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gnomefreakmy launcher panel doesnt work07:22
raymond_gnomefreak, what is it doing exactly?07:27
gnomefreakraymond_: not launching apps07:28
gnomefreaki have to go into dash to launch apps07:28
raymond_gnomefreak, hmm.. haven't run into that problem consistently.  Tried reinstalling unity?07:33
gnomefreakraymond_: ill be back but im doing updates atm than try restarting07:33
mn2010is anyone active currently?07:52
mn2010well... its 4am EST... i dont expect many people to be active, even less... ~ but i have a issue with package updates from last night.07:58
zekoZekothe world is round, you understand that, right? :)07:59
zekoZekoit's not EST everywhere07:59
mn2010Not actually sure what caused/is causing the issue. But it deffinitely was from the main repo. and it was last night... - Xorg is acting stupid with Specifically the Radeon/ATI driver07:59
zekoZekono idea there, sorry.07:59
zekoZekoeveryting still works for me, but I have one nvidia card and one intel.08:00
mn2010Lmao, ofcourse Zeko... But i learn GMT -5 = -0 , Daytime is most active08:00
zekoZekoare you using fglrx or the free driver?08:02
zekoZekotry changing if it's possible.08:02
mn2010Free. ABI 11 not supported yet08:02
mn2010not to mention a issue with Kernel 3.x+ still with FGLRX08:02
zekoZekoyou'll have to wait for someone else then, I won't be much help with this.08:03
zekoZekogood luck.08:03
mn2010is there a changlog for xserver-xorg-common?08:04
zekoZekoon your system it should be in /usr/share/doc/08:05
zekoZekobut online too, just a sec08:05
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mn2010brb, need to try and ident08:08
zekoZekomn2010, http://changelogs.ubuntu.com/changelogs/pool/main/x/xorg-server/xorg-server_1.13.0-0ubuntu1/changelog08:16
mn2010zekoZeko: Thanks!08:16
mn2010zekoZeko: more i think about it, it may be a Conf issue...08:17
BigWhaleIs quantal daily build broken at the moment? All I get is a question about video modes and that's it ...08:19
BigWhalewhen trying to boot live image08:19
mn2010now im really starting to wonder...08:20
BigWhaleok, nomodeset seemed to help08:22
BigWhaleI can restore my grub now ... *bursts into tears of joy* :>08:22
mn2010lol, grub or "Grub2"... -_-08:26
BigWhaleGrub2 :)08:26
BigWhaleok, I guess I'm back...08:27
BigWhalethanks :)08:28
raymond_Upgrade finished.. and now.. everything with opengl crashes09:36
raymond_I can't even run glxgears... coming from 12.04 -> 12.1009:36
raymond_using open source ati drivers.09:36
Streamstormerraymond_: report a bug09:38
raymond_Streamstormer, will do.  I'm just going to try reinstalling libgl first09:39
raymond_Streamstormer, back... got unity working10:18
raymond_and glxgears too. :)10:19
Streamstormerraymond_: great :)10:23
raymond_zekoZeko, a symlink.  The dri module I needed was in /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/dri, but libgl didn't know to look there.  So I had to symlink the libraries in that folder to /usr/lib/dri10:25
BluesKajHiyas all11:40
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jtaylorhurray grub2 finally installed after 12 hours of moving stuff around on my disk :)12:23
jtaylornote to self, partition your disk properly to begin with12:24
daviIs Ubuntu quantal KDE desktop already usable, that is to say, stable?12:34
davi  I ask because I am thinking about using that distribution as desktop, because it includes some tools which are not on Precise12:35
daviElse I will go with Precise I use backports, manual compilation and so on12:35
BluesKajdavi, is this for home use or work ?12:37
daviI am going to give it a try. I have looked at the quantal tagged bugs at launchpad.net12:37
daviBluefoxicy, work12:37
davifrom home12:37
BluesKajdavi, alpha and beta releases aren't recommended for work situations12:38
daviI on Debian squeeze since 6 years ago. Previously I was on Debian sid12:38
daviI know12:38
daviI was thinking about get a freeze with stable KDE state12:39
daviWell, I will go with Ubuntu precise and backport compile if needed some new tool12:39
BluesKajwell ,12.04 is a good choice since i's also a LTS release12:40
BluesKaj12.10 will be released officially in about 5-6 weeks12:41
ubottuA schedule of Quantal Quetzal (12.10) release milestones can be found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QuantalQuetzal/ReleaseSchedule12:42
davicool, cool12:42
davi12.10 = quantal?12:43
davioops, I see12:43
BluesKajOctober 18th12:43
daviSo, I think it is more or less stable12:43
daviIs there a ISO or similar to download and install?12:43
daviLet me look myself12:44
davithanks. I was getting only the Precise one12:45
tsimpsondavi: if you just want the latest KDE (4.9.1), just grab it from ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports12:46
davitsimpson, Which one is included in the current Quantal?12:47
tsimpsonthe same version, but it saves you having to upgrade the entire OS just to use a newer KDE version12:48
BluesKajtsimpson, good suggestion ! :)12:55
daviI am going to use the server ISO, because my CD is 700MB max.13:16
BluesKajdavi, which releas are you on ?13:19
daviI am burning Quantal sever ISO13:21
daviI am on a Debian squeeze desktop (amd64)13:21
alex285Gnome-Shell screencasting in Quantal with Ricotz PPA?13:58
aljosaanybody knows when amd/ati drivers will be available? all i'm getting is that xorg-video-abi-11 is required for fglrx but not available14:52
BluesKajaljosa, the fglrx driver is available in the repos14:59
aljosaBluesKaj: yes it is but it's not installable (for me) and i just did update/dist-upgrade. i thought that new fglrx release is required, fglrx is working for other users?15:04
BluesKajaljosa, i assume so , but don't know for sure15:05
trijntjeHi all, after upgrading to Quantal I can no longer boot into windows. The partition is still present, but it does not show up in grub15:09
trijntjeI've already ran update-grub, but that didn't help15:09
BluesKajtrijntje, sudo os-prober ' then run 'sudo update-grub , again15:12
trijntjeBluesKaj: thanks, that seems to have done the trick. Phew, that gave me a bit of a scare :P15:13
WizardHi, could somebody press super+s?15:57
WizardDo you have ugly lol_i_learned_open_gl gray frame around desktop previews?15:58
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user82!info gcc18:04
ubottugcc (source: gcc-defaults (1.117ubuntu1)): GNU C compiler. In component main, is optional. Version 4:4.7.0-5ubuntu1 (quantal), package size 5 kB, installed size 41 kB18:04
PvandeWyngaerdehi, is it normal that i get a grub  in the last step when trying to install kubuntu 12.10 beta to an ssd ?18:41
penguin42PvandeWyngaerde: What do you mean 'get a grub'?18:42
PvandeWyngaerdei forgot error18:42
PvandeWyngaerdea grub error18:42
penguin42hmm, so no you shouldn't get an error (what ever it was)18:42
penguin42did it actually boot or just stop at an error prompt ?18:42
PvandeWyngaerdeit doesn't boot afterwards18:44
PvandeWyngaerdewhere can i find logfiles of the installation ?18:44
penguin42ok, that shouldn't happen - the logs should be in /var/log/installer18:45
penguin42PvandeWyngaerde: Other than having an SSD is there anything else about your machine?18:45
PvandeWyngaerdeits a dual socket opteron 248, brand new ssd18:46
PvandeWyngaerdewhen booting again in live cd modus i see the partition and files18:46
PvandeWyngaerdeoh, and i used the toram option18:47
prodnixhi all, can anyone enlighten me on the situation with fglrx on 12.10?18:47
penguin42PvandeWyngaerde: 'toram' option?18:48
DrHalanprodnix: doesnt work with current XServer yet18:48
DrHalanhopefully it will work soon before the release18:48
PvandeWyngaerdetoram kernel option during boot,   first place my dvd installation medium completely in my 4 GiB ram,   then in runs faster18:49
prodnixwho's side is the fault on, amd or canon?18:49
penguin42PvandeWyngaerde: Oh haven't seen that one - hmm where there any options during the boot?18:49
penguin42prodnix: With a closed source driver you have to wait for the closed source provider to update18:50
PvandeWyngaerdepenguin42: well, its a well hidden option, not documented during boot, you have to know it18:50
PvandeWyngaerdemaybe its a papercut issue ?   but its for powerusers ?18:50
penguin42PvandeWyngaerde: Were there any errors during the install?18:50
prodnixok, im not very confident with AMDs efforts so i wont hold my breath18:50
penguin42prodnix: They normally manage it by release18:51
prodnixwhats release for quantal?18:52
penguin42PvandeWyngaerde: Well is the grub problem you're getting related to that option or is it just a different screw up?18:52
penguin42prodnix: October 18th apparently18:52
PvandeWyngaerdepenguin42: i'm checking, please hold18:52
prodnixthank you18:52
PvandeWyngaerdei can see files on the current ssd partition,    but /var/log/installer does not exist,  or was not copied to this partition, i might have to perform a new installation18:58
penguin42PvandeWyngaerde: What was the state of the machine before you installed - was it an empty ssd? Is that the only disk?18:59
PvandeWyngaerdeyes, empty ssd (during first try, not during second),   only disk19:00
PvandeWyngaerdei choose my own disk layout,  single partition full ssd /  ext419:01
penguin42how big is the disk?19:01
PvandeWyngaerdein that screen i can choose the device for boot loader19:02
PvandeWyngaerde60 G  Model Number:       INTEL SSDSC2CT060A319:03
penguin42PvandeWyngaerde: Hmm that should work, please report a bug on it; I'd try with a separate /boot partition19:04
PvandeWyngaerdeboot loader i can choose /dev/sda and /dev/sda119:04
penguin42I'd go for sda19:05
banishedHi, I want to do a bisect according to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/KernelBisection but I don't know where to get the debnian/ folder19:05
bjsniderapt-ge source linux-image19:07
PvandeWyngaerdehmm, now i dont get that error,   must have been because i tried another workaround by putting grub on the disk first,   i saw the system now running update-grub19:11
PvandeWyngaerdenothing about grub in installer log...19:14
PvandeWyngaerdeok, it worked now19:17
PvandeWyngaerdeman, that ssd is fast19:17
PvandeWyngaerdei guess the cause was that grub was not on the system19:18
wilee-nileePvandeWyngaerde, did you check how the ssd was being read, ie sda sdb and were you using a usb for install, sometimes these get switched.19:19
PvandeWyngaerdeonly keyboard an mouse usb connected19:20
PvandeWyngaerdesda for sure19:20
penguin42PvandeWyngaerde: I wonder if it installed the grub on the ram disk it had created for it to be from ram?19:20
PvandeWyngaerdei used toram again this time, and no conflicts now19:21
penguin42hmm ho well19:21
lapionwhen installing a newer quantal over a previously installed quantal the installer allways crashes upon trying to create the new user19:43
penguin42please report that!19:43
lapionit has been hapening consistantly19:44
lapionthe first time I reported it it happened to be with an older version, and thus it was discarded.19:45
lapionI will check in a moment, it is a scratch system after all..19:45
lapionbusy reinstalling..19:52
lapionI hope the instaler doesn't freeze this time..19:52
lapionit crashed yet again, now it's gathering data20:01
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lapionpenguin42, I reported it20:14
lapionpenguin42, do you want the bug number ?20:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1051400 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Installing over old installation crashes installer" [Undecided,New]20:19
lapionwhat ubottu said ;-P20:20
penguin42lapion: You don't say at what stage it crashes or when you say crash what you see exactly?20:21
lapionpenguin42, during the installation slideshow at some point.. I am installing to see what the installer was busy doing..20:32
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lapionThe installer says: creating user...20:39
lapiona new window opens telling me that you(we) are sorry the installer crashed etc, etc..20:41
lapionpenguin42, g20:41
lapionor should I add that to the bug report ?20:42
penguin42lapion: Yeh just add to the bug report20:49
penguin42(I think you might be able to edit the text)20:49
mchoaibI have Kubuntu 12.10b1 installed and my Computer have an Nvidia 6200 video card (not onboard). I tried to install video drivers and always gave me the "activated but not in use". Anyone knows how to solve it? Sorry if not this way to ask...20:49
mchoaibHi, before all20:49
lapionmchoaib, after installing the drivers and activating them you need to reboot.20:55
mchoaibyes, of course20:58
lapionpenguin42, shall I post the one that just happened ?20:58
mchoaibi did it20:58
mchoaibbut still not in use20:58
lapionmchoaib, did you use the ubunutu instaaler? or did you get the driver from the vidia site ?20:59
mchoaibubuntu installer20:59
mchoaibin fact i use the "Aditional Drivers" windows21:00
mchoaiband use the nvidia-current, the one is 304.4321:00
mchoaibi still have it activated but not in use21:00
lapionare you using quantal ?21:01
mchoaibupdated to today21:01
mchoaibkernel 3.5.0-14-generic21:02
lapionwell either create a bug report, or wait for the next daily release.21:09
mchoaibok... one last question. Have the URL to send the bug report?21:11
zekoZekogee, now i'm the one with broken grub. I'll fix it tomorrow.21:47
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zoktarhmm qt applications dump me back to console all of a sudden, anyone know whats up?23:49
penguin42all qt apps?23:49
zoktarvirtualbox and 2 other clients23:50
penguin42do they output any diagnostics on the console you ran them from?23:52
zoktarheh i forgot how to push xapps into into X from console accually23:53
zoktarxhost + didnt seem to work23:53
penguin42I mean a terminal rather than a real console23:54
zoktarah yes will do23:54
zoktargonna try vbox now23:57
penguin42hmm, never seen the resource temporarily unavailable on an X server23:59

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