StevenKLaney: I think linking the bug rather than MP would have worked02:16
LaneyStevenK: both worked. The MP came up first in my web search.08:03
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lanoxxwhat does MOTU stand for?08:23
lanoxxah i found it, Masters of the Universe, lol :)08:25
lanoxxis anyone here familiar with autotools and gettext configuration?09:15
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ScottKlanoxx: It generally works better if you ask your specific question and see if anyone knows the answer.  Someone among the 197 other people on the channel might know, but may not be looking at their IRC client right at this moment.16:29
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ogra_ScottK, cant be, they are all asleep16:39
ScottKAsking the question can't work worse than not asking the question though.16:40
ogra_yeah, and someone might talk in their sleep :)16:40
lanoxxScottK, yeah I know but in this case the questions (i have several) are a little bit more complicated, anyway i have decided to write a mail to a mailing list instead17:35
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shadeslayerhi, it seems like ia32-libs is broken  : http://paste.ubuntu.com/1207538/19:58
jtaylorin which distribution?19:59
jtayloryou probably have something installed that is not coinstallable with ia32-libs20:02
jtaylorwhat do you need it for?20:02
shadeslayerjtaylor: nvflash, it's a 32 bit binary and is refusing to run on my machine20:02
jtaylorfind out what from ia32-libs it needs and install only that20:03
jtayloria32-libs is just a metapackage installing a bunch of other packages20:03
jtaylorits not really required anymore20:03
shadeslayerI'm reasonably certain that I just need libc6:i38620:05
shadeslayerso just installing that20:05
shadeslayerand libstdc++6:i38620:06
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