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pleia2czajkowski: how long will launchpad have reduced builder capacity? (wondering if the article should be included in UWN, released Monday)15:39
czajkowskia month16:38
czajkowskipleia2: ^^^16:38
pleia2thank you :)16:38
czajkowskipleia2: there might be a follow article by tomrorow16:40
czajkowskibut it'l just be saying that16:40
czajkowskia month16:40
czajkowskiI did put it on the LPstatus16:40
pleia2ok, if it gets published before monday UTC I'll make sure it gets included16:40
* pleia2 stops asking czajkowski work questions now16:41
czajkowskipleia2: no bother :)16:42
czajkowskiI dont mind I've been poked already today re other stuff, if I'm on I answer16:42
czajkowskipleia2: we have launchpadstatus on twitter and identi.ca16:42
pleia2oh cool16:42
czajkowskiall downtime and issues affecting LP get put there16:42
* pleia2 follows16:43
czajkowskinow for chinese exepndibles 2 and a bottle of wine16:44
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