminal and run "aplay -l" and/or "arecord -l"14:41
holsteinif you see no device there you will never hear anything14:41
holsteini typically try different live CD's with different kernel versions and alsa versions14:42
gaelfxholstein: aplay -l shows both audio devices that it should14:42
holsteinthat is a good first step... upgrade alsa14:42
gaelfxholstein: well, I've updated everything today, so I don't think my alsa is out of sync with repos14:43
n150phi guys15:03
n150pI was wondering how to decrypt PGP messages in sylpheed. I have an option to sign or encrypt messages upon sending but I see no way to decrypt received messages. Can you help me please?15:04
n150pI found a way here: https://help.launchpad.net/ReadingOpenPgpMail but the mentioned sylpheed actions exit with errors15:13
gugliuhello can anyone advice what to do for installation from live cd (actually a usb flash) for Monitor Settings on lubuntu 12.04. I cannot install since size of windows is longer than the screen although resolution seems correct  for the model (1024x600). It is a HP 2133 mini with VIA Chrome graphic chip. thanks15:20
n150pyou can always move around windows by holding the alt-key and drag&drop the window. maybe this helps15:21
gugliusounds good thanks. will continue like this and once installed I will find the right way. many thanks again!15:22
n150pany ideas for the sylpheed thing above?15:32
ougogoBonsoir, j'essaie en vain d'installer une clé tnt Avermedia Avertv Volar HD Pro ..... J'ai suivi à la lettre ce tuto ; http://forum.ubuntu-fr.org/viewtopic.php?pid=8928491#p8928491 Mais cela ne fonctionne pas :s Quelqu'un saurait-il m'aider ?16:55
ougogoHi all, I try to setup my TNT adaptator Avermedia Avertv Volar HD Pro. I've done this tuto ; http://forum.ubuntu-fr.org/viewtopic.php?pid=8928491#p8928491  But it doesn't work.... Anybody could help me please ? Thaank you !17:06

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