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ChaoticanarchyXhi all13:30
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karamel4e_Question about gddrescue: when specifying the 'output file' should it be /dev/something or /media/somethin?18:21
wilee-nileekaramel4e_, I think this short description may help. http://onubuntu.blogspot.com/2010/06/command-line-hard-disk-cloning-with.html18:29
karamel4e_wilee-nilee, thanks, i'll take a look18:32
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duanedesignhello meditatingfrog21:44
meditatingfroghello duanedesign21:44
duanedesignmeditatingfrog, up to anything interesting/exciting this evening21:45
duanedesigni am just doing homework21:45
meditatingfroginteresting for me?  yes21:46
meditatingfroginteresting for you?  i shouldn't say21:46
meditatingfrogexciting?  definitely not21:46
meditatingfrogat least, hopefully not21:46
meditatingfrogmath?  programming?21:46
duanedesignwhatcha up to?21:46
meditatingfrogi was working on a web comic a little while ago21:47
duanedesignI am doing networking homework21:47
meditatingfrogtook the puppy for a walk21:47
duanedesignmeditatingfrog, thats cool21:47
meditatingfrognetworking, i don't envy you21:47
duanedesignit is a headache21:47
duanedesignhave to learn all the old standards along with the new21:48
meditatingfrogmaybe take breaks, i was inking the webcomic using gimp and got tired of sitting in this hard wooden chair21:48
meditatingfrogipv6 stuff?21:48
meditatingfrogOSI layer?21:48
duanedesignOSI 7 layer model, TCP/IP21:49
meditatingfrogsomeone needs to make an OSI 7 layer song so it's easier to remember21:49
meditatingfrogi tried to get my CISCO cert awhile back but couldn't do it21:49
gypsybloodhey im having a problem with my burner -SCSI error on write(1056,16): [3 0C 00] Write error- any ideas? thnx21:51
duanedesignthis book is geared towards CompTIA Network+ certification21:52
duanedesigngypsyblood, can you put a CD in with data and it reads?21:54
meditatingfrogduanedesign: ++21:55
duanedesignis it only burning you are having issues with?21:55
gypsybloodyes...it reads fine...just wont burn21:55
gypsybloodhad the problem when still had windows...and just put ubuntu on my pc yesterday, and today tried it out with same problem...new error code21:56
duanedesignare you trying the slowest burn speed?21:56
gypsyblooddont know...let me try another burn real quick and make sure i choose slowest burn speed, brb to let you know21:57
gypsybloodnope, same issue, it does the "creating checksum" thing, then as soon as it starts to write it says "ejecting medium" and then gives that same error code22:02
duanedesigngypsyblood, all the forum posts point to this bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cdrkit/+bug/14907622:03
ubot2Launchpad bug 149076 in cdrkit "I can't write a cd" [Undecided,Confirmed]22:03
gypsybloodhmm..ok im not the most computer savvy person...is this something that can be relatively easily fixed?22:04
gypsybloodok...i just read that link..bout to try what it says22:05
gypsybloodit gives me an error when i try to install the cdrtools one...i dont really know much about linux and not sure if i was doing it right...i downloaded it, opened the file, chose the "install" file that was in there, is that right?22:13
gypsybloodtar: cdrtools-3.01/INSTALL: Cannot hard link to `cdrtools-3.01/README.compile': No such file or directory tar: Exiting with failure status due to previous errors22:16
gypsybloodthats what it said in the command line output22:16
duanedesigngypsyblood, are you running 32 or 64 bit ubuntu?22:26
duanedesignif you run the command - sudo add-apt-repository ppa:brandonsnider/cdrtools22:28
duanedesignyou should then be able to run the command - sudo apt-get update22:29
duanedesignfinally - sudo apt-get install cdrtools22:30
gypsybloodim sorry...but that is all greek to me...i dont know how to run commands and all...would it be too much trouble for you to explain how to do that?22:30
duanedesigngypsyblood, open a Terminal22:32
duanedesignthen type these commands followed by return one at a time22:32
duanedesignhere are the three commands in a pastebin - http://pastebin.com/rVyQxp1M22:33
gypsybloodok how do i open a terminal?22:33
duanedesigntype -     alt + f222:35
duanedesignthen enter - gnome terminal22:35
duanedesignthat should open a Terminal22:35
duanedesignthat might be  gnome-terminal22:36
gypsybloodnope...it didnt open anything22:36
gypsybloodoh ok...leme try that22:36
duanedesignsorry not at an ubuntu box :)22:37
gypsybloodlol np, i appreciate you taking the time to help me...even if dont get the problem figured out, i thank you very much22:37
gypsybloodok got the terminal open now...so i just copy and paste the stuff on that link?22:38
duanedesigngo to http://pastebin.com/rVyQxp1M22:39
duanedesigntype command 1 and hit return22:39
duanedesignwhen it is done type command 2 and hit return22:39
duanedesignthis command willl print a bunch of stuff, ignore it22:40
duanedesignfinally the 3rd command will install the pachage22:40
gypsybloodi did the 3rd one and said unable to find package22:41
gypsybloodso how should i download the package? cuz evidently i did something wrong with that for it not to be able to locate it22:42
meditatingfrogjust a thought, but would purging the bad package and reinstalling the good package do the trick?22:43
duanedesignwhat version of ubuntu are you running22:43
gypsybloodmediatoringfrog, i have never installed this at all, just downloaded the package for the first time22:44
duanedesigngypsyblood, try the command -  sudo apt-get install cdrecord mkisofs22:45
duanedesignthat is what cdrtools installs22:46
meditatingfrog!tab | gypsyblood22:46
ubot2gypsyblood: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.22:46
meditatingfroggypsyblood: do what duanedesign said22:47
gypsybloodubot2: oh ok cool...thanks22:47
ubot2gypsyblood: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)22:47
duanedesignhave to get back to homework, best of luck22:49
gypsybloodduanedesign: ok yeah i think that did something...it removed some old stuff and reset up things...so now i should be able to find it in the Dash Home?22:49
meditatingfrogthanks duanedesign22:49
meditatingfroggypsyblood: yeah, keep going until it either works, or you get an error again22:49
gypsybloodyeah thnx, good luck with homework22:50
gypsybloodmeditatingfrog: hmm...i dont know what to do after that command he gave me to do lol, so how do i keep going?22:52
meditatingfroggypsyblood: run cdrecord22:52
gypsybloodmeditatingfrog: where from, i didnt see it when i typed it in the Dash Home22:53
meditatingfroghow you ran it the last time, it may have a different name, i think it's brasero22:54
gypsybloodoh ok, so that cdrecord runs with brasero? ok i was thinking that cdrecord was a completely different program22:54
duanedesigncdrecord is a terminal tool. so you will need to run a command in terminal to burn cd   http://sharkysoft.com/tutorials/linuxtips/cdcommands/22:54
duanedesignmore info - http://solar.physics.montana.edu/sol_phys/help/cd_writer.html22:55
gypsybloodoh great...all new headache lol...but gotta learn sometime i suppose, now to just figure out all the commands, thnx so much for all the help22:56
duanedesigni know it is a lot of info. You may be able to find simpler instructions searching for ' ubuntu cdrecord burning CD' or something like that22:57
gypsyblooddoes this cdrecord work for dvd's as well?22:57
meditatingfrogyou'll have to do a google search, there's no man page for cdrecord22:58
meditatingfrogi'm not sure why you aren't using brasero, i thought that was the default program23:01
gypsybloodthats the program that gave me the error message23:02
meditatingfrogwell we didn't reinstall brasero23:03
gypsybloodSCSI error on write(1056,16): [3 0C 00] Write error     is what it gave as soon as write started23:03
gypsybloodso you think i should try that? uninstall and reinstall?23:03
meditatingfrogi thought we replaced cdrecord because that's what was being used23:04
meditatingfrogyou can purge brasero and reinstall it23:04
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meditatingfroghow old is your scsi drive?23:05
meditatingfroggypsyblood: sudo apt-get purge brasero  ... then sudo apt-get install brasero23:05
gypsybloodok, ill try that...but the cdrecord was a program that the link duanedesign recommended trying23:05
gypsybloodi dont think i ever said what program i was trying to use tho...come to think of it23:07
gypsybloodand i dont know what "scsi" means by the way...and dont know how to find out how old it is23:08
gypsybloodi just used those commands tho and about to try another burn with that program23:08
meditatingfrogscsi is an interface type for data devices, like hard drives and stuff.  i think it may be obsolete now, but it's still in software.  it used to be the fastest.  you can look up the acronym on acronymfinder.com or look it up on http://wikipedia.org23:12
meditatingfrogyeah, he was trying to find the bug for you on http://launchpad.net23:12
gypsybloodwhat does "sudo" and "apt-get" and all that mean? is there a good place to go for a list of all the commands in the terminal and what they do?23:13
meditatingfrogtype man apt-get23:13
meditatingfrogon your system23:14
meditatingfrogthere are also manpages online gypsyblood23:14
meditatingfroggypsyblood: http://manpages.ubuntu.com23:14
meditatingfrogcool nick btw23:14
gypsybloodSCSI error on write(1040,16): [3 0C 00] Write error    this tie got that error code, a 1040 instead of 1056 =(23:15
gypsybloodok cool thnx, ill have to check that out23:15
meditatingfroggypsyblood: tie?23:15
gypsybloodoh *time* lol23:16
gypsybloodi think it might have something to do with hardware maybe...how do i check to see if the hardware is functioning properly in ubuntu?23:18
meditatingfrogi think there may be a cdr test in brasero , gypsyblood23:22
meditatingfrogotherwise, you can try using the hardware with another OS23:22
meditatingfrogor replace the drive with the same model drive23:22
gypsybloodit didnt work in windows either...but in the hardware list it said it was working properly23:23
gypsybloodlooking for the cdr test now tho23:23
meditatingfroggypsyblood: no, it was a disc integrity check23:24
gypsybloodyeah i was just about to ask you if thats what you were talking about23:24
meditatingfroggypsyblood: are you trying to burn an iso?  has the drive worked before?  how did you install 12.04?23:25
gypsybloodno trying a VIDEO_TS file folder, which it use to work just fine doing that, installed 12.04 by burning an .iso image on a different computer and installed from cd23:26
gypsybloodthats what confuses me...it reads everything i stick in it...just wont burn23:27
meditatingfrogwhat model drive is in the other computer?23:27
meditatingfrogwell, i'm sure the burning process is different than reading23:28
gypsybloodits a desktop...im on a laptop now, so wont work if your thinking about swapping em out23:28
meditatingfrogso, different model23:28
gypsyblooddo you know how to access someones computer so that you can check the computer out?23:29
gypsybloodif so, would you?23:29
meditatingfrogi think i know the theory23:29
meditatingfroglike to ssh in23:30
gypsybloodlike the remote access thing23:30
meditatingfrogand there's a remote desktop application that i've never used23:30
meditatingfrogbut i don't think that will help, otherwise i would do it all the time lol23:30
meditatingfrogmaybe someone else has some ideas, you can stick around and ask later, i'm not sure when this place gets hopping23:31
gypsybloodlol...just thought maybe you would be able to check the problem im having better if you were able to control my comp and check out what you needed to since im not too good with computers23:31
meditatingfrogi wouldn't have anything else to try23:31
meditatingfrogif i think of something i'll let you know23:32
gypsybloodoh i c23:32
meditatingfrogi mean, not anything that i haven't already said23:32
meditatingfrogi searched google for the error, didn't really find anything there.23:32
gypsybloodyeah, i did same...a bunch of other errors came up23:32
meditatingfrogbut you did say it used to work, right?23:32
gypsybloodmy hard drive got corrupted, put another hard drive in, installed windows 7 back in it, burner worked for a while, then i started getting that error code23:34
gypsybloodin that order23:34
gypsybloodand windows just kept aggrivating me with its slow loading and how easy it was to get viruses on it...so yesterday i decided to put linux on it to try it out...was hoping that would also allow me to use my burner again, but as you can see it didnt23:36
meditatingfrogyou should see if you can try burning with cdrecord23:36
meditatingfrogand if not that, you can try k3b23:36
meditatingfrogi've never tried k3b fyi23:37
gypsyblooddoes cdrecord burn dvd's? thats all i have available at the moment that i can burn23:37
gypsybloodif so...what commands do i need to enter?23:39
meditatingfroggypsyblood: probably, verify it does w/ a google search23:40
meditatingfrogi'll research the commands in the man page23:40
meditatingfrogoh right...w/ a google search no man page :(23:40
meditatingfroggypsyblood: apparently one makes an iso first with mkisofs -R -o cdimage.rw /home/data23:43
meditatingfrogthen cdrecord -v speed=2 dev=2,0 cdimage.raw23:43
meditatingfrogbut there are a ton of options23:44
gypsybloodok so how do i choose a certain VIDEO_TS file folder to turn into an .iso?23:44
meditatingfrogmkisofs -R -o cdimage.raw /path-to-certain-VIDEO_TS folder23:47
gypsybloodCdrecord-ProDVD-ProBD-Clone 3.00 (x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu) Copyright (C) 1995-2010 J�rg Schilling Linux sg driver version: 3.5.34 Using libscg version 'schily-0.9'. No target specified, trying to find one... Using dev=4,0,0. Device type    : Removable CD-ROM Version        : 5 Response Format: 2 Capabilities   :  Vendor_info    : 'Optiarc ' Identifikation : 'DVD RW AD-7703S ' Revision       : '1.T0' Device seems to be:23:49
gypsybloodi just did the -checkdrive and thats what came up23:49
gypsybloodi dont really understand it all...is anything in there usefull?23:49
gypsybloodcdrecord: Cannot load media with this drive! cdrecord: Try to load media by hand. Using generic SCSI-3/mmc   CD-R/CD-RW driver (mmc_cdr). Driver flags   : MMC-3 SWABAUDIO BURNFREE  Supported modes: TAO PACKET SAO SAO/R96R RAW/R16 RAW/R96P RAW/R96R cdrecord: Warning: Cannot read drive buffer. cdrecord: Warning: The DMA speed test has been skipped.23:50
gypsybloodthats the last part of it...just noticed it didnt all fit23:50
meditatingfroglooks fine to me, i mean, it didn't say there were any errors23:52
meditatingfrogthere was that warning23:52
gypsybloodyeah... the Cannot read drive buffer and DMA speed test being skipped23:52
meditatingfrogdid you try burning a disc?23:54
meditatingfrogi dunno, may be better to use your other system23:54
meditatingfrogthat you made your iso on, does it have a dvd burner?23:54
gypsybloodim turning on the other computer to get the .iso for ubuntu install, gonna stick it on here and try to burn that23:55
meditatingfroghopefully it works, i don't know what dvd discs cost these days, i haven't bought any23:56
gypsybloodeh...i have a bunch...and dont really use them any more, mainly just turn stuff into .avi and watch it with a usb drive on my ps3...i just want to get my burner working cuz i dont like not haveing stuff working23:57
meditatingfrogi just have cdr's anymore23:58
meditatingfrogwhat year did you buy your laptop?23:58
meditatingfrogi heard older linux kernels may work with older hardware23:59
meditatingfrogmay work better, that is23:59
meditatingfrogjust what i heard though, not sure if it's true23:59
meditatingfrogi may find out, this notebook isn't getting any younger23:59

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